Thursday 18 February 2016

Real life is out there and it doesn't really give a shit

Busy day.

Lots of work in the office.

No time to write earlier.

Also had dinner with some people related to work just now.

Just reached home and feeling very tired.

Also last night got news that a good friend suffered a heart attack.

Quite bad, I heard.

My prayers for him.

He is just in his early 40s.

Got a wife and three kids.

Hope he'll get well....for their sake.

That's real life.

Real responsibilities.

Real people.

Unlike blogging....or being wrapped up in cyberspace.

Thinking that we are the centre of this universe.

Thinking that everything and everyone revolves around us.

Bloated ego.

Swollen head.

While the fact is that each of us are just a tiny insignificant entity in the overall scheme of things.

That what we wrote is not making much difference.

Who are we to tell people to hate each other? To judge people? To accuse people of these and that?

The real world actually doesn't really give a shit about our little pompous selves.

And when the day comes, not that too long from now, as we lay dying alone, we will realise how silly all these nonsense really are.

That it doesn't really matter.

That the real people with real life out there don't really care about our little silly egoistical selves.

So, get real, okay.

Me, I'm just writing for fun.

It's just an outlet to lessen the stress of real life.

Blogging is not life and death.

At least not for me....

Sorry, there's really nothing worthwhile to write at the moment.

Or it's just me being too tired to write a proper posting.

To tired to think, even....

I better stop rambling here.

You all better enjoy this eight minutes of beautiful music instead, okay,

Good night.


  1. "Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination nor both together go to the making of genius. Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius."

    - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  2. Ha ha ha......the smell has got around appears you have lost the you should not let her you lie low..... sledgehammer her at the right time.
    Surprising none are coming forward to defend you.Sad and suspicious.

    1. Aiyo, just listen to Mozart lah. Nicer, okay.

    2. No point trying to defend Annie in that blog because there will be nothing but spiteful comments from that blogger and her few deluded followers. They/She never can stand it when someone has a different opinion. Also I don't go to that blog anymore and have asked my friends not to bother too because we refuse to add to her page count.

      Not to worry Annie, there is such a thing as Karma and one day that blogger is gonna get it.

    3. Surprising none are coming forward to defend you...?

      there is so many defending annie by not even listening to what that malarkey dunggu got to say.

      >james bond

  3. Wherefore egocentricity?

  4. Cheer up, Annie. Sorry to hear about your friend. Pray he gets better. More and more we hear about men in their late 40s and 50s getting heart attacks. It's our bad diets and lifestyles.

    Yes, life is short and you're lucky you realise that and strive to enjoy it. You're correct when you say when one is on the deathbed, they won't be saying "if only I'd worked harder. " they'd be regretting wasting their precious moments lost.

    Of course, there will be some humongous horrid Hannah-hating hellish hound who will, by then, be a gangrenous pustule eaten up over the years by her bile, bitter jealousy and psychoses STILL going "annie this annie that."

    You should be flattered, actually. I remember reading somewhere that a person's vicious hatred only serves to make the object of her hatred more powerful. Unconsciously, she has made you the centre of her tiny pathetic universe.

    I know this makes you shudder and want to run to mandi in Dettol and Clorox! But the more she spews against you, the more the rest of sensible humanity pity her and can see what she was sunk to.

    I don't read her poison anymore but yesterday when I checked Rocky's blog which I do because he lists links to other bloggers, I saw her blog mention she has "stalkers." Hahaha! This from Super Stalker herself! Takes one to know one, eh?

    Ignore her and have a great day. You do have your loyal supporters. It's just that like you, we have a life outside blogs. Cannot be 24/7 lurking and stalking unlike....

  5. Just visited your good friend's blog and does she like to hentam anything she deemed connected to Dapsters or Chinese. Poor sod.
    By the way, since both you and the other are UMNO supporters, you both should call upon the 3million UMNO members to crowdfund Najib to sue WSJ for its latest article/s stating that the RM2.6 billion is from 1MDB and not from Saudi source. After all, Najib had been cleared by the AG as innocent of any graft so here is a chance to prove to the world that he is a clean and God-send leader. Just sue WSJ as Najib has nothing to hide!!

    1. She's a self-hating Chinawoman. If got any racial trouble, what she gonna do to differentiate herself from DAPsters, Christians, MCA and other chinese? Carry her laptop shouting "Aku ... (cannot mention Voldemort's name)?"

      Oooh Sarcasm about Najib! Hehe. Sadly, najib doesn't give a toss about UMNO or anyone else.

      Legally, can ah? Can a malaysian citizen or umno member sue WSJ in their personal capacity, claiming they have been disadvantaged or damaged by journal's allegations. Sure suit cannot go through here, but what about abroad?

      Any loyar buruk?


  6. Real life is out there ,

    Hilup punya dalam (bawah punya olang) semua olang mau makan ,semua olang mau lumah,mau baju, semua olang atak sakit itu semua mau wang maa aa.

    Keleja ada kena mau share sama Bangla ,Indon ,Nepal ,Pakistan ,Myanmar ,Thai's ,apa lagi , hai yaa ....Wa pon sutak tatak kenal lagi maa aa , apa macam ?.

    Atas punya olang manyak pikir ,apa macam itu tawke bolih lebih untong ,kasi masok lagi manyak pekelja asing .

    Sikalang Malaysia punya olang sutak jadi asing .ini Malaysia duduk maa aa ,apa macam maa aa ?.