Thursday 11 February 2016

It's the heart that counts (updated)

(Note : Updates at the bottom of this page.)

Exactly 200 readers of this blog took part in the poll which I set up to find out the main reason why they read what I wrote.

Thanks guys for entertaining my rather frivolous request via the poll which closed just now.

The poll was meant only for those who genuinely like reading this blog.

That's why the choice of answers were all positive.

It's not for the haters.

Those who read this blog at its webpage may view the outcome at the top right corner column.

But since those who read it via the mobile version can't see it, here is the outcome :

 I read Annie's blog mainly because

she knows politics
  28 (14%)
she writes from her heart
  108 (54%)
she is cute and nice
  15 (7%)
she is not smelly
  49 (24%)

Votes so far: 200
Poll closed 

I'm glad that more than half (108 - 54 per cent) of those who took part in the poll said they like to read this blog because I write it based on what I see and feel...from my heart. It confirms my belief that Malaysians generally appreciate stories and analysis written honestly without any hidden agenda.

I'm equally glad that only 15 people or 7 per cent said they read the blog mainly just because I'm cute and nice. I would have been worried if more people choose this as the main reason for reading my blog because there have been accusations that I'm flaunting my sexuality to attract readers. Still, special thanks to the 15 who think I'm not ugly :)

I was slightly disappointed that only 28 people or 14 per cent said the main attraction of this blog is my knowledge of politics. But it's not so bad considering that my political knowledge is mostly centered in Johor and that in many other areas I'm quite blur. What ever it is, knowing politics would probably not good enough if we are without the heart to turn it to good effect for this country and its people.

Last but not least, I was actually puzzled that the second choice among the main reasons for reading this blog is because I'm not smelly.  A relatively high number of 49 people or 24 per cent who took part in the poll said they read what I wrote because I don't smell bad. Guys, when did you all ever got to smell me lah? I put that one just for fun, okay. But really, I'm not smelly. I shower at least twice a day, wash properly after doing business in the toilet and lead a relatively hygienic lifestyle.

Again, thanks guys.


Okay, I'm adding this video for those who "perasan" themselves to be smelly.


  1. Well, if you're not smelly .... let the good dreams live on in your heart

  2. HAHAHAHA................ Sorry Annie, I did not vote.
    I am new here, baru je join a week two.
    Not just your blog, but most of the political bloggs except a few like Cik Det, JMD, Zamkata & A.Kadir Jasin, which I frecuently read but never comment.


  3. "It's the heart that counts"

    Memang manyak betut Annie , itu hati manyak penting maa aa .
    Apa-apa hat juga, itu hati mesti mesti manyak iklas tatak kila apa ,pemimpin kah ,pegawai kah ,blogger kah ,itu tukang sapu pon mesti mau iklas baru bolih kasi betut-betut bersih maa aa .

    Semua olang atak hati ,tapi macam pendai olang atak cekap 'rambut sama hitam hati lain-lain',ini hat manyak susah maa aa. Kalau semua olang hati atak didik belesih ,Wa ingat mesti kita tatak manyak masaalah lor rr .

    Wa, nyonya selalu cekap ,suluh jaga Wa punya hati ,jangan kasi lain olang lea aa.

  4. Why must you only mention "guys". I'm Rahimah binti Dollah, remember?
    You should have written; 'Hi Girls & Guys' or only 'Hi there'. Then only that accusation of 'flaunting your sexuality to attract male readers' will subside.

    Just joking... Annie.

  5. Annie let's all of us put our whole heart into worshipping Allah Ta'Ala and loving blessed Prophet s.a.w.

  6. Yes Annie!

    And never go near dedak.

    Dedak is very fattening - that's why chickens and ducks and ah so get so plump, so fast.

    But the first two taste nice. The 3rd thing just tastes bitter and old.

    Definitely not a spring chicken.

  7. ha ha... you know only Johor politics... and your idola ghani anak Othman lost ? why... skulduggery within this own party.

  8. Annie is not smelly, it means you are not full of shits like other bloggers.

  9. Keep it up, Annie! You have your supporters. All best to you.
    Nothing to be ashamed about admitting you only know Johor politics. Better than certain people who are know-it-all experts, and God forbid, if you venture a different viewpoint.

  10. Seriously Annie, I like to read your blog. You are fun, playful and yet sometimes can be serious in delivering your message. You are are wonderful writer, like a writer of a series who knows how to keep the show interesting.

    I believe you write from your heart and also based on the actual events that happen in your life. I have been following your blog for years and I can see consistency in the story that you write. If you fake it, it is quite difficult to keep the chain of the story and characters consistent for such a long period.

    It actually sadden me with your recent spat with another blogger because I have great respect for both of you. Anything, I hope things will be cleared, and keep writing all the fun stuff.


  11. "But really, I'm not smelly. I shower at least twice a day, wash properly after doing business in the toilet and lead a relatively hygienic lifestyle." - the VERY reason why i vote ->she is not smelly!! ..hahahahahahahaha! :)

  12. hi annie...i vote the not smelly one coz i dont agree with the other 3.
    i dont think u know much politics. u r more emotional and personal with ur articles. sometimes seeing u being neutral. trying to be nice but not really. example u keep saying u dont want to mention another blogger name but somehow that remark alone insinuate that very person etc. u have to decide is this blog for politics or non politics. i myself am confuse. then always u begin saying u r not feeling well bla bla....sighhh...

    1. hi dina, sorry to make you confused. honestly, i'm not sure myself whether mine is a political blog or what. as i previously said, i just write whatever that crosses my mind. it's just my little corner in cyberspace. i'm not forcing anyone to read it. thank you.

    2. hi annie....i voted the ur not smelly categories simply bcoz ur 'clean'....