Friday 26 February 2016

Not an easy job

So, they blocked The Malaysian Insider.

Somehow I was not really surprised when I heard the news yesterday.

In fact, I think more will come.

That's how things are of late.

Whatever it is, TMI which is an anti-establishment news organisation had been pushing its luck too much anyway.

I do wonder though what happened to all the talks that Umno is buying the portal and such.

TMI was said to be on sale.

Guess the story was not true.

I also wonder what is going to happen to the journalists working for TMI.

I have a few friends there.

Will call them later today to find out.

Hopefully they are okay.

It's not easy losing a job especially now that the economy doesn't seems to be doing too well.

Really, on the ground, things seems to be getting a little tougher despite all the good projections and everything.

The other day, just before CNY, another prominent portal, which however is a pro-establishment, got into financial troubles and ended up not being able to pay the salaries of its staff.

I lent a bit of money to a journalist friend working there so that he could celebrates CNY.

It's now past Chap Goh Meh and his salary is not yet coming.

I hope the TMI journalists will not suffer too much like my friend.

But then again, maybe the blocking is just a temporary thing.

Maybe TMI will be operational again as usual in a month or two.

I think it just need to change its editorial policy a bit and things will be okay again.

Maybe TMI will do so accordingly later.

Whatever it is, for me, that's the fact of life in Malaysian journalism.

You push your luck with freedom of the Press to the limit.

The trick is, for you not to break it.

Every good journalist in this country does that.

Even those working for pro-establishment news organisations do it.

Bear in mind that the majority of TMI journalists formerly worked for the extremely pro-establishment New Straits Times.

Being a real journalist is indeed tougher than being a blogger or other social media practitioners.

While bloggers, facebookers and such normally have other sources of income, most journalists rely on just their job to earn a living.

If the news organisation they work for shuts down, then they simply have to suffer.

And they have to work by a tougher standard of scrutiny.

Anyway, as the saying goes among my journalist friends,

"You live by the pen, you die by the pen."

Maybe they can replace the word "pen" with "keyboard".


  1. Mind your hearts ... lest you wind up fighting on the dark side in battle evermore

  2. Annie,

    "....Even those working for pro-establishment news organisations do it...."

    Not quite true.

    Pro-establishment news portals get a lot more leeway.

    Utusan, for example, has been getting away with it for years.

    Even pro-establishment blog sites get immunity.

    Look at that blog runned by a bespectacled female Hutt, aka The Blob, which is constantly spewing hate and anger against various segments of Malaysian society - racially, religiously, politically and even personally.

    It is absolutely frightening to read some of the things she writes.

    She is effectively advocating and encouraging violence against anybody with dissenting views.

    And yet, she appears to be one of the protected species.

    I doubt that the protection is given because of the rarity of female Hutts, and rare they are, in this universe.



    1. Kak Gollum gets away with it quite easily.

      You can only charge a living human being.

      Kak Gollum is a congealed lump of non-halal fat.

      So, no offence has been committed.

      Case closed.

    2. That said, her rants have become shrill and dangerous. There is a clear and consistent understone of condoning violence against anyone not aligned to her masters. Would it be worth making a police report or at least exposing her to the general public at large? I only fear someone stupid enough to take her seriously and stupid enough to act on her preaching.

    3. "Would it be worth making a police report or at least exposing her to the general public at large?"

      Nope, she's not dangerous at all. Just an entertainingly deranged lunatic who needs to get a life.

      Although, I agree she needs more exposure. Anyone who blogs up to 3 times a day sometimes and yet has such a pathetic number of page views is clearly just a sideshow freak. (Cheaper than going to the zoo, kut.)

      At the current rate, Annie (who started her blog 4 years later) will exceed the number of hits far sooner.

      That's because people prefer sanity to insanity.

  3. I wonder if the actual substance of the report was false.

    Basically they are quoting an MACC panel member that they had enough evidence to charge Najib.

    That is doubtless true.

    Ask any lawyer to explain what falls within the MACC Act.

    Najib is PRESUMED under the MACC Act to have received the money corruptly.

    Here's the other point: if the MACC does not recommend prosecution, then there is no way that they would submit a file. If there is no case in their view, they close the file at their end.

    So you can bet 100% that there was indeed a recommendation to charge.

    So the report was correct.

  4. Annie,reading from that person's latest attack on you make me believe you're in the right position not hers.

    I'm now fully believe she is on Najib payroll in his struggle to defend his position unlike you who writes from heart and based on your personal conscience.Actually it's good for her to delve into what she do now for money instead spewing incessant hate ,slander,nonsense and pathetic name calling like fifth grade child just to let off steam from her head.

    But the thing that's make me "geli hati" is she make good of anything that can be use to throw at her opponent included bullshit.She keep harping on one of your commenter which name could not be mentioned that the person is a DAP cytro poseur as ProTun in your blog but showing himself as ProJib in Mr Bujai blog.She did that to prove your blog is now in infested with Red Beanies.

    But the glaring fact from the particular comment on Mr Bujai blog is the commenter is challenging Najib administration to jail Mahathir and see what us the Rakyat will do.The Red Queen shamelessly slandering the commenter just to prove her point and the most disgusting from what she did is like "membodohkan kering-kering" her blog readers.

    For so long i thought she just a Buddhist extremist who so disgruntled with our Muslim Authority and sneakily incite hatred among the minority but powerful Christians towards Muslim just to serve her heart for revenge.Now i know she just a confused-atheist and dear readers believe me what's she do now is too dangerous.So be careful okay!

  5. TMI is mild and flaccid, compared to the daily race and religious baiting churned out by Ah So the Hutt with the saggy smelly Butt and the face of a mangy twisted Mutt!

    She's a psychoanalyst's dream -- just look at the words she repeats ad nauseam.

    "Rejected," "unwanted", "liars", "impostor", "sneaky bastards", "dajjal"..etc.

    Talk about describing her own life after she was dumped by her 2 ex-malay boyfriends. ( she wrote that lah).

    No wonder she's lashing out at our Annie. She cannot believe that despite all the poison she's hurled at Annie, there are still people who stick up and are loyal to her.

    Whereas Ah So is like tumbleweed in Lonesome Valley, rolling along unwanted trying to latch on to something or someone.

    Just ignore her lah Annie, like what Hannah Yeoh did. Bitter,ugly,jealous malicious, vindictive, resentful -- hers is a life to be pitied.

    You be the bigger person, Annie. Ah So is mentally sick, seriously. She stalks anyone who disagrees with her and gets an orgasm should she find anything to whack that person.

    Ah So, here's some well-meaning advice. Get those plump fingers off the keyboard and use them elsewhere. Trust me, you and the world will be better off.

    1. It all stems from the curse of the elephantine triad of sacrificial lamb blood psycho religiosity.

    2. @Anon 14:43 - meaning what???

  6. Comment 12:55 Dangerous!!!

    1. In wat way?

      Not "fair comment"?

    2. Re: "Comment 12:55 Dangerous!!!"

      Not dangerous - it's a fact.

      It's what the law says.

      Section 3 (S.3)

      S.3 of the MACC Act defines people like Najib as an “officers of a public body” by virtue of them being “members of the ?administration” or “members of State Legislative Assembly” or “officers of Government of Malaysia or Government of a State”. They are all prohibited from receiving any form of gratification.

      Gratification has a long definition to include not just money but also donation - yes DONATION - gift, loan, fee, office, post, dignity, employment, contracts, service, forbearance, protection.

      Section 50 (S.50)

      S.50 of the MACC Act clearly states that anyone of these officers of public body who gives or receives gratification is presumed to have done so corruptly.

      Section 16 (S.16)

      S.16 of the MACC Act provides that any of them who gives or receives corrupt gratification commits an offence punishable by 20 years’ imprisonment.

      The problem is not solved by saying it's a donation, you see.

      And the Saudis themselves have rejected that notion.

      Hence by law he should be charged.

      I think that is why the MACC submitted papers in the first place.

  7. Is it true that only Celcom and Unifi users are blocked from TMI and other banned sites? Some say other telcos don't block and can access.
    I hv Celcom and Unifi so cannot access. If true, I'm switching telcos ASAP!



    I saw this coming of course but what a bunch of spineless worms they are.

    I think when this is all over - and Najib will be over - we'll find out exactly how corrupt these kaki bodek are.

    At least TSMY can hold his head up high - the only one of them who can.

    Question: how many people respect TSMY more for taking this stand vs. those who engineered his removal?

    1. He got kicked out by the Evil One so his soul has been delivered to security in the hereafter.
      Woe to the BangsatOne!

    2. With this corrupt Jibby administration, to be ousted by him and his grubby goons has become a mark of distinction, a symbol of integrity and morality.

      The last days of the Roman empire...

  9. Cannot access Jebat Must Die.

    Another ban?


  10. They blocked the Malaysian Insider in Malaysia only. The portal can still go on as they are broadcasting news to everyone else. Anyhow the block is very easy to get around.

  11. Replies
    1. Just use VPN there are many free extensions available if you are using Chrome or Firefox.

  12. Annie,
    dah banyak blogs and main stream media yang puji Najib. Najib tak perlu pujian, he needs less criticism.

    Utusan dah dekat nak lingkup sebab puji Najib, next is NST

    So beli news portal and shut it down. main wayang sikit

  13. Try

    pelik kenapa tmi tak ajar reader guna trick ni utk access tmi sebaliknya guna URL 'outsider' pulak.