Saturday 20 February 2016

Japanese rhapsody

Suddenly feel like singing this song again,

It's my favourite song from the Studio Ghibli's movies.

Wish I can be on a flight to Japan tomorrow.

Maybe can still catch the winter there.

Be at a snowy small town by the Sea of Japan.

Simply beautiful.

Can forget about all the nonsense here.

Be at peace.

Maybe later.

Too bad...the Look East Policy will soon be over at the rate things are going in this country.

But I will always love Japan and try to learn something from it.

Trying to rest now.

Long ride up north tomorrow.

Nite....and farewell friend :)


  1. Have you watched Grave of the Fireflies? Sad one

    1. It's humanly impossible not to feel sad watching that movie.

    2. Have you seen Paprika by Satoshi Kon? Really creative. From about 2006 I think.

    3. Not yet. Will check it out. Thanks.


  2. Nice song (olang putih cekap) ,Wa manyak sukak itu lembut-lembut punya lagu , tapi eaa aa ,Cina punya lagu Wa lagi syok lor rr.

    Bulayu punya lagu , Wa kalang-kalang pon atak lengar ( jilan punya ladio) ,Wa manyak sukak itu P lamlee " Dimana kan ku cari ganti" ,manyak sedih maa aa . Yaa lor mau cai ganti memang tatak semang maa aa ,Wa tau itu hat.

    Sikalang manyak olang cekap pasat mau cali ganti lor rr.

    1. "Getalan jiwak
      Meranda hatiku
      Tesusu nadak
      Ilama dan ragu....."

      Lufang remix!

    2. Haha haha! !

      It takes great effort to write like lufang!

  3. Ko ni apa pekerjaan sebenar ko ni Annie.Asik berjalan-jalan je keje ko ni.Pastu melancong ke oversea...Dah macam Najib plak aku tengok!

  4. Totoro and Spirited Away. Ahhhh!

  5. You're absolutely correct, Annie.

    "Too bad...the Look East Policy will soon be over at the rate things are going in this country."

    Yeah, Najib is 'looking' to the West, especially Uncle Sam and at the same time to the Middle-East, instead. When I said Middle-East, that mean Saudi Arabia, US staunch-ally, to 'fight' terrorist?
    What a farce!

    Everywhere in the world where US had a hand, chaos and death ensured. They funded and instigated the opposition to go against the government of Arab Spring-countries. In Malaysia too. The latest was Ukraine. They lied about WMD to invade Iraq, then Libya, literally killed Saddam and Gadaffi, hence heightened the hatred between Sunnis and Shias. (Iraq now controlled by Shias, Iran's ally). Therefore ISIS came into existence. Iraq and Libya was much-much more peaceful when Saddam and Gaddafi was alive.

    The US then, together with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, funded the IS to oust Hafez Assad's Alawaite Shia government in Syria.

    Two days ago, I read on TV (at bottom of screen) that Hishamudin as Defense Minister had agreed Saudi Arabia's 2-suggestion about combating the IS. Don't know what it was. But yesterday, there was news, that with the help of the Interpol, we are going to prevent 132 Malaysian, fighting with IS, from coming home. With Russian bombardment, IS fighters are on the run. Where else could they go, if not allowed to return home?

    Now, this might be a ploy to force those 132 stupid Malaysian to 'flee' to:-
    - Saudi Arabia to fight Houthi Shia in Yemen or Saudis' Eastern region where the Houthi have invaded & occupied. (This area is where vast number of Saudi's Shia reside)
    - Turkey to fight alongside IS fighters against Shia's Syria or against Kurdish insurgent, fighting for a country of their own, on the border with Iraq.

    Looks like Najib's government have taken Malaysian into a quagmire. Soon our boys would be joining Arabic stupid sectarian fighting and killing among themselves with arms bought from the so-called infidels, enriching them at the same time. How stupid can the Muslims be. To the Zionist and those against Islam, both Sunnis and Shias are Muslims.

    1. We should stay out.

      Saudi were the aggressors vs Yemen.

      The whole thing is a massive proxy war anyway.

      We should stay out.

  6. Ever heard of "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"?

  7. Karigurashi no Arrietty, my favourite

    1. Ponyo on a Cliff - sweet story as well.

  8. When I listened to this song, my heart bleeds for my country I love.

    The gulled whistle of goodbye has blown my love away.

    The goodby song they sing sound discordant, the high and low pitching is off tune. And the tone I can't hardly bear no more.

    I can't see nothing the wind of hope coming my way. The tropical summer flowers of bunga Raya are turning brown and dry everywhere.

    Are they looking at me before the sun is setting?

    Please Love me your tender and love me back, you please.

    Because of you ( Najib and Rosmah) our yesterday love, it's tears. It dries before long and disappears.

    1. Cheh wah! Tabik u sir / madam!

    2. Xanthophobia -- the fear of the colour yellow.

      Globophobia -- the fear of balloons

      Two new words in my vocabulary now.

      All the Jibby-Jabbers whipping themselves up in a frenzy whacking Tun M. As if by doing so, the rakyat will miraculously swallow the "donation "investment" excuse.

      Bought the Sunday Star today and immediately tossed the "special" pullout into the trash. Didn't want to throw up with all that sycophantic fawning.

      Ugh, ugh, ugh!