Tuesday 9 February 2016

Annie the flirt...aiyo, really ka?

I think I know now the real reason why some people are very angry with me.

A friend of mine called and told me last night that the angry birds believe that I was flirting with male blog readers and drawing them away from reading the other blogs.

I know, it's ridiculous, but that's what my friend told me.

This is more or less the conversation that we had last night:

Sab: Do you know why there are people who are very angry with you?

Me : Errr...because I decided to be a neutral blogger?

Sab: Nope. It's because you are a flirt.

Me: Hah??? When did I ever flirt la? You know I don't do such things, right?

Sab: That's what you think, others said otherwise.

Me: Who are these others who said I'm a flirt?

Sab: Do you realise that there is this one blogger who spent the entire CNY day yesterday whacking you for being a flirt?

Me: No la,  I was busy having fun. I was not checking the other blogs. Only did a posting on a movie I watched. That's all.

Sab: Well, you should. The blogger went on and on and on about you intentionally attracting men to your blog by being sexy and flirty and other things.

Me: Are you serious??? Did I do that???

Sab: Yes. I think you did....once in a while in the past.

Me: When?

Sab: I can't remember exactly when...but you did once write suggesting that you are going swimming in a bikini.

Me: Did I??? Well, I do swim in bikini, what. Do they expect me to swim wearing burqa??? Anyway, I can't even really swim. I just fooled around in the water.

Sab: That blogger has a point. You shouldn't be enticing men like that. It's not fair to the other lady bloggers as the men will go to your blog and not theirs.

Me: Is it? I really didn't mean it to be like that. This blog is just like a diary to me. I just write whatever that crosses my mind. Anyway, the other blogger can write about wearing bikini also what....if she feels that it can attract male readers....

Sab: It will not have the same effect, okay.

Me: Why not?

Sab: She is not very sexy.

Me: I'm not sexy too what....see, I'm flat chested.

Sab: Can you just cut it out...stop bullying the other lady? I really pity her, okay. Spending the entire CNY day writing about you flirting with men instead of enjoying the festivities.

Me: Eerrr...is that really my fault??

Sab: Yes.

Me: But, I stopped mentioning her name for more than a month already leh. Commenters at my blog were also barred from mentioning her name. You can check the archive if you don't believe me.

Sab: Okay, but she feels that you are still talking about her.

Me: Is that also my fault ka? Why she so perasan one?

Sab: That's besides the point. You simply have to stop flirting with men as what that blogger said.

Me: How am I to stop something which I never started in the first place?

Sab: You need to reduce the number of men visiting your blog. Discourage them from reading your blog.

Me: What??? But that's going to affect my page views numbers.

Sab: Does it really matter to you?

Me: Errr... I guess not. I blog mostly just for fun. I don't cari makan with it.

Sab: Okay, good. Now you must put up a notice telling men to go to the other blog instead of reading yours. Tell them that you are not sexy. Maybe that will appease the other blogger.

Me: Alright. But what if the men still read my blog...then how???

Sab: At least you can say you tried.

Me: Okay....

Sab: And remember, don't write about you wearing bikini or give other hints that you are sexy ever again.

Me: Okay.....Sab, where should I put the notice?

Sab: Somewhere at the top where everyone can see.

Me: Okay....but this is so troublesome laa.


  1. HAHAHA........Annie.
    It is alright for U to flirt around.
    It sounds cute.
    But for a middle age lady to flirt, Ow my gad.
    Sooooo weird................(shudder emotic)


  2. Well, alhamdulillah, you are a muslimah and faith is important to you isn't it? So too humility and compassion we hope.

    1. Our hope is for felicity in the hereafter. So make good in this world ....


    2. Devote yourself to God. Love one another and help others along the way.


  3. btambah2 bodoh la org malaysia ni....

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. mdzfrs, there's a name which I'm not publishing in your comment. Sorry, can't let this one through.

    2. Alamak!

      I should have used Sourpuss or Ah Soh...or "She Who Sucks Bitter, Lonely Lemons Late At Night" : )

  5. After reading this, I forced myself to read that nutter's blog. Geez, she's really gone of her rocker big time! Not only is she posing the questions, she's answering them as well! The whole of CNY night.
    Such bitterness...it only reflects on her true self. Will argue and harangue because she thinks the whole world is ganging up against her. How to have friends, what more boyfriend, like that? Sure checks his handphone, stalk on FB and call every minute!
    She whines about people calling her names. Well, she's free and easy labelling everyone proTun, Dapster etc. Boo hoo!
    More and more, she proves she's a very insecure, unlikable character. Nasty piece of work. And soooooo jealous. Bikini...that also an issue.
    Best part, she accuses us commenting here of being the same person. Hello, I'm not. But she accuses that because that's mostly likely what she does. Writes and answers herself. Talking to herself.
    Like Norman Bates in Psycho. Ehhh! Norman pulak!

    1. Nooooo. Please, please, please DO NOT go over to the AhSo's blog. You are only adding to her page views.

      Annie, stop giving her any airtime. I'd rather read about your CNY celebrations, your mum and dad, your motorbike etc. And please continue 'flirting'.

    2. Forced too lah bcos I wanted to see what latest psycho attack. Anyway, my CNY resolution is to avoid negativity, so will try to stay away from that cesspit.

      Just an aside, she actually now stalking the commenters.

      Annie, be proud. Your blog, no charts, no graphs, etc is the number 1 reading site for you-know-who.

      Terror lah, you.

    3. "Just an aside, she actually now stalking the commenters."

      How sad is that?

      One reader slammed her back hard for falsely accusing her of creating a fake Facebook profile.

      But that's the rules of Ah Soh's universe:

      She can defame, lie, spin, and insult people all she wants, but people aren't allowed to do it in return.

      Mental problems lah, Si Ah Soh tu.


  6. Really Annie,

    I don't know whether I should laugh or I should cry.

    The temerity of some people, or in this case, of some bloggers.

    Anyway, just ignore THAT blogger.

    After all, sometimes ignorance can be a bliss.

    As said before,it is the substance and not the messenger that counts. It is the substance not the form that is important.

    You could be Annie,or you could be Annuar, who cares. Hehehe.

    It doesn't matter one bit.

    Just go on writing. Let's see whose pageviews go up.




  7. dear Annie, don't mind putting a link to this page after the word thank you in your notice board. male blog readers who are not aware of the reason might be confuse as to why such notice!!! :) ..hahahahahaha.

  8. roflmao!!!!

    no signage on mobile-enabled site warning me to go away...

    blogspot.com is owned by google, i think... i will consider lodging a robust complaint with google management regarding the inability of this blog to warn me that as a man, i m not allowed to visit this blog...


  9. "Notice to male blog readers".
    You're really hilarious Annie.

    Anyway, I'm a middle-age lady who is attracted to a flat-chested girl.

    My ID stands for Rahimah binti Dollah.
    So how?

    1. Errr...welcome to my blog Puan Rahimah....but I'm not a lesbian.

  10. If I were you, I would say 'up yours'. Its my business to flirt or not.


  11. Hehehe mdzfrs.

    Got caught with a no-no name, haven't you?

    It's a unmentionable name here. Don't get caught again.


  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry Anon, that name is not allowed in this blog.


  14. Ah Soh says she's cooking or trying to cook a dish (mother's recipe). Hope she succeeds. Those who can't take the heat should stay out of the kitchen.

  15. Dear Annie,
    I am a male reader. Flat chested, bare chested, swollen chested, I don't care. Expired chested is a NO NO.....
    Soooooooorat Kabar lamaaaaaa.......err...or should I add some spice to a the northern state newly elected leader(anonymous).....SUUURATT HABAQ LAMMMMAAAAAAA..........err.....sleepy hairy chested I guess. OZZ.

  16. Annie,

    I am a male reader.

    I have been reading your blog for about 3 years after hearing about you from the blog-whose-owner-must-not-be-named.

    Thank you for the warning you posted but I am quite happy to take my chances for any misadventure which may befall me from visiting your blog.

    The fact is I have always felt you write from your heart and the words come tumbling out of your brain into your fingers and onto the keyboard.

    You tell it as it is and I have not always liked what you have said BUT I have NEVER felt that you promote hatred against others because of race or religion, unlike some blogs I have read.

    The only person you seem to genuinely dislike is poor Lim Guan Eng but then that is hardly surprising because there are DAP people who dislike him even more!!!

    As to the question of whether you are male or female, I am quite willing to bet that you are 110% female.

    Some of the best clues to your gender are from the blog-whose-owner-must-not-be-named.

    There are other clues from your blog and elsewhere but I am not about to share my methodologies on how I have ascertained your gender :) Call it a trade secret :)

    As for Syed Akbar Ali, well, I need to be careful what I say because I hold him in some regard and I comment on his blog regularly.

    I do not want to seem disrespectful to him but I suspect that he is just repeating what he has heard about you from other sources.

    My guess is that he has never met you.

    Lastly, do you flirt?

    Hm, I have never felt that you did but then given the narrow mindedness of some Malaysians, nail polish on a woman is, probably, considered sufficient grounds for raping her.

    Well, that is my 2 sen worth.


    1. "I do not want to seem disrespectful to him but I suspect that he is just repeating what he has heard about you from other sources."

      I will bet that the "other source" is that Indian fella from DAP Johor formerly.

      And who trusts him?



  17. Thanks Annie, and commentators, for giving everyone a good laugh today.

    Nothing serious, just some light-hearted fun.

    But then, someone else who likes to visit this site sneakily might be having heartburns and seething with rage.

    So be it.



  18. Haiya Annie. Your flat-chested top was never part of the reason why I keep coming here. Why should I care about you being flat-chested or not. We are here to share views and opinions. I don't frequent Rockybru for his macho look too (macho kerrrr? hehehehe) Too bad if we don't get attracted to other blogs. Keep blogging babe

    1. Rocky?????

      MACHO? More like HANCO (gurau aje, jgn marah ye Dato Rocks : )

    2. Itu Rocky, I remember, when he first appeared to work at the Star decades ago, waaah, almost all the females swooned. Referred to him as "Wise Guy", after a character on a tv show about mafia.

      Now I always mistake him for Ramli Sarip.

  19. I'm attracted to flat chested amoi looking malay girl.

    1. The 2 attributes are not synonymous, dude!

    2. Really, how come I've seen many examples?

  20. LOL....

    Selamat Tahun Baru Cina Annie.

    Wishing you have more heaps of fun during this festive season.


  21. Sad but true for so many(?) adinda Ms Annie :

    " If I kind of like a guy, then I'm a fantastic flirt. But with a guy I truly like, I get painfully shy"

    -- US actress Shannen Doherty

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Dear Tuan Haji M Zain, if it's not too much to ask, do you mind not addressing me as "adinda"? Apparently some people are very angry with me because of that. I leave it to your discretion though on whether you want to continue calling me that. Anyway, thanks for regularly visiting my blog and leaving comments.


    2. Many visit not for so-po, little Sis Annie

      You're rather cute and nice,
      and more importantly Melayus, Chinese and others are happy to visit your unique portal, to soak another culture and for social intercourse.

      NB. Adinda is affectionate for younger sis, kan?

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. "social intercourse?!!"...ewwww! Are you for real man?...


    4. Social intercourse:
      (Webster dictionary)
      Communication between individuals

      NB. Intercourse, oh yes there is also the sexual one.

      Haji M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  22. Dear Annie.

    Thanks for all the entertaining and witty moments. To me politics is about winning people over. You need to win their hearts and minds and they'll be delighted to give you their vote.

    But politics is also not as simple as that. It's way more complicated.

    I'm not Projib nor Protun, definitely not DAP or New Hope.

    - TummyFeng

  23. Yes Annie - you write from the heart. Alarmingly frank sometimes, no pretences. That's what I like about your blog. As for the bikini, as long as you wear it in the right places and not at the national monument, so what? If you feel you have something to flaunt, wear it .. so what ? If you feel you don't have much to flaunt, and you still want to risk wearing the bikini, so what? It's your call. Happy New Year..!

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry. I don't allow even a hint of that name in this blog. Thanks for commenting anyway.

  25. Ibu Annie(utk makluman di Indonesia panggilan 'Ibu'adalah panggilan hormat/umum(tidak kira sudah bernikah atau belum.Saya lebih selesa berbahasa 'Nusantara'.Bu..sejak berubah dari menulis hal politik kepada soal umum,saya lebih memilih membaca tulisan anda sekarang.Salam Hormat dari Jakarta.

  26. She stalks supporters of TDM on Facebook and come to conclusion they are fakes because she cannot see much of their profile beyond profile photo and some general informations. Has she ever heard of 'Privacy Setting'?

    This shows how incapable she is when she comes to social medias.

  27. Dear Annie,
    I am a men and I love reading your blog.Is she jealous? I read her blog and found so much hate,pettiness and b..ness.

  28. Good evening to all readers.I enjoy reading every comment so far.


  29. We're enjoying us all too Sdr ANON 18:42

    Maybe too much to ask for the ANCs to stay away.
    ( Anti Najib Campaigners? )
    still absent on this thread alhamduli 'Llah after 53 comments.

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH