Saturday 6 February 2016

Grandpa's pineapple

At my grandparents' place.

Got off from Singapore a bit late last night to avoid the jam.

It was not too bad though.

Slept on the mattresses grandma laid down on the floor with my cousins.

It was fun. A bit like camping.

Same like whenever I went balik kampung to my dad's place during Hari Raya.

Everyone sleeping on the floor of the packed kampung house.

By the way, as usual my dad doesn't spend the CNY holidays with us here in Kluang. He's somewhere in the East Coast.

It's a family thing.

The house is a buzz of activities now.

My grandparents were obviously busy the past few days decorating the place.

One look at this and I knew that it's grandpa's handiwork,

That's his usual CNY pineapple decoration.

It's for prosperity, good fortune and good luck....well, in grandpa's case, it's good luck at the mahjong table for himself :)

That corner of the house where he put the pineapple is near where we usually set up the mahjong table.

Grandpa is a bit of a gambler and he sure knows how to get as much advantage as he can to win.

Everyone in the family plays mahjong and gamble a bit.

It's a family tradition.

Just for fun, okay.

My mother for instance is quite hopeless at it.

I can't remember even once that she won at the mahjong table during CNY.

But she still plays every time because that's the way of the family.

She considers the few hundred ringgit she lost as angpow to the family.

By the way, I'm even worse at it than my mom :)

Eh, I better get up and help in the kitchen or something.

Maybe later drive grandma to town to buy some stuff.

I will try to write again if free.

Have a good day.



  1. In the 1980's, there was no Malays, Chinese and Indians.

    There were only Malaysians.

    And because we were one, we were able to maximise our potential.

  2. A Buddhist reminder for CNY ....

  3. Those days LKS & LGE were Buddhist. Now they were born again

    1. Born again into "prosperity salvation" and "sacrificial blood cult" never taught by Jesus Messiah. Ask Paul who taught gentiles that.

  4. Gong Xi Fa Cai Annie.

    My festive wish for you is that you enjoy good health & happiness and never, ever become a demented, mumbling old spinster, sitting in a puddle of her own rancid sweat at 3 a.m. typing the same old blog post endlessly into her laptop.

    You keep up with the fresh air and balanced attitude, Annie.

    Leave bitter, lonely old women to the horrible fate they deserve.

  5. Hey Annie, nice to see your family getting ready for CNY, like all Chinese families or those with Chinese relations.
    Oh, all except for one....while other chinese busy spring cleaning, shopping, cooking etc...Ah So apparently spent the whole of last night to stalk commenters in Tun's FB.
    Even by her usual monomaniacal, tunnel-vision, dog-with-a-bone obsession, this is mindboggling!!!
    Seriously she has NO life!!! Apparently, no family cheer as well
    I feel really sad for her now. I admit, I used to check her blogs and yours to see the feud for kicks.
    But you, unlike her, have a life. I wonder how it feels to be constantly bitter, angry, jealous etc. So much so that it consumes her every waking moment. Quite tragic lah.
    And her claim she has more Malay followers than's alway racial to her.
    Kesian, kesian, kesian.

    Another thing I've noticed. You have people cheering you up. When she complains about protuns and dapsters whacking her, not many seem to comfort her. Hmmmm...

  6. She inadvertently admitted she checks your blog, if not how she knows who comments. No wonder your blog hits spiked. Knowing her, checking every 5 minutes.

    But what got me today was her "heh-heh-heh". eeee,, so seram! Like, tiga suku already. You know, like in horror movies or stories, when the psycho goes totally gone case?
    One screw loose! Or maybe no screw to loosen?
    Hehehe, haha ha Ha Ha Ha HAHAHA etc cue Dr Evil laughter! !

  7. Look like a DAP rocket with flowers KIPIDAP!!!