Thursday 11 February 2016

Fight the bullies

Just want to congratulate Puan Norliza Kamaruddin for winning her defamation case.

This is the story,

Facebooker apologises,

 pays damages to ex-Petronas employee

Norliza was a victim of cyberbullying.

I wrote about her predicament in this posting,

I hope she now goes after the other bullies.

Liz, don't be afraid of them.

I heard the PM's office people are not going to protect them anymore because they are giving the PM a bad name.

All the best.

Well, at least the PM's media handlers are doing the right thing this time - getting rid of the "hantu raya" who are making things worse for their boss by abusing others in cyberspace.

I really hate bullies.

In this case, they are people who think they can get away with bullying others just because they have the protection of powerful politicians.

They became arrogant and think they can bulldoze people over.

I salute people like Liz for  standing up against them.

We should not let ourselves be bullied.


  1. Syabas for the just fight ....

  2. Annie,

    Malaysia is cursed by short-sighted misogynistic males who have been brainwashed from a very young age to believe that women are only for reproductive purposes, house-keeping and subservience to men.


  3. Petronas politics very heavy now Annie.

    When Dato Medan Abdullah left then all the snakes & backstabbers starting to crawl out. He was a good guy, very professional.

    BTW, TH involved in illegal side deal with Petronas subsidiary. Not allowed under TH rules. Blame the mamak rempit, not Petronas.

    TRX sale also was bypassing TH own procedures.

  4. Annie,

    Speaking of vicious bullies, your fat friend has disappeared from cyberspace?

    Maybe she's putting on another 20 kg eating CNY goodies.

    I hope she comes back soon. I save so much money on limau just by putting my teh ais in front of her photo for 10 seconds. Makes it turn sour instantly!

  5. Hari ini, Mat Sabu pula disaman bankrupt oleh bekas Pengerusi SPR kerana tidak melunaskan RM120k, seperti mana yang dihukum Mahkamah setelah di dapati bersalah memfitnah, tahun lepas.

    Macam mana Mat Sabu nak pegang Amanah-Dap jika terbukti memfitnah SPR. Tak mahu atau gagal membayar pampasan kepada orang yang difitnahnya.

  6. Har ha! Good one!!! Think she's too busy skulking and lurking here. Nasib baik you tak cirit!

    Last night, one Anon accused me of posting multiple comments using Anonymous and a blogging name. I pointed out that was exactly what Ah So accused in her blog, saying Annie's commenters were the same people ie one Anon and "Alphabet Soup." I'm convinced it was her posing as Anon lastnight. Same accusation. I mean, why would other commenters bother about this unless dendam like hell?

    I think Alphabet Soup is you, Mr Campbell.

    Actually I very sedih she thinks I'm someone else. I thought my English him so powderful and my writing so terror-merror...ceh! Rupa-rupanya, can't tell the difference.

    1. Yikes....and Ah So's favourite phrase is "...what sort of people are they?"

      What sort of person are YOU, Ah So?

      A very unpleasant one, let's face it.