Saturday 13 February 2016

The right way to start a day

As I was driving back to Kluang yesterday afternoon, I got an idea of writing a political post.

It's about the new Kedah MB's plan to appease Umno members and Kedah Malays.

I thought of writing about it today.

But just now, as I woke up and doing the necessary for the day, I told myself that it's not right for anyone to start a day with something not so nice as politics.

Ya lah, imagine this : woke up, straight away opened the laptop, read blogs and trying to find something to whack someone.

Very unhealthy mind like that, isn't it?

Should instead brush teeth, shower and pray to Allah for a good day and life.

Told myself that I should start my day with something positive like that.

As I previously wrote, political blogging can be very toxic, especially if you got entangled with malicious petty people with shallow mentality and no sense of ethics.

Unfortunately for me, I have to continue a bit more with it as I had been accused of being banished, banned from writing politics and even merajuk for not being paid when I wanted to stop it all.

I have been doing this nonsense for a while now, so, I think I have the right to defend myself by occasionally continue writing about politics.

Just once in a while now, okay.

But not first thing in the morning like this.

I should present something nice instead to start the day.

Here, this is an old song which I like so much when I was very young,

I hope you enjoyed the song.

I like this group because they seemed to enjoy making their music videos at railway stations.

Being from Kluang, I like railway stations :)

Okay, I'll write about the Kedah MB later.

Have a good day for now.



  1. I read a recent article by RPK which said the former MB was ousted because he didn't get rid of people who didn't like him and surround himself with supporters like what No. 1 did. Is politics really like that?

    1. I think you should believe RPK. He seems to know Kedah politics better than I do. After all, he lives in London, while I just live in JB.

    2. Ha ha, good one lah Annie : )

      RPK is a senile con artist, babbling like a drooling fool to himself. He compared Arul Kanda to Lee Iacocca, and then said he could have turned 1MDB around himself if Najib had asked him!


    3. Maybe he would have been better at hiding the 'donation' & 'returned gift' than a high-flying fat blob.

    4. Warning to RPK & Co. ... do you think you can manipulate your fortunes in the hereafter? Like you are tweaking fitnah for British £ ?

    5. Of course. The former mb of kedah failed to do the cantas mencantas. And surround himself with ars* kissers and bum lickers.

      But i will take what raja petra says with a big bag of salt these days.

  2. There is a a need to be vocal on the wrong doings in the country since the erosion of UMNO BN support that led to a loss of the two-third majority, worsening to being the worst results of all time at PRU13.

    Wrong doings both in government policy matters and in the running of the party. This blog is UMNO-related and most readers would like to see UMNO BN rule forever in this country. There'd be havoc and the country would go to the dogs if the Opposition gets to rule, maneuvered and machinated by the racist anti-Malay and anti-Islam DAP goons who'd breathe down the shoulders of their "chosen" PM like they did on PAS Mohd Nizar, Menteri Besar Sakejap in Perak some years ago.

    So, it's very fitting for this blog to get back to frequent political posts for the expression of views and opinions on how to correct the situation by both the blog owner as well as the readers.

    Readers' participation has been heavy - reaching 60-70 comments - on past posts that were political in nature.

    Blogs get rated by the number of readers participation as well. Quite a number, including well-known ones, have been reduced to 2-3, even no comments, on so many of their posts. Let them be for whatever stand they take. Let the you-don't-want-her-named-here get 10-15 comments when you can get 30-40 and 70 like before.

    Let this blog be an example of an active, popular and well-participated one, never mind which side the views may tend to favour in the context of the existing political developments.
    This, after all, is a free country, democracy still functioning.

  3. Sudahlah tu gemok, rasain padah Pukul Khalid Nordin.

    1. Khaled, bukan Khalid. Apa benda lah eja nama boss pun tak betul.

    2. Bagi dia Annie!

    3. this anon 9:12 is that...

      (...malicious petty people with no sense of ethics and shallow mentality.)

  4. Annie,

    For someone who is supposed to have "...being banished, banned from writing politics and even merajuk for not being paid...", you are doing a lousy job on being banished or banned or "merajukking" :)

    You are supposed to be writing articles which moan and groan about how unfair life is, how bad people are to poor lil' you, how you cry yourself to sleep every night, etc etc.

    I suspect that your could-not-care-less attitude is really really annoying to some people.

    You seem to be doing as you please and that is damn frustrating to those who want to influence and control others.

    You are absolutely right in one thing - starting the day with anger and malice in your heart seems soooo tiring.

    Me? I rather go change the inner tubes on my new Mongoose BMX bike (1 week old and already scratched) and take it out to the park to see if I can make it jump :)

    Anyway, I look forward to your article on the Kedah MB.


    1. "You are absolutely right in one thing - starting the day with anger and malice in your heart seems soooo tiring."

      Yes, it really ages you too.

      Middle-aged 40-something Ah So can look like 55 years old due to starting the day with anger and malice in her heart.

      Better to chill and be cool like Annie.

  5. Annie,

    I think that if Mukhriz either joins or informally allies himself with PAS, then BN will lose Kedah. It could be UMNO rebels & PAS as an alliance for GE14. Najib will lose that state.

    I'll be very honest - some folks in Kedah also thought Mukhriz spent too much time in KL, but most people on the ground also regarded him as clean and honest. And yes, BN retook Kedah based on the Mukhriz factor.

    Mat Tido is regarded as Najib's barua. He is more present on ground, true, but people will always hold that against him. He was not selected based on capability, but because Najib wants loyal but stupid people around him.

    There are whispers now that at least two states will have an engineered change of MB before GE14 (if GE14 even happens.)

    I guess you know which two states they are.

    The 3rd state mentioned is Sarawak - but there the Bugis fool will meet his doom if he tries to change the MB, because Adenan is so popular that people are voting for him, not for BN. PBB is quite distant from BN policy-wise anyway.

    1. Najib get the courage to do all these purging since Hadi Awang became his political ally.I don't think our PM would mind sharing one,two or three states with pas as long as he remains as the PM.The prime candidates for the states to be sacrificed are Kedah and Terengganu.I think with 3 states under their control Pas get a very good bargain

      Prof Kangkung

    2. Prof,

      That was the terms of the "deal", it seems. Hadi wanted DPM (II) post plus some Cabinet posts for PAS, in return PAS supports Najib. PAS becomes the rulers of northern and eastern states (except Perak, Pahang & Perlis, Penang too far gone to Oppo already), and jointly they will try to either win or split votes in Selangor. Kedah under joint rule but "technically" still BN. T'ganu goes back to PAS solely.

      The deal is hitting big-time snags because a lot of the grassroots are heavily opposed. And Dato' Tuan Ibrahim and some key leaders are still very anti-Umno.

      Hadi, Haron Din, Zuhdi Marzuki and about 3-4 of the other PAS leaders are pro-UMNO, but they are not getting enough support in the party right now to merge / ally with UMNO.

      7 out of 8 of PAS ADUN supported Mukhriz in the Kedah coup. Hadi could not force them all to abstain. So I think this alliance with UMNO is now retreating away.

      Note - Hadi is very, very quiet now.

      Either the UMNO thing is shelved or they (Hadi & Co) will try and engineer a 2nd split in PAS to get rid of anti-Najib forces. But this will leave PAS severely weakened.

    3. Whatever it is bro., this Hadi is a sly politician. Can't say much about his religious principles

    4. Most politicians are sly.

      However from Islamic point of view, Hadi should not support lying and corruption.

      It's quite funny that Najib praised Haron Din for not believing the WSJ story. Six months and 40 lies later, I guess even Najib has accepted that he got 2.6 bil in his personal account.

    5. mdzfrs,

      Sorry but I disagree with you that PAS will support Mukhriz in Kedah.

      As a de facto member of BN, PAS will support Naijb as leader because it is in the DNA of PAS to blindly support their leaders, no matter what.

      So, I do not believe that Kedah PAS will help Mukhriz bring down a BN-led Kedah government.

      As for your views on Terengganu, I agree - it could go back to PAS in exchange for PAS support in the other states.


    6. But almost every PAS ADUN gave their confidence to Mukhriz in the coup. (He only lost by one vote overall.) The best "support" that Hadi could give Najib was to abstain or vote against.

      So Hadi did not have his way there.

      And it's far from clear that all PAS members are pro-Umno. In fact, the reverse is true - the pro-Umno faction is a minority.

      We'll see whether there are any more pro-Najib overtures by Hadi.

      I don't think so, not as long as so many of his top rank leaders are either lukewarm or opposed to it. And he cannot strike quiet deals without at least his Deputy finding out.

      Whether Mukhriz will have help from PAS to bring down a BN-led Kedah government - well, that is not a present scenario, but a future one.

      Both Tun & Mukhriz may not survive as UMNO members for very much longer. So let's see what new alliances are formed in the next 18-24 months...

    7. From the Kedah MB saga, its clear to Malaysian that PAS politicians are more sincere with the Rakyat. UMNO and DAP politicians do not give a damn Rakyat's wishes. They only think about their own selfish interest, hence fear the wrath own their *TOKONG.

      Note: Najib is like Kit Siang Son, now. Those who don't show LOVE & affection to the dear leaders, has no place in the Party.

  6. Yes.looking forward to your comments on the new Kedah MB

    Prof Kangkung


  7. Allah hum mahdinee feeman hadayta,

    Wa 'afinee feeman 'afayta,

    wata wallane feeman twal-layta

    wa barik lee feema a'taita,

    waqinee sharra ma qadayta,

    fa innaka taqdee wala yuqda 'alayk,

    innahu laa yazillu man walayt,

    wala ya'izzu man 'adaita,

    tabarakta rabbana wata 'alaita,

    fa lakal hamda 'ala ma qadaita

    nastaghfiruka wa atubu ilayka,

    wa sal Allahu ala Sayyidina Muhammadin was ala alihi was sahbihi wwa barik was sallim.


    Oh Allah, place me among those whom You have guided,

    and make me among those whom You have made wholesome,

    and include me among those whom You have befriended, and bless me in whatever You have provided me,

    and protect me from the evil which You have decreed;

    Verily, You decree all things and none decrees against You;

    and none whom You have committed to Your refuge shall be humiliated while none whom You have deemed an adversary shall be vindicated.

    You are Blessed, our Lord, and Most Exalted, all praise be You over Your dominion, we ask for Your forgiveness and repent to You.

    And may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family and companions.

    Annie, meditate on the meaning of DOA QUNUT in your dawn prayer.

  8. What about the other races in Kedah & those who aren't Umno members? They don't count, izzit?

    Or is the tried & tested "race card" in play in Kedah?

    I would have expected better from the new Kedah MB!


    1. Tebing Tinggi,

      Mana atak 'other race' maa aa , all Malaysian maa aa , Hai yaa !, Wa manyak ingat Bulayu manyak lupa lea aa .

  9. Still beats be on how one can be banned from writing in general unless you got tied down with the wishes of those handling you no?