Tuesday 12 May 2020

Dr Adham strikes back, a new normal

I think this is going to be the new normal...in Malaysian politics.

Health Minister demands RM30 million, 

apology from NGO on false contract claim

Anyone try to defame you, sue their ass off.

I guess it's the only way.

The days of being nice and gentlemanly are over.

Back then, when Umno politicians were being defamed, they mostly did nothing and accepted it as part of the political game.

For most of them, suing their opponent for bad mouthing them seemed not nice and petty.

Only then opposition people, particularly those from DAP that resorted to the court to silence their critics.

In the end, because they did nothing proper about it, people started to believe in the lies thrown at the Umno people.

Okay, to be fair, some of the accusations were actually true but most were not so.

Whatever it is, Umno and their gang lost the GE14 because people believe in the accusations which were thrown at them at that time.

To a large extent, they believe in the lies because Umno never really try to fight the accusations properly.

Based on my personal experience, many of the Umno operatives actually thought that they can just ignore the accusations and they would all just go away.

"Alah, kalau dilayan lagi lah menjadi-jadi dia orang tu. Buat letih je kita nak jawab semuanya. Biar kan je, nanti lama-lama senyap lah tu," said one of them to me at that time.

Nope, the accusations didn't go away, okay.

Oh, and the Umno's way of employing cybertroopers and stupid self-serving mainstream media players to counter the accusation at that time was pathetic.

This is a battle that needs to be fought by smart people who truly believe in the cause and not by some hacks who write garbage ampu bodek stuff to earn some money.

Well, never mind that. That's water under the bridge already.

Now I think people like Dr Adham have learnt their lesson.

No more being nice and stupid like back then.

You defame me, I sue you. End of story.

I'm quite sure that if Dr Adham didn't initiate the legal proceedings, the defamatory allegation against him would remain at least in the public consciousness.

Just look at this comment at my last post in this blog,

Cerlah masuk blog Syed outsyedthebox. Baca kisah Menteri Air Suam dgn rm30 juta buat lab COVID. Umno & raswah berpisah tiada.
Dalam sibuk-sibuk COVID tetap nak corrupt. Hanya totok umno je buta mata dan hati sebab cuma baca blog totok yg penuh propaganda umno.
Lapangkanlah otak baca berita di portal online dan toton TV news. 

That's how the defamation was being spread and it would continue to spread if Dr Adham didn't take such legal action.

Of course you must be clean yourself to sue those who defame you.

In this case, I think Dr Adham was quite certain of his innocence, which is good for him.

Maybe if he got the RM30 million from the NGO  who defame him, Dr Adham could use the money to help finance the Covid-19 war.

That will be good for the current government and this country.


  1. To be honest Annie, at this moment and time, when and where KKM is overwhelmed and stretched to the limit, I don’t mind the manner the contract being awarded. Doing open tender providing health services when the country in the middle of health crisis is just plain stupid.

    As long as the company/contractor can deliver superb services and doing marveluos job in a very short/tight time frame, then the 30 million money is not wasted. It is well spent. Rather than doing open tender with hundreds of companies trying their luck, it’s gonna take 3 to 4 month before the winning company could started doing their job. At that time it will be no use. The horses already bolted.

    There are 3 types of people in this country. Those who play politics all the time, those who work hard contributing to the economy and those with entitled mentality making noise all the time.

    1. No matter how much it cost the gomen or Rakyat?
      Even if the cost is just RM15 milliom... and we have to pay twice as much... i.e RM30 million?

      With RM30 million... wouldn't it be cheaper, trucker and wise too, on the part of KKM or Ministry of Finance to purchase it directly from e-bay or the supplier/manufacturer?

    2. "As long as the company/contractor can deliver superb services and doing marveluos job in a very short/tight time frame, then the 30 million money is not wasted. It is well spent."

      So you think a construction company is qualified???

      Next time you are in hospital for surgery, get a plumber to do the operation, bole tak?

      Cantik la tu.

      This case is being reported internationally...


      Kemaluan saya amat besar, otak Si Adham amat kechik.

    3. How do know contract for mass testing laboratory systems and PPE supplies to frontline health workers only cost 15 million RD? Do you get the number while scratching your lower backside dude? Or are you using Rafizi’s estimate and logic everything should go by half of the price??

      Do you know how Malaysia procurement system works? It is the company who gives the estimated price and its breakdown. The government agreed to the price after consulting engineers, doctors, policymakers, experts at the ministry of the actual cost. Any additional cost while working on the project will be be dealt later.

      And you’re asking government to purchase mass testing laboratory systems and PPE supplies on e-bay? What are you smoking dude? Even medical equipments and supplies donated by foreign governments were found to be useless and of inferior quality. You’re taking a step further by suggesting Malaysian government to buy them en masse on e-bay and put our health workers and patients at risk So that the government can save money. Thank godness RD you’re not one of KKM advisors or stakeholders.

    4. “So you think a construction company is qualified???”

      “Next time you are in hospital for surgery, get a plumber to do the operation, bole tak?”

      -In the US Donald Trump had invoked the war time Defense Production Act and ordered time-wasting General Motor, an automaker to manufacture thousands of ventilators and respirators to ramp up supply. A carmarker company becomes producer of medical equipment in time of crisis.

      Toyota Motors has embarked on manufacturing surgical masks to address short supplies of such equipments. Proton too manufactures surgical masks and PPEs to address short supplies in local market. Clothing companies diversified and turned into suppliers of masks and PPEs for health workers. Here in Malaysia fashion designers turned to designing and producing PPEs for frontline health workers.

      When there is an acute shortage, you’ve got to be creative to overcome the problem. Even Muslims are allowed to eat pork in time of crisis and emergency. Desperate times require deperate measures..

    5. Anonymous12 May 2020 at 21:55

      You seem to be ignorant of the facts bro.

      The Cinabengs in this Ali-Baba scam were already paid 15 mil up front before they did a single thing, same as Najib Tong Rosak famous crony M.O. lah.

      Pendaek kata, get rich quick scam lah.

      That's what RD is referring to.

    6. Anonymous12 May 2020 at 22:21

      Aduhhhhhh, ape hang merepek nih....

      The "creativity" doesn't extend to construction companies making scientific equipment, that's completely out of their field, ko x paham benda basic ke?

      Same as previous BN scams like travel agencies getting IT contracts etc etc etc.

      The crooks are back in power, so back to old ways.

      That's all lah.

    7. X payah sebok lah...tunggu jer lah cerita ni keluar kat mahkamah nanti. kita tengok sape betul sape salah. C4 tu pun dah twist balik ayat dia kata tak tuduh...hek elehhhh...

    8. Even the popular sopo blogger who bragged of having millions of followers has removed the post regarding the 30 million-contract-supply. Typical of his guerilla writing style. Hit and run away. Hit and run away. If you’re convinced of telling the truth why remove it? Takut ke?

      At least you can lend a helping hand to the organisation by testifying in court in their defense.

    9. That ousyedthebox..No comments allowed in his blog. Baguslah tu..Diapun allow komen yg sokong dia, komen yg tak sokobg dia, tak publish.

  2. So he is clean as embun pagi, eh....?????

    1. Yes, you are absolutely right. But, just that the suci embun falls on cow dung and he accidentally steps on it and gets smeared all over his shoes. All kantoi because of the smell.

    2. clearer than "air suam".
      air suam still got little "smoke"

    3. He is as clean as najis babi, like all other Umgnok thieves...

    4. Im sure you smell like salted fish every morning

  3. Apa pun kita tunggu apa kata SPRM yg masih membuat siasatan ke atas tuduhan ini.

    Pertubuhan yg diberi nama C4 berkata, melalui siasatan mereka di SSM, 5 syarikat yg dapat tender itu ada kaitan dgn salah seorang pemegang saham di rangkaian klinik Dr. Adham.

    Kita juga tunggu, betul ke Dr. Adham akan saman pertubuhan C4 yg menyiasat kes ini.


    1. takde kaitan pun ....Ex director kpd subsidiari syarikat cina tu jer pun ...bukannye ceo or shareholder ke apa.

  4. Ehmm... like China-man Jho Low... this time, I hope that China-men, Tan Boon Keong and Tan Jiat Jui will not be the fall-guys.

    After-all... It seems a habit that whenever there is allegation of corruption on Melayu politicians, there must be some China-men in the background.

    1. Classic Ali-Baba lah bro.

      Always some MCA towkay pakat with some Umno crony. In this case I hear it's a Johorean Umno MP.

      Same old, same old like the matsal say.

      This PNipu gomen allowing crooks like 6 million dollar man to head GLCs will make it worse, so back to square one. That guy also had Ali-Baba arrangement to screw ITM Tapah. Pls Google "Detik Utuh" and see what Pasir Salak did.

      Nothing changes, rakyat loses.

      "Dulu, Kini Dan Selamanya...."

  5. Latiff however shot back, asking Maszlee if he felt he was “clean” himself

    “I think I am losing a dear friend,” he said.

    kalau ada kawan se begni.
    tak payah perlu segan kat DAPIGs lah.

    nak jadi orang jujur pun susah!!!!!!

  6. "Anyone try to defame you, sue their ass off.

    I guess it's the only way.

    The days of being nice and gentlemanly are over."

    Ehhhhhhhh, why your boss's boss blom lagi sue WSJ over 1MDB?

    He said "by next Tuesday", kan? That was almost 5 years ago, doh......

    "UALA LUMPUR, July 5 — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak will file a suit against US paper the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Tuesday over a report that alleged an outflow of US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) from state-owned 1 Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) to his personal bank accounts.

    The Star Online reported today unnamed sources close to Najib as saying that he will make the announcement at a press conference in Semenyih later today.

    “He would file the suit through his lawyers in Kuala Lumpur,” the sources were quoted saying.

    WSJ reported Friday that 1MDB investigators have discovered five separate deposits from two sources that were made into Najib’s accounts, citing government documents that it claimed to have viewed.

    The largest two transactions, it said, were for US$621 million (RM2.3 billion) and US$61 million allegedly made in March 2013, shortly before the tumultuous Election 2013 in May."

    Kemonlah Pokjib.....

    In Amerika the court settlements are huge.

    You can win 2.7 billion, maaaaa.

    X nak ke?

    Hoe many Birkin you can buy with that?

    1. Haiyaa.. COVID 19 entah org2 yg berkaitan dlm WSJ semua dh mampuih dah pun dpt title ("the late")?

      .... New York sikalang wth record deaths of 21,640 and 337,055 infected and probably many more unaccounted for...

      Saman jgn tak saman dan kes perbicaraan adakan secara siaran langsung!

      BTW apasal dulu Najib, the accused of macam segala kes mohon perbicaraan dibuat secara siaran langsung PH tak benarkan?? Cuba habaq mai sat apasal tak kasi?

      Eh eh. Ada org antaq WA, nak raya oghang Kedah bukan sja tukaq sofa dan langsiaq, depa springclean rumah habis2an siap tukaq MB sekali?

      La aaa papa sibuk nak tendang PM8, takpasai2 orang lain pulak yang kena tendang? Awat la jadi sampai kut tu?

      Professor Nasi Lemak

  7. Someone please explain why we have KKM minister who does this???

    "On 13 March 2020, Adham demonstrated the steps of wearing a surgical mask with head ties during a televised press conference. However, he had shown an incorrect demonstration of surgical mask usage, as the he had neglected to fasten the head ties appropriately. He was subsequently criticized for the misleading demonstration during the televised press conference as the appointed Minister of Health."

    Kih kih kih.

    Entah apa jenis manusia nih, si pendekar air suam.....perghhhh

    1. Alahai typical loser...benda kecik pun nak kecoh...kesian...orang suruh mnium air suam kau minum air kencing matdey n kit siang....patut lah baghal.

    2. It is the little thing that is damn crucial...seemingly if one cannot handle the little thing right, what more the bigger issue/s?

      Then why the "...attention to detail..." meaning the little thing indeed make up the bigger picture...

      anon 1:53, the guy pointed out error that shouldn't be the case for an 'accomplished' doctor made worst being the Health Minister...yet you yes you anon 1:53 is the one that felt irritated and started spewing kencing here and there...no winner in guessing who the real loser here eh 1:53?

      Orang baru jer critic menteri, apa lagi kalau empunya diri yang kena mahu dia melenting tak cukup tanah....1:53?

    3. When was this? Ohh 13 March...orang tu baru lantik jadi menteri...nak kutuk sangat lah korek benda 2/3 bulan lepas...alahai...so for 2 months u pakai mask salah jugak ke...base on dr adham punye mistake? Bodoh sangat lain kali minum air suam jangan duk minum air kenching ye...kan dah jadi bodoh..

    4. 12:31 tuh sapa kamu? Magistrate, Lawyer bak kata mak dara menyoal tentang kassim selamat....mengangggap orang bodoh (tak membuktikan orang lain bodoh) hanya membodohkan diri sendiri jer....banyak kena kencing kamu nih gak nya...andai nak defend sekali pun at least dengan hujah yang cerdik....patut Najib seru semua tuh bangang....12:31 antara nya kut!

    5. Kau tu yg typical cari kesalahan remeh orang lain...air suam lah ...pakai mask lah...kalau bijak sangat cari lah benda lain yg lagi bijak utk kondem.. seklai sebijik kena dgn aku kau mula meroyan mcm orang tak betul...padan lah muka hang...kahkahkah



  9. I say let Adham Baba give his version.

    And I can agree with 16:34

    Anyway let's hope Adham Baba bisu kan the NGO's. That is if he's nothing hide. We pray. We are also very tired to hear that anything Melayu or anything umno is corrupt beyond redemption. As if anything DAP is of high heaven standard. The only thing good about DAP was that they produced Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye. This man is examplary citizen.

    1. Whack the DAP to the 7th heaven if you may however, do the same regardless UMNO or anybody else for that matter...that said, what has become of melayu-muslim?

      From Kleptocrat transcended to BOSSKUrrrr kat mana bodoh nya melayu-muslim tidak boleh bezakan curi itu curi, rompak itu rompak....dah jatuh baru kata "...nobody dares to bell the cat..." bak kata KJ menteri yang 110 billion hilang under his watch, apa kisah dah? Kemudian melayu diangkat diberi biasiswa penuh dari NASA temberang, menteri dan perdana menteri pun boleh cepat kena kencing teruk.....

  10. It is good to hear Annie. The PH running dogs are back. They try to disguise themselves as concerned NGOs. But their recent silence at PHs transgressions took away any credibility to their claim. Now they back to their old activities when PH collapsed. Hope the court will give a harsh sentence to stop them in their tracks. C4 is just one of their running dogs. Their media like MKini and FMT will pick the slanders and fake news, keep repeating it despite the lack of proof until it is 'established'. Hope PN takes their media to court as well to stop these slanders.

  11. Aiyoo najib also threaten to sue wall street paper on his 1mdb. Elek jugak!!!. Ketua crook put takut nak sue ini pulak machai. Betul jadi sue ke!!!.

  12. like those inciting hatred constantly in the star, fmt msiakini, gazette, chronicles, lies if repeated constantly enough, is gonna be taken as true. and wht else do these guys do but lie.

  13. Adham strike back.. kool awesome let SPRM check lahh... at least kemuka bukti perangai walaun unta dari dolu sampai skg tak berubah...!! Dolu ada kuasa mintak pulis tangkap JhoLo atok buat bodoh bangang... skg Justo penipu lari... ingat atok elok melingkup terus rupa rupa nya boboi...padan muko nasip kau la anak beranak... apa apa kasi tepokkkkk satu kali.. puiiii



  15. wah! annine
    so you give the "cikminah" to the authority!!!!

  16. 2 tahun PH mentadbir Perak catat surplus, now an impossible task for back door PN to achieve in view of looming covid recession 2020

    1. tak perlu usaha cerita pencapian dulu. kena teruskan "perjuangan" ke hadapan.
      jangan kasi banyak feedback di blog cam ni.
      tulis samapah sarap aje.
      BAHAYA!!! tak dapat ulas ceraha, lapor

    2. Thanks to PH for bringing covid into Msia

    3. Apa yang seronok sangat dengan surplus tu? Kalau ikut management level surplus tu samada kau tak reti buat budget atau kau tak guna budget yg dah disediakan untuk keperluan rakyat dan negeri. Kedekut dengan rakyat kah...atau simpan untuk diri sendiri?

    4. Anon 22:50
      All the retributions to PH for the stealing the govt wakakaka

  17. Legal action must be taken against those who have wronged him. But prior to that, he should make a clean breast of those wild accusation to clear his name which has more or less been damaged. That would shut those cynics up before thing gets worse as it becomes tittle-tattle of the public, and even worse still, lugs TSMY's government into it. That is bad, real bad.

  18. when you are in government u tend not to be aware what people are saying about you because u have responsibilities and jobs to attend to. for them it is not a simple 9 to 5 job like the rest of us. They even work on weekends and public holidays. That was how BN was then. Thankfully Dr Adham is still very new and his job is more focus on the virus at hand and the MCO doesnt allow us to attend functions etc so he has time to acknowledge what accusations have been hurled at him and able to make a swift action to stop the fitnah.

  19. Politi Scheiss13 May 2020 at 07:30

    Yes. Conducting an open tender during these trying times will take too long.

    This NGO has a one-tracked mind.

    Sue them!

  20. I hope C4 will see the minister in court if he really dares go all the way.The way I see it is he will sue then after sometime will retract when the matter is slowly forgotten

  21. agree. let the courts & law decide.

    just as in jibby, rosmah, zahid & all the corrupt politicians cases.

    1. After happily defaming others they said let the courts and law decide. Then continue with defaming people some more. Typical Pakatan people.

    2. over the years there has been more slander cases in court against umno & pas knobs - and most result in ‘ apology ‘. Do your homework annie,

    3. That is right. Lets the Court decides their fate. Period.

      Apalah bunya bodoh C4 ni. Dah lama operate kat Malaysia takkan tak tau lagi 'business operations' kat sini ya

      Rm30 million tu chicken feet aje. Politician kat Malaysia tak main lah RM30m tu... lainlah kalau 100m ke 200m atau 1 billion ya.

      Rm30m tu hanya takat low class pengarah pengarah jabatan je yang cekup hi hi.

      Memang C4 ni bodoh tahap banganglah

    4. Yes I am with Dr Adam . Sue them all the way till they only got panties left. Already they are twisting saying they are just saying based on their findings blablabla....not daring to be so confident now huh...lol

  22. oh what happen to your fav najib ‘ i will take clare & DoJ ‘ to court for defaming me. Still waiting with bated breath

    ur rubbish annie

    1. dont worry Clare already in big trouble now. And she is even hiding from UK authorities.No one believes her now and thats more then enough. And DOJ?...they so scared they quickly return back some of the 1MDB money to the current gov...and has not mention Najib's name for so long already. The whole world already know Najib was accused unfairly...so u wait lah with ur bated breath yaaa...lol

    2. Anon 23:52
      Komen macam ini di benci olih Pakatoon Hancing & their lackeys

    3. He he he... NamSamaran...have a listen to Hasan Manhaj on Malaysia, 1MDB, and Goldman Sachs...


  23. Which PH politician top the list to sue people? But just dare not to do so on sodomy issues that he was accused of yet continues to deny vehemently up till now? What makes him refrain from doing so? Is it he has so much to lose once the case is taken to court??

  24. wah! dah kena surat - adoi!!!
    jaga jaga jangan berkelairan di blog cam ni.
    tak dapat "defence" yang commnent oppositely kena jackpot

  25. luckily this blog still allowed to publish comments. TQ tuan tanah!

    1. just cut and paste any stuffs
      will go through
      excepts racists with vulgrarity = real bad words like "p--km--k" c--- b----
      otherwise all pass

  26. PETALING JAYA: Pasir Salak MP Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman has been appointed the chairman of Prasarana Malaysia Bhd, effective May 11.

    He replaces former chief judge of Malaya Tan Sri Zaharah Ibrahim who resigned on May 7 after serving as chairman since Nov 11 last year.

    OMG! Dah tak de ke manusia lain yg berkaliber sikit???

    1. Okay. I agree. This one is bad.

    2. bloated cabinet. corrupted umnos back at helm at GLCs. media bullying restarted. now zero accountability in parliament.

      i had given TSMY the benefit of doubt, hoping he will continue reform but looks like his position is weaker than expected.

    3. Ok jer...he may not be so classy n is gangster like...but at least he dare to speak up...As long as its not DAP at the helm...if not habis di jual whatever asset yg ada.



  28. https://wrlr.blogspot.com/2020/05/bapa-adib-mohon-pendirian-terkini.html

    blogger pihak mana? ada gantung gamber je

    1. Keluarga 6 ahli Bomba yang mati lemas, setelah diarah mengikat diri mereka berangkai, untuk mencari mayat seorang budak yang sudah lama mati... juga perlukan pembelaan.

    2. Ditto RD..6 firemen stared death in their eyes when they were suddenly ordered to undertaken dangerous rescue mission by his little napoleon boss. Locating and saving a guy who was afraid had fallen and died in a disuse mining pool (the guy they were trying to locate and save was already dead for heaven sake!)

      But nevertheless the team continue with the STUPID mission resulted in 6 brave young men perished in a blink of an eye. They were unnecessarily ordered to wade into treacherous water in dark pitch night with uncompromising bad weather.

      If it was one man who had died, it could very well be a freak accident. But there were 6 of them! The operation was undertaken by a team of 6 men. ALL of them died. There’s no way it was a freak acccident. It’s F**KING obvious it was a botched rescue operation. Period.

      And the boss who sanctioned the operation still got to keep his job. It’s business as usual the next day. Moving on like nothing happen. To him it was just another day at the office. Someone should be responsible for this immense debacle but nobody willing took the blame. Even the top brass. If it were happened in other country, the boss at the very top would have been given the marching order but here nothing happened. It’s business as usual.

      And then as usual, an inquiry was formed to probe the incident. An internal inquiry, formed by the department itself, consist of the people from the same place. It is obvious it was not an independent inquiry consist of independent panels. It was carried out just as formality. As a result, there’s nobody’s fault. As expected. It just a bad weather..

  29. Politi Scheiss13 May 2020 at 07:30
    Yes. Conducting an open tender during these trying times will take too long.

    This NGO has a one-tracked mind.

    Sue them!


  30. Aku ingat boboi ni kena semah dan mandi bunga 7 air telaga..

    Wawasan 2020 nampaknya sumpah laknat yang Najib buat sudah dimakbulkan Allah.

    Katalah boboi tergolek, ini sudah dua kali boboi digulingkan dari jawatan Menteri Besar, boboi mencatat record dalam Malaysia dua kali jadi MB, dua kali tergolek dog.

    PN kedah sudah memaklumkan perkara itu kepada DYMM Sultan Kedah.

    Jadi sekarang kita hanya menunggu keputusan dari DYMM Sultan.

    Kalau berlaku peralihan kuasa di Kedah, Alhamdulilah syukur.

    Next target ialah Negeri Sembilan.

    Boboi naik pasal dia berbinkan Mahathir, kalau dia berbinkan orang lain, dah lama melingkop.

    Ingat, kalau ini berlaku, dua kali jadi MB, dua kali dia digulingkan hadiah wawasan 2020 tu.

    Aku ingat boboi ni kena mandi bunga la...

  31. Mcm komedi dah defacto PM (moo is nothing bersatu habis lah), menteri air suam + menteri2 BN are reporting to komedi hidup back door Bodoh Nasional wakakaka

  32. "Thank godness RD you’re not one of KKM advisors or stakeholders."

    Ehmm... if I'm Dr.Adham... during this time of national/worldwide health crisis such as COVID-19 Pandemic... I'll evoke the full powers vested in me as Minister of Health to hasten the supply of PPE equipment or build testing laboratories to reduce government expenditures, especially during this time of economic difficulties.

    Many people do not know that in the Military, there is a Corp called Royal Army Engineers Regiment (Rejimen Askar Jurutera Diraja) which have expertise and resources to swiftly build structures such as bunkers, building, bridges, dams, canals etc... of-course Politicians could compel the procurement of government or private architects or engineers to assist.

    If I need "PPE supplies to frontline health workers"... I'll compel local manufacturers or suppliers under the pretext or allegiance to the interest of the Nation or as 'National Duty'... to forgo profits.

    If they say they do not have the manpower (of foreign labour) to increase PPE production or logistics for distribution, I'll solicit manpower assistance from prison department or the military.

    Of-course... it will not cost the Government aka Rakyat, more than RM15 or RM30 millions.

  33. pada hantaran itu juga memohon sumbangan dermawan, melalui akaun bank kumpulan itu.
    dengan pakej BPN rm 230,000 juta
    "saip siap sui" rm1,500. macam kata tunku putrajaya.
    it only little poket money

  34. Shud follow menteri doraemon advice, salons + barbers shud be opened so everyone can appeared cantik or bersolek for their spouses wakakaka

      rupa nya di sini kuda lai penting dari kanak kanak

      Pusat menunggang kuda dibenarkan beroperasi secara terhadPusat menunggang kuda dibenarkan beroperasi secara terhad

  35. Ismail Sabri diminta tegur sikap ‘membisu’ KP Imigresen

    BANGI, 20 Ramadan 1441H, Rabu – Menteri Kanan (Keselamatan), Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob diminta menggesa Ketua Pengarah Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia memberi penjelasan berhubung isu pelancong China dan India yang dilaporkan tiada rekod keluar dari negara ini.

    Naib Pengerusi Pertubuhan-Pertubuhan Pembela Islam (PEMBELA), Cikgu Izzat Johari berkata, pihaknya tidak pernah mengkritik tindakan kerajaan membanteras pendatang asing tanpa izin (PATI), sebaliknya berpuas hati dengan tindakan yang dilakukan.

    Puas hati tindakan kerajaan banteras PATI, tapi mahu tahu status 'kehilangan' 100,000 pelancong China dan India

    “Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, kami berpuas hati. Tetapi kami tak puas hati dengan Ketua Pengarah JIM yang mendiamkan diri mengenai ‘kehilangan’ 100,000 pelancong China dan India. Kami persoal, ke mana perginya 100,000 pelancong China dan India?

    1. tututp aje. dari 2017 tadapat cari cari!!!!!!

  36. Elok pecat KP imigresen tu... letak dlm cold storage... harap gaji tinggi tapi hampeh

  37. Mahathir can vote today without waiting on 18.5.2020 for no confident vote to Mahyuddin..

    Do not try to provoke anymore

    Mahathir can oust Muhyiddin the same way they are ousting Mukhriz, so why does he not do that?

    This is how they are ousting Mukhriz Mahathir as the Menteri Besar of Kedah. This was how they ousted Mohd Daud Abdul Samad as the Menteri Besar of Terengganu in 1961.

    This was how they ousted Mohamed Nasir as the Menteri Besar of Kelantan in 1977 (and the Agong even declared an emergency in Kelantan).

    This was how they ousted Nizar Jamaluddin as the Menteri Besar of Perak in 2009

  38. Nanti kita semua tengok ,samada C4 atau MOH yang Penipu ,Kaki Fitnah ,Perasuah .
    PETALING JAYA: Lawyers have criticised a group of 39 NGOs for demanding that the health minister withdraw his lawsuit against the Center to Combat Corruption & Cronyism (C4) which suggested he abused his powers in the awarding of a contract to a private firm.
    They said Dr Adham Baba had every right to clear his name against allegations made by C4 which linked him to a company being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) over a health ministry contract worth RM30 million