Monday 31 August 2015

Idiots' fratricide of the Malays

Malays can be quite bad, especially when they fight each others.

And the closer they are to each other, the worse it gets.

They fight their own brothers and sisters harder than they fight outsiders.

The current Umno fratricide is perhaps among the worst in history.

It's total war for most of them. No quarters given.

They fight each others harder than they fight DAP, PKR and Pas.

You can't even be neutral in this fight.

In fact the neutrals are the ones getting hit most.

The bullets come from both sides.

In my case, I'm getting shot up more by the anti-Najib side.

That despite me defending Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad from the start of the fighting.

I defended Dr Mahathir because he is the best statesman that we ever have and he is an elderly man. It's not right for us to kurang ajar towards him, no matter how unhappy we are with him.

At 90, Dr Mahathir  is like a father to us all.

As I pointed to veteren journalist and blogger TS Zainuddin Maidin in a past posting, those who want to label me as a paid blogger on Najib's side should check my track record throughout the fight at this posting ;

Still, the attacks continues.

Apparently, there are people among the anti-Najib side who consider anyone who doesn't attack the prime minister in person or done anything remotely helpful to him as an enemy.

You are with us or against us. That's how it works with them.

This is one of the comments from the anti-Najib side ;

Annie Mangkuk,

Lu tak payak nak nasihat Mahathir ler. Obviously, Mahathir tak pedulik pun apa lu and other prepaid bloggers macam Puki Brew, BigDog Gemuk Macam Babi, ParpuKakiTodi, TheVoice Bangkrap, TheUnspinner, meroyan macam monyek bila dia stoped by at Bersih malam tadi. And the fact that harinie Mahathir turun lagi Bersih (siap naik LRT lagi, that's my man), lu boleh tutup ler blog sundal lu nie. Lu cakap sama Najib and Rosmah GO TO HELL!!!!

The comment came at my posting where I tried to explain why Dr Mahathir decided to be present at the Bersih 4 rally.

I was concerned as so many people, including those who are fond of him can't seem to understand why he went to the rally.

They started calling him lackey of DAP, barua Cina and such.

As in the past and in future, I will try to defend Dr Mahathir. It's not much but I will try my best.

Of course I gave a bit of my opinion that Dr Mahathir should not stressed out himself too much because I'm convinced that Najib will not voluntarily step down anyway.

But obviously, that's not right for some of these self-righteous anti-Najib people.

They just want to win the fight.

For me, they don't really care what happened to Dr Mahathir.

Selfish bastards.

Well, the pro-Najib side is actually not that much better.

If you all care to read my past postings defending Dr Mahathir, then you know why I said that.

Some of them tried so hard to please their paymasters that they make a fool of themselves by sounding stupid and without manners.

And worst of all, they tend to get very arrogant.

They think just because their paymasters are in power they can behave any way they want.

Hey guys, the rakyat is watching.

You all only have two and a half years to fix things for your bosses before the next general election.

Do you all think you can do that by being arrogant towards the very people whose support you need when it's time to go to the polls again?

You think my friend in this posting

Nasib penyokong marhaen Najib

will want to once again go through the trouble of dragging her children, including the autistic one on a five-hours bus ride to give her vote to your bosses after what you all did to her family?

People remember, okay.

And when you all fall, those whom you treated unkindly due to your arrogance will show you no mercy.

Always remember that.

And pro-Najib people, some of you all have very poor manners, okay.

I want to celebrate Merdeka and you all put this kind of comment for what?

Blogger Haramjaddah Pukimak Din Tyrtle, OutSyed The Box, Kadir Jasin, Zamkata, apanama, putra merdeka, Celah Gelegar, The Sense Credibility and Accountability, Jelapang, KZO. Sungai Rapat Online.

Mulai hari ini Blogger Banggang, Bahalul, Pukimak waiima Haramjaddah nie semua BoLEH Declare Blog masing2 sebagai Blog Macai Mahathir Mudah Lupa a.k.a. Nyanyok, seterusnya letakkan diri masing-masing sebaris dengan Blog Pembangkang pro Pakatan Rakyat.

Ini kerana Blogger Banggang ini terlalu mendokong Mahathir Mamakkuty yang secara terang-terangan menyokong apa jua agenda CINA DAPIGS.


Kamu semua adalah Mamak Haramjaddah yg baru kenal keyboard. Selamat Maju Jaya dengan tugasan Baru Menaikkan Bangsa Cina di tanah Melayu ini.

Sesungguhnya Kamu semua lebih HINA drp Kelab Greenboc, MSO, Anak Sungai Derhaka, MSO, Ameno World, Omak Kau, Aspan Alias, Shahbuddin, Tranungkite Online, Bloglist, Blogger Pro Pakatan Rakyat walau macammana pon keadaan kedudukan Parti PAS, DAP, PKR, tapi mereka tetap mendokong dasar kepartian mereka, menulis menenangkan ahli, menguatkan saf parti.

Kecuali Blog Tranungkite yang cenderong pd PAS, Omakkau yg menuju kearah keadilan sejati, Manjung Mari tetap PAS di hati.

Blogger Banggang, tukar LOGO sokong Mahathir yang Sokong Cina, takut kalau Bisness Cina Bangkrap, takut Cina hilang kuasa ekonomi.

Blogger lain teruskan kerja, blogger pakatan kerja pakatan, blogger pro kerajaan teruskan kerja murni anda. suatu hari rakyat akan sedar, siapa Mahazalim, Mahacelaka, MahaFiraun Mahathir Mamakkutty.

You all think that kind of comment can make people support Najib, is it?

Hey pro-Najib people, the rakyat get put off by such rudeness, okay.

Use your brain la, stupid.

Sometime I really don't understand how Najib choose his people.

Most have their brain underneath their kneecaps.

Newly minted DPM DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi appears to be having the same problem of getting numbskulls into his team.

But that's a story for another day.

Okay, I'm going to sleep again. It's my way of enjoying this Merdeka Day.

A cool song of freedom

My father forwarded to me this music video just now.

He said his boss forwarded it to him.


It's past midnight.

Selamat Hari Merdeka.

Sunday 30 August 2015

Dr Mahathir on why he attends Bersih 4

When the options are running out

Many were shocked when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad turned up at Dataran Merdeka for a walk among the Bersih crowd last night.

I was not shocked though.

The handsome old man was in a combative mood yesterday.

He must had felt that the options were running out as the doors were all being closed for him to see DS Najib Razak stepping down from his PM post before the next general election.

Watch his speech in Pasir Gudang yesterday and you may understand why Dr Mahathir swallowed back his own words about Bersih by being at Dataran Merdeka last night.

But still, I don't think it will change anything.

Najib will still be our PM at least until the next general election.

He will not step down no matter what his detractors do or say and Umno in general will support him.

Dr Mahathir should just rest at home, stay healthy, and wait for the next general election.

If it's fated for Umno and its BN allies to lose under Najib's watch, then he and others who love the Malay party will simply have to accept it.

Well, if Dr Mahathir still feels the need to do something, he should just blog about it instead of running here and there like yesterday.

He also needs to be mindful of the health of Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Ali who was with him the whole of yesterday.

It must be so tiring for the two of them, being 90 years old, to rush here and there from KL to JB and back and then went for that walk amidst the Bersih crowd and all.

And if you all may noticed, the security details of the couple during the walk was bare minimum.

People may just harm them.

Dr Mahathir is after all still not the most popular person among the mostly pro-opposition Bersih crowd.

Saturday 29 August 2015

September soon


No one was hurt at the rally today.

My salute to the police for using their good discretion in handling Bersih 4.0.

Politically, I don't think the rally will make any difference.

I am totally convinced that PM DS Najib Razak will not step down from his office as demanded by the Bersih organisers and participants.

Why should he? He has everything under his control.

Najib will still be our prime minister until at least the next general election.

It also doesn't make a difference to me that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad went on a tour at the site of the rally where some of the participants are camping tonight.

Malaysia is a free country....for now.

Dr Mahathir has the right to go anywhere he wants.

Anyway, it's not that he borrowed Marina's Bersih T-shirt and wear it to go there.

He didn't even give a speech.

What ever it is, I do feel a bit silly for initially worrying too much over the whole thing.

I think things will be okay with Malaysia.

We just need to be patient.

I also need to relax a bit.

It's nice here at my friend's place.


My friend's son, who is autistic keeps playing this song on his mini I-pad,

The boy can't speak or understand much but I guess he loves the music.

It just so happens that September is the most important month of my life.

Hopefully I'm still around when the month ends.

Well, I need to rest for the night now.

Take care and stay safe.

I love them too

A commenter in my last post

Be safe, T-shirt banned already

wrote this;

...i love my chinese friends

...I love Malaysia too.....


Thank you, whoever you are.

I love my Chinese friends too.

I also love my Chinese mother, my Chinese cousins, my Chinese relatives....even those who live in Singapore and my Chinese ex-boyfriend.....

Yes, I did bitch about them from time to time, but the truth is, I love them.

I don't support Bersih 4.0, but I do wish those who participate to be safe.

I hope the police don't beat them up.

I don't want to see Malay FRU guys beating up Chinese Bersih protesters....or any other protesters for that matter.

I don't want what happened today be the start of a racial war in this country.

I don't want to be forced to choose between the Malay and Chinese sides of myself.

Yes....peace Malaysia.

Be safe, T-shirt banned already

I'm now at my friend's place in Kuantan.

Drove here after work yesterday evening.

Decided that I don't want to spend this long weekend in KL.

Not with that Bersih 4.0 thing happening there.

I suspect things will turn ugly this time.

The authorities seem determined to stop the rally.

I don't want to be there when it happens.

Honestly, I'm worried for the Bersih people.

I hope no one gets hurt.

This came in a while ago via NST SMS alerts;

NST 28/08 Home Ministry bans yellow Bersih 4 T-shirts, publications and related printed material

I guess they are going to arrest anyone wearing yellow or carrying anything related to Bersih in KL tomorrow.

It can be quite havoc if that happens.

The other day, they even blocked the Bersih website.

I think the censorship of internet in this country has started in earnest.

Some of my friends have decided to be at the rally.

They are young and idealistic.

They believe in everything good about Malaysia and wanted to express their desire for the country to continue having those by joining the rally.

Maybe they are misguided, but I still hope they will be safe.

I'm worried for them because in the crowd today will be some very bad people.

Those who did this,

I think the crowd will be big.

As I was driving here, I saw quite a bad jam at the Bentong toll of the Karak Highway heading to KL. That was about 9pm.

I also noticed that a lot of cars on the East Coast Highway were heading towards the Klang Valley.

In a way I would be glad if those cars were carrying Bersih people as they should be Malays from the East Coast states.

That means Bersih 4 will not be dominated by just Chinese from DAP.

It could become a racial issue if the FRU decide to employ force and the ones at the receiving end are mostly Chinese.

I think it could be the end of Malaysia as we knew it if that happens.

Imagine the images - Malay FRU beating up Chinese protesters.

Well, tighten the seat belt and wait for what's coming.

Friday 28 August 2015

Simply fed-up

Daripada aku layan dia orang ni, lebih baik aku tengok race motor. Lagi best.

Thursday 27 August 2015

OMG, Zam angry with Annie...I think

A commenter in my last posting alerted me about TS Zainuddin Maidin's (Zam) mentioning about my blog.


ZAM has an interesting take on you... Come to think of it definitely makes sense. You have been exposed. What say you?
And this is what Zam wrote about me and my blog in his posting
Ada sesaorang yang menulis kepada saya secara subtle, tersusun licin faktanya,halus dalam penyampaiannya.Mungkin dia seorang" Intelligence" yang cuba menjustifikasikan RM2.6 billion yang dimasukan  ke dalam akaun Presiden UMNO Datuk Seri Najib sebagai sumbangan untuk perjuangan Malaysia menentang Syiah dan IS dan untuk usaha perdamaian di Filifina dan Selatan Thai.

Setelah sense tujuan jahatnya saya tidak menyiarkannya kerana ini adalah cerita pendek rekaan yang karut marut untuk membersihkan nama Najib. Bagaimanapun untuk mengetahuinya anda bolehlah membacanya di  Blog Life of Anne yang dipersembahkannya secara bijak juga untuk menarik anda membacanya dan sebagai menjalankan tanggungjawab kesetiaannya. 

Bagi saya tulisan ini jika disiarkan hanyalah akan menghilangkan kredibliti blog saya.Bacalah cerita ini  di Life of Of Anne dan kemudian anda akan juga dapat mengenali lebih dekat siapa Life Of Anne dan boleh belajar spinning informasi  tidak secara Bangang untuk menunjukan Najib tidk memerlukan wang itu kerana dia  sememangnya adalah dari keluarga kaya.

Penulis ini sebenarnya  cuba menggambarkan seolah-olah dia telah mendedahkan rahsia besar kerajaan untuk meyakinkan pembaca.

Apapun ia menggambarkan  posting Mahathir yang terkini mengenai RM2.6 Billion amat meyakinkan dan  menggerunkan yang memerlukan usaha untuk membersihkannya.

Well Tan Sri, the truth is, I'm actually quite honored that you took the trouble to check out my insignificant anonymous blog.
By the way, my name is Annie and not Anne.
Sincerely, I always regard you as my senior and respect you for that.
Those who know me will understand why I said you are my senior.
Out of respect for you as a senior journalist and blogger, I think I should explain to you why I published that comment written by probably the same person who wrote to you about the "karut marut" story.
I can sense that you are displeased with me for publishing that "karut marut" story.
This is exactly what happened, okay.
I had earlier in the morning, before going to work, posted this,
Quite a number of people read it but there were very few comments coming.
By afternoon, I decided that the posting was boring and most readers can't be bothered with it.
So, I thought of writing something more interesting for the day but unfortunately nothing came to my head.
Then I remembered that three-parts comments somebody sent which got nothing to do with my boring posting.
It may be "karut marut" to you Tan Sri, but I found it to be interesting.
As, I wrote in that post
I don't know whether the story told by the commenter was true.
I also never ask those who read it to believe it.
It's just an interesting story.
That's all.
No matter how ridiculous you find it to be, I still think that it's an interesting story and deserved to be read.
Who knows, maybe someone may be inspired by it to write a mystery novel or something.
By the way, that post attracted quite a lot of comments, which mostly think that the story was not true.
I published all of those comments.
That includes those who call me bimbo, stupid etc.
Well, I've been called worse and still published the comments.
As a blogger, I practice minimum censorship because I believe in freedom of expression.
Only in extreme cases that I don't publish comments. 
Unlike you Tan Sri, I never really tried to make my blog credible.
After all, I'm just an insignificant anonymous blogger and never pretend to be anything else.
Those who regularly read my blog would notice that I just write about whatever is in my heart and things that I found interesting.
Sometimes I wrote about what I eat, my dates, movies that I watched and lately even motorcycle races that I like so much.
I always appreciate those who read my blog, especially when they leave comments, but it's okay if they don't like my writing anymore.
I admit that my blog is not intellectual or anything like that as compared to those of the prominent bloggers like Tan Sri.
So, it's okay for people not to read it.
As for me menjalankan tanggungjawab kesetiaannya   I think Tan Sri, being a fair man that I think you are, you should have a look at this posting of mine,
Go ahead Tan Sri, just click on it and read it, okay.
Then maybe Tan Sri will not be too judgmental of me based on a single posting which I did on a whim.
Thank you.

An interesting story about the RM2.6 billion donation

There is this commenter who wrote an interesting story at my last posting about the RM2.6 billion deposited into the personal account of PM DS Najib Razak.

I don't know whether the story is true or not but it's even better than my

It's in Malay, so those of you who don't understand Malay, please ask your Malay friends to translate for you.

If you don't have a Malay friend, than it's too bad for you.

Sorry, I'm too lazy to translate it.

So, here is the story as related by the commenter,


Kisah Benar 'Dana Politik $633 juta kepada Malaysia' - Rahsia

Bismillahirohmanirohim, segala pujian bagi Allah S.W.T, Selawat dan Salam ke atas Rasulnya Muhammad S.A.W. Setiap orang akan diuji oleh Allah, tidak kira kedudukan atau darjat, ujian tetap akan diberi, Nabi Adam yakni Nabi pertama dan Hawa yang berada di syurga juga diuji Allah apatah lagi manusia yang berada dibumi Allah ini.

Ulasan ini amat berat dan sensitif untuk diceritakan, malah akan menyentuh soal rahsia dan imej negara. Tetapi kita harus istiqamah dan kebenaran harus diceritakan, insyallah umat Islam dan Melayu di Malaysia boleh menerima dengan hati terbuka, yang diminta adalah supaya mereka faham, soal sokong atau tidak pula hak individu.

Memang benar $633 juta diberi kepada Perdana Menteri Malaysia oleh pihak Arab Saudi, nilai ini agak kecil bagi mereka kerana setiap hari mereka mengeluarkan 12 juta tong minyak berbanding Malaysia yang hanya 600 ribu tong sehari. Kerajaan Arab Saudi dari dulu lagi memberi dana sumbangan kepada beberapa pemimpin dan negara islam untuk 1) Memerangi perkembangan Syiah 2) Benteras kumpulan 'penganas' yang memerangi mereka 3) sumbangan kemanusian 4) sumbangan sulit kepada negara islam yang teranaiya 5) Umat Islam yang berada dalam negara yang majoritinya bukan Islam yang ditindas 6) bantuan politik 7) biasiswa bagi perkembangan ajaran Islam ala Wahabi 8) Pertahankan Sunnah wal jamaah Sunni sebagai pegangan utama umat Islam dunia

Pemberian dana seperti ini dilihat pelik malah akan dikritik oleh mereka yang bukan Islam. Perspektif orang Islam dan bukan Islam berbeza dalam konteks mempertahankan kesucian Islam dengan pegangan kita sebagai Sunnah wal jamaah. Kerajaan Arab Saudi dan Iran walau dilihat oleh kaca mata orang bukan Islam sebagai negara Islam tetapi ideologi mereka amat berbeza dan Orang Islam cukup faham akan perbezaan ini.

Malaysia dilihat sebagai rakan strategik bagi kerajaan Arab Saudi, kita perlu faham hubungan dengan Arab Saudi bukan hanya untuk menentukan jumlah jemaaah Haji atau pembelian minyak malah perbincangan tentang kebimbangan ancaman terhadap Islam di rantau Asia dan perkembangan Syiah merupakan antara agenda utama perbincangan tanpa diketahui oleh rakyat umum.

Memang ada pihak terkejut, marah dan tertanya-tanya tentang dana $633 juta yang diberi oleh pihak Arab Saudi kepada Najib Razak dan bukan terus disalurkan kepada akaun UMNO, sudah pasti bukan semua pihak boleh menerima ulasan ini tetapi apa yang diminta supaya orang Islam dan Melayu berbuka hati untuk menilai realiti ini. Pihak Arab Saudi telah menggenakan beberapa syarat kepada beliau untuk kegunaan Dana tersebut.

1) Benteras pengaruh Syiah dirantau Asia -

Secara sulit pihak Iran sedang bergerak aktif dalam mengembangkan pengajaran Syiah di Indonesia, Malaysia, Selatan Thailand, Singapura, Selatan Filipina dan Brunei. Mereka menggunakan beberapa pendakwah secara sulit dan pelajar untuk memasuki institusi seperti jabatan kerajaan, kolej dan Universiti. Kita dapat melihat beberapa kes di Selangor dan beberapa negeri lain dimana jabatan agama telah mengenal pasti cuma atas arahan pihak berkuasa media kurang mewawarkan sahaja.



2) Selesaikan isu penindasan umat islam di Selatan Filipina dan Selatan Thailand -

Pada tahun 2014 Najib Razak telahpun mengadakan proses pendamaian antara pihak kerajaan Filipina dan Selatan Filipina yang majoriti penduduknya adalah orang Islam sama juga dengan keadaan dengan kerajaan Thailand dan Selatan Thailand yang majoritinya penduduknya orang Islam. Proses pendamaian ini dapat diadakan bukan kerana Najib Razak begitu pintar untuk berunding tetapi realitinya sebahagian $633juta yang diberi oleh pihak Arab Saudi diamanahkan untuk memastikan pihak Muslim di Selatan Filipina dan Selatan Thailand bersedia dengan kuasa autonomi yang bakal diberi. Umat Islam tahu penindasan dari pihak kerajaan yang bukan Islam kepada penduduk Islam sememangnya berlaku. Malaysia ditugaskan untuk memastikan barangan kesihatan, bantuan kemanusiaan dan kelengkapan sekolah diberi dan bukan melatih dalam aspek peperangan.

Kenapa Pihak Arab Saudi begitu Kisah tentang pendamaian dirantau ini? Ini kerana Iran telahpun mengambil kesempatan dengan keadaan konflik dengan memberi sumbangan kepada mereka dengan syarat ajaran Syiah dibiarkan berkembang di rantau Asia. Peperangan antara pihak Arab Saudi dan Iran ini memang payah untuk orang bukan islam memahami tetapi hingga kini di Timur Tengah juga peperangan di Yemen merupakan peperangan proksi dan ada yang katakan Malaysia terlibat secara sulit dalam hal ini atas nama kesetian Islam Sunnah wal Jamaah Sunni.

Selain dari ideologi agama, pihak Arab Saudi juga tahu di kawasan konflik ini terdapat hasil minyak dan gas yang banyak, perjanjian eksploitasi minyak antara Malaysia dan Thailand juga berlaku diperairan kawasan konflik begitu juga di Selatan Filipina.

Malaysia juga tidak terkecuali dari jenayah penculikan di Selatan Filipina oleh segelintir kumpulan yang mahu merosakkan usaha Malaysia mencapai proses pendamaian. Kisah Lahad Datu mengingatkan kita bahawa proses pendamaian rantau amat penting dan Malaysia mengambil inisiatif untuk memastikan keadaan disitu diketatkan. Ada pelbagai pihak yang ingin mengagalkan proses ini dengan membuat aktiviti penculikan.

3) Memerangi kumpulan IS dan kumpulan yang tidak menyokong kerajaan Arab Saudi -

Pihak Arab Saudi dan Malaysia sering membincangkan masalah ini dan mereka tahu kumpulan IS telahpun mendapat sambutan oleh sesetengah pihak walau rakyat tidak tahu. Konflik di rantau ini juga merupakan resepi bagi IS mendapat rekruit untuk terlibat dalam ideologi ekstrem mereka.

Oleh itu pihak Arab Saudi mahu kepimpinan Malaysia untuk memerangi IS dengan pelbagai cara dan antaranya mengadakan proses pendamaian dan memberi kelengkapan keselamatan dan melatih pendakwah-pendakwah yang boleh digunakan untuk memberitahu ummah tentang bahayanya kumpulan tersebut. Ini adalah realiti sebenar keadaan.



4) Pastikan UMNO memerintah Malaysia -

Ini adalah yang diwawarkan oleh pihak media sebagai alasan utama dana diberi hakikatnya jika mereka mahu Najib Razak melaksanakan amanah tersebut maka dana ini seharusnya digunakan untuk memastikan UMNO menang di PRU-13.

Inilah persoalan yang sering ditanya kenapa bukan terus ke akaun UMNO, ini kerana amanah sebagai pemimpin Islam kini bukan hanya tertakluk kepada wilayah dipertanggungjawabkan tetapi ke rantau. Malaysia sebagai negara Islam yang maju dan dihormati di rantau Asia pasti dapat menjalankan proses pendamaian ini.

Ada yang tanya apa habuan disebalik pemberian ini, jawabnya pelaksanaan atas permintaan syarat tersebut kerana Pihak Arab Saudi lebih kaya dari segi hasil bumi dari Malaysia. Oleh itu logiknya tiada apa yang Malaysia boleh beri Pihak Arab Saudi tidak boleh beli sebelum dana diberi.

Ada yang tertanya juga kenapa dana sebegini tidak diberi kepada pemimpin terdahulu. Ada diberikan namun konflik kini makin terjadi-jadi dan pengaruh pihak Iran dan barat makin tersebar. Kali ini tugas spesifik diberi untuk memastikan keamanan rautau Asia dijamin.

Apabila cerita mengenai dana ini disebarkan di Wall Street Journal iaitu sebuah akhbar dari New York, kita agak janggal tetapi sebenarnya pihak barat tahu dimana selebih dana itu disalurkan dan mereka menunggu sahaja pemimpin disoal untuk beri penjelasan. Mereka tahu penjelasan ini bakal memalukan Malaysia kerana kita dianggap menyokong pihak Muslim di Selatan Thailand dan Filipina yang negara jiran anggap sebagai musuh dalaman.

Sekarang ini pihak pembangkang ingin mengadakan demonstrasi, adakah kita pernah tertanya bagaimana sesetengah NGO dan parti politik mendapat dana mereka? hak mereka untuk berdemonstrasi harus dihormati tetapi sebagai umat Islam kita harus waras dan istiqamah samada semua yang dilakukan oleh mereka benar ikhlas dan tidak ada agenda yang atau tangan luar yang masuk campur

Najib Razak sudah menjadi menteri begitu lama, beliau dan keluarga tidak memerlukan dana sebanyak ini untuk hidup bahagia tetapi apa yang beliau lakukan adalah amat berat dan sukar untuk orang bukan islam bahkan orang Islam memahaminya. Sokong atau tidak itu hak individu tetapi apa yang mahu disampaikan adalah kebenaran yang ditidak disebut-sebut.

Semua pihak terbabit akan membantah dan tidak akan mengaku ada saluran dana ini, kerana sememangnya rahsia. Seharusnya dana seperti ini dijadikan rahsia tanpa umum tahu, tapi demi kebenaran dan sangka fitnah ia terpaksa diluahkan walau pahit.

Penulis berdoa agar Allah S.W.T membuka hati kepada para pembaca dan menilai secara rasional dan logik tentang kegunaan dana tersebut. Akhirnya Allah S.W.T akan menilai segala yang dilakukan. Walllahwalam.


RPK's theory and why I prefer to wait for GE14

I have been saying that those who want to kick out PM DS Najib Razak need to be patient and wait for the next general election.

It's because Najib has shut down every other possible way which could be used by his opponents to remove him.

Well, apparently, the Najib's camp is now saying that they don't have to wait that long.

The number one pro-Najib blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin explained why it is so in his posting,

Why Najib wants the vote of no confidence to happen

But of course in RPK's analysis, Najib wins in the end.


Then Najib removed all those ‘instruments’ that Dr Mahathir was going to use to fix him up on charges of corruption, the Attorney General being one of them. So with all those instruments out of action the only avenue left to remove Najib is through a vote of no confidence in Parliament.
Knowing that this is the only possible route left, short of an assassination or military take over, Najib prepared himself for the possible vote of no confidence. If that vote of no confidence does come in October, Najib will exploit it and use it to his advantage.
Once the vote of no confidence is passed Najib will ask His Majesty the Agong to dissolve Parliament to make way for snap federal elections. Umno will contest the seats it can be assured of winning and increase its seats from 88 to 100-110.
Najib will then give Sabah and Sarawak what they are asking for and win at least 45 of the 57 seats there, maybe even 48. That will give Barisan Nasional roughly 150 seats with at best 72 going to the opposition if MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP do not win a single seat.
That will also give Barisan Nasional two-thirds control of Parliament. If MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP can pull in 10 seats combined then Barisan Nasional will get 160 seats versus 62 for the opposition.
The Boffin Boys in Najib’s office have done their arithmetic and they are of the opinion that a snap election can actually work in Barisan Nasional’s favour. If Najib can bring in those results then Umno can hold its annual general assembly and party elections and Najib will not face a risk of being ousted in the party elections.

See, the rebels are actually welcomed to try oust Najib at the next parliament sitting in October.

So, no need to go to the Bersih 4.0 rally and do all sorts of nonsense.

Just wait and prove that the Najib's camp was wrong with that RPK's theory.

However, personally, I don't believe the rebels will go along with the no confidence motion in parliament thing as they surely knew where it will lead to.

By the way, I also do not understand this part of RPK's theory;

Umno will contest the seats it can be assured of winning and increase its seats from 88 to 100-110.

How are they going to do that?

Anyway, I'm still not going to the Bersih rally because I don't think that will fix our mess.

In fact, nothing within our means can fix the mess for now.

Well, I don't want to waste my time and energy.

I'm simply going to ride out the storm.

It's not that long, just two and a half years.

Of course, for the time being, I'm going to bitch a bit in this blog whenever I'm unhappy with the nonsense

But then, that's me.

You all can do what ever you want except breaking the laws.

It's still a free country....for now.

Wednesday 26 August 2015

In defence of the super cute Bersih Girl

I don't really get it why this girl's photo

has become

A Controversy

I think people need to lighten up a bit.

She's super cute, okay.

Her picture is probably the best image which had ever come out of all the Bersih nonsense.

Just imagine once the water cannon starts spraying on her at the rally....

Of course the FRU guys should not apply too much pressure on the water and instead of chemicals, use plain water or some sorts of foam.

Then even the malicious foreign Press and opposition portals will find it difficult to spin an evil tale on how our government treats the protesters.

Okay, maybe some of you all are thinking it's so unIslamic or immoral etc, but seriously, I think we shouldn't be all too serious about our politics.

Maybe we would not be in this much of a mess as now if we don't take our politics too seriously.

Anyway, the girl's picture is definitely better than this picture, okay,

Memorable race

I'm not sure why, but when I woke up this morning I felt like watching a motorcycle race.

It was my favourite past time when I was a teenager.

I used to ride a motorcycle too, but not a superbike.

I can only ride bikes up to 250cc because of my small frame.

 One day I will write about those days.

But for this posting, I just want to put this video of a memorable 1997 Dutch MotoGP involving my favourite rider of all time, Tatsuya Harada on the black Aprilia.

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Give FGV a chance (updated)


Please also read Miss Ooi Tee Ching's

Weak palm oil prices

to understand better why FGV is not doing so well at the moment.


I had a conversation with a prominent blogger who is among those rebelling against PM DS Najib Razak a few weeks ago.

One of the questions I posed to him was why he has yet to attack Felda Global Ventures (FGV) which performance has been rather poor since announcing its initial public offering (IPO) in May 2012.

FGV is after all an easy target because over 90,000 out of the about 113,000 Felda settlers nationwide are holders of its shares which value had nosedived since it was listed.

Attack FGV and make it suffer, and there should be a Felda settlers uprising against Najib.

"I can't do that. I don't want to hurt the settlers," the prominent rebel blogger said.

"It may help bring down Najib if we harp on the poor performance of FGV but by doing so we would also be dragging its shares further down and ultimately caused sufferings to the settlers.

'In fact, because of that, if I can help improve things for them, I would  do so even if it means harder for us to topple Najib."

I have to admit that I'm not an expert in analysing economic issues such as the one affecting FGV, but I do understand the sentiments of the rebel blogger and agree with his stand.

If we are at war, we must be mindful not to inflict too much collateral damage. That's for me is quite important if we intend to maintain the moral high ground in our struggle for what we believe to be a nobel cause.

As for FGV itself, I think there must be a point where there will be a turn around of its fortune.

The signs are already there despite the still rather lackluster  performance.

I saw this story last night,

FGV recorded better revenue and profit in Q2

and told myself that maybe it's not all very bad.

As pointed out in the story,

Amidst the bearish crude palm oil (CPO) market, Felda Global Venture Holdings Berhad (FGV) managed to record a better performance in the second quarter (2Q15) of this year compared to the first, with RM4.2 billion of revenue and RM103 million in profit after tax and tithe.
In the first quarter, FGV had RM2.7 billion in revenue and RM30 million in profit.
It's probably the initial sign that FGV has been doing the right things to arrest the slide which was also highlighted in the story.

FGV boss Datuk Mohd Emir Mavani Abdullah was quoted as admitting that its annual revenue as compared to the same period last year has declined by about seven percent to RM6.9 billion while net profit was even worse for sliding by 69 per cent to RM145 million

He attributed this mainly due to lower average CPO (crude palm oil) prices and higher CPO production costs of RM1,468 per metric ton compared to RM1, 449 in 2014.
“The decline in revenue and net profit is expected as we continued to be negatively impacted by tough market conditions and business environments. Average CPO prices have reduced by 15 per cent from RM2,648 per metric ton to RM2,251 per metric ton in 2015.”
I can accept Emir's explanation that it's not entirely FGV's fault that the company has not been performing very well as it was impacted by the current negative trend of the world commodity market.

I'm also okay with his explanation on what were being done to improve things and their results so far. Please click on the link to the story above to learn more about it.

I think FGV does needs time to win back lost ground and do well.

Malaysians should give it a chance to do so,, especially for the sake of the settlers.

Try not to let power makes you arrogant, stupid and corrupt

Power can do weird things to people. especially weak people with limited ability.

And these people are not necessarily bad people....initially.

It's the power, placed in their hands which turned them bad.

Power makes them lose their head, so to speak.

And of course in most instances, having power means having more money.

Perfect ingredients to corrupt people.

They also get arrogant and almost always turned stupid.

This is particularly true among Malay men.

Example - Nice Malay man, work hard, get promoted into position of power and make extra money, became arrogant, get itchy, use extra money to chase other women, abandon wife and kids for other women, extra money not enough to sustain life with newly acquired trophy wife or cute girlfriend, get corrupted because need even more money....and the story goes on.

Sounds familiar isn't it?

Well, men of other races are actually the same, except probably they are better at earning more money.

Chinese men for instance also have the same tendency except that they go the other way around - get corrupted first, then get more money,  then get more power, then become arrogant, then chase after other women....and so on and so forth.


Indian men....errr, I don't know much about Indian men....even if I know, I won't write about them because if I do, they will probably come here and start to threaten to sue me....banyak leceh want to layan them when they are like that.

Well. all men are by nature bastards.

No exception....

Errr...I think I had went off topic lah.

Actually, I just want to write about how people lost their brain once they have or thought they have power.

Let me go straight to that, because otherwise I may start to bitch about men again.

Okay, I know this guy whom I used to regard as a nice guy.

The latest I heard was that he has turned not so nice.

The reason was probably because he had been selected to join the team of recently installed Deputy Prime Minister DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

That means he is on his way to be in a position of power.

I learned that even his language has changed.

He publicly used words such as "jahil" on people who disagreed with him when discussing the current political mess.

"Jahil" means ignorant or stupid in Arabic but in the Malay language, it carries a harsher connotation.

I think it's unnecessary for him to use that word just to show that he is defending his boss and the current establishment.

Seriously, I don't think that it's going to make things better.

People will simply get angrier not only with him but also his boss because of such arrogance.

They may not be able to do much now but two and a half years from now,  things will be different at the polls.

If the guy continues on this path, I'm afraid he will sooner or later become corrupt and stupid like the example I gave.

Why can't people get powerful and remain good, humble and honest?

Is it so difficult to be like that?

Personally, I respect people who remain cool and nice despite being powerful.

Sunday 23 August 2015

The bangsat are already here

I read this posting by Big Dog

Bersatu teguh, bercerai bangsat

and was reminded of an old posting in my blog.

Big Dog's posting was about the warning by PM DS Najib Razak who is the Umno president, of the fate that awaits Malays should Umno loses its power to govern this country.

My old posting was not exactly about that but it is also about the fate of Malays.

Both featured the word "bangsat".

The not so harsh English translation of the word are extremely poor, destitute, rogue, rascal and vagrant.

You may find the more colorful translation of the word "bangsat" if you care to check it out yourself.

I believe Big Dog's "bangsat" refers to the poor, vagrant and destitute meaning of the word.

Reading through his posting, I'm afraid, I have to argue that there are already a lot of poor, vagrant and destitute Malays now.

Anyway, the "bangsat" in my old posting actually refers to the rogue and rascal Malays who cause their fellow Malays to become poor, vagrants and destitute like the ones mentioned in Big Dog's posting.

The old posting was actually not written by me.

I was just publishing an email sent to me.

The date was Sept 20 last year. It's in Malay.

The posting attracted 72 comments, which was quite a lot for this blog.

You can click on the link here to read it, complete with the comments,

Anyway, knowing how lazy you all can be to click on the link, I'm republishing the email again here to remind us all that there are already "bangsat" of all varieties among the
Malays, even now that Umno is still in power.

Melayu Bangsat....bunyi nya macam menghina bangsa sendiri. 

Tapi itulah hakikat yang berlaku di atas tanah air ku apabila ada segelintir di kalangan orang Melayu yang berkuasa dan diberi kuasa menjadi tidak amanah dan bertanggungjawab dalam membela bangsanya yang kononnya majoriti, tetapi berpecah-pecah menjadi minoriti. 

Malah, kelompok kecil Melayu yang berkuasa dan kaya raya serta hidup senang lenang sanggup menjadi perosak yang akan menghancurkan masa depan bangsanya atas dasar pembangunan dan kemajuan.

Mereka gunakan kuasa dan jawatan untuk kepentingan peribadi dan keuntungan yang masuk ke dalam poket sendiri dan sekelompok kecil rakan-rakan kongsi dari yang sekecil-kecil projek sehingga yang besar berbilion ringgit.

Mereka sanggup menjadi ejen-ejen atau rakan-rakan kongsi syarikat asing untuk mengambil alih tanah-tanah milik kerajaan dan hartanah orang-orang Melayu dengan janji-janji manis bagi memperbodohkan bangsanya sendiri kononnya atas dasar pembangunan dan kemajuan negara.

Melayu ini tidak mahu bersusah-susah mengemukakan cadangan disusuli  tindakan untuk membangunkan bangsanya yang mungkin dianggap sebagai usaha yang sia-sia kerana bangsanya dikatakan terlalu sukar untuk diubah dan dibangunkan untuk bersama-sama menikmati hasil kemajuan dan pembangunan yang dijana.

Akhirnya, kekayaan yang dijana kononnya hasil usaha sekelompok kecil Melayu yang kaya dan berkuasa, berpendidikan tinggi, berputar-putar di kalangan mereka, tanpa sedikit pun ada rasa bersalah dan jiwa untuk membela bangsa mereka yang semakin merempat, hidup susah dan merana secara ikhlas dan jujur.

Betul lah seperti kata pepatah Melayu itu sendiri, harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi, seperti haruan makan anaknya sendiri. Inilah yang sedang berlaku kepada bangsa Melayu. 

Malah, kelompok kecil Melayu ini sanggup menyalahkan bangsa mereka sendiri atas kemiskinan dan kesusahan yang dihadapi kerana kononnya bangsa Melayu ini tidak mahu mengubah sikap dan minda menjadi manusia yang rajin bekerja dan kuat berusaha.

Melayu yang dibawah sana sebenarnya, ramai yang kuat berusaha dan rajin bekerja, cumanya ada kalangan mereka yang benar-benar rajin bekerja dan kuat berusaha, kurang atau tidak langsung diberi peluang kerana tidak termasuk dalam kelompok-kelompok tertentu.

Ramai Melayu yang di bawah sana menggunakan keringat dan tulang empat kerat untuk menyara keluarga, menggunakan kebijaksanaan dan kreativiti bagi meningkatkan taraf ekonomi.

Tetapi apa yang dilakukan sekelompok kecil Melayu yang kaya raya dan senang lenang yang memperolehinya daripada kuasa yang ada pada mereka.

Melayu sibuk berpolitik sehingga berpecah belah sesama mereka.

Nasib bangsanya kurang dibela. Malah menggunakan kuasa dan kedudukan, kelompok kecil Melayu ini sanggup menjual negara tumpah darahnya atas dasar pembangunan dan kemajuan.

Melayu bangsat tidak sedar bahawa apa yang mereka lakukan sebenarnya, mereka sedang menghakis kuasa yang ada pada mereka. Menjual tanah kepada orang asing bermakna kita sedang menghakis kuasa yang ada. 

Percayalah, kerakusan di kalangan segelintir kelompok Melayu ini yang sedang membaham bangsanya yang kerdil, miskin, susah dan semakin merempat secara berterusan ini, tanpa sebarang pembelaan yang penuh ikhlas dan jujur, maka apabila sampai masanya nanti, Melayu akan kehilangan kuasa.

Kalau orang Melayu sendiri sudah bosan dan semakin meluat, terhakisnya keyakinan bahawa sistem yang ada boleh melindungi mereka, sudah mula berbicara dan mempersoalkan pasal perkara-perkara yang begitu sensitif, yang mana tidak pernah dibahaskan secara terbuka sebelum ini, seperti hak  keistimewaan mereka, Raja-Raja mereka dan agama Islam yang dianuti mereka, maka semakin mudahlah anasir-anasir dari dalam dan luar membaham bangsa yang menjadi semakin bangsat dan kerdil dan terus merempat di atas tanah air mereka sendiri.

Berbicaralah mengenai nasib bangsa Melayu, maka ia akan dianggap sebagai suatu perkara yang mengundur ke belakang. Topik yang dianggap oleh segelintir orang Melayu sebagai tidak relevan lagi dan menyusahkan.

Itulah tanda-tanda awal bahawa bangsa Melayu akan terus dihina, dicaci dan diremehkan kerana yang meremeh, menghina, mencaci dan merendahkan martabat  orang Melayu adalah bangsanya sendiri.

Sekian, terimakasih.


We always wish we are strong and noble, but we are not, most of the time.

(Note: Just enjoy the song, okay. I'm not feeling well to write.)

Saturday 22 August 2015

Either we are really blind or Najib really sucks

PM DS Najib Razak had reiterated his stand that he will not step down from his post while speaking at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Lecture yesterday.

Najib insisted that he has been doing the right things for Malaysia.

Among others, he listed down the achievements of his administration in his speech

Leadership In Challenging Times 

21. From 2009 to 2014, Malaysia’s Gross National Income grew by 47.7 percent.
22. 1.8 million jobs have been created since we established the Economic Transformation Programme in 2010.
23. We have reduced the deficit for six years running, and in each of the last five years, total investments have reached new records.
24. It has always been our priority to make sure that our growth is sustainable and equitable. Since 2009, the income of the bottom 40 percent households has increased by a compound annual growth rate of
12 percent, even higher than the national average of 8 percent.
25. Through the implementation of minimum wage legislation, the government has lifted 2.9 million people immediately out of absolute poverty.
26. Unemployment has declined to under 3 percent – from 3.7 percent in 2009.
27. We have increased women’s participation in the workforce, with a higher percentage of management positions in Malaysia being held by women than in Hong Kong and Singapore.
28. And we have maintained the reforms necessary for Malaysia to reach the goal of becoming a high income status nation by 2020. Some of these reforms have not been popular, like the introduction of GST and the removal of subsidies. But I am here not to make popular decisions; I am here to make the right decisions. Saying we could achieve strong growth without hard choices would be to make empty promises.
29. We had to broaden our tax base and reduce our dependency on oil and gas revenues. Every serious economist around the world agrees that these reforms were necessary and will benefit Malaysia in the long run.
30. The IMF recognised our progress in a report this March, titled: “Favourable Prospects for Malaysia’s Diversified Economy”. Its key conclusions were:
 Growth likely to remain healthy in 2015, despite lower energy prices – and it has. Growth for the second quarter was a strong 4.9 percent.
 End of fuel subsidies and start of Goods and Services tax is timely, and good for efficiency, equity, and the environment.
 Exchange rate flexibility will help non-energy exports.
31. The IMF does not hand out compliments lightly. Nor do the ratings agencies. Yet in January, Moody’s maintained Malaysia’s A3 rating with a positive outlook. In February Standard and Poor’s maintained Malaysia’s A- rating with a stable outlook. More recently, Fitch maintained Malaysia’s A- rating – and actually upgraded its outlook from negative to stable.
32. Despite the volatility of the world economy, other organisations, including the World Bank and the World Economic Forum have placed us high in their rankings for ease of doing business and competitiveness. Bloomberg rated Malaysia as the world’s 5th most promising emerging market in 2015.
33. And an independent study, which has nothing to do with us, recently declared Malaysia to be the top country for the Global Islamic Economy Indicator 2014-2015. Malaysia led by a large margin. Does that sound like a failed state to you?
Ladies and gentlemen,
34. Economic reforms have been matched by those in other areas. As well as the ISA and the Emergency Ordinances, we repealed the Banishment Act and the Restricted Residences Act. We passed the Peaceful Assembly Act, changed the law to allow students to participate in politics, and amended the Printing Presses and Publications Act.
Fine, those were indeed achievements. It's not a lie or spin. 
But why then does Najib faces a rebellion from even within Umno, which prompted him to sack his own deputy and conduct the recent (or is it still ongoing) purge?
With all those achievements, Najib shouldn't need to go through the current crisis.
He should have the full support of the rakyat instead of the trust deficit which is choking the breath out of people who used and still want to support him.
There must be something wrong that many can't seem to see those achievements.
Yes, there are those issues such as 1MDB, RM2.6 billion donation and such, but if the rakyat have truely benefitted from all those achievements, then by right they should give Najib the benefit of doubt instead of judging him guilty even before the allegations managed to be proven.
Some may argue that Najib had purged those investigating the mess and even chucked out anyone in his administration who dared to raise questions about it. Nonetheless, it should be remembered that many have believed in the allegations even before that happened.
In short, many Malaysians actually want to believe in the allegations against Najib more than they wanted to appreciate what he did for the country.
There must be something wrong that it has come to this.
I don't know, maybe we Malaysians are so blind that we can't see what a good leader Najib is based on his achievements, or perhaps that there are too many wrongs in Najib himself that they eclipsed the goodness of him.