Monday 27 March 2023

Winning Muslims' hearts and minds

Some of you all commented in my last post about PM Anwar's recent visit to Saudi Arabia.

Some said he went there to draw in investments while others ridiculed him for failing to even meet with the rulers of that country.

It was quite hilarious too when Anwar's supporters yesterday tried to defend the merit of his trip there with the entire Malay Mail's webpage being filled with such stories for several hours.

Wished I could tell my old friend Leslie Lau that he and his Malay Mail gang are turning into what NST used to be for Umno - not very smart and spineless mouthpiece. 

On my part. I didn't even read the story when I saw the headlines about Anwar's trip to Saudi Arabia..

As far as I'm concerned, it was just another Anwar being a pious Muslim show.

If his intention was to get investments, then he should instead go to Beijing.

Trying to cosy up to the Arabs may land you into jail, okay. Look at Najib.

Well, cosying up to a chubby Chinese conman is also not good.

But, Anwar is not too stupid not to know that.

The way I see it, what he needs more now than anything else is being seen as a highly moral Islamic leader, at least among the Muslims..

Visiting Saudi Arabia looks very  Islamic to most people, you know.

Why now?

It's because state elections are coming in a few months time.

Pakatan, Umno and the gang would need to win over the Malay Muslims' votes and they can't do that with their government being linked to programmes such as the Jom Ziarah Gereja event.

They also can't have things such as the Thai Hot Guys or Cute China Doll least for the time being.

So, Anwar as the PM needs to take the lead by showcasing his pious Islamic image for now, thus the Saudi Arabian trip.

Just like all that many years ago when he, along with several others founded Abim.

Other leaders should also showcase their fondness of Islam and how much they love the Muslims.

Maybe Hannah Yeoh could attend more Ramadhan programmes. 

Donating some of her MP allowance to masjid and surau the other day was a good move. I think it melts the heart of Muslims after all the nonsense about the gereja programme.

Malay Mail could do a lengthy article about it.


They need to jaga hati of the Malay Muslims over the next few least until after the state elections.

A lot is at stake, okay.

Of the six states that will hold the elections, Penang is probably Pakatan's only good bet.

Looking back at what happened in GE15, the Malay-dominated Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah are likely to stay with Perikatan, while Pakatan-held Selangor and Negeri Sembilan are in danger.

It would be a very tough fight in Selangor and Negeri Sembilan with both states having a higher percentage of Malays than Johor.

If Pakatan and Umno fail in the two states, then Pakatan would probably have only Penang left while Umno has Pahang, Johor, Malacca and Perak.

Sabah and Sarawak, as they were following the outcome of GE15, would go where Umno would go.

If the Malay votes' swing continues, then Umno may be forced to switch sides or die.

Okay, I know, they are already half dead after GE15, but another humiliation at the state polls would seal the coffin for good.

Looking at the way Zahid manages the party now, I think it would die.

Honestly, I gave up on them after all the post-GE15 nonsense within the party.

It's too much for me to bear.

Well, I'm not an Umno member anyway, so Umno people shouldn't get angry with me.

Saturday 25 March 2023

Learning from the shit that happened

As many would agree, the Malaysian economy is not exactly doing that well now despite all the positive statistics and data being showcased by the government.

Many are now struggling to make ends meet..

Personally, I'm also in trouble as I may lose my job soon.

The small company I'm working for is still struggling to survive after being hit hard by the Covid pandemic. No help from the government there, okay.

I'm preparing for the worst as I don't have any other skill than what I'm doing for the company now.

In case I got retrenched, I'm planning to buy a small cheap car (maybe Proton Pesona) and become a Grab driver.

My driving skill is quite good, you see.

Well, I don't need to earn that much. 

I would be okay as long as I can pay my bills and not go hungry.

I actually thought of doing other things such as opening a darts cafe or setting up a vegetable farm but those would need a lot of money to start.

And running such a place would also involve quite a bit of stress without much guarantee of success in the current economy.

Being a Grab driver would be easier and involve lesser risks.

Yeah, the worst that could happen is me getting stabbed and robbed by a crazy passenger.  But I believe the chances of that happening would be quite remote.

Anyway, I will not hold any grudge if I got retrenched. It happened to me before.

I would thank my boss for giving me employment over the years and I will remember only the good things about my work place where I had earned my living. Same as when it happened the last time.

I believe if that happens, it's because Allah has better plans for me.

Maybe I would even enjoy being a Grab driver more than what I'm doing now.

It's the same way I look at what's happening to this country.

Maybe we are going through the current shit so that we could become better people.

It's like getting rid of the bad blood.

Anwar said he would be a great PM and many people believe him, so Allah moved Malaysians' hearts to vote the way they did in GE15 so they could experience the truth in all that BS.

Maybe we will be wiser after going through more shit over the next few years. Obviously we didn't learn enough from the shit that we went through after GE14. Especially the Malays.

Maybe the shit we are enduring now will shape a better Malaysia, just like the shit that happened after the fall of Soviet Union shaped a better Russia.

Maybe one day we can have our own Putin and invade Singapore because it was part of the tanah jajahan taalok negeri Johor.

Hahahaha....that's a nice thought, right?

Or at least give Penang back to Kedah.

Yeah, why do we need to recognise all those treaties made with the colonial masters who conned our ancestors into it.

It would be nice if we grow a backbone and do that after going through the current shit, right?

Hmmm...maybe Kedah can have back Penang after China have back Taiwan.

Ok, ok, ok, I think I'm rambling now because of low sugar in my blood.

I'm fasting, okay.

Eh, enough lah.


Sunday 19 March 2023

Nothing much except nonsense after almost four months

It has been almost four months since Pakatan Harapan returned to power with the help of Umno.

Now, I think I can comment again without people accusing me of jumping the gun on a new government.

By the way, I have been resting since my last post as I was not well. I'm feeling better now to start writing again.

Firstly, I don't think things are better now than before GE15.

And I don't think it will get better, even if you ask me to wait some more.

What has the new government done so far?

Except for some sound bites and the obvious, nothing much really.

Menu Rahmah? Sure.

It's not even better than the Ismail Sabri's administration, okay.

At least back then we can criticise the government without fearing a police report will be lodged against us.

Now, say something and off they run to the police station crying for an investigation.

Anwar is now threatening action against those whom he categorises as racial bigots and religious zealots.

Guess why Dr Mahathir suddenly can't even get a venue for his Malay gathering.

Ya, why else.

I'm actually quite concerned though that the 97-year-old guy may end up in jail soon.

Mukhriz really need to tell his father to rest now. Not worth it for the handsome old man to be running around at the risk of being jailed at his age.

Well Muhyiddin, who is already 70 may be going to jail soon while Hadi is being investigated for saying something. 

On another front, the liberal shit is starting to fly all over the place again.

They were quiet for awhile after GE15 because they were scared of losing Umno's support but now they are back with the same nonsense like it was in 2018.

Just look at that Mentega Terbang movie, which was clearly intended to upset the Muslims.

The scene where a Muslim father told his teenage daughter that he's okay if she wants to go murtad really made my blood boils.

If Anwar really meant it when he said he will act against those who try to cause racial and religious strife, then I would like to see all those involved in making the movie be thrown in jail. 

At the very least, Anwar should condemn the movie.

Or is he too liberal and "inclusive" for that?

And what was that about the Jom Ziarah nonsense programme?

Hannah Yeoh, after all the uproar, said it doesn't involve Muslim youth. However, before that the advertisement of the programme didn't say that.

Does the government has anything better to do?

I have been to church many times when I was in college because of my friends who were members of the Christian Fellowship but I'm being there got nothing to do with the government.

I went there just to play ping pong with my friends, actually. 

Despite not being a proper good Muslim, I'm not like Syed Saddiq, who thinks it's okay for Muslim youth to go to churches and temples to learn about other religions. 

Come to think of it, I don't even spend time in mosque to learn about my own religion as I should be, okay.

Anyway, there's too much of religious things on TikTok already.

Well, I'm sure the LTTE/BJP wannabe extremists in DAP are enjoying all these nonsense.

I suspect they are now under a gag order as DAP don't want to spook Umno ahead the coming state elections.

They'll surely make noise again after that.

Would Anwar dare to "firmly act" against those DAP elements?

DAP is after all the real power behind Pakatan as it has more parliamentary seats compared to PKR and Amanah.

Even the seats own by PKR and Amanah are mostly courtesy of DAP supporters' votes.

As far as I'm concerned, the real fight now is between DAP and PAS, which is the real power behind Perikatan.

The rest, who are now making a lot more noises compared to them are just their instruments.

As for Umno, I can't even bear to look at it these days.

Too much nonsense happening within the party now.

I also wonder whether Anwar will act on Umno soon for advocating Malay nationalism and upholding Islam. 

Maybe after he has no use of the party or when DAP wants it done pronto.