Sunday 28 February 2016

No worries

Riding back to JB in a short while.

Been a nice relaxing weekend.

It's the best being with cousins and friends here.

I always like to be in Singapore every now and then even back then.

Used to cross over the Causeway every chance I got.

Maybe I should do it more often.

See lah how.

Okay, going off now.

Stay safe :)


  1. Nothing to worry everything is right in Malaysia ,unlike Singapore in Malaysia everything "boleh" apa yang tak boleh if you did't go along with PM .

    1. Najib pun sudah mula aktifkan balik 'Malaysian Institute of Integrity' yang lancarkan Pak Lah dan didaftar pada 4March, 2014. Sibuk RTM & TV3 mempromosinya; dalam Omputih pulak tu.

      "IIM's role is to facilitate the aims and objectives of the National Integrity Plan (NIP)."

      Saya rasa kalau sesaorang itu betul-betul jujur berkhidmat untuk Rakyat, tak perlu plan-integrity ke apa.

      Tidak cukup 'integrity' kah JAKIM, Mufti dan lain-lain institusi Agama?

    2. Good one RD, maybe jibby never heard this before:
      "You can't fool all the people all the time"

    3. Betul juga RD Tidak cukup 'integrity' kah JAKIM, Mufti dan lain-lain institusi Agama?

  2. Leaving a First world country and riding into a Third world country. Notice the difference? Malays from a First world who can compete with a quality education as against Malays from Malaysia with a mediocre education who can only rely on the government service.

    1. Really? Have you spoken to Singapore Malays lately? The local PMETs been overrun by foreigners taking up plum jobs in their own country Quality education don't count for shit when even the govt jobs have been given to foreigners with credentials from degree mills.

    2. you not very smartla anon. racist summore

    3. This ass never kena his CPF(EPF) denied him at 55 yrs old. Postponed to 65 years old and then the gomen pay your own CPF lifetime savings $400/mth. slowly until you fizzle out or die...

    4. I've no quarrel with yr take on Malaysian Malays but pls spare us yr smart ass evaluations of Singapore

    5. In Singapore, an Indian is the Finance Minister, An Indian is the Chief Justice, an Indian is the AG.

      In short, if you have brains and qualifications you will be chosen. Your skin colour and religion does not matter. CPF extension is good idea, if not contributor spends everything fast and become destitute.

      A Malay Singaporean has a quality education to compete, if not locally he can go international.

    6. Sing Army how many Malay brig generals? In national service, malays cannot serve in certain areas. So, both countries got their own preferences. Singapore ain't shangrila. But at least the corruption there not at Jibby proportions. And island is well administered.

    7. Jibby and his macais are MUTATIONS of selfish genes. They are not native Malaysians.

    8. well there must have a reason why they don't have Malay brigadier generals just like Malaysia wont allow non Malays to be brigadier generals.


  3. Since you have touched on the issue of education 23.54, what say if we the ordinary people start a movement to transform/reform our education system?

    What if we were to do away with all the various types and streams of schools?

    Let's have just one type of national school.

    Let's take the best from each available type and set up a national school system that truly serves Malaysia and Malaysians, one that can best prepare Malaysians for the future.

    And let's leave politics out of the classroom.

    And Annie, may I suggest you take up this challenge here in your blog?

    We can start this movement right now and here.

    At least, in my view, this is a lot better than the endless and mindless politicking that Malaysians are exposed to daily.

    What say you Annie?




  5. Malaysia everything "boleh" apa yang tak boleh if you did't go along with PM .....'

    Amat tepat sekali. Saya cuba membuka beberapa blog tertentu tetapi tidak dapat dilayari. Blog dinturle memang telah beberapa hari tidak dapat dinikmati.

    Tadi saya cuba buka blog Jebat Must Die, juga tidak dapat dilayari hari ini.

    Mereka yang melakukan perkara ini sangka mereka bijak untuk mengekang minda rakyat! Mereka sebenarnya Bangang!

    Makin meluap rasa benci dengan sikap mereka ini! Insyaallah kalau ianya berterusan, maka ucapkan lah, hai hai and bye, bye pada UMNO Najib!

    Mereka masih sombong bodoh tidak belajar dan mengkaji keputusan PRU 13.

    Hanya kerajaan minoriti saja yang berjaya mereka tubuhkan. Masa itu sokongan Melayu masih agak padu.

    Sekarang ramai Melayu makin benci dengan keangkuhan pemimpin pemimpin yang tidak sedar diri. Terima lah padah pada PRU 14 dengan izin Allah swt!

  6. Ride safe! Great song : )

  7. I dont know woman u liking his songs ... BoB Marley and his marijuana shit fits.

    1. Aduh...takkan dengar orang yang kuat hisap ganja pun tak boleh. Untuk pengetahuan Anon, hisap ganja juah lebih baik dari telan pil-kuda, inject-morphine atau hisap-pit.
      Ganja tidak mendatangkan gian, hanya teringin berlebihan.


    2. re , "hanya teringin berlebehan "

      Ini pon atak banyak bahaya maa aa , sikalang you tengok manyak, lamai olang "teringin berlebihan " telah kasi musnah manyak hat maa aa .

      Apa macam mau kasi belenti ,semua olang sikalang sutak buntu maa aa .

  8. I like Buffalo Soldiers.

    And I be a wummin!

  9. LOL...any comment?


  10. Annie, u tak pegi tengok chingay ke?

  11. Jibby yet again heading to Saudi Arabia. Expect another new cover story soon. Desperate sangat.

    I see Umno's "founder" sibuk blogging unsolicited advice again. Busy, busy, busy....

  12. Annie these days many prefer to listen to "Gonna Chase Those Crazy Ball Heads Out Of Town.....also by Marley.Might send some shudders to dem people
    Jah man also like to listen to dem song Downpressor Man by Peter Tosh. Dem song will make dem all repressive people worrisome .

    Long Live Jah !