Tuesday 2 February 2016

Maybe people are indeed tired of repetitive political bullshit

I believed blogs such as mine were getting out of fashion among social media users after the last general election as Facebook, Twitter and others took over as favourite mediums of getting news.

That was until the Umno civil war started in the first half of last year.

This blog which was recording an average of just 80,000 page views per month after the general election, experienced a surge in the number of viewers when the civil war broke out in April.

It peaked in July at about 160,000 page views.

Guess, there are people who still prefer to read a pro-establishment blog which took a neutral stance in the conflict, which this blog tried to be.

My position was to be a voice for the Umno's middle ground.

Of course it didn't go down well with both warring sides.

As I had previously wrote, I got whacked from all directions...some more vicious than another.

The funny thing, however, was that I was accused of the same things by both sides.

Some of the worst attacks came from fellow bloggers whom I used to consider as friends.

They simply can't take it that I'm of a different opinion from them.

For me, Umno should try to find peace among themselves and pull itself together to end the civil war so that it can put up a united front for the next general election which is just slightly over two years from now.

The other bloggers who attacked me simply can't agree with that or even tolerate my opinion.

Honestly, I'm tired of the whole thing because of that.

Furthermore, I have discovered that Umno itself seems to prefer for its members to tear each other apart so that only one faction would emerge as the winner and rule over everyone else.

That's why I decided not to have any part of it.

Unfortunately, those who attacked me continued to come up with new accusations such as that I have been banished, banned from writing politics and even described as a "pre-paid blogger". There were also other more ridiculous accusations against me.

Some people have fantastic imaginations.

Surprisingly though, despite all those accusations, and me slowing down to the minimum when it comes to writing about politics, there are still those who continue to read this blog.

The stats counter of this blog had went down to its normal of about 80,000 page views by November as the Umno civil war cooled off.

But it went up again these past two months. In December it was 93,380 and last month 107, 274.

Maybe some people started reading this blog again after I reduced its political contents.

Maybe people are tired of the repetitive political bullshit.

I hope that's true.

I'm tired of it too.

Guess it's better to write about normal everyday things which are really beneficial to the life of ordinary people.

As former Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman once said at a Johor Umno convention many years ago,

"Kalau lah kita semua buat kerja yang sepatutnya kita buat, kita tidak akan ada masa untuk berpolitik sepanjang masa (If only we work the way we were supposed to do, we would not have the time to play politics without end)."


  1. re ,some of the worst attacks,come from fellow bloggers whom I consider as friends.

    Annie eaa aa , luit manyak kasi pisah olang semua maa aa ,itu pasat lia olang cekap 'either you with me or you against me' .

    Luit juga bagi lebih kuasa ,untuk lapat sokong .Lebih manyak luit lebih manyak sokong maa aa ,lu tengok itu Mahyudin tatak lapat sokongan ,pasat tatak luit lor rr . Wa manyak ingat ahh hh ,kalau itu Mahyudin atak manyak luit ,tentu manyak bahgian bolih kasi sokong sama lia ,manyak sedih maa aa ,itu Pagoh pon manyak senyap maa aa .

    Blloger pon tatak mau ambil peduli maa aa ,apa macam lia mau tanding lagi itu Timbalan President maa aa.

    1. Bukan org dah give up tapi mereka dah boleh berehat sebab AG bodoh dah tunjuk carta bukti yg najib songlap duit SRC bayar kredit kad,jadi sekarang tunggu masa bila najib pergi makamah dan jail,mungkin hujung tahun ini tahun depan tapi tak lebih dr 2018 ,nak tengok blogger pemakan dedak dan munafiq buat apa masa tu hi hi..

  2. annie,
    it seems that you are just repeating about being neutral for so many times. Macam orang gila talak pulak. Why you bother about what others think of you? Make up your mind, if you still want to write about politic, just do it. if you dont, just dont touch on this issue any more. Move forward.

    1. I think repeat once a week not so bad kut, but don't la repeat everyday, okay.

  3. "Maybe people are tired of the repetitive political bullshit."

    Yes, most are.

    You fat friend, the most repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive repetitiverepetitive repetitive repetitive repetitive (you get the picture, ha ha : ) blogger in Malaysia, has exactly seven groupies.

    Yes, that's it.

    I guess the rest just fell asleep and dropped off along the way.

    1. You counted them? I used to read her blog but got tired of her petty hatred and repetitive writing. Now I don't even bother to go there. Bit I did notice that the comments came from the same people. Try explaining a different point of view and they jump on you like bullies.

  4. Yes, that's why politicians like Ghani will only thrive in the more affluent and well educated nations, where integrity, intelligence and ability are musts.

    Indeed, he'll probably be a minister now, if he were in Singapore.

    1. Minister in Singapore? Have you seen the Malay Ministers in Singapore. Pleaselah... the Malay Ministers there have higher ISO.

    2. I think it's not too late for TS Ghani to make a comeback. He's not yet 70 so if things change and the crooks are kicked out, I hope to see him in Cabinet.

    3. He is too sentimental and not suitable for Johor anymore.

  5. Maybe we should have Ghani as the new PM since he is so good. Too bad he is too low profile. I prefer Rafidah Aziz.. we need a garang woman to whip all those takdaq teloq men in UMNO to behave ;-)

    1. Yeah I agree!

      Her past not spotless, but compared to the current penyamun....

  6. Yes, we too tire of your bullshit and con. Just reading your blog to see how low you can go and how much Malays can be fooled.

    On both counts, you are doing well.

    1. Thanks for reading and even leaving (a few) comment/s :)

  7. Rafidah Aziz will indeed be an excellent PM.

    Where intelligence,ability and gov experience are concerned, she is second to none in Malaysia.

    But will the majority of Malays be able to stomach her? This is what she recently said:

    Malays are still imprisoned by the thinking that they are "special" and deserving of certain privileges, says former minister Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz.

    Speaking at the launch of a book titled "Liberating The Malay Mind" by author Dr M. Bakri Musa, the former Wanita Umno chief said it was shameful that after all these years, the community still wanted to depend on their "special status".

    - See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/shameful-for-malays-to-still-depend-on-walking-stick-says-rafidah#sthash.mdsS4Cac.dpuf

    1. Nothing wrong with special status. The point is not walking stick, the point is that the top 3% want to sapu all the country's wealth. Poor get poorer meanwhile.

    2. This handicap mindset makes it doubly easy for foul guys like al-Juburi and ah Jibgor to twist and turn their political office for selfish ambitions.

    3. Balderdash to that 820 (or M Insider?) opinion and to Rafidah.

      She did not even provide facts and figures to justify what she said. And a former UM Economics Lecturer at that.

      Didn't she read the objectives of the NEP (which was sourced from the Malay Special Position and spurred to existence by the race riots of 1969) being to re-structure Malaysian society, bridge the huge gap between the rich (mostly Chinese) and the poor (mostly Malays, Bumiputeras and Indians)?

      And why shouldn't the Malays continue to be special? They and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak have a Special Position that was enshrined as Article 153 of the Constitution as the quid pro quo for the Malays agreeing to the citizenship right of the non- Malays at Merdeka.

      It's protected by the Sedition Act. If the citizenship right for the Malays is permanent, the Special Position must be permanent, too.

    4. This APs Queen cannot be trusted. Without power she seems to be so good.

    5. And what does she or that long-abandoning-Malaysia but always-homesick surgeon Bakri Musa in US mean by saying "Malays are still imprisoned by the thinking that they are "special" and deserving of certain privileges"?

      Do they mean that the Special Position for the Malays and the Bumiputeras should no longer be there? If so, they are damn seditious, should be reported to the Police.

      Enough said already of the Malays being ignored economically and educationally in their own country by the bloody British colonialists. Only 4 years of primary Malay school in the kampongs, far in between the kampongs, Malay children walked 3-4 miles to schools and such. Whereas in the towns where most of the Chinese lived, there not only primary and secondary schools but also English schools, the passport to success during British colonial times.

      And the British gave all sorts of tongkats or crutches to the Chinese to do so many kinds of business - mining license, mining land lease, land for planting rubber. various lottery and gaming licenses (easy to accumulate money for capital to do business), licenses for trading in tin, rubber etc. None of the kind to the Malays who they never encouraged to do or even learn business.

      And the Malay-led government after Merdeka continued to give the tongkat to the Chinese - the sugar monopoly to Robert Kuok who became a millionaire, later a billionaire, yet announced in Kajang he is "twin-footed", one in China another in Malaysia, no worry of "pecah kelengkang" as his feet are not being pulled to both sides, damn lucky fellow.

      The same to Vincent Tan who was given the Lottery License, became a millionaire, later a billionaire.

      About a dozen Chinese (one Indian) billionaires now compared to one solitary Malay billionaire from the nearly 60% of the population. Isn't it stupid of Rafidah etc if they even suggest the Malays should think of letting go their Special Position?

      And balls to them if they say that the Special Position has been an impediment to the progress of the Malays. No facts, figures and valid arguments given along that line so far.

      But for decorum and decency, they would have been carut-ed here and elsewhere.

    6. Bakri Musa and Rafidah Aziz telling truth. Whats wrong with that?
      Cant swallow it, cinapek muallaf?

    7. Malaysia is one special country

      Where little cars are called limousines

    8. Both of them are product of NEP.

  8. Cheer up, Annie. Stopped being so depressed. I'm one of those who much prefer your blog than some others, which leave a nasty taste after reading their stuff.
    I don't like mean-spirited bullies, no matter how "clever" they think their writing is.

  9. Once you wrote that you don't have any comment on politics up North. Then you wrote something that for me look more like an eulogy to mukhriz.
    Today I quotes what you wrote back than..
    This is what you wrote-
    "..then I did something for the first and only time in my life..I asked to have a selfie with him..He obliged.
    Its the only picture of me with a politician till this day..
    Well I wish mukhriz all the best..
    Maybe what happened now is the best for him, after all.
    Less stress, I guess, after he quit politics"-Life of Annie.

    Well naushika..I'm begin to wonder with such an insight, you could be one of those heavy hitters..Too bad you starts to have serious doubt politics or lost sight of what is important or maybe you priority had changed..We will keep on reading what you wrote and then looking for what you dont by reading between the lines. Maybe you will once again grit your teeth dug your heels and join the the good fight, for that to happen only you, Naushika have the answer.