Friday 31 May 2013

The need to prevent a storm

I read these postings by two senior Umno bloggers and wonder whether PM DS Najib Razak will have serious problems during the party elections later this year.

Credit where it is due

Thinning of the wedge

It should be noted that they were posted within hours of each other.

I know that these bloggers are hardcore Umno people and only have the best interest of the party in their heart.

So, when I read these postings by them, it made me wonder if they were signals of a storm heading Datuk Najib's way.

Personally, I prefer Datuk Najib to continue as Umno president and PM. I don't believe in changing the manager of the team every time the team was not doing as well as expected.

I believe that except for several wrong moves due to bad advise of his "consultants", Datuk Najib had done all that needed to be done. He definitely did better than Pak Lah.

Bear also in mind that BN did win the GE13 and if not for the Chinese Tsunami triggered by DAP's extreme racist campaigning, the coalition may likely had won the two third in parliament.

However, having said that, I need to stress that Datuk Najib does indeed needs to  immediately act decisively to restore confidence within Umno and among those who support the party.

The signs of cracks were there for all to see and these must be immediately addressed.

I know, it's not even yet a month after GE13, but Datuk Najib has to move fast before support for the party further deteriorates.

I had actually heard of those who want to give up the fight and no longer want to care what's going to happen to Umno.

They said they were tired of being led by leaders of poor quality.

"It's like going to war with idiots as our generals," one of them said to me in reference to Datuk Najib's people who handled the Umno's GE13 war room.

"And now it looks like they are given another shot at it," he added.

I do understand their frustration as I got my own complaints and the biggest is the current situation in Johor where unscrupulous people being put in charge there are running wild along the corridors of power at Kota Iskandar.

I feel that Datuk Najib needs to quickly step up and restore order.

I also feel that he needs to take remedial actions on his post GE13 decisions which didn't really go down well with party members and supporters such as the composition of the new Cabinet. I think it's not yet too late for him to do that.

And of course Datuk Najib needs to offer a different plan and appoints new people in the war room to face the GE14. And the new plan and people chosen must be good enough to restore confidence within the party. The faster Datuk Najib could do this, the better it would be.

I really hope Datuk Najib could do something about all these and prevent Umno from being embroiled in another bitter party election.

Okay....enough of the serious stuff.

I'm taking my medication for the morning now. Need to rest myself after that.

Will have to go on a very long drive later in the day.

Thursday 30 May 2013

Last to leave

I called my friend Tinsel just now after reading her posting Moving On

She confirmed that she is leaving Johor. Her stuff had already been packed.

Tinsel will be the last close friend of mine leaving Johor.

She said things were actually worse than what I had written in my previous related postings.

"It's just simply impossible for people like us to continue operating from here," she said.

I believe there is no need for me to write about the mess in further details as it would not make any difference.

And of course there is the Sedition Act.

People like me and Tinsel had tried our best for Johor. Maybe not good enough, but we know that we had tried our best.

I also believe that PM DS Najib Razak already knows by now what is happening in Johor.

It's now for Datuk Najib to act.

Either that or Johoreans simply need to adjust to the reality of dealing with a new style of leadership in their State.

It is heart breaking but I have to accept the fact that it is going to be very hard for Johor Umno to remain strong with what is happening in the State now.

Five years from now, GE14 will be a totally different ball game in Johor if the current situation continues.

Okay, I know, I shouldn't be writing this due to my health issues, but I feel that I need to put it on record here.

I also want to thank my friend Tinsel for her efforts in Johor over the years.

I am after all partly responsible for her being there. Hopefully she can immediately settled down at her new base.

Doctor's advice and other countries

Can't really sleep last night.

Was coughing very badly.

I went to the nearby hospital earlier this morning and was the first patient to see the doctor. Just got back home.

The doctor however said I'm going to live for quite a while more.

She prescribed some medication and told me to rest at home.

But the cigarettes really have to go, she said.

Also, I need to be in a stess-free environment.

I guess that means I need to knock off writing those serious political stuff for the time being.

I think I also need to stop trying too hard to become a Malay racist. Being a racist  actually can be quite stressful. I will always wonder how the DAP people managed to sustain it.

Took my medication and now feeling a bit stoned.

Well, maybe I can write something light here just to pass the time.

Write about something fun for a change.

I don't travel much but I think I can write a bit about the countries that I had visited and what I mostly liked and disliked about those countries. Just short stuff only for now.

Yes, that should be nice.

Okay, let me start with my least favorite country and move up from there -

Likes - Sorry, honestly, I'm not very sure what I like about India. I was not even impressed by the Taj Mahal....hmmm, ok, the hotels I stayed in while there were of the finest standard, errr, that's about it.
Dislikes - The contrast between the rich and poor of the country is too extreme. I also think that the country is too chaotic and lack discipline. Those who thinks that Malaysia is bad should try living the life of ordinary Indians such as those in the slums of Mumbai.

Likes - Extremely clean, efficient and disciplined.
Dislikes - Almost devoid of soul, and the Malays there seem to be treated as second or third or fourth class citizens...except of course that they are too proud to admit it, very much like the Malays of DAP. Well, it's ok, Malaysian Malays may soon be like them too...five years from now?

Likes - I simply love the old city of Hanoi and the food is great. The people are also very friendly...very much like the Malays, except that they are also very tough and very united. That's how they managed to defeat the Mongols, Mings, Manchus and Marines.
Dislikes - Ho Chin Minh City (Saigon) looks too much like KL in the early 1980s. Crazy traffic.

Likes - Friendly people, nice food, splendid traditional massage services, affordable stuff and beautiful culture.
Dislikes - The sex tourism of the country. Disgusting. Very much like nowadays Selangor.

South Korea
Likes - Shopping heaven, efficient, beautiful countryside, nice ginseng stuff.
Dislikes - Not very friendly people, and they are mostly not very beautiful like those in the Korean dramas. A bit like nowadays Penangites.

United Kingdom
Likes - Beautiful countryside, pleasant people, very good food, spring in London.
Dislikes - Almost everything were so bloody expensive. Well, much more expensive than in Malaysia where its people are complaining non-stop.

Likes - Nice people, wonderful Javanese food, almost everything were cheap and beautiful Bali.
Dislikes - The poverty of most of its people, caused by its inefficient government. Millions of them are cari makan in our country despite Malaysia being said to be on the verge of going to the dogs ( almost had really gone to the dogs on May 5th)

Likes - A lot of nice and helpful Chinese, very nice crab meat dumplings and memories of Shanghai.
Dislikes - The not very friendly Chinese people whom I occasionally met there remind me of too many not so nice Chinese people back home....and also the not so nice Malaysians of other races too. Everything seems so money driven and superficial.  Oh, the internet is also very much censored. Maybe all those DAP cybertroopers who are writing about the repressive Malay-led BN government should be send there for a while to taste real repression.

Ok, I need to sleep now, very drowsy....

A bit of music to suit the mood would be nice, I guess...

Yes, key word for me here for now is "Have fun and don't be too serious".

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Slowing down

My coughing got worse today.

Chest pains all over.

Need to go for that second medical check-up soon.

I have been delaying it.

But today I'm a bit concerned. The pain, though manageable, was a bit worse than usual.

Yes, I need to immediately see the doctor again. Tomorrow, morning.

I have not been smoking for quite awhile now. Most likely, this time I have to quit it altogether.

Just lying down in front of the TV now, watching the History Channel.

Rise and fall of Nazi Germany, including the rape of German women by Russian soldiers after the fall of Berlin in 1945.

It was a quite sad documentary.

Well, I really need to rest properly now.

No more picking up fight with powerful people for now.

I need to conserve my energy.

Let the "senior" bloggers pick up from where I left off as far as Johor is concerned. Hopefully the senior Johorean bloggers are not themselves part of the lanun gang.

Anyway, I received a text message from my mother this morning. She told me of a happy news. I probably don't have to worry too much anymore over those who were about to lose their jobs in Kota Iskandar. InsyaAllah.

Ok. I need to sign off now.

Take care everyone.

Tuesday 28 May 2013

An appeal to DS Najib, and TS Muhyiddin

Things are really not looking very good.

Latest reports I received from all over the place were not good at all.

Johor, Terengganu and Negeri Sembilan are among those in worst shape.

Sorry, I'm not going into details. Otherwise there will be those who will accuse me of trying to sabotage Umno in those states.

Suffice to say that I think those in charge of those states were not the right people.

I wish PM DS Najib Razak had stood his ground in relation to those states.

I do understand that Datuk Najib has so many things to handle at the moment, and he was under pressure about the appointment of people in those states.

But, still, I think it would have been great if he had chosen better people and not succumbed to pressure on the matter.

Ok, I know, that is just too bad. It's too late anyway.

Nothing much can be done now about all those appointments.

In Johor, for instance, it now looks like everyone is for oneself.

"Yang ini aku punya, yang itu engkau punya. Kita bagi-bagi. Ambik mana yang dapat selagi boleh sebab sekarang kita ada kuasa."

That seems to be the order of the day now.

People in KPRJ should now know what I'm talking about.

They are already moving in there.

Next will be JCorp, Irda, etc.

Okay, I better stop at that. Otherwise I could be charged for sedition.

The whole thing makes me very sad and frustrated.

If Datuk Najib is reading this (which I doubt), I hope he will do something about it.

At least control those people.

Well, I can hope, can't I?

It's not yet one month after GE13 and I can already see Johor falling in GE14 five years from now if the nonsense going on now is not stopped.

Can't wait till things get really bad and nothing can be done anymore.

TS Muhyiddin, can you do something to save our home state?

Please help Datuk Najib to handle this matter.

p.s Those who want to leave comments should note that I don't allow anything overly seditious. I think you all should know why.

Guan Eng's post GE13 Wesak Day message

The following is the Wesak Day message from DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, who is also the Penang chief minister on May 23rd. Those in bold are his words while those in the normal font are my comments.

“Democracy gives power to the majority and respects the legitimate rights of the minority. Democracy does not give the minority to oppress the majority or else we will have the situation like the South Africa racist government practicing apartheid in repressing the majority black population.

Democracy appears to give power to the majority, but in some countries this is not really so. In the United States, members of a community who made up just one per cent of the population controls 90 per cent of its economy. They also controls the political power through powerful lobbyists. And they do discriminate the majority by giving preferential treatments to members of their community via their economic and political power. Meanwhile, in a much smaller country, far away from the US, members of a community who made up less than 30 per cent of the population control about 80 per cent of the economy. Soon they will likely control the political power too due to the stupid and divided natives who made up the majority of the population.
“In Malaysia no opposition coalition has ever won more popular vote than BN nor won more than 50% of the popular vote. This has allowed BN to conduct a gerrymandering exercise that allowed BN to win more parliamentary seats than their popular vote.

Guan Eng and gang should not had scared the Malays in the rural areas by their very aggressive campaigning for Chinese votes. Their Pas allies who were supposed to secure the votes of those Malays suffered badly because of that. Gerrymandering doesn't really count here because Pakatan got the religious zealots Pas who were supposed to be more appealing than Umno among the rural Malays. As they usually do, people like Guan Eng will only complain if things do not go their way. Anyway, how come Pakatan lap pigs such as Ambiga never complain about the country's first past the post electoral system before the election?

“By not respecting the principle of “one-person, one-vote, one-value”, BN has created injustices in one case where one BN vote can be equivalent to nearly 10 PR votes. This travesty of justice was demonstrated in Putrajaya with only 17,000 voters won by BN as compared to Kapar with nearly 160,000 voters won by PR.

So, does that means the people of Kapar should have 10 parliament seats in their area. Who asked them to cramp themselves into that small urban ghetto anyway? I suggest for DAP members in Kapar to move to Putrajaya so that they will be better represented. Or maybe they should move to Limbang, Sarawak. How come Pas' Husam who contested in Putrajaya didn't complain about this before the election?

“As no other party had won more popular votes than BN since 1957, this contempt of democracy was only highlighted in the recent 2013 general elections when BN lost the popular vote for the first time in history. BN recorded only 47% of the popular vote to PR’s 51% but yet won 60% of the parliamentary seats to PR’s 40%. In effect there is a minority Federal government, minority Prime Minister and minority Home Minister ruling Malaysia.

Contempt of democracy? This system that we are using came from UK, not from Saudi Arabia or People's Republic of China or Singapore. It's as democratic as it originally can get. Ask your machais at the Bar Council to open up their constitutional law books and explain to you whether the system that we have is democratic or otherwise. You agreed to play by the rules and when you lose as according to that rule, you want to throw tantrum. Why so childish? If you want to change the electoral system, then the next time you want to have that stupid Bersih rally, make sure you include that in your demands instead of asking for craps such as the indelible ink.

“Despite PR winning the popular vote in the 2013 general elections, PR and DAP does not seek to overthrow the BN government. DAP and PR has always chosen a peaceful change of government in accordance with the Federal constitution.

Then what the hell are you all doing wearing blacks at all those rallies accusing without evidence that the election had been rigged. Why can't you all just lodge your complaints through the normal channels. And when all those anarchists were detained for openly calling for the people to use "force" by going to the street to topple the government, you all went all out to defend them.

The hypocrisy of it all is as displayed by Guan Eng's following paragraph...

“However the BN government does not behave like a minority government but an authoritarian government. The recent arrests of 3 anti-BN leaders, PAS’ Tamrin Ghafar, PKR’s Tian Chua and NGO Haris Ibrahim and confiscation of PR’s party organ of PKR’s Suara Keadilan, PAS’ Harakah and DAP’sRocket gives an eerie reminder of what had happened in Myanmar after the military rulers lost in the general elections.

Well Guan Eng, if that is not a hypocritical crap of the tallest order than I don't know what it is.

“In 1990 the democratic movement in Myanmar led by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Syu Kyi won the general elections with 80% of the seats but was not allowed to take power and the generals took over with a harsh military rule that violated basic human rights. The harsh crackdown in Malaysia now imposed by two hardliners who were newly appointed as the new Home Minister and Inspector General of Police is a timely reminder to prevent Malaysia descending down this perilous path.

Remember this lady ...

No, that's not Aung San Syu Kyi. That's Michelle Yeoh in the movie The Lady, portraying Aung San Syu Kyi. Remember how the rabid DAP cybertroopers attacked her after she declared her support for DS Najib Razak. Do Malaysians expect DAP and its allies to practice democracy after they come to power? Do they think those rabid DAP cybertroopers know the meaning of allowing dissenting views in a democratic country? I don't think so. You just look at the way Guan Eng treated the media which does not side with him and you would know that he is not the right man to talk about democratic principles. He even rigged his own party elections
“As we celebrate Wesak Day with full compassion for all, we must also say “No” to this latest attempt to stifle dissent the voices of conscience. Malaysians of all races and religions who voted for democracy, freedom, justice, truth and integrity must join together peacefully to prevent a new age of darkness. Malaysia must not by Myanmar 1990 revisited.”

Oh, only in the last paragraph did Guan Eng put the Wesak Day greeting. And a politicized one at that. It baffles me how the Chinese Buddhists could tolerate this obnoxious Guan Eng and his gang.

For more of this, you may read at Helen Ang's The Secret Life of Betty Bald

End of the road for Mat Sabu

On Sunday, Pas deputy president Muhammad Sabu or better known as Mat Sabu declared in Tapah, Perak that Pakatan will gather "millions" at Dataran Merdeka to protest against the alleged electoral fraud committed by BN and the Election Commission.

“Millions will flood Kuala Lumpur if our demands are not met soon. If the EC does not resign, we will continue holding gatherings until the Najib government is toppled,” he said, as reported by pro Pakatan Malaysian Insider.

The usually clownish Mat Sabu was apparently very angry.

He lost the contest for the Kedah's Pendang parliamentary seat in GE13 and now raging for things in this country to turn into something like the Arab Spring.

Mat Sabu knows that with him losing in the election, his position as Pas deputy president is as good as gone.

It will also marks the end of his political career.

Pas has never been very kind to their ex-deputy presidents. Remember Nasharudin Mat Isa?

Now, the only way Mat Sabu may salvage the situation for himself is to instigate Pakatan people into creating such a massive public disturbance which in his own word will topple the rightfully elected government.

Mat Sabu needs the disturbance to immediately happen as the longer it has to wait, the faster his relevance will fade. 

I believe his rivals within Pas are already preparing for the kill.

Another person who wants a Malaysian version of the Arab Spring is DS Anwar Ibrahim, the de facto opposition leader.

He can't wait for another five years to topple BN in an election which he may anyway lose again.

He will be past 70 years old at that time and many other younger Pakatan leaders will move up the ranks and possibly push him to the sideline.

But Anwar is a bit smarter than Mat Sabu. 

Yesterday, it was reported that he denied Pakatan is going to hold the massive rally as announced by Mat Sabu in Tapah.

Anwar said he doesn't want to call for the massive rally in downtown KL for the time being.

It's not that he doesn't want it to happen, but it was because he knows he will not be able to muster the "millions" that Mat Sabu was rambling about.

The numbers at Pakatan rallies against the alleged electoral fraud is clearly going down.

People, including those of Pakatan are getting tired. How much of these electoral fraud crap could they swallow anyway?

If Anwar calls for the "millions" rally at Dataran Merdeka now and just a few thousands turned up, what will be his future then?

Worse still, if those who turned up consists mostly members of only a particular race.

Anwar knows that he needs to rebuilt the Pakatan's momentum once again and this will take quite a bit of time.

It's just too bad for Mat Sabu. No "millions" people rally to save his political career now. And not much loves for him soon.

Monday 27 May 2013

On the waters edge and a phone call from JB

I went to the beach again late this afternoon.

The weather was just nice.

I stood by the waters edge with a young boy.

He held my hand and happily laughed as the gentle waves washed past our feet.

His sister took pictures of us.

His mother smiled as we waved at her.

I remembered the happiest day of my life when my mother was with us on the very same beach a long time ago.

At that moment, I missed my mother very much.

Later, someone called me from JB.

I was told that Johor MB's people were trying to find out who I am.

Honestly, I don't really care.

They can do what ever they want.

My conscience is clear and I got nothing much to lose.

After all, I don't see myself going back to Johor any time soon.

My home state doesn't seem the same anymore.

I rather stay by this beach whenever I can....and hold the hand of the young boy on the waters edge.

Anyway, here's a bit of music to go with this cool.

Umno's ultimate sacrifice : Harakiri!

When the almost defunct Gerakan made noises about the merging of Barisan Nasional parties into a single entity, this was my response to it,

Useless Gerakan should just shut up

Then, the Malay Mail which is an ally of the rabid Pakatan's portal Malaysiakini got the response of Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, the Umno secretary general on the Gerakan's idea.

Ku Nan, in his response said he finds the suggestion to be agreeable.

So, now we got an Umno secretary general agreeing for the dissolution of Umno so that it could be merged with the likes of Gerakan, PPP, IPF as well as MCA and MIC.

So, for Ku Nan, it's ok for Umno to die for the sake of it's BN friends.

I guess, for Ku Nan, this symbol

is no longer relevant.

This idea for the dissolution of Umno to form a single BN party was first mooted before GE13 by that "brilliant" guy Nazri Aziz, the now Tourism Minister.

It was supported by another so-called Umno liberal Saifuddin Abdullah who lost his seat in Temerloh.

Ok, fine. I'm not an Umno member, so my views on this doesn't really matter. After all, if Umno leaders themselves want to dissolve their party, who I am to stop them.

But, on second thought, since I am in a way is a Malay and Umno was supposed to belong to the Malays and not just to people like Ku Nan, Nazri Aziz, Saifuddin or even DS Najib Razak, let me say my piece in this obscure blog of mine.

Before Umno is to be dissolved upon the suggestion of someone like Ku Nan, who is a key player in the Umno's failed GE13 war room, let us remember the followings.

1. In the run up to GE13, it was the Umno grassroots who work the hardest. The other component parties did not show total commitment, except for certain individuals who work closely with Umno members in their areas.

2. MOST members of BN Chinese-based component parties such as MCA and Gerakan voted for Pakatan, or to be exact DAP.

3. Without the Malays' votes for Umno, BN would had lose the GE13.

I guess, the Malays, especially those of Umno need to bend backward again after the 1Malaysia concept was spat upon by even their allies in MCA and Gerakan.

Now they were told that they need to dissolve their party to please the others.

Ya, as if with the dissolution of Umno, the Chinese votes will swing back to BN in the next general election.

That anarchist Haris Ibrahim of "Asal Bukan Umno" movement must be very pleased with this latest development.

Sunday 26 May 2013

A rest and salute for my comrades-in-arms

I'm now resting somewhere by a beach. 

It's the most beautiful place.

Finally, I got the luxury to really rest since more than two months ago.

I will be waiting for the outcome of my posting

at this place where I'm resting.

I'm not putting much hope to it, but at least I had tried. 

Those people at Kota Iskandar don't know who I am, but I always consider them as my comrades-in-arms during the defense of Johor in GE13.

They fought very hard and my salute is for them.

They are good people who are loyal to Barisan Nasional and Johor Umno.

I hope they have by now started looking for alternative employments. 

The one month termination of services notice they will likely get will not give them much time. My concern is especially for those with family to care for. 

Even if the new Johor Menteri Besar decides to spare them, I don't think they will last very long with those tyrannical Khaled's people running the show now at Kota Iskandar.

The most they are likely to get is some extra time to look for another job.

What will likely happen in Kota Iskandar in the weeks to come will spread to other agencies, Irda, JCorp, etc.

Good people will have to make way for the "MB's people". 

It's now for the new Johor MB to prove me wrong.

Now, I'm going to shut down this laptop, close my eyes, and listen to the sound of the ocean....

Friday 24 May 2013

The eradication of Datuk Ghani has begun

I wrote this just before the election -

A gentle reminder for Khaled

And true enough now that DS Mohd Khaled Nordin has become the new Johor Menteri Besar, the purge in Kota Iskandar has begun.

Khaled's people, who have not yet even been officially appointed into office had already making their moves to remove all the staff of former Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

I had expected this from the start, but their ruthlessness took even myself by surprise.

The senior staff of Datuk Ghani had actually vacated their office long ago once it was known that their boss will not continue as menteri bear.

But this apparently was not enough to satisfy Khaled's people.

They want everyone even remotely related in their work with Datuk Ghani to be removed.

Since they cannot get at those who were under the employment of the Johor Civil Service, they decided to terminate the services of everyone contractually employed under Datuk Ghani's administration.

Those affected include members of the team directly involved in the defense of Barisan Nasional in Johor during the GE13.

These are people who are loyal to Umno and BN.

I know some of them, and they are among those who sincerely worked hard for the party without expecting anything "extra" other than just their salary.

They are not the type who works for the Johor menteri besar office to "cari lubang" to enrich themselves.

Most, if not all of Datuk Ghani's people are like that.

At the time I'm writing this, most of those affected have yet to know their fate.

I'm writing this so that they could prepare themselves of what's coming their way.

After all, most of them have family to care for and are dependent on their salary to survive.

From what I was told they will only be given a month notice to vacate their office.

Khaled's people who are responsible for this purge is led by an individual who will soon be appointed as the menteri besar political secretary.

It needs to be made known here that the biggest sore point among Khaled's people towards Datuk Ghani was during his visit to their Pasir Gudang division a few months before GE13.

The election simulation prepared by Datuk Ghani's people which was presented during the visit showed that the Pasir Gudang parliamentary seat was in danger of falling to the opposition.

It was also concluded that the Johor Jaya state seat which is within Pasir Gudang was almost certain to fall.

According to the simulation which was done based on voters' perception in the area, only the Permas state seat which is also in the parliamentary constituency is certain to be retained.

Khaled had rubbished the finding as his people had assured him that BN will win big in Pasir Gudang.

His people who had came to that conclusion based on the feel good factors in the area were livid.

Khaled nonetheless decided to contest in Permas.

True to what had been concluded by the Datuk Ghani's team, BN only managed to defend Pasir Gudang by less than 1,000 votes majority, Johor Jaya was lost and only Permas was won in a convincing manner.

Now, it's all over and Khaled being appointed as menteri besar despite his division's less than stellar performance, his people are out for the blood of the remaining Datuk Ghani's staff.

Honestly, I think this will be the start of Johor Umno's down fall.

These people think just because they have the power, they can do anything they want without any repercussion.

Rest assured, they were wrong.

If this is how Khaled's people want to behave, then I dare say that he will be just a one term MB and Johor will fall five years from now.

Johor is no longer a BN stronghold because of the Chinese tsunami in GE13.

Five years from now, Johor will not even be an Umno stronghold if those in control of the party are "beraja di mata, bersultan dihati" even among their fellow Umno people.

Do mark my words on this.

Thursday 23 May 2013

Useless Gerakan should just shut up

There is this statement by Gerakan acting president Datuk Chang Ko Youn yesterday -

"We feel that all (BN) component parties should go for the non-racial line, as the merging of these parties including those in Sabah and Sarawak will be able to give a new image to BN in order to win back public support and ensuring unity among party members."

For the full story, read here -

Gerakan proposes BN components merge to form one party

Okay, Datuk Chang, personally, I think you are so full of crap.

If you want to shut down your own non-performing party, you should just shut it down.

Don't drag other people into it.

Let's not bullshit people by saying that Malaysians are not voting along racial line. I'm sick and tired of hearing that.

If Chang thinks that there were not enough people voting for BN because its component parties are race based, then why does Gerakan, who supposedly a multi-racial party did very badly too.

As we all know, Gerakan is of the same template as DAP, a Chinese-based party masquerading as a multi-racial party.

So, how come DAP is doing very well while Gerakan is three quarter dead?

The answer is easy, DAP is seen by the Chinese community as more Chinese than Gerakan.

In fact, DAP is seen by the Chinese community as even more Chinese than the openly Chinese-based MCA.

The key to DAP's success in GE13 is their persistence over the years in drumming into the brain of the Chinese in this country that they are the savior of their community and will be the one who will replace the evil Malay-led BN government.

Such was the DAP's grip on the Chinese community's conscience that the overwhelming majority of Chinese, young and old rather voted for the obviously amoral PKR leaders and religious zealots of Pas. They believe that as long as they don't vote  BN, their DAP heroes will come to power.

DAP's big win in GE13 got nothing to do with them being multi-racial. It is instead because of them being Chinese, plain and simple.

All these talks about youths these days not caring about their race are crap. I think every decent and honorable young Chinese school graduates would admit that they agree with me. You really think those young Chinese guys don't care about their race?

Remember Gelang Patah? What do you think the reason why over 90 per cent of the Chinese there voted for Lim Kit Siang who had done nothing and probably will do nothing for them in future? Why do you think they rejected their "old friend" Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman who had served them so well for 18 years as their menteri besar?


Got it or not?

I had attended several Gerakan functions in the past and observed how they savaged their Umno allies in their speeches.

Now, they have the cheek to call for Umno and the others in BN to be dissolved and then merge with them after they themselves only managed to win one parliament and three state seats.

Aiseh Datuk Chan, you tak ada malu ka?

You and your Gerakan want to dissolve, you all dissolve la. Don't disturb other people, ok?

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Seven deadly sins of being a Malay racist girl

This is going to be tough for you girls who are trying to be a Malay racist for the first time.

Okay girls, pay close attention.

You all Malay racist girl wannabes must adhere to the followings at all costs -

1. Don't ever smile at any handsome Chinese guy, especially if he is a DAP supporter, no matter how hard he tries to be friendly with you.

2. Don't ever agree to go for tea with a handsome Chinese guy, especially if he is a DAP supporter.

3. Don't ever agree to go for dinner with a handsome Chinese guy, especially if he is a DAP supporter.

4. Don't ever let a handsome Chinese guy holds your hand after dinner, especially if he is a DAP supporter. It's haram anyway.

5. Don't ever feels flattered if you receives an expensive bouquet of flowers at your office from a handsome Chinese guy, especially if he is a DAP supporter.

6. Don't ever believe whenever a handsome Chinese guy tells you that you are beautiful and intelligent, especially if he is a DAP supporter.

7. Don't be an idiot by waiting for a call or a text message from a handsome Chinese guy, especially if he is a DAP supporter. Slap yourself three times if such thoughts crept into your head.

If you fail to avoid these seven deadly sins of being a Malay racist girl, then you better go and jump into a river.

If you feel weak because the Chinese guy really looks like some handsome Korean actor, try to remember what they did to our good moderate Malay leaders such as Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman in GE13.

Be tough.

Ok, I need to switch off my phone and go to sleep now...the bastard never even bothered to text me tonight....

Good night.

The Star's Malays

I am obliging a request by Helen Ang to


this posting in her blog -

It's actually about MCA's the Star newspaper which is the most read English newspaper in the country.

The newspaper, which had been hedging for a possible Pakatan victory in the run up to GE13 has of late been campaigning for a more united multi-racial Malaysian society in the aftermath of the general election.

This was after it had subtly been promoting Pakatan politicians, particularly those from the DAP who had been campaigning on the platform of championing Chinese sentiments and hating the Malay-led BN government.

Now that it has become clear that the majority of Malays are reacting negatively to the Chinese tsunami of GE13, the newspapers are going all out to appease the community by calling for unity among the races. 

The following is an excerpt from that Helen Ang's posting which shows the hypocrisy of the newspaper's call for unity among the races. It is the name list of the Star's bosses and their high ranking position -

  • Brian Martin – Executive Editor
  • Associate Editor – Davin Arul
  • Dorairaj Nadason – Deputy Executive Editor
  • T. Selva – Chief News Editor
  • Devid Rajah – Senior News Editor
  • Ann Marie Chandy – Editor, Features
  • Manogaran Rethinam – Editor, Sports
  • Risen Jaya Seelan Dennis – Business Editor (News)
  • Frederick Fernandez – Editor, Metro
  • Joseph Raj – Editor, Star Online
  • Wong Chun Wai – Group Chief Editor ( EVANGELISTA HEAD HONCHO )
  • Wong Siah Pin – Chief Operating Officer
  • David PL Yeoh – Deputy Group Chief Editor (I)
  • Leanne L Y Goh – Deputy Group Chief Editor (II)
  • June H L Wong – Managing Editor
  • Wong Sai Wan – Executive Editor
  • Errol Oh Boon Peng – Executive Editor
  • Tommy Lee – Executive Editor
  • Soo Ewe Jin – Deputy Executive Editor
  • Agatha Matayun – Editor Sunday
  • Paul Yeo – Senior Editor, Health
  • Tan Cheng Li – Editor, Environment
  • William K C Kee – Editor, Fashion
  • Ivy Soon – Editor, Women & Family
  • Melody Louisa Goh – Deputy Editor, Features Central
  • Chelsea Ng – Editor, Education
And the only Malay “acting” editor from the list of the 26 top positions inThe Star.
  • Dzireena Mahadzir – Acting Editor, Clove
I guess the Malay employees of the Star are not of the bright types, causing them not to be among the top people at the newspaper. Either that, or they were being sidelined because they were Malays.

I nonetheless dare to bet that if you ask the Star editors on why there is only one Malay "acting" editor among their big bosses, the answer would be that "we are promoting people strictly based on merit".

Something like in Singapore, I guess. 

Tuesday 21 May 2013

What if I'm a Cina Bukit girl...

My mother has never feels insulted being called a Cina Bukit.

She doesn't find the term derogatory at all.

In fact she was actually proud being identified as one.

It's a term used by most Malays to describe the "real" Chinese of this country.

These are the Chinese who stick to their original Chinese way of life.

The anglophile "banana" Chinese individuals do not qualify as Cina Bukit.

I definitely do not qualify as one too, being only half Chinese and living a more Malay than Chinese life.

These Cina Bukit used to be part of the BN's vote bank, but not anymore following the Chinese tsunami of GE13.

My mother, however, has never changed her political stance even after marrying my father.

She has always been a DAP supporter despite the rest of her family previously being MCA members.

I believe they are all DAP people now.

I do try to understand what's in their mind and why their shift to DAP.

I did ask myself, was it right of me being angry with them?

I tried to put myself in their shoes.

Born into a real Chinese working class family, went to a Chinese school, studied in a Chinese university, work in a Chinese company, and has no real non-Chinese friends.

Then came a Chinese leader telling me that the Malay-led government is practicing apartheid, that Chinese are treated as second class citizens, that the government is corrupt to the core, that they even killed good Chinese such as Teoh Beng Hock.

This went on for more than five years, in the cyberspace, in the Chinese newspapers, in the Star etc.

The Chinese leader also promised that things will change once he and his gang come to power. He said they will definitely come to power if all Chinese voted for them.

How I am, as a Cina Bukit girl was supposed to react to all that?

Would I believe in all those 1Malaysia things and talks about preserving the moderate ways of life?

Well, honestly, as a Cina Bukit girl, I don't think I have much choice. I will definitely choose to vote the Chinese guy.

It was clear where the interest of my future should be.

Yes, that's even if the opponent is a good Malay leader who has helped my community all these years.

Too bad for people like Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

It's really nothing personal. It's just politics of survival.

Yup, that's what I would do if I'm a Cina Bukit girl.

Whenever I think that way, I don't feel too angry with the Chinese anymore. I'm just sad that things have to be that way.

What else could we expect them to do?

Indonesians are right, we are quite idiotic (updated - A message to Najib)

(note: updates at the second half of the page)

Honestly, I'm tired of reading the news ever since May 5th.

Too many stories which make Malaysians look like a bunch of idiots.

I rather watch cartoons at the various cartoon channels of Astro.

It's like....why can't they just give it a rest?

Protest here, protest there...after the past half a decade of all that, aren't they tired? Don't they know how ridiculous they look now?

Sore losers, indeed are what they were.

Even the usually emotional Indonesians are now finding Anwar and the gang quite ridiculous by their standard.

And I'm talking here about Anwar's Indonesian friends, and not some homophobic anti-LGBT Javanese Islamist fanatics of Jakarta.

Here, I put the Indonesian source of the story, in case you think it's another BN's spin -

JK Kecewa Anwar Ibrahim Tak Terima Kekalahan

That's how ridiculous we are in the eyes of our neighbors.

Ok, I know, I have been writing bad stuff about the Chinese community here lately.

I don't seem able to find solace....and put things at rest.

But this is just an obscure blog. My blog doesn't have the reach of millions like the backstabbing MCA's newspaper, The Star.

It's just a place where I release my anger and frustration over things such as the Chinese betrayal of their "old friends", the Malay moderate leaders.

Anyway, I don't think what I wrote here about the Chinese have any real negative impact on the community.

My pro-BN blog, which previously used to be very Chinese friendly definitely didn't help BN win many votes from among the community anyway.

Well, come to think of it, I don't even have 200k page views yet despite almost three months since I started this blog.

As you may noticed, other bloggers got millions of hits, many of whom writes for Pakatan.

So, I don't think I'm doing any harm whatsoever with my bit of venom.

Sometimes, I feel that writing this blog was just more of a therapy for myself, so that I can have an outlet to pour out what is bottled up inside my heart.

Better that I vent everything here rather then going on the streets and creating havoc...or throwing a brick at a window of a Chinese business premises.

I think even the Chinese agree with me on that one.

Eh.....suddenly I'm feeling very sleepy. Just realized it's already past midnight as I'm writing this....

Okay, good night.


Woken up by a bad dream.

It is past 3.30am.

Can't go back to sleep.

Checking out the other blogs.

Again, I found Helen Ang going with guns blazing here The DAP autonomous region

It's about the Pakatan Christian clergy and their hypocrisy matching those of the Pas ulamak.

She posted it just an hour ago. I wonder if Helen ever goes to sleep.

And meanwhile, I believe that all those bungling BN strategists and war room directors are fast asleep in their respective comfortable bed at this very moment, feeling secure for at least another five years.

I also wonder whether DS Najib Razak is sleeping at this moment.

Or is he awake planning on the next course of action on how to stem the tide of Pakatan's fanaticism (religious or otherwise) and uprooting the roots of treachery within BN itself.

If you are awake Datuk Najib, please consider this one proposal of mine.

Please change your strategists and war room directors.

If you are planning on keeping them, then you may as well give the whole Putrajaya thing to Anwar now rather than five years later. Saves us a lot of troubles fighting the Pakatan horde now.

The BN's cyber war strategists and commanders, for instance. Please ask them what they have been doing the past years. Do an audit on their work. If they turned out to be full of bullshit, which I think they were, just tell them to leave.

Get good replacements.

May I suggest this - the key word in getting good people is SINCERITY.

You can never go wrong if you choose to have sincere people on your side.

And I believe there are still plenty of sincere and capable BN people.

A sincere person is in fact anytime better than even a smart person.

The way I see it, BN lost on a lot of fronts in GE13, such as the war in cyberspace, because those leading the coalition there were not sincere.

They care more about themselves than actually winning the war.

Again, I'm hoping there will be an audit on the work of these people.

I'm praying for Datuk Najib to quickly correct the mistakes of GE13 and lead the new team into battle with renewed confidence and a proper strategy.


Datuk, we need to start NOW.

Sunday 19 May 2013

A Malaysian love story

There is this posting at the OutSyed The Box blog on what a Chinese Pakatan supporter said about what the Chinese really want -

What The Chinese People Want / Apa Yang China Mahu

And this is what the blog operator has to say about the claims by the Chinese Pakatan supporter -

Answering CH Hwe's "What The Chinese People Want"

All very long and clever arguments by both sides.

Well, I'm not the type who writes too long and too clever. I believe many more out there are the same as me.

So, let me try to make the whole Chinese issue much easier to be understood by simple people such as myself.

Okay, I see the whole thing similar to this following love story-

A boy met a girl.

Both are very different from each other.

But circumstances forced them to interact and work closely together.

The boy and the girl then fell in love.

Both promised that they will be together forever.

They also promised to accept each other the way they were and honor each other's peculiarities which made them different from one another.

Life and love were good for them at that point.

The boy, despite being not so successful himself, tried his best to assist the girl. He was her inspiration, so she said.

They both worked hard to improve their life.

It however turned out that the girl is much more talented than the boy.

She improves herself at work at a much faster rate than the boy.

The boy tried very hard to catch up with her but still lags behind.

After some times, the girl began to get impatient with the boy.

She complained everyday about how the boy is so inefficient and not working hard enough.

She began to feel that the boy was no longer worthy of her love.

She then stopped telling him that she loves him even when he told her that he loves her.

The boy was of course sad, but he still loves the girl the same way when they first met. He doesn't want to lose her.

He tried even harder to please her in the hope that she will love him again the way she used to be.

After a while, the girl appeared to be fine with him again. She was still cold towards him, but at least she stopped scolding him over even the smallest things.

He thought things will gradually get better.

However, it was not to be.

On May 5th, she asked him to met her at a certain place.

With her was this handsome Chinese guy.

She told him that she no longer loves him. That she is now in love with the handsome Chinese guy.

And there, right in front of him she French kissed the handsome Chinese guy, to show the boy once and for all that she no longer loves him.

Then, she turned around to the boy and told him that the whole thing got nothing to do with the guy being a Chinese.

"It's actually because you are not as handsome and as successful as my Chinese guy. You are no longer good enough for me," she added.

The boy's heart broke, and it remains broken forever.

By the way, the handsome Chinese guy drives a Honda, while the boy, who is a Malay drives a Proton.

The girl? I leave it up for you to decide.

Saturday 18 May 2013

Babi punya susu, sapi dapat nama

Okay, I know, the title of this posting is a bit more outrageous than usual.

Actually, I got the inspiration for it from a paragraph in this yet another excellent Helen Ang's posting Tsunami Cina: Baling batu sorok tangan

The paragraph reads -

Jadi kenapa sekarang ini DAP pula menafikan kejayaan sendiri selepas mereka puas bertungkus-lumus dan berhempas-pulas untuk mencetuskan satu Pemberontakan Cina? Ish, ish, ish. Lembu punya susu hendak diberikan nama kepada sapi gak.

Helen then answered that question about the Chinese rebellion as follows -

Fakta-fakta yang dikupas di atas serta kemenangan besar DAP di depan mata mengesahkan bahawa sememangnya telah terjadi tsunami Cina.
Penafian DAP sebagai langkah damage control (mengawal keadaan) memandangkan wujud backlash kemarahan orang Melayu hanya membayangkan sifat hipokrit evangelista DAP yang membaling batu tetapi cuba menyembunyi tangan.
DAP sekadar mahu menipu dengan penafian bodoh sepatnya bahawa tsunami Cina tidak pernah terjadi.
Apa lagi Cina mahu? Cina mahu agar Melayu senantiasa lurus bendul serta telan bulat-bulat segala dolak dalih yang dikeluarkan politikus putar belit evangelis DAP 3.0 mereka.

Ya, the Pakatan people and their apparatus are trying very hard now to deny that it was a Chinese tsunami by labeling it as a Malaysian tsunami instead.

DAP is particularly anxious in preventing the Malays from realizing that Chinese unity is the essential ingredient which enabled the party to make such gains in GE13. The burning of racial sentiments among the Chinese over the years finally paid its dividend for DAP.

The problem now is that despite DAP's gains with over 90 per cent Chinese with them, Pakatan still lose.

Now, if the Malays could pulled the same trick, by uniting like they did during the Malayan Union time which paved the way for the country's independence, then they can regain their political control of the country.

If that happened, things will not be so sweet anymore for the Chinese community who in GE13 decided to choose DAP's divisive racial politics by rejecting even the most moderate among BN leaders.

I know, the chances of Malays uniting under one banner five years from now is rather remote due to their habit of stupidly quarreling with each others. Yet, DAP and its minions such as the MCA's backstabbing the Star newspaper are worried enough by such a possibility that they are trying very hard to bury the Chinese tsunami factor. 

They are now preaching all those racial harmony and reconciliation bullshit in the hope that Malays, as they usually do, forget about how they were stabbed in the back....and offer their back again to be stabbed five years from now.

DAP and their Chinese chauvinist operatives are not afraid of anything the Malays may do and they just laughed whenever the Malays threatened to boycott their business.

However, there is an exception to that. It's the only exception - DAP IS AFRAID OF MALAY UNITY.

GE12 was said had been decided by an Indian tsunami...GE13 saw BN suffering from a Chinese tsunami...GE14, will it be the turn of a Malay tsunami?

Oh yes, if it's going to be a Malay tsunami, I am going to call it a Malay tsunami and not by any other name.