Tuesday 30 July 2019

Suing the liars and calling on Pribumi Bersatu bloggers to defend Dr Mahathir

I think this is long overdue

Lynas will sue those who defame it

In recent weeks you may have seen a campaign of false information by anti-Lynas activists. We have always welcomed informed debate, however, the spreading of false allegations and misinformation is unacceptable. We cannot allow lies to stand unchallenged and we will not hesitate to take legal actions against those who persist in defaming our people and our company.
Yup, do sue them for millions of ringgit.

Previously, Lynas had been too nice and trying too hard being diplomatic.

The lies only got worse despite all the scientific evidence backing the company.

By now Lynas should know that those people who defamed it are devoid of reason and are only interested in gaining political mileage by lying to the people.

Now that they have become the government they are using their new-found power to enforce their lies on everyone, including their own leader PM Dr Mahathir.

They just can't take it that Dr Mahathir had decided that there's nothing wrong with Lynas and that the company's presence in this country actually helps Malaysia.

They became brave because they thought they can get away with their lies as no action was previously taken against them.

With Lynas now pledging to sue them, lets see whether they are still so brave to defame others.

No more playing nice from now onwards.

Don't waste niceness on these people because they are not nice people.

Next time they open their mouth and lies come out of it, sue them.

Bankrupt them if possible.

I'm quite sure Lynas can win such suits as they have all the facts on their side.

Let's start with this one;

Lynas does not consider the environment and 

health of Malaysians

Sue the writer and the publication which published his article.

The publication tried to excuse itself by saying it's the writer's opinion and not its own but the fact that it published the article means it helps to spread the lies.

So, go all out okay. Don't be shy because these people never hesitate to sue others if they could do so.

Again, sue them for millions of ringgit and please don't settle the case out of court.

Don't compromise with these people.

They never care about the Lynas workers whose jobs they put at risk because of their political agenda.

After that lets see if the likes of Fuziah, Wong Tak etc dare to lie again about Lynas.

Lynas shouldn't worry about losing because its case would be based on scientific evidence and facts while those who defamed it were just playing on public sentiment to win votes.

In court, only evidence and facts matter, okay.

Also, I would like to see all those prominent Pribumi Bersatu bloggers and social media personalities defend their party chairman's stand on Lynas.

Here once again is Dr Mahathir's post, which defends Lynas;

LYNAS ← Chedet


8. As I understand it, the Lynas plant in Pahang does not involve activating any of the rare earth components to make them radioactive. The process cannot be harmful. As for the waste, it does not give off harmful radiation either. The waste is just ordinary earth which is normally mixed with the small amounts of rare earth. The necessity to export the waste does not arise.

Really guys, read this one by Rocky too for good measure

Also this one by Singapore's Straits Times;

Malaysia set to withdraw demand over export of Lynas' rare earth waste

 JUL 29, 2019, 5:24 PM SGT 

Shannon Teoh Malaysia Bureau Chief 

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia will likely withdraw a demand for the controversial but highly strategic Lynas rare earth plant to export half a million tonnes of feared radioactive waste as a condition for renewing its licence, and instead direct it to build a permanent disposal facility (PDF) at the Australian miner's cost. 

The Straits Times understands that the Cabinet discussed this proposed compromise earlier this month but is putting off an announcement. 

The government had said previously it would announce its decision in mid-August before Lynas' licence expires on Sept 2. 

The development came after the company's appeal hearing against the waste export directive on June 28. 

Lynas mines rare earth minerals in Western Australia and processes them at its plant near Kuantan in Pahang. 

Deciding on the PDF route would effectively allow Lynas to continue operations instead of being shuttered. It has said shipping out the 450,000 tonnes of water leach purification (WLP) residue from its plant by September was unachievable, but that it has been ready to build a PDF if required.

"Agreeing to the PDF as a condition will mean Lynas has to stump up a US$50 million (S$68.4 million) security deposit to finance the project. It is also dependent on Lynas locating a site and getting the necessary approvals," an official source told The Straits Times. 

Building a PDF was recommended by a review panel in December. 

Lynas had said it accepted the PDF recommendation, but subsequently Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin decided to override it. 

She instead ordered the full export of waste from the US$800 million refinery as a prerequisite for licence renewal. 

According to an agreement between the ousted Barisan Nasional (BN) in 2012 and Lynas, which produces about 12 per cent of global rare earth supply, waste export is a last resort if plans to recycle the waste fail and there is no option for safe disposal of stockpiled waste. 

The firm's multimillion-dollar research into the use of WLP as fertiliser has been ongoing. 

It is also investing in a pre-processing facility in Australia to decontaminate the ore before sending it to Malaysia, as part of an ambitious A$500 million (S$477 million) blueprint to expand operations by 2025. 

Lynas noted in its quarterly report that Malaysia's deputy environment minister had told Parliament conditions for the renewal would be decided by Cabinet and announced in mid-August 2019. 

This plan was unveiled after Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said in April that no country would accept radioactive residue and that rare earth refining could continue "if they promise that the raw material only comes here after the cracking and cleaning up". 

China controls over 70 per cent of the world's production of rare earths and meets 80 per cent of the United States' demand. But the escalating trade war between the two superpowers has sent investors scurrying for alternative sources of the material which is crucial in high-technology electronics and defence applications. 

The PDF requirement would not just be a compromise between the government and Lynas, but also among Pakatan Harapan (PH) leaders who are divided over the refinery that has faced years of pressure over alleged radioactivity and pollution. 

Experts, including those in the government review committee, disagree on the level of radiation from the WLP piled up on the east coast of Pahang. 

Speaking at the Nikkei business conference in Japan in May, Tun Dr Mahathir said "we will allow Lynas to carry on, otherwise we are going to lose a very big investment from Australia". 

Ms Yeo, however, insisted later the same day that licensing conditions still applied and that Dr Mahathir's position is "Lynas has to ship out its waste". 

On July 9, her deputy minister Isnaraissah Munirah Majilis told Parliament "we still need a few inputs before we make a decision... to be announced in mid-August 2019". 

Entrepreneurial Development Minister Redzuan Yusof said the next day that Malaysia could attract investments of up to RM100 billion (S$33 billion) in the rare earth sector over the next decade, once the government gives the market clarity over its stance on the sector. 

Eighty-eight civil society groups have petitioned the government not to renew Lynas' licence, and asked to meet Dr Mahathir before a decision is made, saying it is unfair that the premier has not given them the same courtesy as accorded to the company's top brass. 

"I believe the truth never got to the government," said Save Malaysia Stop Lynas chairman Tan Bun Teet on July 21. 



  1. I've always supported Annie's Lynas.
    Therefore... from now on, Lynas MUST sue those lying SOB till they shit bricks.

    "No more playing nice from now onwards.
    Don't waste niceness on these people because they are not nice people.
    Next time they open their mouth and lies come out of it, sue them.
    Bankrupt them if possible".

    1. RD esq...


      Dalam titah baginda sempena hari pertabalannya sebagai YDPA ke 16 baru tadi, baginda menyatakan dengan amat jelas bahwa baginda amat yakin sepenuhnya dgn kepimpinan Tun Mahathir mengurus tadbir negara demi untuk mengembalikan semula kegemilangan, kemajuan & kemakmuran negara.

      Tak pulak baginda sebut PH, PKR, AMANAH, BERSATU, DAP, apatah lagi UMNO & PAS.

      Dengan titah baginda itu, saya kini bertambah yakin Tun akan memimpin negara sepenuh tempoh 5 tahun untuk membaik pulih kerusakan yg amat teruk peninggalan Umno-BN.

    2. Tepat sekali Pak Othman.

      Dalam ucapan tahniah Dr.M kepada YDPA, hanya sekali 'Pakatan Harapan' disebut... itu pun, pada permulaan ucapan, ketika mengatakan kemenangan dalam PRU14.

      Selepas itu, setiap kali Dr.M sebut 'Kerajaan' mesti diikuti 'Tuanku'.
      Berkali-kali, 'Kerajaan Tuanku' disebut PM ketika berucap.

      Bermakna, demi kelangsungan Institusi Raja-Raja, Baginda Sekalian mesti apolitical dan Kerajaan yang dipilih Rakyat harus diperkenan Duli Yang Maha Mulia Baginda-Baginda Sekalian.

    3. A portrait of the 8th PM, The World's Grand Old Statesman.

      Tun M attending the U.N. General Assembly ladt Sept as Malaysia’s leader for the first time in nearly a generation, cracked jokes that drew genuine belly laughs from the capacity audience.

      NEW YORK: For a few seconds Thursday, Tun Mahathir looked his age. The 93-year-old once and current prime minister of Malaysia wobbled a bit as he clasped the railing, cautiously mounted the four stairs leading to the stage in the bowels of the Asia Society and shuffled over to the podium.
      Then Tun M, called a strongman by his critics so often that he has a joke ready about it, faced the packed auditorium. He smiled broadly and began talking. And the years, maybe even a decade or two, seemed to melt away.

      First came the speech: 20 minutes without a single note, relying on the wealth of experience that led one audience member to address him as “the elder statesman of Asia – actually, the elder statesman of the planet.”

      When Mahathir was done, the moderator, former Australian PM Kevin Rudd, seemed stunned. He called it a “bravura performance” from the “patron saint of political comebacks,” a man who had been premier for 22 years until he retired in 2003 and had now been yanked – willingly – back into the spotlight.

      But Tun M had only just begun.

      Mahathir, attending the U.N. General Assembly this week as Malaysia’s leader for the first time in nearly a generation, cracked jokes that drew genuine belly laughs from the capacity audience. He rattled off figures related to debt and spending and demonstrated a fluency with government and international policies that dates back decades.

      He converted currencies on the fly. He spoke with ease about the importance of social media in his upset win in May elections that led to the nation’s first change of party power since independence from Britain in 1957.

      After more than an hour of back and forth with the audience, he looked disappointed that it had ended. His demeanor was that of a man who relished returning to a job he never expected to have again.

      Asked about his physical and political stamina, he said: “I don’t really know.” He acknowledged two heart operations and the occasional cough, “but I have my doctor (his beloved wife) following me everywhere I go.”

      All the while, he tapped into a deep vein of knowledge and experience won from being a high-level political player in Asia and the world for the last seven decades.

      He talked about what it was like for countries other than China and the United States to be caught in the middle of the behemoths’ growing trade war (uncomfortable). He spoke of the absolute necessity of free sea passage so that Malaysia can pursue its trading lifeblood, and of the region’s disputes with China over control of the South China Sea.

      Asked about Chinese President Xi Jinping’s hallmark “Belt and Road Initiative” to build ports, highways and other trade-related infrastructure, Mahathir said he had long ago suggested the rail part of it. He’d proposed that Beijing build a railway line with bigger, longer trains from China to the West: “The idea is not new to us.”

      His remarks were peppered with jokes. The funniest one – “I have been known as a dictator, but I don’t think any dictator would have resigned” – was so good he used it twice, and some of the jokes had the feeling of being well-worn campaigning set pieces.

      But unlike a lot of politician’s attempts at humor, they worked – repeatedly – and he drew energy as his moments in command of the stage passed. A smattering of his quips:

      – On what he said was the previous government’s slogan, “Cash is King”: It’s “practically admitting to the world that bribery is OK.”

      – On U.S. President Donald Trump: “We are still trying to figure out what is it that the president of the United States wants, because sometimes he changes his mind three times a day.”

      When Rudd asked impishly about when the next elections would be, Mahathir seemed almost wistful. He smiled and said, “five years from now.”

    4. There’s a Shakespearean quality to how Tun M made his return to politics. Plus of course, his beloved wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah is so adorable! She brings out a different side to Tun M that humanises him.

      Like most Malaysians, I oersonalky have feep respect for Tun M. After all, he was flawed in many ways as a leader and politician.

      Yet, love him or hate him, Tun M is an amazing force. One night on the trail, we realised he had a fever. We were worried for his health; he’s not a young horse anymore. But when he went onstage to deliver his speech, you couldn’t tell he was sick at all. He was witty and funny—the crowd went crazy for him.

    5. Encik Othman Ahmad

      12/222 ?? What crowd?? KESIAN..mesti hali2 tidoq mata tak lelap.

      Golongan majoriti Melayu and sons of this soil talak pandang sama lia la..

      Sokong sgt2 lynas saman sewajarnya. Dan RM2.6b pun sepatutnya saman mulut2 hebiaq..

      Cara yg lebih berkesan kita terus ramai2 tunaikan solat hajat... sentiasa mohon kepadaNya demi bangsa agama dan tanah air yang bertuah ini.

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    6. Kesian Pak Othman. Dia fanatic and obses dengan Tun. Kalau Tun coma atau mati apakah agaknya jadi pada hidup Pak Othman? Dah tak ada tujuan hidup...
      Mari Pak Othman beralih sokong Ummah. Akhirat pun dapat. InsyaAllah.

    7. Messrs J & Professor Nasi Lemak....


      Perbelanjaan Tun Keluar Negara:
      Sepanjang setahun yang lalu adalah berjumlah RM14,327,865.05 (melibatkan 22 lawatan).

      Perbelanjaan Najib Keluar Negara:
      Tak didilaporkan konon rahasia kerajaan. Cuma Pengkid Azalina Othman berkata auta dalam parlimen perbelanjaan Najib & Rosmah amat berhemah. Amat berhemah tuu, berapa….?? Semua tentu tahu ianya mencecah ratusan-ratusan juta.
      Punyalah auta BN-Umno…..!!
      Pas pulak memohon bantuan kewangan kerajaan Pusat PH untuk urusan tadbir negeri & rawatan Sultan Kelantan. Last2 pecah tembelang jumlah besar itu untuk majlis besar-besaran perkahwinan Sultan Kelantan dgn Ratu Russia di luar negara.

      Hudud Pas menghalalkan penipuan beginikah……??

    8. Messrs J & Professor Nasi Lemak....


      Lebih RM14 juta dibelanjakan untuk lawatan PM ke luar negara
      Jul 29, 2019 (Dikemaskini Jul 29, 2019)

      Kerajaan membelanjakan lebih RM14 juta untuk membiayai lawatan rasmi Perdana Menteri Dr Mahathir Mohamad ke luar negara sejak setahun lalu, dedah Timbalan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Md Farid Md Rafik.

      “Perbelanjaan terperinci bagi keseluruhan lawatan rasmi ke luar negara yang dibuat oleh Perdana Menteri bagi tempoh setahun yang lalu adalah berjumlah RM14,327,865.05 (melibatkan 22 lawatan).

      “Perbelanjaan ini merangkumi pegawai kerajaan yang turut serta dalam setiap lawatan Perdana Menteri ke luar negara sepertimana yang telah diluluskan oleh Jemaah Menteri,” kata Md Farid dalam jawapan bertulis di parlimen.

      Beliau berkata demikian bagi menjawab soalan daripada Anggota Parlimen Rembau Khairy Jamaluddin, yang bertanya butiran terperinci kos untuk lawatan ke luar negara perdana menteri bagi tempoh setahun lalu.

      Sebelum ini dilaporkan pada April tahun ini kerajaan telah membelanjakan RM12.7 juta bagi lawatan rasmi anggota kabinet ke luar negara antara Mei dan Disember 2018.

      Perbelanjaan ini meliputi 31 perjalanan, seperti yang didedahkan dalam satu lagi jawapan bertulis parlimen.

      Pada 2016, Jabatan Perdana Menteri enggan mendedahkan jumlah yang dibelanjakan bagi perjalanan lawatan sambil bekerja perdana menteri ketika itu, Najib Razak pada 2015.

      Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Azalina Othman Said hanya berkata lawatan rasmi Najib pada tahun 2015 dan 2016 mengambil kira “perbelanjaan berhemah”.

    9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    11. Prof otak udang la... hang nih.

      Hang dah lupa ka?
      Dah la... nak guna nama 'Bersatu' tidak dibenarkan, pendaftaran PPBM ditangguh sebegitu lama, alih-alih, dekat nak PRU 14, tidak diluluskan ROS-Najib.

      Sebagai Party baru pula, sudah tentu PKR, PAN & DAP akan hanya beri kawasan yang mereka tidak pernah menang untuk ditandingi Bersatu. Oleh yang demikian, Bersatu hanya bertanding dikubu-kuat UMNO/BN.

      Menang 12 kerusi kubu-kuat UMNO, dikira HEBAT bagi sebuah Party setahun-jagung... dan yang paling hebat, Pengerusi Party 12/222 kerusi, diberi mandat oleh mereka yang dulunya, mengelar beliau dictator untuk jadi Ketua dan sebagai PM jika PH menang PRU14.

      "Cara yg lebih berkesan kita terus ramai2 tunaikan solat hajat..."

      Memang berkesan. Ketika PAS sedang berpelok dengan DAP dulu, Arwah Nik Aziz pernah imamkan Solat Hajat dalam Stadium, mohon Allah KO atau jahanamkan UMNO.
      Nampaknya 'hajat' Arwah Nik Aziz termakbul.

      Mr J... apa yang boleh sesiapa dapat di akhirat dengan menyokong penyamun akak Kleptocracy?
      Buat malu dan pada masa yang sama, Bangsa & Agama kita dipandang-serong, boleh la.
      Contohnya... guna duit-hutang 1MDB untuk taja beribu Pak Imam tunai Haji.

      Sebab itu saya amat yakin PAS akan berpecah sekali lagi, jika terus berpelok dengan UMNO... lebih-lebih lagi jika UMNO masih diketuai Zahid dan dinasihati Najib, kedua-duanya sedang menghadapi berpuloh-puloh tuduhan jenayah berkaitan 'klepet-Wang'.

      Bayangkan... sebuah Party yang berteraskan Agama Islam, 'berpelok' dengan Kleptocracy... boleh ka mengharum atau meningkatkan emej & maruah Umat Islam?

      Satu lagi Mr J... dalam kontek Melayu, 'InsyaAllah' membawa maksud, jika diizinkan Allah. Bermakna, tidak-tentu atau mungkin ya, mungkin tidak.

    12. Dear Encik Othman Ahmad, sorry for having to spike off some of your comments. Please try not to cut and paste too much, especially those which could be deemed seditious or irrelevant to the topic of discussion. Thank you.

    13. Ms Annie..

      My intention for the c/p is to prove its authenticity (not merely accordingng to my whims & fancies) although seemed to be seditious & sensitive.

      Speaking Without Fear and Favour....!!

    14. I've read what Othman wrote before Annie spiked off both his comments.
      "irrelevant to the topic of discussion"... yes but seditious, I don't think so.

      After-all, the 'Ketua Agama' Encik Othaman wrote about is one of our 9 Raja-Raja Melayu. Surely the Melayoos would not relish the thought of having a Raja-Melayu who looks like a MatSalleh, 50 ~ 100 years down the road.

    15. Professor Nasi Lemak...

      You questioning me, "What crowd?? KESIAN..mesti hali2 tidoq mata tak lelap",;ehhh.....??

      Have you not fully read what I posted @ 00:13 relating to Tun Mahathir's speech at the UN General Assembly last Sept where he cracked jokes that drew genuine belly laughs from the capacity audience.

      And..and mind you, this report came from one of the world's reliable source, ie AP (Associated Press).

    16. RD, tambahlah membaca dan ilmu saudara. Sudah sudahlah dengan fitnah kleptokrasi. Fitnah kleptokrasi ini hanya untuk tipu sebahagian rakyat yg lurus bendul sebagaimana segala janji janji palsu PH. Ikutilah kes DSN. Segala tuduhan curi 2.6 billion rupanya dusta. Diconfirm oleh Joanna Yu Ambank. Saya sertakan link pasal saudara mungkin malas nak cari. Link dari media kegemaran geng PH FMT. Jangan buat tak tahu lagi. Ikutilah kebenaran insyaAllah dapat akhirat. Ikuti dusta hilanglah akhirat. Istilah insyaAllah diguna kerana semuanya perlu izin Allah - baca tentang perintah menyebutnya dlm Surah Al-Kahf. Tak payahlah link surah Al-Kahf kot....

    17. Messrs J & Professor Nasi Lemak....

      Apakah kamu berdua buat2 buta & pekak tidak baca & lihat kisah2 menyayat hati menyebar di akbar2, internet & tv, bagaimana....

      Sultan Kelantan yg bersekongkol dgn Umno & Pas menganiaya dan menjatuhkan kredibiliti Tun Mahathir….
      – menarik balik kurniaan derajat Datuk kepunyaan Tun,
      – menarik balik jemputan VVIP Tun ke majlis pertabalan YDPA ke 15.
      – membiarkan Tun & isteri menunggu sehari suntuk tak mau keluar menobatkan Tun sebagai PM ke 7 setelah parti PH pimpinannya memenangi PRU 14.

      Sang Maha Kuasa Lagi Maha Adil telah menimpakan balasan 'bayaran cash dunia' kpd Sultan Kelantan, pemimpin2 Pas Kelantan, Najib & Zahid dgn aib bukan kepalang seantero dunia di atas pembongkaran perbuatan mungkar mereka.

      Ketiga-tiga mereka pun tak ternampak kelibat mereka di upacara majlis pertabalan Seri Paduka Baginda YDPA semalam. Apakah mereka dalam kesipuan bukan kepalang....??

      Tak jelas lagikah itu, hmmmmm.....??

    18. Pak Othman, buat apalah hang taksub sangat dengan Atuk. Sejak menang PRU 14 tiada benda yg boleh dibangga dibuatnya. Pasaran saham dari the 'longest bull run' zaman Najib kini jadi 'the world worst performer'. Belum cerita mata wang. Belum kira pelaburan persendirian dan FDI yg merudum. Belum kira berpuluh ribu kena buang kerja. Nak tulis 'pencapaian' PH pun penat. DSN belanja 8 juta bawa masuk pelaburan beratus billion - RAPID, Bandar Malaysia, TRX etc... Atuk belanja 14 juta habuk pun tak masuk. Yg masuk pun duit pinjaman Bon dan duit lelong aset negara. Habis kuat Atuk melancung jaja ego...perabih duit rakyat. Patutnya negara yg punyai berbagai masaalah harus ditangani dulu sebelum melancung. Aduhai Pak Othman....

    19. Mr.J... Dr. M buat lawatan-kerja luar-Negara... pernahkah pesawat-kerajaan melencong rentas-benua untuk singgah melancong dan membeli-belah?

      Pernahkah sesiapa dengar atau lihat berita bergambar, isteri Dr.M bershopping-sakan barangan berjenama-kapir sambil membantu peniagaan kapir diNegara orang kapir yang lebih kaya dari Negara sendiri?

    20. Terima kasih Sdra RD atas hujah2 bernas menangkis serangan mendatar Mr. J.

    21. Aduih, itu hujah 'bernas' kau orang berdua? Dah tak boleh nak bantu lagi dah.... :)

    22. Kamu berdua buatlah paradigm shift sikit i.e. muhasabah. Bila dah jelas PH tu kaki penipu dari janji palsu, 2.6 billion, cincin 24 juta dan banyak lagi. Apa lagi yg kamu percaya mungkin hanya fitnah dan kelentong. Jagalah diri. Jangan jadi muflis di yaumul qiamah....

    23. Mr J...

      If that factual evidence you construe as fitnah, then you're absolutely clueless....!!

    24. Mr J. Project pembangunan yang di buat mana2 pemimpin/kerajaan memang bagus untuk rakyat. Tapi bila buat project harga di naikkan , pinjaman berlebihan semata2 untuk kickback kepada pemimpin , kuncu2 dan party dia. Itu apa kejadah nya.
      Yang dulu2 di katakan berita angin,fitnah dan tipu PH
      hari ini sedang dibentangkan di mahkamah dah jadi bukti bersumpah, butir2 siasatan dan affidavit kes. Ada faham tak semua itu
      Atau kamu nak kata seluruh badan undang2 dan mahkamah di Malaysia ni semua tipu.Macam itu mana nak bicarakan semua kes2 jenayah dan sivil.

    25. Anon, kalau AG tak seleweng takdelah kes rumah murah ditarik balik. Takdelah kes terowong ditutup. Kes rogol apa cerita. Kes dkodeng apa cerita? Kes semburit apa cerita? Kes anak menteri dadah apa cerita? Banyak lagi kes. Penat nak cerita..
      Kau percayalah dongeng projek overpriced. Projek dipotong skop dan diberi konsesi tambahan untuk tunjuk kos reduction. Celiklah sikit anon. Dah tau PH menipu....

  2. Nice being Pakatan PM. No accountability. When election promises are broken it is BN's fault. When economy drops it is BN's fault. With Atuk all his scandals were also someone else's fault. The thriving economy under BN has slowed pace. The country has no economic and political direction. I guess Pakatoon's will be blind towards the reality. God save us from Pakatan Tiada Harapan.

    1. Pakatan Harapan dah jadi Pakatan HAPRAK .Mereka terus buat apa yang mereka cukup bagus melakukannya .Main Politik & Fitnah .

    2. 'Main Politik & Fitnah'... seperti seorang Mamak UMNO Pulau Pinang yang mengunakan nama Wendy Leong ka apa... lukis kartun menyerupai Pak Arab yang ibaratkan sebagai Rasul, sedang diliwat sambil meniarap?

    3. Oh lupa pulak... Yang diliwat, menyerupai Pak Arab. Yang meliwat pula menyerupai orang-Kapir.

      Ngam sngat la gambar kartun tu... di Negara Pak Arab, Puak Sunni & Syiah asyik berbunuhan sesama sendiri, sambil memperkayakan Negara kuasa Besar Dunia... semuanya Negara Kapir... dengan berlumba-lumba beli senjata.

    4. PH tetap Parti Harapan yg telah menenggelamkan Baruah2 Najib (BN) di Putrayajaya pd PRU 14.

    5. Mr. J, I am convinced you are full of Najib's Shits. Hope that shits will dry out!

    6. Unfortunate state of PH fanatics mind. When you cant argue with facts just curse and insult others.... is there any hope to make these closed mind people see light?

  3. Strike out Bee Yin. Go sit in duckout. U and ur team spread lies like wild fire. Hope God have pity on u for all the lies you did. Daamnnn!!

  4. Enough la, talk about this Lynas isu! Wasting time only. Ekaorang care about the enviroment eh? Itu 'nigeri' ekao punyo ko? This is gunung emas punyo projek la..! semalam Big taiko sudah kasi cuti mau bising lagi ka? Itu Yb Fuziah surely amat maklum,
    akan apo patik cubo kiaskan...!

  5. Lies, lies, lies… lies, lies, lies! Lies, after lies, after lies, after lies…!

    I can't for the life of me understand how on earth it can happen that this group of liars can be so rampant, so openly blatant and so openly shameless!

    Every single thing about them is nothing but absolute bullshit and fake, these pseudo-environmentalists. Utterly, utterly beyond words!

    You just wonder what they are up for to sell away their credibility this way. Hard to believe it’s just for political mileage!

    Count themselves bloody lucky that Lynas has been that nice and not sued them for all the damages they have caused!

  6. Off topic Annie tapi sape la malaun biadap yg pandai2 tukar susunan kerusi majlis pertabalan? Diorang ni ingat diorang tu besar sgt ke? What happens to rule of law & innocent until proven guilty? Oh I forget, it applies only when the accused is DSAI/ LGE/ DSAA dan yv sekutu dgn nya.

    P Haprak! Haak ptuui!

    1. "P Haprak! Haak ptuui!"....a very typical lewd gesture by a Tikus AnonyMOUSE - a regular patron @ blog Shahbudin.

    2. Mr Othman, look up the meaning of lewd pls. The p haprak video is lewd.

    3. Who withdrew Tun M' s invite in 2016 ?


    4. 17:39...

      Civilised & proper upbringing people will never utter such rude, "Haak ptuui!". Only rowdy-ruffian-hooligans do that.

    5. How come the announcement of thus year's Hari Raya Haji aired on tv tonight was not made by Syed Danial Syed Ahmad who was the one that announced the withdrawal of Tun M's invitation in 2016.....??

    6. Ya ya ya, Mr Othman, your so called civilised ppl are above crude display of displeasure. They backstab, character assinate & whisper nasty innuendos instead. True gentile ls katakan.

  7. Yes, yes, yes. Sue their pants off for all we care for taking Malaysians as fools and making Malaysia look a pariah to the world. Hey Lynas, don’t forget to mark their adviser, the one from Kuantan with a professor title attached to his name but who behaves like anything but one. Real BIG liar that one, not to say the rest are any lesser.

  8. White supremacy has reared its ugly head again
    Here's a song Little Piece Of My Love - Matthew Barber


    1. How come the same group don't demand the closure of factories in pasir gudang?

    2. The issue on hand is wastes repatriation


  9. I see some 'hikmah' in this issue.We are seeing for the first time you and your captain agreeing with the old man and making it vocal or viral about it. (even if its in a cynical way)
    Well is this your first step towards coming back from the dark side..(lol!!).. Well lets see how the other 'big boys' are on this..(the dog,the wall,the sea capt., the CFO etc)...
    I know you guys are smart but before this(ie before May 2018) maybe you could'nt see how much it can pay to be smart.
    I see many other issues like this will be coming...(hihihi..)

    1. Thank God Almighty..finally the whole world concur & agree that Tun M is right, only someone is undermining his government's economic recovery efforts.

  10. mr othman n mr j…dear sirs. u’r d new tempting talents to teach tat old-school political lessons around here. d nearly 8mil new young voters may really need dis…kihkihkih! but just be careful wat u wish for. counterculture n youth rebellion has a lot to do with iconoclasm. they’ll walk away from anything tat no longer favours them.

  11. (Someone made the following comment on Fuziah’s Facebook which I thought was concise. I managed to copy it before it was deleted. It seems the poster is now banned by her too.)

    �� Apa itu perjuangan Geng anti-Lynas?

    ��Menjelang PRU13 (2013):
    Geng ini buat macam2 tuduhan yang menakutkan Rakyat tapi ramai yang tak sedar ditipu pun bagi lah sokongan. Jadi dapat lah buat demo secara besar2. Walau bagaimana, TUJUAN akhir itu sebenarnya untuk MENJATUHKAN BN… ini ramai boleh paham dan terima.��

    ��Menjelang PRU14 (2018):
    Operasi Lynas dah jalan 6 tahun tanpa segala inciden pun, jadi dapat BUKTIKAN sendirinya adalah SELAMAT. Geng ini, sekarang TAHU lagu tuduhan lama itu sudah TAK LAKU lagi, pun kebanyakan DIAM saja, tak berani nyayi itu lah… takut dipecat balik dan malukan sendiri pulak. Ini memang cerdik, disamping PH jugak dapat sokongan lah.��

    ��Ok. Kini BN sudah jatuh:
    Tujuan besar pun tercapai. Geng ini patut minta maaf Rakyat sebab tertipu… atau sekurang2 DIAM sudah lah. Tapi balik BISING pulak?! Ahhh… inilah susah paham, kata lagi, lebeh dahsyat berbanding sebelum PRU14?! Rupanya KESALAHAN atas tuduhan satu kali tak cukup, sekarang nak buat pulak round KEDUA!

    ��Jadi kini Rakyat tak faham dan nak tanya:
    Oiii Geng, demi keselamatan lagi?!! Kalau anda betul2 dapat (selama dah 7 tahun) sebarang fakta/ bukti yang boleh dipercayai, kenapa kena pakai cuma PENIPUAN2 lagi pulak? Ramai dah nampak itu terang2 pun tak kisah, TAK MALU ke? Sampai bila anda nak MANGSAKAN Lynas dan BODOHKAN Rakyat lagi? PRU15 pun lama lagi, apa tujuan SEBENAR geng anda nak cuba capai kali ini? ��

    ��Buatlah kebajikan untuk Rakyat BUKAN pribadi��… itulah Rakyat harap dari PH… ����!

  12. ting tong ting tong the ultraman batteries almost kong already. its the day for us to cherish.