Sunday 30 September 2018

Good voices at PAU and a bit on the handsome Hsien Loong

I was rendered rather immobile since Thursday.

Transportation problem which I need to fix later this afternoon.

Have to cancel my plan to drop by PWTC for the closing day of Umno general assembly today.

Unlike the previous years, the assembly was only a one day affair because yesterday was actually the wings' meetings.

Guess, they just rushed this one because of the RoS problem.

Well, I'll be monitoring it online just like yesterday.

So far I'm okay with it.

Even though I was not so impressed with Zahid's opening speech last night, I agreed when earlier

Umno Youth wants a strengthened party, 

not unity government

I want to see Umno rebuilding itself instead of trying to strike a deal with especially Anwar to get back in power.

The party should learn to be a good opposition, cleanse itself from the bad people and habits before it could hope to be in power again.

I do believe that it's capable to do so as the majority of them are really good people.

For the meanwhile, this country needs a good opposition to check on the PH government and Umno should take the lead as it still have significant support and the governing experience.

I also agree with this one

Umno must not be an ultra Malay party, 

says deputy youth chief

I have never agree with the Umno-Pas tie-up even when I was going all out supporting the party back then.

Please check this blog's archive if you don't believe me.

I believe that the best for this country is two multi-racial parties or coalitions checking on one another.

Back then, when I considered myself as a truly pro-Umno/pro-BN blogger, I never advocate the destruction of the opposition parties including DAP. Some of my friends, including prominent bloggers,who are now with Pribumi Bersatu had wanted that.

I do believe that there must be a strong opposition at all time if this country is to be a fully developed democracy.

That's why I started to lean back on the side of Umno after GE14 as I realised that there seemed to be a movement to totally eradicate the party and its remaining allies which are now in the opposition.

I will never agree to an all dominant  PH coalition just like it was with BN before the 1999 general election.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so they said.

I know, most of you all would say "Oh Annie is spinning again. PH is good. Everything about PH is good. Not like the evil and corrupt Umno and BN."

But the signs are already there. They lied on their election promises, and their ministers are mediocre at best.  Some are outright stupid.

Then they are already fighting among themselves. Just look at the ongoing PKR elections.

There's already that big question - Will Dr Mahathir hands over power to Anwar, the man he once described as not fit to lead the country due to his homosexual tendencies and other defects?

My bet is NO.

Personally, I want Dr Mahathir to stay in power till at least the end of this term.

Then if PH wins the next general election, he should hand over power to someone relatively young like Azmin.

Definitely not Anwar.

It's the only way forward for this country.

Meanwhile Umno and its remaining allies should work on rehabilitating themselves by being a good opposition coalition.

I have no objection if Pas wants to join them but the party has to accept that it's a multi racial coalition instead of an ultra Islamic Malay coalition.

I think Pas can do that as it once cooperated with DAP and PKR to set up the now defunct Pakatan Rakyat which laid the groundwork for the PH's GE14 victory.

Who knows, maybe they could be so good while PH becomes so bad over the next four years that the rakyat may decide they want a change again.

It's not impossible, okay.

Anything could happen over the course of four years.

Meanwhile, I'm hoping for Dr Mahathir to remain healthy and in good shape.

I watched his speech at UN on Friday night and I think he looked and sounded tired.

Maybe his aides and family should tell him to slow down a bit. He's 93 after all.

I'm always worried these day should anything happen to the handsome old man.

I simply don't want Anwar, his families and cronies to take over.

I rather if Dr Mahathir feels that he can't carry the weight of premiership, calls for a snap general election and let the rakyat decide once more where this country is heading.

If they still want Anwar to lead them, then I would not bitch about it anymore.

Maybe I'll just migrate to Singapore.

Hsien Loong is definitely better than Anwar.

More handsome some more.....unlike Guan Eng.


And Hsien Loong is way much smarter too. He definitely would not make supposedly mistakes so stupid such as putting a decimal point at the wrong place, or try to spin national debt figures.

Oh, and Hsien Loong is quite surely not a homosexual or bisexual  or such that he's susceptible to blackmail which is a big NO for someone leading his country.

Friday 28 September 2018

Italiano better than Malay and probably a very quiet PAU

In my last post, my friend Gondrong wrote about

Who cares about the Malay language

He seemed so concerned about the Malays and their language

However,  I cautioned that,


Anyway, being Malay is associated with being very negative these days.
So backward. So corrupted. So Umno.

True enough, these are some of the comments for Gondrong,

Si Gondrong ni macam katak bawah tempurung aje
Mungkin Si Gondrong in orang kampong. Tak tahu dunia.
Bukan ke, kes tulisan bahasa cina itu di Johor adalah terjemahan sahaja kepada yang asal. Surat asal itu Bahasa Malaysia.
Kadang-kadang kita simpati kepada orang-orang kampong ini, belajar tak tinggi, sebab itu orang melayu ashik kena tipu sakan aja.
Yang paling penting sekali, bukan sibuk pasal bahasa tapi ilmu pengetahuan.
Kalo kat sekolah itu, jangan nak score A BM aja, yang lain Matematik, Sains, dan Geography pun perlu skor juga.
Saya rasa si Gondrong ini orang kampong, jadi dunia dia ini setakat kampong dia saja. Kalau seberang sungai, tak tahu cerita. Sebab itu itu kena belajar ilmu Georgrafi.
Kalau orang melayu macam Si Gondrong nak tumpu kepada Bahasa Melayu saja, memang kereta proton ketiga atau Protiga tak akan menjadi.
Pendek cerita, Sains, Matematik pun penting, bukan Bahasa Melayu aja.

That's for Gondrong, because he wrote about Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia which is the national language.
Yup, frog under the coconut shell, uneducated, backward kampung folk, don't know the world.
There are actually other comments which were even more rude and condescending.
That's why I warned of the consequences for those wishing to talk about their Malay race, 
Malays who don't want to be labelled or cursed as such better not talk about their Malayness.
Melayu...the most bangsat race in the world....they don't say it like that, but that's surely what they meant.
Better be French or Swiss or something else....or Japanese...Japanese are the best, okay.

As for the part of my previous post where I wrote about 
these are some of the comments for me,
hahaha,...annie! confirmed u r org kuat najibrosmah...our deepest sympathies...
Just give it up lah Annie. Ameno, Pokjib, Badak cannot be saved. It's the end of an era...a very corrupt era.
Well, I guess these days no one can write about Najib unless it was meant only to curse him.
If I just wrote Najib was seen eating ice cream or Najib was seen chit chatting with a turtle, I'll be labelled makan dedak, supporting corruption, etc.
I must write Najib the most evil person who had been CONFIRMED to be a thief, stealing billions of ringgit from the rakyat. Nothing else.
Yup, that's the only theme they want to hear when it comes to Najib.
Guess, they need to keep up with the campaign strategy.
Don't know lah....I thought now the election is over, it's alright if I write like that.
Never mind.

Oh by the way, I almost completely miss this one - Umno general assembly starts this evening.
There's apparently very minimal news coverage on it.
Guess the media people don't care that much about Umno now that it's no longer in power.
Probably no more big time editors falling over each other to pose for pre-PAU photos like this,
Hehehe....somehow I always laugh when I see this picture.
Okay, I know la, they just want to survive.
I also hardly write about Umno these days.
Honestly, I find it hard to do so after the disappointing party election and appointments of office bearers after the party's GE14 defeat.
Well, maybe there's something they can work on at the general assembly.
But that's up to them.
If they just want to go around with the same bullshitting rhetoric as usual, then that's also fine with me.
I don't really give a shit. I'm not even a party member, okay.
In case you want to read more on this, please click on this link to a quite good commentry,

Umno has its work cut out, 

especially with leaders on different pages

Me, I need to go to the toilet I'm ending this posting here.
Here, enjoy this song for the day.
Yup, even Italiano is better than Malay, right.

Thursday 27 September 2018

Who cares about the Malay language and Najib chit chatting with Chinese ladies

In my last post, I asked for my friend Gondrong to write something more current rather than just ranting. So last night , he came up with this,


By Si Gondrong

Bahasa Melayu dicabar lagi. Walaupun dalam perlembagaan Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa rasmi Kebangsaan, masih ramai yang cuba mencabulnya. Atau sengaja buat provokssi untuk mencabul bahasa itu dengan agenda tertentu bertujuan mahu tengok reaksi Melayu.

 Satu persatu bahasa Melayu diuji. Terbaru Ahli Majlis Majlis Bandaraya Iskandar Puteri tidak guna bahasa Melayu dalam urusan dan surat rasmi.

Mereka faham atau buat-buat tak faham. Sengaja buat provokasi. Cuba lah berfikir dengan matang menjunjung bahasa Melayu tu bukan bermakna bahasa lain tidak boleh diguna.

Kita galak anak belajar bahasa Mandarin, Inggeris anak-anak kita dihantar ke universiti di Perancis untuk belajar bahasa Perancis. Begini terbuka negara ini. Tapi tak lah bermakna sampai mahu mencabul bahasa kebangsaan kita iaitu bahasa Melayu.

Isu bahasa bukan isu politik. Ia adalah isu kedaulatan negara, isu kesetiaan kepada negara isu betapa kita sanjung tinggi tanah air tercinta ini.

Hormatlah bahasa Melayu. Warganegara dari pelbagai etnik dan bangsa wajib belajar faham dan hayati bahasa Melayu.

Gunalah bahasa Melayu walaupun pelat sebab ini adalah bahasa negara identiti kita.

Kalau pelat berbahasa Melayu tapi sudah berada di negara ini sejak lahir dan mencari rezeki dan kekayaan di sini, fikir-fikirlah sendiri.

 Tak kan lah kita nak cemarkan bahasa Melayu dengan guna bahasa lain dalam urusan rasmi kerajaan.

Begitu juga bangsa asing yang mahu masuk tinggal berniaga dan melabur di sini perlu digalak belajat r bahasa Melayu, mengetahui dan memahami bahasa Melayu.

Pelabur dari negara China sebagai contoh tidak seharusnya sewenang wenang guna bahasa mereka dalam urusan rasmi kerajaan dan dalam iklan promosi projek mereka.

Seseorang yang mencabul dan menjadi perosak dan parasit bahasa Melayu dalam apa juga bentuk dan keadaan termasuk bangsa Melayu itu sendiri perlu dikenakan tindakan keras dan wajar termasuk disingkir dari jawatan kerajaan dan syarikat berkaitan kerajaan.

Agensi penguatkuasa bahasa DBP dan yang berkaitan perlu melihat serius perkara ini. Jangan terlalu fikir aspek komersial, mahu untung dan untung,  tetapi perkara yang penting membabitkan sistem nilai dan identiti kita dipandang sepi dan sanggup diperdagangkan.


Okay la. Better a bit.

At least it's current.

Well, Gondrong is a very Malay guy.

He cares very much about these sort of stuff.

Me, I don't really care about such things.

I believe I can still survive if the Malays and their language become extinct.

I don't mind speaking Eskimo.

As it is, whether Malays and their language survive is up to Malays themselves.

If they can't even keep their shit together, then they don't deserve to have their language and culture around.

It's as simple as that.

Just live the Mat Salleh style lah. More class what. Speaks broken English also never mind.

Anyway, being Malay is associated with being very negative these days.

So backward. So corrupted. So Umno.


By the way, how come Najib is still so free walking around?

He doesn't seemed scared people are going to beat him up for being a thief and such as he was accused.

This is him having a chit chat with two Chinese ladies in front of Affin Bank in Wangsa Maju yesterday morning.

The lady wearing helmet was not holding him so that he can't run away while the lady in red was not trying to call the police to arrest him.

Really, they were just having a chit Bahasa Melayu, I think.

You can read the story here;

OKU Menangis Bila Nampak Wajah Najib

Well, that's what they wrote....don't know lah.

I think this was around the time Rosmah was being grilled at the MACC headquarters for 13 hours.

They better charge and find her guilty with something.

Otherwise a lot of people are not going to be very happy.

Tuesday 25 September 2018

Japanese pastries for breakfast and Nasib Melayu

Woke up at about 5am. I'm at this hotel in PJ.

That's the weird thing about me staying at hotels as I always sleep and wake up early like this.

At home, I normally sleep and wake up late.

Washed my face and brushed my teeth. I'll take shower later.

Made myself a cup of coffee and unpacked the pastries I bought at Chateraise yesterday evening. My breakfast.

Okay lah. Not so bad.

The room I'm staying costs over RM300 but without breakfast. So, have to make do lah.

Checked my messages and found two from my friend Gondrong.

He's ranting about the state of Malays again.

Sent him a message telling him to write about current issues for a change.

The guy really can write and knowledgeable about issues, so hopefully he'll write accordingly next time.

Anyway, since he had went through the trouble writing these two, I'm publishing them so that they don't go to waste.


By Si Gondrong

Melayu sudah benci dengan bangsanya sendiri. Mereka mengkhianati sesama sendiri.

 Yang berkuasa dan mendapat banyak laba khianat pada bangsanya. Yang susah kurang dibela. Perjuangan bela agama bangsa dan negara sudah semakin hilang.

 Kalau inilah rupanya bala semakin melanda bangsa yang semakin mengecil ini.

Mereka dilihat bijak berpolitik tapi tidak cukup bijak bela bangsanya.

Melayu apa yang ada. Bangsa ini semakin hari semakin hilang.

 Sistem demokrasi raja berperlembagaan yang sepatutnya membela nasib orang Melayu dan melindungi agama Islam pun semakin pudar dan kurang dihormati lagi.

 Melayu tidak pernah belajar sejarah bagaimana mereka kehilangan kuasa, ditindas penjajah dan hak dilucutkan.

 Sebab pemerintah tamak haloba pentingkan diri, jauh dari menjaga kepentingan rakyat jelata.

 Sejarah nampaknya sedang berulang lagi dalam suasana politik yang berbeza. Melayu bercakaran sesama sendiri, baik di pimpinan atas mahu pun akar umbi.

Cuba tanya pemimpin Melayu itu  betul kah perjuangan mereka untuk menyatu atau sekadar mengejar kuasa untuk diri sendiri keluarga rakan2 taulan dan sahabat handai.

Melayu marhaen terus diperbodoh oleh retorik perjuangan. Terus hidup susah, miskin, serba serbi kurang, digula2kan dengan sedikit habuan dan hiburan.

 Sedarlah orang Melayu kita sudah tiada apa-apa lagi.

 Ramai orang Melayu yang malu mengaku Melayu.

Mereka merujuk diri sebagai jawa bugis makasar banjar bangka dsb.

Begitulah nasib Melayu terus dikhianati bangsanya sendiri. Wallahuaklam.

By Si Gondrong

Selalu berlaku sedang menjamu selera di warong atau restoran kita ditegur pemungut derma, kanak2 menjual kacang kuda, OKU cacat penglihatan dibantu sedara atau rakan mohon belas ihsan dan sebagai balasan penderma dibahagi sebungkus tisu.

Siapa mereka. Mereka adalah orang2 Melayu. Kanak-kanak 9 tahun berjual kacang kuda, pemungut derma untuk bina surau masjid, anak2 remaja yang mendakwa dari pusat tahfiz menjual barangan.

Mereka beraktiviti di waktu siang dan malam untuk mendapat sesuap rezeki.

Di kaki2 lima di bank2 atau restoran, orang Melayu berjualan kerepek.

Ada juga buka khemah atau dgn kereta sorong berjualan apam balik, putu bambu.

Kehidupan di bandar kais pagi makan pagi kais petang makan petang. Kadang kala tak dpt apa2.

Yang gelandangan, tidur di kaki2 lima termasuk di terminal bas. Nak sewa bilik pun sampai RM300 ke RM500 sebulan.

Memungut sampah dan bahan untuk kitar semula guna kereta serong, duduk di rumah setinggan sewa tanah tol, atas rizab sungai atau tanah2 kerajaan. Siapa mereka. Orang Melayu.

Apabila tanah dibangun yang menumpang atas tanah milik persendirian atau kerajaan dipindah.

 Tak tahu kemana mereka berhijrah sebab nak beli rumah tak mampu. Begitulah pusingan hidup mereka.

Yang pemilik tanah sanggup menjual tanah bukan saja tak tahan harga tinggi tapi tak tahan persekitaran pembangunan. Kampung dan isi penduduk dianaktirikan, pendatang berduit ditatang bagai minyak yang penuh  diberi pelbagai keistimewaan.

Orang Melayu ini bukan saja berlumba2 dengan rakan cina dan india malah bangsa pendatang singapura thailand bangla nepal india dan negro yang sering kali kita lihat nasib pendatang ni lebih baik.

Apa beza warganegara dengan pendatang. Subsidi mereka pun dapat. Banyak kemudahan lain pun mereka dapat.

Kata orang inilah bumi bertuah. Warga asing bertumpu2 mahu ke sini secara sah atau haram. Rohinga pun kita sanggup bela atas dasar kemanusiaan. Bertuah ke Orang Melayu.

 Macam2 mereka dapat. Melayu ni warga kelas berapa agaknya di tanah tumpah darah mereka Tanah Melayu. Begitulah adanya di negara serba boleh.

Okay, I need to go shower and do the necessary now.

Have a good day guys.

Monday 24 September 2018

Chair throwing, PKR culture?

Eh, what is this la

14 detained over PKR election brawl

So bad is it that

PKR election in four states postponed,

 Kedah polls cancelled

Well, there was this excuse

Election postponed to ensure
 clean election - Anwar

but I think it's just them being plain screwed up.

If I'm not mistaken, there were also fracas during previous PKR elections back then even before the party gained power.

Now even more la.

After all, there's that Rafizi versus Azmin fight. So much at stake, I guess.

As I wrote previously, it's actually a

So, maybe that's why they ended up throwing chairs at each other and stuff.

I believe it's going to just get worse later on when the results come out.

Well, never mind. None of my business, actually.

Just surprised that I was actually right on the part about them not being any better than Umno and its BN gang once they are in power....maybe even worse.

Yup, that's the Pakatan party with the most number of seats in Parliament.

Maybe that's why they started to throw those chairs around. They have too many of them.

Sunday 23 September 2018

A wedding, and chances of Johor Umno's revival

Attended a wedding reception in Batu Pahat yesterday.

Selamat pengantin baru to Nazrin and Noorhaida.

Very nice to meet some of the old gang from the pre-GE13 Johor there.

Former Johor MB TS Abdul Ghani Othman and his wife PS Prof Jamilah Ariffin were there.

The groom is the son of former senior exco member Datuk Zahri Jamil and wife Datin Naini Drahman.

All good people.

Seeing them reminded me of those good days back then.

I didn't get to talk much with them though, as everyone were there with their family.

Just salam and chit chat a bit.

But it was still nice.

For one thing, I know that none of my old gang have switched sides.

Even the few whom I knew had given up on Umno preferred to be neutral rather than joining the PH camp.

Most of them still wanted to help with the revival of Johor Umno.

Personally, I think the possibility of Johor Umno getting back on its feet is quite good.

It's new chief Datuk Hasni Mohammad has turned out to be better than I expected.

Definitely much better than Khaled Nordin.

I was at first sceptical of Hasni as he is one of the strongest supporter of TS Muhyiddin Yassin in Johor when the latter was the Umno deputy president, but he turned out quite far.

At least he's quite receptive to new ideas and willing to accept help from others including members of my old gang who were hounded out of Johor by the Khaled gang back in 2013.

I heard he's already doing quite a few right things.

Unlike Khaled, I know that Hasni is not surrounded by "advisers" who insulated him from knowing about the realities around him.

It's also good that Khaled and his irritating boys were no longer around for much in Johor and the fact that many of the old war lords among the division chiefs had been replaced by younger ones may helps a lot.

On the ground, I believe support for Umno in Johor will return if the party could do the right things.

What ever it is, I believe that Johor Umno on its own has a better chance to bounce back from the GE14 defeat compared to the party at national level.

Well, I heard things were quite fucked up at the party headquarters in KL these days.

That's why good people like Tok Pa and Anifah Aman left the party.

But I rather not elaborate on it.

That's for party president DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to fix.

If he fails to do so, then this would probably how many Umno members will react soon,

Wednesday 19 September 2018

Malay leaders

I asked my friend Gondrong to write about this

Mustapa Mohamed quits Umno 

but the guy was in one of his weird moods and wrote this instead,


By Si Gondrong

Sedih dan kecewa. 

Melayu dicarik-carik seperti helaian kain yang sudah buruk menjadi kecil-kecil sebelum ditiup angin berterbanganlah ia tanpa haluan. 

Cuba tanya pemimpin Melayu ni. Siapa yang mencarik-carik dan memecahbelahkan Orang Melayu.

Disebabkan berebut kuasa, tamak, sikap mementingkan diri, sehinggakan tanggungjawab hakiki untuk menjaga kesejahteraan bangsa Melayu terus dilupa. 

Yang ditumpukan macam mana hendak mendapatkan kuasa dan kepentingan. 

Ceritera selepas PRU14 terus berlegar-legar kepada perebutan kuasa. 

Sehinggakan, rakyat semakin muak dengan episod yang tiada kesudahan. 

Bangsa lain terus berlari jauh dan laju, tapi Melayu terus mencatur kuasa. 

Tanpa disedari kuasa yang didamba sebenarnya sudah semakin terhakis dan bakal lenyap. 

Jangan salahkan sesiapa. 

Lihat lah jauh2 ke dalam diri. 

Sudah tiada lagi ihsan dan hikmah walaupun ungkapan itu sering diulang-ulang dalam ucapan retorik pemimpin-pemimpin Melayu. 

Sesetengah pemimpin Melayu  yang melihat kebobrokan dalam partinya terus menyisih diri ada yang mencari dahan baru untuk bergayut dan ada yang  mengambil tindakan menjauhkan diri. 

Trend ini akan terus berlaku kerana tidak nampak sebarang perubahan besar-besaran kebangkitan Melayu. 

Sehinggalah nanti kuasa yang didambakan itu sudah tiada lagi.

Monday 17 September 2018

Anwar's relevancy and about garbage in UiTM

Looks like Anwar is beginning to feel the heat ever since initiating the PD Move.

Saw this Bernama's story just now,

Anwar rubbishes views 
he is no longer relevant


The Prime Minister-in-waiting,  who is 71 now, said the 11 years he spent behind bars had made him a person who truly understood the people’s problems, specifically of those in the lower income group and that this would serve him in good stead when he became the nation’s leader.

“There are cynical views that I am already old and no longer relevant to get back into government,” he said at the “Pidato Malaysia Baharu: Mengisi Harapan Rakyat” event at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre here tonight. 

Well, looks like someone will make a better PM if he/she had spent time in jail....according to Anwar lah.

Hmmm....maybe Najib should take comfort in that. If he goes to jail over whatever they are now throwing at him, upon his release, he could become PM again and be a better one.....even if at that time he's already 71 years old.

Guan Eng should be hopeful as he had spent time in jail at one point....and so do many criminals too.

Hahaha....stop panicking, I'm just joking, okay.

Anyway, I think Anwar is beginning to realise that he is no longer as popular as he used to be and the PD Move could actually backfires.

And then there's the fact that

PKR factions are at each

 other’s throat over PD move

Whatever it is, I think Anwar should just gracefully retire.

His insistence to become PM is becoming a bit embarrassing....I think even for many in PH.

I don't think someone past 70 and with such a chequered history should lead the Malaysia Baru.

Being 71 is not "Baru", okay.

I'm more in favour of the relatively young Azmin taking over from Dr Mahathir should the handsome old man really does stepped down in mid-term as promised.

Better still if Dr Mahathir stays on till the end of his days.

Ya, he's two decades older than Anwar but Dr Mahathir is of a different class altogether.

Anwar is definitely not of the same level as Dr Mahathir.

Another good thing if Dr Mahathir stays as PM till the end is that we can avoid having to go through another round of him trying to topple his successors such as Pak Lah and Najib.

Just imagine, later on, after he stepped down and Anwar becomes PM, we start to hear Dr Mahathir being unhappy again and wants to topple him too.

After all, I don't believe that Anwar is any better than Pak Lah or even Najib.

However, I think the risk of another such a campaign is less though if it's Azmin and not Anwar being the one taking over from Dr Mahathir.

Well, at least that's how I see it.

On a completely different matter, I took this picture earlier today while waiting for my cousin at the Mawar hostel of UiTM, Shah Alam,

This is right in front of the girls' hostel.

My cousin, who stays there said the garbage had not been collected for quite a few days.

Maybe it's because of the long weekend, but that should not be an excuse.

They should come up with a better system for it.

I really think that the UiTM administrators should not let this happen again.

A campus of an institute of higher learning should not look like a slum area with garbage strewn all over the place like that no matter what.

Simply not a conducive studying environment, okay.

It may also make the students think that things such as having garbage all over the place where they live are normal.

That's not good.

Hopefully they take note of this and not let it happen again.

Friday 14 September 2018

Haters, stop bitching, please

I think I better write something now.

Been a week since my last posting and some of you are starting to complain and accuse me of things such as this one

Dedak belum dapat cannot thinklah.

Crazy. Don't know why some of you who really hate me wanted me to write more.

There were quite a few of those but I deleted some of them because they went to extreme whacking other bloggers too.

Hey, why whack other bloggers here. Go to their blog and do that there la, okay. Want me to quarrel with them, is it?

But never mind lah.

I was actually not feeling really well the past week.

And I have to take care of some personal issues too.

So, no time and energy for this blog.

Actually there were lots of stuff I could comment but it was too taxing for me to do so.

They were mostly nonsense such as Najib showing off documents that are evidence of the Arab king giving him the money everyone said he stole via 1MDB. Much too late and would not make any difference isn't it? So why bother.

Then there were the usual bullshit from Guan Eng about this and that. Well, if I wrote about those, all his fanboys would jump at me. I have no energy for that.

And of course there was that stupid Education Minister quarrelling with students over his appointment as IIUM president. And that of his political secretary to UUM. Serves those students right for believing in him. Anyway, what the hell were they doing bothering themselves with such stupidity instead of studying.

On the lewd front, there was that aide of a deputy minister taking upskirt picture of a girl. That's really sick, okay. Too disgusting for me to write.

On the racial front, there was that sort of professor quoted by a government's TV station claiming that Indians are the real bumiputra of this country. and I thought that one was over and done with by that Kulasegaran minister. And they said I'm the one playing the racial card. Well, whatever.

Errrr. what else?

Oh ya, now we are going to have the PD Move for Anwar.

That I can write a lot.

After all, I was in the thick of things during the Kajang Move back in 2014. It's more or less the same nonsense.

They really think they can do anything these days and the rakyat would swallow it.

Well, maybe they were right.

So, why should I bother myself trying to tell people that the whole thing is just pure crap.

Making Anwar the PM is really a crappy idea, okay.

I believe even Dr Mahathir knows that. He even said so back then....of course in some other words....ya, including that liwat word.

Anyway, why is it so important for Anwar to become PM?

Too big an ego, I guess.

Never mind.

If Malaysians want Anwar as their PM, then who am I to bitch about it. They can go ahead and have him as PM, and I wouldn't really give a shit.

I believe my life will go on.

I got more important things to watching Korean movies.

Just finished watching this one

The Man from Nowhere 

 Quite good.

Here's the trailer

Well, that's all for now.

I hope the haters will stop complaining and bitching after reading this one.

Really guys, I was not well and busy with other things the past week.

Ok. Ciao.

Friday 7 September 2018

Answering the spin on paddy and rice industry


By Lebai Sudin

Baru-baru ni aku ditunjukkan oleh beberapa rakan dua artikel dan satu video. Ketiga-tiganya pasal beras. Aku ingatkan orang tak minat pasal beras ni, kerana mudah nak dapat beras di mana-mana pun.

Dah jadi subjek aku, dia orang tunjuk dua artikel dan satu video. Artikel pertama dari blog OutSyed The Box, yang kedua keratan akhbar SelangorKini, manakala video dikeluarkan oleh Padi Rescue.

Bagi aku, kedua-dua artikel tu macam karung..sumbat je lah apa yang nak dimasukkan..blanket semuanya sekali.

Artikel OutSyed pada 3 September 2018 dengan Tajuk - Kenapa Harga Barang Di Malaysia Selalu Tinggi? - kata jawapan mudahnya kerana ekonomi negara kita terlalu terkawal. Aku tak mahu ulas perkara-perkara yang dimaksudkan sebagai kawalan itu, kecuali bab beras lah. Artikel tu kata antara kawalannya ialah wujudnya Telekom, TNB dan Bernas.

Tak taulah kalau semua bebas, free enterprise..harga akan jadi rendah. Hartanah kat negara ni ditentukan oleh pasaran. tak murah mana pun, semakin mahal adalah. begitu juga dengan barang-barang lain. Yang rendah adalah yang dikawal, iaitu barangan kawalan.

Tak semestinya yang monopoli tu harganya mahal, apatah lagi dalam hal negara kita, yang dimaksudkan monopoli itu adalah di bawah kawalan kerajaan, seperti Telekom, TNB dan Bernas. Ia kekal di bawah kawalan kerajaan kerana berkait dengan hal keselamatan negara.

Tak semua benda boleh free enterprise… beras kalau dilepaskan untuk pasaran tentukan, ada masalah lain akan timbul, dan pernah berlaku dalam krisis beras 1973 dan 1974. Sebab itulah peranan LPN yang kemudian jadi Bernas diwujudkan sebagai pengimport tunggal beras. Importnya je yang tunggal, lain-lain terbuka.

Peringkat pengilangan, borong dan runcit, semuanya terbuka dan tidak dikawal oleh Bernas. Malah sebagai pengimport tunggal, Bernas diberi tanggungjawab bantu pengilang, pesawah (pembeli terakhir padi pesawah/urus subsidi) dan jaga stok negara bagi pihak kerajaan.

Aku pernah sebut ada lebih 200 kilang beras yang mana 30 daripadanya milik Bernas. Ada lebih 3,400 pemborong dan hanya 13 adalah anak syarikat BERNAS. Ada lebih 42,000 peruncit dan BERNAS langsung tak terlibat.

Malah, beban kerajaan ditanggung oleh Bernas yang diberi permit mengimport beras. Ia bukan mutlak pun, cuma kerajaan tak beri kepada pihak lain untuk import beras. Bisnes mengimport beras diberikan kepada Bernas sebagai mengimbangi tanggungawab kerajaan yang mesti dilaksanakan oleh Bernas.

So istilah monopoli tidak tepat sama sekali.

Artikel SelangorKini pada 5 Sept 2018 dengan tajuk - Monopoli Bernas Bakal Tamat - memetik kenyataan Timbalan Menteri Pertanian dan Asas Tani, Sim Tze Tzim.

Ayat pertama artikel tu kata - Monopoli pasaran beras oleh Bernas akan ditamatkan bagi menjamin kepentingan pengguna lebih terjamin.

Timbalan Menteri berkata, langkah itu memberi peluang kepada pembekal beras berkelayakan memasarkan beras.. dan bla..bla..tak boleh satu syarikat sahaja mengedar beras…bla..bla..

Nah.. monopoli ikut mana ni.. sama ada Timbalan Menteri kurang faham atau tak sedar fakta industri beras atau wartawan yang tulis pun tak pasti dengan fakta.. tak tau lah.. kesannya pembaca akan keliru dengan industri beras.

Kesannya juga telah membuatkan muncul video Padi Rescue.. kumpulan ini kata menamatkan monopoli Bernas tak selesaikan masalah. Malah, katanya, membiarkan pasaran menentukan industri (100 peratus terbuka kepada swasta) dibimbangi boleh berlaku krisis beras seperti 1974.

Nah..betul lah tu.. ekoran krisis 1974, maka kerajaan buat LPN untuk jalankan tugas kerajaan. Kemudian kerajaan nak kurangkan beban serta mahu tingkatkan kecekapan, lalu LPN diswastakan menjadi Bernas, tetapi dikawal syarat-syarat ditetapkan oleh kerajaan dengan kerajaan sendiri punyai kuasa veto dalam Lembaga Bernas.

Aku tak fikir kerajaan sanggup urus 100 peratus industri padi dan beras ini macam yang Padi Rescue mahukan. Kita kena realistik. Kerajaan tak mampu tanggung semuanya. Memberi bisnes mengimport beras kepada Bernas adalah bagai subsidi silang untuk Bernas memikul tanggungjawab kerajaan.

Peringkat awal, ketika Padi Rescue mula perjuangkan hal beras ini, mereka mahu tugas mengimport beras oleh Bernas sahaja ditamatkan. Sekarang apabila kerajaan mencanangkan mahu berbuat demikian, Padi Rescue rasa ia tak selesai masalah.

Desakan awal Padi Rescue sebelum ini, barangkali didorongi oleh pemborong-pemborong yang mahukan AP. Mereka mahu AP yang diberikan kepada Bernas diagihkan kepada mereka. Ia sebenarnya tak selesaikan masalah pesawah. Sekarang Padi Rescue mungkin dah sedar tu.

Masalah industri padi dan beras negara, adalah masalah pengeluaran. Soal membangun dan memajukan pesawah serta meningkatkan pengeluaran. Ia bukan soal selepas tuaian. Pengedaran beras di pasaran tidak ada masalah. Itu sebenarnya… jadi jangan kelirukan rakyat..

Wednesday 5 September 2018

State of journalism

The media was said to be free, balanced and everything good in Malaysia Baru.

Not like during the BN's time in power.

Well, I'm doing this short post because I opened the website of national news agency Bernama just now.

These are the latest stories on its first page of the political section;

PH in comfortable lead to win Balakong
 by-election amid concern of low turnout

PH set up 10 booths to help
 voters check polling centres

Upgrading of Balakong road
 project not to fish for votes - Baru

Constituency to be contested by Anwar
 to be announced this month - Saifuddin Nasution

PPBM adopts 'open door' policy
 to those keen to join the party

Seri Setia by-election: Halimey
 confident voters' support remained

Look at my track record, 
says Azmin to delegates

Seri Setia by-election: Internal squabbles
 in PKR not affecting PH's campaign

Balakong youngsters hope 
for a safer and better road quality

Mahathir says will honour 
PH agreement on succession

So, okay or not?

Free, balanced and everything good?

Well, never mind.

Anyway, I'm actually more interested in this story by Reuters;

 How Myanmar punished two reporters

 for uncovering an atrocity

Brave guys, those journalists.

Well, at least over here the authorities are no longer doing that to journalists....for now.

I'm always hopeful that Malaysia will have a truly free media one day.

I believe I have always been consistent on this since back then during the BN's rule.

Please check the archive of this blog before simply accusing me of these and those, okay.

Maybe you all want to read again this post of mine which I wrote on May 20 2015;

Journalists need balls

If you don't feel like reading that, maybe you want to watch this instead, okay.

Tough, right? Even in Malaysia Baru. Even for me.

Tuesday 4 September 2018

About the pizza that the boy eats

The other day I wrote this post

About possibly more expensive goods and services


Just this morning my friend told me that the price of pre-cooked pizza she normally buys at Aeon Big supermarket has gone up.

It used to be RM4.70 per piece but now RM5.20.

I know, you all may say pizza is not an essential item, but that's not the case with my friend.

You see, my friend has a son who is with autism and the boy eats mostly pizza and roti canai. Seriously. He doesn't eat rice at all.

And for pizza, he only eats either those at Pizza Hut or that one prepared at Aeon Big. He doesn't even eat those at Domino Pizza.

Well, that's how it is with children with autism.

So, my friend has to bear with this. Hopefully the price will not go up further after the SST is implemented.

Unfortunately, the price did goes up.

Today my friend forwarded me this message;

30 Ogos beli pizza Mikail RM5.20 (harga asal), rasanya dah lama saya tak beli dgn harga asal.. selalunya RM4.90, RM4.70.. tadi bertanya kepada adik2 di bahagian bakery AEON Big (adik2 ni mmg dah kenal lah muka mama mikail tanya"nak berapa kak").. menurut mereka harga asal RM5.20, harga semasa GST RM4.90 (kiranya harga promotion), bila tax holiday 0%, diberi lagi harga promotion RM4.70.. tidak pasti bila dikembalikan kepada harga asal RM5.20 (bukan setiap hari saya pergi ECM tu), menyedari harga RM5.20 pada 30 Ogos apabila ke ECM untuk stock up pizza aeon big Mikail..

Hari ini terkejut (hari terkejut sambungan hari terkejut seMalaysia semalam) rupa2nya pizza Mikail ni ada SST.. so hari ni harga naik kepada RM5.51..😳 tang mana SST tu turun kan harga barang????? Semua makanan yang di bahagian bakery tu kena SST.. (buat masa ni roti canai, milo Mika kat kedai mamak tu masih lagi harga yang sama)

Adik2 tu cakap kami pun terkejut kak dgn harga tu.. adalah org tu syor beli jer pizza from pizza hut.. mmg lah pizza hut buat masa ini take away personal pan masih lg RM4.70.. tapiiii pizza from Pizza Hut Mikail hanya makan based/dough nya saja, topping tak makan.. lagi pulak kalau pizza from Pizza Hut personal pan tak cukup, dia makan yang regular sebab topping tak makan. Kenapa saya beli pizza from AEON Big? Sebabnya Mikail makan the whole pizza hawaiian chicken tu incl topping (dgn slice chicken, nenas semuanya dia makan) at least dia makan benda lain selain dari tepung (roti canai, tepung.. base/dough pizza pun tepung)

Susah nak explain kat orang yang tak faham anak kita ni.. (lagi2 orang yang sokong sgt SST ni... oppppssss)

Well, what to do. That's just how it is.

That's all.

Malaysia Baru's Rule of Law


Guan Eng was freed from corruption charges


MACC to be surprised

Well, a lot of others were also said to be surprised.

At my last post about Petronas, there were those who went out of topic and discussed the matter.

I even got scolded;

Aiyo Annie,

Cerita kurang umpphh lah!

Cerita apek dpt diskaun beli rumah sama macam khir toyo tapi sorang dibebaskan tapi sorang lagi kena penjara. Ini baru cerita best...

Satu lagi itu orang invoke pun bebas jugak walaupun dia curi maklumat rahsia pelanggan bank.

Apalah Annie tak pandai cari isu.

Itu cerita petron tak ada kena mengena dgn Tun M lah. Lagipun petron cuma salah satu pembekal bukan pembekal utama. Ini bukan isu langsung!

Yes, some wondered why Guan Eng got away with it while Khir Toyo, whose case was more or less the same went to jail;

Cerite apek boleh lepas tuduhan rasuah pelik sikit..Bila UMNO perintah, ada Menteri Besar yg kena tuduh rasuah dan didakwa.Tiada gangguan sapa sapa dan hakim boleh secara 'indenpendent' buat keputusan bersalah.

Bila PH perintah, kes lebih kurang sama, ada pulak hakim secara 'independent' boleh buat hukuman tak bersalah. Musykil saya semusykil keampunan ekspres Anwar Ibrahim.Nilah cara baru pemerintahan PH.Rule of Law, ye..

Hmmmm.....Rule of Law.....what's that all about....

But then again, there were those who defended the Guan Eng's acquittal.

This is a rather long one;

Anon 17:09.

"Cerita apek dpt diskaun beli rumah sama macam khir toyo tapi sorang dibebaskan tapi sorang lagi kena penjara. Ini baru cerita best..."

Memang 'cerita best' bila, kes rasuah beli rumah banglo antara Khir Toyo & Guan Eng ada persamaan, tetapi 'hasilnya' berbezanya:-

1). Masa & ketika mereka berdua diseret ke Mahkamah berbeza.
2). 'Motif' mereka berdua diseret ke mahkamah, juga berbeza.

Khir Toyo, nasibnya agak malang. Hujung 2007, di kritik hebat kerana incident MB hadiah penyapu kepada Yang Dipertua Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor (MDHS) kerana kutipan-cukai tidak memuaskan.
2008, Khir Toyo hilang jawatan MB setelah Selangor jatuh kepada PR dimana PAS adalah sekutu, bersama DAP. Ada yang mendakwa, BN Selangor kalah PRU12 kerana penjawat Awam marah kerana diaibkan dengan 'hadiah penyapu'.
Sudah jatuh ditimpa tangga, pembelian banglo dibawah harga pasaran dibongkar oleh Kerajaan Pembangkang Selangor. Pada penghujung 2010 dihadap kemahkamah. Akhir 2011 dijatuhi hukuman 12 bulan penjara dan rayuannya ditolak pada 2013. Akhirnya, pada 2015 Mahkamah Persekutuan, sekali lagi menolak rayuan beliau.

Oleh ynag demikian... ada yang berpendapat Khir Toyo di'kambing-hitam'kan sebagai 'bukti-teladan' bahawa UMNO/BN tidak bertolak-ansur dengan rasuah, sehinggakan pemimpin tertinggi sendiri pun, kerajaan BN sanggup seret kemahkamah. Maklumlah, kes beliau 'hangat' menjelang PRU13 (2013).

Manakala kes Guan Eng, pada pendapat/persepsi umum, beliau diseret kemahkamah... bermula July 2016... untuk memburuk-burukkan DAP, sebagai persediaan menghadapi PRU1 14. Lebih buruk lagi, Kerajaan Persekutuan(BN) seolah-olah teragak-agak untuk memulakan proceeding Mahkamah apabila PRU 14 semakin hampir, kemungkinan besar kerana gusar beliau terlepas dari sabitan bersalah atas alasan 'political conspiracy' untuk menafikan/sabotaj MB Pulau Pinang dari bertanding PRU14.

And I thought that Rule of Law is all about facts....not timing, motif and pendapat/persepsi umum.

Well, guess this is Malaysia Baru's Rule of Law.

Honestly, I was not surprised at all by all these because I had expected it when Pakatan won the general election.

In fact there were quite a number of other cases where the AG dropped the charges against Pakatan personalities since then.

Doesn't really matter.

For me they can do whatever they want.

That's what the rakyat want, right.

If later on the rakyat can't take their bullshit anymore, they may vote other people in the next general election.

Hopefully so.

For now, anything goes.

This is another comment from my last post;

Yes Malaysis baru everything good. Because they don’t steal !!!
So very sure this one....but never mind.

Have fun you guys.