Thursday 25 February 2016

Remembering Tunku Jalil

Was earlier on my way to the office when out of the blue I remembered the late Tunku Jalil.

It's one of those occasional moments when without any reason I remember someone who had passed away.

I recited the Surah Al-Fatihah and prayed in my heart,

"Dear Allah, I recited that surah for Tunku Jalil. I hope You may accept it. Please place arwah by Your side, among those whom You love."

It's my usual doa whenever I remember or miss someone whom I loved who is no longer in this world.

I do that quite regularly for my late grandparents (my father's parents) and uncles who had passed away.

I'm not a really religious person and I do not know how to recite the proper doa.

Hopefully Allah don't mind too much my lack of religious knowledge.

When Tunku Jalil passed away in December last year, I didn't write anything except republishing what I had earlier wrote about the late prince,

I was actually at that time lost for words.

I do not consider myself a royalist but somehow the passing of Tunku Jalil moved me so much, the same way when his grandfather, the late Sultan Iskandar died a few years earlier.

The significance of the late Tunku Jalil to me was that when I found out he was suffering from cancer, I started to follow his going arounds and in the process rediscovered my love for my home state Johor.

It was at a time when I started to hate Johor for all the bad things which were happening there.

The late prince represented all that are good about Johor.

Kind, caring, courageous, humble, etc.

Reading about how bravely Tunku Jalil struggled to cope with his ailment made me realised my own shortcomings.

It made me realised that I'm not necessarily right about everything, especially about how I see my home state at that time, and that there were many flaws in the way I live my life.

The good prince had such a short time in this world, yet he filled his life with such an abundance of love and compassion.

It's something that I really admired in him.

In comparison, sometimes I tend to be quite nasty and unkind to people who make me angry.

I wish, I can be more like the late prince.

Life should be more about love, and not hate.

I wish I can be more redha (to accept things as fated and be patient about them).

Anyway, I will always remember Tunku Jalil for all the goodness in him.

Found this video clip about the late prince which I like very much and putting it here for remembrance,


  1. I saw recently the History Channel's coronation of Sultan Johor and it was so poignant to see Tunku Jalil, knowing he would be gone soon.
    He was the handsomest one, tall and gentle.
    I really like this royal family, especially the Sultan and Tunku Ismail.
    Used to be terrified of the grandfather though.

    1. Yes, the Johor royal family are for the people. Share your sentiments about the grandfather, though.

  2. Eh Eh kebetulan pula.Saya pun masa mandi tadi teringat kat Tunku Jalil.Cumanya dalam kepala saya ligat memikirkan kenapa perkara tak baik sering terjadi pada orang baik.Sedangkan orang yang jahat jarang sekali berlaku kejadian yang tidak diingini dalam taqdir hidup mereka.

    Tapi itulah dia,dunia ini tidak ada maknanya melainkan medan ujian buat demi kehidupan abadi di akhirat.Dunia bukan tempat untuk berfoya foya.Kita diuji dalam pelbagai bentuk.Kadangkala kita tak sedar pun itu 1ujian.

    Firaun pun bermaharajalela berpuluh tahun tanpa diusik sikit pun oleh Allah.Hanyasa disaat saat akhir hayatnya saja baharu dia diberi balasan setimpal.

    Kita manusia tak tau apa rencana Allah melainkan apa yang dikehendakinya.Apa yang boleh kita buat cuma melakukan apa yang kita rasa betul dan tinggalkan apa yang kita fikir salah.
    Wallahu a'lam.

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  4. Don't cry for me my friends. I wait for thee in the eternal .....

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