Saturday 20 February 2016

Pork-free, roti canai with mushroom and cheese, a song for angry birds

I was at Sutera Mall the other day to do some stuff.

Was with a friend, who is a Chinese.

After getting our things done, we decided to have lunch at one of the many eateries there.

My friend wanted to try the Thai food at The Boat Noodle.

We walked over there and I saw several Malays including girls wearing tudung among the customers.

They were enjoying varieties of soupy noodle and other types of food in small bowls.

Each bowl costs RM1.90 and normally everyone may order up to five bowls per meal.

My friend ordered for himself and me what he deemed to be the best of choices available.

I'm not very good at ordering food.

I just ate.

Quite nice.

I finished all my bowls of noodles.

Then suddenly I remembered something.

I called the waiter and asked him,

"Is this restaurant pork-free or halal?"

"This is a pork-free restaurant Miss," he replied.

I made a face at my friend and said,

"I'm not supposed to eat here lah. They said pork-free is not good enough. I can only eat at halal shops."

My friend replied.

"Bab makanan kena yakin...Kalau da was-was tak payah makan."

"Eh shut up la. You are not a Muslim, what do you know?" I said to him, a bit irritated.

"Adik angkat aku yang cakap macam tu la. Lagi pun sekarang ni Cina pun boleh jadi pejuang tegar Umno dan penyelamat Umah," he replied with a laugh.

"Ya lah, clever la you," I said, too fed up to argue with him.

At the same time I told myself to be more careful next time.

By the way, last night I had a sure halal food for dinner,

Roti Canai Cendawan Cheese (Roti Canai with mushroom and cheese)


I'm not good at describing how good it is.

You all, especially those in JB should try it yourself.

It's at Warung Jalil in front of the fire-station of Taman U.

Delicious, I tell you.

Okay, for a bit of Saturday entertainment, here's an old song dedicated to all the people who are angry with me out there :)

As the Malays say,

Jangan marah-marah. Nanti lekas tua....dan jadi gemuk dan...macam-macam lagi lah :)

But if you all still want to be angry with me, then go ahead and knock yourselves silly, okay. I don't give a shit.



  1. "Roti Canai Cendawan Cheese (Roti Canai with mushroom and cheese)"

    Ehhhh, power beb!

    Tak pernah nampak kat KL.

    Sounds real good, tho'...

  2. "Jangan marah-marah. Nanti lekas tua....dan jadi gemuk dan...macam-macam lagi lah :)"

    Dedak is fattening, Annie.

    It is fed to farm animals to get them ready for market.

    The side-effect of too much dedak is, you keep repeating yourself.

    There is an old Ah So who goes to the pasar malam near me. Always mumbling to herself in confusion. Alzheimer's kut.

    What a sad, sad, sight.

  3. Kedai melayu 99% tak de sijil halal. Pergi tengok tempat food preparation and washing area, masya Allah!!!

    Malay-muslim themselves cannot qualify for sijil halal.

    Those pork-free restaurants which operate in malls, at least they meet certain hygienic standard. Authority just had to make sure they take the halal license. That's all.

    I don't bluff.Just go have a chat with inspektor kesihatan. Majority will agree with me.


  4. You aa Annie, so terrible one la.

    People don't kacau you why you kacau people.

    Before this you said people got smell one.

    You oso said people got troll other people's blog commenters.

    Now you said people people marah and gemok.

    You so bad one lah Annie.




    1. Aiyo, people whacked me upside down all over the place la. I just make little remarks only. No names even. If not fat smelly angry troll, why get angry one?

    2. "If not fat smelly angry troll, why get angry one?"

      As long as she's not a fat smelly angry boring troll....

      ....whoops too late.

      Gone case.


  5. Olang mau malah tatak bolih buat apa maa aa ,pandei punya olang cekap ,buat baik berpada-pada buat jahat jangan sekali.

    Itu Tun Mahathir mau buat baik ,mau kasi selamat sama negala pon manyak malah maa aa .

    Ini lunia dalam ,kalang-kalang manyak pelik maa aa .

    1. Wa manyak situju sama saulala Lufang.

      Itu Tung Bahathir mau kasi seramat sama itu Malaysia maa aa, tapi itu ah so manyaaaaaaak gembuk mau sokong itu Narchip Lazak, sibab itu ah so gembuk dapat tetak (macam itu olang butih pangkil, "letainer fee" untuk bikin plogging.)

      Lepas dapat itu tetak, itu ah so gembuk pigi beli lagi char shiu pau, itu sibab dia punyak padan soolah jadi macam char shiu, dia punyak mukak soolah jadi macam pau.

      Manyak seram punyak chalita ini macam, maa aa!

      Talima kasee, saulala Lufang.


    2. Lia sutak jumpa lia punya "Cai Shen Dao" maa aa ,tapi apa pasat mau malah lain oang lea aa .

      Manyak tatak patut maa aa , itu macam .

    3. Manyak tatak patut maa aa, mimang betoi.

      Wa ingak aa, tak lamak lagi, itu pemakan dedak simua kena tetak.

      Palan mukak.

  6. This morning at about 8.30 am at a kedai melayu in taipan 2, i swear i saw Ah So or her doppelganger eating nasi lemak bungkus, all by herself and checking her phone.
    I stared and stared but couldn't confirm because I've only seen her video and photo.

    Ah So, I know you're lurking here, were you there?

    Johor food memang sedap. Mak, wow, was a superb cook. Her bryani, laksa johor, kacang ful etc. Mouth watering. And she always served sirap bandung with ice cream soda and evaporated milk. Sweet and sinful.

    1. Ickkkkk...she has a "doppelganger"?

      You mean there are two women in this world who look like this?

      Biar betul : )

      PS: With Ah So's multiple chins, wouldn't you need a "dreifachganger". or triple-ganger, to accommodate all the flab?

  7. Halal bagi kebanyakkan orang Melayu setakat tiada babi dan alkohol sahaja. Jika itu menjadi kayu ukur, rata-rata semua kedai makanan adalah halal. Tetapi halal itu luas pengertian. Halal juga merangkumi toyibbah atau bersih.

    Dalam aspek kebersihan, rata-rata Kedai makanan Melayu adalah kotor. Lihat sahaja kucing-kucing yang berkeliaran dalam kedai, kadang-kadang duduk sampai atas meja. Lihat saja kucing duduk Dekat makanan dan makan dan menjilat sisa-sisa makan. Lihat makanan yang tidak ditutup dan lalat yang hinggap pada makanan. Kadang-kadang seram juga nammpak hidangan makanan sampai tidak selera.

    Apakah kita tidak sering dengar pelajar-pelajar asrama dikejar ke hospital kerana keracunan makan. Masakan apa yang dimakan mereka? Masakan Melayu. Apakah kita tidak kedengaran tetamu khenduri kahwin cirit-birit selepas menjamah makanan? Makanan apa? Masakan Melayu. Bukankah kita tidak terbaca orang Melayu mati makan ayam Masak merah dikhenduri kahwin.

    Jadi, dalam bab makanan penekanan kedai makanan Melayu hanya setakat halal sahaja, bukan memastikan kebersihan.

  8. Salutation to Annie,
    I only know of three things, regarding HALAL.
    One HARMFUL to one self,
    two HARMFUL to family,
    three HARMFUL to society.

    In EAST Malaysia, one can drink soup with pork but MUST not consume any pork-meat, according to a fellow muslim from the EAST. Why the different approach in western Malaysia?
    Same PROBLEM within the very same nation, different attitudes between the EAST & WEST.

    When you start to see "DEVIL" in everything, then take a good look at the mirror, because the BIGGEST devil is looking back at you!