Tuesday 30 November 2021

Man who loves his wife too much may end up being victim of political smear campaign

 I received inquiries from two ex-journalists about this story yesterday,

Businessman’s Bangsar offices raided in major money laundering, tax evasion probe


A source close to the investigations told MalaysiaNow that the raid some two weeks ago in Bangsar followed months of investigations into alleged money laundering and tax evasion involving hundreds of millions of ringgit.

It said officers had seized “some documents and items” as part of the probe.

It is also learnt that the raids were carried out while Vinod was out the country.

Both ex-journalists who contacted me about the nonsense basically asked whether those at The Vibes were okay.

That's because The Vibes is part of the Vinod guy's Petra Group and they were worried about their former colleagues who work there.

That's how journalists are these days. Even those who have left the media industry are always worried about one another whenever there is a story that may lead to more lay offs among them.

The two ex-journalists asked me about the Vinod story because I previously wrote this post about him,

Stop whacking the guy who created jobs for journalists

Yup, click on that link if you want to know how the guy created jobs for journalists who were being laid off left, right and centre not too long ago.

Well, I actually told the ex-journalists that their friends are safe.

That's because I know the story by that Azmin's portal was just a follow-up to an old bullshit.

I wrote about that one in this post;

About Hungarian ventilators and why God creates rich fools

I did however double checked on the so-called raid of the Petra Group office and this was what I found out;

- LHDN and MACC officials visited the office over two weeks ago when the company's senior people were not around.

- They asked some questions and were provided with what they needed.

Err...that's all that happened. 

Nothing dramatic like the office being ransacked and boxes of documents and stuff being hauled up into lorries like what they did to Najib back in 2018.

As to why the Azmin's portal blew up the incident in its story to a point of describing it as a scandal of the same size as 1MDB was as I explained in my previous post - it's just part of the Azmin-Anwar feud.

Azmin is trying to whack Vinod because he is an Anwar's supporter.

That's all there is to it. Really.

Well, I actually met and talked with Vinod only once but that was enough to convince me that he's an okay guy.

Quite humble for a rich man, who is relatively young at 53.

I noted only one peculiar thing about him though - the guy is so genuinely in love with his wife.

Rich men are normally not like that....probably because of their mistresses.

Seriously, I know about this sort of stuff just by observing the way men behave around their wives.

Can't blame Vinod though because his wife is very pretty and elegant - a bit like a Chinese Audrey Hepburn.

That, however, made me conclude that the guy is not very good in politics.

Men who love their wives too much tend to be idealists who end up making poor political choices.

Yup, that's my theory on why Vinod is supporting Anwar.

He wants to do good so much that he believes in Anwar's very persuasive talks.

If not for his support for Anwar, Vinod most likely doesn't need to put up with the Azmin's portal's smear campaign against him.

Anyway, do check what Vinod did with his extra money if you don't believe me about him trying to do good things.

I actually told him during that single encounter I had with him that I thought he was crazy for setting up The Vibes to help journalists who lost and about to lose their jobs when even powerful news organisations were abandoning them.

Vinod just laughed when I said that.

He seemed contented that he managed to help those journalists.

Well, hopefully he  laughed off this latest attempt to smear his reputation too.

Friday 26 November 2021

5G roll-out for Malaysian public, not for telcos to make even more profits

I'm actually a bit uncomfortable with the hate directed at the government's decision to employ its special purpose vehicle Digital Nasional Bhd (DNB) to handle Malaysia's 5G roll-out.

I believe that the explanation by Finance Minister Zafrul on the matter in Dewan Rakyat yesterday was good enough,

Zafrul expects public to benefit from proposed DNB-telcos deal 


He told the Dewan Rakyat today that was so because the government’s special purpose vehicle (SPV) on the 5G roll-out, Digital Nasional Bhd (DNB) will charge telecommunication companies (telcos) less than 20 sen per gigabyte for it.

He pointed out that the cost of producing a gigabyte under the telcos’ current 4G network is around 45 to 55 sen per gigabyte.

He estimated that the telcos will have to pay between RM3.5 billion and RM4 billion to DNB over a period of 10 years, which according to him would be cheaper then them developing their own 5G network infrastructure.

He said the telcos would need to spend up to RM1 billion per year if they are to invest in setting up their own 5G network.

Good what that with the deal we can get to use our phones and other gadgets at a cheaper cost.

I don't know how DNB is going to make it so much cheaper than if the whole thing be given to the telcos but Zafrul has put himself on the line by saying that.

It more or less means that the government has committed itself to keep the cost low. 

If it turns out to be just bullshit later, we can always fry Zafrul and the gang.

Anyway, why didn't the telcos counter whatever the DNB is selling to the public on the project by maybe arguing that they could offer an even better deal?

Why did their proposed 5G roll-out plan costs so much more than DNB's?

Was it to make the public continue to pay a lot more for their services?

As far as I'm concerned, as long as what is being done benefits the public, I have no problem with it.

I couldn't care less whether the telcos make more profits or otherwise.

Anyway, I have been told that some people are lobbying for the government to set up another entity to compete with DNB on the 5G project so that it wouldn't be a monopolistic venture controlled by cronies.

Well, if the government wants to consider that, then it must make sure the other proposed entity care to compete in the rural areas unlike the telcos, which have always been competing exclusively for the market in urban areas where the profits were.

Seriously, I'm of the opinion that our telcos, which were among the most profitable in the world only care about their profits.

Otherwise, how can anyone explain this;

Reports put Malaysia's 4G speeds at global bottom tier 


Among 100 countries, Malaysia ranked lower than Asean neighbours Vietnam, Thailand, and even poverty-stricken Laos when it came to “Best Mobile Experience” related to 4G LTE wireless broadband speeds, based on global independent data company Tutela’s report in September 2020.

The Tutela report titled “Global Mobile Experience: Country-level Comparison”, ranked Malaysia at 81, three notches below Indonesia’s 78.

Laos is number 75 on the ranking, below Thailand’s 74 and Vietnam’s 50. Meanwhile, Singapore is among the best 20 in the world at the 17th spot.

Yup, they gave us crap services yet make themselves lots of profits.

Kids in the villages have to climb trees to get connectivity for their online classes,  okay.

What's the point then with all the talk of the telcos going against monopoly while the public is getting a lousy deal despite  their supposed competition?

Honestly, I think that our telcos are just competing to make more profits for themselves at the expense of we all Malaysians and nothing else.

Unless they could offer something better to the public compared to what Zafrul had said about the DNB deal, I would like to suggest for them and their lobby group to just shut up about the 5G roll-out.

Thursday 25 November 2021

Tommy's racist, racist, racist chants

 Former AG Tommy Thomas asked

What has race got to do with being AG?


Thomas pointed out that he had worked for the PAS government as a legal adviser and for Malay institutions and they had never had an issue with him being around.

“When that appointment (as legal adviser to the Kelantan PAS government) took place, I stayed on as their lawyer, they did not take into account racial considerations. So, to some extent, we thought it would be the same at the public level.

“The lesson has been learnt. I agree with you that the establishment, including the legal establishment, has taken the position that this is a Malay preserve from Merdeka. I accept that,” he said.

Well, Tommy was basically saying that people were against him being appointed as the AG because of his race and that those who criticised his actions as the AG are racists.

Actually Tommy, people were against you being an AG because of this sort of things,

MACC gave Tommy Thomas 681 names to be charged in the 1MDB case but only FOUR went to court. Why?


WHEN TOMMY THOMAS was the Attorney-General, new and smelling likes roses, and the Pakatan Harapan government led by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was in power (and witch-hunting was hot in progress), the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) offered 861 681 names of individuals and entities to be charged for alleged corruption, alleged money laundering and alleged other crimes related to dethroned PM Najib Razak’s 1MDB. 

Tommy Thomas decided, and it would have absolutely nothing to do with selective prosecution or political pressure, if you ask him, to charge only FOUR.

Yes Tommy, it's really got little to do with your race.

Instead, it's because of your actions, which were tainted by partisan politics.

Remember all those charges against Pakatan people that you dropped when you were the AG?

It was too obvious, okay.

So typically Pakatan of you Tommy to cry racist, racist, racist whenever you were being criticised.

Especially if your critics were Malays.

It's the very reason why many Malays abandoned the Pakatan bandwagon after GE14.

They now realised that it was all mostly bullshit.

And now that the chips are down, many Pakatan people have started to openly accuse Malays as being racists and insulted them in all kind of manners.

Just look at their social media postings. I gave some examples in previous postings.

And of course that pisses even more Malays, which means that's about it for Pakatan's hope of coming back to power.

You cannot go around calling Malays racists and insult them to win their votes.

They are after all the majority in this country.

What? You are trying to shame them into supporting you?

Don't be such stupid arrogant racist pricks, okay.

Sigh...the worst are stupid, arrogant, racist lawyer pricks.

Sunday 21 November 2021

BN's Melaka victory: Pribumi is dead, Pakatan should stop dreaming

 Yup, this is the story as you all should know by now;

BN wins landslide victory in Melaka

As I wrote in my last post, I saw it coming just by looking at the way Pakatan and Perikatan conducted themselves throughout the campaigning period.

Honestly, they were just pathetic.

They shouldn't sell the same shit twice, especially after all that happened since BN was defeated in 2018.

Yet they were still peddling the same bullshit and even went overkilled with some of it.

Making Rosmah looked like an evil Squid Game character is not going to win you votes anymore, okay.

Well, my only regret was that the Rauf guy won in Tanjung Bidara.

Still credit to the voters there for drastically reducing the BN's majority in that Umno stronghold to just over 300.

That should send a clear message to Umno that it's not the party that people dislike but instead the crappy leaders that turned the people to hate the party.

The outcome of the Melaka Election is also the death knell of Pribumi Bersatu.

As far as I'm concerned, they are dead meat now. 

In fact I think they were already dead much earlier  when an MCA guy soundly beat their candidate in the Malay majority Tanjong Piai parliamentary by-election.

If not for the Pakatan implosion and the pandemic, the party would already be part of history now.

Starting tomorrow, I believe all the rats will be jumping out of the ship.

As for Pakatan , they should now kiss goodbye to any of their remaining hope for a repeat of their 2018 victory.

Even MCA and MIC candidates can win in Melaka this time.

Don't get angry with me for saying that because I already tried to advise them in this previous post of mine;

Pakatan must contain its racists to win in Melaka

Of course they would not listen to me as they think they are superior beings and can get away with calling people racists by themselves being racists.

And just look at the way they behaved in Dewan Rakyat...simply disgusting, okay.

Anyway, I think what happened in Melaka will most likely push forward the next general election.

BN may want it much earlier now that they know they could go on their own.

Yes, they don't even need PAS now, which I think is a good thing.

PAS betrayed them in Melaka by choosing to be with Pribumi Bersatu, and for that I think they should keep PAS away from them.

I was never comfortable anyway with the prospect of a government ,which is too Malay dominant.

It's better for Umno to go just with MCA and MIC as I think that's a better formula for Malaysia as it was for the past decades before their defeat in 2018.

The trio should be enough for the coalition. No need to take in any other parties, especially the likes of Gerakan PPP and such as they were just deadweights which turned traitors when the chips were down.

Okay, if the Sarawakians want to rejoin, then that's okay. At least they are worth something.

Well, on top of it all, Umno still need to learn the lessons from what happened since 2018 and clean up the party, especially by getting rid of the bad leaders.

It's the rakyat who allowed BN to bounce back instead of those crap leaders.

So, stop forcing them to accept such leaders, okay.

Oh, almost forgot, special congratulations to Mat Hasan for leading BN to victory in Melaka. 

Lucky that they put him back in charge after briefly replacing him with that boorish Tajuddin guy.

Umno people, please take note of this again - the rakyat don't want leaders like that Rauf and Tajuddin fellas anymore.

Please ya, offer them good leaders like Mat Hasan next time around.

Okay, cheers.

Friday 19 November 2021

BN is likely to win in Melaka

Talked with my friends in Melaka and they all said BN will win the state election tomorrow.

No surprise actually if that's the case, because Pakatan and Perikatan both seemed to have failed to raise their game during the campaigning period.

But then again, I'm writing this far from Melaka.

I'm not risking Covid-19 to be there just to check on things myself.

So, there is still the probability that what I'm writing here is not going to be true.

Well, whatever it is, I still wish for that Rauf guy to lose in Tanjung Bidara.

Other than that, I don't really mind BN winning the election.

After all, BN is offering the half way point between Pakatan and Perikatan.

Pakatan is offering what we see during their 22 months in power while Perikatan promising something like during Muhyiddin's administration with a bit more dose of the Malay Islamic stuff.

BN should be somewhere in the middle of those two.

Sure, they will say if BN wins, things will be back to bad and corrupt again, but just compare the Pakatan and Muhyiddin administrations with that of the previous BN government and honestly tell when was Malaysia better.

Seriously, was life better after BN fell in 2018?

Now, I believe that many people in Melaka will one way or another ask themselves that question before casting their votes tomorrow.

Bear in mind that roughly 68 per cent of them are Malays.

I'm quite sure most of the non-Malays will vote Pakatan, but the real fight in Melaka is between Umno and Pribumi Bersatu.

And I don't see Pribumi Bersatu leading Perikatan to victory despite teaming up with Pas to paddle a more Malay Islamic ideology.

The Malays may be put off by Pakatan's liberal ideology which many of them see as not being in their interest but they were also by right not so keen on Perikatan due to the bad memories of Muhyiddin's administration and his party's wishy washy image.

I also believe that BN would actually remind them of better times.

They will try not to see the flaws of Umno and its ugly corrupt tag to get back to that time.

Despite all the accusations about Umno leaders and their allies, for them life was better back then.

I know, some of you will say what I see and write here is shitty, but that's just how things seemed to be in Melaka at the moment.

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Not so hot for Undi18

 I wouldn't say that I'm against the Undi18 thing but I'm definitely not in favour of this country's fate being decided by persons who have yet able to survive in the world without the help of their parents.

Sorry kids, I don't really like the decision of those among you who still need to ask someone for money to buy their underwear to affect my life.

Seriously, I think those who are to be allowed to vote should not be because of their age but rather their ability to understand real life in real world.

If a kid is 15 but has worked to help support his/her family because of poverty or something, then by all means, let him/her vote.

Such a kid, I think deserves to vote more than an adult who never really know the harsh reality of life because of their privileged position in life.

Even more so compared to 18-year-olds who have yet to get a real taste of life.

Now we even have kids running for public office, thinking they know better about what the general public needs.

In Melaka, the press has started to highlight such a candidate;

Melaka polls: Youngest state election candidate says age no barrier to serving the people

Okay, fine.

But I think she should at least finishes college and works for a while first before running for public office.

I mean, get a taste of the real life before deciding she can represent others.

Anyway, after saying all that, I would say that I will nonetheless vote for her if her opponent is a worse choice to represent me...like that Melaka Umno boss Rauf.

At least the girl looks nicer and most probably wouldn't do too much damage.

I just hope that she wouldn't be as irritating as Syed Saddiq if she gets elected.

As for the other kids who will soon be voting, I hope they at least know how to take care of themselves first.

Okay, no need for them to work first or anything like that but they should know how to clean up their rooms, wash their own clothes and not being too much of a nuisance for their parents.

The mat rempit and posh Bangsar-type kids shouldn't think about voting,  I hope.

Friday 5 November 2021

Hopefully Umno will lose in Tanjong Bidara

 I actually have only one wish about the coming Melaka election, that is for Umno to lose in Tanjong Bidara.

It's because of this report,

Umno strongman Rauf to contest in Melaka polls, eyes Tg Bidara 

Yup, I don't like that Rauf guy very much.

As I previously wrote, the whole state election nonsense is because of the power struggle between him and his opponents in Melaka Umno.

Now he is eying the safest BN's seat to contest. 


Constituents of Tanjong Bidara are 93 per cent Malays, who are mostly fishermen and odd job workers.

BN's Umno candidate won the seat with the highest majority percentage in Melaka in 2018.

I know, considering all that, Rauf will be almost  unbeatable if he's really fielded there.

And once he wins that seat, he'll be the new ruler of Melaka....of course, provided that BN actually wins the whole state election.

With Pakatan struggling to get its act together for the election and Perikatan being as stupid as always with its Malay Islamic supremacy agenda, BN stands a good chance of winning,

And with that Rauf will get his wish.


Bear in mind ya, Melaka people are about 68 per cent Malays.

Now, I don't really mind BN winning the state election but the thought of Rauf lording over the land because of that, really put me off.

That is why I'm hoping (against all hopes) that he will be defeated in Tanjong Bidara.

From what I heard, Pribumi Bersatu will be fielding Masjid Tanah MP Mas Ermieyati Samsuddin there.

She was the Umno Puteri chief before defecting not long after GE14.

I was told that she bailed out of Umno because of a quarrel with Rauf, the same as the others who were sacked that day.

If it's true, then I don't blame her. I would quit too if I'm forced to kowtow to that Rauf guy.

I bet she must had volunteered for the seemingly impossible mission.

And I hope she will somehow wins.

Umno really needs to get rid of its bad leaders,

Tuesday 2 November 2021

Pakatan must contain its racists to win in Melaka

 So, Pas has decided to go with Pribumi Bersatu instead of Umno.

As announced, they will use the Perikatan logo in the Melaka election.

By right, that means the end of the Umno-Pas cooperation in Muafakat.

Unless of course if Pas suddenly said they are just using the Perikatan logo but still cooperating with Umno.

Well, Pas can be quite smart, sometimes.

That means they will get some free seats in Melaka.

Pribumi Bersatu, which surely be grateful to Pas will let it contest several overwhelmingly Malay majority seats while Umno (if Pas' mind trick works) will think that they are still cooperating with each others and would not contest those seats.

I know, it sounds ridiculous, but Umno can be quite stupid, sometimes.

Just look at their Melaka chief.


Never mind. 

Anyway, Since it's going to be basically a three-cornered fight, I think Pakatan has a good chance to win back Melaka.

Unless, they are too stupid to even pull this one off.

At the moment, if I'm Anwar, as their leader, I will make sure to prove to the Malaccan Malays that Pakatan is not their enemy.

Malays make up about 68 per cent of Melaka's population.

Actually that's all it should take for Pakatan to win in Melaka.

But of course Pakatan have proud slut mouths who wanted to prove that they are champions of their own race.


- Those bastards who defended the rioters who caused the death of fireman Adib.

The Malays, including many of the liberals among them hate these dumb ass racists in Pakatan.

And then there were those stupid Pakatan keyboard warriors who are very poor at concealing their racism.


does it really matter for elections ? all umno warlords / idiots ( or any malay politician ) need to do is take out the kris, spew out race & religion, then throw some cash and goodies, the voters will come like flies to shit.

Annie21 September 2021 at 17:54

This kind of language used towards Malay voters is one of the main reasons why Pakatan lost their support after winning GE14.

Yup, they have stupid racists in Pakatan too.

Well, Anwar better do his best to keep them from ruining Pakatan's chance of winning in Melaka.

It's really the best time for Pakatan to regain lost ground as the perpaduan ummah thingy is really in disarray now.

Umno is currently being run by ugly people (look at the picture above) , while PAS and Pribumi Bersatu will go all out on the Malay Muslim supremacy platform.

Malays actually don't really like being led by ugly characters or supremacist zealots.

Most of them like to have leaders who look and behave handsomely and act cool.


But then again, as I said, they don't like the racists from the other races even more.

And there are tonnes of those in Pakatan.

So, Pakatan need to bear that in mind going into the Melaka election, okay.