Monday 15 February 2016

Happy memories and a thank you

I'm feeling quite positive at the moment.

Don't want to spoil it with a negative posting.

Therefore, for today, I just want to share this video about the most beautiful city in the world (in my eyes la),

Wished I had more time there....

I was happy those few days.

It's also a tribute to a friend of mine.

Friend, have a safe trip home and may your life be blessed, always :)



  1. Wa tengok manyak kali lea aa ,itu vidio . Mau pegi tatak mampu maa aa , Annie, manyak cantik jugak lor rr.

    1. Hi lufang, it's actually affordable if you planned the trip early and carefully. Give it a try, okay :)

  2. An old silent pond...

    A frog jumps in

    splash! Silence again.

    - haiku of Basho 17th cent.

    A rich pool swells

    Old toad ponders danger

    Alas! craving impels it

    into the cesspool

  3. Ah, the good ole 5-7-5.

    Another Basho fav of mine:

    "Summer grasses;

    All that remains

    Of ancient warriors' dreams"

    So beautiful eh?

    The old pond haiku was the first haiku I read. I was captivated by how evocative those sparse few lines were.

    Haven't been to Japan as yet but it's on my bucket list. Scared of radiation. But I want to especially see Kyoto. Love watching documentaries on NHK world. The Japanese are incredibly steeped in culture. And yet, how brutal they were during WW2.

    Where else did you visit in Japan, Annie? Any recommendations where to stay?

    1. Rural Kansai was beautiful. Tokyo was nice too. Stay at hostels if you are on budget.

    2. mousier pouqimacque.15 February 2016 at 22:31

      I thought you were a cheapskate freeloader. Surely, you could not have paid your own.


    3. Aahhh, the beautiful memories of my stay in Japan years ago, pleasantly evoked by the video clip.

      And to cap it all, I just received a call a few minutes ago from a long-lost friend who was with me then in Japan. What a great surprise, to.say the least. And what a coincidence.

      You see Annie, life can be very pleasant without the vagaries and shenanigans of politics.

      Thanks for the nice write-up.



  4. Annie,

    A haiku dedicated to your best friend:

    Lemons lie chewed on
    The spinster begins her spin
    The keyboard recoils

    1. Ho ho ho a ten. A perfect five seven five. Although harsh hu hu.

    2. harsh but accurate : )

      "Anyone can write
      a haiku just stop at the
      seventeenth syll - "

      Kih kih kih....