Wednesday 31 July 2013

The need for Najib and a Malaysian RICO

Yesterday, I attended a buka puasa function for the first time this Ramadhan.

The talks were centered mainly on two things,

1. Unhappiness with the handling of the country by PM DS Najib Razak and his people.

2. and the shooting spree by deadly assassins all over the country over the recent weeks.

I, however, mostly kept my thoughts to myself as usual, and let the others have their say.

After all, most of those at the table always regard me as being apolitical and don't have much opinion about anything. I'm not really the vocal type in person. (Ok, to be honest, most guys, especially those who met me for the first time always thought that I'm some sort of a cute airhead, which I don't really mind as I like being underestimated by men.)

The conversation, had meanwhile turned animated when one of the guys who appeared to be so peeved with Najib rattled away that the PM should have done these and that things after the GE13 but had failed to do so.

His complaints were actually more or less the same as mine about the current state of things, except that he has the talent of colorful expressions, therefore making the whole case against Najib more impressive.

Another guy, who is also a rather vocal personality then asked him whether he wished that Najib be dumped by Umno members in the coming party election.

"Err, it's not like that la.....what I really want is for Najib to wake up. Tak kan kita nak biar dia terus jalan tak tentu arah. Nanti dia masuk longkang pulak. Tu yang kita kena tegur dia tu," replied the colorful guy.

I believe most of those who criticized Najib, from among Umno members and supporters are of the same mould as the colorful guy. They are unhappy with Najib's way of doing things at the moment but are still hoping for him to correct what ever mistakes made and continue to lead the country.

As I had pointed out in one of my previous postings, I don't see anyone else among the current Umno leaders who can take over from Najib at present. Nonetheless, I don't think we should be silent either if there are advisers and consultants who try to guide Najib into a longkang (drain).

As for the assassins issue, everyone seems to prefer the enactment of a more potent legislation to put a stop to the scary phenomenon.

"The whole thing is like being in a Mafia movie except that this is the real stuff where people were killed just like that on almost any other day," said a lady sitting next to me.

Another guy who is the operator of a prominent anonymous blog said with a laugh that people like him may soon be targeted by such hired killers.

"If this trend continue, those who are pissed off with what I wrote may just hire one those gunmen to get at me," he said, before he was immediately told not to be so mulut cabul (loose mouth) over the matter by the others.

Well, I still have the faith that our police will put a stop to all these murders.

I will support any move to empower them to do so, such as suggested by one of the guys at the table yesterday.

The guy had suggested the introduction of new and tougher laws similar to those which managed to put out of business several powerful and notorious Mafia families in the United States.

You may read a bit about the US law called RICO here,

 Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act 

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Pink Ferrari in communist China

I had been to China and hang out with some of the communists there.

I had directly asked them how it feels to be a communist and their answer was equally direct - they are proud to be communists.

It was actually like asking a Malay in Malaysia what it feels like to be a Muslim.

Being a communist in China is after all a recognition for being the best among the  lots. There are about 80 million communists among the about 1.3 billion people in China.

They are really normal people, not unlike those in Malaysia. Some are nice and friendly, and some are little irritating pricks just like those who tried to push me around in my office.

Ok, I will get back to discussing these China's communists later at the end of this posting.

Well, now that there is this brouhaha over the pro-communist New Village film, Lim Guan Eng had came out criticizing Khairy of Umno Youth for trying to stop its screening by saying that the later was being hypocritical as he and his organization had formed a tie with the youth wing of the Communist Party of China.

Guan Eng as usual was being a silly little irritating prick. How the Chinese of this country could support him is beyond me.

For him, the whole thing was not actually about defending freedom of expression or freedom of speech or even the right of the communists to be remembered as contributing to the independence of this country. Those were all actually bullshit to him.

For Guan Eng, it was all really about defending anything Chinese, so that DAP may continue to hold its grip of influence among the country's Chinese community.

It was all about DAP's interests and nothing else.

It was the same as when his father, Kit Siang attacked the May 13th film Tanda Putera,. It was not about preventing racial unhappiness or anything like that. It was really just because Kit Siang was trying to avoid DAP being identified as a perpetrator of the incident in that movie.

Honestly, I don't really mind the New Village film being screened. There should be freedom of expression in this country.

Heck, I don't even mind if all the Chinese in this country wish to be communists. Let's see if they can stand being a real communist. After all, being a communist means sharing everything you got with you fellow citizens, which I found that the Malaysian Chinese generally are not so good at.

As for the Chinese of China who hanged out with me. Despite them being so proud of being communist, they are not really communists for all intents and purposes.

The way I see it, for them being a communist is just a status symbol in their country and a mean to get ahead in life.

Most of them are actually as capitalistic as any other capitalist.

If you have a chance to go to Beijing or Shanghai, do take a walk in the more affluent districts and you will see cars such as this,

If you stop the driver and asked, I'm quite sure he/she will proudly say he/she is a member of Communist Party of China.

And that from a communist living in a country which is the world's second biggest economy but with a population mostly still lives in poverty.

As for all Malaysians who pretend to defend the communists such as Guan Eng, I hope they too can just stop being hypocrites and openly admit the real reason they are making so much noise.

Yes, Guan Eng and gang must admit that by defending the New Village film, it is not really freedom of speech or even the ideals of communism that they are defending, but instead it was all about upholding Chinese chauvinism, which had enable them making such a huge gain in the last general election.

Monday 29 July 2013

Time out

I'm taking it easy today.

Decided not to go to work.

Just feel so fed up with my job.

Anyway, I'm still not feeling 100 per cent well.

Normally, I would just shrug it off and still go to work, but waking up today, I feel really lousy and thought to myself, why the hell should I push myself at work even when I'm sick?

Kalau aku mati pun bukan dia orang peduli.

Thinking about it, I don't feel that my sacrifices over the years for the company I work for were really appreciated.

Then there was the matter of having too many little irritating pricks trying to push me around in the office.

I'm so tired of it all.

Okay, I need to go and see the doctor now.

Maybe, if I'm feeling better later in the day, I will do a proper posting instead of just writing personal nonsense like this.

If I can't, here is a nice song to close my entry in this blog for today,

Sunday 28 July 2013

After sahur thoughts on another Sunday morning

It's another Sunday morning. Woke up at 4am and just had my sahur.

I'm feeling a bit better, but still under the weather.

Searched for something interesting to write but can't find anything which really catches my interest.

Honestly, it's hard to find something political which really interest me these days. I think I'm a bit jaded.

I had started blogging just less than five months ago, and already I'm finding it hard to find new things to write about this country's political scene. Honestly, these days, I'm writing at this blog more as an outlet of my grievances of the whole thing rather then anything else.

Meanwhile, the whole nonsense just keep repeating itself over and over again. BN leaders keep disappointing me with their stupid conducts and decisions while the Pakatan ones just make me despise them more every time they repeat the same bullshit.

It's more or less a repeat of post 2008 GE.

The only probable difference is that the overwhelming majority of Chinese community are now in the open in their united hatred of the BN (or to be more precise Umno) government following them laying down all of their cards on the table at GE13. Meanwhile, the Malays are still stupidly as divided as ever.

Well, another difference is that I had given up on my home state Johor. The stories I heard about Johor distressed me so much that I had decided not to write about it for now. Suffice to say that the once formidable Johor Umno is in danger of breaking into little factions as there is nothing or anyone to keep them together anymore.

Then there are all those pirates currently rampaging and pillaging up and down the State with no one having the gut to try to stop them.

Johor is in real danger of becoming another Selangor after the next general election.

As for Umno itself....I rather not write about it, simply because, I don't see anything inspiring about the party at this moment.

Just look at the new line up of its State liaison committee chairmen. Except for DS Mukhriz Mahathir (Kedah), the rest just don't inspire me.

Shahidan (Perlis), Zambery (Perak), Noh Omar (Selangor), Mat Hassan (Negeri Sembilan), Idris (Malacca), Khaled (Johor), Mat Said (Terengganu). Do you all get very inspired by them?

Ok, Adnan (Pahang), Mustapa (Kelantan) and Musa (Sabah), from the old gang are not so bad. But they are not very inspiring either.

Heck, I can't even remember off hand who's the Umno chief for Penang.

Hopefully, something good will happen after the party elections later this year. I know, the chances are remote, but I don't think I have the choice other than  to keep on hoping for the best.

Eh, enough lah. It's almost Subuh prayer time.

I better get prepared for the day. Maybe later I should go for a walk to sweat out whatever little fever left in my body. Hopefully the haze will clear up today so that I can breath properly again.

Saturday 27 July 2013

The concept which died on May 5, 2013

The Chinese dilemma

’KONGSI’ CONCEPT: Each side has to sacrifice something so that the other can gain something

IN response to the emergence of a Malay political party,  Umno and its success in rejecting the British inspired Malayan Union, the Chinese community of the 1940s saw the need for a political party of their own to present their views to the British government.
Thus was the MCA conceived and born, led by Malacca's Sir Cheng-Lock Tan. Although it was intended to counter the influence of Umno and protect the interests of the Chinese community, events changed the strategy and role of the MCA.
In 1952 the Kuala Lumpur Umno leaders and the Kuala Lumpur MCA branch leaders decided that in the Kuala Lumpur municipal elections, they should not contest against each other, but instead should support each other's candidates in their respective constituencies.
The results startled them as they defeated almost all the non-racial parties. Realising the political advantage of cooperating with each other the Tunku (Abdul Rahman) and Sir Cheng-Lock Tan, and senior leaders of the MCA and Umno decided to formalise their cooperation by setting up the Alliance, a coalition of MCA and Umno.
The basis of this coalition was the idea of supporting each other and sharing the power gained. Buoyed by the success of the Alliance party in the 1955 elections, in which the MIC had joined, the Tunku looked more kindly at the proposal of Sir Cheng-Lock that citizenship should be based on jus soli (citizenship by being born in the country) and not jus saguinis (citizenship based on the Malaysian citizenship of the father or mother, i.e. citizenship based on blood relation).
The Tunku did not quite agree but he nevertheless decided to give one million citizenships to unqualified Chinese and Indians.
With that the confrontation between the Chinese and the Malays changed into positive cooperation.
It was a classic kongsi that was set up. The essence is an undertaking to share. Sharing involves a give and take arrangement, in which each side has to sacrifice something so that the other can gain something.
As the Malays made up the majority of the citizens they naturally led the Alliance. But the Chinese and Indians were not without adequate power. In any case Malay political power would be mitigated by Chinese and Indians' voting and economic power.
The Tunku saw immediate benefit from the "kongsi" as he believed Malays only wanted to be government employees and the Chinese wanted to be in business. There would be no conflict or tussle between them.
The Indians would fill up the professional posts. He did not foresee the days when government could not create enough jobs for the greatly increased number of Malays.
The kongsi Alliance worked well. But in 1963 Singapore joined Malaysia.
 Immediately the PAP tried to gain Chinese support by condemning the Alliance kongsi for being disadvantageous to the Chinese.  Malaysians, said the PAP, were not equal.  There should be a Malaysian Malaysia where all the benefits should be based on merit alone, with the best taking everything, irrespective of race.
Without saying so in so many words the PAP was inferring that the Malays did not deserve their positions. The best people should rule the country. In the eyes of the PAP, Singapore was ruled by the best qualified people. That they happen to be almost all Chinese is incidental.
In the 1964 elections the MCA and Malaysian Chinese generally valued their cooperation with the Malays. They rejected the PAP and its chauvinistic appeal, giving it only one seat.
The Tunku realised what the PAP was up to and decided that Singapore should not be a part of Malaysia. But the PAP was not done. The remnant of the party in Malaysia set up the DAP to carry on the Malaysian Malaysia meritocratic formula for undermining Chinese support for the MCA.
Harping continuously on the so-called Malay privileges and the unfairness to the Chinese, the DAP slowly eroded the idea of kongsi in the multi-racial coalition of the Barisan Nasional.
Despite the fact that the Barisan Nasional supported Chinese education and the use of the Chinese language, the DAP convinced many Chinese that the Chinese, their culture and language are not given proper treatment by the Barisan Nasional coalition.
The MCA was attacked for not doing enough for the Chinese.

Realising the political advantage of cooperating with each other, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Sir Cheng-Lock Tan and senior leaders of MCA and Umno decided to formalise their cooperation by setting up the Alliance, a coalition of MCA and Umno.

Read more: The Chinese dilemma - Columnist - New Straits Times

Friday 26 July 2013

It's okay if they choose to hate us Malay muslims

Went to see the doctor this morning and now just resting at home.

I'm not fasting today as I have to take my medication.

The fever has gone down but I'm still feeling weak.

I wish I could write in detail about that students eating at the school changing room issue, but that would be too taxing for me at the moment.

Anyway, you all probably had already read the details at other blogs or in the newspapers.

So, I'm going to write just a bit of it and my opinion on what it was really all about.

Let me be blunt and straight to the point - the whole thing is actually a case of blowing things out of proportion to stir up racial sentiments against the Melayu Islam and reenforce the sentiments that the non-Malay Muslims in this country are being prosecuted and treated as second class citizens (by Umno/Barisan Nasional, of course).

I know, it's not presented that way, but the effect is actually exactly that.

It's actually part of the Pakatan's (or to be exact, DAP's) built-up for GE14, the same as it was when the DAP whipped up the same sentiments over the years which led to the Chinese tsunami of GE13.

I'm expecting more of such issues will be stirred up in the near future. The DAP campaigners need to keep the anti-Malay muslims sentiments alive as it is their most powerful tool in galvanizing the support of especially the Chinese community and to a certain extent, the Indian community too.

However, I'm not too worried about it as long as it is just being played up on its own.

It's proven that this tactic of racial incitement to hate the Malay muslims would not work on its own. It needed to be complemented with the breaking up of the Malay muslims unity to have the desired effect.

Pitting the Malay muslims against each other is what will be on their next agenda. Do watch out for such issues over the coming days.

They had done it for GE13 and successfully instigated almost the entire Chinese community to go against BN, yet they still failed to topple the government.

This was so because the breaking up of the Malay muslim unity was not completed.

In Johor, for instance, over 80 per cent of the Malay votes remained with BN. Otherwise, the State would had fallen and then led by a DAP dominated Pakatan state government.

After GE13, I think the Malay muslims of this country should now be able to just go on living their own life without being bothered too much if others hate them. As long as they never did what they were accused of doing, then I don't think that they should worry too much about those who hate them.

As long as the others don't physically harm them, I think the Malay muslims should be fine. There is no need for them to pander too much to the others.

Of course, the Malay muslims need to also be more united.

If they are united, others can't harm them.

Malay muslims need to be aware of this and from now on try their best not to be instigated to go against their fellow brothers and sisters like what happened in the run up to GE13.

Even if others want to instigate among themselves to hate them, I think the Malay muslims will be fine if they continue to be united.

Thursday 25 July 2013


Not feeling well again.

I think I will go to see the doctor tomorrow.

Need to rest for now.

Now, look who's spinning

The main stream media has always been accused of spinning their coverage in favor of BN by everyone who are supportive of Pakatan.

However, my observation of reports coming out of the Kuala Besut by-election indicated that the ones doing the spinning are actually those being employed by the pro-Pakatan media.

Here is an example, an article written by one Wong Choon Mei for a pro-Pakatan website,

DEATH KNELL FOR NAJIB? Umno wins K Besut but RM477mil for an extra 158

The report tried to portray the BN victory as being due to the coalition spending RM19,000 per each voter in Kuala Besut and that despite spending that much BN only managed to increase just over 100 votes of its majority.

The article never even bothered to explain where that amount of money are going to be spend for the Kuala Besut folks.

It obviously tried to give the impression that BN is dangling RM19,000 in front of each voter, thus making it all seems a plain bribe.

It should also be noted that it was not made known in the article whether this Wong Choon Mei wrote the article after spending time with the people of Kuala Besut or it was just an armchair reporting from somewhere in KL.

You may read other such spun articles in the likes of Malaysian Insider, Malaysia Kini and Free Malaysia Today.

Let's not even mention those in Harakah, Rocket and Suara Keadilan.

The Star may want to publish one similar to such a spin against BN but it may have to wait a while in order to keep up to appearances of being an MCA newspaper. Well, maybe later they can ask Marina Mahathir to write something similar for them.

Now, please compare that spinning by the pro-Pakatan hack with this article published on polling day by the NST, which is perhaps the most despised of all English newspaper among the Pakatan supporters,

Kuala Besut voters' political attitude

The young NST writer, Adrian Lai also touched on the RM19,000 per voter allegation in that article but in a way purely to explain by facts how the issue came about while letting the readers judge for themselves whether it was a bribery or otherwise.

Mr Lai was also definitely writing his articles about the Kuala Besut by-election from the ground. The neutrality of his articles should be for you all to judge, Here are another two of them published by NST during the campaign period,

A different campaigning affair in Kuala Besut

Resolve local issues, urged Kuala Besut folks

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Voices from Kuala Besut and a prayer for Najib (updated - results)


From NST Alert -

NST 24/07: Tengku Zaihan (BN) won the Kuala Besut by-election with a majority of 2,592. He obtained 8,288 votes while Azlan @ Endut (Pas) got 5,696


This just in from NST alert -

NST 24/07: Kuala Besut by-election: Unofficial: Tengku Zaihan Che Ku Abd Rahman (BN) obtained 6,966 votes, Pas candidate Azlan @ Endut Yusuf (4,324)


Sources in Kuala Besut indicated that BN had won all the remaining ballot boxes of Seberang Barat, Seberang Barat Luar, Kampung Nail, Kampung Bahru and Kampung Nangka.

Kampung Nangka which is the main stronghold of Pas in the constituency was won by BN by a majority of less than 20 votes. It is the other ballot box along with Bukit Puteri lost by BN in GE13.


Sources in Kuala Besut indicated that BN had won the ballot box of Alor Peroi, of Tok Saboh by over 500 votes majority.

The sources also said that BN had won a majority of less than 30 votes for the Bukit Puteri ballot box. BN had lost there by a majority of 90 votes in GE13.


Things are looking good for BN at this moment.

Sources from Kuala Besut indicated that BN had also won the ballot box of Bukit Puteri, which it lost in GE13. Details were however unavailable for now.

Pas had won two out of the eight ballot boxes of Kuala Besut in GE13. The two are Bukit Puteri and Kampung Nangka.


This just came in from NST Alert -

NST 24/07: The Kuala Besut by-election recorded a total of 13,188 voters or 79.76pc turnout at closing time at 5pm, says Election Commission.


Sources from Kuala Besut indicated that BN is leading Pas after the votes at the ballot box of Pulau Perhentian were counted.

It was said that BN obtained over 400 votes while Pas got less than 200 votes. Total number of voters on the island is just over 900.

The ballot box for the island was closed for voting early at 3pm while the other seven on the mainland are closed at 5pm.


Tomorrow is the big day in Kuala Besut.

Reports that I read indicated that BN will win the by-election.

Friends who are in Kuala Besut also told me the same, albeit maybe with a smaller majority than the over 2,400 votes won by the late Dr A. Rahman Mokhtar in GE13, barely two months ago.

I was told that  BN will probably this time win by a majority of about 1,600 votes.

The smaller majority was said due to the expected lower turn out of outstation voters.

If that is the case then it's quite understandable because Hari Raya is just around the corner and those from Kuala Besut living in the big cities may want to save their leave for the celebrations.

But, I'm quite sure the BN candidate, Tengku Zaihan Che Ku Rahman will win. Besut is after all the territory of DS Idris Jusoh, the brilliant tactician who won back Terengganu for BN in 2004.

If this by-election was in another part of Terengganu, then I would not be very sure about BN's chances considering the very divisive leadership of the current State BN chairman and Menteri Besar DS Ahmad Said.

It's particularly disappointing when my friends in Kuala Besut told me that Ahmad's people had till this last day of campaigning still griping about the choice of Tengku Zaihan as the BN's candidate. They had wanted an ustaz of their choice instead of the young engineer. Of course Idris was blamed for the whole thing.

I think this is the problem which needed to be overcome by Umno - the habit of undermining their own party by putting their own personal or their group's interests ahead of the perjuangan untuk agama, bangsa dan negara.

Notwithstanding that, I do believe BN will prevail in Kuala Besut. Hopefully things would improve for the coalition in the State from then on.

I'm also hopeful for BN chairman and Umno president DS Najib Razak to do something to heal the rift within Terengganu Umno after the by-election.

Without unity, it will be the end of Umno.

I'm still keeping my faith that DS Najib will sooner or later make the necessary moves to heal what ever wounds suffered by BN and Umno in GE13.

Yes, I was disappointed with several moves that he made over the past two months following GE13, but I have to keep trusting him for now because I don't see anyone else capable of taking over the lead at the moment.

I read with a degree of sympathy this posting by a Datuk Najib's loyalist,

In spite of previous problems he inherited, Najib did well!

It reminded me of how I had pledged to do all I can to help DS Najib, particularly in winning back the Chinese support which in the aftermath of 2008 were already known to be slipping away to the opposition.

I admit that I had failed, along with others who believe that the Chinese community's support could be won by the moderates within the Umno rank.

We never expect that the overwhelming majority of the Chinese community to be so committed in toppling the BN government that they were even willing to blind themselves to the bigger picture of a united Malaysian society and swallowed wholesale the lies concocted by DAP and its allies.

Now, I had reached the stage where I just pray for DS Najib to do something which will inspire me to be committed again in this struggle.

I hope the moment will come very soon and not too late.

Loving the British Royal family for an odd reason

Apparently the whole of United Kingdom of Great Britain as well as many part of the world were overjoyed by this news,

Baby boy for Britain's William and Kate

Even the writer of that AFP report appeared to be overwhelmed by the excitement. She/He repeated several facts in the story such as the weight of the baby and how happy were the father, grandfather etc. Even, US' Obama's happiness was recorded in the story.

And AFP is French, which is very much a republic. They used to chop off the head of their king and queen as well as most of the nobility.

Now, what makes the British royal family so loved by its people (as well as other people who do not really have anything much to do with them, such as Malaysians)?

Honestly, I believe the UK would be just fine without them. Republic of United Kingdom sounds quite okay to me.

Anyway, most of them are not really that handsome or pretty to look at either. Even William, the newly minted daddy, who used to be a bit handsome is now getting distinctively bald...and Charles, after Diana death, had to marry that Camillia instead of some super model or Hollywood starlet.

Well, I think the real reason why they were so beloved among the Brits and others was because of the tradition that they represent and the way they conduct themselves as royalties.

They know their role in the constitutional monarchy system and didn't do irritating things such as meddling in the administration of the state.

They didn't take anything from the people and they didn't try to use their position to enrich themselves at the expense of the people.

On top of that, they respect the fact that the government, elected by the people must be allowed to do its job without having to worry about things such as Queen Elizabeth wanting a cut from certain development project or one of her sons, who is a Chelsea fan insisting for the immigration department to expel that dastardly Portugese Jose Mourinho from the country for not managing the football club well.

As for myself, I kinda like the British royal family because I think they are a sporting bunch of people.

For instance, they don't go around initiating legal suits against the Black Adder gang for sketches such as this,

By the way, in case you don't know it already, the guy who acted as the royalty in the sketch is James Hugh Calum Laurie, who is better known for the more popular character he played, Dr Greagory House.

Hughie was awarded the Order of the British Empire by the British Royal Household despite all those portrayals which depicted a royalty as a stupid git....but of course a lovable one at that lah.

Monday 22 July 2013

I wish I can be a dragon

Tonight I'm too tired to write about anything heavy.

Been busy the whole day.

Then, there's the matter of entertaining all those legal action threats and large number of comments at my last posting.

Honestly, I'm not really sure what the fuss was really all about.

It was after all just me being silly in the middle of the night after reading some postings at several prominent blogs on the FGV issue.

I did wonder whether owners of those other blogs were being threatened with legal suits too for posting even more serious stuff on the same subject matter.

Or is it because I'm a woman that I was being singled out as an easy target.

Really, just look at the number of DAP cybertroopers commenting at my blog. I think I got more of them than prominent blogs such as Rockybru these days. I really do wonder why it was so.

Well, never mind. I believe that I had done my best to appease those who got angry over that last posting of mine. Indeed, some people really have no sense of humor. I had even apologized, yet still they are not happy.

Okay, tonight I just want to bitch a bit about the first postponement of the appeal against the acquittal of DS Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case.

You can read about it somewhere in this Bernama story,

Muhammad Shafee To Lead Prosecution In Appeal Against Anwar's Acquittal

I'm sure most of you all could remember the numerous postponements of the case before it reached this stage.

I really think that Anwar should hire a more healthy lawyer than Karpal Singh. I know that Karpal is the Lion of the Lions (this one I got from one of those comments at my last posting) and all that, but seriously, the old man is not well. Let him rest for goodness sake and hire a new lawyer from those tens of thousands at the Bar instead. I'm sure the majority of them are good at their job and are sympathetic to Anwar, anyway.

By the way, I really like the name of that Bernama journalist who wrote that story - Jocelyn Ann Dragon

It's so cool.

I wish I have a name like that. I bet people don't really want to bully a girl with a name like that.

I'm Dr Annie, FGV may want to hire me (Updated -thrice)


Apparently this posting of mine had drawn quite a lot of attention.

I had among others received an email from Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg, the president of Warnborough College (UK) over the matter. Unlike his former students, the guy seems to be a cool fellow.

He had given me permission to republish this clarification about his establishment which was originally intended for The Star newspaper,

Dr Brenden Tempest-Mogg <>
5:13 PM (1 hour ago)
to gurmeetrisenRanjit
Attn: The Star, Business Desk
Ms Gurmeet Kaur
Mr Risen Jayaseelan


We are concerned about the misinformation presented about Warnborough College  (Ireland) that has appeared in your newspaper The Star on 17 July 2013 in the article entitled "Spotlight on Emir". 
Warnborough College (Ireland) is entitled to award degrees, based on comparable academic standards similar to major universities.  To this end, Warnborough College has been accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC)  as a Premier College, after performing commendably in the intensive accreditation process. Also, it holds ISO9001:2008 certification, like several universities in Malaysia and abroad. Our qualifications are recognised in industry, commerce, education and the professions. Its membership in the UK College of Teachers (Royal Chartered in 1849) further illustrates its commitment to quality teaching, research and professional standards.

Our alumni consist of many worthy graduates including Dr Mohd Emir Mavani Abdullah. They worked hard to earn their qualifications, undergoing a rigorous academic and examination regime. They are and have every right to be proud of their Warnborough qualifications and the contribution they are making in all walks of life.  

Our accreditation is stated very clearly on our website , and this can be verified directly with  We are requesting  a correction to the article so that the information provided by The Star is accurate.

Thank you.


Dr. Brenden D. Tempest-Mogg
B.A. (University of New South Wales)
M.A. (Essex University)
M.Litt. (University of Oxford)
Ed.D. (George Washington University)
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (London)
Oxford Business Alumni, Said Business School (University of Oxford)
Member Oxford Education Society, Department of Education (University of Oxford)
Member Oxford Law Society (University of Oxford)
President, Warnborough College (UK)
Warnborough Headquarters
18 Lower Bridge Street
Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3WH, UK      
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ASIC accredited Premier College
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Apparently, Dr Ranjit Singh Malhi was not satisfied with my apology for making him angry over this posting. He had send me two more emails, castigating me for this posting. Well, honestly, I don't really know what else to say. Apparently graduates of Wamborough University (or is it College?) are not very humorous people.

I wish I can share those emails here so that readers of this blog may understand how seriously offended he was, but since he had marked them PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL, I decided to honor it  by refraining from doing so.


Apparently, this posting of mine had attracted quite a hostile reaction from one Dr Ranjit Singh Malhi.

These are his emails,

Dr. Ranjit Singh Malhi <>
8:41 AM (1 hour ago)
to meDrRockyrisengurmeet
I refer to your posting, “I’m Dr Annie, FGV may want to hire me” of 22 July 2013.

You have openly stated that Dr. Emir Mavani’s qualifications are fake and implied that Warnborough University (now known as Warnborough College Ireland -WCI) is a bogus institution. Your completely erroneous and defamatory statement is far more worse than that of The Star.

Attached is the Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC) Certificate of Accreditation for WCI. ASIC is an independent body which provides an accreditation service for independent further and higher education colleges. ASIC is an independent British-based accreditation agency which currently accredits a number of educational institutions in the UK, Asia, and in other parts of the world. ASIC extends accreditation to schools, colleges, universities and training institutions which satisfy a range of stringent quality criteria in all aspects of their operations. Well-known academic institutions that have been accredited includes London International College of Management, University of Atlanta (USA), ASIA Metropolitan University (Malaysia), Institut Europèen des Affaires (France) and Amity Global Business School (Singapore). ASIC is a member of CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG) in USA and is listed in their International Directory and has recently been accepted by the British Quality Foundation (BQF).

Attached also is the documentation proving that WCI’s graduates have held academic positions with well-established universities and ASIC’s accreditation obtained by Management and Science University (Malaysia).

I did my Ph.D. in Organizational Behaviour with Warnborough University and I am utterly pissed off with your completely erroneous and derogatory insinuation about WCI.

I strongly demand an apology from you for your erroneous and derogatory insinuation that Warnborough University is a bogus institution and removing the offending posting within 24 hours.  If I do not receive a favourable response from you within 24 hoursI will most definitely (100%) initiate legal proceedings against you. You have my word of honour on that.

For the record, I sued an individual (Malaysian) in 2010 for defamation in the High Court who erroneously accused me of buying my Ph.D. degree. The matter was settled out of court with him issuing me an apology letter and making a payment (amount is private and confidential). I am sure you do not want History to repeat itself. The ball is in your court, “Dr Annie” and I would most definitely not want to hire someone like you who slander others without first verifying your facts.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Ranjit Singh Malhi
CEO and Principal Consultant
TQM Consultants Sdn. Bhd.
7A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Dr. Ranjit Singh Malhi <>
9:02 AM (1 hour ago)
to gurmeetrisenRockyme
Dear All,

Forwarding vital information about the status of ASIC which has accredited Warnborough College Ireland as a “Premier College” on 18 December 2012. Let this be a lesson learned: Do not slander others without verifying your facts. Have a nice day!


From: Ranjit Malhi []
Sent: Monday, 22 July, 2013 8:44 AM
Subject: University accreditation in Thailand - News articles - Inside Government - GOV.UK

Well, Dear Dr Ranjit Singh Malhi
I'm actually very sorry that you took serious offense of this little posting of mine.
I sincerely do not know who you are, but please believe me that this posting was only meant for a laugh or two. I did it on the spur of the moment after reading about the subject matter in other blogs. I hope you could understand and forgive me for it and not be too vexed with me.

Dr Ranjit Singh Malhi, since you took the trouble to write to me to express your indignation about this posting, as a sign of appreciation, I would like to dedicate this little sketch to you so that it may cheer you up a bit. Cheers. (Note: I believe God can forgive Mr Atkinson and can see that the sketch was just for fun.)


Why the doctor?

Because I can fake it.

Yes, for the purpose of this posting you all can refer to me as Dr Annie.

Nice isn't it.

Hmmm, let me tell you that I actually obtained my Phd in philosophy and anthropology from University of Middlesex, UK. (Note: Go search for the university and see if you can find it).

Oh, by the way, I also have a law degree from another UK university, you know.

And as proof of the authenticity of my doctorate and stupendous academic achievements, here is my photo on my graduation day which goes with my CV,

Well, hot and intellectually impressive aren't I?

Now, which gigantic GLC wants to hire me as its president and CEO?

How about you all at Felda Global Venture?

Hey, come on la, just dump this guy,

and replace him with me.


My qualification were fakes?

Well, so does the qualification of that ugly guy you all appointed as your president and CEO, isn't it?

At least I'm nicer to look at, aren't I?


That picture of mine is fake too?

Well, even if I put my real picture, I am certain I'm still nicer to look at than that ugly bald man.

Tan Sri Isa Samad, what do you think? You want to hire me or not?

(Note: For perspective, read Warnborough, revisited (possibly with a lawyer letter)