Thursday 30 January 2014

Najib's peace and Anwar's war

I'm driving off for CNY celebrations after work today.

Hopefully it's not too jammed on the highway.

Been terribly busy at work the past two days. No time to sit down and properly write.

You all probably have read the whole of Anwar Ibrahim's Kajang nonsense by now and I therefore don't have to add more to what you all have already know.

I just hope that all of us to be rationale about the whole thing and ask ourselves : Is this the kind of man we should have as the PM of Malaysia?

Seriously, do you think this country will be better under the leadership of someone like Anwar?

I don't think so. I will always remember how he screwed up as DPM and Finance minister.

On why Anwar wants to have this Kajang by-election, maybe we should read the opinion of this young Chinese guy to get into the political spirit of the Chinese New Year

There must be a method to Anwar's 'madness

Najib has meanwhile said his Cabinet is willing to talk with Anwar on reconciliation.

Okay, I was against even talking to Anwar. He and his gang are the ones who started the mess of the kalimah "Allah" issue and other racially and religiously sensitive stuff.

But Najib now seems willing to talk. Well, he is the prime minister and that's his prerogative.

At least, he said there will be no such thing as talking about setting up a unity government. That I really cannot support.

To just talk and taking suggestions for Malaysians' good as a responsible government is okay then, I guess.

Najib had after all talked about reconciliation way back when BN was still reeling from the Chinese tsunami of 13th General Election.

He has always been a moderate and looks like he will not change the way he is despite urgings from the Umno right wing for him to do so.

Whatever being said about Najib, the guy is at least consistent with his stand as he believes in it and wants it implemented despite the risk of becoming unpopular even among Umno people, particularly those from the right wing.

I'm quite sure that you can't say the same about Anwar.

Anwar would be willing to say one thing and do something different if it means he will become more popular.

I am very sure he wouldn't care about such reconciliation talks if he is the one on the other end of the table with the power in his hands.

That's I think is the real difference between Anwar and Najib.

Tuesday 28 January 2014

Najib shouldn't entertain Anwar's nonsense (updated)


Anwar turned out to be worse than I thought he is.

Here is the story

Anwar to run for Kajang seat 

Cannot be PM, be MB pun jadi lah, it seems.

Really nut case this one.


First, there was this story quoting sources yesterday by the reputedly top political writer in the country Jocelyn Tan,

Anwar Ibrahim to be Selangor MB?

Several hours later the story had been denied by both DS Anwar Ibrahim and PKR's Selangor MB TS Khalid Ibrahim.

But knowing how Anwar operates, I told myself that I rather believe in Jocelyn than Anwar. Well, maybe Jocelyn may not be 100 per cent accurate, but at least I am sure Anwar is brewing something.

Remember his great Sept 16 going to Putrajaya lie and the latest about the Japanese conspiracy against him?

True enough, later in the late afternoon, this story came in,

Kajang assemblyman resigns, by-election looms

I wonder what Anwar offered the Kajang guy to make him did that.

Anyway, my bet is that Rafizi Ramli, the PKR's darling boy at the moment, will contest in Kajang and will become MB. Well, the guy is not that young at 37, despite him projecting the boy boy image for his PKR wonder boy persona.

I don't think Anwar wants to be MB. It's beneath him, okay. He wants to be PM and nothing else.

Khalid's nemesis Azmin Ali, the long-time favorite of Anwar could not be the one as MB also as it would have been too blatant.

Azmin after all is already a Selangor assemblyman. So, if he is the one, then PKR would not had vacated the Kajang seat.

Khalid, will meanwhile joined the rank of other disgruntled ex-PKR guys, I think.

He really should not had fought Azmin.

As far as the by-election is concerned, I think BN should not even contest it.

Why should the people be subjected to these sorts of nonsense just because Anwar wanted to sort out the mess in his camp?

Meanwhile, Umno's currently most popular vice-president DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said something which I disagree with in this report

Zahid: BN should take up Anwar’s olive branch offer

and this is how Anwar responded

Anwar: Zahid's response to national consensus positive

Come on la Zahid, why suddenly you sounds very reconciliatory. What happened to your garang image?

It did cross my mind when I read the report that maybe Zahid wanted to be pally pally with his former mentor again as he was when he was still the Umno youth chief during the troubled time of the late 1990s.

I don't believe that DS Najib Razak should consider talking to Anwar at all.

Anwar is after all facing all sorts of problems with his party and family now, with the PKR's party election just around the corner.

I think that's why he wanted all these so-called peace talks.

It got nothing to do with finding peace and all that. Instead, as usual, he was just trying to wriggle himself out of his own created mess.

After all, wasn't it Anwar and his gang such as Lim Guan Eng who first stirred up the racial religious shit which now entering the fire bombing of churches phase.

Of course they are blaming it all on Umno.

But wash't it Guan Eng who first went around telling the Chinese that they were being treated as second class citizens?

Wasn't it also Guan Eng who reignited the whole "Allah" issue in his Christmas message in 2012 just before the 13th General Election?

They are the ones who created the mess, and now they wanted to be the ones who want peace. They really have a nerve la.

Najib must not listen to his stupid advisers and expensive consultants on this one.

He definitely shouldn't listen to Zahid too.

He must remind himself that Anwar and his gang have been going around these past years calling him Najib Monggolia and other stuff as well as insulted and slandering his wife at every turn.

Najib must instead be firm and focused on leading the government and BN. He shouldn't entertain all these Anwar's bullshit.

Whatever it is, I'm pretty much pissed off with the whole Anwar gang's maneuverings.

Can't they at least wait until after the Chinese New Year celebrations to pull these sorts of stunts?

They really don't want to give us a pause from all these political drama.

Sometimes I wondered, why can't their supporters see through all their nonsense.

p.s Read also Apanama's "jaga jaga dalam kain ada puaka" piece at Olive… oil or branch? 

Sunday 26 January 2014

A movie for Nurul Izzah

On my way home, I stopped at a Petronas petrol station and bought myself a Marlboro Light and a lighter.

I smoked three sticks of them in succession just now.

I have not been smoking for quite a long time.

Well, I don't really inhale the smoke. It hurts my lungs. I just puffed at them.

I actually just wanted to do something familiar when I'm upset or depressed.

Earlier, I had watched the movie "Her" at Tropicana City Mall and got very depressed.

I felt so sad for the main character of the movie.

His wife left him because she had moved up in the world and finds him not up to her standard.

Then he fell in love with the artificial intelligence of his phone, but the bloody thing also in the end left him because it feels that it has attained a higher level of intellect.

I was like, what a pathetic piece of shit life this man was going through.

At the end of the movie, the guy went on top of his apartment and sat there looking like such a pathetic miserable loser.

How I wished he had just jumped off the roof and end the whole bloody charade.

At least that way the movie ends more dramatically.

Oh, and I also wished his friend who was with him on top of the roof jumped with him. Such a selfish bitch who dumped her husband because she just got bored with him and wanted to have other kind of fun in her life. The poor pathetic husband ended up being a Buddhist monk and took a vow of silence for half a year because of all the shit.

I mean, come on la, don't go around telling someone that you love him/her for the rest of your life and then later after that someone had committed his/her life to the relationship, you go and say :'s not what I meant. I don't really love you, okay. Sorry, but I need to move forward and you are not part of my plan. Bye.

That's fucking cruel, okay.

That's the shit the guy in the movie got from his wife and later from his bloody handphone.

The movie got great excuses for such shitty behavior though. It justifies the act of ripping out the heart of someone who you once said you love, who had in return gave his/her whole life to you and still loves you.

I think Nurul Izzah, and those such as her would like this movie.

For more info on the movie : Her

Okay, I need to chill now.

Turning on the music and trying to sleep now.

Good night.

Lazy days and sick DAP people

I spend the whole day today lazing at home.

Just slept, ate, played computer games, watched cooking shows and Korean dramas at Astro, texted at Wassup, ate some more, slept some more, did postings  at this blog....

Basically, I was deliberately being very unproductive.

I didn't step outside the house at all the whole day.

Just wanted to rest.

Unfortunately, I also spoilt my non-carbohydrate diet. I ate rice for the first time in two weeks.

Wished I could had avoided that, but there was nothing else to eat in the kitchen.

I need to be more disciplined. Just can't let myself cross the 50 kg mark.

Anyway, my first posting of the day was about the passing of Pas' Dewan Ulama chief Datuk Harun Taib at

Farewell to a good Pas guy

You may however read the parting shot at Harun by Malaysian Insider and its DAP supporting readers at Helen Ang's

What kind of sick people are they?

Ya, those people are really sick.

May Allah forgive them for hating Harun so much.

Well, as for tomorrow, I hope to spend my Sunday in a more productive manner.

Going to run some errants in the morning, have my facial for CNY in the afternoon and go for movie later in the evening.

They said that movie HER is good. Maybe I will watch that one.

The double-chin Chinese guy said he wanted to take me for the movie, but I'm not counting on him much. DAP people are not good at keeping their promises.

Saturday 25 January 2014

It shouldn't be racial

This had just came in via NST SMS alert:

NST 25/01: A parent has lodge a police report in Sungkai, Perak, against a Chinese school teacher for forcing her son to eat grass.

I was told that the parent is a Malay and the teacher involved is a Chinese and that the case is fast becoming a racial issue.

I believe this case is an isolated incident and hopefully the authorities could immediately defuse any potential irrational backlash from  people who think it may got something to do with the race of the student and the teacher.

Just because a teacher of a certain racial background allegedly did something irrational to a student of a different race, doesn't mean it should be considered as a racial issue.

Everyone should maintain their cool in instances such as these.

Let the authorities investigate the case properly.

I have met several Chinese teachers of Chinese schools in the past and all of them are good people. None of them are like this Dong Zhong guy,

As it is with any institution, there will always be the bad apples among them.

To say that all Chinese teachers of Chinese schools are racist just because of this case is the same as when Pakatan people said all Umno people are corrupt. It is just simply wrong.

We must know how to sort out the bad from the good.

Otherwise, this multi-racial country will face a bleak future or no future at all.

Farewell to a good Pas guy

This is a sombre Saturday morning.

I went for dinner with the double-chin Chinese guy last night at Souled Out, Sri Hartamas, and it didn't turn up well.

I don't think the guy really care for me.

Reached home almost at midnight.

Just before I was about to knock-off, received news that Pas Dewan Ulama chief Datuk Harun Taib, 70 had passed away.

He was suffering from diabetes.


I was particularly sad about Harun's passing because he was a good man and despite being a politician would say the right things with sincerity and honesty.

He was among the several senior Pas leaders who were against allowing non-Muslims in the Peninsular to use the word Allah to described their gods. He was also uncomfortable with the Pas' cooperation with DAP.

Harun was severely criticized by the Pas' liberal non-ulama faction in the run-up to the party's Muktamar in November last year. Some of the criticisms against Harun and others like him were personal in nature which lead to heated debates between the ulama supporters and members of the Pas' liberal faction during the Muktamar.

Meanwhile, Pas deputy Mursydul Am Datuk Haron Din is also currently warded in serious condition at the National Heart Institute (IJN). Haron is another senior Pas leader who believes that the party must return to its original struggle of uncompromisingly upholding Islam.

My prayers for him to recover from his ailment.

You can read further about the deceased and seriously ill Pas leaders here,

Friday 24 January 2014

Anwar's most probable reaction to a divorce petition

PKR has lately become a sensational party.

First there was the Khalid-Azmin fight over who between them should be the sexiest PKR man in Selangor.

Then there's Anwar accusation that the BN government is conspiring with the Japanese authorities to stop him from traveling to the land of the rising sun and other countries with thriving adult film industry....or something like that.

Now the latest is that Nurul Izzah matrimonial controversy.

Not unlike the other sensational PKR dramas, Nurul Izzah's one is also intriguing.

If you goggle "Nurul Izzah divorce" you will see a very intriguing story line.

For instance,

First, there was this story by the Star

Nurul Izzah files for divorce

Then, it was countered by Malay Mail
Nurul Izzah denies divorce report

After which, NST in its usual dreary style throw in this report
Court confirms Nurul Izzah filed for divorce

That's the problem with PKR people which I can't stand.

If you are a public figure whose farts were also followed with interest by your very intelligent followers, then why don't you have a proper press conference to tell the truth so that they don't jump around like monkeys because you decided that your husband is not so handsome and sexy enough any more.

Well, never mind, at least Nurul Izzah has yet to blame Umno for her marital problems.

I am very certain that if it was her father being the one facing a divorce petition from her mother Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Umno will get the blame.

"Umno telah membuat perancangan jahat dan ia telah menyebabkan isteri saya memfailkan fasakh terhadap saya," Anwar would have said.

Or he could said,

"China doll tu sebenarnya Umno yang letak dalam bilik saya masa isteri saya menyerbu masuk. Tu yang isteri saya tuntut cerai. Ni semua memang Umno yang rancang."

Ya, I really think that it would have been like that.

Wednesday 22 January 2014

CNY mood and perdictions

Since I have been told that BN will soon be relying on a new tactic in waging the cyberwar against Pakatan and that the tactic will not rely much on independent pro-BN bloggers like myself, I am going to relax a bit and write more about less political stuff from now on.

My guess is that the media handlers of BN had decided to hire some sorts of consultants and an army of well trained cybertroopers to fight for them. If that's really the case, then I hope they will do a good job and not cost too much. Maybe it is a good thing for BN to hire professionals instead of relying on amateurs like myself to fight for them in cyberspace.

I'm okay with what ever the BN people want to do as long as their new cyberwar strategy is better than the one they employed for the 13th General Election where BN cyber-forces were outclassed and outsmarted. The independent bloggers on BN side did contributed a lot but they were also not good enough to battle the more disciplined Pakatan cybertroopers, particularly those hired by the DAP.

Well, that's about it then.

As for today, I actually just want to write about the current Chinese New Year mood.

I am going back with my mother to our kampung in Kluang, Johor to celebrate the occasion.

I had bought a dress and a pair of shoes for the celebrations.

I always buy a new pair of shoes for Chinese New Year.

My mother went back to Kluang during the last long weekend of the Thaipusam celebrations to help my grandmother clean up the family house.

This year, all my aunts and their families in Singapore will come back to Kluang to celebrate.

I do look forward to meet them, especially my favorite cousin KH.

This new year is my year - The Year of the Horse.

Hopefully, it's going to be better than last year, which is not really a tall order since last year was quite a bad year for me.

I think the Chinese community will have a good time too over the next 12 months.

For one thing, they should be celebrating the fact that the evil BN government which most of them spat upon at the GE13 last year had decided to be less vengeful than expected.

Whatever was promised to the Chinese community by BN during the election campaign were actually being fulfilled despite more than 90 per cent of them voted for Pakatan in what had since been known as the Chinese tsunami.

You can read an example of the fulfilled promises at this Johor-edition of NST report by Chuah Bee Kim at her blog -

Janji Ditepati

As it is, this Malay-led BN government is not as bad as being portrayed by DAP.

Malays are after all an easy going bunch of people.

Violence, vengeance and vendetta were not really part of their culture. They normally would only react out of their gentle character if subjected to extreme provocation and being pushed to a corner where they have no choice but to defend themselves.

Just look at that call to boycott Chinese business interests after the Chinese tsunami of GE13. As predicted by even the Chinese commentators in this blog at that time, the whole thing was just a "hangat-hangat tahi ayam sahaja" thing. The Malays do not have the capacity to collectively punish others. It is just not in their character to do such things. It's as simple as that.

So, as far as I am concerned, the coming Year of the Horse will be a good year for the Malaysian Chinese....the same as it has always been good years ever since their forefathers came to this blessed country and turned it into their home.

Tuesday 21 January 2014

BN may not need bloggers anymore

As it turned out, sexy boy Anwar Ibrahim was denied entry into Japan because he didn't this time apply for the special visa needed by an ex-convict like himself to enter the country.

All those drama about the evil BN government influencing the Japanese to go against the mighty Pakatan Rakyat by bullying Anwar turned out to be all just crap.

What a bloody waste of time and energy entertaining Anwar's hue and cry. I think his followers and the likes of Kit Siang and others who layan his little tantrum must have feel a bit idiotic too. Of course they are not saying it but I think I know how they must had felt.

Anyway, all this stupid nonsense made me suddenly feel very tired of politics.

On one side is the irritatingly stupid Pakatan and on the other the obnoxiously pompous BN.

The problem is, those were the only choices available.

Well, never mind.

I actually just reached home. Did the necessaries and now about to knock off.

I was a bit busy at work today.

But between works I happened to chat with a senior BN media handler over the low keyed rebellion by several pro-BN bloggers who were wishing Najib to be replaced as PM.

The guy told me that they will ride out the storm and will not bow to the pressure exerted by just a band of bloggers.

"We don't need those bloggers anyway. Their days were over," he said.

Probably the guy was right. People these days prefer all those faster mediums such as Facebook and Wassap group for their source of information. Blogs are already quite out of fashion.

The guy told me that a new team to handle the BN's cyber war effort will be set up soon.

He said having a proper team to fight the cyberwar in a more disciplined manner would be more effective than relying on the temperamental pro-BN bloggers

Well, I wish them all the best then.

Despite all that, I had decided that I will continue with this blog, which is my only vehicle in cyberspace. I have no other active social media account.

For me, it doesn't matter that the BN media handlers don't need my contributions as a blogger anymore.

I will just write what ever I like here instead.

After all, I'm writing this blog more for fun then anything else. Once it's no longer fun, I will stop altogether.

But, that's for later....

Anwar must had really scared the Japanese

The Pakatan leadership had described the Japanese immigration authorities' decision not to allow DS Anwar Ibrahim into their country as a "national insult".

Lim Kit Siang, in a posting at his blog highlighted that,

The Japanese Government should apologize as it was a most unfriendly and even hostile Japanese act against Malaysia.

It tantamounts to disrespect and slap-in-the-face of the majority of voters in Malaysia as Anwar is the leader of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition which secured the majority support of 51% of the voters in the 13th General Elections on May 5 last year.

 Japanese Government must act correctly and not interfere in the internal politics of Malaysia

 Japan is an international laughing stock because its government barred Anwar from entering the country.

- The Foreign Ministry must take immediate action to demand apology from the Japanese government as well as to ensure that there will be no repetition of the incident

Well, I think Kit Siang should also called on the 51 per cent Malaysian voters who support the Pakatan coalition to boycott everything Japanese.

No sushi for everyone until Anwar is once again allowed into the land of the rising sun.

Ya, Kit Siang is indeed becoming a little bit more senile these days. So ,Chinese drama about the whole thing.

If the Japanese government don't like Anwar to be in their country, that's their right to do so la.

It's their country okay. They are free to do what they like there. They can deny or allow anyone to enter their country because it's something like their house where it's up to them to allow someone to come in or kick out if they don't like his face.

Well, after all it's probably because they now know something about Anwar that no one else knows. 

Something which was definitely really horrid that they don't want him to be anywhere near their young men....or young women. least Kit Siang in that posting didn't claim that the Malaysian government was responsible for getting the Japanese to stop the sexy Anwar from entering their country.

Anwar and gang had earlier been reported by the world media as accusing the Malaysian government as being responsible for him being denied entry into Japan. To read those reports, you just google "anwar ibrahim japan".

I think Kit Siang had by now know that it was not the Malaysian government's doing and don't want to be embarrassed when the real reason for the Japanese authorities' decision being made known to the public..

But really, I'm quite curious to find out why the Japanese did that too. 

I honestly don't think it's about Anwar having been charged with committing same sex rape.

The Japanese are known to be quite open minded about sex and I don't think a man in his late 60's, despite allegedly being a sex maniac with a crooked penis who  goes after both boys and girls, would scare them one bit.

Unless, of course the Japanese know something really nasty about Anwar....I mean, more nasty than what we suspected of him la.

The Japanese are a bunch of super efficient people and they don't simply do these things without a reason or because they feel like being morons by making decision based on false reports by the Malaysian government about Anwar as alleged by the Pakatan people.

They must have instead checked and found something so shocking that they decided  they don't want someone like Anwar to be in their midst or even set his foot in their country.

Who knows, maybe it got something to do with what he had done during his earlier visits to Japan before this.

It's anyone's guess.

I had once talked with a friend who is a high ranking police officer and he said that he used to escort Anwar when he was the deputy prime minister. 

He told me that Anwar really love going to Japan since back then.

And you wouldn't believe the places he visited when he was there, he said.

My friend however refused to elaborate.

" Kalau aku cakap tempat macam mana yg dia suka pergi kat Jepun tu, nanti orang kata aku nak fitnah Anwar pulak," he said.

Monday 20 January 2014

Monday morning's warm gun

I'm going to be a bit busy today.

It's Monday for heaven's sake.

Can't write too long.

So, for this morning I just want to highlight this response by a commenter who is obviously on the side of the under siege DS Najib Razak's camp at my last posting

Turning Najib into a simpleton

Beautiful. Though I must add that the ones who initiated the hate Najib move are the UMNO bloggers whose loyalty is not to the party but to someone else with vested interest. The opposition naturally took their cue and was happy to except their compliments in bush-whacking Najib. I don't blame the opposition who are predominantly Chinese. I blame the Malay UMNO bloggers who think they know better and are subservient not to the paymaster, but to a VSOP who is staging a coup in the party.

I think it's only fair that their anger and frustration be given space too.

I will try to write another proper posting after work if possible.

For now, do enjoy the music....and don't fret too much....cheers

Sunday 19 January 2014

Turning Najib into a simpleton

A friend who knows I'm writing this blog called me yesterday and asked me why I'm still defending DS Najib Razak amidst the mounting attacks against him by not just the Pakatan supporters but also those who are pro-Umno and BN.

This friend of mine who is a prominent pro-BN blogger was one of those currently rebelling against the Najib's administration.

My friend knows that I am unhappy too with the way Najib is currently handling things.

"We can't for instance let all those manipulative bastards around him continuously using the PMO (PM office) as a shield to do what ever they want," said my friend.

"They are turning the people against the establishment by what they are doing and Najib doesn't seems to realize it or probably even complicit with it," he added.

I told my friend that I totally agree with him on the part where Najib's administration need to clean up the crap and had posted several times on the matter in the hope that somehow Najib reads them and do something to correct the wrongs.

However, I don't believe in toppling Najib for now as I think he is not yet beyond redemption.

Furthermore, who are there to replace him at the moment?

His deputy TS Muhyiddin Yassin had made his stand clear before the Umno elections last year that he will not fight his boss.

The three current party vice presidents on the other hand had proven themselves to be quite incapable of anything really serious.

Yes, that includes the most popular among them DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who before the party election was touted as being brave due to all his saber rattling. Now, he is as quiet as a mouse after that stupid remarks about Syiah at the party's general assembly and the no action after the New Year ruckus at Dataran Merdeka.

Honestly, I would like those who are opposing Najib from the BN ranks to have a proper succession plan if they insist on replacing Najib.

Otherwise, toppling Najib will only make things worse.

Another thing the rebels need to bear in mind is that, unlike the movement to replace Pak Lah back in 2008, this time the Pakatan people are also pushing for Najib to be replaced.

Do note that now they are focusing on destroying Najib's image such as in the deliberate manipulation case of the kangkung issue.

They didn't do such things to Pak Lah back then.

I suspect that they believe once Najib is ousted, Umno and BN will be weaken in the ensuing power struggles as there are now no clear replacement in Umno for him. This will make it easier for Pakatan to win the next general election.

They also know that the entire Umno machinery is actually currently weak and the party survives merely because the Malays, most of whom were fence sitters still support the party as they couldn't stomach the other side.

So, the trick now is to go another notch higher in making Umno so revolting to the people and for that there is no better way than attacking Najib's personality.

They know that Najib is too nice a guy to be portrayed as evil. For instance, not many really believe that crap about him murdering the Mongolian girl.

So, this time they are trying to make him look stupid, incompetent and behaves like an idiot.

Najib the simpleton. That's how they will try to portray him from now on until GE14.

Thus the shoving of his mouth with kangkung incident. It was a good start for them.

Now on Najib's side. It made me cringed to see how they responded to these attacks.

His multitude of ministers, advisers, consultants and aides do not seem to have any clue on how to react.

I suspect that they don't have a game plan on how to fight these attacks against their boss.

The Umno headquarters manned by the likes of the obnoxious Ku Nan and that buffoon Rauf was equally useless. They seem to care more about who among themselves will get the contracts for party t-shirts, flags, buntings etc, than anything else.

That was why so many pro-Umno and BN bloggers had turned against Najib.

They are fed-up, frustrated and angry.

It's not just the bloggers though. It's the general feeling on the ground among ordinary supporters of BN and Umno, especially those who are not party members.

Personally, I have not yet given up on Najib. For now, I am still hoping for him to personally check on his people and clean up the mess in his camp.

It is not yet too late.

His few aides who are still doing a good job must help him realize that he needs to change the game plan.

Otherwise, not only Najib's position will become untenable, but so does that of BN's in GE14.

(Note to Tengku Shariffuddin : I think Akmar need more guidance in engaging the rebelling pro-BN bloggers. Otherwise things will only get worse. Thank you)

Saturday 18 January 2014

Chinese choices for Najib's replacement

So, everyone seems to want DS Najib Razak to step down as Prime Minister.

His crimes : marrying DS Rosmah Mansor, appointing expensive but stupid consultants, surrounded by self-serving advisors, assisted by incompetent ministers, failed to stand-up to crooks ruining states such as Johor, unable to stop price hikes of essential items, eat too much kangkung etc etc.....okay, too many lah.

You all Chinese also want to shove kangkung into Najib's mouth, aren't you?

Fine, let's get rid of him.

Now, who do you want to replace him?

Let's be honest, you all Chinese want this guy as PM, right?

But, sorry to say la, this spoiled brat will never be PM.

Firstly, you all Chinese are less than 30 per cent of the population.

Secondly, can you all choose someone more handsome as your supreme leader? This one too nerdy lah. Obnoxious some more.

Okay, you all Chinese and the rest of the Pakatan gang, I want to ask you...are you all really sure you want this next guy to replace Najib?

You sure or not?

I know some of you all are too young to remember, but this guy almost screwed up this country during the economic crisis of the late 1990s when he was the deputy prime minister and finance minister. Ya, this guy used to be part of the hated Umno too, and he is one of the really bad ones.

If you all Chinese think Najib wants to shove kangkung down your throat, let me tell you that this other guy had been video taped as enjoying shoving other type of vegetable down the throat (and other orifices) of Chinese. Think again, okay.

Well, the next in line on the Pakatan side must be this guy then,

You all Chinese really can accept this guy and his Taliban-like followers, or not?

I know some of you voted for Pas to help DAP and all but come on la, you think this guy will be good for you all as PM?

In Kelantan or Terengganu maybe can la, but letting him runs the whole country?

You all, really think he likes you all and your Chinese ways? Now ya lah, but after he got power, how?

Okay, as for the candidates on the BN side, these are the ones who are eligible to take over from Najib. They are Umno vice-president level and above,

I don't think you want the above guy as PM. You all said he is a Malay ultra, what.

I don't recommend this one either. He talks only. Before Umno elections, made all sorts of noises, now quiet only.

This to become PM like that.

This one Sabah quota only. You ever know of him doing or even saying anything significant?

Yup, this one also eligible. Wanita chief is of vice presidential status. You want her as PM? I don't want...for obvious reasons.

Ha, this one maybe can la. Handsome and got sexy eyes. Got Chinese taste some more. His wife look like Chinese, and his press secretary is actually a really pretty Chinese lady. This guy smart some more.

Okay lah, KJ as PM. Not bad, what.

Sorry ya, MCA and Gerakan guys are not eligible because you all Chinese are too busy making money and have no time for making babies, thus you are less than 30 per cent of the population.

No Chinese PM for you. The Malays, who are the majority will never let you have one. The closest you can get is Ah Jib Gor. By the way, that name sounds horrid to me.

Friday 17 January 2014

Johor's Sepuluh Budak Hitam

I was reliably informed yesterday that the people at the Umno headquarters had approached a party veteran to be part of their team.

This Umno veteran is a good man and one of the key members of the small team assisting former Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman in the defense of the state in the 13th General Election.

I know him and had seen him in action on the electoral frontline. The guy is really good.

Despite losing five out of 26 parliament seats and 18 out of 56 state seats, Johor Umno did relatively well especially in maintaining up to 85 per cent support of the Malay voters in the state. Four out of the seven MCA's parliament seats were also won in Johor.

Unfortunately, I was told that the guy had declined the offer.

I think he would had done a lot of good if he had accepted it. He is one of those genuine Umno man of integrity, incorruptible and devoted to the good cause. He is also an excellent administrator and a thinker.

But then, I was told that this guy had declined to be in the team at the Putera World Trade Centre because he felt that he can't work with some of the individuals there.

He was said to have disagreed with the way these individuals manage the affairs of Umno. Being an incorruptible person, he was said to find it hard to work with these people whose real aim is to further their own vested interests and accumulate monetary gains via their position in the Umno headquarters.

How I wish DS Najib could clean up the place.

The Umno veteran had decided to retire from politics, a decision he made after GE13 and is now spending time tending to his goat farm in his kampung.

He was said to be now disinterested with the goings on in Umno, as well as in Johor where things are turning really bad and showed no signs of improving any time soon.

This is how Umno is losing its good people.

I really hope that Najib will realize this and do something immediately to stop the slide. He simply need to get rid of the crooks and get back the good people.

Otherwise, things will get really ugly.

In Johor at the moment, a new group of young crooks are emerging from Kota Iskandar, replacing people like that good Umno veteran.

This group is known as the "Sepuluh Budak Hitam".

They went about demanding all sorts of things for themselves from the government agencies by brandishing the name of Menteri Besar Datuk Mohd Khaled Nordin.

Those in IRDA, JCorp, and other such institutions in Johor should know who are these Sepuluh Budak Hitam and what they had demanded from them. The people of Johor Civil Service (JCS) should know them too.

Their catchphrase as they go on their rampage is "nak bersihkan tahi Ghani" (cleaning up Ghani's shit). The fact of the matter is, they are the ones crapping all over the place to the detriment of Umno and the State government.

It's now nine months since their boss Khaled took over at Kota Iskandar and I have not yet see anything substantive being done in Johor.

Except of course for a bit of populist moves which aim at keeping the Malay electorates happy.

At the same time, the pillaging of Johor by the Sepuluh Budak Hitam and others continues.

These are among things that Najib needs to put to an immediate stop if Barisan Nasional is to have any hope of winning GE14.

Thursday 16 January 2014

Do you rather have aubergine than kangkung?

Okay, so they ridiculed PM DS Najib Razak by exploiting his off-beat "kangkung" remark.

They turned this nicest PM that we ever have into a subject of mockery.

Yes, he has weaknesses and I had pointed all that in this blog in the hope for him to address them, but do you think he deserves to be mocked by these bunch of ingrates?

Do you really think those in the picture are suffering malnutrition due to lack of food following the price hikes that they had resorted to be so rude?

I know, the DAP cybertroopers hanging out at this blog will answer with a resounding "yes", but how about you all who are rational?

Do you think Najib is so bad that he should be treated that way?

You look closely at the picture and see what kind of people are those bunch of kurang ajar individuals.

And bear in mind that these people want us to accept this aubergine man to replace Najib,

In case you don't know what is aubergine, it's also known as eggplant or in Bahasa Malaysia we call it "terung".

It's documented what that guy like to do with his,

Do you really prefer aubergine than kangkung? It's more expensive, okay.

Tuesday 14 January 2014

How to outwit a Chinese using a kangkung

I worked today despite the public holiday.

I had initially wished the double chin Chinese guy to invite me for a day outing, but he didn't call.

After work, I texted him to ask if he was interested to at least have tea with me.

He replied in the affirmative.

I then picked him up at his place.

It turned out that he was cleaning his apartment the whole day for Chinese New Year celebrations. Some Chinese guys are very particular about cleanliness...but some not even bothered to shower in the morning. The double chin guy belongs to the clean type. Lucky me.

Okay, he eats pork, but there's nothing I can do about it....for now.

We ended up at the Oasis in Subang.

Since I had told him I'm dieting because of my excessive weight, he took me to the vegetarian Secret Recipe restaurant there.

I'm now almost 50 kg.

Need to reduce it to at least 44 kg within this next three months.

He ordered a fruit salad, veggie salad with cashew nuts and a soup like salad with tofu and mushroom. He drank mineral water while I was having my favorite Earl Gray tea. Strictly no sugar.

The meal costs RM51.20. He paid.

As I was munching on the mostly veggie meal, I can't help but remembered the current in-thing sinister jokes about PM DS Najib Razak. He is being ridiculed as a "kangkung PM". My vegetarian meal didn't include kangkung.

Najib is apparently getting whacked from both sides of the political divide over his now infamous "kangkung" remark.

The guy simply can't speak in a lighter mood (which I believe was what he did) without getting whacked.

Remember, when he made that remark about MCA needing a political viagra to revive itself during the party's AGM last month? That was supposed to be a joke but ended up with the likes of Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider coming to a conclusion that Najib had meant to ridicule the MCA.

For me, those who believed in the pro-Pakatan portals' spin were themselves "kangkung" with no brain to think for themselves.

I guess Najib need to come up with a new strategy to handle issues so that they do not become a PR disaster like this stupid "kangkung" episode.

Well, if it's any comfort for the Najib's camp, at least it is kangkung and not some other more sinister vegetables such as aubergine or bitter gourd.

And after all, when I was very young and in school, my teacher once told my class that eating kangkung (or in english water spinach), was a sign of being intelligent.

According to my teacher's story, once upon a long long time ago, the Sultan of Malacca was  invited for an audience by the Emperor of China. Malacca was a vassal state of China at that time and therefore the Sultan had no choice but to be present.

The Ming dynasty's court protocols required all those in the presence of the Emperor to bow their head. Therefore, no one really knows what the emperor looked like.

The Sultan of Malacca had really wanted to see what the Emperor actually looked like and devised a trick so that he could do so.

For the banquet, he asked for uncut fried kangkung to be served at his table.

So, when it is time to eat, he lifted the whole of the uncut fried kangkung above his head, tilted his head backward and slowly started munching at the vegetable dangling above his head from his fingers.

And of course he therefore got to see what the Emperor looked like as others bowed their head throughout the banquet.

When the emperor asked why he ate the vegetable that way, the Sultan said "Oh, that's how we Malays of Malacca eat kangkung."

The Emperor knew the Sultan was merely bullshitting, but being a nice guy that he was, he let it passed as he felt that the Malay chap running the small piece of land called Malacca was such a smart fellow.

The Emperor had even decided to marry one of his daughters from one of his hundreds of wives to the Sultan who at that time only have a paltry of three wives and have only one slot left according to his religion.

Well, it pays to be a smart guy like that Sultan of Malacca.

Hopefully Najib will be smart too and do the necessary to stem the current tide against him.

Sunday 12 January 2014

Democracy, DAP's style

First for context, you may read these reports,

Penggaram rep tops DAP Johor polls, Boo 10th

Liew Chin Tong made DAP chief in Johor

The following is a text conversation between my mother and me just now.

Mother : May (my Chinese name), can u tell me why Liew Cheng Tong get least votes in the committee election but ended up DAP state chief?

Me : Because in DAP, those elected into the committee decide who should be their boss. For instance, Guan Eng is no 3 in the CEC yet he became the powerful sec-gen, Same thing with State level. Boo may be 10th and Liew 14th but if Liew got more people in the committee and backing from KL, then he becomes the boss.

Mother : That's not very democratic....So Boo was supported by grassroots but not those at the top even his fellow committee members?

Me : You look at the 15 people in the committee and you can tell that most of them are not from Boo's camp.

Mother : Sigh....poor Boo.

Me: It's DEMOCRATIC Action Party la Ma.... But it doesn't matter. DAP supporters don't care about such things.

Mother: It shows that I'm not a DAP supporter...

Me: Aiya Ma, next election you will vote for them again la.

Mother: See lah how....

Note: My mother donated to a fund supporting Dr Boo Cheng Hau when he first contested in Skudai during the 2004 general election.

Friday 10 January 2014

Are they just going after Arlida?

I was alerted of this story late yesterday evening:

Former IIB Vice President Fined RM30,000 For Bribery

JOHOR BAHARU, Jan 9 (Bernama) -- Former Iskandar Investment Bhd (IIB) vice president Mohamad Hanafiah Abu Mansor was fined RM30,000, in default three months' jail by the Sessions Court here today for accepting a bribe of RM25,000, four years ago.

Judge Mohamad Haldar Abdul Aziz handed the sentence after Mohamad Hanafiah, 48, who was represented by counsel Azrul Zulkifli Stork (rpt:Stork), pleaded guilty to an alternative charge.

Mohamad Hanafiah, who was then IIB vice president and Medini Iskandar Malaysia Sdn Bhd chief executive officer, was accused of receiving a bribe of RM25,000 from Mohd Zulkifli Arif at the car park area behind IIB's office in Danga Bay, Jalan Skudai here in early January 2010.

The accused, who is currently the chief executive officer at JP Logistics Sdn. Bhd, was charged under section 165 of the Penal Code for the alternative charge, which carries a jail term of not more than two years or fine or both upon conviction.

On October 24 last year, Mohamad Hanafiah had pleaded not guilty in the same court to two charges of bribery involving a project valued at RM2.7 million for the proposed construction and completion of the Kampung Sungai Pendas alternative logistics road in connection with the development of Medini Iskandar Malaysia.

He was then charged under Section 16 (a) (A) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Act 2009 which provides for jail up to 20 years and fine up to five times the corrupt amount or RM10,000, whichever is higher, if convicted.

In pleading for leniency, Mohamad Hanafiah said he was remorseful and had realised his mistake.

He said he was also sacked from his job and had heavy family responsibilities to fend for his wife and four children.

However, deputy public prosecutor from the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Noor Fazlin Hamdan asked the court to impose a deterrent sentence.

It's a continuation of the Iskandar Malaysia corruption saga which origins you may read at the links here, 

Stormy weather again at Iskandar

Mohamad Hanafiah, better known as Ben Hanafiah started at IIB as an assistant vice-president and within three years was made Medini CEO by the Khazanah's board of directors.

IIB is Khazanah's investment arm for Iskandar Malaysia.

I guess, the Khazanah BoD members never checked the guy's background properly as if they had done so, they would not had promoted him so rapidly. This Ben fella has some unsavory track records concerning wheeling and dealings in the past which left some State government officials red faced.

Unless of course that is if members of the Khazanah BoD themselves had some interests to be gained from Ben's rapid ascends in IIB.

For that, someone should ask Datuk Ganen Sarvanathan, who is the executive director of investment of Khazanah who answer directly to managing director Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar. 

Ganen was the Khazanah's point man in IIB at the time when the corruption scandal broke.

Ben was close with Ganen and almost all Khazanah people who had works at IIB. He used to be the golfing buddy of many of these Khazanah people and would without fail accompanied the golfers among them for a round at the course whenever they came down to JB at that time.

Now, the court decision on Ben's case had baffled some of those familiar with the case.They feel that the court had been too lenient on him.

They believe a deal had been struck between Ben and the prosecutors and that he will turn witness against his former boss at IIB, Arlida Ariff who may face a bigger corruption charge soon.

Arlida's husband was charged more than two years ago with a spate of corruption charges.

My sources indicated that the authorities are closing in on Arlida, who at the moment was said to be working in the Middle East.

But then there is this suggestion by my friend Ai who was an active Johor-based blogger at the time the scandal broke,

The big fishes are not just in the south la

It will be interesting to see if the authorities will just go after Arlida or go all the way to Khazanah in their investigation.

As Ai had demanded, there should be

No scapegoat in Iskandar Investment case

Thursday 9 January 2014

At least, it could had been worse

Tonight I just want to rest.

Don't want to think too much.

All those postings about the PM the past few days had tire me.

Now, I had said what I wanted to say about the matter. That should be good enough for now.

If DS Najib Razak still wants to continue being the way he is, then I'm just going to let him be.

As if what I write here will make that much difference anyway.

If he wants to keep all those expensive yet useless consultants and aides, including the gay ones and those who support Pakatan, then I'm just going to let him be.

Heck, at least I had tried.

I'm just going to sit back and watch now.

Honestly, I'm not going to be personally affected by any change of leadership.

I'm not under the payroll of anyone to run this blog, so, I can afford such a luxury.

By right, I shouldn't care.

Except that I always think that Najib is a good guy and better than all the other current potential PM candidates from both side of the political divide.

For one thing, Najib is definitely better than this guy,

It's a pity if Najib decides to maintain the way things are now as I know that so many will give up the fight for BN if nothing change.

I'm not just talking about those rebelling pro-BN bloggers but also ordinary people who are not even party members but were supportive of the establishment.

They want to be inspired by Najib and therefore only Najib can do so.

Now, I want to rest and take things easy over the next few days.

Another weekend is coming and I hope I can get away from it all.

Just want to close my eyes and be at peace for a few days.

Politics can wait another day.

Now, a bit of old music,

Good night

How Najib may avoid a rebellion

There is indeed a rebellion fomenting on the Barisan Nasional side of the fence.

It is of the low intensity type. It burns slow and steady.

I am of the opinion that the administration of DS Najib Razak must tackle this rebellion and prevent it from going full swing or suffer the consequences.

For an example, read through this posting by Syed Akbar Ali if you want to know what this rebellion is all about,

Apanama Makan Roti Teloq - Ampat Biji !!

Those were words of pro-establishment bloggers.

I am not so sure about the Apanama guy, but Syed Akbar is definitely rebelling and he is definitely not alone.

Najib's advisers may pooh poohed those words of the bloggers, but if they continue to ignore them, those words would spread and sooner or later will consume their boss.

I know that there are many other similarly unhappy BN supporters out there. There are actually thousands of them, if not tens of thousands.

They are fed-up and desperate for change.

They want a government which is more attentive to their needs, so they said.

As I had posted before, I don't think Najib is doing things to cause suffering among the rakyat.

Najib is not Marcos and his wife Rosmah is not Imelda. That is a fact, despite all the propaganda of the Pakatan people.

Najib is definitely not an evil man. In fact, I think that Najib have been trying his best as a Prime Minister.

But definitely something is wrong with what he did. The less than sterling results of GE13 is a testimony of the failure of strategy employed by the Najib's administration.

But, for me it is still okay, he can change the strategy to a better one. That was what I was hoping for him to do after the general election.

Unfortunately, so far, there have not been many changes.

This, I feel is the real reason for the unease and frustration among the BN supporters.

This unhappiness is definitely mounting.

There is no way Najib hasn't noticed this development even if his advisers had tried hard to lull him with feel good stories.

It is now for Najib to decide.

I confess that I am not an expert, but from my observation, these are things that I think Najib need to do IMMEDIATELY to quell the unfolding rebellion among BN supporters against his administration,

1. Get rid of the expensive but useless consultants.

2. Get rid of his aides who are of questionable characters and only interested in enriching themselves.

3. Appoint better advisers and formulate a better strategy to win back the people's support.

4. Clean up the GLCs off Pakatan people who are leaking sensitive information and bad mouthing the government.

5. Advise DS Rosmah Mansor to stay in the background and be less visible.

6. Immediately get down to work in preparing for GE14. Example, expedite the setting up of an effective BN's cyber war machinery to counter Pakatan's gains in cyberspace.

7. Revamp the Cabinet and dump all those deemed to be liabilities.  

8. Clean up the Umno headquarters from dubious characters who are profiteering from their position of power there.

9. Put a stop to the excesses committed or allowed to be committed by State BN leaders.

10. Stop being too nice to those who are trying to destroy the establishment.

Those were just what I could think of. I am sure there were many more.

Hopefully Najib will do the right things.