Tuesday 19 October 2021

All the best, Sajat


Nur Sajat the transgender has landed in Australia


“What else do we want? We want freedom. So, human rights here, it is very important. They (Australia) really prioritise human rights. I don’t want anything. I just want human rights.”

Sajat has reportedly liquidated all her business interests at home and is looking forward to resettling in Australia, with a plea “Please respect me as a human being. That’s all.”

I previously wrote on March 3 about

Prosecuting Sajat


It's the thought of being further humiliated that's most scary to her.

Ya, they do love to humiliate people like Sajat.

Imagine a botak Sajat in a prison garb and handcuffed.

A disgrace to Islam, they said.

Well, Sajat should have just migrated to another country to save herself from all this trouble.

And migrate she did...or rather fled overseas.

I know that some would say good riddance but I think this whole thing about Sajat was unfortunate.

It doesn't make Islam or Malaysia looks good.

All just because of some people's ego and their belief that they have the right to bully people like Sajat.

I still believe that her case should have been better handled.

I know, Sajat can be quite irritating with her antics, but that does not mean we should bully and humiliate her.

There must be a way to correct her mistakes (and I'm not talking about her being a transgender). 

After all she still have her parents and family.

Sajat and her mother

Try to imagine if we ourselves have a child who is like her. Can we accept the child to be bullied and humiliated by others?

I believe that transgender people are the same as those with disabilities.

We need to help them instead of bullying and humiliating them.

We shouldn't bully and humiliate an autistic person for being different from us and behaving abnormally. The same should be the case with transgender people.

By the way, now that Sajat is seeking asylum status in Australia, we have officially became a bunch of anti-transgender society, while in actual fact we are not.

The majority of us are not like that, okay.

Anyway, I don't blame Sajat for running off to Australia.

Hopefully, she will be happier there.

Friday 15 October 2021

Gangster stories

This is a nice political (or is it gangster?) story,

Knives come out as Penang DCM mulls move to Parliament


There are two rival sides, one aligned to Ramasamy and one said to be led by an ambitious newcomer. DAP insiders who gave FMT the information would not name the newcomer.

The Ramasamy allies are Penang city councillor P David Marshel and Bagan Dalam assemblyman Satees Muniandy.

Marshel may be facing some legal trouble. Someone has made a statutory declaration saying he was involved in the gruesome slashing of Penang Hindu Endowments Board executive director Ramachandran Muthiah in July.

I always laughed a bit whenever I came across these kind of stories.

These were used to be MIC stories, but now they have apparently moved to DAP.

I wonder how Guan Eng is going to handle this nonsense. Hopefully he won't end up getting beaten up or gruesomely slashed to ribbons in the process.

These people do sound aggressive and dangerous, after all. 

And they talked nonsense loudly too....like that Jelutong MP.

Meanwhile, there's also this story today about a lawyer who think it's wrong to seek justice for Adib and his loved ones;

Further probe into firefighter’s death will cause trust deficit, says lawyer


“Unless there are overwhelming omissions and/or hard evidence of obvious bias, a second follow-up ‘inquest’ and its findings may cause further credibility degradation,” SN Nair said.

He said it also undermined the findings of the original pathologist and the department concerned.

These people are simply too much, if you ask me.

Get to become a lawyer and they think they are so smart already.

It makes my blood boils that they still want to defend those who killed Adib.

For them it's okay to attack firefighters who were trying to do their job and even killing them.

Real bastards.

I will never stop praying for those who killed Adib or at least caused his death to be punished.

As for those who defended the act of killing him, may they all rot in hell when the time come.

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Malaysia shouldn't condemn Aukus

 I think Hishammuddin was wrong or intentionally being wrong on this;

Malaysia maintains stand Aukus potentially destabilising

How can the US, UK and Australia pact destabilise this region when it's already being destabilised by the communists in Beijing, who claim almost the whole of South China Sea as their own and built artificial islands there with tonnes of missiles on them?

Aren't it them who repeatedly sent warplanes into our airspace and militarised ships into our waters?

Why then are we condemning the pact which may help us defend our territory?

Whether we like it or not, we have to admit that we don't have enough military strength to push back Beijing's expansionism.

If we really want to defend our rights in South China Sea, we have to align ourselves with stronger powers.

Otherwise, we should just shut up and give those area that Beijing wants by giving up our claims in those waters.

Or are we going to just protest whenever the PLA ships and aircraft intruded into our territory?

How about if the PLA lands its troops on a Malaysian island and plant their flag there?

How about if that happened in Labuan?

Are we going to just protest that one too?

Seriously, I think Hishammuddin had gotten a bit less clever ever since he went to buy some warships from China when he was the defence minister.

Okay, I know that most Malaysian leaders tried very hard to please the communists in Beijing as we want them to invest here, but are we that hard up for their money to the point of letting ourselves be bullied by them?

Honestly, I don't like to see the US and its allies as the ones we have to rely on to counter the PLA threats but it looks like at this moment we don't have much choice in this.

Even if we don't like them to have a pack like Aukus, I don't think we should condemn it as destabilising.

My personal opinion is that the pact actually have an opposite effect to the one claimed by Hishammuddin, as it would send a signal to Beijing that they can't go around bullying smaller countries like Malaysia and simply take whatever they want that rightfully belong to others.

The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) leads the Royal Malaysian Navy frigate KD Lekir (FF 26) during a passing exercise. Carl Vinson and Carrier Air Wing 17 were underway on a deployment to the U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility in the Far East in January 2011.

As it is, Beijing is threatening to invade Taiwan. That, I think is something we should condemn instead.

If that really happened, the whole region will be plunged into chaos and hundreds of thousands, if not millions will die, especially among the Taiwanese civilian population.

A conflict like that will not drag in only US, UK and Australia, but also Japan, South Korea and the other Asean countries.

We will also be forced to take side as the war will definitely spread into the South China Sea where we also have claims to a portion of it.

Are we, as a democratic country not obliged to contribute to the defence of fellow democracies such as Taiwan?

Or are we going to side with Beijing for money?

Monday 11 October 2021

Let's not screw up Covid recovery...too much

State boarders are once again being reopened today after almost 10 months.

Covid-19 deaths and infections are also apparently in decline.

Things are indeed beginning to look good.

I have however decided to wait a little bit more before going back to KL.

Don't feel the need to rush back as I can actually do my work from where I am now.

After all, the office will be mostly empty as the company I work for was hit rather hard by the Covid-19 economic fallout.

I'm the only one left in my team now with the others having moved on to stronger companies for better job security.

Whatever it is, hopefully business will pick up after the pandemic and I can get my full pay again.

I actually have to regularly use my savings to pay for expenses during this pandemic.

Well, at least I still have a job while many others were not so lucky.

I even have a friend who is an engineer now selling eggs online to make ends meet.

As I previously wrote, if I ever get to that level, I thought of setting up a burger stall.

Anyway, I will try not to complain too much about my difficulties nor am I going to blame anyone for my situation.

But, I would appreciate it if no one makes my life harder by causing problems, which hamper the country's recovery from the pandemic.

Ya, I'm talking about the politicians who control our government and their counterparts in the Opposition.

They better not start with their nonsense again....at least not too much.

Okay, the coming bullshit state election in Melaka is already rolling  and nothing much apparently can be done to stop it.

I'm praying that there will be no new major Covid-19 outbreak because of it.

Hopefully, there will be no other state elections after that too, at least until the pandemic is really over.

The politicians, by right shouldn't feel that they have the luxury to quarrel now as they actually need to be focus on Covid-19 recovery effort.

But that's just me saying.

Of course they will continue to fight their silly nonsense at our expense. That's after all what democracy is all about.

By the way, about the Melaka state election; I think Pakatan will win that one because Umno was being  so screwed up about it....unless of course Pakatan screwed up even worse over the next few weeks.

Thursday 7 October 2021

Relax DAP, MAHB can handle the airport business

 I noticed that DAP leaders have been pushing for the government to proceed with airport upgrading works, in particular the one in Penang, which state government is controlled by them.

The other day, former transport minister Anthony Loke who is a DAP senior leader and Seremban MP even suggested for MAHB, which runs the airports to be delisted in order to enable such upgrades of the airports.

I don't have too much complain against Loke but I think he was being unfair with his suggestion as MAHB has been working hard and spending much maintaining the mostly empty airports during the pandemic.

Then today the DAP-led Penang government once again called for the government to reverse its decision to postpone most airport-related projects, as announced by Transport minister Wee Ka Siong on Monday.

Why are they being so pushy about this airport upgrades now?

The pandemic is not yet over, okay, and the tourists are not yet coming in droves for quite a while more.

What's the rush?

Penang Airport needs immediate upgrades?

I read that one of the DAP guys said this is the best time to do the upgrade works as there were not too many people yet at the airports.

Hey, I think that's silly, okay.

I was at Heathrow Airport back in 2006 when they were renovating it and I didn't experience much inconvenience because of it.

The airport was packed despite it looking like an Arked Mara because of the upgrading works.

I believe that for now, we should upgrade the airports only when we really need to do it and more importantly when we have the money for it.

I don't think we have that kind of money to spend at the moment as we are still on our way to recover from the pandemic and its economic fall out.

At the moment, the priority should be in helping the rakyat instead of making airports bigger and nicer like Changi in Singapore.

DAP people, you all agree with me on that, right?

Tell your leaders la that no point in having fancy airports if the people are suffering.

Oh, and I believe that if we really need to make the airports better and nicer, MAHB will make sure the government know what to do and when to do it.

After all, I think MAHB knows about the airport business better than the DAP leaders. 

Tuesday 5 October 2021

About the nonsense in Melaka (updated)

UPDATES at 16:07

Just shortly after I did this post, Rauf announced that 

Melaka state assembly dissolved; election to come

Ironic, isn't it?



Friends who know Melaka politics more than me said the reason for the ongoing nonsense there was this guy;

This Rauf guy is the Melaka Umno chief, appointed by party president Zahid after BN's defeat in GE14. He is also currently the Melaka state assembly speaker.

He was formerly the party's executive secretary when Umno was led by Najib.

My friends said the Umno assemblymen and their gang who decided to withdraw support from the BN's Melaka CM did so because they can't stand Rauf's meddling in the state administration.

Well, if it's true, then I really don't blame them for doing so.

I don't like this Rauf guy too.

In fact I wrote quite a lot of criticisms against him back then when he was running the show at Umno's headquarters.

I actually started to dislike him during the run-up to the Tenang by-election in 2011.

As the party's executive secretary at that time, he tried to force Johor Umno to submit to him in the handling of the by-election campaign.

Those days, Umno's typical by-election campaign involved a lot of circus-like nonsense which allowed certain individuals making lots of money from renting out equipment and other non-essentials.

Johor Umno, then led by TS Abdul Ghani Othman and his right handman Datuk Ahmad Zahri rebuffed Rauf and proceeded to manage the campaign in Tenang using minimal resources with great success.

After the BN's victory in that by-election, an unhappy Rauf caused Johor Umno war room director to be barred from attending meetings at the party's headquarters, giving the excuse that the guy was not a division chief like his peers from other states.

I was based in Johor at that time and when I heard about what happened, I told myself that this Rauf guy is bad for Umno.

There were other incidents after that which reenforce my negative view of the guy.

As I had previously written, Umno has these sort of people to blame for its defeat in 2018.

People are simply fed up with their ugly faces and antics.

That's why I was very disappointed when Rauf and other Umno leaders whom in my opinion caused BN's defeat were once again given senior posts after GE14.

How can a party's executive secretary like Rauf ,who failed in GE14 be given the post of a state chief was beyond me.

So, I was not actually surprised when my friends told me that the guy is back doing his old tricks again, causing havoc within the Melaka Umno rank.

It must be really bad, I think.

Well, if I'm Zahid, I would think of a way to remedy the situation instead of calling for a snap poll yesterday as the Covid crisis is not yet over.

Of course, in the first place i wouldn't appoint someone like Rauf to lead Melaka Umno as his face alone could cause defeat in the state in the next general election.

If I'm the Umno president, I would make sure all the party's state chiefs are handsome, capable and most importantly sincere leaders.


Sunday 3 October 2021

About Oshin, Taoist rioters and Beijing communists

A friend yesterday complained that I have not been writing for almost two weeks.

Well, I was actually busy doing other things.

There's my work and also Oshin.

Ya, Oshin is that old Japanese drama from the early 80s.

I first watched it with my grandmother when I was a kid. We love it so much.

Finished all 297 episodes of it again these past days. It's that good.

I recommend everyone who has a daughter to watch it with her.

It teaches girls to be good and tough, and that most (if not all) men are useless bastards.

Oshin had a rough upbringing being badly treated by her father and brother. When she's grown up, her business were repeatedly wrecked, first by her husband and then her son.

Oh, and her mother-in-law was bad too. Ya, some women are as bad as men.

Whatever it is, moral of the story is that girls need to stay tough and focused as well as believe in themselves to face the world.

As for what has been happening with the country, I honestly don't really feel the need to write about it.

It's been quite mundane actually.

Covid casualty number is still quite high but at least the vaccination appeared to be working and the situation seems to be improving.

I hope to go back to work in KL once the borders open. Ya, I'm now in the East Coast, enjoying myself here for the past two months.

As for politics, it's been thankfully rather quiet. Of course there were the usual chatters but nothing really significant. So, I'm going to leave it at that for now.

The only time I was actually tempted to write something these past few days was when there was that riot in front of a Taoist temple in Salak South.

That was a really stupid one.

But one of my friends beats me to it with this write up;

Learn from Adib’s tragedy; be firm with rioters

I agree with my friend about the need for the authorities to be firm with rioters but not so much when it comes to comparing the Salak South little riot with the Adib's tragedy.

Well, for one thing, the crazies in Salak South were Chinese, and they are Taoists some more.

After watching the video of the incident, I concluded that Taoist Chinese make lousy rioters.

They really should leave the rioting business to others.

I even laughed quite a bit watching their antics that day. Ya, especially so when I saw those ladies practicing their zumba in front of the temple gate while all the commotions were happening.

The police were very right not to use force  against them that day.

No way they could really hurt anyone, let alone kill a fireman.

Okay, maybe I'm a bit bias because my mother's side of the family are mostly Taoist Chinese but they are indeed quite a peaceful bunch.

Not sure why they were acting crazy that day, but rightfully they should just peacefully lie down in front of the backhoe machine to stop it, just like the protesters in Tiananmen Square lie down in front of the tanks in 1989.

Don't worry. We are not being ruled by the CCP who made the tanks rolled over and killed the protesters.

Still, the law is the law. Please don't resort to rioting, okay....especially if you are Taoist Chinese.

Next time the others riot, hopefully the police will act tough once again and beat the crap out of them....especially if they try to kill another fireman.

One more thing, talking about the CCP, there's this story yesterday;

Chinese air force conducts largest ever incursion into Taiwan

They actually did that to mark the 72nd anniversary of them founding the communist state of PRC.

Yup, they celebrated the occasion by threatening to invade Taiwan by bombing Taiwanese, who are mostly Chinese.

Terrible communists.

Seriously, communists are not Chinese. Their ideology is not even a Chinese ideology. So, if you are against the communists in Beijing, it does not mean you are anti-China or anti-Chinese.

Oh, and here is what DAP thinks about the CCP which threaten to bomb Taiwanese into submission;

Penang CM praises Beijing on PRC’s 72nd anniversary

Hey DAP, why la you praise those communists at a time like this? 

You all don't care ka for those Chinese in Taiwan?