Monday 29 February 2016

Go DiCaprio!

In this post,

Relaxing time

I wrote that I hope DiCaprio to win Oscar for best actor.

Turned out today that he really won the award.

Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins Academy Award

The guy deserves it.

This was his sixth nominations, for goodness sake.

DiCaprio is definitely getting better as he matures.

He was really good in that The Revenant movie.

Actually, I have not watched the others nominated for best movie, including Spotlight which won the award.

Don't really have time to go to cinema of late.

Furthermore, I'm a bit fed up to keep track of what's going on in the movie scene because there's too many comic book stuff these days.

Hopefully, they are going to show the Academy Award nominated movies in Astro's movie channels soon.

I'll just wait for that.

Otherwise, I'll just watch movies online.

As for comic book stuff, I prefer watching such as these,

Yup, certain stuff simply not inspiring :)


Because I'm Batmannnn....hahahaha


Err, not today.

Tired of it leh.


  1. behind the scenes of The Revenant

  2. But I disappointed 😞 dat spotlight was voted best movie. I thot it shd have been the big short. And I found revenant kinda slow n boring. Only d bear mauling scene was what perked me up. And that came early in the movie. After that u just had to bear with it...hehe

  3. Tun quit umno. Let's see what happens now.


    1. At the current political landscape ,if he didn't quit ,he will be thrown out .

    2. Better quit la UMNO is for najib and people liked ahmad mazlan and Ahmad basah , they are cows, not relevant for malaysia and its nation.

  4. Tun quit Untuk Mohd Najib Only.

    Jibby leaving tonight for Saudi for 3 days. Interesting. Do you think there'll be a coup in Umno when he's away?

  5. Want to The Revenant, must get round to it!

    Meanwhile, Tun has left Umno.

    What's your take?

    1. we're all gonna miss Grandpa if he's gone

  6. Najib pergi Sudi Arabia untuk collect duit derma.
    Kali ni tak tahu arab mana pulak nak derma.
    Mungkin janda the late Raja Abdullah, kut.

  7. It even made the Daily Mail. In between reading about Oscars and Kimye.

    Now Jibby heading to Saudi, news splashed all over because, like it or notor the bootlickers, Mahathir is respected especially in the Third World.
    Jibby going with shame. Bet you no press conference. I read somewhere he's notlisted as speaker at Jeddah conference.

  8. leornado deserves it....great actor...