Wednesday 29 March 2017

Le Proton

In this post on March 3

I wrote (excerpts) -

As for selling off Proton to the Chinese, in the first place, I don't think it's going to be so.

I forwarded my uncle the link to this story;

Maker of Peugeot, Citroen eager to partner Proton

Yup, I think it's going to be the French.

And yesterday there is this story,

Peugeot in talks with Proton for possible tie-up

Well, I'm quite sure that's going to be the deal as far as Proton's foreign strategic partnership is concerned.

That's because this is the story about the other potential partner,

Geely pulls out of Proton bidding process

Well, I think I got this one right.

Anyway, as I previously wrote, the move to set-up Proton with a foreign partner doesn't seemed a bad idea.

You can read it here,

Maybe Dr Mahathir wouldn't mind the Japanese too much


Of course the potential foreign partner will want some control over Proton to make things work, thus that 51 per cent stake.

I don't see anything wrong with that.

It's better that way than letting Proton suffer the way it is now.

I think a reliable foreign partner will do good for the company, particularly in correcting the bad practices currently plaguing the company which brought down the Proton badge in the eyes of even Malaysians.

For example, a foreign partner with controlling power can get rid of vendors who supply substandard parts for the Proton cars.

I was made to understand that many of these vendors got their work with Proton via political connections and no matter how bad they performed in supplying parts for the cars, they were always retained.

Proton people can't get rid of them because they would pull their "cables" to stay on the job.

That's how Proton cars became famous for their faulty power windows, cheap plastic interior, making funny noises just weeks after purchase, etc.

Okay, let's watch a Peugeot versus Proton video with the fair Richard Hammond as the judge,

I first like Hammond and think he's fair because of this video on Perodua Kelisa which was thrashed by his friend Jeremy Clarkson,

Tuesday 28 March 2017

Sleepless in Johor (updated)


Received a message from a friend who knows Johor more than me saying that I got this one wrong.

He said the investigations have been shelved.

I don't really want to believe him.

After all, the MACC had been ordered by the Sultan of Johor to eradicate corruption in the state.

Hopefully I'm right and my friend is wrong.


It's about 3.15am as I start writing this.

I'm suffering from sleeping disorder because something is wrong with my heart....never's too stupid for me to tell you all what's wrong with my heart.

Rather then being awake thinking of negative thoughts, I thought I may as well write this short post.

Well, it has been a few days since I wrote my last one anyway.

Talking about me being sleepless, I heard there are quite a number of people in Johor who are now having sleepless nights too.

However, they are not really suffering from sleeping disorder like me.

They can't sleep peacefully because apparently the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is closing in on them.

This is about the continuing story of

Cleaning up Kota Iskandar

Cleaning up Kota Iskandar - Part 2 

My sources said the operation is indeed ongoing and MACC is currently cornering at least three "big fishes" and quite a number of smaller ones.

The three big ones are two state assemblymen, one of whom is a high ranking office holder in Kota Iskandar, and the third, who is also a politician, holds a very powerful post in the state administration.

They were said to be very rich.

For example, the assemblyman who holds no position in Kota Iskandar was believed to have at least two palatial homes, eight luxury cars and children who own several plots of land each and maximum Amanah Saham Bumiputera accounts.

The other two "big fishes" were believed to have even more than that.

I was told they are all running for cover now but I guess it's going to be hard for them to hide after the recent edict by Sultan of Johor supporting MACC's effort to crack down on corruption in the state.

I think the three guys are all likely awake as I'm writing this despite the early morning hour.

How to sleep when the MACC people may knock on the door at any time and drag them away, isn't it?

Well, the smaller two bit players are probably suffering from the same problem too.

I was told that some of them have started to hide their loot.

One or two were even said to have given their Rolex watches to friends for safekeeping.

A gold Rolex watch for men

Surely scary, I guess.

How to sleep easy like that?

Those who are corrupt are not likely able to sleep peacefully, okay.

Anyway, I hope the MACC people will keep on pushing themselves so that my home state could be cleaned up.

Thursday 23 March 2017

Rather slow than being dishonest

Someone complained yesterday that I have not been writing as much as I used to be.

On top of that, he said I also seemed of late to be holding back and chose less weighty subjects for my postings.

Well, it's actually all true.

I always tried to be as honest as I can when I write this blog.

I also prefer to write things that I consider most important at any particular moment.

However lately I felt difficult to do all that.

That's why I slowed down a bit.

On a particular day, I may feel like writing about something I believe to be important but then after thinking about it, decided not to do so because if I proceed with it I believe I can't be truly honest about what I write.

I rather not write if I can't express my true feelings about the subject matter.

For example, today I strongly feel like writing about something that happened in my home state Johor.

However, after thinking about it, I believe if I write it, I may get arrested and charged for sedition.


I don't feel like going through such shit.

Not worth it, okay.

So, I decided not to write at all about anything.

Well, of course except for this bit of explanation as to why I'm not writing as much as I did previously.

Anyway, since I'm already at it, I think I want to share this picture of the ancient Kyoto palace

This is actually only half of the picture. I cropped out the right side of it because I was standing there posing for the camera. This is the original palace of the Japanese emperors. The palace and its gardens were amazingly beautiful. It's opened for visitors for a month in autumn starting late October. 

and this video clip about Emperor Akihito after he expressed his desire to abdicate and retire in his old age

I find the man to be so refined and dignified.

I think if I'm a Japanese, I would love this old emperor very very much.

He is truly the embodiment of everything good about Japan and its people.

Emperor Akihito is definitely not a fake.

Tuesday 21 March 2017

The thing about Guan Eng now

I have not been writing about Penang CM Lim Guan Eng for quite a long while.

Used to tease him quite a lot, but at one point I think I got a bit bored of him.

Furthermore, the guy has been relatively quiet ever since he was charged with corruption.

Not so gung ho anymore.

So, nothing much I can kacau him these past months.

Anyway, so many others were writing things about him, that I don't feel the need to add more to them.

However, Guan Eng seemed to be in the spot light a bit again over the past week.

I first noticed it here,

Guang Ming reporter sues Guan Eng for defamation

I believe this is a significant development because it's not everyday that a member of the Chinese media going around suing people, let alone a DAP politician of Guan Eng's stature.

The Chinese media, as everyone knows, was largely pro-DAP prior to the last general election.

Things appeared to be a bit different now.

I guess the relationship has not been so cosy anymore.

Maybe Guan Eng and DAP went a bit too much on the arrogant part after their Chinese tsunami of 2013.

It's after all not the first time Guan Eng got into a quarrel with the Chinese media since the last general election.

Nobody really like arrogant people, notwithstanding they are from which side of the political divide.

To get the Chinese media people angry is not something good for a Chinese dominated party like DAP.

Chinese journalists are after all still among the most respected people in their community, perhaps second only to Chinese school teachers.

These are the noble professions among the Chinese. No money to them, but they were respected for upholding the ideals of working for the betterment of their community.

If people such as these are angry with Guan Eng, then he may very well be under pressure from the rest of the community.  

I also think that Guan Eng is quite stressed because of the corruption charge.

He may after all be found guilty of it and that would surely be a big blow for DAP.

Guan Eng may claim that it's just a political prosecution but once all the sordid details of the case are presented in court, things can get quite tough for him and his party.

His defense team surely know this and that's likely why they need to avoid the trial till after the next general election.

Everything now indicates that they may likely manage to do that.

This is from yesterday,

Guan Eng corruption trial postponed pending appeal

And after that, if Guan Eng still lose at the Court of Appeal, they can go for Federal Court.

That will take more time, and the likelihood is that, it will go beyond the GE14's final deadline in August next year.

Even if the court dates are to be pushed as early as possible, it would be nearer to the GE14 deadline, which is also not really a good thing for BN.

This is so because once the heat of campaigning is on, people tend to believe more that it's a political prosecution, just as what Guan Eng and DAP want to portray the whole thing.

Guan Eng may be knocked out and ends up in jail, but the opposition will win a lot of sympathy votes, if that happens too near the election.

In a way it's better for BN if the case is to be decided after GE14.

Guan Eng would be tied down quite a lot that way as it's just not right for a person waiting for a corruption trial like him to talk about corruption, which is  the opposition's primary weapon against BN.

At the same time, Guan Eng can't also claim to be a martyr of a political prosecution.

So, I think it should be left at that.

In my opinion, it goes both ways.

Guan Eng don't have to go to jail too early while BN can enjoy him shutting up quite a bit.

So, good for everyone.

More importantly - less aggravation, so we can do other things other than worrying about politics.

Sunday 19 March 2017

The case of Pei Ven

I think most of you all have already read the story of Ng Pei Ven, the 19-year-old part-time model who drove against the traffic flow and causing an accident which killed one person.

She was charged in court on Friday for consuming drug (amphetamine). You can read about it at this link,

Girl who drove against traffic pleads not guilty

It is also known that Pei Ven is a person with learning disability.

Worthy to note that amphetamine is potent central nervous system (CNS) stimulant that is used in the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), narcolepsy, and obesity.

There was an intense debate in cyberspace about her disability before she was charged in court.

I had wanted to comment on this case earlier but held myself back as I'm afraid that I may be bias in my opinion and I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling, particularly because a life was lost in the accident.

Nonetheless, after careful consideration, I think it's only fair for me to point out that justice should be tempered with mercy in Pei Ven's case.

There could be other factors not immediately known to us as to how she ended up doing what she did.

Even if Pei Ven didn't consume the amphetamine for treatment of her disability, we should let the court explore other surrounding circumstances which led to her actions that night.

Kids that I know who have learning disability tend to be very simple minded and prone to be easily influenced by others.

It could be what caused Pei Ven to do what she did, which led to the then following chain of events.

I know, some of you may disagree, but I think Pei Ven needs rehabilitation more than punishment.

I highly doubted that she intended to cause the tragedy.

If she's jailed, I think that's likely the end of her chance of a proper life.

I also think that this message by rehabilitation medical officer Dr. Kamarul Ariffin Nor Sadan is a good read for those interested in Pei Ven's case,

Mulanya saya tak mahu ulas isu tentang seorang nahas jalanraya yang melibatkan seorang pemandu OKU Masalah Pembelajaran, namun ramai PM saya mengenainya.

Antara seorang yang ditanyakan:

1- Apakah definisi OKU Masalah Pembelajaran?

Memandangkan ini isu melibatkan kes undang-undang, ada baiknya saya tidak memberi definisi mengikut kefahaman saya, tetapi mengikut yang termaktub dalam laman web rasmi Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat.

Saya petik—”Masalah  kecerdasan otak yang tidak selaras dengan usia biologikal. Mereka yang tergolong dalam kategori ini adalah lewat perkembangan global, Sindrom Down, dan kurang upaya intelektual. Kategori ini juga merangkumi keadaan yang menjejaskan kemampuan pembelajaran individu seperti Autisme (Autistic Spectrum Disorder), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) dan masalah pembelajaran spesifik seperti (Dyslexia, Dyscalculia dan Dysgraphia).”

[ ! ] Jangan keliru antara OKU Masalah Pembelajaran dan OKU Mental —"Keadaan penyakit mental yang teruk yang telah diberi rawatan atau telah diberi diagnosis selama sekurang-kurangnya dua tahun oleh Pakar Psikiatri. Akibat daripada penyakit yang dialami dan telah menjalani rawatan psikiatri, mereka masih tidak berupaya untuk berfungsi sama ada sebahagian atau sepenuhnya dalam hal berkaitan dirinya atau perhubungan dalam masyarakat."

2- Bolehkah OKU Masalah Pembelajaran mendapat lesen memandu?

Boleh. Pemegang kad OKU perlu menjalani beberapa ujian saringan untuk memastikan OKU itu selamat untuk memandu. Antara perkara yang dinilai dalam ujian yang dilakukan oleh Jurupulih Carakerja adalah kebolehan; mengenal pasti persekitaran, membuat keputusan, dan ketangkasan reaksi.

Keputusan ujian memandu akan diserahkan kepada doktor untuk dinilai. Jika layak, doktor akan mengeluarkan surat kelayakan memandu kepada pemegang kad OKU.

Surat kelayakan memandu pula perlu dikemukakan kepada pihak JPJ. Kemudian barulah lesen memandu akan dikeluarkan.

[ ! ] Ada kategori OKU yang memerlukan pengubahsuaian kenderaan bagi membolehkan OKU itu memandu. Pengubahsuaian akan dicadangkan oleh Jurupulih Carakerja selepas penilaian dibuat. Contohnya: OKU lumpuh kedua-dua kaki,  kenderaannya perlu ubahsuai kepada pendikit minyak dan brek tangan. Pengubahsuaian pula akan diperiksa oleh Puspakom.

3- Adakah OKU Masalah Pembelajaran akan terlepas daripada disabitkan kesalahan undang-undang?

Saya tak pasti. Namun pada pendapat peribadi saya, OKU juga tertakluk kepada undang-undang seperti mana orang upaya. Namun harus faham, ada klausa dalam sesetengah undang-undang yang memberi pengecualian/kekebalan kepada individu yang mempunyai kondisi tertentu. Untuk maklumat tepat sila rujuk peguam.

4- Apa komen doktor tentang kes OKU Masalah Pembelajaran yang mengakibatkan nahas jalan raya.

Laporan akhbar menyatakan kes ini juga melibatkan pengambilan alkohol dan dadah. Jadi, perkara biarlah pihak penyiasatan yang nilai. Boleh jadi status OKU pemandu tersebut tidak memberi signifikan kepada tindakan berbahaya pemandu tersebut.

Selain itu, mohon agar kalian elakkan beri komen yang mempersenda warga OKU. Jadilah masyarakat yang sensitif dan inklusif.

Terima Kasih.

And this is a Wassap conversation forwarded to me just now by someone who is familiar with people who have to deal with kids with learning disability such as Pei Ven,

Friday 17 March 2017

I know la you powerful, but please don't simply park your car like this

This picture was taken and sent to me just about an hour ago,

It's near the Akafuji Japanese Restaurant at Nong Chik Riverside, Johor Baru.

The following is my Wassap conversation with the person who sent me the picture :

- Apa la....time2 mcm nih org kerajaan negeri buat hal

- Apa kereta ni?

- Da mcm org kerja kerajaan negeri OKU
- Toyota Fortuner

- Bila ni?

- Baru je...few minutes ago. Car was there about an hour plus
- Apa la...takkan hak OKU pun nak amek...Parking ada, bukan takde

- Tu lah

- Parking lot kosong byk lagi. Bukan takde.

Well, who ever is the driver, he/she should be more sensitive about these sorts of things.

Even more so if it's a government's car like in this case.

It makes people think not so good about the government even though actually it got nothing to do with the government.

In the age of social media, this is very important, okay.

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Thanks Gamuda and others who care (updated)


Received this just now and think that it should go with this post.

A golden training opportunity for young adults with Autism that will lead to jobs within corporate offices. 

Details are ; 

Gamuda is setting up Enabling Academy, an employment transition programme for young adults with Autism.

After training, they will be placed in Gamuda's partner companies.

Checklist on eligibility to apply to Enabling Academy

Ö        21 years old and above

Ö        Has an official autism diagnosis or medical report from registered psychologist/psychiatrist

Ö        Has completed secondary school education (or equivalent), diploma or bachelor degree

Ö        Has vocational aptitude that is suitable for administrative or professional jobs in corporate setting

Ö        Independent in personal care, hygiene and grooming

Ö        Able to follow instruction from supervisors and colleagues at work

Ö        Able to observe basic work ethics such as punctuality, disciplined, responsible and team work.

Ö        Able to handle basic interpersonal skills

Ö        Able to arrange transportation to and from work

Ö        Interested in corporate employment and has the ability to work in an office environment

1 Enabling Academy will be located at Damansara Jaya - just beside Atria. 

2. This 3 months programme is fully sponsored. But meals, transport n accommodation not provided. 

3 After training, we will place them into employment at our partner companies.

4 Can email resume to


I was not in the mood to write in this blog these past few days.

Then someone whom I love very much sent me the link to an article earlier this evening which I think I should highlight here.

That someone knows I care about the subject matter immensely.

The article was actually published in August last year.

Nonetheless, I feel it's still worth reading.

Please click on this link to read the article in full,

Project provides gainful employment to those with autism 

excerpts :

Since engineering, property and infrastructure company Gamuda embarked on its Project Differently-Abled (DA) – aimed at creating employment opportunities for individuals with autism – 18 people with autism now have a brighter future. The project, initiated by Gamuda’s group managing director Datuk Lin Yun Ling, aims to harness autistic individuals’ skills and competence rather than highlighting their disability.

Congratulations to Gamuda and special thanks to Datuk Lin Yun Ling for such a noble initiative.

I hope more corporate bodies would do the same.

These efforts should also cater to the even less fortunate among those with autism such as the ones categorised as "low-functioning".

People with autism really need all the understanding and assistance society could offer.

The same goes with others with special needs and disabilities.

I believe that ours could be a better society if we are willing to do more for them.

It's better than for us to spend so much time and energy on other nonsense.

Politics do seem nonsensical to me if compared to efforts to improve ourselves as a society by means of caring for the less fortunate among us.

I rather care for campaigns to improve the care for people with autism than campaigns to support some politicians.

I know that what I write in this post is boring for many people, but that's what I feel like writing at the moment.

I'm really tired of the other nonsense for now.

Spent last Saturday at the beach with a beloved boy with autism.

Well, I will try to write again about those other more exciting stuff later.

Hopefully my mood for that will improve soon.


Saturday 11 March 2017

Understanding delinquents

Somewhere in the east coast. Drove here last night.

Just relaxing, watching some old movies on this laptop.

Been doing it in my free time over the past few days.

I love old movies, especially those good ones from the 1950's.

Yul Brynner was fabulous as Rameses II in the 1956's The Ten Commandments
Very stylish and beautifully done.

The acting was also very good.

So unlike movies these days.

Nowadays people only watch superheroes movies, reboots and remakes.

Well, never mind.

Just finished watching the 1955's

Rebel Without a Cause 

I watched it before but don't mind watching it again.

James Dean was so cool and Natalie Wood so beautiful.

It's a teen movie but made with substance in mind.

Watching it reminds me of the eight kids who died in the recent JB cycling tragedy which made me asked

Who were these poor kids? 

Maybe I should have also asked why the kids do those sorts of crazy stuff too?

I don't really have an answer,

I bet the poor kids wouldn't know the answer either.

Maybe they would have said as the kids in the old movie said, "I don't know....but we have to do something".

Honestly, I don't blame them.

I also don't really have an answer back then as to why I jumped over the fence of my boarding school for a night out and doing other stupid things such as smoking, trying to look cool.

And I don't think most of the other adults have the answer too.

They may pretend to know everything, but actually they don't know shit.

They just want to blame the kids and not bothered to understand, let alone help them.

They got no time for it.

And I'm not talking just about the parents.

Actually, I have given up hoping for our society to understand these sorts of things.

Everyone just preach these and that, and that's about it.

They can't be bothered to really care.

They actually care only about themselves.

Must make money....the rest don't really matter to them.

Bad kids - throw them in jail.

Dead bad kids - they deserve it. They are bad kids what.

Then they say something for the kids, which they don't really mean or even believe.

Said them to just score some political points or show off how moral and nice they were.

Selfish adult bastards.

They don't really care, and that's the truth.

They failed to realise that those eight poor dead kids are better and loved more by Allah than the other JB kids who grew up to become thieves such as in these stories,

Cleaning up Kota Iskandar

Cleaning up Kota Iskandar - Part 2 

If those pricks were not caught, they would look up to them with admiration.

Oh, they are so successful.

Oh, their cars are so big, so beautiful.

Oh, their big bikes are so glamourous, so powerful.

Oh, their clothes, watches, shoes etc are so stylish, so expensive.

Oh, they have so much money, they are so successful.

The guys will get envious, the girls get orgasmic, the parents would want to marry off their daughters to them etc.

Ya ya ya...I know you all will say I'm going overboard....but do I? Really?

Okay, that's all for the day.

I better stop before I too become a nag like those other adult bastards.

Need to go to town now.

Something to do at an education fare.

You all have a good weekend, okay.

Here's a bit from Rebel Without A Cause,

Thursday 9 March 2017

Cleaning up Kota Iskandar - Part 2 (updated)

I've just been told that the MACC raided Latif Bandi's house tonight and seized RM41k in cash, 150 of his wife's expensive handbags, and a Vellfire MPV. He will be taken to the JB Session Court tomorrow morning.

Some of the seized handbags


Received this from my source before lunch just now -


Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) telah menangkap ahli Exco Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan Negeri Johor, Datuk Abd. Latif Bandi bagi membantu siasatan berhubung penglibatannya dalam isu hartanah di Johor Bahru.

Beliau ditangkap di Pejabat SPRM Negeri Johor kira-kira jam 10.50 pagi hari ini.

Kes tersebut disiasat mengikut Seksyen 17 (a) Akta SPRM dan Seksyen 4  Pencegahan Pengubahan Wang Haram, Pencegahan Pembiayaan Keganasan dan Hasil daripada Aktiviti Haram (AMLATFPUAA) 2001.

SPRM meminta semua pihak agar tidak membuat sebarang spekulasi dan memberi jaminan siasatan akan dijalankan dengan telus.


9 MAC 2017

The story actually first appeared a few minutes earlier at Star Online -

Johor exco member arrested over land scandal 

PETALING JAYA: Johor executive councillor Datuk Abdul Latif Bandi has been arrested over the controversial massive housing and land scandal in the state.  
Abdul Latif was detained at about 11am on Thursday at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) office in Johor Baru when he was summoned there for questioning. 
MACC chief commissioner Datuk Dzulkifli Ahmad confirmed the arrest at Menara Star here. 
He was here with a team of senior MACC officers for a courtesy visit as part of an engagement programme with the media.
Abdul Latif was the Johor Housing and Local Government Committee chairman and had opted to go on leave pending an investigation into the case.
Last week, the state exco member's son and his special officer were detained by the MACC in a swoop.
Abdul Latif had kept mum on the matter and had not been seen in public since then.  
About RM15mil in more than 45 accounts had been frozen as part of the probe.  
Also seized were 21 luxury cars and five high-powered motorcycles.
A lawyer, two developers and another suspect were also arrested in a series of raids that day.  
They were all released from remand.  
MACC has so far called in 15 people to have their statements recorded.

This is actually a continuation of what I wrote about

at the end of last month.

The beautiful Kota Iskandar

As I mentioned in that post, I have been bitching about the whole thing since the early days of the current administration in Johor.

In fact, I even warned of what's coming even before the last general election in 2013.

I wrote this just days before polling day,

A gentle reminder for Khaled

I believe that the ongoing crackdown is because some of the bad people have of late became too blatant.

They thought they could get away with it forever and started to flaunt their ill-gotten wealth.

Very expensive cars, bikes, overseas holidays, wives, girlfriends etc.

Many people in Johor know about all these nonsense but prefer to keep quiet about them because the culprits are powerful people.

They don't want to get in trouble.

They just keep it in their heart, hoping that the time will come when all these bad people will be punished.

Well, it's starting now. 

I guess the authorities know about the simmering anger of the people and decided to stop the nonsense now before the whole thing boils over.

I believe that this crackdown is for real and more will be scooped up in the dragnet.

My sources said the authorities are checking on all the people in Kota Iskandar who seemed to live a lifestyle beyond their supposed means.

People such as those who drive a half million ringgit car but only earn less than RM10k per month as a state government officer.

Also heard that all children of exco members have been ordered to declare their assets and barred from going on overseas holidays for the time being, pending the investigations. Not very sure if this is true, but if it's indeed so, then the crackdown is really going to net a lot of bad people. 

Well, these are all actually good development for my home state.

They really need to clean up the place.

I wish MACC all the best and hopefully they can continue to remain steadfast and professional in executing their duties.  

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Kamsahamnida and remembering a patriotic DAP supporter

This is a good story,

South Koreans back our move, shocked that Malaysians do not


1. “Was it the smartest decision? Who knows? But to me it was the most patriotic decision that any sovereign country would have done if it was in Malaysia’s shoes,” remarked South Korean Yun Min-Woo
Yun was met by The Mole at an area known as Little Korea in Ampang today.
“I was shocked when I read some of the nasty comments written by my Malaysian friends towards the government,” he said.
The 36-year-old who works as a communication officer in Bangsar said that no self-respecting government should bow to the demands of North Korea as the country was never known for being fair and just.
“Kim Jong Un (North Korean leader) does not listen to other views aside from his. You give in to even one of his demands and he will keep asking for more,” said Yun, adding that he cheered for the Malaysian government when it expelled Kang Chol.
2. Despite some Malaysians arguing in social media that the government should have given in to North Korea’s demand to not do an autopsy and hand over Jong Nam’s remains, a South Korean housewife from Ampang begged to differ.
Ji Seul Ki, who used to be a history teacher in Seoul, contended that to simply hand over Jong Nam’s remains to North Korea would send a world-wide message that Malaysia is a weak country.
“Indeed Malaysia is a small country but does it want others to know that it can be bullied by bigger countries?” Ji rhetorically asked.
“Also, if it did what it was asked to do then the Malaysian government is indirectly telling the whole world that it is okay to assassinate a high-profile figure on Malaysian soil if you have a bigger army than us (Malaysia),” she added.
3. On whether or not North Korea will execute the stranded Malaysians if things go south, a petroleum engineering student Shin Min Seong thinks that when it comes to Jong Un, murder is always a possibility.
“The Malaysian government was very brave to say no to North Korea’s demands but if it really wants to save those stranded in North Korea, then they have to thoroughly plan their next move.
“Trust me. Jong Un has publicly executed other North Koreans and I assure you that he will have no qualms about killing foreigners,” said Shin.
Thanks South Koreans.
They should know better about these sorts of North Korean nonsense, as their country is under constant threat of war with their rouge brothers and sisters.
North and South Koreas are still technically at war.
Honestly, I'm also shocked that there are still some Malaysians out there who refuse to support what the government is doing in the dispute with North Korea.
Common la, for these sorts of external threats, we really need to be united.
Forget about politics for a while.
Those who want to hate Najib, Umno, BN and such can do it later.
Go ahead and continue the campaign against them all you want, but for this North Korea thing we must support our government.
It's still our government, elected by us, even if some of us didn't vote for it.
If it's doing the right thing like in this case, we should support it.
Later, during election, if we still hate it, then we can just vote the whole gang out. No one stopping us, okay.
Actually, when I read those negative comments by Malaysians on this North Korea issue, it reminds me of what happened during the MH370 tragedy and this post which I did at the height of that crisis on March 20 2014,

Message from a patriotic DAP supporter

I wish we learn something from all these.

Monday 6 March 2017

If only we can play the North Koreans (updated)


Please read these for the latest on North Korean craziness,

North Korea bans Malaysians from leaving the country, KL retaliates

PM condemns North Korea for “holding our citizens hostage"


There's this comment in my last post.

In Malaysia, selection to team sport - as in education or government employment - is by race and not merit.

This has lowered the overall prowess of the nation - the growth from the previous 20 years has mainly been via debt, easy money from petroleum. This allowed this who are not very smart, to assume that they were very smart and were bringing results - these 'results' were built on paper stilts.

Can Malaysia pivot? Let's see......
I don't think this is entirely true.

I think we really select our sports teams based on merit.

That's why our current badminton team is almost entirely Chinese while our football team is almost entirely Malays.

This is so, because I believe that it's just so happened that there are more Chinese who play badminton while more Malays play football.

Malays like badminton too but they prefer to be the spectators, the same way Chinese like to watch football but not so much on being the players.

Malays cheered our Chinese shuttlers while Chinese cheered our Malay footballers.

In between we got the Indians and those of other races, whom we all cheered together too,

Really, that's the way it is in this country.

Only those who themselves are very racially prejudiced can't see that.

We also honoured our sportsmen and sportswomen based on merit.

There's Datuk Lee Chong Wei, Datuk Nicol David, etc.

I believe that in education and employment, we are also moving in that right direction.

Yes, there are still racists among us, but I believe that we good people outnumbered them and one day, not long from now, will overwhelm them.

Given time, I think all those racial complaints will be irrelevant.

We just need to be patient on this.

We should be more positive about ourselves and our country.

If there are bad things, like our football, we should try to fix it, instead of just complaining and being negative about it.

We are really not too bad, okay.

Malaysia is not so bad.

We are even quite brave.

You all can read about it at Rocky's latest here;

Don't mess with Malaysia

Well, this part is a bit too bad though,

6/3 FAM: Cabinet will not allow national football team to play North Korea in Pyongyang on Mar 28 for Asian Cup 2019 qualifying match/STAR

Okay, I understand that it's a bit too dangerous to let our footballers play over there.

Don't know what other crazy stunts the North Koreans may pull on us considering the strained ties.

Our players may not even dare to wipe their sweaty face with a towel after the match.

However, if only we can get to play them at a neutral venue.

I think our footballers would be more motivated than ever to play well in such a match.

It's really for the country's honour, you see.

Seriously, I think they will go all out, considering the circumstances.

And we all, regardless of race or religion will be united in cheering them on.

We will be at the height of our patriotism, watching our team play those dastardly North Koreans.

I'm sure of that.

Most importantly, the whole thing would be very good for our national unity.

Well, of course, we will also hope that if we can't win the match, the North Korean team will not beat ours too badly.

Hopefully it's not five zero or something like that.

But still, it's not totally impossible that we can win.

Can never tell, okay.


Saturday 4 March 2017

Maybe Malaysian football needs Taliban

I don't usually care about these sorts of things but this one is rather interesting because it's perhaps a new low for Malaysian football,

Afghanistan beat Malaysia in AFC Beach Soccer Championship


Afghanistan defeated hosts Malaysia 5-3 in their first match of 2017 AFC Beach Soccer Championship on Saturday.
The match was played in Pantai Batu Buruk beach resort of Kuala Terengganu.

Afghanistan doesn't even have a beach, for goodness sake.

It's a landlocked country.

On top of that they got the Talibans running around shooting people having fun.

How then can we be defeated by them at beach soccer at a beach in Kuala Terengganu?

It's embarrassing.

Seriously, I don't understand why there are people who still care about our local football.

Well, maybe the new people to be appointed soon at Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) could do something drastic to stop the sports from becoming just a joke in this country.

I think I read somewhere that the Tunku Mahkota Johor, who runs the famous JDT team may likely become FAM president.

Sorry, I don't really keep up with football news.

But I think if even TMJ can't turn around Malaysian football, then we should all just watch EPL instead of wasting time on local football and getting beaten by the likes of Afghanistan...Nepal, Timor-Leste etc.

Maybe can try playing the Afghanistan women football team. Better chance to win, eh.