Friday 31 May 2019

The right decision on Lynas

First and foremost, I'm glad for the about 1,000 Malaysians working at the Lynas' rare earths plant in Gebeng near Kuantan.

Yes, their prayers have been answered.

This is the story by Reuters;

Malaysia to let Lynas to continue running its rare earths plant


“We will allow Lynas to carry on because otherwise we are going to lose a very big investment from Australia,” Mahathir told reporters at a news conference in Tokyo. 

But I think this also got something to do with it,


Lynas’ status as a non-Chinese producer came into sharper focus this week after major Chinese newspapers, including the official People’s Daily, reported Beijing was ready to use rare earths to strike back in its trade war with the United States.
China supplied 80 per cent of the rare earths imported by the United States from 2014 to 2017, when it accounted for 81 per cent of the world’s rare earth production, data from the U.S. Geological Survey showed.
You all can read more on that at these links;

Somehow I believe that Dr Mahathir was glad to make that decision.

He knows that those anti-Lynas politicians such as Fuziah Salleh and Wong Tuck are actually so full of shit and just using the issue to gain political mileage. 

Yup, the whole anti-Lynas movement was actually just a load of crap.

If you believed in it back then, then I'm sorry for you.

This is what Dr Mahathir wrote in his blog about Lynas on May 20 2012,

1. I was the first to write in my blog about rare earth, about how difficult it was to rid ourselves from activated rare earth when it was no longer needed.
2. Rare earth can be used for many things and in many ways. The rare earth represented by tin tailing, mostly ilmenite, when activated can be used in colour television. Today colour television uses plasma or LED.
3. This posed a problem of getting rid of the activated rare earth left in Malaysia. Finally it was agreed between Mitsubishi Electric and Malaysia that a site in Perak of almost a square kilometre be reserved for burying under concrete the activated “amang”.
4. Although visitors were banned and no human habitation was allowed at the site, I am told that now there is no more danger of radiation and human dwellings have been built there.
5. The Lynas project is not about activating the rare earth to make it radioactive. It is about extraction of the element to be used in making lithium ion batteries and magnets.
6. Lithium ion batteries are extensively used to power electronic products including mobile phones.
7. We carry in our pockets and use mobile phones all the time, putting them against our ears to hear and speak over the air waves. Obviously they are not harmful. This lithium ion battery does not emit harmful radiation.
8. As I understand it, the Lynas plant in Pahang does not involve activating any of the rare earth components to make them radioactive. The process cannot be harmful. As for the waste, it does not give off harmful radiation either. The waste is just ordinary earth which is normally mixed with the small amounts of rare earth. The necessity to export the waste does not arise.
9. Malaysia is endowed with significant quantities of rare earth. In its natural state it is harmless. Tin tailings or “amang” is probably more likely to give off radio waves than rare earth. The mining and extraction of rare earth can bring much wealth to Malaysia. In fact Malaysia should be producing lithium ion batteries for use in electric and hybrid cars. Today these batteries are being produced in Germany and Britain, using rare earth from China and elsewhere.
10. Lithium ion batteries will be much in demand in the future. They are usually rechargeable and can last for many years.
11. It would be a great loss to Malaysia if misguided people prevent us from extracting and using the high clean electrical capacities of rare earth. Just as the lithium ion batteries in the cellular phones is not harmful even when we carry them everywhere in our pockets and put them to our ears, the mining and extracting of rare earth from Malaysian earth will not harm us in any way.

Well, yesterday's announcement by Dr Mahathir was indeed satisying because I have been writing quite a bit about Lynas myself.

These are some of my previous posts on the issue;

Quite a few, aren't they?

Really glad that one settled.

Well, I'm alone in the house now. Not working today.

Maybe I'll go out later and celebrate a bit during buka puasa time.

For now, I just want to relax and enjoy the solitude.


Tuesday 28 May 2019

They are desperate to win Adib inquest (updated)


It turns out that

Lawyer instructed to withdraw 
from Adib's inquest by AG

No wonder lah....never mind.


A friend was complaining to me last night about this,

Adib inquest: Court sets new 

date after lawyer withdraws

"Why did she quit when she was about to bring back that forensic and pathology expert who believed that Adib was assaulted?" my friend asked.


The lawyer’s withdrawal also rendered void her clients’ appointment of United Kingdom-based forensic and pathology consultant Dr. Shahrom Abd. Wahid as an expert witness. 

Shahrom was to have testified for a second time today after being recalled.
Apart from Adib’s family, Syazlin represented the Housing and Local Government Ministry and the Fire and Rescue Services Department.

How would I know why the lawyer quit, right?

But never mind, because I never really expect anything from the inquest since I suspected from the start that these sort of things will happen.

Well, let them do whatever they want as they are so desperate to win this one.

As for now I rather think that,

Allah will give justice to Adib and his loved ones

and I believe that,

Truth will prevail, one way or another

If you all bother to click on the links to those earlier posts of mine and read them, then you would probably understand better why I have so little faith in the inquest.

Anyway, why is the lawyer's withdrawal from the inquest is so significant? What had she done?

Lawyer Syazlin

Probably this;

Adib inquest: Lawyer grills doctor on probability report

causing this;

Adib inquest: Forensic expert feels humiliated in court

And that forensic expert is the one who insisted that Adib was not beaten to death.

I believe those who want the inquest to rule that Adib was not beaten to death must have felt the need to remove the way or another.

As for Dr Shahrom, who was supposed to testify again but now has been cancelled out because of the lawyer's withdrawal, this is what he said the first time at the inquest;

Fireman semi-conscious 

when pulled from EMRS van


Former senior forensic and pathology consultant at Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz, Prof Dr Shahrom Abd Wahid, 62, said this could have been because Adib was either shocked to be attacked or in extreme pain.
At the same time, Dr Shahrom said it was also possible that the firefighter was helpless to resist the person pulling him out.
“He may have been semi-conscious, either because he was in shock, or because he was in extreme pain due to his injuries.
“Maybe he was conscious when he was pulled, moving but not resisting aggressively. No reaction,” he said when testifying on the 27th day of the inquest.
He said this when questioned by Deputy Public Prosecutor Hamdan Hamzah, who is the conducting officer in the inquest, about the deceased's condition when he was being pulled out.
The 29th witness said Adib was probably dragged and that the evidence was in the back of the camouflage pants worn by the firefighter.
He said traces of dirt stuck on his pants would prove that the victim was dragged.
Dr Shahrom said he thoroughly checked Adib's camouflage pants and found evidence that the firefighter was indeed dragged.
“Look at the pants, there is dirt and traces of being dragged. The fabric is also fluffy and there are stitches which have come off,” he said.

Well, while you all are at it, maybe you all can read again this story about the forensic experts of the inquest,

Pakar forensik saksi inkues Adib buat 

laporan polis dakwa diugut saksi lain

Yup, they are trying everything possible to make sure the finding of the inquest favours them.

But, it doesn't matter, right? This is Malaysia Baru.

Monday 27 May 2019

Melaka land grab - Dr Mahathir is not the same PM anymore

This is Rocky's post today,

The PM knows about that 
controversial land deal in Melaka

He even put a copy of the letter from SDP group chief executive Mohd Bakke Salleh to Dr Mahathir.

That Rocky's post more or less confirmed what I wrote about the issue on April 30


SDP CEO TS Bakke Salleh had then wrote to PM, Dr Mahathir on the matter but nothing came out of it.

Well, some tried to spin the whole thing to pin the blame on the previous BN government but that's not working because the whole nonsense certainly belongs to the Pakatan's state government in Melaka.

Why Dr Mahathir did nothing about it?

Honestly, I don't have a sure answer to that.

Maybe it's because the Melaka CM is an Amanah guy and not from his party.

I'm quite sure Dr Mahathir would have done something if the CM is from Pribumi Bersatu.

He did that in Johor.

Of course that Johor MB affair was messy and still unsettled until today but at least he did something about it.

Seriously, I don't think Dr Mahathir has much say as to how leaders of DAP, PKR and Amanah conduct themselves.

That's why I think he did nothing about the Melaka land grab issue.

And even if he wanted to do something, he can't.

That's unfortunate isn't it?

Back then when Dr Mahathir was a BN PM, he had total control and could steer the nation to greater heights.

But not now.

Okay, I can understand if he doesn't have any say about what DAP and PKR people do.

After all, DAP is the dominant party of Pakatan while PKR is the party with the most number of parliamentary seats in the coalition.

But for Dr Mahathir to have no say over the conduct of even Amanah leaders such as in the Melaka land grab issue is really unfortunate.

Amanah is almost as junior as Pribumi Bersatu in Pakatan, and Dr Mahathir as the PM can't even stop its leaders from abusing their power and punishing them for it.

Well, nothing much we can do now except just wait for Anwar to take over from Dr Mahathir as PM next year ( if it's going to happen).

Who knows maybe Anwar can do what Dr Mahathir can't....control over all the Pakatan component parties.

After all, PKR is a bigger and older party than Pribumi Bersatu.

Somehow, suddenly I find it hard to swallow that Anwar may be more capable than Dr Mahathir in handling all these problems.

Cannot be, right?

Just wait and see lah.

Whatever it is, bear in mind that no Malay leader, either Dr Mahathir or Anwar can control or have any say about what DAP leaders are doing. 

That I'm very certain.

They are the real gang in charge.

Sunday 26 May 2019

A good U-turn on China

Looks like

Pakatan government committed to stronger Malaysia-China ties


” I have always believed in the principle of ‘prosper thy neighbour’ and as China prospered, it has in turn prospered Malaysia as well,” he added.
On China’s Belt and Road initiative, the prime minister said Malaysia had taken the position of supporting it for the benefits were mutually shared and distributed and for Malaysia, it was a continuation of the ancient trade that started way back during the Malacca empire and trading between both countries had never diminished for centuries.
Good lah, like that.

However, I do remember all those previous talks about BN selling off the country to China.

Like as reported here,

Selling the country to China? 

Debate spills into Malaysia's election


Mahathir Mohamad, who heads an alliance hoping to oust Najib, has seized on popular disquiet about Chinese investment pouring into Malaysia and turned it into an election issue.
Najib, he says, is selling Malaysia out to China.
This could matter for Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and for Malaysia’s economy because Mahathir, who was the country’s prime minister for more than two decades, has vowed to reconsider Chinese contracts if the opposition wins on May 9.
“Coming in here, buying land, developing luxurious towns, is not beneficial for us,” the 92-year-old former leader said of China’s investments in a recent interview with Reuters. “Quite definitely, we will review.”
Najib has repeatedly shrugged off Mahathir’s barbs on China, saying that allowing foreign direct investment does not amount to selling the country’s sovereignty.
Those are after and before GE14.

Anything goes, I guess.

Janji menang pilihanraya.

But really, I don't like people who think it's okay to lie.

Today says something, tomorrow says another thing. That's bad.

Well, what's done is done.

Now we have this Pakatan government because we believe what its leaders said and voted for them.

Just bear with it lah....the lies, U-turns, incompetence, stupidity, racism, etc.

As far as the Pakatan government's intention to maintain good relations with China, I actually support this U-turn.

It's good for the country.

About the previous selling the country to China lie, that's just their tactic to win votes.

That one you all decide in the next general election.

If you all still okay being led by liars, then vote for them again lah.

But if you prefer honest people to manage this country, change the government.

That's later, okay.

For now lets support things which is good for the country....even if its a U-turn decision.

Okay, enough of politics.

I'm actually bored today.

Such a boring Sunday.

To entertain myself, here's one of my favourite videos of how I believe paradise should be....

....and that's in China. Very tough and talented lady, that one.


Friday 24 May 2019

Will Guan Eng prove that he is not a chicken like his father?

If I'm a DAP supporter, I would be very embarrassed by Kit Siang's chickening out of that debate dare with Najib.

After all, it was Kit Siang who first attacked Najib leading to the debate nonsense.

And this is more or less how it happened,

Lucky for Kit Siang that the mainstream media appeared to be sympathetic by being very mild and accomodating about his chicken act.

The Star -

Kit Siang calls off debate with Najib after advice

In the best interest of the nation, 
Kit Siang will not debate Najib

These stories actually made me laugh, especially this bit from the one published by NST,


In a statement today, Lim however denied that he was pulling out because he was afraid. Instead, the Gelang Patah MP said this decision was made as he was worried of the possibility that the debate could be manipulated into a racial conflict.
"For the past 48 hours, I had been inundated with an avalanche of advice through email, WhatsApp and even by phone, including by Malaysians from overseas, 99 per cent of whom urged me not to debate with Najib at all," Lim said.
He alleged that the debate's topic "How Malaysia became a global kleptocracy and how we can become a leading nation of integrity” could be turned into a Malay versus Chinese conflict.
What a joke of an excuse.

DAP people really need to find new tricks other than their usual accusing opponents of being racists playing racial card.

Itu tektik sudah basi la.

Anyway, since Kit Siang has chickened out of the debate, I would like to suggest for Guan Eng to take over his father's place.

He is after all the crown prince of DAP and by right he must defend his family's honour.

So how Guan Eng? Want or not?

I don't think debating with Najib would be too hard for him, since he as well as Malaysians who voted for Pakatan in GE14 are so cock sure of Najib's guilt.

Surely Guan Eng have all the bullets to shoot Najib, right?

Well, I think Najib will be willing to debate the son, now that the father  has turned out to be a chicken. The guy got nothing to lose what.

Come on Guan Eng. Go for it. Prove that you are not a chicken like your father.

Go Guan Eng go! Go Guan Eng go! Go Guan Eng go!

Wednesday 22 May 2019

About Maulizan

A friend who is not familiar with Johor politics asked me about Maulizan Bujang last night.

He was curious to know more about the Tebrau Umno chief after this statement of his the other day

Attempts to bring back Zahid to lead Umno not good

Since it was not the first time I was asked about Maulizan ever since he made that statement, I think I better write a bit about the guy.

I know Maulizan since when I was in Johor.

He is a good guy and I like him. Very straight forward and quite idealistic. He also works hard for the party.

His brother, Mazlan who is now the Johor Pribumi Bersatu chief is a bit like him.

I met Maulizan several times in group discussions not long after GE14.

He was all fired up to get Umno, particularly in Johor up and running again.

The guy was very vocal about it.

What I like most about him is his sense of independence.

He doesn't seemed to be tied up to any "master" in the party.

He was among several Johor Umno division  chiefs who advocated the idea for the state to have an early state election before GE14 in order to avoid being dragged down by the weight of national issues plaguing BN at that time.

Maulizan and the others believed that Johor could be saved that way but their idea was killed off by then MB Khaled Nordin and his people.

Anyway, what was clear from the discussions is that as far as Maulizan is concerned he wanted a total overhaul of the party.

He wanted Umno to have a new image and for him it's better for leaders who have become liabilities to the party to step aside for others to take over.

I met Maulizan again several months later in another group discussion after the last Umno election and his stand appeared to be still the same.

His views about the party's rejuvenation process was supported at the discussion by several other Johor Umno division chiefs, who were mostly newcomers, fresh from winning their posts in the party election.

They all wanted the party to move forward by offloading its baggages.

But at that time Umno appeared to be still floundering despite the new leadership line-up and I can sense their frustration as the party appeared to be stuck with many old faces at the highest level.

I have to admit that I felt the same at that time.

Things however turned for the better later when Zahid, who was facing multiple charges in court decided to concentrate on clearing himself from legal troubles by handing over his duties as party president to his deputy Mat Hassan.

With that move, Umno suddenly looked fresh and capable of moving forward again.

Credit should go to Zahid for willing to step aside, allowing the much less encumbered Mat Hassan to lead.

If only other troubled Umno leaders had done what Zahid did, I don't think the party would have suffered the humiliation of GE14.

Yes, the other leaders include Najib.

Once a leader has become a liability to the party, whether he's guilty or not, he has to go for the sake of the party.

True enough, under Mat Hassan, Umno and its BN allies,  as well as Pas regained their ground by winning three by-elections in a row.

Mat Hassan did and said everything right. He even projected the right image as the top Umno leader.

Of course the fact that Pakatan screwed up so much also helped the cause.

I can imagine the elation of Umno people such as Maulizan and those new division chiefs who wanted so much for the party to change.

It must be the same for the grassroots of the party.

Suddenly they can hope again for a better future after those dark early months after GE14.

And when hints that Zahid wants to take back his role at the top of Umno started to resurface lately, many were worried that the momentum will be reversed.

I believe that was the only reason why Maulizan made his statement against Zahid.

Knowing Maulizan, I don't think he wanted anything but the best for his party and at the moment he believes that Umno is better being led by Mat Hassan than Zahid.

Personally, I have to say that I agree with him.

Whatever it is, I hope the Umno guys will do what is best for their party and also try not to tear it apart while doing so.

They must always bear in mind that their real fight is not among themselves but with Pakatan people.

If they can put their party's interests above their own personal interests, then I believe they will eventually win the fight.

Tuesday 21 May 2019

A correction that Annie is glad to make

Okay, I got this one wrong,

Lynas can't be bothered with Pakatan's bullshit anymore


Lynas is not moving out of Malaysia

I got it wrong because this story, sourced from Reuters

Lynas plans new processing 

facility in the US

stated that


Lynas’ move into the United States follows ongoing regulatory issues at its processing plant in Malaysia. The southeast Asian nation has told Lynas to remove years of accumulated waste at the plant in order to have its license renewed.

That's why I assumed that they are moving their facilities out of this country to US.

But I'm glad that I was wrong on this one.

At least now I know that Lynas' about 1,000 local workers are not going to lose their jobs.

At least for now.

I really hope Lynas will eventually win and those workers can really keep their jobs for good.

It would also mean that Malaysia can remain as the biggest producer and supplier of rare earths products outside China.

With that our country can play an important role in ensuring an even balance of global power as rare earth products are crucial for the making of high-tech equipment.

Anyway, I was not the only one who got it wrong that day.

PKR's Fuziah Salleh issued this statement hours after the Reuters story,

Mandatory to settle waste problem 
despite relocating - Fuziah

She must had celebrated that day.

She even said


‘’They can leave Malaysia but must be responsible for their workers and their waste,’’ she said in a statement here today.

Well, I'm quite sure Lynas is a responsible entity. They are not giving up the fight just yet.

The ones who were being irresponsible are politicians like Fuziah who were willing to put people's livelihood and the country's interests at risk just to win some mileage based on lies and scientifically proven fallacies.

Fate of DAP collaborators

Apparently, this is the Education Minister's big sin,

Jangan salahkan kuota matrikulasi jika pasaran 

kerja masih tidak adil kepada Bumiputera, kata Maszlee

Now they are clamouring for him to be sacked.

Especially so among DAP people.

It got so bad to a point that

Kit Siang warns of campaign 

to portray DAP as out to get Maszlee

Well, no need to warn people like that la Kit Siang.

If it's true, then it's true, okay.

Doesn't really matter to me.

Maszlee is quite dumb to be a minister anyway.

He should know that in Malaysia Baru he shouldn't be trying to protect the rights of Malays, bumiputera and Islam.

You do that, then you will kena from your DAP masters.

They are the ones in power now.

But of course the DAP people who whacked Maszlee were not so bright either.

They don't understand that although they are in power, they shouldn't flaunt their power around such as by whacking a Malay minister, even if the guy is from a small party in Pakatan coalition.

That's because it's the Malays who actually gave DAP its power during GE14.

Yup, it's not the Indians and Chinese who made it happened for DAP despite their all out support for the party.

It's the Malays, who out of sympathy sided with Dr Mahathir and his followers in Pribumi Bersatu, which is Maszlee's party.

As I previously wrote, many Pakatan people, such as those who whacked Maszlee think that GE14 is their victory over the Malays, Muslims and Bumiputera. They wanted to change everything such as the matriculation programme to favour themselves.

They don't realise that the more they do such things, the Malays, Muslims and Bumiputera will become more aware of how insidious the Pakatan's agenda really is and that their own in the coalition are actually just stooges with no real say as of their interests.

But Kit Siang, being a veteran politician that he is, realise the whole situation and knows that Pakatan may not survive such stupidity, thus his statement which tries to distance DAP from the whacking of Maszlee.

But it doesn't matter, this sort of things will continue under the Pakatan government.

It will reach a point where they will want a rewrite of the country's constitution.

That's part of their Malaysian Malaysia ideology.

They talk about equality but in actual fact they want the supremacy of their race because they have the advantage in all fields over the Malays, Muslims and Bumiputera.

I have never been against the vernacular schools but if they sincerely want to get rid of the bumiputera's special rights as enshrine in the constitution, then they must be ready to get rid of those schools too, among others.

But they will never want to give up what are theirs, don't they?

All they want is for the Malays, Muslims and Bumiputera to be stripped of whatever little advantage that they have.

At the moment, with the Pakatan government in power, they are getting what they want.

As could be seen over the past one year of their rule, the Malays, Muslims and Bumiputera in their coalition are proven to be mere stooges.

They just agree with anything dictated upon them and be whacked if they talk too much such as in the case of Maszlee.

They can't do much for their own people, okay.

That's why I declined when some of my friends asked me to continue the struggle from within Pribumi Bersatu or Amanah.

For me, at the moment, those friends of mine are just mere collaborators of DAP.

They are helping those who are out to subjugate the Malays, Muslims and Bumiputera.

I'm quite sure, once they have outlived their usefulness, they will be discarded by their DAP masters...just like Maszlee.

I don't want to be one of those.

Monday 20 May 2019

Lynas can't be bothered with Pakatan's bullshit anymore

I have wrote quite a bit about Lynas not being dangerous at all.

In fact it's good to have them here in Malaysia as it placed our country as the biggest producer of rare earth products outside China.

Without Lynas, China has the monopoly of rare earth, which is crucial in the making of high-tech stuff.

Yup, without rare earth you would not even have your smartphones and computers among other things.

You all can go back to this blog's archive to read all my previous posts about Lynas.

And of course you all know that Pakatan people have been using the Lynas issue as their political weapon since before GE13 and now that they are in power, are trying to close the plant in Gebeng near Kuantan to prove their allegation that it's dangerous.

Well, it looks like they have won.

Apparently, Lynas can't be bothered with their bullshit anymore and plans to shift elsewhere.

Lynas plans new processing 

facility in the US

Yup, they are moving their facilities to the US.

Not to a corrupt third world country as the Pakatan people would want us to believe.

You know lah, last time they said BN was so corrupt to allow the dangerous Lynas into the country, putting everyone at risk of radioactive and turning everyone into mutant or zombie or something.

Well, the US don't seems to have any problem with Lynas.

Probably because they knew that there was nothing wrong with Lynas' operations and that they don't have to deal with Pakatan asshole politicians like Fuziah Salleh and Wong Tuck or opportunist ministers like Yeoh Bee Yin.

I know for a fact that Lynas would not lose much shifting its facilities from Malaysia to the US.

I did talk with a senior Lynas guy a few months ago and was told that if Lynas shifts out of Malaysia, it will dismantle everything in Gebeng.

So, it starts to happen now.

Lynas invested billions of ringgit via its operations here on top of more contribution to the local economy. Those will all be gone.

And other investors will also be weary about coming to Malaysia or staying there because its government is willing to kick them out for its political agenda.

But the saddest is that about a thousand Malaysians working at its facilities in Kuantan will lose their jobs. To suffer along with them are their family members and other dependants.

Bear in mind that quite a number of those Lynas workers are rare earth specialists whose talents were unique.

I met some of them, among whom, several were locals from villages near the plant whose education was sponsored by Lynas all the way to university and after graduation were offered jobs there.

What a waste. And that just because Pakatan politicians insisted on shutting down their work place to further their political interest.

I feel so sorry for those Lynas workers, especially that this news comes so near to Aidilfitri.

Lynas staff in Malaysia is 97 per cent locals with the overwhelming majority being Malay Muslims.

Well, maybe that's why Pakatan was ever willing to sacrifice their welfare for its political expediency.

Somehow I don't think those Pakatan politicians would pursue for Lynas' closure - despite all the scientific evidence that it's not dangerous - if the majority of its workers are Chinese.

DAP would not let that happen. I'm quite sure of that.

Anyway, how many Chinese lost or in danger of losing their job ever since Pakatan took over Putrajaya?

I know that tens of thousands of Malay Muslims lost their job already. That's a fact, okay.

Back to Lynas, I think you should watch this video again to understand the issue better.

The guys who made the video won an award from the Malaysian Press Institute the other day for their effort.

Lynas coverage gives Mole 

journalists MPI-Petronas award

Saturday 18 May 2019

Stop mollycoddling PTPTN loan defaulters

This is the latest dumb ass statement by Anwar in his bid to be popular for the build up to him taking over the premiership from Dr Mahathir next year (which I don't think will ever happen).

Give PTPTN borrowers time to settle 

loans before introducing travel ban


"I am will support the people's will, and I feel that the public will disagree with any harsh actions, especially for those who have yet to get a job. 
"They took a loan, buy they do not have any work yet. 
"Why do we want to burden them, that is my view," said the Port Dickson MP. 

Fuck you lah Anwar. If the loan defaulters don't have a job, why the hell they should worry about being banned from travelling overseas.

One year since Pakatan took over Putrajaya and there's no sign that PTPTN is doing any better in collecting payment. In fact it's getting worse.

And those stupid shits at The Star didn't even bother to get the title of their story right. It's not "introducing" la assholes, it's "reintroduce".

Why the fuck they didn't mention in the story that the travel ban was lifted by the Pakatan government because it's part of their manifesto?

What a bunch of bootlickers.

This is the kind of spins they resorted to.

Now that Pakatan people are in charge, they don't know what to do about the PTPTN's problems with the loan defaulters.

The defaulters don't want to pay their student loans, others have to suffer for it.

I'm talking about the tax payers and younger batch of students who need to borrow money from PTPTN.

If PTPTN closes down, then what?

Still want to mollycoddle the loan defaulters?

Last time, when PTPTN had a working way to handle the problem, the Pakatan assholes did exactly that.

Two promises that they made to win votes;
- Only those earning RM4,000 and above should start paying their loans
- Lifting the travel ban on the loan defaulters

They made such a hue and cry over it.

Now we know what happened.

In fact, back then they even campaigned and talked like this;

Stupid irresponsible assholes.

Demand la for free education some more.

Now that PTPTN is struggling to survive, I don't care if they make a U-turn on this nonsense.

More than half of the PTPTN borrowers are not paying back their loan, okay. 

That's billions of ringgit meant for younger students gone.

Go and get them la.

The money is for the younger generation of students. Get that into their heads.

If Pakatan leaders like Anwar still want to play politics on this, then I hope the people know that's all that they care about.


PTPTN’s 10 ideas to improve 

repayment rate

I say, just do the whole bloody thing.

As long as the younger generation is not deprived of the money for education, I don't care what PTPTN wants to do to the loan defaulters.

Seriously, I'm tired of their whining.

You borrow, you pay, okay. One way or another. It's as simple as that.

And Pakatan leaders, stop being such irresponsible dick heads like Anwar.

You all made so many U-turns in the past, one more would not hurt. Do it again for this one.

At least this one will really do good for especially Malaysia's younger generation.

If you all are so scared of losing the votes of the loan defaulters, then ban them from voting too until they start paying what they owe PTPTN.

I don't mind that.

I just want the money back for the younger students to borrow to go to university.

As for Anwar, his cheap trick of trying to be popular on this issue really convince me that he's not fit to be the next PM.

Let Dr Mahathir continues as the PM as long as he wants.

I'm sure he can just steam roll over everything and squeeze the PTPTN loan defaulters to make them pay what they owe.