Wednesday 10 February 2016

Farming better than politics

I believe I'm not the only one feeling jaded about politics these days.

My blogging captain Rocky wrote this today,

Post-CNY thoughts on Monkeys with Keyboards

I think he was also fed-up with people who simply can't take it that others hold a different point of view from theirs.

Not only they refused to consider others' opinion, they were also quick to condemn those who disagreed with them.

Ever since the Umno civil war started last year I have seen my friends, some who were very close buddies, drifted apart.

Some even became bitter enemies.

I have lost friends myself over this past one year.

That's one of the main reasons why I have significantly reduced my political intakes and output via this blog.

If not for the recent spate of attacks directed at me, I would have stopped altogether.

For now I just feel the need to defend myself.

Anyway, nowadays, I prefer reading non-political blogs.

My favourite at the moment is

Kebun Bahagia Bersama

It's very nice reading about the blogger's farming activities.

If you are in KL, you can even buy the blogger's fresh farm produce.

My aunts (my father's sisters) who introduced me to the blog are regular customers of the blogger.

They said the produce of the farm were of very high quality and reasonably priced.

Based on the latest posting, you can sample the farm produce by getting them at :

Self-Collect Schedule Minggu ini:

~ Sabtu/Ahad pagi 13/14hb Februari 2016 antara pukul 10:30AM~11:00AM di depan Sekolah Kebangsaan Merbau Sempak, Sungai Buloh (berdekatan exit Paya Jaras Guthrie Corridor Highway).

I wish I can be more like the Tukang Kebun who operates the blog..

Doing something really productive and helpful and writing about it.

My aunts said the Tukang Kebun can also speaks Japanese, which for me is very admirable.

Unfortunately, those were not my expertise and I don't have the resources to do farming like her.

I can only "hitch a ride" by reading her blog.

For me it's a nice break from the toxic world of politics.

By the way, I'm back in JB.

Got works to do.

Will rejoin the family in Kluang for the weekend.

Most of them are still on CNY holiday till then.


  1. Whatever happened in UMNO and between bloggers, I still adore flat chested amoi-look malay girl.

  2. "When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.."
    - Rumi

  3. Daybreak is a joyful time
    Just listen to the songbird harmonies, oh the harmonies
    But, I wish the dawn would never come
    I wish there was silence in the trees, oh the trees
    If only I could stay asleep
    At least I could pretend you're thinkin' of me
    'Cause nighttime is the one time I am happy
    You see in my dreams

    We climb and climb and at the top we fly
    Let the world go on below us
    We are lost in time
    And I don't know really what it means
    All I know is that you love me
    In my dreams

    I keep hopin' one day I'll awaken
    And somehow she'll be lying by my side
    And as I wonder if the dawn is really breakin'
    She touches me and suddenly I'm alive

    And, we climb and climb and at the top we fly
    Let the world go on below us
    We are lost in time
    And I don't know really what it means
    All I know is that you love me
    In my dreams

    And we climb and climb and at the top we fly
    Let the world go on below us
    We are lost in time
    And I don't know really what it means
    All I know is that you love me
    In my dreams, oh oh oh oh
    In my dreams

  4. No wonder Rocky rarely post anything these days. Not even bother to publish his comment section. I guest he's between a rock and a hard place. Nonetheless, it hard to defend the indefensible.

    But, one thing is for sure; that 'either you're with or against me' stance taken by Najib's camp have made us Malaysian who were once "very close buddies, drifted apart. Some even became bitter enemies."

    1. Is he in the empire's payroll?

    2. If you don't like a blog, please just don't read it rather than making assumptions about the blogger. It saves your time and mental wellbeing. Thank you.

    3. Heee, garangnya!

    4. Yeah, his mental tiredness is showing.

      Unless you are someone like RPK, it's very hard to defend someone that 75% of Malaysians of all ages and races can tell is a lying crook who is only desperate to stay in power. Maybe Rocky is seeing that.

      Personally, I couldn't do it, not even for 2.6 billion.

      Maybe Dato' Rocks should take a leaf from Annie and write about bikes and travel, or even social topics. A blog can do good as well. It can help society.

      Just don't become a lonely, bitter old spinster, that's all. All that bile will take years off anyone's life.

    5. "But, one thing is for sure; that 'either you're with or against me' stance taken by Najib's camp have made us Malaysian who were once "very close buddies, drifted apart. Some even became bitter enemies."

      I think Najib has done more to split Umno than Tun has. Tun is expressing the views of the grassroots far more than Najib is. Umno can heal itself simply by cutting off the dead, rotting branch called Najib, remove his 15-20 "inner circle" and break off some of the more corrupt KBU. The A-G must go, obviously.

      Look up TSMY's speech at PAU 2014. He was very clear about what needed to be done (this was well before Najib's issues became major.)

      Najib is an incredibly selfish man. (Or the bini is desperate to cling on?) He is bad for party & country and yet won't step down.

    6. I think that Anon, up there at 1759, had gone way out of line.

      I commented in The Scribe too. Though the Dato AKJ might be the first who came out with that 'dedak' thing, I'd never once used it to refer to anybody, not even to RPK or Dato Rocky. They have every right to be paid by anybody for the talent they had. So they wrote and whose side they choose to be, who are we to decide for them?. And its not 'rasuah' in any way. It just the way they earn their living.

      For a politician, especially if its obvious, yes you can accuse them of anything in the air, since they work for the Rakyat who literally, chose them. You can be suspiciously jealous of them, having enormous among of money in their private account at a time when a GLC was colossally indebted with Rakyat's assets as leverage.

      To a politician When things suit them, its not 'Rasuah' or 'dedak'.
      For example:-

      Kedah's new Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah said that bribery is not a culture in UMNO.

      How stupid can Bashah be? Hang lena ke apa?
      In 2009, ISA Samad's membership was suspended for Rasuah (money politic) in that same Party election where Khairy Jamaluddin was booed and mocked out of PWTC for the same deeds, too.

      Then, just after what Bashah had said, there are reports that Dr.M sons and Rafidah Aziz are going to be investigated or persecuted. What for if not Rasuah during Dr.M's tenure? Just because they and their father did not show 'affection' to the 'Tokong'?
      Yeah, Najib is Tokong, following the footstep of Kit Siang & Son, nowadays, when he has something to hide).

  5. Anti racism day is celebrated year in and year out but ironically in currently held presidential primaries a racist pig is given a significant hopes to lead the world most democratic nation. So it seems the world is increasingly polarized and it is made possible when system in use allowed it to happen.

    1. Not sure if it's "when system in use allowed it to happen" or it's the people, especially the leaders, have been allowing it in this country.

      When words and deeds are not in tandem with the Constitution, when interpretation of the constitution appears to have often been based on political convenience, racism breeds itself.

      Racism is where there is antagonism towards another race. DAP's attempts to question the Ketuanan Melayu as reflected in the Articles of the Constitution pertaining to the Malay Royalty, the YDP Agong, the Rulers Council etc, and the Special Position of the Malays agreed to by the Malays at Merdeka (extended to the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak on the formation of Malaysia), have not only been racist but even caused the race riots of 1969.

      When Najib, in trying to win votes, tried to placate the ungrateful DAP members and supporters by discarding the ISA, almost chucked away the Sedition Act, gave financial grants to Chinese schools, gave scholarships to members of the richest community in the country that have hundreds, nay, thousands, of millionaires who donate so much for scholarships that UTAR refused a RM30 million donation from a Chinese engineer millionaire before PRU13, and yet Najib got a Chinese tsunami, all those brought unhappiness even resentment to those in the economically left-behind communities, thereby breeding racism to a certain extent.

      Because the annual budget for the country's expenditure is never unlimited, whatever is given out to one community takes away from the amount meant for the usually deserving communities. Yes, there are the less fortunate among the richest community in the country but they have various clan and sub-clan organizations to which their millionaires also donate for scholarships etc. Robert Kuok donated RM100 million to a Chinese educational institution but said in Kajang recently that he was "twin-footed" and nobody seems to mind as that was his money, but the Government should really be catering to the less fortunate of the communities which are economically far less advanced.

      For all those, I therefore support the move by the Protun to get UMNO replace Najib. US Presidential primaries are less of a concern than ensuring UMNO BN having better chances of winning PRU14 and thereafter.

    2. Don't think Trump will become President though. More of a novelty. If he does the Yanks will also regret!

    3. I agree with Anon 0923.
      A graceful retort to what seems to have come from an extremely selfish human-being.

      Allow me to copy that for future use, anywhere on the blogsphere.
      Thank you.

    4. Hi mdzfs.

      Wonder what will happen if Ibrahim Ali were to do a Trump in Malaysia?

      But still, we do not hear DAP politicians condemning what Trump said. Malaysian-Malaysia? Color-blind?
      'One race, the human race', my foot.


  6. Lama Wa tatak masuk , pasat Wa tengok semua olang macam mau galoh maa aa ,manyak tatak shyok maa aa .

    Annie !!, itu mau galoh punya olang jangan kasi layan lor rr ,kalau layan ,sampai bila pon tatak bolih habit maa aa.

    Wa manyak sukak Uncle Lim ,tapi Wa manyak lespect sama itu Tun M . Kalau Wa tatak sukak itu Najib pasat itu salahlaku and itu UMNO kasi defend itu salahlaku sutak manyak tatak betut maa aa.

    Lulu-lulu Wa atak sikit-sikit lespect sama UMNO ,tapi sikalang ,hai yaa manyak susah maa aa itu macam .

    1. If you like Tongkang Lim and now no longer respect UMNO, it's your own damned business and that's your right, Mista.

      But if you keep talking-apek style here and in other blogs (and also sounding apek by the contents of your comments), you are not respecting Bahasa Malaysia and you have no damned right to do so, d'ya hear?

      For goodness sake, BM is the language of the country and you jolly well better respect that, else pack up and go elsewhere. This is my right to say so, as well-known personalities have also said words to that effect.

      Why, you want to make fun of BM, the language that's enshrined as Article 152 of the Constitution? You a hardcore Cina Bukit ungrateful ingrate, got citizenship right but won't even respect the Constitution of the country?

    2. Sorry to burst your bubble but I think "lufang" is making fun of hardcore Cina Bukit. You seem to miss the point. He / she is not one himself / herself.

    3. Geez, chill. I'm sure that was tongue-in-cheek. From P. Ramlee to Maharaja Lawak, you get this Chinaman accent which makes people laugh. If lufang thinks he's funny and want to make a fool of himself, biar lah. No need to go all Ah So on him. Let's not fight on Annie's blog. Enough bitterness elsewhere.

      Anyway, Annie, farming is the way to go. I've read that the next "war" will be over food and water because of diminishing natural resources. Big U.S. companies are buying up farmland and Hollywood celebrities are buying land in places like New Zealand, where they think will be the best refuge.

      So it's an idea worth cultivating. .hey, pun. But very back-breaking, and geli lah, all the bugs and insects.

      Have a nice day, everyone. Happy thoughts!

    4. "No need to go all Ah So on him."

      Ha ha, classic ; )

    5. At-least lufang can still speak and write Malay.

  7. What is all this rubbish about Chinese millionairs ?.There are so many Malay millionaires and multimillionaires but they are hidden from public view.
    My view is that these days the number of Malay millionaires outnumbered that of the Chinese and other non Malays.
    One can read in the paper of millions spend in Malay weddings by some personalities, of an unknown Malay entrepreneur who come out to sponsor the Kelantan Football Association to the amount of rm 20 million.
    The Chinese millionaire issue and the Chinese control of the economy are really propaganda orchastrated by Umno to gain Malay support. I dare say practically all the Umno division heads and above if not including their close supporters are practically millionaires with countless mutimillionaires.

    1. The Chinese millionaires are often just as corrupt, bro.

      The Ali-Baba thing is still going on. Most classic example, Jho Low-Pok Jib partnership (tho' the Arabs also were part of the scam.)

      Interesting that the Swiss A-G has traced Genting transactions as one of the 4 main areas of corruption he's investigating.

      Did you know that Genting's gambling licence has to be renewed every few months? It's not annual. So the Genting chinamen have to "grease the wheels" with under table money.

      (Now, one of the Genting cronies is one of the most rabidly pro-Najis supporters. Surprise, surprise.)

      Too many Malaysians are blinded by money so they forget their values.

      Chinese are just as bad as anyone else in this problem.

    2. 10:38

      And What is all this equally rubbish about so many Malay millionaires and multimillionaires but they are hidden from public view.

      And your view that "these days the number of Malay millionaires outnumbered that of the Chinese" is blinkered and squinted.

      The papers saying "millions spend in Malay weddings by some personalities ..." you take to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Which papers, anyway - at least provide the links, will you? Otherwise you have been bshtting.

      What utter nonsense to say "The Chinese millionaire issue and the Chinese control of the economy are really propaganda orchastrated by Umno to gain Malay support." What school did you attend? DAP school?

      You "dare say practically all the Umno division heads and above if not including their close supporters are practically millionaires with countless mutimillionaires." Yet you don't even dare state your source. It's just your opinion, innit?

      Have you heard that where it is a matter of opinion, others' are always better than yours?

    3. I agree with mdzfrs.

      Didn't know that Genting's license is now renewable every few months.

      Anything to do with Najib's granda pa, Tan Sri Noah Omar, no longer Chairman?

    4. It's flabbergasting to read a comment like at 10:38 by a chap who doesn't seem to realize that

      1 billionaire = 1,000 millionaires

      So the Chinese having about 10 billionaires = 10,000 millionaires.

      And the cheeky or totally ignorant fellow says "these days the number of Malay millionaires outnumbered that of the Chinese."

      What utter goobladigook.

  8. Annie,
    Politics is dirty,its war without bloodshed
    Headsoff to those people who indulged their lives in politics
    The haphazards that they faced each day are not small deals to contents with
    Backstabbing,preceptions,presumptions,badmouthings,slandering and other sorts of bad human behaviours are their daily bread and butter
    Right or wrong is inmaterial as long as the aim is achieved
    Your decision is right and if ever the need arise for you to dabble politics in your blog,be impartial and speak on ypur own mind
    Comments.....its your decision whether to publish or not as it is your blog
    Good Day

  9. Dear Annie, I still hold dear to all the bloggers I have met and consider them good friends. Differences of opinion will not change my respect for all of them. I hope they feel the same. We all love this country of ours, one way or another.

  10. AWOOOGA, AWOOOGA! Ah Soh alert, Ah Soh alert!

    I've noticed in recent days, some Anons who started posting stuff that we usually read in other shit-stirring blogs. Language used also very fighter-cockish. Not like us usual laid-back posters who have a sense of humour.

    Annie, beware. Someone trying to menghasut.

    Your avatar looks like Sakura in Naruto. She also famous for her runway chest!!

    1. You read shit-stirring blogs, eh, mister?

      The word "fighter-cockish" you use above is not shit-stirring? You cakap tak serupa bikin, too?

      And getting to emotion-stirring, too, when you accuse "Someone trying to menghasut."

      Not even identifying who, eh? You wanna cause suspicions and counter-suspicions in here? Yet talking high class "Sakura in Naruto", also.

      Why don't you let Annie decide who and what is shit stirring and just comment in a non-offensive manner.

      If you have been offended anywhere, say so, then maqybe explanations will come and it might create a better atmosphere than accusing anyone in this blog as "trying to menghasut".

      Ada ngarti? Wakaru? Comprendo?

    2. Hey, Ah Soh, is that you lurking?,hi! Touched a raw nerve, did I?

      No, I wasn't offended. After all, I AM quite familiar with the language in shit-stirring blogs. The commenters there, if you disagree with them, will jump on you and be very fighter-cockish. Do admit.

      Commenters here mostly good humoured, if sarcastic, at times. Maybe some cannot get the sarcasm.

      Mention Sakura got high class, meh? You don't know much about anime eh? What about, say, football?

      Cheerio, tata, pip pip! All good thoughts to you as I don't want to cause unpleasantness on one of the few decent blogs.

    3. Yeah, to deal with "someone" who uses a blogging name on some comments and as Anonymous on others, who has been offensive when accusing "Someone trying to menghasut", would bring unpleasantness.

      If only you had good thoughts before being offensive and divisive, you would not have marred the image of this blog in the above instance. Pity.

    4. Eh no lah. I've always commented as Anon because I tried using name but somehow it never goes through. Same for other blogs. Dunno why. Cookies, maybe.

      Why you cannot believe I'm only one and the same person? Unless you, as a fellow Anon, comment as "someone" else?

      Curious you mentioned this. Because Ah So said the exact thing (when I used to read her blog. I've stopped since). She said one "Anon" and "Alphabet Soup" are the same person. You both share the same opinion, apparently.

      Hmmmm. Strange eh?

      Anyway, I just watched Naruto on Animax. Rescue Sasuke arc. One of the better arcs.

      Going to sleep now. Sweet dreams.

  11. And the cheeky or totally ignorant fellow says "these days the number of Malay millionaires outnumbered that of the Chinese."


    What is a millionaire, its someone with assets of over a million.- Mahatir said.
    Those well connected Malays getting govt contract, (I am talking of the large contracts and not the F class contractors) . are they not millionaires ?. Also the AP holders, the other entrepreneurs, eg Sosilawati, Ku Puteh, many of the other businessmen like Mydin, etc,also ministers and assistant ministers etc.

    If one denies the fact that the number of Malay millionaires are more than is known publicly, you better recheck your thinking.