Wednesday 17 February 2016

On Bangladeshis

The hot story at the moment is the 1.5 million Bangladeshi issue.

So many people seem to be very unhappy about it.

It's all over the cyberspace.

So, no need for me to put the background here.

Last time I checked there were almost 6 million foreign workers in the country.

That was the combined estimate of the legals and illegals.

So, what's the fuss if we add another 1.5 million?

That makes it about 7 million.

More than double the size of Malaysian Indian population, I think.

But these new ones coming in are Bangladeshis, and they are taking up jobs that most Malaysians rather not do - cleaners, plantation coolies, etc.

Something like what the early Chinese and Indians migrants did which the locals at that time were not keen to do at first - tin mining, rubber tapping, etc.

But I don't think these Bangladeshis want to stay here....aren't they?

How many Bangladeshis have obtained Malaysian citizenship all these years?

I know a lot of Indonesian migrants who managed to do so, but Bangladeshis?

I believe most of them went home after making enough money here.

Are they troublemakers? Prone to commit crime? Have the habit of seducing local girls and taking them back to Bangladesh?

I don't know about you all, but I think Bangladeshis are generally rather docile.

They even hold each others hand in public.

Really, they are not gays, okay.

They are just like that.

And most of them are good Muslims.

Ever heard of a top Bangladeshi terrorist?

Really, I don't mind them that much.

They are probably at number two in term of foreign workers' ranking in my chart.

Number one are Nepalis, whom I find to be quite disciplined, courteous, and dedicated to their work.

It's always nice to be saluted by an immaculately uniformed Nepali guard at a car park of a shopping mall.

Ideally, it's better not to be dependant at all on foreign workers but we have to admit that we need them now to do jobs that the locals are not interested to do.

Of course priority should be given to Malaysians if they need the jobs but if no one among them is interested to do it, then I think it's okay to take in good foreign workers to fill up the vacancies.

That has been the practice for quite a while now, anyway.

We just need to properly regulate their intake to minimise the social costs.

Maybe a law should be enacted to compel employers to do their best to recruit locals for the jobs before resorting to hiring foreigners.

For instance, make the pay more attractive for the locals.

I think employers should be made to do that for the country.

And of course, we should send foreign workers back to their country after they had done their job and earned what they deserved here.

One more thing, don't let anyone abuse the arrangement of hiring foreigners to make excessive profit at the country's expense.

I also think that it's better to spend more energy and time at getting rid of trouble makers among the foreigners such as the drug smugglers, con artists, etc, rather than kicking up a fuss over those who want to come here to earn an honest living and help us build this country.

See, I don't think it's really that bad if we manage things properly instead of just getting emotional about things like this.


  1. re: "For instance, make the pay more attractive for the locals.I think employers should be made to do that for the country."

    The gomen is doing a sham job at law enforcement when it comes to the hiring of "security guards" in this country. Some friends of mine work as guards at a primary school 7days/week 365 days with no annual leave for how much money? --- RM1300!
    Ah Jib Gor no need talk about hi-income nation and labour rights laaaa!!!

  2. "Of course priority should be given to Malaysians if they need the jobs but if no one among them is interested to do it, then I think it's okay to take in good foreign workers to fill up the vacancies."


    Basic problem is that there is no evidence that that a FURTHER 1.5 million workers are needed.

    Some estimates say as many as 7 million illegals already. Some say 4.3 million.

    Shouldn't we give a 24 month period to either register, employ or deport all illegals first? The figure of 1.5 million is just plucked from thin air, unless this process is done first.

    But agree on Nepalis, they are very good. But like a lot of foreign workers, they are exploited.

    1. "Shouldn't we give a 24 month period to either register, employ or deport all illegals first?"

      Bukakah sepupu Najib dah buat pemutihan dulu. 6P ke apa?

      Rasa rasa issue bawa masuk 1.5 juta pekerja-asing ini tidak akan menjadi masalah atau mendapat tentangan, jika agent-besar yang diberi, seolah-olah 'AP', bukan adik TPM. Idea bawa masuk 1.5 juta datang dari TPM. Alih-alih, adik dia yang jadi agent. Itu yang buat ramai meroyan, lebih-lebih lagi ketika issue RM2.6 billion + RM2 juta, masuk akaun peribadi, belum memuaskan hati ramai.

  3. Ayoooyooo Annie, u duduk dalam gua ke............??????
    Bangladesh DON'T WANT TO STAY IN MALAYSIA.......?????
    HAHAHAHA.........ITU, yang ramai jadi pendatang haram lepas habis tempoh kontrak permit kerja, jual segala mak bapak barang di kampong-kampong sampai ada yang jual PETAI, mind U Annie......HEHEHE. And I belum cakap lagi yang rampas kerja orang Malaysia like sabit rumput di kawasan perumahan. Dulu, semua ni dibuat oleh India & Melayu. Sekarang.....???????
    And U said they are docile.
    Yeh docile and extremely stupid.
    And they talk behind your back, mengumpat pompuan Malaysia as CHEPA. Annie, U go round di kawasan perumahan, tengok berapa ramai Bangla yang kerja sabit rumput dan berish parit mengular. Ada yang tidur di surau dan taman rekriasi.
    Antara BANGLA & INDONESIA, I prefer Indonesian labour.
    At least I don't see Indonesia labour yang buat kerja renovation at my house mengular!
    Jangan terlalu kagum dengan BANGLA, Annie.
    They are extremely irritating people.
    Paki tua lagi teruk.
    Tengok, siapa yang mintak sedekah di lampu-lampu Isayarat...???

    1. Hmmm...kalau yang macam tu kena tangkap hantar balik negeri la. Tu yang saya kata kena managed properly. Kalau yang jujur datang nak kerja je rasanya okay kut.

  4. everybody is also a pendatang...some of you are a pendatang than came earlier and some are coming now so what is the different?

    feeling superior just because you came early...that is foolish.


    1. Anon 16:00,

      If you are pendatang ,don't assumed that everybody else are coming in the same boat with you .
      No one is actually superior , but if the pendatang behaving that they superior ,they deserved to be reminded that they are pendatang.

    2. why there is a need to put a reply to this comment when all it is, is IF and IF and IF....screw your is not even a fact and it is just your deluded opinion.

      now there is no need to feel ashamed being a pendatang for everybody is a pendatang in a way and being not a pendatang dont make you something special too.

  5. Tangkap, hantar balik ke negeri asalnya. Kemudian, mereka menyelinap masuk balik, buat keja yang sama. So, it is much better jangan bagi dia peluang masuk. Just imagine 1.5 million Banglas yang akan masuk menyusup balik after kontrak kerja tamat.....????
    I just cannot tolerate it anymore.
    In JB, di kawasan Kg.Melayu Majidee, U see them everywhere. Jual petai, jual carpet, jual dompet & tali pinggang, jual kain baju. Keluar masuk kawasan kampung just like itu kawasan kampong halaman dia. And they are very gersang. Kacau anak dara orang. Ada yang dibelasah and si pembelasah ends up in jail, Bangla langsung tidak insaf!!!!!
    Enof is enof, Annne.

    1. Hopefully they kacau anak perempuan Si Hamidi la. Baru betina tu tau. Kalau tidak suka-suka betina tu meroyan kat twitter.

      Undress her with their eyes. Biar dia tahu.

  6. Annie

    Just a thought...tak pernah ke terfikir penipuan oleh pemimpin2 kita...duit derma...pulang balik...tak perasan rm42j masuk dalam acct. Sendiri...pecat org sana sini...perlukah negara tambah bangla 1.5m...kata nak jadi negara berpendapatan tinggi...takkanlah sekelumit perasan bahawa semua ini penipuan belaka...

  7. Annie, since you are so regular in Kluang. Go to Jalan Jaya and see the huge mansion a successful Bangladeshi has built. Salute.

  8. The reason we resort to cheap foreign labour is that our employers refuse to pay decent wages. When I first started working 30 years ago, entry pay for graduate was about Rm1, 200. Now still at that level, give or take a couple of hundreds. Meanwhile, standard of living and costs much higher. Then, mini bus unlimited full fare was 50 sen! One KFC drumstick set was Rm1.60.

    If our employers refuse to pay higher wages because they want bigger profits, why expect locals to do the menial, low wage jobs? Best sekali, some of those loudly complaining about too many foreign workers, also complain having to pay extra for maid or worker.

    I , too, am appalled at how many foreign workers we have. When I drive from subang puchong area at 6 a.m., you can see streams of Banglas, Indons, Burmese, Vietnamese etc walking on the back roads heading to the factories etc.

    1.5 million Banglas, even though staggered entry, is too much. Actually, not all Banglas here uneducated. Some waiters in chain restaurants studied here and working part time. Speak way better English than local staff.

    Worse place to go is that Nilai wholesale area. All Pakistani, Afghan etc. All men and very arrogant and rude, especially to females.

    They come from societies where their women stay at home, cannot go school etc, so when come here and work alongside women, habis lah.

    Corruption and greed by our own people causes this problem.. Tutup satu mata, kasi tangan sini.

    Instead of more Banglas, we should have a new registration of all existing foreign workers. Then let employers choose from that pool. Hantar balik the rest.
    Also, must do like in some European countries. All foreigners living in a district must register with police in the area. This keeps tabs on their movements and numbers.

    And someone should teach them hygiene and don't litter. My neighbour once rented his house to mamak restaurant owner who housed his workers there. ADOI! Mandi at garden tap! Kencing in drain! Every month, 2 new workers will come because can see curi SIA blankets washed. Rubbish all over the place sampai even the lori sampah guys marah! Lucky only for a year and padan muka the house owner as hancur all parquet, sinks etc. Now he only rent to locals.

    1. Relax....stop complaining. Bangladeshi labourers DO NOT marry Chinese or Indian. They marry and only intending to marry Malays and so lain kali will have half Bangla Bumis. These Bangla-Bumis are only taking the Bumi rights so why non_malays perlu sibuk. Even Jakim and Zakat because Banglas are Muslim wajib tolong their fellow Ummah. Keerja pelayan, factory all these Malays tak buat. Lagi baik menganggur dari buat kerja ini. So, takapalah, biar Bangla kerja.

      They not clean? Hai Yah, Bangla bukan Negara kapir... biar dia buat macam Negara dia.

      Trust me, non-Malays no need to worry...

    2. Correct, why are the Malays constantly whinging. Where is the Muslim brotherhood spirit? After all, arent these Bangladesi Muslims?. There are a part of the wider ummah.

      Asalkan jangan India, Cina, Orang Putih kafir harbi masuk, sudah. Zahid should not just stop at Bangladesi, there are Pakistanis, Arabs, Rohinyas, Somalians,Sulus, Sudanese. He should reach out to them as well.

      The more the merrier.

  9. Rm8 per hour bangladeshi uncertified workers in oil and gas industry VS Rm12 perhour certified locals..guess who gets the job. Annie or whoever you are behind that keyboard..whats the sense of having all those Pusat Kemahiran if they dont produce jobs for locals?

    1. That's why I said,

      "Maybe a law should be enacted to compel employers to do their best to recruit locals for the jobs before resorting to hiring foreigners.

      "For instance, make the pay more attractive for the locals.

      "I think employers should be made to do that for the country."

    2. Most lawmakers are not from the industry. Most who work for the ministries are not from the industry. Get someone from the industry. Why is it so hard?


  10. Tawke mau "cheep labour" mau untung busat , government cekap OK maa aa.
    Itu towke punya cekap mesti mesti mau dengar maa aa ,apa jadi belkang hali itu bukan tawke punya hat maa aa , pon bukan government punya hat . Rakyat sendili mau kasi selesai lor rr.

  11. Ala olang ciakap cina talak kompilin. Cina manyak suke kelana bayer gaji mulah..mulah...mulah...hahahaha

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Sorry Anon, I'm tightening up censorship. Try to be less vulgar and I will let your comments through. Thank you.

  13. Can half be bangladeshi local men can have more choices...

    1. Anonymous 18 February 2016 at 10:03

      "Can half be bangladeshi women..."

      Sokong 110%.

      Call me racist if you like because I do not like Bangladeshi men but would it help if I said I looove Bangladeshi women? :)



    2. Anon 10:03,

      Manyak syok maa aa ,itu macam ,kalang-kalang tengok itu China Doll atak bosan maa aa .


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