Saturday 31 August 2013

Review of Tanda Putera by Dennis Chua

I have not yet watched the much talked about movie Tanda Putera.

Even if I had watched it, I don't think I should be the one to review it as I could be judged as a politically bias person due to my support for Barisan Nasional.

The person whose review of the controversial movie should be considered by Malaysians must be totally neutral.

And for that, none other than NST senior writer Mr Dennis Chua should fit the bill.  Those who know Dennis will agree with me that he totally doesn't have any partisan political inclination whatsoever and is a most sincere and honest person. If you want to know more details on why I came to that conclusion about Dennis, please ask any of the NST journalists that you could come across (including those who support Pakatan). I'm quite sure they know why and will agree with me.

Here is Dennis' review of Tanda Putera which was published by NST two days ago,

Cinema: From a page in history

TO say that this is Shuhaimi’s most challenging film would be an understatement, as it is her labour of love to two of our greatest leaders.

Second Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein and second Deputy Prime Minister Tun Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman saved the country from the political violence of 1969 and reunited the people with their vision, foresight, disciplinarian ways and teamwork.
Unfortunately, they were working against the clock. Both men were dying of serious illnesses: Dr Ismail of a heart ailment and Abdul Razak, of leukaemia. They were treated in secret by a mutual doctor friend, Dr Stewart McPherson.
Abdul Razak kept his illness from his loved ones and the country, so that everybody could focus on bringing the country forward with the New Economic Policy (NEP) that he and Dr Ismail had formulated.
Shuhaimi shot Tanda Putera in 10 months in 2011 (20 per cent in Britain), and picked the right actors for the roles — Abdul Razak (Rusdi) and Dr Ismail (Zizan).
Rusdi, who gave a memorable performance in Waris Jari Hantu and 1957: Hati Malaya, captured the essence of Abdul Razak’s indomitable spirit and looks every bit like the Father Of Development.
The same goes for Zizan, who also played Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Tun Mahathir The Musical (2010). He learnt how to mouth a pipe and play golf with his left hand.
Shuhaimi and co-producer Kavita have, as in Hati Malaya, stayed clear from documentary style narratives and managed to bring much heart into Abdul Razak’s and Dr Ismail’s last years.
Most of the film shows how they impacted the lives of the people and how they juggled work and their family.
Fictitious characters Kara (Kavita), Allan (Yun), Aman (Riezman), Maimon (Kuza), Musa (Zaefrul), Zarah (Ika), Zaman (Ahya) and Johan (Zoey) humanise the challenges of the period.
A dose of trivia is slotted in various scenes, and the best is where Abdul Razak and Dr Ismail discuss the name of the national airline. At a dinner, Abdul Razak tells Dr Ismail that he has completed his “laughter quota”, a reference to the doctor’s serious demeanour.
Tanda Putera’s link to Hati Malaya is most evident with the presence of Kamarul as Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra. The Kelantan-born actor, who received good reviews in the 2007 film, is more subdued, but does a star turn when he tells some Western journalists to “go to hell” for misreporting in 1969.
Another star turn is Hasnul as Tun Hussein Onn. He holds his own when he tearfully announces the death of Abdul Razak.
Faezah and Linda add the required gentle touch as Abdul Razak’s wife Tun Rahah Mohd Noah and Dr Ismail’s wife Toh Puan Norashikin Mohd Seth respectively. Besides looking the part, they give their characters a balance of strength and emotion, especially when they learn the sad truths about their husbands health.
The list of supporting characters is the who’s who of Malaysian leaders and their families. They include Nazril (Dr Mahathir), Norman (Tun Hanif Omar), Shorthose (McPherson), Sahee (Datuk Seri Najib Razak), Razif (Ahmad Johari Razak), Ismaizal (Tawfik Ismail), Fizz (Tan Sri Arshad Ayub), Khir (Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim), Ngasrizal (Datuk Seri Harun Idris), Razali (Tan Sri Ahmad Razali Mohd Ali), Chelsia (Puan Sri Catherine Tan), Nas-T (Najib Abdul Rahman) and Aidil (Tan Sri Senu Abdul Rahman).
Of the fictitious characters, Ahya stands out as school teacher Zaman who becomes Abdul Razak’s assistant. He is spotted by the leader while serving in his Felda village, and it is through him that we learn of Abdul Razak’s eye for detail, generosity, opposition to superstition, and penchant for punctuality and tidiness.
Kavita, Alan, Ika and Zoey nicely capture the climate of fear in 1969. In their pivotal scene together, they brave angry mobs hammering on Kara’s car as she ferries her students, Zarah and Johan, home.
While there are violent scenes of the riots, they are kept to a minimum to serve as backdrop to the turbulent period. The shootings of top officers and a terror attack on the National Monument aided by CGI are shocking, too.
Shuhaimi added wonderful CGI effects in the style of Forrest Gump, where the actors images are superimposed and blended into real footage of historical events.
Nevertheless, there are two glaring production mistakes in the logo of one political party and the Malaysian coat of arms.
Still, this film ought to be on every citizen’s “must watch” list for its historical significance. To date, it remains a strong contender for the top prize at the next Malaysian Film Festival.

Read more: Cinema: From a page in history - Holiday - New Straits Times

Just ignore him

On the eve of Merdeka Day yesterday, DS Anwar Ibrahim tried to get the attention of everyone by using the occasion to showcase, as usual - himself.

Ever since the failure of his Blackout 505 which was to protest the validity of Barisan Nasional's win in GE13, it was becoming very obvious that Anwar is slowly but surely slipping into obscurity.

Seriously, who really cares about Anwar Ibrahim anymore?

It was after all, not him who stopped BN from regaining it's two third majority in GE13.

The real hero of Pakatan now is DAP, backed by the united Chinese electorates.

Anwar is now reduced to be just the Malay figurehead of Pakatan. His PKR has 30 parliament seats as compared to DAP's 38. And most of the PKR's seats were actually won courtesy of DAP's Chinese supporters.

That was why Anwar made that offer of reconciliation to BN, by projecting an image of himself being magnanimous on Merdeka eve.

I'm putting here the report by Reuters on Anwar's offer to BN and interspersed it with my comments,

Malaysia's opposition says it's willing to help tackle a range of problems in the country, showing signs of softening its stand towards the government for the first time since a disputed May election.
The opposition, led by former finance minister Anwar Ibrahim, has refused to accept the election victory of the ruling coalition, which extended its 56-year rule but saw its parliamentary majority reduced.
In an Independence Day message, Anwar said the opposition maintains its "strong protests about the validity" of the vote, but, for the first time, he indicated willingness to heal divisions the election brought.
Me : If you want to maintain your "strong protest about the validity" of the vote, then you shouldn't even recognize the BN government, let alone express your willingness to cooperate with such an unlawfully elected government.
"We are prepared to put aside our differences for the sake of the nation's wellbeing and future," Mr Anwar said.
Me: Yea, rite. As if we don't know his real motive. It should read...We are prepared to put aside our differences for the sake of MY WELLBEING AND FUTURE.
Prime Minister Najib Razak's coalition lost the popular vote in the election although it won the most seats.
Mr Anwar listed problems facing the country including flagging public finances, slowing economic growth, surging rates of crime and corruption.
Me: Anwar got no business talking about how to handle these problems. When given the chance in late 1990s, the former deputy prime minister and finance minister failed miserably. Those who disagree should tell me what Anwar had contributed to the country during his tenure in the government.
He also referred to an increasing number of media reports on "race baiting".
Me: Only now that he wanted to talk about "race baiting"? Why not when his ally DAP was going full swing galvanizing the Chinese support by telling the community that they were being treated as second class citizens by the "racist Umno government" despite being the most prosperous ethnic group in the country?
"Not only is there a lack of leadership in ameliorating the situation but it appears that the government is encouraging this phenomenon to worsen," Mr Anwar said.
Me: Yes, and as usual, the lack of leadership should be filled up by your leadership, isn't it Anwar? DS Najib Razak's leadership is no good for him....well, anyone's leadership is no good to him for that matter. Big ego at play, that one.
Relations between majority ethnic Malays and ethnic Chinese and ethnic Indian minorities are a sensitive issue.
While ethnic Malays tend to support the ruling coalition, many members of the economically important ethnic Chinese minority rallied to the opposition in the last polls.
Me: What the Reuter's report was trying to convey was that the "economically important" has now also become "politically important". Let's see how important could that be should the Malays somehow managed to unite in the next general election.
"We believe that it is imperative for the prime minister to convene without the slightest delay a round-table meeting between the ... government and Pakatan Rakyat in order to deliberate on the issues raised and formulate a comprehensive solution," Mr Anwar said, referring to the alliance he heads.
Me: Well Anwar, who are you to tell Datuk Najib what to do. Why should he seek your counsel to run his government? If you had won in GE13, would you and your allies, in particular the DAP would want to have a round or square table meeting with Datuk Najib? I don't think so.
Government spokesmen were not available for comment.
Me: And rightly so. Why should they be bothered, ok?

Friday 30 August 2013

There are still good men in Datuk Najib's team

Went home rather late earlier in the night and slept just before midnight.

Had a couple of weird dreams including being chased around by a funny looking dragon and then woke up.

At first I thought it should be my normal waking hour, but then realized it was just past 2am. I had only actually been sleeping for about two hours despite being chased by a dragon and all.

Now I'm wide awake and don't know how to get back to sleep. That's why I'm now fooling around with this posting.

I'm now trying to write something so boring so that it can make myself sleepy again.

Okay, yesterday evening was quite a pleasant one for me. I went out with this Malay guy, who occasionally buys me dinner.

The guy is not handsome or rich, but he is a nice quiet guy....very much like the character of my father.

But no, I'm not in love with him. He is too nice a guy and I'm not going to torture him by falling in love with him or making him fall in love with me. I'm actually a terrible girlfriend and only those who were truly unlucky ended up being my boyfriend.....hahahahaha (evil laughter)

Well, the guy took me for dinner first. I had a very tasty beef dish while he had lamb chop or something like that.

Then we met his whole bunch of friends, who are mostly powerful people.

One of them is this weird character who happened to be one of those advisers to PM DS Najib Razak.

He is an old charmer, who is amusing in a scary way.

But I really don't mind him as I know that he is one of the good guys within the PM's camp.

Datuk Najib still has a few of these good advisers, who are mostly those who have been loyal to him since before he became the prime minister.

I'm still hoping for these good few people at the PMO to continue protecting Datuk Najib from the kaki bodek and kaki ampu opportunists who only came into the picture after Datuk Najib took over the premiership.

I'm hoping for Datuk Najib to continue being able to differentiate between those around him who truly want to serve him and the country and those who are only there to serve their own selfish interests with the ultimate aim of enriching themselves.

I'm hoping to soon see signs that Datuk Najib's good people winning over his bad people in the struggle to save his premiership.

For now I'm going to pray for that to happen and continue to support Datuk Najib.

Okay lah, I think I better now get myself a glass of water and make a hot chocolate drink to help me go back to sleep.

Shit. It's already past 3.30am. I'm really going to be sleepy at work tomorrow....errr I meant today.

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Real happy memories at the fun-fairs (updated with music)

(Updates at the bottom of this page)

Tonight I don't feel like writing anything serious.

Writing serious stuff is tiring. Really, I'm not kidding you.

It's really no fun knowing for example that the Prime Minister's people are monitoring your writings and trying to detect any (real, hidden or imagined) sinister intention, on my part as an insignificant anonymous blogger, to topple their boss.

Previously, Lim Guan Eng's boys and girls were the ones doing that to me.

Crazy people lah they all.

Okay, so, tonight I'm just going to write a short happy piece about myself.

Actually, as I was driving home just now, something reminded me of my childhood and things which made me happy at that time.

When I was a little girl, my mother used to take me balik kampung to see my grandparents and the rest of my Chinese side of the family in Kluang, Johor.

This was mostly during school holidays and Chinese New Year.

Occasionally, one of those traveling fun-fairs was in town and the whole family would went there and enjoy a good time.

I remember being most excited even about going on the rather mundane Ferris wheel.

Going to those fun-fairs with my mother, grandparents, aunties and cousins was among the happiest memories of my childhood.

The traveling fun-fairs may not be as sophisticated or spick and span as all those glitzy theme parks but they have that rustic charm which endears them to people like me.

My mother said going to the fun-fairs was also among the happiest memories of her childhood. She said it's odd for working class Chinese parents not to occasionally treat their children with a good time at the fun-fairs in those days.

My only regret of that happy memories at those fun-fairs was that my father was never with us. He hardly ever goes back to my mother's family home till these days.

Whenever I told him of the happy time I spend at the fun-fairs after my mother and me came back from Kluang, he would just smiled and gave me a hug. If I asked him why he never came along with us, he would said that he was too busy.

Only after I was a teenager that my mother told me that my father hardly went back to visit my grandparents because he tried to spare them any unpleasant or awkward situation.

It is not that my father doesn't care for my grandparents but he is very conscious about himself being not exactly the ideal son-in-law in a traditional Chinese family.

My mother also told me that my father never went to a fun-fair when he was a child. His family was too poor to even afford such a modest luxury.

(Note: This posting about having fun at the fun-fairs has absolutely got nothing to do with PM's adviser Datuk Seri Ahmad Farid Redzuan or any of his bright ideas. Jom Heboh doesn't even have Ferris wheel, ok.)


Just feel like adding this cool music video to this posting.

Datuk Farid, in case you are reading this, please don't copy ideas from this music video. You put "tunnel of love" as a feature for Jom Heboh or Jelajah Janji DiTepati, you surely get in trouble one. Fun-fairs in US and Europe can have this feature la. Anyway, in case you don't know, Dire Straits is a Jewish band. So, it's not a very good idea to copy from them for PM's public relations projects.

4th grader pro-Umno blogger wants to topple PM?

It's way past midnight and I just got home.

Checked this blog and there were quite a number of comments in my last posting which was mostly a copy and paste job, A blogger's message to Datuk Najib

I released all of them despite most attacking me for highlighting the message by a fellow blogger to PM DS Najib Razak on the matter of his advisers who seem to be not doing a good job.

As I had promised to readers of this blog, I will try to publish all of their comments as long as they were not extremely seditious, overly vulgar or maliciously tries to get an innocent bystander in trouble.

Then I noticed that particular posting had generated over 3,000 page views since 8am yesterday, which is quite high for this insignificant anonymous blog.

Upon checking I discovered that a large number of those who came to this blog to read that posting were from the OutsidetheBox blog which provided the link to it. I guess that was why those attacking me were accusing me as being part of a gang who want to topple Datuk Najib. This was so because senior pro-BN blogger Syed Akbar Ali who operates the OutsidetheBox blog has of late been highly critical of Datuk Najib.

Well, I think those who were accusing me of trying to topple Datuk Najib must be not very clever or have some reading deficiencies as they don't seem to understand the content of that message written by my fellow blogger.

Honestly, I can't be bothered with what they want to accuse me with, as I think if Datuk Najib ever read that message, which was addressed to him, he will know what it was meant to be.

Anyway, I was actually amused that those who attacked me deemed it necessary to do so because this blog of mine is really of no consequence as pointed out by a commenter in OutsidetheBox,

Anonymous said...
Life of Annie is a 4th grader pro-UMNO blogger. No substance, mostly cut-and-paste, just like PM's morons. Not worth reading.

Why they need to worry that a "4th grader pro-Umno blogger" wants to topple the PM is beyond me.

Yet, still, they went to great length to paint a picture as if I am an anti-Najib person just because I agree with my fellow blogger that Datuk Najib needs to be careful with the conducts of some of his advisers.

Here is an example - when I tried to caution a commenter not to attack the personality of PM's Press Secretary Datuk Akmar, the response of these people shows a pattern that unmistakably familiar with the one once launched against me by DAP cybertroopers. Note the time of these comments which were within minutes of each others,

  1. Annie, why lately you and UMNO bloggers always attack Najib ? nak jatuhkan Najib ke ?

    Dulu,kalau PR attack Najib, Annie & gang bukan main bising macam kera, tapi kini Annie dah jadi musuh dlm selimut Najib, memang haprak punya insan.

    Anonymous27 August 2013 21:03
  2. Annie, who are you to give advise to Najib ??????? or what type of advise can you present to Najib ?
    You think by having a blog is good enough to qualify as a PM adviser ? Unbelievable bodoh !! 
    Anonymous27 August 2013 21:23
  3. Sudahlah Annie, Akmar dah tahu siapa kawan dan siapa lawan dia. Semua orang dah tahu Annie dan sekumpulan blogger pro Madey tengah giat nak jatuhkan Najib.

    Tak apalah, Najib advisers will know how to respond.
    Anonymous27 August 2013 21:28
  4. Anon 17:37, talk is cheap, please show proof Akmar siphon money from PMO or dare you make a report to MACC to get Akmar investigated. Otherwise you are just a piece of shit coming out from Annie bunghole.
    Anonymous27 August 2013 21:57
  5. Don't bull-shit Annie, if you have no intention to attack and disparaging Akmar, why you go publish those derogative comments in your blog ?

To these people, let me tell you all that I have actually been helping to defend Datuk Najib since way back then when his small band of aides were struggling to fend off attacks by Pak Lah people who did not want him to take over the premiership. Akmar was one of those guys in that small team and I know that he, along with the others had tried their best to protect Datuk Najib. This is way before all these advisers and consultants came into the picture after Datuk Najib became the PM. That is why I want readers of this blog to give Akmar the benefit of a doubt and refrain from launching unsubstantiated personal attacks against him.

For those who have been following this less than six-month-old blog of mine, they should know where I stand as far as Datuk Najib is concerned.

This is a past posting of mine about Datuk Najib which I was made to believe was read by the Prime Minister himself,

Keeping faith in Najib

I still stand by what I wrote in that posting. I'm still hoping for things to improve for Datuk Najib. Hopefully it's not going to be too late.

Tuesday 27 August 2013

A blogger's message to Datuk Najib

For today, I just want to copy and paste excerpts of a posting by a fellow blogger,

Dear Prime Minister, I hope that you take note of the fact that one too many of your ADVISORS have elevated themselves to your level. Some of them think they are the Prime Minister of Malaysia, thus criticizing them and correcting them is tantamount to being anti-Najib or trying to topple the Prime Minister. 

Dear Prime Minister, please take note that we know exactly how to ask/demand a sitting Prime Minister  to vacate his seat. Please remind your Advisors of their actual standing. Please also remind them, your Press Secretary Datuk Akmar included, that they are there to serve you, the PRIME MINISTER, and not themselves. 

Dear Prime Minister, please take note that we take the trouble to tell you and/or the administration as it is. Black is black and White is white, we tell you that without fear or favour because we want you to remain as the Prime Minister and steer this nation to greater heights again. 

Dear Prime Minister, we won't be doing what we are doing now if we think you are not fit to be the Prime Minister. 

Thank you, Mr Prime Minister. 

This blogger is one of those who struggled to replace Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi with Datuk Najib back then between the dark years of 2004 and 2008.

Ironically, he was pressured to quit his job as the NST political editor at the start of Datuk Najib's administration. He is now a free lance writer.

Yet, still he carries on with his pro-BN stance and was supportive of Datuk Najib till now. He is however against the people who gave the PM bad advises to serve their own selfish interests and enriched themselves.

You can read the rest of his posting here,


Monday 26 August 2013

A different kind of meritocracy

Those who want Malaysia to be like Singapore which they claim to be better because of the republic's strict adherence to meritocracy should read this report,

Singaporeans want 'compassionate meritocracy'

For those who are too lazy to go to the link, I had lifted for them some points from the report which was about a survey carried out by the Singapore's Institute of Policy Studies,

Singaporeans want a more compassionate society that is less stressful, with more family time

respondents want a less competitive, more holistic education system, and one that is more inclusive, where students learn with others of different abilities and backgrounds.

strong support for values such as honesty, politeness and graciousness, while risk-taking and enterprise took a backseat.

the survey indicates "we want to move towards being a more inclusive, matured and gracious society".

"There are certain aspects of Singapore society which have grown disproportionately in certain dimensions and other dimensions may have been neglected - very broadly speaking, the quality of life aspects."

Okay, Iet me start on this by saying that I have never really consider myself to be one of those anti-Singapore Malaysians. In fact, I do enjoy my regular visits across the Causeway back then when I was based in JB. I particularly like hanging out at the beautiful and very clean public parks during weekends and holidays.

But I don't think I would like to live in Singapore as I don't think I can have a better quality of life there compared to the one I'm having here in Malaysia.

Yes, maybe I can earn a higher income, but I think life in Singapore can be quite stressful due to the hyper competitive level at work place and also in everyday life. 

My Singaporean cousins for instance started this being competitive business since they were in kindergarten. There's the kindergarten classes, lots of homework, tuition, ballet classes, piano classes etc.  They were as busy as their hard working parents. All that in the hope of them being competitive so that when they grow up, they may survive the Singapore's meritocracy system.

Well, maybe things are now changing there. Maybe the Singaporeans have begun to appreciate a more laid back lifestyle...such as the one we are having in Malaysia.

I think the most ideal is to find a formula of balancing between the two. 

I think Singaporeans need to relax a bit and not be too kiasu while Malaysians should cut down on bullshitting (especially of the political variety) as well as be more disciplined and productive.

Sunday 25 August 2013

Johor's new race relations policy

I had tried to find the link of this interview with new Johor Menteri Besar DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin in the NST's website but failed to do so. I instead found it at Chuah Bee Kim's blog here,

MB that is driven by values

The following are excerpts from the interview which I believe explain the race relations policy of Khaled's administration,

Question: After what happened in GE13 where Umno’s allies in BN. particularly MCA and Gerakan suffered severe losses, how are you going to lead the coalition in Johor to regain lost ground?
Answer: First, we have to look into the results — is this the worst for BN or it could have been worse? (Former Singapore premier) Lee Kuan Yew said the opposition in this country will never form the goernment at the federal level.  The situation will be like this as the Chinese community cannot win in the rural areas.  so, is this the worst? Second, we know their (opposition’s) win was because of issues that they brought up during the general election.
In the next four or five years, the Chinese community should be made aware that they were used as tools.  The fanning of racial sentiments caused a large majority of them to sway to the opposition.
Today, at the state asembly, the opposition asked whether the menteri besar will appoint a representative (in their constituencies) and whether there are special funds available as practised by the last administration.  The opposition knows it needs this.  Previously, if BN lost a state seat, the menteri besar would appoint a representative and also allocate funds for that constituency.  This time round, there will be no representative or funds.
The people will need to look at this situation and see whether this is what they want.  we have to educate voters so that they understand that they are the losers if they fall for the opposition’s campaigns.
Question: One of your earliest statements was that you are a menteri besar for all Johoreans.  But now certain quarters have alleged that you are Malay-centric.  Your reaction?
Answer: It’s simple., in whatever relationship that you have, you need to look at it from the point of view of values.  If you help me, and I was not thankful and did not reciprocate, what will your views be on this matter?
I think all civilisations teach us about respect and being thankful.  But at times, people are pretentious, arrogant and put on different faces to deceive us.  The government is always willing to assist, but those who receive also need to show that they are sincere.
If Umno is considered racist, there won’t be any progress for the other races.  Let’s talk about the economy, where are all the races in terms of economic progress? Let’s talk about education, where are they now? if Umno is racist, I think the Chinese community will not be where they are today.  They claim that they are being treated differently, but that thinking is deliberately sown in them.
The claims that I am Malay-centric are made to sow fear and weaken the government.  for me, any plans made will be for the benefit of the rakyet.
If I am Malay-centric, I won’t be close to the Indian community.  But the reality is the Indian community is close to me.  When we meet each other, we don’t have to pretend.  I don’t want to lead a pretentious life.  If you come to me, and you ask for my help, and after I help you, you say all sorts of things behind my back, where are the values?
So, if you want to say that I’m Malay-centric, no, I am no.  I am driven by values.  That’s all.  If a person beats me up and I continue to allow the person to do so, I would be stupid.
Question: In Johor, Umno has always been unique in its history and tradition as the state is the party’s birthplace and has always been its bastion.  How are you going to maintain this position and strengthen it further?
Answers: Umno leaders at all levels must understand that Umno does not work in isolation.  Umno represents the Malays.  That’s why in the early days, Umno is Malay, and Malay is Umno.  So, any effort to corrode Umno will also corrode Malays.
To make sure that this does not happens in Johor, Umno needs to take action to respect and safeguard Malay interests.  At the same time, it must be an entity which can be relied upon by people of other races.  And our foundation to administer should be based on fairness and thoroughness rather than fairness and equality.
If Umno can show that it can champion the Malays and not just party members, then in that way, the Malays can be united under Umno and stability can be restored in the community.  As in the past, Umno must also show that it is not a power-hungry party but capable of sharing with other races and bringing about positive results.  You don’t have to fear if Umno remains as the backbone of the government.  No race should fear that they will be left behind.  But Umno must be right in representing and championing the Malays.  Go back to the original struggle where Umno takes care of the Malays and not its members only.

Saturday 24 August 2013

Breakfast with my mother

I'm getting tired of writing about serious stuff. I have been at it almost non-stop the past few weeks.

Furthermore, words are out that PM DS Najib Razak may want to listen to his advisers and not care anymore about what bloggers like myself wrote.

So, from now on, I think I will try to have more fun instead in my writings.

Let the cybertroopers hired by the PM's advisers do the hard work of battling the Pakatan gang. Well, maybe it is for the better. After all, the cybertroopers may be smarter than independent bloggers like myself as they are well paid professionals and should be of better credibility as compared to someone like me who is just an amateur hack.

Anyway, since today is Saturday and I got an off day, I'm going to just write a fluff posting to suit my relaxed mood today. Just something about myself and my mother.

Earlier this morning, my mother asked me out for breakfast. I was quite excited as it has been quite awhile since we had breakfast together. That was until she told me that she felt like having the McD Big Breakfast.

As if there were nothing or no where else for breakfast....I quietly told myself. My mother can be quite funny in her choices of food. But okay lah, it was better than nothing, as I did miss my mother and just want to spend some time with her. We ended up at the McD of Citta Mall in Subang.

It turned out that my mother had also stopped reading my blog. She said I'm sounding very anti-Chinese in my writings these days and that she can't bear to read some of the stuff that I wrote. I just kept quiet when she told me that. Well, what can I say, I always write as according to how I feel inside my heart.

My mother also said that it was not true when I wrote about her being a staunch DAP supporter. She said she simply supports what she feels is right and that she has never followed the others blindly.

"I do realize that there were some of my friends who had gone crazy lately because of politics," she said.

"There are those who previously never care about anything but themselves now talking about saving the country just because they were swept along by the euphoria. I even got friends who accused me of being a traitor just because I refused to be as fanatical as them.

"I wish they can be specific as to what sorts of a traitor I am just because I don't want to be as crazy as them. Am I a traitor to DAP? Am I a traitor to the Chinese? Am I a traitor to the country?"

My mother went on and on like that for almost half an hour. She was her usual upset self whenever she thinks that I'm being a not so good daughter. She just channels her anger elsewhere.

After she had calmed down, I asked, "Ma, do you still support DAP or not?"

Her still angry reply was - "I only support you, your father and myself. Why do I want to support DAP ka, MCA ka, Umno ka? What? You think those people really care about us?"

I think that in her anger, she forgot to mention her support for her parents, siblings and the rest of the family in Singapore.

Well, whenever my mother is in her foul mood, I rather not stretch my luck. After that I just ate my not so tasty McD Big Breakfast quietly.

Before we parted, my mother surprised me when she hugged me tightly. She hardly did that. My mother is not the publicly affectionate type of person. Maybe she missed me too and was sorry that she got upset earlier.

Ma, I know you are not reading this but I want to put on record here that I'm sorry for making you angry with my assumptions about yourself. I love you Ma.

Friday 23 August 2013

Advisers think PM doesn't need independent pro-BN bloggers

This latest very witty posting by former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad made my day today,


The title, however, reminds me of another advise allegedly given recently to our current PM DS Najib Razak - "just ignore the pesky independent pro-BN bloggers".

I was told of this by a senior media practitioner who seems to know quite a bit about what's happening at the PM's office.

Who gave such an advice to the PM?

Well, his advisers, of course.

Yes, the very same advisers who are being constantly whacked these days by the independent pro-BN bloggers for allegedly giving stupid advises to the PM.

I think that sorts of explain why the advisers had advised the PM not to listen to the bloggers.

Well, I don't know whether the PM accepted that advise, but if he did, I do understand, because the PM himself has been quite heavily criticized by some of these independent pro-BN bloggers of late.

It was said that these PM's advisers had concluded that this type of bloggers who supposedly support BN but at the same time criticize the leadership of the coalition when they feel necessary were not worth to be considered as assets in facing the opposition.

They are too much of loose cannons and too hard to control.

They feel that easier to control teams of hired cybertroopers should take over the leading role in the cyberwar by BN against Pakatan from the bloggers including the most seniors among them.

And of course these advisers will have better access to whatever budget to be allocated to finance the cyberwar against the much more coordinated Pakatan cybertroopers.

The PM's advisers were also said to have tighten their grip on the pro-BN mainstream media by placing their chosen ones to control those media organizations.

They were believed to soon gain complete control of the biggest media organization in the country, Media Prima through the power consolidation of their proxy there, a former boss of Utusan Malaysia.

It will be interesting to see how far these PM's advisers may go and whether we will have another "fourth floor crisis" such as the one which happened during Pak Lah's time as PM.