Sunday 30 June 2013

Squeezing the Chinese a bit

A friend called just now to tell me that she was stuck in a traffic jam somewhere heading towards Dataran Pahlawan in downtown Malacca city.

Well, I had previously advised her not to drive there on weekends as the traffic would be very bad.

Tourists just love Malacca, especially after the former chief minister DS Mohd Ali Rustam went all out to woo them during his tenure.

On weekends, Singaporeans go to Malacca by the thousands to enjoy the charms of the old Straits Settlement ambiance which their little island had mostly lost to development.

And of course one of Malacca City attractions is the pre-war shop houses and buildings around Jonker Walk.

I used to walk there with someone and have a very pleasant memory of the place.

Now, as for the recent brouhaha over the opening up of the Jonker Walk to traffic, I fail to see it as diminishing the charm of the place.

Obviously the number of tourists going to Malacca is not diminishing because of it based on the moaning and groaning of my friend who was stuck in the traffic jam today.

The general population of Malacca, especially the Malays also don't seem to be complaining much over the issue. Life seems to be going on as usual for them.

The ones who are bitching non-stop over the past week were of course the mostly Chinese street traders of Jonker Walk and their supporters from DAP.

Bear in mind that DAP had led a protest when Ali Rustam unveiled the plan to let the traders set up business there in 2000.

The place has since become famous for those who want to buy fake branded items and other such stuff similar to Petaling Street in KL.

Now, that DAP has become the undisputed saviour of the Chinese, the party and their supporters are going all out to support the traders instead and making it known to all and sundry that the evil Malays of Umno are punishing the Chinese for not voting them. 

The other Chinese leaders from MCA and Gerakan had joined the chorus in an obvious attempt of trying to portray themselves as heroes of the community too.

The new Malacca chief minister Datuk Idris Haron had insisted that the move to let traffic once more pass the Jonker Walk was actually to ease traffic congestion.

Well, for once I'm in agreement with the Chinese heroes wannabes of DAP,MCA, Gerakan and others. I agree with them that Idris was just bullshitting everyone.

Idris, I think is really squeezing the Chinese a bit to show them that he is the boss. The message is probably for the Chinese not piss him off as he has no qualm about making life difficult for them.

Idris know he got nothing much to lose as far as the Chinese electorates were concerned as he is one of those who believe that members of the community are going to vote DAP en-bloc again in the next general election.

Under normal circumstances, I would not endorse what he did, but after the Chinese tsunami of GE13, I think he got no choice but to do what he did.

It cannot be business as usual after people who convinced you that they are your friends stabbed you in the back as what had happened to nice Malay leaders such as Ali Rustam and his Johor counterpart Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

No matter how disagreeable it was, at least Idris is squeezing the Chinese with just the right amount of force over the Jonker Walk issue. It was not too hard and not too soft. Just enough to remind them that we can have a harmonious and prosperous co-existence if we want to or we can throw all that into the Malacca river and see who are to lose more over such folly.

Meanwhile, there are other Malay leaders who claim to be Chinese friends but are actually plotting to squeeze them even worse once they got the power to rule the country.

Well, at least one of them is already known of having the habit of squeezing Chinese....the wrong way.

What? Wrong guy is it? Really? Well, what ever lah....

Saturday 29 June 2013

Democratic rights to be racists

I'm at the moment sitting in the office doing nothing in particular.

Just finished my works for the day.

I actually like working on Saturday as most people are off for the day. It's more peaceful in the office.

Nothing of importance on the political front which I could write today except PKR having some problem in Sabah as Wilfred Bumburing and his gang had made it clear that they are quitting the opposition coalition to set up their own indigenous party.

They gave all sorts of noble excuses for wanting to do so.

Actually, I think it's more because they are not happy that Lajim Ukin and gang are gaining the upper hand in the jostling for top posts in the Sabah's opposition.

But all these are kinda boring and pointless. As most know, in Sabah, they switch sides like nobody's business and people like Wilfred Bumburing and Lajim Ukin are dime a dozen there.

I'm quite sure they will switch side again before anyone realizes what's going on with them.

Okay, on to more interesting stuff.

I received this text message just now from a lady whom I know have never been a racist all her life....well, until recently, that is....

"Dh lh tngh sakit hati dgn cina. Tadi masa gi petronas, ramai lh queue kt every pump. Myvi cina ni tngh isi minyak, using credit card & full tank kot. Lama lh juga. Dia gi borak dgn org kt kereta pump sblh. Anak nya dok panggil dia sbb dh full kot. Dgn selamba je dia gi ke kereta, x rushing even tho kita dok tunggu kt blkg. Lps tu dia drive ke dpn sikit je then stop. X lps lh tank kita nak isi minyak. Sampai bangla kt petrol pump tu suruh dia park kt tempt yg sepatutnya. Lps tu nmpk dia drive then park ikut suka dia, susah kn org lain pulak. Ni lh chinese lady yg x sepatutnya dok kt sini."

I believe the lady took the trouble to compose the rather lengthy text message and send it to me just to express her frustration at the selfish behavior of the other woman.

However, before GE13, I don't think she would had stressed the ethnicity of the offending woman.

I guess everyone is becoming a bit more racist these days and there's nothing much that can be done about it.

But I don't think we should worry too much over it.

The lady is after all just exercising her democratic rights to be a little bit racist....yes, being racist is also part of individual's democratic rights....just like when the Chinese were practicing their democratic rights to vote en-bloc for DAP in GE13.

So, it's okay.

If you Chinese don't like me because I'm Malay, well, then I don't like you too because you are Chinese.

Fair and square...isn't it?

What? Chinese are not racist at all? They are always fair to Malays? They see Malays as their equals? They do not vote along racial line?

Eh....don't make me laugh lah.....

Okay...not everyone are like that, but the majority do....never mind, it's also going to be the same on the other side after this....

The point of this posting? Well, no point actually. I'm just letting off steam.

Here is a bit of nice music to neutralize whatever toxic stuff above,

Friday 28 June 2013

Big boys' dastardly theme park scheme

I read with a bit of amusement the Apanama's growing anger at the way Khazanah bigwigs and their media handlers are stonewalling and vilifying  attempts to clarify the issue surrounding a plan to built a theme park right smack into a major green lung of KL which is a heritage site to boot.

You can read the good man's indignation here,
TRUSTEES playing DUMB in theme park?

I'm amused as this is not the first time that the all mighty and powerful people at Khazanah are doing this.

They set up a nice scheme for themselves and once anything goes wrong, they will say, "Go check with the little fellas at the subsidiary, we big boys got nothing to do with it, ok?"

Remember all those nonsense about Khazanah's frolics down south in Iskandar Malaysia?

How their little creation, Iskandar Investment Bhd, which is actually controlled by the Khazanah BOD had to bear the brunt of their dastardly schemings.

You can read a bit of that in these old postings of the now mothballed BIGCAT blog,
The big fishes are not just in the south la
and here,
The good people of IIB and some questions
and here,
A daring flying squirrel

Well, I believe the crooks of Khazanah got away with that one and other such similar  schemes.

Of course it was all at the expense of the BN government.

Mind you, not all of those crooks in Khazanah are pro-BN. Some are in fact virulently pro-Pakatan.

For instance, one of the characters featured in the Apanama's angry posting about the theme park was also very much involved in the Iskandar's Medini scandal back then. From what I was told, the young Indian gentleman is not even remotely close to being a BN fan.

Whatever it is, I believe they will also get away with this theme park nonsense scheming.

Unless of course if PM DS Najib Razak calls up Azman Mokhtar and slaps him around a bit.

Well, I'm skeptical something like that will ever happened. I don't think a St John boy dares to kick the ass of a MCKK boy.

But no harm in dreaming of it, isn't it?

After all that would be quite a sight to imagine.

Anyway, if I'm Najib, I would have Amokh and his band of MCKK gang kicked out of Khazanah. 

My reason asides from those dastardly schemings - it's simply not healthy to have a bunch of boys whose growing up years were deprived of the company of girls, being bunched up together in an outfit such as Khazanah till their middle age.

Well, of course there is Anwar Ibrahim who is also from MCKK, but that's a totally different story altogether. 

Bitching about annoying people

It is way past midnight and I still can't sleep.

So, now I decided to bitch to while away the time until I'm sufficiently sleepy enough to knock off.

I'm purposely not wearing my glasses while writing this so that I can become drowsy faster.

Ok, the subject of my bitching is the top five most annoying people after GE13.

I'm starting from the bottom going up to the top of the most annoying.

5. Most members of Umno's war room and consultants who despite their abject failure and sordid money making schemes such as publishing manifesto booklets and bankrolling stupid cybertroopers teams are still running the show and behaving as if they had not done anything wrong. I'm avoiding these people as I believe I may not be able to stop myself from kicking them in the groin if I see their face.

4. Some Menteri Besar and their lackeys who are devoid of talent but were where they are now just simply because they were being endorsed by the palaces of their states. A precedent seems to have been set on this after the 2008 general election. These people are now feeling that they are untouchables and not answerable to their party and the people who elected them into office.

3. DAP-supporting Chinese who are still bitching that they were being discriminated and oppressed after that Chinese tsunami stunt they pulled at GE13. The latest example is the Jonker Walk issue in Malacca. Honestly, I don't think Datuk Idris Haron who looks a bit like a Japanese villain in a Chinese 1970s movie really give a shit about the protests of the Chinese over the issue.

After all, the Chinese are still going to vote DAP en-bloc in the next general election. Well, what the heck, all these past five years while all efforts were being made to please their community, most Chinese had insisted that the Malays of Umno are bad people. Now, may as well they be real bad people. Bagi semua puas hati. Nothing to lose, what. At least can see the Chinese sakit hati sikit. Hari itu they all sudah buat kita sakit hati, ini kali lah, kita pun buat mereka sakit hati juga. What? We are being childish and racist? So, what? You all not childish and racist first ka?

2. Malays who think that they are too good to be Malays. I think I had covered these bunch of pretentious Malay pricks in my previous postings. Liberal, upper middle class and think that being pro-opposition is being trendy. More like shallow  perasan piece of shit to me....sorry for the foul language. I simply had ran out of polite words to describe these type of Malays. Oh ya, also don't forget about the Arab wannabes. "Ana pasal Melayu ni tak nak ambik tau, sebab dekat kubur nanti malaikat tak tanya pun kita ni orang Melayu." Ya lah, korang je la yang nanti masuk syurga.

1. Anwar Ibrahim, the drama king....or is he a drama queen? Huh...whatever lah....

Eh, I'm really sleepy already. It's already past 2am.

Shit....I forgot to put Guan Eng somewhere up there. Well, maybe at number 3....but he should be in his own category.... time lah....sleepy....tomorrow need to wake up and go to work....

Knocking off.....

Thursday 27 June 2013

It may not be a disaster for Umno to lose Kuala Besut

First, I would like to express my condolences to the family of Kuala Besut assemblyman Datuk Dr A Rahman Mokhtar who passed away yesterday.


Then, there is this matter of having the first by-election just right after GE13, which is hopefully not the start of a series of by-elections as it was after GE12 in 2008. We do want our wakil rakyat to remain healthy and serve the rakyat.

Well, as everyone must have read by now, it's going to also be a very critical by-election for Terengganu as a BN's defeat in Kuala Besut will mean the state will have a hung state assembly with Pakatan and BN having 16 seats each.

If this happens, a snap state election should be the answer to break the deadlock. (It should nonetheless be noted that the State constitution is actually silent on such an instance.)

However, I believe the likelihood of BN losing in the coming by-election in Kuala Besut is relatively low as the late Dr Rahman had successfully defended the seat with a comfortable majority of 2,434 votes.

It was just a slightly reduced majority from the 2,631 that he won in 2008, and considering the currently fractious state of Terengganu Umno after DS Ahmad Said took over as MB, the late Dr Rahman actually did well to win by that margin.

The constituency has over 17,000 voters.

Now, everyone in Terengganu that I know admitted that Ahmad Said is not really a good MB or State Umno chief.

I admit that I'm not an expert of Terengganu but the signs were too obvious that Umno in the state need a change of leadership.

For those who choose to disagree, please tell me, what had Ahmad Said did for the State over the past five years and what had he done to reunite Terengganu Umno?

His appointment as the Menteri Besar had divided Umno in the State and this was obviously the main cause for the poor Terengganu BN's performance in GE13.

For those not familiar with what had happened in Terengganu after the GE12 in 2008, here is a short summary from Wikipedia which I think is quite accurate,
Menteri Besar appointment crisis  

And now Ahmad Said had refused to let go of his post even after the near disaster for Terengganu Umno in recent general election where the number of BN's seats in the 32 seats state assembly was reduced from 24 to 17, paving the way for the possible hung state assembly after the coming Kuala Besut by-election.

I had heard of sinister stories about Ahmad Said's refusal to step aside as MB but to be fair, I choose not to repeat such hearsay here.

Thinking about it, it did dawn on me that it would not be such a disaster for BN to lose the coming by-election in Kuala Besut.

Maybe it is good to have a snap state election after that so that Terengganu Umno could have a proper change of leadership.

At this point, Umno really needs selfless leaders to carry on with its struggles.

Everyone in Umno should acknowledge that the days of party warlords preserving their selfish vested interest at the expense of agama, bangsa and negara were over.

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Sime Darby is in good hands

I read with not much emotion the announcement of Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman being appointed as the new Sime Darby chairman.

Ghani Othman is Sime Darby's new chairman

While it is nice to know that Datuk Ghani is being appreciated by the government for his long service as a Johor menteri besar and his personal sacrifices, including the unsuccessful attempt to stop the Chinese tsunami in Gelang Patah during the GE13, the appointment was not something which really took me by surprise.

Talks about Datuk Ghani assuming the post had actually started even weeks before GE13. Personally, I feel that it's only natural for the government to appoint someone with Datuk Ghani's experience of managing one of the most economically vibrant states in the country to helm such a conglomerate. His clean track record should be another factor which made him the most suitable candidate for the post.

Amidst all sorts of speculations about where Sime Darby will be heading following this appointment, I'm confident from what I know of Datuk Ghani, that he would accept the appointment as just another task which he needs to fulfill, the same as when he was assigned to look after Johor 18 years ago and also when he was asked by PM DS Najib Razak to try to stop the DAP's racialist campaigning by standing against Lim Kit Siang in the Chinese-majority Gelang Patah constituency less than two months ago.

And based on what I know of him, Datuk Ghani will do his best to do the job and accept it as an amanah from the rakyat.

The last that I checked, Datuk Ghani will be coming to Sime Darby on his own, and accompanied only by his long serving private secretary, the same way that he did when he became the Johor menteri besar many years ago. He is not the type who brings along an entire entourage wherever he goes. If there are any of his people from the previous Johor administration coming to join him, that will be later and depending on the needs.

No one in Sime Darby should fear for their job being taken over by Datuk Ghani's people as such thing would never happened. Only those who don't do their job well have to worry about such things. Anyway, Datuk Ghani doesn't have that many people, as I can actually count them with my fingers. It should also be noted that they are mostly low ranking officers who will not be much of a threat to anyone in the event that they are actually to be absorbed later into the Sime Darby's structure.

Meanwhile, Datuk Ghani's appointment to his new post was greeted with all sorts of reactions, with the most interesting for me from the political angle being this comment at Chuah Bee Kim's congratulatory posting for her former MB,
Congrats to Ghani


  /  June 24, 2013
This is the man during his stewardship of Johor State always and almost bend backwards to help the Chinese Community. The new land to the schools, the land titles extension, the allocation The status of the Chingay He asked the Majlis to help clear the tons of rubbish strewn and left haphazardly behind after the Annual chingay To pay back the mainly Chinese as well as other investors of Dana Johor even though they were paid dividends and also were told about the risk (The DJ was mostly subscribed by the Chinese).Help Chinese companies like Lim Kang Hoo gets thousand of acres of land in KT, helped many developers like KSL and JCChang gets green lane and fast approvals to their projects. He always had no qualms and no barriers to Chinese people who approached him, at home, in the office, on the road , in the stalls
Then when the ugly hag Kit Siang came from Ipoh , spews hatred and jealousies and sow the politics of hatred, the whole Chinese people en mass rejected the soft and accommodating approach of Ghani Othman and voted in Kit Siang with a clear and impressive majority
So we saw also to our utter dismay, the MCA was shredded. JB , Skudai, Senai, Kulai, Kluang Batu Pahat,Muar, all the major urban areas with impressive facilities made by Ghanis policy . Where in areas the Chinese voters were more than 45%, the Malays couldn’t stop the Tsunami and all the areas the seats went to Rocket and its cohort
What Ghani had done to accommodate, to nurture and to approach these Chinese people were all of no bloody good to them and only the Rocket and UBAh became their calling
How bloody ungrateful people these bunch of people are.

I guess, the hurt lingers for some people....and that includes me. I will try to heal myself but I don't think I will ever forget that night of May 5.

Well, Datuk Ghani, if you are reading this, all the best with your new job and take care of your health. Hope to see you again one of these days.

Melayu of the Star

Anyone is capable of being a political expert if given a column in that backstabbing MCA-owned newspaper the Star.

For a Malay to achieve the status of a political expert in the Star, he/she must be liberal, upper middle class and subtly pro-Pakatan.

Founder of Sisters in Islam Zainah Anwar is the latest to attain that status.

Despite her forte being known as coming up with weird ideas of how Muslim women should behave, she is now writing about subjects such as the future demise of Umno, a party which her father was a founding member.

However, Helen Ang had none of her latest crap political analysis. You can read it here,

Star columnist misleads readers on Umno GE13 performance

Zainah, despite her diva NGO status is obviously no match for Helen.

A commenter at that Helen's posting wrote this,

12. zack  |  Jun 24, 2013 at 9:49 pm
It will not benefit them (the J-Star). That’s why. Anyways Farish A Noor, a liberal too, but I have not seen his writing in The Star but NST.
The Star like people like Karim Raslan, Zainah Anwar, Marina Mahathir, Azmi Sharom. What do these people share in common?

Yes, what are those Malays writing as columnists in the Star have in common?
The answer is actually as I had written above, they are all liberals, upper middle class and pro-Pakatan.
These are the type of Malays being promoted by the Star.
They are of the same brand of Malays as Azran AirAsia X and Nazir CIMB.
These are Malays who think that they never needed the NEP which had enabled the majority of their fellow Malays to uplift themselves out of the poverty line.
They are from the "Melayu bangsawan" class who never experience hardship of the common Malays, who despite the advances made since the introduction of the NEP are still the poorest among the major ethnic groups in this country.
The Star is promoting these Melayu yang sudan lupa jati diri bangsa sendiri as the role models for the rest of the Malays. 

Monday 24 June 2013

Malays shouldn't be fooled by cheap theatrics

They didn't get the fight that they want on Saturday. So, they tried it again today outside the parliament house.

For on the ground report and pictures of the incident, please click on this link,
and this,
Police make arrests as activists try to enter compound of Parliament House

Almost all who were involved in the incident are Malays.

Some of them were those who camped at Padang Merbok after the failed Black 505 rally on Saturday.

From the pictures, I didn't see a single Chinese among those who lay down on the road to block the way to the parliament.

It was obvious that the protestors want to have such an incident so that they can get some attention.

It's typical of DS Anwar Ibrahim's supporters. They believe that, such theatrics works among their target audience who are the Malays.

They believe that their pictures laying on the road which will be splashed on the front pages of pro-Pakatan Malay newspapers such as Sinar Harian will win them the sympathy of the Malays.

It is now for the rest of the Malays to prove that they are not as stupid as those laying on the road at the entrance of parliament today.

p.s - Anyway, my sympathy for photographers of the Chinese newspapers who covered the incident. They would had been hard pressed to find a Chinese face among the protesting morons. Their pro-Pakatan newspaper would love to put the story and pictures of the incident on their front page, if they can get some Chinese flavor into it.

Sunday 23 June 2013

Tak boleh ke budak Melayu cerdik sikit?

Tomorrow is the swearing-in ceremony of members of the Parliament.

DS Anwar Ibrahim who keeps saying that the GE13 was rigged will be among those being sworn in as MPs. Yes, it's the same Anwar who refused to swear about something else even more important.

Any sane Malaysian should realize by now what a load of crap that Black 505 protest really was. If Anwar is really committed to his allegation of electoral fraud, he would not be there tomorrow to be sworn in and instead be in one of those tents at Padang Merbok.

Just judge for yourself those so-called student activists still camping out in protest at Padang Merbok after the failed rally yesterday. Aren't they nuts or what? Don't they have classes to attend? And of course, they are Malays.

Meanwhile, the Chinese students are studying hard.

They know when not to waste time on bullshit.

Well, I shouldn't bother myself and wasting time on this matter.

Malays will always be Malays. They are too much into all these rhetorical stuff without caring on doing real works.

Nanti orang kata malas, marah pulak. Nanti orang kata bodoh, mengamuk.

But that is the reality about these Malays.

Wake up la Malays....the Chinese look at your screwed up priorities and laugh at you.

Oi budak-budak Melayu, tolong la jangan jadi bangang sangat.

Saturday 22 June 2013

Black Eye 505 for Anwar

I was busy running around attending to a very important personal matter today.

No time to check what's happening the whole day.

Very late in the afternoon, a journalist friend called and updated me on what happened at Padang Merbok where the Blackout 505 rally took place.

My friend who is pro-Pakatan but works for a pro-BN newspaper sounded very dejected. She just got back from covering the rally.

"It was a big let-down," she said.

"It's boring and only about 5,000 people turned out."

I then checked the websites to verify what my friend said.

The pro-Pakatan Malaysiakini estimated the crowd at its maximum of about 30,000.

I called back my friend and asked her to double check her figure with that of the one quoted by Malaysiakini.

"Malaysiakini is exaggerating. I know because I was there," she said, sounding annoyed.

Then there is this report by the pro-Pakatan Free Malaysia Today at the end of the rally,

Black 505 rally loses steam, crowds leave early

The report also estimated the crowd at 30,000, but the writers of the article clearly sounded disappointed by what they witnessed.

I suspect the FMT writers had double-checked with their colleagues at fellow pro-Pakatan Malaysiakini and they then agreed on mutually quoting that figure for the sake of consistency. Journalists from both sides are known to do that.

Anyway, even if 30,000 people had indeed turned up, it was still a far cry from the estimated 200,000 or 300,000 expected by the organizers.

Another notable thing about the rally is the lack of participation by the Chinese.

Yes, there were some among the crowd but it was nothing like during the rallies before GE13 or immediately after that.

The Chinese seems to be backing off this time. The only notable DAP leader present to give a speech at Padang Merbok was Lim Kit Siang.

I think Helen's analysis on the Chinese lack of enthusiasm for this rally is the best explanation of what had happened,

#Black 505 petang ini: Kaum Cina menjauhi perhimpunan

I believe that the failure of this rally will mark the turning point for BN to regain their lost ground.

Finally, I believe I am now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope DS Najib Razak and his team (stupid advisors and consultants excluded) will seize the opportunity and use it as a foothold to launch their push towards GE14 five years from now.

The Pakatan onslaught was proven stoppable today.

It's clear now that the general public, with the exceptions of the Malay lunatics of PKR and Pas are getting tired of Anwar and his drama.

Yes, even the Chinese DAP are tired of him.

Note on another matter:

For the record, I'm with Helen over her disagreement with Bujai and Stop the Lies. I totally support her when she wrote,

Melayu lurus bendul ditunggang Cina licik

Macam si Bujai dan blognya Just Read itu diperperguna dan diperkudakan oleh Scissorati untuk mencapai matlamat gergaji dua mata sembunyi bangkai gajah mereka.
Alahai orang Melayu.
Satu hari nanti bila bangun dari mimpi, waktu tu barulah akan sedar diri telah ditipu hidup-hidup oleh si licik evangelista lidah bercabang (komen ini ditujukan kepada Bujai).
Harap-harap Bujai jangan lagi dok telan bulat-bulat maklumat serongyang disalurkan kepada anda. Boleh percaya ke apa yang diberitahu kamu oleh evangelis Scissorati?
Takkan tak berupaya buat penyelidikan dahulu. Semak sama ada maklumat yang senang-senang aje kamu luahkan semula itu dalam blog nada tu sahih atau tipu.
Dan kalau berani, cuba bersemuka dengan Encik Gunasegaram yang kamu fitnah itu dan tanya terus pada dia!
Baca apa yang The Unspinners cakap tentang Lalang aka Bos Nombor 1 The J’star itu:
Walaupun kita tahu apa yang Chun Wai buat di belakang-belakang dalam dunia siber …

Friday 21 June 2013

Overconfident gays (Updated)


Okay, I had tried to make it seems that the 505 Blackout rally tomorrow is not a big deal.

I had tried to make it seems like just a joke.

But words that I heard throughout today indicated that both sides, the Pakatan people and the authorities are not going to back off.

I believe PM DS Najib Razak is done with the soft approach when it comes to people who break the laws and think they can get away with it.

After all, Najib can't afford to be seen as soft and weak any more.

The law must be upheld.

Tomorrow, Anwar and his people will be pushing it to the limit and the authorities will have no choice but to stop their nonsense now.

If they are not stopped now, laws of this country will not mean anything anymore.

Malaysia will then burns.


I'm taking a break from politics for a while. Tired of the nonsense.

Today's posting is instead about irritating gays.

Honestly, I don't really care about people's sexual preferences.

But, please don't behave like this,

Just copulate quietly, can or not? Why need to make so much noise. This is Malaysia la.

Remember this,

Oh, I heard that some gays of the loud type will be joining others in some sorts of an illegal rally in KL tomorrow. They will be led by an overconfident gay....but not the type portrayed in the video.

Well, I can't be bothered. Hope the police will do the right thing with them. Maybe they could be charged for extremely irritating behavior in public place....if there is such an offense.

Ok, that's all for today.

Thursday 20 June 2013

Never mind, I'll just sleep it off

End of another day.

Reached home, did the necessary, opened this laptop, and tried to do a posting before knocking off.

Can't think of anything significantly positive to write.

Everything seems so depressing. Nothing seems to be consistent.

The past few days, I feel like I'm on a roller coaster, a moment at the top of the world, the next down at the bottom of the pit.

The past weeks I feel like a soldier fighting a losing war.

Still waiting for something inspiring to keep on going till the tide of war changed. There were occasional flashes of brilliance but they didn't last too long.

Found a box of cigarette among my stuff just now. It has been opened for more than a month, I think. Still a few sticks left. Took one and lit it. I normally smoke when I'm stressed. Tasted like shit...sudah masuk angin. Started coughing violently and threw it away along with the box. I really shouldn't do that.

My smoking days are truly over.

I really need to snap out of this.

Hopefully I can get to fly off to UK next month. A change of scenery would be good, I guess.

A summer break in London. Just want to walk around Hyde Park and meet the squirrels again. That would be nice.

Yea, hopefully I can make the trip.

Better sleep now.

Ok, before that, just a bit of music and soldiers....

Omar Ong should have a powerful breakfast with Syed Akbar Ali

I read Syed Akbar Ali's Most Powerful Breakfast In Malaysia just now, upon which I suddenly have this strong urge to smoke a cigarette.

It's stress, actually.

Not that I have not heard most of what he wrote before, but now that he had lumped all the nonsense together, it appeared that the situation seems really really screwed up.

These are the sort of things which make the situation seems hopeless.

Now, what are the PM's people doing to allay such fear, at least among DS Najib Razak's supporters?

I know that Datuk Najib had met some of the pro-Umno bloggers to assure them that he has a good plan for the coming 5 years.

That is good, but, I think his people also need to do more to help their boss in this matter, now that pressure is mounting on him.

Why can't they themselves go to the ground and explain to Umno members and supporters that things will be alright and that they should continue to support Datuk Najib?

What is happening now is that the boss is going around defending his people instead of his people defending him.

It is all wrong.

Anyway, do the PM's advisors and consultants have ever been on the ground?

Omar Ong was said to be the treasurer of Gelang Patah (or is it Pulai?) Umno division but I had never met him even once during my years in Johor.

Well, not even during the GE13 campaigning period.

I think he really should do something to help Datuk Najib now.

Being one of the most criticized among the PM's consultants, I think he should engage these Umno's stakeholders who are baying for his blood and explain to them how his presence has actually helped Datuk Najib.

Being a smart guy, I'm sure he can handle his critiques and relieve the pressure off his boss, the Prime Minister.

Maybe Omar Ong could start with having a powerful breakfast with Syed Akbar Ali and see where it goes from there.

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Little bit of brain under their knee caps

Just reached home, did the necessary and now winding down for the night.

I got two fans going at full blast. It's very warm these past few days.

Anyway, I prefer fans rather then air-conditioning as I can't stand air-conditioning at night.

Well, a few political things happened today, but I guess you all probably had read them elsewhere, so that I don't think I really have to write it all here.

Okay, maybe a bit only.

The most significant thing today was of course about DS Anwar Ibrahim confirming that he is a chicken shit leader for not pushing through his threat to boycott the parliament swearing-in ceremony.

You can read it here,

Anwar chickens out, will attend June 24 swearing-in

It effectively rendered his Black 505 protest against the GE13 results to be just a sick joke. By being sworn in as an MP, it effectively means that he agreed with the outcome of the election.

Now, those Pakatan people who still want to turn up at the planned Black 505 rally this weekend must either be real nut cases or simply have their little bit of brain located under their knee caps instead of their skull. They simply follow whatever their leaders say and can't think for themselves as to what is right and what is wrong.

It actually makes me feel sickly thinking of how stupid my fellow Malaysians could be for allowing themselves being conned by the likes of Anwar Ibrahim.

Now, that should do for the politics today. I don't want to get anymore depressed.

Okay, now to more pleasant things before I go to sleep.

I had a very nice dinner with someone before going home.

Just simple seafood fried rice and spinach soup with Chinese tea.

Yes, that's what the spinach soup I had tonight looked like.

He was also very nice to me. We talked only about good things. Nothing about DAP except for his friend who was dumb enough to shave her head in support of the party.

It was so nice that I almost forgot that he is one of the enemies.

Well, it's okay. I think I know now how to control myself when it comes to these sorts of things. I will never be turned to the dark side no matter what.

Every time after I have these nice moments with him, I will remind myself of who I am by exclaiming,

HIDUP MELAYU BERSATU!!! (three times)

Okay...I'm now going to check on the progress of my Game of Thrones at Facebook and then go to sleep. My Facebook account is actually only for playing that game and poker.

Sweet dreams.

Minyak Yu Yee, crap business journalist and self-hating Melayu bald monkey

I had initially planned to write about cases of corrupt business journalists tonight, but at the moment is not feeling very well.

My chest pains are back. I had taken my medication and applied some minyak Yu Yee on my chest and tummy just now.

I know, I'm supposed to boycott products such as the Yu Yee ointment but I'm so used to it since I was a baby.

Well, I'm feeling drowsy and in no condition to write too much.

However, since I don't want to disappoint, I'm instead providing the link to this posting on the same subject that I had wanted to write. It's by former MP Wee Choo Keong,

B K Sidhu’s source said “AirAsia X IPO over sub-subscription rate is 3 to 4 times”!

By the way, BK Sidhu is the Star business journalist who is the darling of some prominent Umno bloggers for her "heroine" role leading to the concerted attack to demonized former Securities Commission boss TS Zarinah Anwar three years ago.

She had then raised to the status of a diva in the rank of the subtly pro-Pakatan Star newspaper.

Well, based on what Wee Choo Keong wrote, he doesn't seem to have too high regard for BK Sidhu or the newspaper she is working for.

They are, to Wee, just some lapdogs of the scheming Malay-bashing AirAsiaX bosses and their self-hating super liberal Malay axx-licker who is now their mascot to sell the airline to especially other Malay-hating people.

Here is the advertisement in that backstabbing the Star newspaper which is actually AirAsia X gesturing the middle finger at the Malays.

They purposely put the picture of that self-hating botak Malay piece of crap there to encourage other Malays like him and Malay-hating non-Malays to buy that airline's shares.

Something like that.

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Of journalists said to be BN lap dogs

I was told by a journalist friend that on the night of May 5th, a group of his colleagues had gathered in front of a TV screen at their newsroom as the GE13 results were announced one after another.

There were cries of joy whenever it was made known that a Pakatan candidate had won in his/her constituency.

The optimistic mood was quite apparent as initially it appeared that Pakatan was in the lead. That was until it became clear that BN had won the election.

My friend's colleagues who gathered to celebrate a possible Pakatan's victory that night range from junior reporters to senior editors.

No, my friend and his colleagues are not journalists of the backstabbing covertly pro-Pakatan the Star.

They are actually journalists of the New Straits Times which has always been touted by the Pakatan people as an Umno's lap-dog newspaper.

My friend who is a hardcore BN supporter said he was very upset by the behavior of his colleagues that night.

"But there is nothing much I can do about it. These people cari makan working for this newspaper but support those who are running down us all," he said.

"Can you imagine journalists working for the pro-Pakatan Malaysiakini and Malaysian Insider being supporters of BN?" he asked, adding that his pro-Pakatan colleagues had even raised through the rank in NST despite their political affiliation to become heads of editorial departments and senior writers.

I was honestly skeptical when my friend told me about all these several days ago. It can't be that bad, I thought.

But what happened at NST yesterday sorts of confirmed what my friend told me about his colleagues. You can read it here,

Exodus, NST as Insider recruits

It was learnt that the entire team of NST's crime and court desk journalists led by Lionel Morais resigned en-bloc, handing their 24 hour notice yesterday. The only exception was a senior journalist who refused to go with them.

Malaysian Insider must had paid quite a lot of money to cover the costs of the journalists' defection.

Nonetheless, it was as what Rocky wrote - a big blow to NST.

The thing is, the NST bosses should actually know what was coming their way.

These are previous postings by Rocky on Lionel who used to be his protege in Malay Mail many years ago,

Khazanah: We didn't appoint Fox

After Hindraf, NST gets new Chief News Editor

Motherfuckers in the newsroom

Monday 17 June 2013

The big sticks of BN Chinese

I was actually quite amused when reading this report just now,

Gerakan acts against party saboteurs

The NST's subheading of the story is,

"WIELDING BIG STICK: 2 suspended, another sacked"

So, Gerakan acting president Datuk Chang Ko Youn's big stick is only that big, I guess.

Only one traitor sacked and two suspended.

And this coming from Chang, the guy who proposed for Umno to be dissolved so that BN can form a single party with a constitution akin to his Gerakan.

Personally, I think more than half of Gerakan members need to be sacked for being traitors.

How many of the Gerakan members voted for the opposition?

Yes, I think more than half of them. Otherwise the Chinese tsunami wouldn't be that bad.

The same goes with MCA.

Well, I would love to hear what MCA got to say about cleaning up their party this time around.

DS Dr Chua Soi Lek should come out with something about MCA members who get all sorts of things because they are members of a BN component party, but when its election time they voted for DAP and its allies as they feel that voting for the enemies would better serves the interests of their community.

For instance, in the Chinese-majority Bakri parliamentary constituency near Muar, Johor, there are more members of MCA, Umno, MIC and other BN component parties than members of the DAP and other opposition parties, combined with those voters on the fence.

Based on that, BN should had not lose in Bakri.

Yet, DAP won there in GE13 and also back then in 2008.

To find out who among the BN component party members who voted for the DAP candidate there, a simple check on the outcome of the peti undi should reveal where BN actually did badly.

I would very much like to bet all my money on the areas where BN lose being at those where most MCA members reside....of couse along with where most DAP members in Bakri stay.

I was actually told that the treachery among MCA members during GE13 was to the extent where a party CEC member was detected telling the Chinese community in Kuantan to vote against the local BN candidates. 

Okay, let us not even mention yet about the MCA's backstabbing newspaper, the Star. 

I'm sure Dr Chua would like to wield his own big stick after the MCA's election post-mortem has been completed.

So, let's wait and see if Dr Chua's stick is any bigger than Chang's of Gerakan.

Sunday 16 June 2013

Keeping faith in Najib

I had a long chat with two good friends yesterday afternoon, somewhere near this place,

One is a prominent blogger and the other an Umno guy from Johor.

Among the things that we discussed about were the increasingly vocal calls for DS Najib Razak to be replaced as the Umno president and prime minister.

Both my friends disagree with such a move.

Personally, I am undecided at the moment.

Even though I am now trying to portray myself as a hardliner, in all honesty I have always like Datuk Najib and his moderate ways.

After all I am really not good at being a hardliner anyway.

What I'm actually worried with Datuk Najib's ways of doing things at the moment was what appeared to be his over dependence on advisors who are too liberal in their views and may not care much for the Malays' future.

I told my friends that I don't see Umno or BN surviving GE14 if the same strategy by the same group of people in Datuk Najib's team being employed as it was in the run-up to the GE13.

My friend from Johor however reminded me how I had, along with my closest friends supported Datuk Najib's moderate approach, including attempts to appease the Chinese community in the hope of their support before the election.

He reminded me of how I had supported Datuk Najib's initiatives to assist the Chinese schools and had all the while been advocating for a status quo of the multiple school systems in the country.

He reminded the fact of how I had fiercely defended the Chinese schools and my insistence that the Chinese community will not totally forsake moderate Malay leaders such as Datuk Najib and former Johor MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman.

"You shouldn't now turn around against Najib despite that it's proven the Chinese don't care about him after all his efforts to be their friend," he said.

"What Najib did prior to GE13 was right. He has to do all he can to win back the Chinese support. Otherwise we would never know for sure the extent of their rejection towards us.

"Najib had done all he can on that matter and now that it's really proven that the Chinese were immune to his pleadings, he has to move on and come up with a new plan.

"Najib must lead the government as according to the constitution. He must care for the Malays and bumiputera as how the constitution laid it down for the government to do.

"I believe Najib will no longer try too hard to win over the Chinese like what he did prior to GE13. He will give them what are due for them but nothing more than that.

"We on our part must support Najib for what he is going to do all the way to the next general election."

My other friend, the prominent blogger concurred and insisted for all who support BN and Umno to rally around Najib for the next battle five years from now.

"We can't afford to be divided. Furthermore, currently there is no one else to lead Umno and BN," he said, adding that it is almost certain that TS Muhyiddin Yassin will not challenge DS Najib at the party election later this year.

My friend who is quite close with the Umno leadership assured me that Datuk Najib does realize the sentiment on the ground and will react accordingly.

I have always trusted this two particular friends of mine on matters such as this.

So, I will for now wait for Datuk Najib's coming decisions which I hope will inspire me to continue supporting him.

Hopefully, he will really do the right things and no one will challenge him at the party polls.


It is Saturday night and I'm totally bored.

Just hanging out at home doing this posting while watching TV, a documentary about Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar and his private zoo.

I was earlier hoping to spend the day with my mother as I missed her very much, but she was not available.

My father is as usual very busy somewhere.

It is past midnight now as I'm writing this, which means that the new day is Father's Day (third Sunday of June)....but I don't celebrate it.

Well, my father is the one who thought me not to celebrate these sorts of things. It's one of the very few times he defied my mother in matters of my upbringing.

You see, I grew up mostly being under my mother's care. But there were certain things (which were not that many) where my father insisted for me to follow his ways.

My father once told me that it was my mother's wish for me to cultivate the Chinese consciousness in myself.

This was decided even before I was born.

My father had relented and insisted on only one concession, which is I must be a Muslim.

So, I grew up mostly as a Chinese. I even have my Chinese name which is the one used to address me even by my father at home.

Of course, despite that, I don't eat pork or consume anything non-halal.

My father sees to it that I abide by my Islamic faith. Well, not too strictly though as he himself is not too religious as per the conventional standard.

I'm most thankful to my father for trying his best for me in such matters.

My father is actually a very quiet man. He only talks when it is necessary for him to do so, which is totally the opposite of my mother.

Sometimes I wonder how the two of them could fall in love and get married, especially so when considering their very different background.

I always think that my father loves my mother more than she loves him, but my father just gently laughed whenever I told him that, particularly after my mother scolded him over something.

I can't remember my father ever scolding my mother over anything.

When I was a young girl, he would normally hold me and told me not to get upset with my mother for scolding him. He said my mother actually loved him very much and that scolding him was just her way of showing her love for him.

He once pointed out that when my mother converted to Islam and married him, she had made the ultimate sacrifice for him. He said it may not be the most ideal reason to be a Muslim, but such was Allah's will and he was thankful for it, especially after they were blessed with me as their child.

On my part, I'm grateful that I have such a wonderful father who loves me so much. Alhamdullilah.

Papa, no happy father's day wish for you, as I'm abiding by what you thought me.

Mama, please treat papa nicely today...don't scold him over anything, ok?

Saturday 15 June 2013

Who are PM's speech writers?

I posted this two days ago,

Errr....are you serious about this Datuk Najib? (Updated)

Just now, Rocky gave this most likely scenario of what had happened,

Putting words into the Prime Minister's mouth

I had double-checked on what happened and it turned out that Rocky was totally accurate.

Nonetheless, the media handlers of the Prime Minister need to be responsible too over the screw up.

How did the original speech text of DS Najib Razak which contained that ridiculous  insistence for all bloggers to declare their identity got to the hands of the journalists?

Now, an even more important question is, who wrote the speech and why did he/she include that offending part in the speech?

I had noted that the Prime Minister's speeches of late often times contained suspicious bits in them.

Here is another one which I picked up somewhere in this report,

NajibMalaysia must choose a flexible, open economy

This is the part of the report which I feel a bit uncomfortable with,

Najib said the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) has a definite vision of the kind of economy it is intended to create including stimulating foreign investment, boosting domestic demand and ensuring the rewards of sustainable growth are made available to all Malaysians.
"In the medium term, we must make our affirmative action programmes more market-friendly and meritocratic," he said, adding that Malaysia must concentrate on boosting domestic demand and productivity to offset dips in the country's major export markets.

So, what do you all understand by what the Prime Minister said in that part of the speech?

My understanding is that, the so-called affirmative actions will be no more.

Please correct me, if I got it wrong.

Now, is that what the Prime Minister is planning for the next five years before GE14?

I hope not.

I hope it is just what his advisors and consultants want and they are using their positions and the PM towards that end.