Monday 14 August 2023

Mat Hasan should take over from Zahid and rebuild Umno/BN

Umno was thrashed once again the other day.

It won only 19 of the 108 seats contested in the six state elections.

Fourteen of the seats won by the party are in Negri Sembilan, thanks to the lack of Perikatan's presence in that state.

Okay, maybe it's also because Mat Hasan did a good job there as state party chairman.

Still, spin it all we want, the reality is that Umno as a whole is dying.

The two big issues are Zahid's leadership as Umno president and the party's collaboration with Pakatan, especially DAP.

It wouldn't actually take a genius to figure out that if Umno wants to get out of its tail spin, it has to get out of both those issues.

First, Zahid has to go. I have no doubt about that.

A leader who has become a liability to the party has to be replaced.

It's immaterial whether he has actually done wrong or otherwise.

If he fails to handle the accusations against him and those accusations hurt the party, then he shouldn't remain as its leader.

I have been saying this from back then when Shahrizat's NFC cow in condo issue hurt Umno.

That issue caused Umno and its BN allies to lose hundreds of thousands of votes back in the 2013 general election.

It doesn't matter whether Shahrizat actually kept cows in her condos or not, the point is that she refused to step down at that time and Umno suffered because of it.

Then there's Najib who failed to handle the accusations against him, when he was PM. 

It doesn't matter whether Dr Mahathir was right or wrong in attacking Najib, because what really matter was that those attacks were handled poorly and led to Umno and its BN allies going into the longkang in 2018.

Zahid is doing the same as Najib, only worse.

Throwing people that oppose him off the boat is not helping Umno just like what Najib did leading to the general election in 2018.

I wrote about this repeatedly at the height of Najib-Mahathir war back then to a point that I was accused by stupid pro-Umno bloggers as being a DAP agent.

Najib only resigned after the 2018 defeat but it was too late.

Realistically, the only option for Umno now is for Mat Hasan to take over from Zahid.

I know KJ and some of the other rebels will say that's not good enough. They want Mat Hasan out too.

But let's be realistic, that's the only way it could be done in the present set up.

Mat Hasan needs to be brave in this matter or otherwise he will be remembered as being complicit along with Zahid in ensuring the final destruction of Umno.

Once he takes over, he has to try to bring back all the rebels into the Umno's fold once again.

Okay, I know it's risky to do that but all the Umno rebels that I personally knew still love the party.

I believe they can help revive Umno if given the chance to do so.

Then there's the issue of working with Pakatan, especially DAP.

Mat Hasan (assuming that he does take over the party's presidency) needs to take  Umno out of that and rebuild BN with MCA and MIC.

Umno and the rest of BN should stay out of the current administration.

They shouldn't be with Perikatan either.

It's indeed better if the BN coalition stays in its own bloc and work on convincing people that BN is the alternative to both the hopeless current Pakatan establishment and potentially scary Perikatan administration.

Umno and its BN allies need to stay somewhere in the middle between them.

Let Pakatan and Perikatan fight to get support from Sabah and Sarawak to form the government for now.

I believe that's the only way for Umno to survive.

Maybe it's too late in Perikatan-dominated Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah but there's still hope in Pahang, Johor Melaka, Negri Sembilan and even Perlis, Perak as well as Sabah.

Meanwhile, let Pakatan and Perikatan fight over Penang and Selangor. 

Sunday 13 August 2023

Six state election results and short summaries

This is the comparison between the six state election results last night and the previous one in the 2018 general election.

Last night : BN - 2, PH - 32, PN - 22
2018 : BN - 4, PH - 51. PN - 1

Summary : Perikatan made 2,200 per cent gain in Selangor, Pakatan downed to 62,74 per cent of its force in 2018, while BN or to be more precise Umno was reduced by half. The most significant was Azmin's victory in Hulu Kelang. The guy will be a pain in Anwar gang's butt at the state assembly.

Last night : BN - 14, PH - 17, PN - 5
2018 : BN- 16, PH- 20, PN - 0

Summary : Mat Hasan continues to carry Umno's torch in Negri Sembilan, proving that the party could still be accepted by the Malays if it offers good leaders instead of the clowns at PWTC. An Umno man should become MB. PN managed 5 wins despite having no proper leaders in the state and that's 500 per cent gain from their zero in 2018.  

Last night : BN - 1, PH - 1, PN - 43
2018 : BN - 8, PH - 0, PN - 37

Summary : Pakatan, or to be more precise Pas almost wiped out Umno from the state. Pakatan got one seat because of a good candidate. Kelantanese are after all not Talibans to deny a potential good leader despite her party being not as Islamic as Pas. 

Last night : BN - 0, PH - 0, PN - 32
2018 : BN - 10, PH - 0, PN - 22

Summary : The total wipeout of Umno and Pakatan in Terengganu was the most obvious evidence that the Malays are shifting towards the far right as they lost confidence with their leaders in the centre. If the non-Malays could give their total support to DAP, the Malays in Terengganu proved that their community could do the same by supporting a more Malay-centric or Islamic-centric party.

Last night : BN - 0, PH - 3, PN - 33
2018 : BN - 3, PH - 18, PN - 15

Summary : Umno is more or less dead in Kedah. Pakatan has at least the non-Malay voters to give them its three seats there. With the Panglima Sanusi factor into play, Malays in Kedah have no reason to support an Umno led by the likes of Mahadzir Khaled.

Last night : BN - 2, PH - 27, PN - 11
2018 : BN - 2, PH - 37, PN - 1

Summary : DAP retained Penang but their Pakatan allies lost 10 seats to Perikatan. It's quite obvious that even the Malays in the state are shifting to Perikatan. All seats in Anwar's former stronghold Permatang Pauh were won by Perikatan candidates. Based on what happened in the run up to the polls, CM Chow will have his hands full to handle the pressure from not only the resurgent opposition but also from the "emperor gang" within DAP.


A total of 245 seats were up for grab in the six state elections.

The results : 
Perikatan Nasional - 146
Pakatan Harapan - 80
Barisan Nasional - 19

Summary : This should be an indication of what's to come in the next elections in Malaysia. Do note that BN, or to be more precise Umno, contested 108 seats and only won 19, which is sad for the once great party. 

Friday 11 August 2023

Muslims should want Islam to win

(Note: This post is because I don't want to be put in jail for breaching the Madani 3R gag order) 

I really hope Islam will win.

UFC294 will be in Abu Dhabi on Oct 22 with Islam Makhachev and Charles Olivera competing once again for the lightweight title.

Very excited waiting for the fight.

Of course, being a Muslim  I have to support Islam.

It does not however mean that I hate or dislike Charles. He's a great fighter and a good person.

But I just want a fellow Muslim to do well.

Islam is an exemplary Muslim. He strictly follows the teachings of the religion and very disciplined.

No partying, no drinking alcohol, no chasing whores etc. He doesn't lie too.

All members of the Khabib Nurmagomedov gang of Dagestan, Russia are like that.

I support other Muslim fighters too.

Shavkat Rakhmonov of Khazakstan is one of them.

He has won all of his 17 professional fights in welterweight division with KO or submission.

He's not as religious as Islam but does adhere to the teachings of the religion and recently performed the umrah (minor pilgrimage to Mecca)

Shavkat's next fight will be against Kelvin Gastelum on Sept 11.

I don't support only Muslim mix martial art (MMA) fighters but also those in other fighting disciplines.

One of my favourites is the pound for pound champion of kickboxing Chingiz Allazov.

I was quite surprised when I first found out that the Belarussian is a good Muslim.

Then there's Rodtang Jitmuangnon of Thailand who is reputedly the best Muay Thai fighter in the world right now.

He converted to Islam a few months ago.

Rodtang is not only a great fighter but also a funny guy.

So, yeah, I prefer to support Muslim fighters.

Most of them are good role models.

I hope Muslim fighters in Malaysia will win too.

Wednesday 9 August 2023

Selangor to decide outcome of state elections

Campaigning for the six state elections now enters its final lap.

I think Perikatan is more or less sure to retain Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah while Pakatan would keep Penang.

The real tough fights would be in Selangor and Negri Sembilan.

Pakatan as the incumbent has the advantage to win the two states but a shocker could happen, especially in Selangor.

The votes swing in Selangor can be quite violent.

In the general election in 2004, BN won all parliament seats and only lost two state seats in Selangor. The votes however swung in 2008 and BN lost the state. Selangor BN never recovered from that loss.

Well, it all once again depends on the mood of Malay voters.

Are they happy with Anwar and the gang?

Do they feel that life is better now compared to life during....let's say Najib's time?

I can't answer these questions about how the people feel as I have not been on the ground for quite a long time.

I can only speak for myself.

I don't like Anwar and his gang  because they bullshit too much and my life now is a lot worse compared to during Najib's time.

Ya, despite Najib being said to be corrupt, he did a lot of good for Malaysia and life was better, at least for me back then, 

Non-Malay votes? Almost all of them will vote Pakatan again for DAP's sake but their number would not be good enough to counter  a possible united bloc of Malay votes.

Guess they need to work more on chanting the mantra that it's racist for Malays to unite politically.

Never mind.

Can the outcome of the state election affect the government in Putrajaya?

Sure, if it's 6-0 or 5-1 or even 4-2 in Perikatan's favour.

The 4-2 is if Perikatan captures Selangor.

Pakatan can't afford to lose Selangor as the shockwave could affect the political dynamics of other states, including the all important Sabah and Sarawak.

Lose Selangor, and the Pakatan's Madani government would not likely to survive its full term.

Another factor that may affect the Madani government is how Umno performs at the polls.

If Umno gets wiped out, then Zahid's days should be numbered.

Not just Zahid, but the whole rotten bunch need to go.

How many failures before Umno or whatever is left of the party will act to change the party's  leadership?

Umno people, how come you never learnt that you need to change your leader if he/she continuously failed and dragged the party into the longkang?


Never mind. 

Anyway, if Umno people actually awaken from their stupor and get rid of Zahid, it would be just a matter of time before the party pulls out of Anwar's government.

That should be good enough to collapse it.

Friday 4 August 2023

Media Madani

 A journalist friend, who is covering the ongoing state elections' campaigning called me last night.

The guy was frustrated that his editor, who is a known staunch Pakatan supporter refused to clear his stories because they appeared to be in defence of Sanusi, the funny Kedah MB.

My friend's stories are actually just what were said by Sanusi at press conferences and rallies. They were not even my friend's commentaries. Just basic reporting of what were said.

Well, what else can I say, other than telling my friend to be patient and continue with his work the best that he could.

Just cari makan, you have to support your family, okay.

Guess the media is still the same.

Back then Pakatan people said the media was being controlled by the BN government, but now that they are in power, they become the controlling masters of the media themselves.

All their talks about media freedom actually wasn't meant for reports to be balanced and not bias.

Seriously, which media outlet in this country which are now not supportive of the Madani government?

Malaysiakini? The Star? Malay Mail? NST? FMT?

Just count the stories published by them which are actually the government's propaganda and compare that to the number of stories coming from the opposition's side.

Also, check who are the owners/financiers of those media outlets and the editors who control the newsrooms and editorial contents being churned out.

Just look at the Sanusi case, which media outlets that have reported in full his explanation of the rare earth mining issue in Kedah?

If there are such reports that appear to be so, compare them to his speeches on the issue which are available on YouTube. Then, you would understand why I said the media has not fully reported the guy's explanation.

Really, the media in this country is still the same. It is just owned and controlled by different people.

Sorry (true) journalists, your life is hard.

That's just the way things are.

The current PM is not actually a believer in freedom of the press, okay.

Just look back to the 90s when he was a BN deputy prime minister and in control of the media. 

Ask any (honest) journalist from that era how tight was the control. I believe it's going to be the same for the coming next few years. All the signs are already there.

Well, never mind.

We have social media now.

For the state elections, I just follow what's happening by watching YouTube videos on it.

At least that way I get to know what was actually being said instead of what was reportedly being said.

Hopefully one day we could have a proper independent news outlet to report the truth and nothing but the truth.

Tuesday 1 August 2023

Vote against bullies and liars

Campaigning for the six state elections is now in full swing.

Yet, somehow it fails to really interest me.

 Maybe it's because I have more pressing issues, such as trying to make some money for my survival.

Anyway, I found the whole thing rather boring.

Pakatan with their lies and Perikatan with their irritating nonsense.

Let's not even mention BN....urghhh.

I rather watch some Korean dramas than listening to their talks.

Okay, maybe a few guys like that funny Sanusi joker are worth listening to as they are quite entertaining, but the rest are just garbage.

I don't trust anything that came out of the mouths of Anwar and his gang while most PAS and Bersatu people are just annoying.

Luckily I'm in Pahang and not involved in any of the nonsense.

I actually got an offer to be an observer of the elections but turned it down as I need to work on something else to earn a proper salary.

My savings are running low, okay. Can't afford running around without proper pay.

My health is also not very good these days.

So, I can't comment much about the elections as I'm not on the ground to do so.

Comments by armchair observers are bullshit. 

I was one of those in the last general election and I totally messed up with my predictions.

No more of that, okay.

I would nonetheless like to express my wish for the outcome of this state elections to be such that it would stop the government from bullying its critics.

The voters would hopefully send a message to Putrajaya that they don't want people to be arrested for voicing dissatisfactions with the handling of the country.

I have a fear that such things will happen if Pakatan wins big.

It has actually started even before the elections.

Sikit-sikit tangkap, sikit-sikit tangkap.

So, I hope Perikatan will win in Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah while at the same time reducing Pakatan's number of seats in Negri Sembilan, Selangor and Penang.

It's not because I like Perikatan, but Pakatan shouldn't be allowed to become too arrogant.

Pakatan need to be reminded that they should not lie too much and use their power to silence the people.