Monday 1 February 2016

A farewell note

Driving down to Singapore in a short while.

Grandma is staying here in Kluang till CNY but I need to send little aunt back.

She's working tomorrow.

I also need to get back to my work in JB until end of the week.

My mother went off to KL earlier after lunch.

Grandma will be okay because my grandfather will be back home the day after tomorrow.

He's working on a project somewhere in Perak and it's almost completed.

The old man is past 70 years old but still working.

Chinese guys normally work until they die.

My grandma said it's good that her husband is seldom at home as otherwise he would nag her to death.

Nowadays, it's my grandpa who is clingy to her. When they were  young, it used to be the other way around.

My mom and dad are also like that.

Sometimes I pity my dad, always bullied by my mom.

Eh, really can't write too long now.

If you all have the time, read this farewell note from my friend 書 政 shuzheng

Ultra Confessions

Hope he's okay and will one day blog again.

The guy, despite his sometimes nasty blogging style is actually a good person.

Thanks my friend.

Okay, really need to go now.



  1. For sometimes nasty but good person really ... he he he

  2. i dont like him...then i tried to remember why and i dont know why...and just because i cant think of a reason so i went to his blog and read his last post...

    and after reading what he wrote...yes annie...this guy is really different the way how he thinks and write and the examples he gives...but too bad that he is not gonna write anymore

    hope he chance his mind...

    >james bond

  3. Naushika..'there is no good or bad people here..only people with different agenda'..I have read what shuzeng wrote..and l I beg to differ.on both of his articles..Only read it since you ask us to..and I'm not going to rebunk his articles on your blog..and I don't do comment on any other blog beside yours..But then naushike 'you always says much when you say nothing at all'..that's why you like to post all those link..Well drive save be save..

  4. Naushika..I am refering to something that he wrote in his articles but I'm definitely not defending those bloggers..especially one that is very rude to you..Peace.

  5. Annie, both you and your friend, while passionate and true to your ideals, are tired.

    Because, however good a case you put up, you just cannot permeate closed minds. Also, you see your ideals smashed, when the true faces of your heroes are revealed. There is just too much hypocrisy around.

    Even the normally unflappable RPK seems to have lost his cool. Posts such as:

    We have no choice but to accept whatever will be, will be.

  6. Annie and Shuzheng are egs of the young of 2 sides.

    You'll find that those 60+ came from the same type of school (English, a good many missionary). They can get along.

    Those 40-60. Here's where the races part. From NEP to BTN to Chinese schools.

    Those under 40, but esp those under 30. With the internet, it gets more and more difficult to be hypocrites and not found out. In their hands, lie Malaysia's future.

    Your battle weariness is the earliest symptom that you're on your way.

  7. Salam Bahagia Annie.

    Thank you very much for introducing our little blog and your kind thoughts appreciate it very much.

    Happy Chinese New Year.

  8. It looks like an eulogy for himself. Is he dying ...... ?