Friday 30 August 2019

Korean guy Jay Kim better than Zakir Naik

Someone asked me why I didn't write about the Zakir Naik issue.

Actually it's because so many people had written about it.

I seriously don't have anything else to add to them.

Anyway, I'm not a fan of Zakir Naik.

I'm not against him but I also don't care much about his dakwah style.

Too aggressive for me.

In fact I prefer this Korean YouTuber Jay Kim than him.

Here is one of Jay Kim's videos;

Many of his videos are like that.

And this is Jay Kim on himself and Islam;

And his challenges;

And yes, the guy tried his best. This is him and his mother;

The guy also loves Malaysia....without even being here yet.

Give him PR, I say.

I pray the best for Jay Kim.


Thursday 29 August 2019

Extra patriotism of Malaysia Baru

It's that time of the year again when people are supposed to be extra patriotic.

It's Merdeka celebration time.

Are you all feeling extra patriotic now or not?

Me, honestly, not so.

Just feeling normal only.

I don't feel the urge to put little Jalur Gemilang on my car.


Don't bluff okay.

I don't see cars with little Jalur Gemilang on the streets here in KL.

I know, I know, you all going to say being patriotic doesn't mean one has to put up little Jalur Gemilang on the car.

Well, if like that, I also can say I'm feeling patriotic.

Just that, I'm not good at lying.

After all, I'm talking about that extra patriotic feeling, not the normal one.

I just don't feel it even at this Merdeka celebration time.

What's there to feel extra patriotic after all?

Seriously, I can't see any.

Just normal only.

So, normal patriotism only lah.

Like if there's a football match and the national team is playing, I will of course support it.

But not to the point of going through the trouble of going to the stadium.

I don't like crowded places after all, okay.

Maybe just watch the match on TV and cheer when the Malaysia team wins.

Lose also never mind. So used to it anyway.

That's patriotic enough, I guess.

Yup, that's as patriotic as I get at the moment.

Seriously, you all tell me lah what's happening with Malaysia that I should feel extra patriotic for this Merdeka celebrations.

Malaysia's economy better? I don't think so.

Malaysia's politics better? I don't think so.

Malaysia's race relations better? I don't think so.


Football also, I think many of you all support Man U and Liverpool more fanatically than the Malaysian team. Correct?

Don't lie, okay. Be honest.

Sunday 25 August 2019

Syed Mokhtar to end MAHB's near monopoly?

I read with great interest this latest posting by Datuk Kadir Jasin, who is the Prime Minister's media adviser

Holding MAHB Responsible for KLIA System Failure 

I totally agree with him.

MAHB must answer for that terrible mess at KLIA.

It's after all not the first time and KLIA was not the first airport under its care to suffer system failure.

Just recently I complained about this matter.

These are previous posts of mine,

Interestingly, Datuk Kadir in his post mentioned about MAHB's near monopoly of Malaysian airports.


Speaking of rocks, this incident could put MAHB’s monopoly of the country’s airport industry on a rocky road. There are bound to be challenges to its hegemony.

With 39 airports in the country under its belt, MAHB could have been fed (or bitten) more that it could chew.

I don't know about you all but I think these paragraphs could well scare the MAHB people a bit.

And Datuk Kadir also wrote about his pleasant experience at the Johor's Senai Airport, which is the only major airport in Malaysia not managed by MAHB.


I was rather apprehensive when the government privatised Senai International Airport in Johor to MMC Corporation Berhad back in 2009.

I had not used the airport since then but last Saturday I flew in and out of it for a brief visit to Johor Bahru. I must say that my impression of the privatised Senai is positive.

The airport looks more like a shopping mall than a drab brick and mortar airport. Last year it was listed as the fifth busiest after KLIA, Kota Kinabalu, Penang and Kuching. It handled 3.5 million passengers.

For those who don't know yet, Senai airport is managed by Senai Airport Terminal Services Sdn Bhd, which is a subsidiary of MMC Corporation Bhd.

MMC is one of those many huge corporations under the control of Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary.

So, I believe you know where this is going, right?

Will Syed Mokhtar be enrolled to provide a competition for MAHB, which keeps experiencing "system failures" or even to take over the whole thing?

Possible, I think.

After all, Datuk Kadir who hinted this with his posting is very close to Dr Mahathir. 

Syed Mokhtar is also very close to the handsome old man.

So, there should be something going on.

If you ask me, I think if the guy can provide competition to improve things or even do a better job, then why not, right?

Friday 23 August 2019

Guys, we may not have much money for next year (updated)

UPDATES at 22:25 Aug 23 2019

They have this today

Hundreds gather at Brickfields 

for rally over khat

These are a bunch of really stupid people.

The type of racists who call others racists.

And they are planning more


Tomorrow's rally is expected to be larger and will address issues such as the unilateral conversion of non-Muslim minors to Islam, the ongoing presence in Malaysia of controversial preacher Zakir Naik, the distribution and alleged misappropriation of funds allocated to the Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (Mitra), the issue of statelessness and citizenship in the Indian community  as well to continue the khat lessons protest.

What to do....

As if we don't have enough trouble in this era of Malaysia Baru.


Well, guys, while most of us are currently so concerned about all those nonsense such as politicians implicated with rape, gay sex, khat lesson in schools, inverted Jalur gemilang etc, I received this message yesterday from a foreigner friend with business interests in this country,

I'm not sharing my answer to my friend here because I don't want to be accused of spinning.

You all be the judge of this yourselves.

It's scary okay.

My friend asked those questions based on this story by The Edge in October last year which I'm publishing here in full,

Govt to cut development expenditure by 15% to RM220b under 11MP

KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 18): The development expenditure ceiling will be cut by RM40 billion or 15% to RM220 billion from the original allocation of RM260 billion under the 11th Malaysia Plan (2016-2020), as part of plans to consolidate the country's fiscal position.
This is necessary, taking into account lower government revenue, no thanks to volatile global crude oil prices during the review period and the abolishment of the goods and services tax in September this year.
"Public investment will focus on strengthening public infrastructure and developing economic enablers," said the Mid-Term Review of the 11th Malaysia Plan (2016-2020) released today.
The review said the focus will be given priority to the people-centric projects. With that, over 4,000 ongoing projects will still be continued across the nation including the building of affordable houses, schools, hospitals and roads.
During the review period, only RM92 billion was allocated for development expenditure, lower than the original target in both nominal and real terms.
Moreover, the disbursement recorded a shortfall, where 94.4% of total allocation or RM86.9 billion was expended. This shortfall was mainly due to delays in securing land and finalisation of project design despite initiatives to further improve the project management process.
These initiatives include the introduction of a cost-benefit index for project selection and the continuation of compulsory value management process for projects valued above RM50 million.  
According to the review, development expenditure continued to be financed mainly through debt as current account balance was insufficient.
Although the level of federal government debt rose with the continuous fiscal deficit, debt as a percentage to nominal gross domestic product reduced from 54.5% in 2015 to 50.8% in 2017.
However, this level of debt excluded contingent liabilities as well as future commitment of payments for projects carried out through public-private partnerships. 

Thursday 22 August 2019

Lonesome midnight

Fell asleep early.

Was very tired when I reached home from work.

Woke up just after midnight.

Dreamt of my beloved again.

Happy dream.

Hate it when I woke up and realised it's just a dream.

Never mind.

Can't go back to sleep till now.

Been watching Liziqi's videos again.

I like this one very much,

Another favourite is the one where she harvested bamboo shoots and cooked them.

Next time maybe I'll put it here too.

Sorry, no politics.

I just feel like writing these at the moment.

Okay, I'll say my prayers for my beloved in a short while.

Also my

Prayers for Hong Kong

May they be alright.

Then I'll try to sleep again.


Monday 19 August 2019

Sad case of anti-Lynas versus zumba

A friend asked me what I think of the anti-Lynas rally in Kuantan yesterday.

Well, this video sent by another friend who was at the rally tells it all,

Yep, there were probably as many people doing zumba just on the other side of the venue  of the rally.

Quiet sad, actually.

That's how much people don't care about the anti-Lynas movement anymore.

Heck, even the Pakatan leaders who vowed to champion the cause were not interested anymore.

Here's the report from yesterday,

Dejected anti-Lynas protesters 

turn against Pakatan


Unlike the mammoth rallies in the past, today’s event only attracted less than 500 people and without the presence and endorsement of the politicians who had promised to fight for the movement’s cause.
The only prominent anti-Lynas voice who turned up, albeit late, was Bentong MP Wong Tack of the DAP, who was immediately heckled and jeered by a handful of the protesters, demanding him to resign.
“His (Wong) political career began because of the anti-Lynas movement. Wong is a part of the PH government and he has failed to keep his promise. It is only right for him to vacate his parliamentary seat,” said Sharan Raj.
Sharan, along with other protesters, cheered as the organiser of the protest, Save Malaysia; Stop Lynas staged a gimmick in which the cut-outs face of Pakatan’s top four leaders were tossed into the air from a cardboard prop bus.
Not even that rabidly anti-Lynas Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh, who is now a deputy minister was there.

Compare that with this Himpunan Hijau rally in Kuantan in 2012 which started the anti-Lynas movement and launched the career of Pakatan leaders such as Wong and Fuziah.

Just look at the faces of the Pakatan leaders who lied to the people that day.

Labeling Lynas as dangerous was not the only lie they told Malaysians, okay.

There were many more, some of which we know already, others to be discovered soon.

They may get the people's votes through the lies but they would never be able to keep them because a lie would be found out sooner or later.

I know that it's not easy when you discovered that you have been lied to, but that's part of life.

It makes you wiser.

Listen to Dr Mahathir, okay.

Saturday 17 August 2019

Being fair to budget travelers

I totally support Dr Mahathir on this one,

PM says unfair to impose same tax on passengers of low-cost and full service airlines


“We are studying (the tax). Obviously, if you charge the passengers the same exit tax for high-cost flights and low-cost flights, it is not fair,” the Prime Minister told a press conference after visiting RedQ, the AirAsia’s headquarters, here yesterday,

I just hope the study and right decision on the matter could be done as quickly as possible.

Also, since that one was on the departure tax, Dr Mahathir needs to look into the equally unfair passenger service charge (PSC) too.

Guan Eng as the finance minister responsible in imposing those taxes needs to learn from this one.

Don't simply squeeze people just because you assumed that they don't mind being squeezed.

Simple common sense la that one.

People who fly with budget airlines are budget travelers and for them every sen counts. Otherwise they wouldn't fly with budget airlines.

Some more, you give them substandard airport and expect them to pay the same tax as those who get to use the proper airport. That's simply stupid or even being grossly negligent.

It's like forcing people to pay the same for pasar malam goods and those sold at posh malls.

So, hopefully Guan Eng and the rest of the not so bright Cabinet members will learn and get their thinking right.

Don't simply say or do bullshit things and expect people to swallow them just because you thought you can get away with anything.

Impose all kind of unfair taxes and then blame the previous government - that tactic wouldn't work anymore, okay.

Really, they must learn from Dr Mahathir on things like this.

Do the right thing for the country as a whole and not just for your party's voters support base.

Thursday 15 August 2019

Dong Zong wins....DAP too

As I previously wrote, the Chinese educationists are indeed

Dr Mahathir's unbeaten opponents 

This is the final Cabinet's decision

No khat, Jawi in national-type 

schools only if PTA agree

Yup, they defeated Dr Mahathir again.

The handsome old man, as I also pointed previously, never came out looking good after a fight with the Dong Zong gang.

And now we also know who is the real boss in Pakatan Harapan.

DAP leaders can now once again be the Chinese heroes.

Well, good for them.

As for Pribumi Bersatu, all their talks about being the defenders of everything Malay and Islamic in Pakatan Harapan were just talks.

Okay, some Malays may think otherwise, but they are definitely not the majority.

Anyway, I told you all that I was with the Dong Zong gang on this - the khat thing was stupid in the first place.

So unnecessary.

For another point of view about the whole nonsense, read this

MCA leader dismisses khat flare-up as Mahathir’s ploy


“Basically, we are going back to the same 2Rs of race and religion to capture the voters’ imagination,” he said, adding that PH is aware that they need as much support as they can from the Malays in order to retain power.
“PH knows that without winning over the Malay votes from PAS and Umno, they will lose the government and the next GE15 results will not be in their favour. Thus, their seats in Putrajaya are as good as gone,” he opined.
Ti said Dr Mahathir’s recent attack against Dong Zong is the same strategy he employed after the general election in 1999 when “he lost the Malay popular support.”
For me, if that's the ploy, then it has backfired on Dr Mahathir quite badly.

Whatever it is, I still think DAP will get everyone in Pakatan to push Dr Mahathir out of the PM office by May next year and replace him with Anwar.

They can't afford Dr Mahathir pulling another stunt like the khat issue which could damage their absolute monopoly of the Chinese votes.

I believe that they rather not have any Malay vote at all as long as they can keep their support base intact.

Tuesday 13 August 2019

DAP's choice; Dong Zong or Dr Mahathir

So, this is the latest on

Dr Mahathir's unbeaten opponents 

Mahathir labels Dong Zong as racist

excerpts ;

“Dong Zong is racist; we set up a campus in Vision School to put a Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan (SJK) Cina, a SJK Tamil and a sekolah kebangsaan (national school) in one campus, but they were against it.
“They are afraid to let their children mix with Malays, so they did not want it. They are against all (implemented by the government), never agreed with anything,”
Even the non-Chinese DAP who tried to bodek the Chinese for votes sudah kena from Dr Mahathir;

Meanwhile, commenting on a call by Klang MP Charles Santiago who wanted the power of the prime minister in making decisions curbed, Dr Mahathir cynically said he will refer to Charles before making any decision.
“In future, when making a decision, I will ask Charles Santiago; if he did not agree I will not make the decision. Of course, I have to obtain his view; he is on the same level as me,” he said. 
Really haywire for DAP this one.

So DAP, you all want to throw out Dr Mahathir from Pakatan or not?

It's your Chinese support base or him, okay.

Guan Eng, you don't want to say the handsome old man has declared war against the Chinese ka?

As I previously wrote, the Chinese educationists will never back down on anything concerning the Chinese schools.

They will fight even the DAP over it.

And DAP know they can't fight these Dong Zong people as they will lose their all important undivided support of the Chinese community.

My bet is that DAP will push Dr Mahathir out, now that they realised that he is not going to be their puppet.

They will push Anwar up to be PM. They will have PKR and that Amanah lapdog to support them for it.

Anwar will give them everything they want as long as he can become the PM.

He will even lick Dong Zong if that's what DAP wanted in exchange for it to topple Dr Mahathir and give him the PM seat.

It's seriously moving towards that.

And what Dr Mahathir can do about it?

He can dissolves the parliament, and calls for general election.

If they think they can do without him, let them try to actually do that.

After that he can take a real rest somewhere. He's 94 after all.

Personally, I believe Pakatan will get massacred at the polls without Dr Mahathir.

Well, lets wait and see....this could be as early as next year.

Monday 12 August 2019

Probably another case like Adib's

Someone asked me to write about the death of Syed Muhammad Danial Syed Syakir.

Honestly, I don't have the heart to write about it.

But since it was requested, this is what I think will happen ;

1. The AG will order an inquest instead of normal police investigation.

2. The inquest will conclude that Syed Muhammad Danial was hit by his own car and died.

3. Nothing happen after that and everyone will live happily ever after.

Just like in Adib's case.

Okay, that's all.

Oh, and this guy, the inquest will conclude, was actually trying to save Syed Muhammad Danial,

Alfatihah for arwah.

May Allah places him among his beloved.

Deepest condolences for his loved ones.

Saturday 10 August 2019

No U-turn - Dr Mahathir's stand on Lynas

This story from Fukuoka, Japan

Malaysia can’t drive Lynas out 

because investors are watching

should be titled "Final nail in the anti-Lynas coffin".


1 - Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad pointed to studies by experts that indicate that what Lynas produces is very low-level radioactive waste and not hazardous to health and he believes there is a way to further reduce the low-level radioactivity.

2 - “The report was made by experts but there are quarters who do not accept their decision. This poses a problem, if we ask the experts to make the study but we reject it. What is the purpose of asking the experts to make the study?” he asked.

Yup, Dr Mahathir is sticking to his belief which he wrote in his blog in May 2012 and this time he was supported by the findings of the review committee appointed by the Pakatan government last year.

LYNAS ← Chedet

8. As I understand it, the Lynas plant in Pahang does not involve activating any of the rare earth components to make them radioactive. The process cannot be harmful. As for the waste, it does not give off harmful radiation either. The waste is just ordinary earth which is normally mixed with the small amounts of rare earth. The necessity to export the waste does not arise.

And yes, Dr Mahathir's stand on the issue confirms that the anti-Lynas movement, led by DAP and PKR, was just based on lies....

....and spins....dramatic one at that. Just look at the faces of those liars.

My salute to Dr Mahathir for putting the interest of Malaysia ahead of the political interest of these liars, even though they are his allies in Pakatan.

Well, if he can turned against Umno and BN, of course he can do the same to these people whom he knew were lying about Lynas from back then when he wrote that post in support of Lynas in 2012.

Do also take note that Dr Mahathir had made all his most important statements on Lynas in Japan which depends heavily on the company to ensure its supply of rare-earth will not be threatened by China which control about 80 per cent of the mineral supply.

Lynas is the only significant supplier of rare-earth outside China and shutting it down would give China absolute monopoly of the mineral which is crucial in the production of IT components and operations of other high-tech industries.

Lynas actually holds the key to the survivability of the Western world in its conflict with China, such as the current trade war, and it's located in Malaysia.

I believe that Dr Mahathir knows the strategic importance that Lynas has gave to the country and that's why he rather brushed aside the demands of the anti-Lynas leaders from DAP and PKR, who only care about where their next votes will come from.

For a better understanding of Lynas' significance, I'm putting in full this article by South China Morning Post which was published on Thursday;

China's rare earth producers say they are ready 
to weaponise their supply stranglehold

The Association of China Rare Earth Industry, which represents almost 300 miners, processors and manufacturers, issued a statement yesterday, citing an Aug 5 meeting.
“US consumers must shoulder the cost from US-imposed tariffs,” the association said.
China’s rare earth producers, who control the lion’s share of the world’s output of the elements, said they are ready to use their dominance of the industry as a weapon in the country’s year-long trade war with their customers in the United States.
Chinese producers will pass any tariffs on their exports to customers, in a move that would almost certainly add to the cost of the magnets, motors, light-emitting diodes and hundreds of other devices, according to an industry guild that represents almost 300 miners, processors and manufacturers of rare earth-based products.
The industry “resolutely supports the nation’s counter measures against US import tariffs on Chinese products,” the Association of China Rare Earth Industry said in a statement yesterday citing the consensus from an Aug 5 meeting. “US consumers must shoulder the costs from US-imposed tariffs.”
The statement by the state-dominated industry is the clearest sign that China is ready to turn its rare earth deposits into a trade weapon, after a year of negotiations to untangle a complex web of tit-for-tat tariffs ended in impasse.
US President Donald Trump upped the ante on Aug 1, when he tweeted he would slap a 10% tariff on US$300 billion of Chinese products effective Sept 1, excluding rare earths.
China produces over 80% of the world’s rare earths, and a major portion of processed products that are found in most smartphones, electric vehicles, wind turbines and military equipment from radars to sensors.
The US imports most of the rare earths it uses from China. Washington DC last year put Chinese rare earth materials on its proposed product list for tariffs but later took them out.
This isn’t the first attempt by Chinese producers to turn their industry dominance into a trade or diplomatic weapon.
China banned exports to Japan after a 2010 territorial dispute, which resulted in a complaint to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and a push by Japanese industry to develop substitutes and alternatives, ultimately hurting Chinese producers.
“The second round of nationwide environmental compliance inspection has already started, posing a big test for miners and processors,” Citic Securities chief cyclical industries analyst Ao Chung said in a report on Monday.
“The rise in compliance costs could further squeeze out non-compliant capacities, tightening rare earth supply.”
This could result in higher product prices, benefiting companies that are in compliance, Chung noted, adding the prospect of more US tariffs raises the urgency of more policies favourable to the rare earth industry.
The statement by the rare earth guild weighed on the stock prices of producers, even as the China and Hong Kong equity markets advanced amid stronger trade data.
China Rare Earth Holdings fell by as much as 3.6% in an advancing market to HK$0.53 in Hong Kong. China Minmetals Rare Earth fell by as much as 5.7% in Shenzhen to 14.80 yuan, while China Northern Rare Earth Group (600111 CH) declined 3.9% to 11.83 yuan in Shanghai.
In view of the trade war with the US, Chinese producers should also diversify their exports and actively participate in opportunities stemming from Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative, the industry guild said.
The BRI aims to foster closer economic partnerships with Southeast, South and Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe, initially through infrastructure construction.
The industry body emphasised that its members need to continue to push for “supply side structural reform and better serve the domestic market” so as to maintain China’s lead in the global rare earth industry.
The reform refers to the elimination of inefficient, outdated and environmentally damaging mining and processing methods.
To make it easier to achieve this, Beijing in recent years has forced the previously-fragmented industry to consolidate into six groups, led by state-owned companies.

Tuesday 6 August 2019

Dr Mahathir's unbeaten opponents (updated)

UPDATES at 11:34 Aug 7

Someone pointed this story to me just now

Chinese educationist groups 

okay with khat implementation

and said, "Hey, Dr Mahathir wins la."

Then I told him to read the whole story till the end and pay particular attention to these paragraphs,


At a meeting yesterday, the groups had signed a statement calling for the deferment of the decision to introduce khat in the Year 4 Bahasa Melayu syllabus in vernacular schools next year.
They had said it did not help Chinese and Tamil primary school students to increase their standard of Malay and that changes to the existing school syllabus should only be done by meeting the needs of each school stream.
It's as good as saying no to the whole thing, or at the very least, a strategic retreat.

They will continue to call for the deferment until the government gives up or until Dr Mahathir is no longer around.

There is no way the Chinese educationists will ever back down. That has been their stance for half a century.

If Dr Mahathir really forces them, they will campaign against Pakatan in the next general election. Pakatan can't survive if the Chinese votes are split even for a bit.

As for the FMT headline, it was just to accommodate the DAP and in a way to give face to Dr Mahathir.

It's too embarrassing if they were seen as failing to subdue the Chinese educationists AGAIN.


I'm really against forcing anyone doing things which were not really necessary.

That's why I'm against forcing students learning "khat" in school.

I really meant it when I said I'm

In support of Dong Zong and Jiao Zong 

over the matter.

I think it's a stupid and an unnecessary move by the Education Ministry.

Why can't they use the resources for the "khat" classes to actually really improve students' knowledge of the national language?

Maybe it's for Pakatan to win over the Malays, but that's political and why do they have to burden the students for it like that?

Anyway, I think it's going to backfire on them.

If we look back at the history of Dr Mahathir's career, the only group of opponents that he failed to subdue were the Chinese educationists.

He always came out worse after a fight with them.

Operation Lalang

for instance is a black mark of Dr Mahathir's first administration.

Its main trigger was this,

excerpts :

The immediate cause, however, was the Ministry of Education's decision to appoint some 100 senior assistants and supervisors to Chinese-medium primary schools.[8] Concerns were raised by Chinese politicians and organizations that those appointed were Chinese who were not Chinese-educated, implying that students and parents might be forced to use English or Malay to communicate with the school personnel. Chinese educationalist groups contended that the move would limit the usage of Chinese in these schools.
On 11 October 1987, a 2,000-strong gathering was held by the United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia (UCSCAM, the association of Chinese school teachers and trustees, also known as Dong Jiao Zong) at the Hainanese Association Building beside the Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur. It was joined by prominent politicians from Chinese-based parties such as MCA's Deputy President and Labour Minister Lee Kim Sai, the leader of Democratic Action Party (DAP) Lim Kit Siang, as well as representatives from GERAKAN and other parties. The meeting resolved to call a three-day boycott in Chinese schools if the government did not settle the appointments issue.[8] The boycott was called off at the eleventh hour to allow time for the government to resolve the issue, nevertheless 57 schools went ahead with the strike on 15 October, either because they did not receive the notice of postponement, or they disagreed with the decision.[9]

After that, Dr Mahathir attempted to introduce the Sekolah Wawasan concept which was to integrate Chinese schools into the mainstream. It was also thwarted by the Chinese educationists.

Then there's also the Suqiu memorandum controversy in 1999. At that time it was said that Dr Mahathir accepted the pledge of support from Chinese community leaders - many of whom were Chinese educationists - for the general election that year. In return, he was to fulfil their wishes should BN wins. BN did not even manage to win 40 per cent of Malay votes due to the Anwar's Reformasi movement at that time but was saved by the Chinese votes. Dr Mahathir however denied having promised anything to the Suqiu leaders. Just days before the
Lunas by-election
in November 2000, Dr Mahathir made a remark during a press conference in Alor Star likening the Suqiu leaders to communists and extremists. As a result, BN lost the by-election that it should have won after the Chinese voters switched to support the opposition because of the remark he made.

Now Dr Mahathir is having another round of confrontation with the Chinese educationists and I suspect that he may not come out of this one looking any good either.

After all, Pakatan still needs the full support of the Chinese community for the next general election.

No matter how much they hate BN and it's allies, the Chinese community may still prefer them than those who threaten their institutions - the Chinese schools being one of its most cherished.

I think DAP will be hard pressed on this one. We will just have to wait for it to announce its leadership's "collective stand" on the khat issue in the next few days.

DAP is after all not a great defender of Chinese schools, the same as their big brother PAP of Singapore which destroyed the Chinese school system in that republic to quash its opposition within the community.

Whatever it is, this is going to be a headache for them.

As for the BN supporters who have been whacking the Chinese community over this issue.....honestly, I don't understand them.

By right, they should be standing with the Chinese educationists on this one.

The enemy of our enemy is our friend.....something like that.

Well, maybe they were being too wrapped up with the idea of Perpaduan Ummah that they felt the need to whack anything that appears to be against it.

Actually, they should realise that Perpaduan Ummah is not about whacking other races who defended their rights.

It's about getting ourselves united and not about going after others, okay.

By the way, I also don't understand why we need to make everyone become like ourselves.

I never believe in forcing anyone to assimilate, or even integrate for that matter.

Why can't we be our unique selves and still be Malaysians?

Bangsa Malaysia?

Click on this link to my previous post in February 2014 to know what I think of the Bangsa Malaysia concept;

Saturday 3 August 2019

In support of Dong Zong and Jiao Zong (updated)

UPDATES at 22:36 Aug 3 has apparently been decided.

Just saw this,

Khat in BM curriculum can go ahead - PM


Referring to protests by certain quarters over the matter, the prime minister said those objecting voices were from only a small segment of society.

He said the government was steadfast in its policy of shared prosperity and had never stopped the use of other languages’ writings.

“We have never objected to other writings (including) in Chinese as this is something special in our country.

“Chinese language writings are not allowed in other countries such as Indonesia, for instance, (and in) the Philippines and Thailand, they use their own (language) writings,” he said when answering a question on the khat objections posed by a participant of the Semarak Merdeka Town Hall session with the Prime Minister here.

Well, I guess Pakatan can win some extra Malay votes for this one.

Whatever lah.


I'm actually supporting this,

Chinese educationists oppose 

move to introduce 'khat' writing 

for BM syllabus


They claim that the khat, as part of the Bahasa Melayu syllabus, is “not suitable”, saying the art of calligraphy writing has nothing to do with learning the national language which follows a romanised script.
“As such, the learning of khat does not contribute to helping students master the Malay language,” said Dong Zong and Jiao Zong, collectively known as DZJ.
The groups were quick to add, however, that their resistance to introducing khat to students should not be seen as a refusal to celebrate the country’s various cultures and languages.
“But we disagree if the learning of cultures is made compulsory for students,” said DZJ.
Yup,  we should not force people in these sort of things.

We are in Malaysia, not China, okay.

We cannot do things like this;

China’s capital orders Arabic, 

Muslim symbols taken down


The campaign against Arabic script and Islamic images marks a new phase of a drive that has gained momentum since 2016, aimed at ensuring religions conform with mainstream Chinese culture.
The campaign has included the removal of Middle Eastern-style domes on many mosques around the country in favour of Chinese-style pagodas.
China, home to 20 million Muslims, officially guarantees freedom of religion, but the government has campaigned to bring the faithful into line with Communist Party ideology.
Whomever at the Education Ministry that came up with this idea of introducing "khat" in the BM school subject and forcing students at Chinese schools to learn it are quite dense.

They can't even do it at sekolah kebangsaan, okay.

Seriously, how many of you all from sekolah kebangsaan who can write in Jawi, let alone do the khat?

Not many, right?

By the way, I can write Jawi, but not the khat.

I don't really understand why the NUTP supported the idea.

It only creates trouble.

Why must they disturb the Chinese schools again in this era of Malaysia Baru?

We allowed the Chinese schools to exist in this country because the Chinese community wanted their own school system.

That's to preserve their racial identity and culture.

Why then that we now want to force them to be otherwise?

It's stupid, okay.

Anyway, where are the DAP leaders?

Are they going to join the Chinese educationists' protest on Monday?

I think the MCA people will be there.

I'm alright with that.

At least they are honest about being Chinese.

At least they are not hypocrites.

Well, I believe I have been consistent when it comes to Chinese school issues.

Here's a previous post of mine ;

Friday 2 August 2019

The law that should be proposed by the PKR senator

Two days ago, a PKR senator proposed a law to punish women for seducing men into raping them.


Of course there was a hue and cry about it, forcing the stupid guy to retract his proposal and apologise.

Even Anwar, who of late is trying to portray himself as being saintly made a statement.

I think you all know about all that by now.

Well, what baffles me was how could that Mohd Imran Abd Hamid guy be that stupid.

Didn't the PKR people, and that must include Anwar, who made him senator know that the guy is a nut case?

They must have not checked on him properly.

In fact, they fielded him for the Lumut parliamentary seat in GE13 and he won.

Maybe they were desperate for talents that when they saw that he was a retired admiral they decided to give him a job.

Lucky that our navy had not been to war when he was in charge.

Anyway, I think the retired admiral should have proposed a different but similar law instead - a law to punish men who seduced men.

Yup, I would support such a proposal.

After all, PKR could greatly benefit from such a law.

That would prevent all the handsome young men in the party from trying to seduce their married male leaders....anf the other way around.

Too many such cases in the party already, okay.

I just can't imagine the trauma that the wives and children of the seduced married male leaders have to endure....and that of the parents of the seduced handsome young men.

I think by now the leaders of PKR allies in Pakatan Harapan must be feeling a bit squeamish when ever they have meeting with Anwar and gang.

Therefore, really, a law against men seducing men is necessary.

Seriously, all those PKR gay stories are gross, okay.

What is more gross than a married man in his late 60s saying "Can I fuck you today?" to a man in his 20s?


Okay lah, I think if the PKR senator is too shy to propose such a law, then maybe someone from Pribumi Bersatu can do it.

Come on guys, help your PKR friends a bit, can or not?

I really pity Dr Mahathir for having to mix around with that bunch of people.

And he even had to promise to hand over this country to Anwar by as early as next year.