Sunday 31 August 2014

Not feeling much of a patriot on Merdeka Day

I am just laying in bed now.

Not much energy to get up. Tired.

It is quiet here.

I wish I could had watched the Merdeka parade this morning, but the room has no TV.

Can't watch it on the internet too because there's no Wi-Fi.

I'm just using the hotspot of my phone for the connection to write this. Not much bandwidth to watch video. It keeps breaking apart. Celcom people really need to get their act together.

Well, never mind. I am not much of a patriot anyway.

When I was much younger I actually wished that I am Finnish.

Finland is a beautiful country and the people are cool.

And Kimi Raikkonen is very handsome, okay.

Stupid, but that how I was.

I only started to really appreciate myself being a Malaysian after I travelled overseas a couple of times and people I met kept telling me how wonderful is my country.

Mostly, they would talk about how they envy the development of my country, how friendly Malaysians are, and their awe and respect for former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

One of the most memorable of such conversations was the one I had with an American lady from California in Beijing a few years ago.

It went something like this:

AL: Oh, you are a Malaysian then. It's such a lovely country. The people are nice.

Me: Thanks. I believe your country is lovely too. Well, I have never been to the US but that's what my aunt who studied in Minnesota told me.

AL: Very nice of you to think so. I admire the way your country progress.

Me: We are trying our best (smile).

AL: Anyway, how's your prime minister Mahathir? The guy is really something.

Me: Errrr....Mahathir is no longer our prime minister. He retired for quite a while now. Nowadays he just make some noises whenever the younger people try to wreck the country. That's about it with him these days, I think.

AL: Oh yes, I forgot, he is indeed retired. I always have Mahathir in mind whenever your country is being mentioned (laugh).

Me: So, when was the last time you visited Malaysia?

AL: Well, I actually haven't been to your country (smile). I just read about it and saw some documentaries in the net and on TV. But, I intend to visit it one day.

Me: Oh....yes, I hope you can make it to my country. It is indeed as nice as what you read and saw on TV. Maybe you can skip that trip to Indonesia you said you are planning next year and come to my country instead (smile).

AL: Well, I'll think about it...(laugh).

Well, I am still not going to lie and say that I am the most patriotic Malaysian.

There are actually so many things that I don't like about Malaysia.

One of which is the lousy political culture.

But still, this is my country, and for that I have to love it and protect it in which ever way I could.

It's something like how I wish my mother is not a garang Cina bukit and my father is not overly in love with her that he just follows what ever she said.

It makes me so geram every time I think about them that way.

Yet still they are my mother and father and I have to love and protect them no matter what.

The same with this country, don't you think?

P.S Nowadays, I am so not into Mat Salleh anymore. So, Kimi Raikkonen is out, okay.  Come to think about it, I am not interested in men that much anymore notwithstanding their race or nationality. I am getting tired of their bastardly ways.

Saturday 30 August 2014

Just a short prayer

I'm writing this using my handphone.

So, it has to be short and without picture.

I'm at this moment sitting in a gazebo at the Kajang Hospital.

It's a nice tidy place. The buildings of the sprawling hospital complex are old but well kept.

There's a little garden next to the gazebo.

The bougainvillea are in full bloom. It's beautiful.

There are also small birds chirping away.

The weather is also nice. Lots of clouds in the blue sky. I like watching clouds drifting in the sky.

I feel calm sitting here as I wait for the inevitable.

Told myself that things will be okay in the end no matter what the outcome will be today.

Yes, things will in the end be fine.

I just need to be strong and patient.

Allah, the Almighty, please makes things okay. Thanks.

Friday 29 August 2014

A good girl

The Selangor leadership crisis has turned into a quagmire for DS Anwar Ibrahim and his gang, who started the whole mess. They are now stuck in their trenches.

I believe that with Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah holding his ground in defending Selangor from being turned into Anwar's private property, it will take quite awhile before the crisis could be settled.

I therefore would like to take a bit of a break from writing about the issue today.

Just want to write something light.

Saw this article on page 2 of the New Straits Times' Life & Times section,

Memorable Merdeka

What made me paused to read the article was the picture of NTV7 presenter Lisa Wong and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali.

Lisa was beautiful while Dr Siti Hasmah elegant.

Excerpts of the interview with Lisa about her encounter with Dr Siti Hasmah:

What was it like speaking to her?
It was a privilege to visit her at her residence and speak with her at length. She has a genuine warmth and ease about her — she would easily break into conversations with our crew, no matter what rank. I didn’t know she had a sense of humour and teased those who barely touched the refreshments laid out for us.
Her values on moderation came up when I asked her about the comment online about the pair of Bata shoes she wore while playing badminton some time ago. She smiled and said: “Those shoes did the job, so I didn’t see why I had to spend more.”
At 88, she’s sharp, keeps a journal, plays the piano and recently got reunited with her love for another instrument, one that’s challenging to master — the violin. She’s also learning a new language, Japanese.
I especially appreciate her honest insight on her role as the wife of the former prime minister who was in power for 22 years and the challenges that came with it, such as raising seven children — a couple of them vocal public figures — and her enduring relationship with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
I found the whole experience humbling because she expounded on values that are timeless, yet which are fading in today’s society — values that carry humanistic legacies for a better world.
What have you learnt from her?
Grace, contentment and that learning never stops. No matter the juncture of life you may be at, never get jaded with the struggles but continue to grow with grace and acceptance. And don’t stop learning and growing as a person because the day you do, you stop being interesting.

How I wish I can mature to one day being like Dr Siti Hasmah.

I also wish I can have an enduring love like what she has with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The two are for me the cutest couple ever,

I wish when I am old, I can pose for a picture like that with my beloved.

Now, there was a hadith (or is it a Quranic verse?) which more or less said that a good girl will end up being with a good guy, while a bad girl will end up with a bastard. Something like that.

Guess I have to try harder to be a good girl if I want to be like Dr Siti Hasmah. At the moment, I am not so good....

Okay, need to get back to work.

See you all around. Cheers.

Thursday 28 August 2014

Pas' third candidate

Pas yesterday effectively said it will nominate PKR president DS Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, her deputy Azmin Ali and another Selangor PKR assemblyman as menteri besar.

Party secretary general Datuk Mustafa Ali said the decision is in compliance with the decree issued by Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah on Tuesday.

The Pas' decision was the opposite of stand taken by its Pakatan allies, PKR and DAP, which had insisted on maintaining their single nomination of Dr Wan Azizah.

Pas was clearly trying to take the middle path of naming two other candidates alongside that of Dr Wan Azizah in order not to be seen as defying the Sultan while at the same time pledging that all three candidates of their choice will be from PKR to appease its allies to a certain extent.

The big question at the moment should be, who is the third candidate who will be named by Pas?

My bet is that, it will be Ijok assemblyman Dr Idris Ahmad.

This guy seems to be the only sensible option for the post.

He is very professional, in good term with all sides in the Selangor political scene including the opposition Umno, and was said to be even well liked by Sultan Sharafuddin.

He  also hailed from the Selangor Malay heartland where traditionally the State's MBs were selected from, unlike Dr Wan Azizah and Azmin, who are both Singapore-born.

The only problem with Dr Idris' candidacy as MB was however quite major, at least to the DS Anwar Ibrahim's camp :

The guy may very well ends up becoming another TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

Dr Idris, being a decent fellow, may not be able to stomach Anwar's attempt to use the State and particularly its riches to further his ambitions.

Still, Pas don't seems to have much choice other than naming Dr Idris or someone like him as a MB candidate.

The Pas leadership know they can't defy the Sultan like what their counterparts from PKR and DAP did as it will set them back by a few hundred thousands votes among the Malays, who are their core supporters.

They are unlike their counterparts from DAP, whose solid support comes from the Chinese community, who as a matter of fact, don't really care much about the party's defiance of the Sultan's decree.

I think it will be hard to find a Chinese who voted for DAP in the last election who will now say; "Ohhh!!! That's bad!!! DAP should never be so rude as to defy the Sultan's decree!!!! Itu sudah biadap namanya!!!! I am not going to vote for Lim Guan Eng again despite him being so handsome and all!!!!"

Those asked will more likely to say this instead; "Errr...the Sultan so great meh? Apa dia mau sibuk? We democracy what? Kita rakyat berkuasa lar. You tau tak apa itu constitutional monarchy? Itu Sultan cannot say no, one. Suka hati Pakatan la want to have their own MB."

As for the PKR leadership, actually, they are also, not unlike Pas will lose out a significant amount of votes from the Malay community if they continue to insist on fighting the Selangor palace.

But they don't care to even think about that.

The PKR leadership has a kind of tunnel vision mentality and will ignore all the facts on the ground, by insisting on something which is actually craved by Anwar and his immediate cronies.

On whether, Pas will break off from Pakatan over the issue as argued by some, I have to say that will not be the case.

Pas, DAP and Pakatan needed each other to keep their hope of capturing Putrajaya alive.

That is the reality for them.

I believe they will continue to justify their fractious relationship by all kind of excuses and their supporters will happily swallow the shit without much thought.

What Sultan Sharafuddin will do now?

Hmmm....that's for anyone to guess. But if I am His Royal Highness, I will say:

"Screw Anwar and his crazy gang, I am not letting them get away with hijacking my State and plundering it. I am going to reject their candidates as long as I can and keep Khalid as MB for the time being to irritate them. At the end of it, I will let them know that I am only going to agree with having that good guy Dr Idris as MB. Let Anwar shit bricks after that."

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Istana Segambut trains its guns at Istana Bukit Kayangan (updated)


Khalid revealed that PKR and DAP were not being exactly truthful in their insistence for the Selangor palace to accept Dr Wan Azizah as his replacement.

Please read here:

MB Khalid: I was not the sole candidate for MB’s post in 2008, 2013


"Even when I agreed to become a candidate for Pakatan, there were some factions in the coalition that submitted other names for the Sultan to consider.
"My name was not the only one submitted. It's just that the parties submitted the names using different applications," he said after chairing the weekly state executive council meeting with the remaining four exco members from Pas.
Khalid however declined to reveal the names of other candidates,


It has now boiled down to a showdown between Anwar and the gang against the Selangor Palace.

Last night, just about an hour before midnight, PKR and DAP issued a statement that they are maintaining their insistence to nominate only the former's president DS Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as menteri besar.

It was a clear cut open rebellion against the palace.

Their claims that they were abiding to the Sultan's call for them to observe convention were twisted and insulting as it was clear to all that the monarch's intent for conventions to be observed had actually meant that the Royal Highness wanted options other than Dr Wan Azizah as his menteri besar.

Earlier in the day, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, as the Ruler of the State had decreed that Pakatan must present at least three names for the post.

It's a subtle inference that His Royal Highness was not willing to be pushed around by the Pakatan coalition over the matter.

Outgoing menteri besar, TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, who was at the centre of the crisis the past weeks has now retreated into the background as Pakatan now trains its guns at the Istana Bukit Kayangan.

It is now for the people of Selangor to decide whether they want to side with their Sultan who reside at Istana Bukit Kayangan or Anwar, who wants to solidify his grip on the State from his Istana Segambut by having his wife as menteri besar.

As PM DS Najib Razak said yesterday, the people of Selangor must assess the political crisis in the state rationally and weigh for themselves what would be best for them and the state.

This particular advise, I think is most pertinent for Pas to consider, especially so since its leadership being the only one from Pakatan not yet to decide on whether to join the fight against the Sultan. 

Tuesday 26 August 2014

KJ rides again

I am at my office now.

The Celcom's line is tip top here unlike at my place.

Geram betul aku kat Celcom ni.

The bosses are not around, so I got a bit of time to write this posting.

However, I don't have the mood anymore to write all over again what I wrote earlier this morning about the Selangor crisis.

I just want to write simple stuff for today.

Went through the newspapers, reading just the headlines except one.

The one which really caught my attention were a write-up and pictures of handsome guy Khairy Jamaluddin at page 4 and 5 of the Life & Times section of the New Straits Times today.

Nope, that is not one of the pictures. I am putting it there just for show because I can't find the one I really wanted in Google image. Anyway, I like that picture of Khairy being a good father.

As usual, NST pictures and stories are hard to find unless one goes direct to the newspapers' website. I wish the NST people can fix this problem.

Okay, you all can see the pictures and read the related Khairy's story which interest me in NST today at this link,

Get fit, Malaysia

You have to admit, the guy is good at reinventing his image.

He doesn't exactly need Kalimullah people in NST to get such a good write up.

I am honestly impressed.

Well, credit maybe should go to his press secretary Regina Lee too.

Okay, I better stop now. I saw one of the bosses coming into the office just now.

Nanti kena marah pulak sebab tak buat kerja tapi main blogging.

Have a good day everyone.

Celcom, you really suck

Spend two hours just now writing my latest posting on the Selangor crisis.

It was however wiped out due to the erratic Celcom connection in my area.

Yes, the whole bloody thing just gone. Wasted two hours of my life just like that.

It was not the first time this had happened.

I simply give up.

I really need to switch to Digi. My landlady is using a Digi line and her internet connection has been tip top.

Ingat stay loyal bertahun-tahun dengan Celcom boleh tolong telco Melayu, tapi kalau servis macam hampeh nak buat camana.

Okay, I need to get ready to go to work now.

Sudah lambat.

Monday 25 August 2014

PKR's ugliness over Selangor leadership crisis

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah is scheduled to meet Selangor MB TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim at 2pm tomorrow.

His Royal Highness is expected to decide whether to ask Khalid to resign from his post or dissolve the state assembly for a snap state election to be held.

My bet is that the state assembly will be dissolved.

I think the Sultan will decide that way as he would want to settle the dispute over the MB post once and for all.

Possible reasons for such a decision include:

1. The Sultan wants the people of Selangor to think again who they want to be their government.

2. His Royal Highness doesn't want PKR de facto leader DS Anwar Ibrahim to turn Selangor into his family's real estate by having his wife as menteri besar.

3. Sultan Sharafuddin may want to try stopping the DAP evangelists from using Selangor as their base to undermine the status of Islam in the country.

4. The Ruler wants the results of the potential state election to expose DAP as the real puppet masters of Pas and DAP, especially in the state.

5. Sultan Sharafuddin could be unhappy that outsiders from places such as Penang and even Singapore to be in charge in Selangor.

There are of course quite a number of other reasons which may persuade the Sultan to dissolve the assembly but I think I better leave them for you all to ponder.

Honestly, if I am the Sultan, I would just dissolve the assembly simply because the Anwar's gang had been kurang ajar to me over the matter.

Their attempts to pre-empt the Sultan's decision over the past few days was evidence of their greed for power.

PKR Wanita chief Zuraida Kamaruddin had during the party's Wanita congress on Friday, describe any move to dissolve the state assembly as "nonsense and against the constitution".

You can read the story here at Chuah Bee Kim's blog:
Waiting ...

Is she saying that if the Sultan decides to dissolve the state assembly, then His Royal Highness is being nonsensical, and that he doesn't know the constitution of his own state?

Who is this Zuraida anyway to pre-empt a possible decision by the Sultan of Selangor on a very important matter which will have far reaching consequences on His Royal Highness' own state?

This is a bit of Zuraida's background which I took from the Bahasa Melayu Wikipedia:

Hajah Zuraida dilahirkan pada 14 Mac 1958 di Bengkulu, Sumatera Indonesia. Beliau merupakan anak bongsu daripada empat beradik. Akibat kesukaran hidup, keluarganya telah berhijrah ke Singapura yang ketika itu masih lagi berada dalam Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.
Selepas berlaku perpisahan antara Singapura dengan Malaysia, keluarganya mengambil keputusan untuk memilih Malaysia sebagai tempat bermaustatin. Selepas itu mereka telah diberi kerakyatan Malaysia. Nama asal mereka sekeluarga juga dipercayai telah ditukar. Kini beliau menetap di Ampang bersama-sama suami dan tiga orang anak.

Yesterday, newly minted PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli, who is from Terengganu repeated Zuraida's assertions for the state assembly not to be dissolved in his winding-up speech at the closing of the party's 10th national congress.

Rafizi had warned Khalid not to advise the Sultan to dissolve the assembly to pave the way for a state election.

I do wonder why people like Zuraida and Rafizi were so scared of a possible state election. It's not that BN is strong in the State as it only have 12 out of the 56 assembly seats.

Could it be that they think PKR will be punished by the people of Selangor for causing all the unnecessary problems?

Whatever it is, if I am the Sultan, I wouldn't want these type of greedy arrogant people from outside Selangor to have a say in how I want my state to be administer.

Anyway, let's just wait for Sultan Sharafuddin's decision instead of trying to be smart to the point of being kurang ajar to the Ruler like Zuraida and Rafizi.

I believe His Royal Highness will be wise in deciding this matter and that he has nothing but the interests of the Selangor people at heart.

By the way, can someone among the smart PKR people do something about Zuraida's look?

Please make over sikit. Can?

No la, I'm not trying to say that she is ugly or what.

Just that kesian la they make fun of her by photoshop like this,

Saturday 23 August 2014

Just some non-political nonsense

I went shopping with a friend today.

Had my hair done.

It's now slightly blondish.

My friend is from out of town.

She is staying with me for a few days to take care of some business in KL.

We had wanted to watch a movie but can't find any good one showing.

I'm tired of watching cartoon superhero movies.

That's all they seem to be making these days.

Had lunch at one of those Japanese restaurants.

I had sukiyaki which was not so good.

It's nothing like the one I used to have at my favorite Japanese restaurant at Taman Pelangi in JB.

My friend was not complaining though. She finished her sushi set in no time.

She also topped it up with a small bottle of warm sake.

I just had green tea.

Haram to drink sake as it's alcoholic.

Well, I know that much, okay.

Since she enjoyed it so much, I let my friend paid for the meal.

Why I'm telling you all these?


I am tired of writing about politics.

Need to have a little break from it to recharge myself.

Writing about politics can actually be quite draining.

As you all may noticed, a lot of the sopo blogs had closed down or became inactive after last year's general election.

I guess those bloggers just got nothing more to write after that....or maybe no one wants to "finance" them anymore.

Can't blame them. Maintaining an active sopo blog can be quite expensive. You have to buy the bandwidth, maintain your computer, belanja makan your sources, etc.

I wish I have someone sponsoring me too.

But, as it is, I know that no one is willing to give me money while letting me write whatever I want.

That's the way it is. Nothing is for free.

Well, I like to be free and write whatever I want.

So, no sponsors for me.

As it is, just now, I paid Celcom RM50 for 5GB.

I also need to buy a new computer soon.

This one I am using now has been quite wobbly of late.

I am saving bit by bit for it.

I am not good with money though as I tend to be quite impulsive with my purchases.

This is a new bag I bought today. It's for work.

Nice, I think. It's quite expensive, okay.

Hmmm....sometimes I wish I have a rich boyfriend who can buy me nice stuff so that I can save my money instead to buy things like a new computer.

But I am not pretty enough to get a rich boyfriend.

Just so so only...hahaha. Poor boyfriend also cannot get la.

Sometimes I miss that Chinese guy who used to buy me dinner from time to time.

It was nice hanging out with him.

But like all other guys, he also wanted the one thing I am not willing to give.

When he still asked for it, I told him to buzz off.

That's the end of it.

Not as if he is serious enough about me, anyway.

Well, men are all bastards.

Okay lah. Enough of my nonsense.

I am going to sleep now.

Here is a bit of music for the night,

Good night.

Thursday 21 August 2014

Welcome home MH17

I am not well today.

Can't go to work.

Been spending the whole day cooped up in my room, mostly sleeping.

Suffered severe cramp on my right leg early in the morning.

My landlady who treated me with a massage called what I suffered as  "simpul biawak". Funny name.

She said I lacked calcium.

She said it normally happened to someone who just gave birth and breastfeeding the baby. Well, I am not so, okay.

Now I am hobbling around with a limp.

Hopefully, I will be okay tomorrow.

Need to get back to work as there are lots of things I have to do.

Tomorrow is also the national day of mourning for MH17.

It so happened that PKR is also starting its convention at the Melawati Stadium in Shah Alam tomorrow.

I wish they had picked another date. Well, it's just odd that they still want to talk politics while the country is in mourning.

Coincidently, when MH370 went missing on March 8, the Pakatan coalition was also having their convention in Shah Alam.

Come to think of it, I have been in a rather continuous gloomy mood since that Malaysian Airlines plane went missing.

I feel that most of my postings in this blog were from then on rather serious, as I may have been affected by all the bad things which happened.

I don't find it easy to be cheerful and being carefree anymore in my writings.

It doesn't help that my personal life has not been going that great of late too.

As it is, the latest development which made me feel down in the dump is the way some of my friends reacted in the current hostilities between the camp of PM DS Najib Razak and former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

I have friends from both sides and I think they were being unnecessarily harsh at each other.

I sincerely, wish Datuk Najib could spend some time to meet Tun to listen to the old man. Just like a son should do to patch things up with an angry father.

That way, relations between the followers could be mended. They are after all from the same side.

Who knows, maybe Datuk Najib could even see the logics in what Tun was complaining about and some good will come out of it.

Yes, hopefully, things will be better soon.

I'm honestly tired of this gloomy mood.

Nonetheless, since tomorrow is the national day of mourning for MH17, I am holding back any cheerful thought for now.

Here is a song to go with my condolences for the family of the victims,

And welcome home MH17.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

Love and respect thy elders

Malays generally believe that they have more respect for their elders than that offered by the Chinese for theirs.

I made this observation based on my conversations with my Malay friends.

They mostly believe that being muslims made them more respectful of their elders compared to others.

I'm not familiar with other races, but as far as the Chinese are concerned, I believe that my Malay friends were wrong.

I am not saying that the Malays do not respect their elders, just that I believe that the Chinese, as a whole, respect their elders more or better than the Malays.

It's in their culture.

Their traditional religion even requires them to worship their ancestors.

Let me based my argument on my personal experience.

I spend a lot of time during my growing up years at my mother's family home.

Except for my mother who converted to Islam when she married my father, the rest of the family were Taoist.

They are what some Malays call Cina Bukit. Not the banana type, okay.

Yes, they eat a lot of pork, but I love them all the same as they are my family.

My mother's English was not so good and she spoke very little Bahasa when she was young. That was until she met my father.

Members of the family back then lives in the same neighborhood and were very close. 

Cousins were considered as brothers and sisters.

Back then, the central figure in the family was my great grandmother.

All matters related to the family were referred to her for advise which was then taken into serious consideration by the rest of the family.

Despite not all of her advices being followed, the family members were careful not to offend her if that happened.

My mother once told me of how she get down on her knees and cried in front of my great grandmother to beg for forgiveness after defying her by marrying my father.

I remember my great grandmother as a loving person. She treated me with the same amount of love as my cousins despite myself not being a real Chinese.

It's a routine for the whole family to gather to celebrate her birthday, with some making it a point to come home all the way from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

My great grandmother was close to 100 years old when she passed away. 

Her image that stuck in my head till now was that of her cheerfully cooking in the kitchen for the rest of the family during Chinese New Year celebrations.

Nowadays, it's a must for my mother and me to drive back to our kampung to celebrate my grandmother's birthday.

My aunts and their families who live in Singapore would join us for the occasion.

As her mother was before her, my grandmother is now the central figure among us.

I call her from time to time for advise.

Even though I may be more knowledgeable than her about certain things, I believe that my grandmother is wiser with the way of life as she has been around much longer than me.

My grandmother's wisdom is something I really appreciate and for that I always adhere to the most important lesson I learned from my Chinese family's upbringing - We must love and respect our elders. 

My father, by the way, never even knew when were his grandparents' birthdays, let alone ever celebrated them.

For those who disagree with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad over his criticisms of the current administration, I hope you all could consider not being too harsh when voicing it out. 

Tun tu kritik PM DS Najib Razak macam tu sebab dia sayang Najib dan kita semua. Jangan marah sangat kat dia. Dia tu orang tua yang banyak berjasa. Kalau kita biadap dengan dia, saya akan rasa malu pada orang Cina sebab rasanya dia orang lebih menghormati dan menghargai orang tua mereka. Terima kasih.

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Backstabbing Pas likely the biggest loser in a Selangor snap poll

I believe there will soon be a snap state election in Selangor.

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah will very likely dissolve the State assembly when he returns from abroad on Aug 27.


Because his royal highness may want to settle the unnecessary mess created by the gang of PKR's DS Anwar Ibrahim once and for all.

I also don't think the cool Sultan will let Anwar get away with all the nonsense of trying to turn Selangor into his private family property by giving the MB post to his wife.

After all, Anwar and his wife are both non-Selangorian.

Anwar is from the Lim family's kingdom of Penang, while his wife DS Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail was born in the Lee family's kingdom of Singapore.

I also believe that the now independent MB TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim will advise the Sultan to dissolve the state assembly.

He would not want Anwar and the gang to win the State without having to go through a bruising fight.

After all, they had accused him of all sorts of things including being corrupted and selling his soul to BN.

He must also feel very pissed that Pas had stabbed him in the back and will not want that party to get away with it without paying a price. Read on and find out why Khalid may have his revenge over Pas if he wants it.

Khalid, I believe will make it as difficult as possible for Pakatan.

So, what will happen if there is a snap state election?

Currently, DAP has 15 state seats, Pas (15), PKR (13), BN (12) and Independent (1). There are a total of 56 seats in the Selangor assembly.

I am not so interested in DAP seats as I think they will have no problem defending them with the solid Chinese majority support in those constituencies under their control.

Attention should be in constituencies contested by Pas and PKR which have bigger percentage of Malay voters.

Let's go through them one by one based on the results of the last general election last year: I am putting the constituencies which BN stand a reasonable chance to win in blue.

N1 Sungai Air Tawar - Pas lost by 1,416 votes
N2 Sabak Bernam - Pas won by 219 votes
N3 Sungai Panjang - Pas lost by 2,183 votes
N5 Hulu Bernam - Pas lost by 3,032 votes
N7 Batang Kali - PKR lost by 5,398 votes
N8 Sungai Burong - Pas lost by 3,013 votes
N9 Permatang - PKR lost by 1,026 votes
N10 Bukit Melawati - PKR lost by 806 votes
N11 Ijok - PKR won by 739 votes
N12 Jeram - Pas lost by 2,834 votes
N13 Kuang - PKR lost by 1,255 votes
N14 Rawang - PKR won by 9,241 votes
N15 Taman Templer - Pas won by 7,467 votes
N16 Batu Caves - PKR won by 3,261 votes
N17 Gombak Setia - Pas won by 1,681 votes
N18 Hulu Kelang - Pas won by 2,881 votes
N19 Bukit Antarabangsa - PKR won by 4,044 votes
N20 Lembah Jaya - Pas won by 8,713 votes
N21 Chempaka - Pas won by 9,608 votes
N23 Dusun Tua - Pas won by 4,071 votes
N24 Semenyeh - PKR lost by 4,145 votes
N25 Kajang - PKR won by 6,824 votes
N26 Bangi - Pas won by 11,838 votes
N29 Seri Serdang - Pas won by 16,251 votes
N32 Seri Setia - PKR won  by 4,663 votes
N33 Taman Medan - PKR won by 3,731 votes
N37 Bukit Lanjan - PKR won by 17,200 votes
N38 Paya Jaras - Pas won by 5,522 votes
N39 Kota Damansara - PKR lost by 1,527 votes
N40 Kota Anggerik - PKR won by 5,000 votes
N41 Batu Tiga - PKR won by 3,805 votes
N42 Meru - Pas won by 9,079 votes
N43 Sementa - Pas won by 7,846 votes
N45 Selat Klang - Pas won by 2,754 votes
N46 Pelabuhan Klang - PKR won by 2,994 votes
N49 Seri Andalas - PKR won by 15,633 votes
N50 Sri Muda - PKR won by 12,510 votes
N51 Sijangkang - Pas won by 2,942 votes
N53 Morib - Pas won by 766 votes
N54 Tanjong Sepat - Pas won by 682 votes
N55 Dengkil - PKR lost by 2,317 votes

That's 21 seats BN may win, just enough to deny Pakatan a two third majority in Selangor, I think.

And the one most under threat will be Pas, which stand to lose up to seven out of their current 15 seats. However, since they don't seem to mind being the junior partner in Pakatan and live under the DAP's armpit, I guess it would be fine by them.

DAP will be confirmed as the biggest taikor of Pakatan by retaining all their 15 Chinese-majority areas, as PKR may lose another three of their seats.

By the way, the 21 seats possibly to be won by BN will all be Umno's, making the Malay nationalist party individually having the most seats.

I am giving BN a reasonable chance of capturing the constituencies where they were beaten by not more than 3,000 votes in GE13.

I think that's not too outlandish considering that BN won the recent Teluk Intan by-election despite the constituency being won by DAP, the king of Pakatan, by more than 7.000 votes majority in the last general election.

Monday 18 August 2014

Fresh attempt to cause a clash between Dr Mahathir and Najib

When I saw this posting


by former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it reminded me of a conversation I had with an old friend, who is a former senior Johor Umno leader about two weeks ago.

My friend said there was a fresh attempt to cause a clash between Dr Mahathir and PM DS Najib Razak.

He said the instigators of this latest plot are trying to feed Najib with information suggesting that Dr Mahathir is heading a group of people who wanted to topple the current administration.

"They are suggesting that Dr Mahathir is trying to get the whole thing done before the end of this year," my friend said.

I had not taken my friend's word too seriously as such an attempt to drive a wedge between the two leaders had been attempted before.

I thought that it was an old information.

When I read that posting by Dr Mahathir, I realized that my friend had told me something which is quite current.

I feel the tone used by Dr Mahathir in that posting was meant to clarify his position, particularly the reasons why he had given his views regarding certain Najib's policies which he feels were not really good for the country.

I believe that Dr Mahathir had been informed of the latest attempt to cause a rift between him and Najib.

That posting was I think his attempt to clear the air.

Not at any point of that posting did I detect any attempt by Dr Mahathir to incite any rebellion against the Najib's administration.

The criticisms he aired in the posting were not new, several which I had myself voiced in this blog.

The message that I got from that Dr Mahathir's posting was that he wanted to make it known to Najib and the people in the PM's circle that his criticisms were sincerely for the good of the nation and for Najib to do better for the country.

I feel the same as Dr Mahathir in the sense that the power-that-be was better of being criticized by members of the pro-establishment, who wanted them to do better rather than by the opposition crowd whose intention was nothing but to bring down this government.

Criticising the establishment so that it will do better for the country was also my motive when I went all out on certain issues such as the need to check on the excesses which afflicted my home state Johor.

Of course, Dr Mahathir's posting was pounced upon by the pro-Pakatan media such as The Malaysian Insider which spin it as if the former premier was launching a new round of attacks against Najib.

I am not going to provide a direct link to that portal in this blog, but you can get it at the blog of Syed Akhbar Ali who is currently a fierce critic of the Najib's administration.

Syed Akbar highlighted the Malaysian Insider's article complete with his comments on it here,

Dr Mahathir : Najib Is Destroying The Country - 

I respect Syed Akhbar as a senior blogger but in this case I have to put it on record that I disagree with him.

The new face of Pas and slow death of its ulama (updated)


For a more comprehensive take of the latest in the Selangor crisis, please read this NST editorial today,

A shameful volte-face

and a commentary here, which was only published halfway in the newspaper's print version,

Pas’ manoeuvre may not end crisis of Pakatan’s making


If Pas is to go for a full medical check-up today, it is likely to be diagnose with suffering a form of cancer which slowly kills its victim.

The one I can think of, as I am writing this, is colon cancer.

Okay, maybe its something like colon cancer because,  Pas ailment got something to do with DS  Anwar Ibrahim.

It was obvious from the decision by the party's central committee not to defend Selangor MB TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim yesterday, the party had been taken over by the Anwaristas, the cancerous cells which is eating away at Pas' Islamic heart.

The decision effectively rendered the Pas' Syura Council a non entity. The council of Pas ulama, led by none other than the party's spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had been steadfast in its opposition to PKR's removal of Khalid.

If they can snubbed their own spiritual leader, then that means the party has no spirit anymore.

Nik Aziz is old, so they discarded him. Power is all that matter.

The odd bit about the Selangor political drama yesterday was in that letter of endorsement to make PKR's Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail the new Pakatan's menteri besar which was signed by her husband DS Anwar Ibrahim, DAP sec-gen Lim Guan Eng and Pas deputy president Mohamed Sabu.

The letter is to be send to the Selangor palace today.

Nope, the odd thing about it was not because Anwar signed the letter supporting his own wife to be made an MB. That's the grotesque part of it.

The odd part was that Pas was represented by Mat Sabu and not its president DS Abdul Hadi Awang.

Hadi, who along with the other Pas ulama, opposed the Khalid's ouster had apparently refused to have anything more to do with the PKR-initiated Selangor fiasco following his party's central committee's decision to snub him, Nik Aziz and the Syura Council.

Hadi had refused to attend the press conference after the Pas' central committee meeting as well as the Pakatan meeting and its subsequent press conference in Subang Jaya yesterday.

By being the one who signed the endorsement letter on behalf of Pas, Mat Sabu had joined the rank of Anwar and Guan Eng as the most powerful figure in their respective parties.

Mat Sabu is now effectively the most powerful person in Pas.

This is the new face of Pas,

no more this one,

or this one,

Yes, that's what happened to Pas yesterday.

The Anwaristas had taken complete control of the party.

All those talk about Pas being an Islamic party, guided by the ulama who know Islam better than anyone else is just a big joke now.

And the ones who gleefully laughing the loudest at the moment are actually DAP.

Here is one of their cybertroopers,

Thank the two PAS aduns for their bravery and integrity for openly supporting PR and forcing the old geezers ulamas to make a decision as they have no alternative or bargaining chip anymore as they know even if they try to delay and change they dont have the numbers to suopport Khalid as MB even with the help of UMNO...and they may fear more PAS aduns falling out if they turn their back on PR..
As for whatever happens's very clear now that PR have the majority whatever you guys can spin.

Pas' décision yesterday effectively confirmed the Pakatan's status quo:
- DAP with its solid Chinese support is the strongest
- PKR which is dependent on DAP and Pas for grassroots support acts as the mediator between those two.
- Pas remains as the junior partner with the least number of parliament seats and its main function being that of breaking up the Malay muslims' vote bank.

Sunday 17 August 2014

Pas and its key to Selangor (updated)


This just came in via NST Alert :

NST 17/08: Pakatan maintain its nomination of Wan Azizah as new Selangor MB; Azmin turns down nomination by Pas

NST 17/08: Mohamad Sabu: Pas has agreed to nominate Dr Wan Azizah and Azmin Ali to replace TS Khalid as Selangor MB, party will not ask for the post


Pas leaders are meeting today to decide on the Selangor leadership crisis.

My bet is that,, they are going to ask PKR to replace DS Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail with someone else as the candidate to take over the menteri besar post from TS Khalid Ibrahim.

I don't know whether the man is going to be PKR deputy president Azmin Ali as rumored, but definitely Pas wants a man for the job.

They just can't take it that they will be led by a woman.

It's just the way they understand the Islamic teachings.

Men must lead, women are to follow.

Okay, fine, I don't blame them. Most Malay men are like that.

In fact they want one men leads, four women follow.

I don't think that Pas is even interested in Malay muslim unity and such.

They will not work with Umno. They had made it very clear about that.

They had repeatedly said that they are going to stay with Pakatan.

They are more concerned with things such as macho leadership....and getting part of the RM3billion Khalid is keeping under his pillow.

The ulama clique in Pas, including Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat and DS Abdul Hadi Awang may had pledged their support for Khalid but they were known to have made U-turns before.

The whole thing is likely to them just a good opportunity to flex their muscle in Pakatan.

I think DAP and PKR better love Pas properly after this.

But the BN camp shouldn't despair. They just need to keep on working on improving themselves.

The Selangor crisis has opened a lot of eyes to the intrigues within the opposition coalition.

They can see now that the crooks there could be worse than those in BN.

** Anyway, I still harbor a small hope the Pas leaders will prove me wrong by continuing to support Khalid. Who knows....

Saturday 16 August 2014

Night thoughts

I have been sleeping most of the whole day.

In fact, I have been doing that over the past few days.

I was tired.

Now feeling quite refreshed.

Sleeping a real good sleep I think is the best way to get rid of the toxins from the body and mind.

I am feeling at peace now as I am writing this.

Told myself to stay focused on the good things in life and stop chasing after things that I don't really need.

I don't need power, glamour, excessive amount of money and all that. I don't need things that DS Anwar Ibrahim wants.

All I want is to afford more time for myself, so that I can spend it with my loved ones.

I also want it so that I can enjoy the simple pleasures in life such as watching clouds drifting by in the sky.

It's beautiful, okay.

Leading a simple life in a small house by the beach is the best.

At least, that is it for me.

But of course life can't be that perfect.

Sometimes we are in a position where we have to endure.

We have responsibilities to fullfil.

So, I endure.

It's the same with defending this country from those who want to abuse and plunder it for their personal gains.

Sometimes I wanted to stop, but yet I still carry on writing because I feel responsible to care about it and do my little tiny part for the struggle.

Who knows, maybe the few who read this blog can find something useful from what I wrote here and use it for good purpose....

Still, I hope that not long from now I can get my wish to permanently go home to that house by the beach and live a quiet life and not having to care about all these nonsense of the world.

That will be the day when I will truly be happy.

But for now, I have to keep on fighting.

For as long as it takes....

More bitching and being smarter than a chubby ass

Sometimes I wonder what is it that causes some people getting so worked up over what I wrote about my anonymous life in this blog.

This is one example,

You can always quit instead of continue bitching about the culture at your workplace. What's stopping you?

Go get a life.

Well, I can understand if the Anon is a DAP cybertrooper doing his job trolling my blog, but to get angry with an insignificant anonymous blogger bitching about her anonymous life is I think a bit crazy lah.

Don't tell me I can't even bitch about my own life in my own blog. Heck, I didn't even put any name on it.

And this is a blog, which many considered an obsolete medium these days.

People now got Facebook, twitter, Instagram, wassap, etc.

But I only have this blog.

My Facebook had shut down many years ago, I tried twitter but didn't like it, never even registered for Instagram, my wassap is just for work, etc.

I like blogging because I find it more private and not so obtrusive like the others.

I'm not like shoving my ideas and thoughts in front of people's face like in the other mediums.

For instance, in the case of Facebook, you may find postings by your friends irritating and not to yours liking, but you may not have the heart to unfriend them. So you endure their shit.

It happened to me and in the end I just shut it down.

As for blog, you really have to choose to visit it.

If you don't like it, you can just decide not to come here at all and waste a few precious minutes of your life reading it.

I am actually a very private person. That's why I like blogging like this.

It was like keeping a diary while sharing my thoughts and ideas with you all.

You all can decide whether it's worth considering or be discarded as junk.

This blog is also a bit of a therapy outlet for me.

Let's say if I got angry with my colleagues such as in the past few days, I can just shout my thoughts here, in my own anonymous space. No one need to hear it if one chooses not to hear it.

You on your part can just say "That Annie the crazy bitch is at it again today, I am not going to her blog and read her nonsensical complaints."

That's better isn't it than myself suicide bombing everyone in my office out of anger? Or smacking a face or two....

Hmmmm....sorry, that's quite a long rant...

Okay, enough of that.

The real thing that I wanted to write about when I started this posting is about what PKR should do to prove that it still has the majority support in the Selangor's State assembly.

Now, the Sultan of Selangor is obviously backing TS Khalid Ibrahim. His royal highness and Khalid may choose to continue frustrate Anwar and the gang.

Anwar and the gang on their part kept bitching for the mandate given by the people to be returned to Pakatan or fresh polls be held.

Kembalikan kuasa kepada rakyat, they said.

Since the Sultan and Khalid keep giving them the middle finger, I think what Anwar should do is to get all 30 or more assemblymen that he claimed were supporting his cause to resign.

It's something like Kajang Move but of a larger scale.

Maybe we can call it the Selangor Move.

Then, after winning all the seats back, Anwar can indeed claims to have the proof that his gang have the majority support in the assembly.

The Sultan will then have no choice but to acknowledge it and Khalid will have to resign.

Yes, how about that Anwar?

Am I brilliant or what?

Hey man, I think I'm smarter than that Anwar's chubby ass Rafizi, don't you think?

But of course you have to make sure you really have that 30 or more seats to vacate and be able to win them back.

Otherwise, you'll be even more screwed than you are now.

Okay, I leave it to Anwar to think about it now.

I'm going back to sleep.


Friday 15 August 2014

Between showboating and actual talent (updated)


A friend from PMO who read this posting actually texted a request just now, asking me to explain how to identify showboaters that I mentioned in my organization.

Okay, very easy.

Five main characteristics of a showboater,
1. Speaks extra loudly and authoritatively to demand respect from subordinates.
2. Pretends to know everything under the sun, while in actual fact doesn't know shit about anything.
3. Treats the big boss as God, whenever he is around.
4. Steals credits of others' hard work. Showboaters do not do real work, instead they order people around and take credit for the work done.
5. Calls the toxic method of showboating as "work smart".


This is a showboat,

A showboat is a form of floating theater that travels along the waterways of the United States such as the Mississippi rivers.

You can read more about it here, Show Boat

The word "showboating" originated from it.

The Urban Dictionary has the best definitions of showboating which were,

1. To have a visibly exaggerated idea of ones own skills, talents, or abilities.
2. To exhibit a grotesque amount of undue and unfounded pride for a skill or ability which is actually mediocre.

You can actually encounter a lot of showboating in your work place.

Enthusiasts of showboating are those we refer to as kaki bodek, kaki ampu, butt kisser, tripod etc.

These are really irritating people.

At the place where I work, there are many of these people.

Sometimes I really feel like smacking their face.

I know.... I have to be patient. 


But what makes it most irritating of all was that a lot of bosses actually love having their butt kissed, even though they know that those kisses 
at their butt were not sincere and could easily turned into bites.

Well, I guess it feels good to have your butt kissed.

I can only guess because I always avoid having my butt kissed.

Geli lah.

As for the hottest political drama which is the Selangor leadership crisis, I think it's for now going into a predictable pattern.

PKR and DAP will rave and rant about them actually having the majority in the state assembly, Pas playing the "we are still in Pakatan but support Khalid" game, and Umno just sitting on the sideline grinning from ear to ear.

As for TS Khalid Ibrahim, he will continue to ignore all those calls for him to resign. He is bidding his time. 

The next state assembly sitting will be in November where the Selangor's budget is to be tabled.

That's where they can initiate the no confidence motion against Khalid.

But by then the equations have changed.

DS Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case two-day appeal will be from Oct 28.

In all probabilities, the opposition leader will be in jail again when there is a chance for PKR and DAP to initiate the no confidence motion against Khalid.

But by then, PKR will already be in disarray.

Khalid must had planned the whole thing and anticipated the reactions of his enemies. He knows he got the support of Sultan of Selangor and leadership of Pas and Umno to back him up.

I believe he is now sniggering as he read about how DAP and PKR people are accusing him of being a traitor and demanded him to call for a special state assembly session so that he has to face the no confidence vote now.

"Screw you stupid. Why should I listen to you. You just wait la, you stupid Anwar's donkeys and Kit Siang's pigs," he may had said that as he read reports of his enemies' statements. 

And indeed, PKR and DAP really can't do anything other than issuing threats and condemnations against him.

Khalid is a real maestro. He played this one beautifully.

PKR and DAP young strategists such as Rafizi Ramli and Tony Pua, despite their showboating efforts were totally no match against the former corporate figure.

Thursday 14 August 2014

Bitching and beach

I am tired.

Been busy working for so many days without rest after forced to cut off my Raya leave.

When I am tired, I get cranky.

When I am cranky, I behave like a real royal bitch.

When that happened, I don't give a shit about anyone.

I don't give a shit even if that someone is my boss.


I don't give a shit even if my boss sacks me.

What the hell la.

I will just find myself another job.

It's just a fucking job, okay.

It's not worth selling my soul for it.

After all, my boss and the company I work for don't exactly appreciate my sacrifices.

Honestly, I don't know why those DAP and PKR Selangor excos made such a drama about losing their job when their boss, TS Khalid Ibrahim sacked them for being kurang ajar to him.

You sudah kurang ajar memang patut la kena sack, mangkuk!!!

Myself, as I had said, will get to be kurang ajar when I am too tired...too tired to even think about being polite.

That's why I need to take a rest.

I don't like that ugly side of me to emerge.

I know that my boss wants me to continue working but I simply can't push it anymore. Too tired.

So, before I start cursing and yelling at people at my work place, I better take a break.

Tomorrow I am going to the beach and stay there for a few days.

I miss the beach very's the only place where I feel calm.

It's been awhile since I been there....

Anyway, the company owes me those few off days.

Just want to get away from the toxic environment where I work.

It's really unhealthy.

Tired of it.

Okay, before I ended this bitching posting, here is a nice song someone recommended to me,

Until next times then. Cheers.

Wednesday 13 August 2014

Khalid being decisively ruthless

Who would have thought that the harmless clownish looking and stuttering TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim could had outwitted all those DAP and PKR leaders.

Yes, that's the man who almost single handedly crushed DAP and PKR in Selangor, and probably started the total dismantling of the whole Pakatan coalition.

Yesterday, Khalid delivered his deadliest blow to his enemies so far by sacking all six DAP and PKR exco members in his administration, effectively ending the so called Pakatan government in Selangor.

The six, under the instruction from DS Anwar Ibrahim and the Lim family had tried to be funny with Khalid by issuing a statement earlier in the afternoon saying that they will stay as exco members but will not work with Khalid.

They totally didn't see it coming. Khalid, in one swift move chopped their head off, figuratively.

"Ooooo....mau kurang ajar sama aku yaaaa....nah kau!!!!" I imagined him saying that as he send out those termination letters.

Khalid had made it known that he didn't mind working even with his enemies but must had anticipated the move by DAP and PKR as he seems to have prepared his own moves in advance by working closely with the Selangor palace.

He met the DAP and PKR excos in the morning, got their kurang ajar letter in the afternoon, told everyone that he was informing the Sultan that he was sacking the buggers about 6pm and before 8pm had received the royal consent and had the termination letters sent.

He must had also got the Pas and Umno leaders onboard too.

Decisively ruthless.

Sultan Sharafuddin apparently had full confidence in Khalid when it was made known by palace officials that his royal highness had rebuffed Anwar's attempt to seek audience for his wife DS Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail to explain their version of the Selangor crisis.

To rub salt on the injury, the cool Sultan reiterated his support for Khalid as MB yesterday, dispelling any doubt that his royal highness was unaware of what's happening in his state, as tried to be depicted by Anwar and the gang.

I was told by a journalist friend who was at the Pakatan press conference at the PKR HQ last night, that the mood there was definitely as the Malays of old would say "seperti baru dilanggar garuda".

Conspicuously missing at the Pakatan emergency meeting were Pas leaders. I believe they had already crossed the Rubicon and will soon be announcing their departure from Pakatan.

It's a repeat of the dismantling of Barisan Alternative in 2001. The difference is that, back then it was DAP, then the junior partner in the alliance being the one which left.

As a subdued sodomised-looking Anwar hardly talked, Guan Eng took centre stage at the PC.

Guan Eng rattled away with all sorts of nonsense about Khalid having no right to bully them etc and demand for Pas not to cooperate with him.

I listened to my journalist friend's recording of the PC and laughed.

Guan Eng was jumping all over to showcase his usual tantrum. Real kindergarten stuff.

Aiyo Guan Eng, you and your gang were totally outclassed by Khalid la. Just admit it, okay.

Today will be another round of the fast paced Selangor crisis drama.

Khalid will have his first meeting with the remaining four Pas exco members.

I am quite sure he will pull another few other surprises later this afternoon to totally pulverize his already battered enemies.

Tuesday 12 August 2014

PKR and DAP should do a BN's 2009 Perak Move

TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim at the moment seems to have the upper hands in his fight against the PKR and DAP leadership.

Yesterday, he got the Sultan of Selangor's endorsement of his administration after he managed to convince his royal highness that he still commands the majority of support in the state assembly despite being sacked from PKR over the weekend.

His announcement that he is staying on in power as expected leaved his PKR and DAP enemies screaming and howling.

They even accused Khalid of lying to the Sultan about his majority of support in the state assembly.

Khalid didn't seem to care about that. To rub salt to the gashing wound, he even challenged PKR and DAP to test whether he has such a support.

The onus of proof, however he said is on the ones who challenge him.

Khalid understandably was not in a very charitable mood as far as his enemies were concerned yesterday.

After all, they had smeared him with all sorts of dirt even before they sacked him on Saturday.

He obviously wanted to squeeze his enemies' balls until they are down on their knees.

He said there will be no special state assembly session to enable a vote of no confidence to be tabled against him.

If PKR and DAP want to do that kind of drama, they have to wait for a normal assembly session, which will be in November when Khalid is to table the state budget.

But by that time, DS Anwar Ibrahim. who is the real culprit behind the whole mess will probably be in jail again for sodomy. His final appeal will be at the Federal Court, two days from now.

As for now Khalid can count on the support of the 15 Pas assemblymen, 12 from Umno and two or three from among his supporters in PKR.

It was learnt that he now has 30 and his enemies, 26.

I believe the Sultan of Selangor has this same information when he decided to give his royal consent for Khalid to continue with his job.

PKR and DAP people who yesterday accused Khalid of bluffing the Sultan obviously have very low opinion of his royal highness that they doubt he knows anything at all about what is happening in his own state.

Well, since PKR sec-gen Saifuddin Nasution and DAP Selangor chairman Tony Pua are the ones who signed their parties' joint-statement to that effect, I think they should go and see Sultan Sharafuddin and explain their version of truth to his royal highness.

They should tell the Sultan that they are actually the ones who control the majority support in the state assembly.

And while they are at it, I would like to suggest for them to tell the Sultan to let Pakatan (or to be more exact PKR and DAP, since Pas has obviously abandoned them at least in Selangor) the power to govern Selangor once more.

That was by the way, how BN regained Perak in 2009.

But knowing how cool the Selangor Sultan can be, I think he is going to say these,

"Errr, sorry la, tapi aku pecaya kat Khalid.

"Orang-orang aku dah check semua, memang Khalid ada cukup sokongan.

"Korang tunggu la November bila ada sidang dewan. Nanti masa tu korang try la undi tak pecaya kalau nak buang sangat si Khalid tu.

"Tapi aku rasa la, kemungkinan besar, parti engko Saifuddin, masa tu dah terbarai."

Sunday 10 August 2014

Smear campaign and probable Sultan's advice

Yesterday, as expected, PKR sacked TS Khalid Ibrahim from the party.

I had predicted it in this posting,

Bits on BigCat, Gaza, Selangor and Singapore

excerpts :

Yesterday, PKR issued a show cause letter to TS Abdul Khalid Ibrahim on why he opposed being removed as MB. They gave the guy just three days to reply.

That deadline is on Friday. Pas and DAP are to decide Khalid's position on Sunday.

I strongly believe they are going to sack him from PKR on Saturday.

It will force Pas in particular to abandon Khalid.

Okay, let's wait and see if the key player in this crisis, Pas is as principled as it should be and stick to its position when the party's Syura Council made a stand to defend Khalid two days ago.

PKR has now went for broke. All its cards are on the table.

It knows DAP is standing behind it.

They are confident that Pas will blink, make some excuses, and abandon Khalid.

On my part, I am praying that Pas is not as cheap as that.

Well, yesterday, PKR launched its all out smear campaign against Khalid.

He was branded a traitor and painted as already being bought over by the BN government.

Last night, PKR sec-gen Saifuddin Nasution and pretty boy Rafizi Ramli went for the jugular during a special ceramah at Section 19 Shah Alam.

They basically accused Khalid of collaborating with BN for personal gains.

They said he was sacked because his personal debt to Bank Islam was almost certain to have been waived due to influence by BN.

They told the about 300 people present that Khalid had also likely grant favors in the form of land and contract to certain individuals in return for helping settled his about RM70 million debt to the bank.

Everything that Khalid did which were not agreeable to the PKR leadership were stringed up and categorized as acts of betrayal to the party. Of course all that were connected with the dastardly Umno, they said.

So, Khalid who had for years been touted by Pakatan as a clean and efficient MB is now suddenly a corrupted traitor.

Conspicuously missing at the PKR PC to sack Khalid yesterday was the master manipulator DS Anwar Ibrahim. He was also not at the special ceramah last night.

He is trying to create the aura of himself being above all the muck he created.

That, he leaves to his machai such as Saifuddin and Rafizi.

Also to be noted, all the PKR speakers at the ceramah in Shah Alam are Malays.

The Malays of Selangor are the ones who are most bewildered by Khalid's ouster. They always thought that their MB is clean and good.

That's one of the reasons why Pas tried to defend him.

Whether they are still going to do that is a very big question mark. We have to wait till their meeting on the matter next Sunday.

As for today, Khalid will meet with the Sultan of Selangor about half an hour from the time I am writing this to seek his royal highness' view on his next step of action.

They will be together at a religious function at 10 am today.

My bet is, the Sultan will say,

"Khalid, you just hang on. I will talk to the Selangor Pas and Umno fellas so that they will back you all the way. I don't want the crooks of Anwar's gang and all those DAP evangelist Zionists to run the show in my State."