Thursday 13 June 2019

Sifting through the garbage of sex video scandal

Someone asked me last night as to why I was not writing something about the Azmin sex video nonsense.

Well, actually it's because initially I only have theories and not real facts about it.

I was trying to learn more about it as I wouldn't want to write something I'm not really sure of.

As of now, one thing is for sure, it's part of the intensifying fight between the camps of Dr Mahathir and Anwar over the promised transition of power which looks more than ever is not going to happen.

Yes, it's as written by some prominent bloggers over the past two days.

After all, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Just look at who were making the statements over it.

I was actually told that it's Anwar making a pre-emptive strike to avoid himself being hit with something similar.

At the same time, the hit was directed at Dr Mahathir's preferred successor to undermine any attempt to immediately promote Azmin.

Quite intense, right.

And more to come soon from this fight.

At the moment, it's more or less a stand off.

Anyway, I need to caution you all on the importance of reading carefully to differentiate between the garbage and actual facts of the scandal as presented by our mainstream media, which I feel has not really changed much so far under Pakatan's rule.

Okay, let me help you all with this story by national news agency Bernama;

PKR rejects heinous and dirty politics - Anwar

These are actually about all the facts from the story while the rest are garbage;

excerpts 1 -

Anwar said the PKR fully supported the investigation by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) on the allegations hurled at Mohamed Azmin and hoped that the process would be carried out fairly and thoroughly.

A sexual video was viralled in the social media purportedly involving Mohamed Azmin, who is also the Minister of Economic Affairs, and an accusation that a company's fund was channelled into the account belonging to the minister.

That's because Anwar wants Azmin to be investigated so as to put more pressure on him.

excerpts 2 -

To another question, he said for the moment no action would be taken against the PKR member, Muhammad Haziq Abdul Aziz who claimed that he was the individual in the sex video.

Of course la no action will be taken against the good boy.

As for the rest of the Bernama's story, they are just garbage you all should ignore. This Bernama's picture also;

Well, I don't blame the Bernama journalists and editors. I know that they are trying their best under the circumstances.

They need to keep their jobs and provide for their families. Really, I sincerely mean it.

As to, is it really Azmin in the video?

Why the hell should I care, okay. It really doesn't matter to me.

However, if you all care, then that's your right to be so. Suka hati korang lah.

Anyway, I'm just glad that except for one or two stupid pricks who tried to claim credit over the nonsense, Umno and it's friends have stayed away from it.

They should continue doing their own things.

Let the Pakatan people fight their own dirty war.

Who knows, maybe we can even have a snap election as early as next year.


  1. it's gutter politics. period. Team Tun Vs Team Annu-war; people r getting sick of all these; wish these politicians could focus on the economy. the country needs politicians who can really steer the economy to greater heights and solve all people's problems

  2. My quick take on this issue; Both Azmin and Bang Non will not become Prime Minister.Probably Tun M will hold on to the PM post until he get a suitable candidate to replace him.

    If the above story on Azmin is true, I am afraid previous stories about Azmin and Anwar as told by Ummi Hafilda, Azmin's sister could be true too.

    I am afraid that PKR got very sick leaders and are morally unfit to lead their party and the country.Time for PKR party members to make a cleaning exercise.

    1. Lambat la u bro. I got tis puzzle solved long ago

  3. Umno and its friends have stayed away? Have you seen the diarrhea by your mates Papagomo, Raja Petra and Azmi Arshad? Sudah lah... Mau tipu pun kena tangkap.

    1. Ya aditor M'kini,FMT,NST,TS pun sudah jadi pihak Umno sekarang ,sebab mereka pun kutip cerita video ni.Mkini paling Umno kan?.

  4. Macc can check if corruption is true...n police can check the sex case in Sandakan. Nowadays got sophisticated techniques n trails can verify. If evidence strong...then can charge. Just have to wait it out all this dirty politic nonsense. Popcorns

  5. He he he.. Annie.
    That Bernama's picture is sure garbage.

    This was the garbage who've ruined the minds of our children since 1997/98. Before that, kids below the age of 12, most probably did not even know the meaning of Malay word, liwat.

    However, I've long believed what Ummi Hafilda Ali wrote in 1997, claiming her sister-in-law was having a sexual relationship with the garbage.
    Since the poison-pen letter was dismissed outright by Dr.M then, as an attempt to disgrace his Deputy, it fell into the hands of Karpal Singh and Mat Sabu.

    The whole country erupt in extreme shock after Karpal Singh declared in Parliament... 'Kita ada seorang peliwat sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri'... and the origin of Al-Juburi catch-word... by none other than, Mat Sabu.

    1. I just cannot brain these two can do such things during fasting month. Heard dulu Nalla ada story one Minister buat projek waktu siang tapi malam malam bagi tazkirah dan pergi sembahyang terawih as if nothing happen.

      If these were the level of leaders going to lead Malaysia, tunggulah bencana yang akan menimpa.God forbid.

  6. PH mmg excited wth all these dramas.. kesian betoi. Tapi mmg dh agak akan bergelora camni.

    Dah lebih 1 tahun tak setel2 lagi. Yang Finance Minister, ekonomi negara kelam kabut kes LTAT masih blur tapi sempat pi konon nak juga buat publicity stunt ka Lebanon???

    Isssh tak tentu arah la gomen ineptocracy ni.

    Neway drama baru ni sure boring, watak2 utama dlm PH semua tak handsome, moh kita tengok ni lagi best;

    Professor Nasi Lemak

  7. Never really like it tht tun pick azmin. Guy is riddled with scandals. I wont say more. People from the reformasi era would remember why.

    But i see tht anwars plot kinda backfired. If anything it sort of now gives tun reason to not choose anwar as his successor and the people would agree.

    I dont understand why he insisted in becoming pm. Whts going through this guys mind. He old and already got the pardon. Just retire quietly. I seriously pity wan azizah and the rest of the family.

    Or is it true tht this guy is a 101 narcissist.

    Gives me shudder to think tht this psycho is our next pm.

  8. Good advice, Annie - to carefully filter through much of the garbage in the news.

    Whatever, the establishment has been shaken by this video and the open confession.

    Quite frankly, I think a snap election is needed to break the current dysfunctional government, though whether whoever wins will be any different, is left to be seen.

    1. Elok sja military take over mcam Thailand but in an irderly manner. Bila all the politicians semua otak2 dah tenang dn setel sikit baru adakn new election.

      Kena kasi discipline cikit semua otak2 sewel ni semua baru negara aman damai dan tenteram. Yg ngada2 buat macam Indo

    2. ..continue
      Yg ngada2 suka bikin kacau memanjanh buat mcam Indonesia, boh atas sampan dan hanyutkn mrk ke laut

      Professor Nasi Lemak


  9. Apa pasat Bulayu ini macam maa aa , sana cucuk sini cucuk , haii Yaa !!!!, Wa betut tatak paham lea aa.

  10. surprise Annie hasnt pin this on DAP

    1. Bangsa DAP baik2,rajin,tidak rasis,bijaksana,jujur & amanah.Paling penting Bangsa DAP pembayar cukai terbanyak & pengerak ekonomi.

    2. Mitos byr cukai paling byk though...

  11. P.Ramlee dah boleh baca feel orang Melayu. Most of his films are about how Malays sebagai satu bangsa yang kuat dendam kesumat. Busuk hati. Kawan jadi lawan. Ini hakikat. Sembahyang tonggang tebalik tetapi hati busuk macam taik. Baik muda atau tau. Sedihhhh..orang yang kita harap boleh jadi duri dalam daging.
    Ya Allah...buka lah hati orang yang suka AIB kan orang. Berilah ketenangan pada hamba mu ini dan jauhkan dari godaan SYAITANNNNN

  12. Azmin has integrity by lodging police report
    Letting the court to take its course
    Displaying leadership skill by containing the issue immediaely
    A contrast to hiding or taking to the street


  13. A question which crossed my mind about these sex videos, is whether the two men actually had sex in terms of actual anal intercourse or other sexual acts which would be considered as being against the order of nature under the law.

    According to the law, even oral sex such putting a penis into another's mouth, even of one's wife, is against the order of nature, and even a man inserting his penis into the anus of a woman, even his wife.

    However, if these two men in the video merely posed or even hugged and cuddle each other whilst naked in bed without any insertion, that would not amount to a crime having been committed under the law.

    That said however, even if the two men did not engage in sexual acts which went so far as to break the relevant law, still it's politically damaging in terms of public perception.

  14. seks seks seks dan seks
    2. Kamu mampu Kencing ramai orang hampir pada keseluruhan masa
    3. usah lupa, Kamu tidak akan boleh Berak semua orang sepanjang di setiap ketika

    seks seks seks seks & seks

  15. it not politic plot. could be old man M accidently discovered. this "ais krim" addicted guy store the video inside his pon after recording without hafee permission. maybe for future use if be peam. remember old man M ask new polis to know which people around good or bad. during cabinets meeting all pon cannot bring in lah. kena clone. so happen these not deleted. keep for own sick view. anyway good riddence the "ais krim" guy. pas pis and umngok going to miss him. like someone say only 10% good in work as he is in talking.

  16. Boy oh boy!

    The politischeiss has not stopped hitting the fan and splattering all over.

    "Diehard ‘reformasi veterans’ tell Azmin to go on leave, question Dr M’s defence"

    "Haziq's father lodges police report, claims house broken into"

    "Parliamentary panel seeks meeting with inexperienced MACC chief on ideas to fight graft"

    Meanwhile, Canada tells Malaysia - "Keep our shit".

    "Canada has no plans take back plastic waste in Malaysia"

  17. How lah! Daddy says "not my son" but son says "it's me".

    "Haziq's father: It's not my son in the video"

    How much crazier will this sexy video thinggie get?

    And after a short pullback, the ringgit is weakening again vs the U.S. dollar.

  18. "Diehard ‘reformasi veterans’ tell Azmin to go on leave, question Dr M’s defence" by a Doctor who will only stand in the sun at the golf course calling themselves otai reformasi......kahkahkahkah..

    1. nama kena gah bro, walhal tin kosong je, jasa pd negara? zero! Otai petai.

    2. OTAI = otak tahi
      these donkeys, i believe are supporters of anwar, by calling Tun to set a date to hand over the pmship to anwar is as good as ending anwar's chances of taking over from Tun to be the pm which he is so hardup for.

  19. Sigh! When I look at the news about the alleged Haziq-Azmin sex video and all that has subsequently followed, I don't even want to copy and paste links to garbage over here.

    When I turn to the international scene, there's more garbage about which garbage politician will become the U.K.'s Conservative prime minister to replace Theresa May.

    Over in the U.S., there's nothing but garbage on both th Republican and Democrat sides of the divide.

    And, many Canadians regard their prime minister as garbage.

    Meanwhile, Canada tells Malaysia to keep THEIR garbage.

    If Malaysia's garbage politicians have the political will, ship the Canadian garbage back to Canada and dump it in Vancouver Harbour.

  20. garbage politician with d will? kihkihkiekiek....u mean garbage can with d wheel?

    1. Philippines ships 69 containers of garbadge back to Canada - Washington Posts


    2. Fatin n Fadzireen

      Video tu takde kena mengena dgn garbage.. its political. Awat la PH jadi sampai lagu ni nuuuuu?

      Boring la bab2 Canadian garbage. Moh tgk ni lagi best, plot lebih kurang dekat nak sama;

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    3. "Philippines ships 69 containers of garbadge back to Canada - Washington Posts"

      Well they have Duterte, we have ta-ii.

  21. I don't want a PM that has issues with his sexual orientation. Already have a wife still want sex with young boys. If he can't make up his mind about this simple thing how is he going to manage our country ?

    Anwar and all his semburit boys from PGayR are out. No need to consider as PM. Azmin, Rafizi and all included.

    1. I agree with u, Anon 12.08. Azmin is finished even if the police manage to identify the culprit that traped him. He, Anwar, Rafizi & all the jambu boys are birds of the same feather. We don't want them as our leader. Period.

    2. You're correct CikMinah... "birds of the same feather", flock together. The gaylord or kepala-bapak 'bird'... do I need to mention his name?... started this liwat and associated it with politics until kids in the kindergarten too became familiar with this despicable act, especially to Malay-Muslims.

      Perhaps, this is the reason why liwat cases had been on the rise since 1998... and since then, it's synonymous with religious institution where young boys are preyed upon.

    3. makes no different where u turn. once u hate someone every reason is another him. ‘arrggg…look at tat sucker, praying 5x a day, i know he is saying prayers to d devil..’ when it boiled to tat assent then there is nothing left to say for.

    4. Well.. basically there're two categories of hating someone, no matter what and how the hatred came about.

      When you hate an ordinary guy in the street, a pop-star, your sibling or a teacher in school, its a personal matter and does not harm your community or the country at large.

      However, when you hate a politician who's in the position to become a leader of your Bangsa, Agama & Negara, its a different ball altogether.
      More so, when you knew his early backgrounds as a student activist since Baling-demo 1974, the manner he rose in UMNO, his chameleon-like political ideology and the twist & turns he got to the position he is today, in spite of his sexual orientation and his sexcapade with China-doll.

      Therefore, its my duty as a fellow-Muslim to howl anywhere I could so that this good for nothing scumbag cannot be a leader, representing Malaysians and my so-called Islamic Country on the world stage.

      As I've said before... hostile foreign nation might have other crystal-clear bisexual-videos of him in action which can be used to squeeze his balls against Malaysian's interest.

    5. RD, have you heard/read CUI BONO - who gain the most from the 'semburit video'....?
      It all started from the head. Kalau kepala sudah rosak, rosak satu belanga. No wonder WAWI tak mahu letak jawatan for dear hubby to take over. Rupa-rupanya ada video pak sheikh beri pisang kat anak ikang diIndonesia. Kahkahkah All these while, every one think, it is the work of mamu Karla....kikiki

    6. Patut pun, dulu kerap sangat pergi Indonesia... hampir setiap minggu ke apa.
      Ketika itu pun saya sudah agak, mesti ada insiden 'terpijak kulit-pisang, jatuh tercucuk lobang-pungkoq anak-muida Indonesia.

  22. The sex video saga continues.

    Azmin believes it's an inside job

    "Azmin says ‘convinced’ sex videos are inside job after PKR man goes missing"

    He said the video clips first spread last Tuesday (June 11) in new WhatsApp groups created by anonymous senders. Many journalists and PKR members were included in the groups.

    "These WhatsApp groups contained all the contact numbers of branch leaders and lower-ranked branch level office bearers," said Datuk Seri Azmin on Sunday (June 16), as quoted by The Star online news.

    "I don't have access to this information. The question is who provided this information to create these WhatsApp groups.

    My questions is: - Even if the sender of video to several WhatsApp groups comprised of the mobile numbers of journalists and PKR members, each WhatsApp group has one or more Group Admins, so why can't investigators try and identify those Group Admins by their mobile number and more importantly the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of their device used, IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number and SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) number.

    The IMEI number uniquely identitifies their device and no two mobile devices in the world have the same IMEI number.

    The IMSI number uniquely identifies the individual GSM (3G, 4G or 5G) subscriber and the cellular network they are subscribed to.

    The SIM card is an integrated circuit - a physical electronic device - i.e. a smart card which securely stores the IMSI.

    In Malaysia, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission requires all SIM card vendors to register the MyKad or passport details of anyone who buys a prepaid SIM card or subscribes to a postpaid account, though this is not always complied with or properly enforced.

    However, based upon these details related to the mobile number of the Group Admin or Group Admins of the WhatsApp groups, investigators, including the MCMC can at least identify the device used by the sender, the cellular network the device was on at the time and if the vendor who sold the SIM card had recorded the details of the purchaser and had reported it to the MCMC as is required, thy could track down the sender.

    Also, based upon technology which the MCMC has, if the owner of the device with that IMEI number discards the prepaid SIM and inserts another SIM for regular use, the MCMC should be able to track down the subscriber related to the regular SIM from its IMSI number, unless the user discards the smartphone altogether as well.

    This is a job for Y.B. Gobind Singh Deo, since it comes under his ministry.

    1. People can overcome all the above with many ways...

      - instead of using cellphone they use laptop using WhatsApp web
      - the laptop they can go to one rural town kedai internet where it doesn't have CCTV and send from there
      - as regards sim registration they can use 1 Bangla or Nepali for that sim card registration and there goes all traces
      Etc etc

  23. Singh kena investigate la. Jangan cakap aja. Dulu kuat sangat tembak kata orang tak betul. So please do your job quickly. Swift actions required...

    1. Ayoyo ama apa.. byk fb acts kan dah dok kena godam.. apahal bab video belalai gajah lambat pula nak solve?

      Buang masa raykat aje, tak lama lagi Q2 financial lepot coming out.. itu Jomo Kwame Sundaram pun dh kasi amalan kan? Ade sekok nak kepit briefcase pi bawa balik Panda plak dah?? Kasi elek memanjang...

      Video azmin tu sekadar nak kasi RD, cikminah, fatin, Fadzireen dn all excitable PH supporters naik berahi aje.. kesian betoi hangpa nu, awat kena main kaw kaw sampai jadi lagu ni? boling la drama PH ni. Moh tgk ni lagi best..

      Professor Nasi Lemak

    2. Nasi lemak, since when u r interested in economy ? U don't care when boss penyamun and his partners in crime stole money from us the rakyat and made us pay all his debts?

      Now that we have to pay penyamun debts and all, do u think Malaysia's economy is going to get better easily ?

  24. syukurlah ni skandal video seks bukan salah DAP :)

  25. Just wonder is sex scandal the most popular weapon to destroy your political opponents in Malaysia.

    Come to think of it, don't read much of sex scandal from other countries.

    Why are our useless politicians trying to hard to destroy the image of this beautiful country of ours. If i am superman, i will send all of them to the skull island for King Kong to deal with them.