Tuesday 2 February 2016

Mount Lambak

Nothing much to do in the office now, so I think I write a bit.

I'm actually already in holiday mood.

Looking forward to going back to Kluang again this weekend for CNY.

I always enjoy staying at my grandparents' house.

Back when I was a kid, the best time of the year was when my mom took me back to our hometown.

I actually spent a lot of time as a kid at my grandparents' place.

I did a posting on that quite a while back.

Till today, I always enjoy meeting up with cousins and other relatives there.

I tried to go back to Kluang every festive season or if there was a family gathering.

Family is very important.

It's something that my mother inculcates in me since young.

Most of my mother's family live in the same neighbourhood, so we are all very close with each other.

My cousins are practically like brothers and sisters.

Some of them were also back in Kluang for the weekend of cleaning up our home for CNY.

Yesterday morning, a few of us went to 

Gunung Lambak

It's just about 15 minutes drive from our neighbourhood.

Just wanted to take a hike for an exercise.

It was fun.

Here are some pictures which I took while I was there,

A peaceful pathway

Walking on this suspension bridge is a lot of fun.

A little stream. It's bigger during rainy season, I was told.

People doing Falun Dafa exercise.
In case you all ever got to Kluang, do try to find some time to visit this place.

It makes you feel very much at peace.

Honestly, I'm happier writing this kind of postings nowadays.

Can promote my hometown a bit.

Better than writing about political garbage all the time.

Only people with no life do that... or got paid to do it.

Well, never mind.

I will do another posting later in the day if I have the time.



  1. So, Annie, I guess you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. That is good as it give you a clearer perspective on life. You realized that people are mostly the same... we have aspirations for our family, wished the future generation to do well in life and generally wanted the best for them. So what's your take after spending your time with one other part of your family and another with the Malay part? Do we not share similar traits?

    1. You are right. We are actually the same. It's just that our priorities may be different because of our cultural heritage and the societal environment.

  2. Wow, just read the Daily Bitter, ie that blog lah which is gunning for you.
    Wow, just because she has some Malay/Muslim followers, she's become so arrogant to decide who's a "Melayu sesat" and demand hukum Islam to defend her row with you!
    More and more I'm convinced she's manipulating Malay Muslims in her secret perjuangan for DAP.
    Being a kaypoh, yesterday I Googled her name and Malaysiakini where she used to work. AMBOI!!!! I suggest her Malay/Muslim supporters baca them. Very revealing.

  3. Tak lambak tinggi macam mana, but that's alright .. just enjoy


  4. I guess you didn't hike the mountain? It's a pretty challenging 3-hour trek up to the peak but you'll get a good view of Kluang and the surrounding areas.

    Other than the famous Kluang Rail Coffee, maybe you should also promote any good eats around town!

    1. True, didn't hike to the top. Just spent time walking around the recreational area. Will try to write more about Kluang during CNY holiday :)


    2. Apa pasat itu nama Gunung Lambak ?. Wa ingat lulu-lulu Wa belajar BM ,itu Lambak atak maksud bertaburan atau bersepak lea aa .

      Wa atak pegi itu tempat ,tapi Wa tatak jumpa itu jambatan gantung maa aa , Wa cuma nampak lamai budak-budak mandi lor rr.

      Manyak sedeh lea aa ,kalang-kalang ini tempat riadah (lendah olang punya) manyak tatak jaga maa aa .

    3. Lufang, itu you pegi bila? Sekarang itu tempat sudah bikin cantik. You pegi la lagi sekali.

  5. Remember my first gf resides in kluang.miss the smell of kg tengah

  6. Used to visit Kluang at least once a month in the eighties during the course of my work. Spent countless pleasant nights at Kluang Rest House. Haven't been there since. Wonder how much has changed. Memories keep flooding back