Monday 29 February 2016

Go DiCaprio!

In this post,

Relaxing time

I wrote that I hope DiCaprio to win Oscar for best actor.

Turned out today that he really won the award.

Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins Academy Award

The guy deserves it.

This was his sixth nominations, for goodness sake.

DiCaprio is definitely getting better as he matures.

He was really good in that The Revenant movie.

Actually, I have not watched the others nominated for best movie, including Spotlight which won the award.

Don't really have time to go to cinema of late.

Furthermore, I'm a bit fed up to keep track of what's going on in the movie scene because there's too many comic book stuff these days.

Hopefully, they are going to show the Academy Award nominated movies in Astro's movie channels soon.

I'll just wait for that.

Otherwise, I'll just watch movies online.

As for comic book stuff, I prefer watching such as these,

Yup, certain stuff simply not inspiring :)


Because I'm Batmannnn....hahahaha


Err, not today.

Tired of it leh.

Sunday 28 February 2016

No worries

Riding back to JB in a short while.

Been a nice relaxing weekend.

It's the best being with cousins and friends here.

I always like to be in Singapore every now and then even back then.

Used to cross over the Causeway every chance I got.

Maybe I should do it more often.

See lah how.

Okay, going off now.

Stay safe :)

Singing like Singaporeans

Another Sunday.

Should not be a day to get all stressed up.

So, this is going to be a short one.

Yesterday, someone asked me how to live in Malaysia now that things have changed.

The guy is young and live most of his adult life in the free internet era.

Told him that Malaysians who want to continue living a good life need to do these from now onwards:

1. Conform

2. Do not complain or protest

3. Be very careful about trusting anyone

4. Learn to work within the bureaucracy

5. Obey the laws and instructions of the authorities

6. Be on the safe side of things.

If those are too difficult, get ready to migrate...if you can la.

Well, that's all I can think of.

It's not so bad okay.

As I said, it's now just a bit like Singapore.

It's even tighter here actually, but I think Singaporeans are still happy the way they are.

I went around here in Singapore yesterday and I saw many happy looking people.

They seem happier than the people of Lim Guan Eng's Penang, I think.

Maybe freedom is overrated after all.

Look at our country after relative freedom for the past 20 years...all messed up.

That's what happened when we were free to say whatever we want.

Especially when the hate mongers who simply can't stand people of various races and religions living peacefully together were not countered properly by the good guys.

It's just too bad.

Now the authorities simply take those freedom in Singapore.

But never mind, we Malaysians really can learn from Singaporeans, now that things have changed back like in the old days in our country.

I'm quite sure we will get used to the whole thing soon.

Okay, enough of the serious nonsense.

I just want to hang out and relax at the beautiful park near my aunt's place later.

Public parks in Singapore are the best. Not a single leaf out of place :)

My cousins and me are going to have BBQ there.

It's going to be fun...and hopefully it will not rain.

See, it's okay to be like the Singaporeans.

And with that, here's a song for your Sunday entertainment;

Saturday 27 February 2016

Be more like Singaporeans

At my aunt's place in Singapore.

Rode over here last night for the weekend.

Woke up for Subuh just now.

It's exactly 6.44am as I start writing this now.

Everything's quiet.

Well, they suspended TS Muhyiddin Yassin last night.

Was not really surprised.

I expected that from the start of the Umno civil war.

Doesn't matter.

They should just cut the bullshit and sack the guy.

No need to suspend.

For me it's just part of things turning full circle for Malaysia.

The country is reverting back to its old self.

It's the end of an era.

We actually took a departure from our true path on Feb 12 1996.

The lunching of Multimedia Super Corridor by then PM DS Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

That's 20 years ago.

Click on this link to know more:

MSC Malaysia

Don't worry. It's just a link to Wikipedia and not some wierd website.

Well, we were the envy of the world at that time.

Even the Singaporeans were envious of us.

The price we have to pay : We have to give ourselves the freedom of speech and expression in cyberspace.

Well, as you all may noticed, it's ending now.

You can't simply write what you want anymore.

If you do, you will be shut down...or blocked.

PM DS Najib Razak explained why.

Please click on this link:

Netizens for the greater good 

Some of you all may be angry over the whole thing but Najib does have a point there.

Some of us have really been abusing the freedom.

I have seen certain people instigating racial and religious hatred like nobody's business.

These people are making it their life mission to tell the Malays to hate Chinese and vice versa.

They even want the Muslims and Christians to hate each others too.

All because of their personal hatred and vendetta.

Definitely not for the greater interest of Malaysia.

The Malaysian cyberspace has become really toxic because of these people.

They needed to be stopped.

I believe that we should counter these hate mongers by arguing better than them in a free cyberspace.

Apparently, the authorities think otherwise.

They are taking the much easier route.

They have decided to just shut down  everyone who were deemed to be abusing the freedom in cyberspace.

As you all already know, a few have been shut off for various offenses.

I don't agree with the method, but who am I to protest.

Since they are already at it, I hope that they will soon go after the racial and religious hate mongers.

They are the most dangerous among the lot.

I hope the authorities will not be selective in implementing this policy of shutting down the bad people from cyberspace.

I hope it applies to everyone across the political divide.

Anyway, this is like before we have the internet.

You talk too much, you kena.

Maybe they will go after Dr Mahathir after this.

After all it's the handsome old man who started all these silly freedom thing with his MSC project and Vision 2020.

Actually, I don't mind so much that Malaysians now have less freedom.

We will be more like Singaporeans that way.

Hey, that's what the DAP people want all along, right?

Here in Singapore, they don't have Singapore Insider or Singaporekini, okay.

They also don't have blogs inciting racial and religious hatred.

You make a bit too much noise, you go in, okay.

I think they can even charge you in court for being smelly.

Anything that's disturbing to others is wrong in Singapore.

Being like Singapore is really not bad at all.

The whole place is clean, people are disciplined, the facilities and attitude are genuinely of first world stature, and there's almost zero corruption.

And on top of that, the PM is handsome.

Even more handsome than KJ, okay.

Friday 26 February 2016

Not an easy job

So, they blocked The Malaysian Insider.

Somehow I was not really surprised when I heard the news yesterday.

In fact, I think more will come.

That's how things are of late.

Whatever it is, TMI which is an anti-establishment news organisation had been pushing its luck too much anyway.

I do wonder though what happened to all the talks that Umno is buying the portal and such.

TMI was said to be on sale.

Guess the story was not true.

I also wonder what is going to happen to the journalists working for TMI.

I have a few friends there.

Will call them later today to find out.

Hopefully they are okay.

It's not easy losing a job especially now that the economy doesn't seems to be doing too well.

Really, on the ground, things seems to be getting a little tougher despite all the good projections and everything.

The other day, just before CNY, another prominent portal, which however is a pro-establishment, got into financial troubles and ended up not being able to pay the salaries of its staff.

I lent a bit of money to a journalist friend working there so that he could celebrates CNY.

It's now past Chap Goh Meh and his salary is not yet coming.

I hope the TMI journalists will not suffer too much like my friend.

But then again, maybe the blocking is just a temporary thing.

Maybe TMI will be operational again as usual in a month or two.

I think it just need to change its editorial policy a bit and things will be okay again.

Maybe TMI will do so accordingly later.

Whatever it is, for me, that's the fact of life in Malaysian journalism.

You push your luck with freedom of the Press to the limit.

The trick is, for you not to break it.

Every good journalist in this country does that.

Even those working for pro-establishment news organisations do it.

Bear in mind that the majority of TMI journalists formerly worked for the extremely pro-establishment New Straits Times.

Being a real journalist is indeed tougher than being a blogger or other social media practitioners.

While bloggers, facebookers and such normally have other sources of income, most journalists rely on just their job to earn a living.

If the news organisation they work for shuts down, then they simply have to suffer.

And they have to work by a tougher standard of scrutiny.

Anyway, as the saying goes among my journalist friends,

"You live by the pen, you die by the pen."

Maybe they can replace the word "pen" with "keyboard".

Thursday 25 February 2016

Remembering Tunku Jalil

Was earlier on my way to the office when out of the blue I remembered the late Tunku Jalil.

It's one of those occasional moments when without any reason I remember someone who had passed away.

I recited the Surah Al-Fatihah and prayed in my heart,

"Dear Allah, I recited that surah for Tunku Jalil. I hope You may accept it. Please place arwah by Your side, among those whom You love."

It's my usual doa whenever I remember or miss someone whom I loved who is no longer in this world.

I do that quite regularly for my late grandparents (my father's parents) and uncles who had passed away.

I'm not a really religious person and I do not know how to recite the proper doa.

Hopefully Allah don't mind too much my lack of religious knowledge.

When Tunku Jalil passed away in December last year, I didn't write anything except republishing what I had earlier wrote about the late prince,

I was actually at that time lost for words.

I do not consider myself a royalist but somehow the passing of Tunku Jalil moved me so much, the same way when his grandfather, the late Sultan Iskandar died a few years earlier.

The significance of the late Tunku Jalil to me was that when I found out he was suffering from cancer, I started to follow his going arounds and in the process rediscovered my love for my home state Johor.

It was at a time when I started to hate Johor for all the bad things which were happening there.

The late prince represented all that are good about Johor.

Kind, caring, courageous, humble, etc.

Reading about how bravely Tunku Jalil struggled to cope with his ailment made me realised my own shortcomings.

It made me realised that I'm not necessarily right about everything, especially about how I see my home state at that time, and that there were many flaws in the way I live my life.

The good prince had such a short time in this world, yet he filled his life with such an abundance of love and compassion.

It's something that I really admired in him.

In comparison, sometimes I tend to be quite nasty and unkind to people who make me angry.

I wish, I can be more like the late prince.

Life should be more about love, and not hate.

I wish I can be more redha (to accept things as fated and be patient about them).

Anyway, I will always remember Tunku Jalil for all the goodness in him.

Found this video clip about the late prince which I like very much and putting it here for remembrance,

Wednesday 24 February 2016

Go KJ!

Saw this on the front page of today's Berita Harian,

Not bad KJ.

I got cholesterol problem too. So, I think I should do what KJ is doing now.

And this is the story on page 5 of the newspaper,

Hey, at least he is doing something good, presenting a good image of an Umno leader.

I know that many Umno people are still sore with him for what happened between 2004 - 2008, but what other choice do they have now in term of young leadership?

I used to go all out supporting KJ's supposed rival DS Mukhriz Mahathir, but they had thrown him out.

No point talking about it, okay.

I used not to like KJ that much too but I think he is doing quite okay now.

Well, at least he is smarter and better in so many ways than many other Umno leaders.

And the fact that he is doing his job rather than getting bogged down in the political quagmire that is the Umno civil war is a good indication of what he can offer as a leader.

Seriously, how many Umno leaders who can do push ups, crawl underneath barbed wires, keep up with youths running and on bicycle as well as do poco poco like KJ?

Let's not even mention being handsome and wearing stylish tight pants, okay.

Most can only talk and play politics only.

As for the KJ's story which came out nicely today, I think he made the right choice getting himself Regina Lee as his press secretary after all.

I know, I made fun of her a couple of times in the past because Lim Guan Eng kinda fond of her when she was a journalist, but she turned out to be doing her job very well for KJ.

Okay, I admit, I was also jealous of her because she is prettier than's a women thing that some of us silly ones can't help ourselves but to feel for each others.

But hey, when Regina is doing good, at least I admit that she's good la....unlike some other women :)

Whatever it is, a good press secretary can makes a lot of good difference for a politician.

Especially for someone like KJ.

Tuesday 23 February 2016

The need for an ally

I'm not feeling really well today.

Don't feel like writing even nonsense.

Instead I'm just going to cut and paste an opinion piece from Reuters.

After reading it, you all should decide whether Malaysia need to ally itself with other countries to protect its sovereignty.

I think we should.

I wish we could be China's ally, but by the way things are, I'm afraid it's not likely going to be so.

STRAIT OF MALACCA (Jan. 26, 2011) The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) leads the Royal Malaysian Navy frigate KD Lekir (FF 26) during a passing exercise. Carl Vinson and Carrier Air Wing 17 are underway on a deployment to the U.S. 7th Fleet area of responsibility.

What makes just 16 missiles such a deadly threat in the South China Sea

By James Holmes

In a move that should surprise precisely no one, China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has positioned surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) on one of its South China Sea islands — namely Woody Island, home to Sansha, the administrative capital for the islands, atolls, and other geographic features Beijing claims in the Paracels and Spratlys. For Beijing this move makes eminent sense on many levels: it constitutes yet another reply to American and Southeast Asian challenges to its claims of “indisputable sovereignty” over most of the South China Sea.
For a 19th-century Prussian take on the situation, think about Carl von Clausewitz’s definition of war. War, opines the West’s master of strategy, is essentially fighting, while fighting in turn is “a trial of moral and physical forces through the medium of the latter.” That is, it’s a test of wills settled through deploying manpower and hardware for battlefield encounters. Whoever prevails by force of arms wins — and breaks the enemy’s resolve to continue the fight in the process. Battlefield victory begets strategic and political success.
A war of words, on the other hand, might be described as a trial of moral and physical forces through the medium of perceived physical force. To prevail in a peacetime showdown, convince the opponent and influential outsiders that you would have won in actual combat. Do that — make believers out of important audiences — and you may reap the rewards of victory without enduring the hazards, costs, and sheer caprice of combat. You may win without fighting — as sane leaders everywhere want to.
The missile deployment represents Beijing’s way of trying to make Asian and Western competitors believers in the PLA’s unbeatable martial prowess. Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense reported spotting two batteries of eight HQ-9 missiles apiece, along with the associated search and fire-control radars. Admiral Harry Harris, commander of the Hawaii-based U.S. Pacific Command, confirmed the report while condemning China’s “militarization” of South China Sea waters and skies — something China’s President Xi Jinping has vowed not to do. Harris’ words corroborate the reporting out of Taipei convincingly.
But what does it all mean? Start with the obvious: this is a weapons system that packs a wallop. The Woody Island deployment spells danger for hostile air forces that venture within a sizable bubble above and around Woody Island. The HQ-9’s maximum range of 200 km, or about 124 miles, traces the outer reaches of that bubble, which encloses some 48,300 square miles of sea area — about the same land area as my former home state of Mississippi — centered on the island. That empowers HQ-9s to bring down aircraft anywhere over the Paracels group — including over Triton Island, where USS Curtis Wilbur staged a “freedom-of-navigation” cruise last month. These lethal “birds” could make short work of the helicopters operated by surface ships like Curtis Wilbur.
That should give American skippers pause before defying Chinese challenges to freedom of the seas — one of which is the freedom to operate aircraft outside coastal states’ territorial seas, namely anywhere more than 12 nautical miles offshore. The HQ-9 is a Franken missile. A close cousin to Russia’s S-300 — a missile that keeps American and allied aviators awake nights — it allegedly incorporates technology from U.S. Army Patriot SAMs as well. China reportedly obtained a Patriot from Israel following the first Gulf War, studied it, and used its findings to improve the HQ-9 during the research and development phase. China is the Borg of military affairs: it strives constantly to add foreigners’ technological distinctiveness to its own, making PLA weaponry more lethal than it otherwise might be.
But it would be a mistake to interpret Woody Island’s HQ-9s as a standalone weapons system. Sure, 16 missiles constitutes a potent deterrent to Southeast Asian air forces, which field small numbers of tactical aircraft — many of which are technologically backward. The Vietnam People’s Air Force, to name one such force, boasts an impressive-looking force of 217 Russian-built MiG and Sukhoi fighter aircraft. Of those, however, fully 144 are MiG-21s — Soviet planes that first took to the skies in 1955. These antique warbirds would make easy pickings for HQ-9s. Or, Chinese air defenses could take down a sizable fraction of Vietnam’s more modern, 73-plane inventory should Hanoi hurl them into the fray. The prospect of losing one-fifth of Vietnam’s air force in an afternoon could certainly deter.
It doesn’t stop there, however. PLA commanders’ goal is to erect an increasingly dense thicket of defenses against ships, aircraft, and missiles spanning areas China considers its own. Anti-ship missiles stationed along the mainland’s shorelines can already strike throughout the South China Sea. Land-based, missile-armed aircraft are part of the mix, as are missile-armed surface craft and submarines. So is China’s nascent force of aircraft carriers.h Missile batteries deployed to all Chinese-held islands — naturally occurring, like Woody Island, or manufactured, like Mischief Reef — would integrate with such weaponry, creating overlapping fields of fire. In other words, ships or planes entering China’s no-go zone would face multiple threats along multiple axes. Commanders would think twice before hazarding precious assets and crews in Southeast Asia — and might abjure the attempt altogether.
If so, Beijing will have upheld its territorial claims without fighting. By making believers out of prospective foes, it will have vindicated its indisputable sovereignty in the South China Sea. Sovereignty, at its most basic, means physical control of territory and airspace within certain lines inscribed on the map. Physical supremacy in the South China Sea would let Beijing dictate the rules whereby ships and aircraft pass through regional waters and skies. It would also let Beijing reserve the right to close Southeast Asian sea routes to foreign shipping should it see the need — making one of the world’s great nautical thoroughfares a no-go zone.
So enough with the tit-for-tat debate over who militarized what in Southeast Asia. Navies are the guardians of freedom of the sea. When someone lodges unlawful claims, navies flout those claims to keep them from calcifying into international practice and, perhaps, into customary international law. China, therefore, can always claim America was the first to militarize the South China Sea controversy — a controversy that China itself created by challenging freedom of the seas. If Beijing won this point, it’s a trivial one. It’s doubtful anyone will buy the narrative that a hegemonic United States is bullying poor little China.
And on and on the Clausewitzian dialogue by displays of force will go. To reply to China’s HQ-9 challenge, the United States and its Asian allies must demonstrate that they can exercise maritime freedoms despite the worst the PLA can throw at them. They should also ponder how to prove that they could take down Chinese missile sites should the worst come. If they do that, they may make believers of the Chinese and other observers—and bolster their likelihood of deterring future Chinese misconduct.

Monday 22 February 2016

Whacking, is it really helping?

I was once scolded by a senior for writing an article about the absurdity of supporting DS Anwar Ibrahim.

He said I was being "too soft".

"You should whack him hard, exposed him for what he truly is, and make people hate him," he said.

Admittedly the article was not hard-hitting, but that's because I didn't intend it to be so.

I was instead trying to reason with the readers that Anwar is not actually someone they should follow due to his many character flaws.

But I didn't try to explain to my senior why I wrote the article the way it was.

I saw no point in it.

He is the aggressive type who enjoys "whacking" people that he doesn't like in his writings.

It makes him feels powerful, I guess.

You see, the guy is the macho type.

He would go around telling people,

"Have you read my article today? I whacked the bugger really hard, that he surely can't eat or sleep for days."

I was like, okay, that's fine with me, do write what you want, but I'm not going to be like that.

For one thing, whacking people in writing, for me, doesn't serves any purpose other than making one "syok sendiri".


Okay, once in a while is still not so bad....sorts of like letting off steam.

But whacking people everyday?

Will it have the desired effect?

Let's say I'm a BN cybertrooper. Am I really helping BN if I turn myself into a rabid attack dog for it?

For me, people who read my articles will judge what I stand for, based on how I present myself.

If I'm behaving like a rabid attack dog, then the readers will see BN as a dog, at least.

Instead, if I present myself as a nice person who reasons with a certain level of intelligence, then  the readers may likely see BN as nice and intelligent too.

I have seen blogs which whacked the supposed enemies receiving pageviews rate by the millions, but who are really the audience of these blogs, actually?

Are such blogs really capable of convincing the crucial fence sitters instead of just being a platform for same-minded party members to whack the enemies?

I don't know about you all, but whacking people seems so stressful to me, especially these days.

I'm now trying to avoid doing that as much as I can.

I doubt it's effective anyway.

The harder you whack someone, the harder it is for people to believe you.

People are not stupid.

They will ask questions such as,

"Hey, the one being whacked is a good person and have done so much good. Why the blogger is whacking him so hard like that? What has the person ever done to the blogger? The blogger got paid ka to whack him so hard like that? "


"The blogger must be jealous of the person being whacked? Otherwise, how to explain all the hate, isn't it? The one getting whacked prettier than the blogger, is it? Terrible blogger. Why BN blogger like that one?"

Well, really, even though I always try to write from my heart, I also think of what ever little insignificant impact my writing have on the people.

I don't want my writings to make things worse like that.

But, as I had discovered recently, those running the BN/Umno machinery at the moment prefer the macho style.

Whack till they die, so it was said.

Maybe they are smarter than me.

In that case, then they can go ahead with it.

Well, it's their party, after all.

Since my reasoning style is not favoured by them, I'm just going to sit and observe.

That's about it.

Okay, I admit that I'm not perfect.

That's why I think it's better for me to try to reason with people rather then telling them how to think.

I'm not necessarily right all the time, okay.

Whatever it is, I'm not going to behave like a know it all diva and whack everyone that I dislike or disagree with.

At least not all the time la.

Chap Goh Meh Blues

Someone asked me how I felt last night.

He asked because he heard I'm in bad shape.

Turned out it's because some people told him that I'm suffering from mental fatigue or some nonsense like that.

Told him I'm okay.

Just a bit tired from the long ride earlier.

It was tough keeping up with the bigger bikes, especially along the straights.

Will try to avoid riding in a convoy like that again.

Riding alone is much nicer.

Anyway, as for how I'm feeling at the moment, please listen carefully to this guy,

That's how I'm feeling right now, okay

Except that I have no blue suede shoes.

Maybe I should buy one :)

Well, most of the family are celebrating Chap Goh Meh in KL.

Even my grandparents are there.

So, the house in Kluang is empty.

No need to balik kampung this time.

Never mind. I don't really care much for Chap Goh Meh.

Some said Muslims should not celebrate it anyway....but I'm not really sure why.

Too lazy to find out.

Whatever it is, I got to wake up early and do work.

Better sleep now.


Saturday 20 February 2016

Japanese rhapsody

Suddenly feel like singing this song again,

It's my favourite song from the Studio Ghibli's movies.

Wish I can be on a flight to Japan tomorrow.

Maybe can still catch the winter there.

Be at a snowy small town by the Sea of Japan.

Simply beautiful.

Can forget about all the nonsense here.

Be at peace.

Maybe later.

Too bad...the Look East Policy will soon be over at the rate things are going in this country.

But I will always love Japan and try to learn something from it.

Trying to rest now.

Long ride up north tomorrow.

Nite....and farewell friend :)

Pork-free, roti canai with mushroom and cheese, a song for angry birds

I was at Sutera Mall the other day to do some stuff.

Was with a friend, who is a Chinese.

After getting our things done, we decided to have lunch at one of the many eateries there.

My friend wanted to try the Thai food at The Boat Noodle.

We walked over there and I saw several Malays including girls wearing tudung among the customers.

They were enjoying varieties of soupy noodle and other types of food in small bowls.

Each bowl costs RM1.90 and normally everyone may order up to five bowls per meal.

My friend ordered for himself and me what he deemed to be the best of choices available.

I'm not very good at ordering food.

I just ate.

Quite nice.

I finished all my bowls of noodles.

Then suddenly I remembered something.

I called the waiter and asked him,

"Is this restaurant pork-free or halal?"

"This is a pork-free restaurant Miss," he replied.

I made a face at my friend and said,

"I'm not supposed to eat here lah. They said pork-free is not good enough. I can only eat at halal shops."

My friend replied.

"Bab makanan kena yakin...Kalau da was-was tak payah makan."

"Eh shut up la. You are not a Muslim, what do you know?" I said to him, a bit irritated.

"Adik angkat aku yang cakap macam tu la. Lagi pun sekarang ni Cina pun boleh jadi pejuang tegar Umno dan penyelamat Umah," he replied with a laugh.

"Ya lah, clever la you," I said, too fed up to argue with him.

At the same time I told myself to be more careful next time.

By the way, last night I had a sure halal food for dinner,

Roti Canai Cendawan Cheese (Roti Canai with mushroom and cheese)


I'm not good at describing how good it is.

You all, especially those in JB should try it yourself.

It's at Warung Jalil in front of the fire-station of Taman U.

Delicious, I tell you.

Okay, for a bit of Saturday entertainment, here's an old song dedicated to all the people who are angry with me out there :)

As the Malays say,

Jangan marah-marah. Nanti lekas tua....dan jadi gemuk dan...macam-macam lagi lah :)

But if you all still want to be angry with me, then go ahead and knock yourselves silly, okay. I don't give a shit.


Friday 19 February 2016

Women are better than men...especially in Wassap group

It turned out that all the fuss over the plan to import 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers was a waste of time.

Here is the story :

Government freezes intake of foreign workers

I think the government should next time try to minimise these kind of nonsense.

Don't get people riled up for nothing, okay.

Anyway, it's good that at least the government is listening to the people.

People don't want, so, just stop it lah.

Actually, the plan was not without its supporters, okay.

Here are two of them from my previous post:

Can half be bangladeshi local men can have more choices...


  1. Anonymous 18 February 2016 at 10:03

    "Can half be bangladeshi women..."

    Sokong 110%.

    Call me racist if you like because I do not like Bangladeshi men but would it help if I said I looove Bangladeshi women? :)

I had a good laugh reading these comments.

You guys are terrible, you know that.

Well, honestly if I have my way, I rather for ALL foreign workers in this country to be women.

Women are always better than men.

They work as hard and good as men and they create less problems.

Think about it.

I don't think many will object if DPM DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is to announce that we are importing 1.5 million Bangladeshi ladies to work in this country.

Okay, talking about terrible men, here is an example;

You see, I'm in this particular bloggers' Wassap group where I'm actually the only girl in it.

Today, there's this thread :

- Fuh...censored...tu siap boleh buat article belasah ko punya commentors!

- Hahahahaha

- Stalking gila babi siot

- Aku sebenarnya kesian kat dia....dah lah busuk, stalker pulak tu

- Haha

- Blogging tahap gila babi

- Sampai trolling anonymous commentors

- And categorising them

- Amende le

- Pastu generalising them as dap/tun operatives

- Aku dah letih nak layan. Tu main musik Mozart je.

- Tak chill langsung hahaha

- Take a chill pill bak kata omputih

- Blogging mcm dia tu founder umno

- Hehehehe

- Ini semua...censored...punya salah tak nak bagi dia oral sex hari tu :)

- Hahahaha sure hamis

- Hehehe kelat tuh

- Bau hamis rasa kelat

- Hoi korang! geli lah!

- Hahahahaha

See, men are terrible.

Yup, and I got terrible friends.

Women are better, okay.

Thursday 18 February 2016

Real life is out there and it doesn't really give a shit

Busy day.

Lots of work in the office.

No time to write earlier.

Also had dinner with some people related to work just now.

Just reached home and feeling very tired.

Also last night got news that a good friend suffered a heart attack.

Quite bad, I heard.

My prayers for him.

He is just in his early 40s.

Got a wife and three kids.

Hope he'll get well....for their sake.

That's real life.

Real responsibilities.

Real people.

Unlike blogging....or being wrapped up in cyberspace.

Thinking that we are the centre of this universe.

Thinking that everything and everyone revolves around us.

Bloated ego.

Swollen head.

While the fact is that each of us are just a tiny insignificant entity in the overall scheme of things.

That what we wrote is not making much difference.

Who are we to tell people to hate each other? To judge people? To accuse people of these and that?

The real world actually doesn't really give a shit about our little pompous selves.

And when the day comes, not that too long from now, as we lay dying alone, we will realise how silly all these nonsense really are.

That it doesn't really matter.

That the real people with real life out there don't really care about our little silly egoistical selves.

So, get real, okay.

Me, I'm just writing for fun.

It's just an outlet to lessen the stress of real life.

Blogging is not life and death.

At least not for me....

Sorry, there's really nothing worthwhile to write at the moment.

Or it's just me being too tired to write a proper posting.

To tired to think, even....

I better stop rambling here.

You all better enjoy this eight minutes of beautiful music instead, okay,

Good night.

Wednesday 17 February 2016

On Bangladeshis

The hot story at the moment is the 1.5 million Bangladeshi issue.

So many people seem to be very unhappy about it.

It's all over the cyberspace.

So, no need for me to put the background here.

Last time I checked there were almost 6 million foreign workers in the country.

That was the combined estimate of the legals and illegals.

So, what's the fuss if we add another 1.5 million?

That makes it about 7 million.

More than double the size of Malaysian Indian population, I think.

But these new ones coming in are Bangladeshis, and they are taking up jobs that most Malaysians rather not do - cleaners, plantation coolies, etc.

Something like what the early Chinese and Indians migrants did which the locals at that time were not keen to do at first - tin mining, rubber tapping, etc.

But I don't think these Bangladeshis want to stay here....aren't they?

How many Bangladeshis have obtained Malaysian citizenship all these years?

I know a lot of Indonesian migrants who managed to do so, but Bangladeshis?

I believe most of them went home after making enough money here.

Are they troublemakers? Prone to commit crime? Have the habit of seducing local girls and taking them back to Bangladesh?

I don't know about you all, but I think Bangladeshis are generally rather docile.

They even hold each others hand in public.

Really, they are not gays, okay.

They are just like that.

And most of them are good Muslims.

Ever heard of a top Bangladeshi terrorist?

Really, I don't mind them that much.

They are probably at number two in term of foreign workers' ranking in my chart.

Number one are Nepalis, whom I find to be quite disciplined, courteous, and dedicated to their work.

It's always nice to be saluted by an immaculately uniformed Nepali guard at a car park of a shopping mall.

Ideally, it's better not to be dependant at all on foreign workers but we have to admit that we need them now to do jobs that the locals are not interested to do.

Of course priority should be given to Malaysians if they need the jobs but if no one among them is interested to do it, then I think it's okay to take in good foreign workers to fill up the vacancies.

That has been the practice for quite a while now, anyway.

We just need to properly regulate their intake to minimise the social costs.

Maybe a law should be enacted to compel employers to do their best to recruit locals for the jobs before resorting to hiring foreigners.

For instance, make the pay more attractive for the locals.

I think employers should be made to do that for the country.

And of course, we should send foreign workers back to their country after they had done their job and earned what they deserved here.

One more thing, don't let anyone abuse the arrangement of hiring foreigners to make excessive profit at the country's expense.

I also think that it's better to spend more energy and time at getting rid of trouble makers among the foreigners such as the drug smugglers, con artists, etc, rather than kicking up a fuss over those who want to come here to earn an honest living and help us build this country.

See, I don't think it's really that bad if we manage things properly instead of just getting emotional about things like this.

Tuesday 16 February 2016

No need to be stressed, the laws already there

A friend called after reading my last posting and told me that I was being silly for worrying over the coming amendment of the Communications and Multimedia Act.

"Eh, if they really want to catch you they don't have to wait for that amendment la. They can do it even now. It's just that they have been lenient in enforcing the laws all these while, okay," he said.

Then my friend pointed to me this article;

“Criminalising slander” already under Penal Code

I read through it and like...oh my, lucky they haven't catch me yet.

Well, I think a lot of people would have been caught if the authorities have been enforcing the laws as they supposed to do..

I do wonder why they didn't do so.

Maybe they were just testing whether we can handle a bit of freedom all these while..

The results were not so good, I guess, and now they need to tighten up things again.

Never mind.

Guess after the amendment, they will really go all out at enforcing the laws..

One way or another, everyone better watch out.

And that I think includes the pro-establishment folks.

Some pro-establishment people are not so nice, okay.

Some are so full of hate and bigoted that I wonder how they got away with it all these while.

I think the authorities will try to be fair by going after offenders from all sides of the political divides.

They will have to, otherwise they will lose credibility.

In a way it's good if all the nasty people in cyberspace be put out of business.

Less stress for Malaysians to figure out who are right and who are wrong.

All they need to do is wait for polling day and decide who they are going to vote for based on whether their lives are getting better or worse.

And I will have a good excuse to write about things other than politics.

Or maybe nothing at all.

I can also just close this blog and set up another one specialising in anime or motorcycles.

That would be more fun, I think.

See lah how.

No more joking around soon

I think the fight is almost over.

The news portals as they are now are dying.

They are running out of money.

Their funders are backing out.

Talk to all those online reporters and you will know that it is true.

I talked to them.

New people are taking over, they said.

Also, it was reported that they will table amendments to the Communications and Multimedia Act in parliament next month.

After that, you all need to be extremely careful with what you write in cyberspace.

You can't go around and write things like,

"Our leaders are smelly monkeys"

which is more or less okay now as it's deemed as just an expression of your displeasure with our leaders.

The statement is quite general, anyway.

However, after the amendments, if you write such words, you may likely go to jail for defaming the country's leadership.

No joke, okay.

No more shooting off your mouth.

Well, I think I have to tighten censorship of your comments in this blog too.

May even have to remove some of your comments which have already been published.

Heck, if it's too difficult, I may just close down the whole bloody thing.

Just not worth the risks anymore, okay.

Anyway, most of the other bloggers that I know have already started to do all these.

Nothing wrong with that though as blogs belong to their owners and it's up to them to decide on what it's going to be.

Actually, I have already started doing the censorship myself.

But almost all the comments which I spiked off so far were due to their stupidity and not because of anything else.

Can you all stop wasting your time after this by not posting comments which I will only have to spike off later?

Please think before you post anything, okay.

Whatever it is, I guess freedom of speech and expression has its limit and Malaysian cyberspace has reached exactly that.

No more jokes about Ahmad Maslan, for you all.

In my case, no more jokes about Lim Guan Eng.

As CM of Penang, he is our leader too, isn't he?

Gonna be North Korean boringness after this, I think.

Monday 15 February 2016

Happy memories and a thank you

I'm feeling quite positive at the moment.

Don't want to spoil it with a negative posting.

Therefore, for today, I just want to share this video about the most beautiful city in the world (in my eyes la),

Wished I had more time there....

I was happy those few days.

It's also a tribute to a friend of mine.

Friend, have a safe trip home and may your life be blessed, always :)


Saturday 13 February 2016

Appeasing Kedahan Malays

Let me start by reiterating that I'm not an expert in Kedah politics.

As I have previously wrote, the last time i did something politically significant in Kedah was during the Sungai Limau by-election in late 2013.

I was on the ground there for the duration of the campaigning period.

That however definitely doesn't qualify me as an expert of Kedah politics, let alone giving me the authority to tell Kedahans what they should or should not do.

You see, I don't believe in all these armchair analysis by people who have never really been on the ground, yet claiming they are the authorities of these and that.

But I did live in the north for quite a while many years ago and therefore more or less understand the general attitude or psyche of the people there.

At one point of my stay there, I even fell in love with someone from Kuala Kedah. A real heart breaker that one :)

So, I'm writing this posting based on what little I know of Kedah and its people from my experience when I was there.

Okay, two days ago I read somewhere that the new Kedah MB DS Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah was going on a campaign to win back the heart and mind of Kedahans following his takeover of the post from DS Mukhriz Mahathir.

I believe what he really meant by Kedahans were the Malays of the state who are directly affected by the current Umno mess there.

Now, I have no intention of discussing Bashah taking over from Mukhriz as MB because that's already water under the bridge. It's done and over with. Whether we like it or not, Kedah Umno/BN is going to be led by Bashah into the next general election.

Also, there's no doubt that the take over of the MB post caused a lot of unhappiness on the ground in Kedah. Even Bashah acknowledged this, thus the decision to go on a campaign to win back support of the people.

What I'm more interested to know now is how Bashah going to convince Kedahans to continue their support for Umno and BN under his leadership in the state amidst all the controversy of the take over.

The way I see it, he has two options on how to talk to Kedahans during his campaign to win back the people's heart and mind.

Option One : The 'either you are with us or against us' method.
"Kalau hang pa semua tak mau sokong pemimpin, hang pa semua boleh berambus dari parti. Kami pemimpin tak perlu hang pa semua yang dok asyik nak lawan cakap ketua. Cuma yang betul-betul setia pada pemimpin yang ada boleh kekal dalam parti. No retreat no surrender!"

Option Two : The "melayu" method.
"Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, saya faham ramai yang tidak berpuas hati dengan apa yang berlaku akhir-akhir ini. Biar lah saya berterus terang disini bahawa keputusan pucuk pimpinan dalam hal ini adalah untuk kebaikan parti dan kesinambungan perjuangan bangsa Melayu. Kita perlu bersatu semula untuk menentukan Umno kekal memerintah selepas pilihanraya akan datang. Itu misi utama kita. Jikalau tuan-tuan dan puan-puan tidak berpuashati dengan saya atau kepimpinan parti, perkara itu bolehlah kita selesaikan dalam pemilihan Umno yang akan datang selepas pilihanraya umum. Undi lah orang lain sebagai ketua. Tetapi yang penting sekarang ialah kita perlu merapatkan barisan dan menentukan kemenangan Umno dalam pilihanraya umum akan datang demi kepentigan bangsa Melayu."

From what little that I know of Kedahan Malays, I think they will prefer to listen to Bashah if he chooses Option Two.

If he chooses Option One, I think Kedahan Malays will take off their shoes and slippers and throw them at him.

Okay, I admit Option Two is not so great either, but at least Bashah stands a better chance by being nice. Malays like nice people.

Chinese, especially DAP operatives (present and former) may prefer the gung ho leadership style of Lim Kit Siang and his son, but I don't think it will work with Malays.

Malays generally don't like arrogant bastards....or bitches.

It's  something to do with their lemah-lembut culture.

Well, at least that's my humble opinion on it.

What do you think?

Anyway,  Bashah actually have a third option.

He can go in front of Kedahans and sing like this cute girl,

But I don't recommend it.

From what little I know of Kedahans, they generally cannot be enticed with "wang".

The right way to start a day

As I was driving back to Kluang yesterday afternoon, I got an idea of writing a political post.

It's about the new Kedah MB's plan to appease Umno members and Kedah Malays.

I thought of writing about it today.

But just now, as I woke up and doing the necessary for the day, I told myself that it's not right for anyone to start a day with something not so nice as politics.

Ya lah, imagine this : woke up, straight away opened the laptop, read blogs and trying to find something to whack someone.

Very unhealthy mind like that, isn't it?

Should instead brush teeth, shower and pray to Allah for a good day and life.

Told myself that I should start my day with something positive like that.

As I previously wrote, political blogging can be very toxic, especially if you got entangled with malicious petty people with shallow mentality and no sense of ethics.

Unfortunately for me, I have to continue a bit more with it as I had been accused of being banished, banned from writing politics and even merajuk for not being paid when I wanted to stop it all.

I have been doing this nonsense for a while now, so, I think I have the right to defend myself by occasionally continue writing about politics.

Just once in a while now, okay.

But not first thing in the morning like this.

I should present something nice instead to start the day.

Here, this is an old song which I like so much when I was very young,

I hope you enjoyed the song.

I like this group because they seemed to enjoy making their music videos at railway stations.

Being from Kluang, I like railway stations :)

Okay, I'll write about the Kedah MB later.

Have a good day for now.


Friday 12 February 2016

Indonesian street food for a change

I'm not a big fan of Indonesian street food.

The only street food I always asked for whenever I'm in Indonesia was Gado-gado.

There's the halal thing to consider too.

Gado-gado, which is basically just salad is the best bet for that.

There was once I was in Ubud, Bali and ended up eating almost just Gado-gado the whole week.

Only towards the end of the trip that I found a Japanese restaurant along Jalan Monkey Forest that I managed to take a break from my Gado-gado staple diet.

So,  I was not very excited when a friend took me for a Bakso lunch at Kampung Melayu Majidee JB yesterday.

The stall #BaksoSuper is located at a house near a junction in front of the village mosque.

Surprisingly the Bakso tastes really good.

It's simple yet very tasty and refreshing.

The meatballs were just of the right texture and the broth was just nicely spiced up.

There's also the side dish of fried tempe and tofu.

Sorry that I'm not much of a food critic, and can't describe the whole thing properly.

If you are in JB, you may want to try the dish yourself.

The stall also offers other dishes of Indonesian street food.

You can see the simple menu here,

I think better of Indonesian street food now.

Maybe I will try the other dishes when I go back to the stall again later.

Okay, I need to do a bit more work and later on make an early exit for the trip back to Kluang.

Hopefully I can beat the usual traffic jam at Jalan Skudai.

Nope, still no politics today.


Thursday 11 February 2016

Fight the bullies

Just want to congratulate Puan Norliza Kamaruddin for winning her defamation case.

This is the story,

Facebooker apologises,

 pays damages to ex-Petronas employee

Norliza was a victim of cyberbullying.

I wrote about her predicament in this posting,

I hope she now goes after the other bullies.

Liz, don't be afraid of them.

I heard the PM's office people are not going to protect them anymore because they are giving the PM a bad name.

All the best.

Well, at least the PM's media handlers are doing the right thing this time - getting rid of the "hantu raya" who are making things worse for their boss by abusing others in cyberspace.

I really hate bullies.

In this case, they are people who think they can get away with bullying others just because they have the protection of powerful politicians.

They became arrogant and think they can bulldoze people over.

I salute people like Liz for  standing up against them.

We should not let ourselves be bullied.

It's the heart that counts (updated)

(Note : Updates at the bottom of this page.)

Exactly 200 readers of this blog took part in the poll which I set up to find out the main reason why they read what I wrote.

Thanks guys for entertaining my rather frivolous request via the poll which closed just now.

The poll was meant only for those who genuinely like reading this blog.

That's why the choice of answers were all positive.

It's not for the haters.

Those who read this blog at its webpage may view the outcome at the top right corner column.

But since those who read it via the mobile version can't see it, here is the outcome :

 I read Annie's blog mainly because

she knows politics
  28 (14%)
she writes from her heart
  108 (54%)
she is cute and nice
  15 (7%)
she is not smelly
  49 (24%)

Votes so far: 200
Poll closed 

I'm glad that more than half (108 - 54 per cent) of those who took part in the poll said they like to read this blog because I write it based on what I see and feel...from my heart. It confirms my belief that Malaysians generally appreciate stories and analysis written honestly without any hidden agenda.

I'm equally glad that only 15 people or 7 per cent said they read the blog mainly just because I'm cute and nice. I would have been worried if more people choose this as the main reason for reading my blog because there have been accusations that I'm flaunting my sexuality to attract readers. Still, special thanks to the 15 who think I'm not ugly :)

I was slightly disappointed that only 28 people or 14 per cent said the main attraction of this blog is my knowledge of politics. But it's not so bad considering that my political knowledge is mostly centered in Johor and that in many other areas I'm quite blur. What ever it is, knowing politics would probably not good enough if we are without the heart to turn it to good effect for this country and its people.

Last but not least, I was actually puzzled that the second choice among the main reasons for reading this blog is because I'm not smelly.  A relatively high number of 49 people or 24 per cent who took part in the poll said they read what I wrote because I don't smell bad. Guys, when did you all ever got to smell me lah? I put that one just for fun, okay. But really, I'm not smelly. I shower at least twice a day, wash properly after doing business in the toilet and lead a relatively hygienic lifestyle.

Again, thanks guys.


Okay, I'm adding this video for those who "perasan" themselves to be smelly.

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Farming better than politics

I believe I'm not the only one feeling jaded about politics these days.

My blogging captain Rocky wrote this today,

Post-CNY thoughts on Monkeys with Keyboards

I think he was also fed-up with people who simply can't take it that others hold a different point of view from theirs.

Not only they refused to consider others' opinion, they were also quick to condemn those who disagreed with them.

Ever since the Umno civil war started last year I have seen my friends, some who were very close buddies, drifted apart.

Some even became bitter enemies.

I have lost friends myself over this past one year.

That's one of the main reasons why I have significantly reduced my political intakes and output via this blog.

If not for the recent spate of attacks directed at me, I would have stopped altogether.

For now I just feel the need to defend myself.

Anyway, nowadays, I prefer reading non-political blogs.

My favourite at the moment is

Kebun Bahagia Bersama

It's very nice reading about the blogger's farming activities.

If you are in KL, you can even buy the blogger's fresh farm produce.

My aunts (my father's sisters) who introduced me to the blog are regular customers of the blogger.

They said the produce of the farm were of very high quality and reasonably priced.

Based on the latest posting, you can sample the farm produce by getting them at :

Self-Collect Schedule Minggu ini:

~ Sabtu/Ahad pagi 13/14hb Februari 2016 antara pukul 10:30AM~11:00AM di depan Sekolah Kebangsaan Merbau Sempak, Sungai Buloh (berdekatan exit Paya Jaras Guthrie Corridor Highway).

I wish I can be more like the Tukang Kebun who operates the blog..

Doing something really productive and helpful and writing about it.

My aunts said the Tukang Kebun can also speaks Japanese, which for me is very admirable.

Unfortunately, those were not my expertise and I don't have the resources to do farming like her.

I can only "hitch a ride" by reading her blog.

For me it's a nice break from the toxic world of politics.

By the way, I'm back in JB.

Got works to do.

Will rejoin the family in Kluang for the weekend.

Most of them are still on CNY holiday till then.