Thursday 24 December 2020

Waiting for 2021

Going on a long drive later today.

It's Christmas eve, and I'm going to spend the holidays in the east coast.

Been a bit occupied with inconsequential things the past weeks and now need to rest.

Covid-19 is still bad but life has to go on and I have to plan ahead.

Need to be motivated again after this mostly depressing year.

I think this country needs the same.

Focus on what really matter and just ignore the stupid politics. Just support anyone good irregadless from Umno, DAP, PKR, Pas or whatever.

My focus would be on improving my work, which I hope I still have next year.

Well, if I lose it, I just need to opt for plan B.

My dream is to open a darts cafe somewhere in the east coast once this Covid-19 is over.

At the moment I'm quite rusty as I have no place to practice. If I have my own darting place, maybe I could improve until I can play in the world championship....hahahaha.

Dreaming is nice.

Anyway, I also intend to improve my personal life. Maybe settle down and stop doing crazy things.

Yeah, hopefully 2021 will be a much better year.

I know that I have said this before, but really, I will try to write more once the new year starts.

Happy holidays guys. Cheers.

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Umno set to be in the driving seat again

 It has been a lot of time and energy wasting on the Malaysian political front the past one week.

Despite all the noises, nothing actually happened.

In Perak, its business as usual again, except that Umno now having the upper hand and PH looking rather silly for failing to grab the opportunity to set up a new governing alliance there.

Yesterday, again it was another anti-climax, as Budget 2021 passed its final hurdle, and all that talks of a new government taking over Putrajaya become a number one bullshit.

Well, I'm okay with all that as my life remains the same. The nonsense doesn't directly affects me.

Go to work, earn enough to survive, play darts a bit whenever I could, and that's just fine with me.

Anyway, I'm quite sure now that the current government will stay in power till the end of this term.

Umno, which has been unhappy with the way it was being treated by Pribumi Bersatu must had been appeased somehow.

My bet though is on the party to maintain the status quo only until the next GE.

I believe the prospect of Umno, along with its BN allies going on their own after that is very likely now.

Some top party leaders, including the much respected deputy president Mat Hassan have already rejected the idea of BN joining forces with Pribumi Bersatu's Perikatan Nasional (PN).

Many would have thought that this will split the Malay/bumiputera votes again, but that would depend quite a bit on Pas which currently has both its feets in PN and Muafakat Nasional (MN), its alliance with Umno and the other BN parties.

If Pas does the wise thing, that is sticking with MN and leaving PN then the split will not be very bad.

PN would likely die a natural death if Pas really do that. 

Pas have a lot to gain under MN as it would almost certain to have the overwhelmingly Malay-majority states of Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah. It would also have more opening in the Cabinet as without Pribumi Bersatu, there would be more jobs to be filled.

A combination of Umno and Pas is also almost certain to wipe out any opponent in Malay-majority constituencies.

These can't be said if Pas choose to stay in PN as Pribumi Bersatu is not strong enough to face Umno and its BN allies as an opponent.

I also believe that Pas would not risk splitting the Malay votes by too much as the worst that could happen to it is if Pakatan Harapan (PH), with DAP as its driving force comes back to power.

Yes, the best that could happen for PH, especially DAP is for the Malay votes to be split again the way it did during the last general election.

Pas, I think will chose the best option to prevent that.

Nonetheless, Muhyiddin and his Pribumi Bersatu would likely see this coming and try to mitigate it.

Well, they have to offer Umno and Pas something really big to avoid being left out of the next deal.

I can't think for now what they could offer, but whatever it is, Umno is set to be in the driving seat again.

Unless, of course if they are too stupid to realise it and screw up again.

Monday 7 December 2020

We can do without the surat sokongan problem (updated)

UPDATED at 14:38, Dec 8 2020 

Annuar admits endorsing Umno-linked firm for road project


“Thankfully, the PM (Muhyiddin) did not consider it (the letter of support). If not, who knows what other slander(ous comments) might surface.

“A letter of support is neither a verdict nor an order. It may not necessarily be accepted.

“When the people ask for support and there is merit to it, then it is the job of the elected representative to support their requests. Whether it is accepted or not is a different matter,” said Annuar, who is also Ketereh MP.

Honestly, I do wonder what is the merit of a request to put the job on direct negotiation instead of open tender.

Is it the job of a waikil rakyat to support such requests from contractors?

Anyway, I wonder whether the contractor endorsed by the minister finally get the job anyway after it was put on open tender.  


Someone forwarded this to me just now,

Well, same old, same old.

This is the sort of surat sokongan nonsense they came out with to get "their people" the government contracts which was supposed to be given in an open tender.

That's one of the main reasons why many aspiring businessman entered politics back then, in particular by joining Umno.

It's for them to get these surat sokongan.

The likelihood of getting a government contract is almost certain if you have such a recommendation letter from a powerful politician in the ruling party.

That's when you got all kind of shit happening.

In many cases, the right people for the job are not getting the contract because the wrong people have a surat sokongan.

In this particular case, I don't know whether the contractor involved is good or not, but he surely have a significant advantage with that surat sokongan from an "influential" minister.

Furthermore, the letter clearly stated that it's a request for the Prime Minister to award the contract to that particular contractor by way of rundingan terus (direct negotiation) instead of it being offered in an open tender.

I think that's a little bit too much.

I don't know whether PM Muhyiddin is going to really entertain the request but, since the surat sokongan comes from Annuar Musa, he must have at least pause for a while to consider it.

After all, Annuar Musa, who is the BN secretary-general has became the most vocal supporter of his Pribumi Bersatu party.

Some even see him as a spokesperson of Pribumi Bersatu,when he enthusiastically urged his own party Umno to continue to support the current government.

That despite all the bad deals Umno has been getting from Pribumi Bersatu of late.

Muhyiddin may probably think that if the direct negotiation request for the contract is not entertained, then Annuar may not be so enthusiastic with his support anymore.

Well, at least that's how I would think if I'm in Muhyiddin's position.

That's tough for the PM, okay.

It's tough to do the right thing.

Anyway, let's hope Muhyiddin will stand firm and let the contract be offered in an open tender so that the best contractor get the job done.

We don't want the highway to be built starts to crack up and such within just a few months after its completion, don't we?

Let's support Nga Kor Ming

 I'm supporting the effort by DAP's Nga Kor Ming to be friends with Umno.

As I previously wrote,


I know, many of you would think this could never happen but who knows, Malaysian politics could be quite weird sometimes.

Anyway, just let me daydream of it for a while.

Yeah, Umno and DAP being friends is nice.

Maybe they could find a common ground for the good of the country.

And if that happens, I don't have to quarrel over politics too much anymore with my beloved who is a DAP supporter.

That's really nice.

Nga in his open letter today said,

DAP-Umno cooperation leads to more tolerant multiracial government


“Apart from ensuring stability, it can also prevent the government from being held hostage by PAS’ extreme populism, the threat to diversity and pressure towards fundamentalism, which are a threat to the secular and pluralistic spirit of the Federal Constitution,” he said.

I totally agree with him on that one.

I'm not so much against Pas as I used to be but there is a need to check on the penunggang agama among them who became more visible after the party joined the government side. 

I will always remember the case of a Pas minister who went vacationing overseas at the height of Covid-19 scare and blatantly ignored the SOP.

Nga's letter was actually meant for the DAP grassroots who opposed the possible cooperation with Umno over the Perak crisis.

It was actually written in Chinese.

Well, the same as in Umno, DAP also have its share of extreme members and supporters who hate their opponents just for the sake of hating.

Such members and supporters also prefer to take the easy route of getting communal support by playing the racial cards.

But, I believe the majority of DAP and Umno people are not of that type.

They want what is best for the country and Malaysians, which is a tolerant multi-racial society as when the country was founded when it achieved Merdeka.

The question now is whether DAP and Umno are controlled by the majority good people or minority intolerant scheming politicians.

Let's wait and see on that one.

Honestly, my money is not on the good people winning but who knows, maybe we'll have a pleasant surprise.

Personally, I think the Perak crisis is an opportunity which opens the door to a possibly better political environment, which will contributes to a more stable and successful Malaysia.

Tuesday 1 December 2020

God provides....brain too

 I do agree that this country is now in quite a bad shape.

With the Covid19 and shit, people are losing their jobs and life is tougher than before.

The government is not doing that well too, barely hanging on to power by a thread.

And the politicians are sounding more like scums than ever. Sometimes I felt like punching their faces when they opened their mouth to say some shit things, really.

Seriously, I wondered when the slide is going to stop.

Nonetheless, from what I know, it's shit elsewhere too in the world at the moment.

Some are even much worse than here.

Yeah, I have seen the miserable slums in Mumbai and Delhi. I wonder how the poor souls there are doing right now.

Nothing compare to the shit we are facing. I'm quite sure of that.

I wouldn't want to visit India again after my experience at those places. Too depressing.

How the rich people in that country could live with no guilty conscience knowing there are their countrymen living in those slums is beyond me. And they are a proud bunch too. Don't know what they are so proud of.

They should have reformasi in that country, really.

Anyway, have you all watched that Labenese movie Capernaum?

If you haven't, do give it a try.

I agree with that boy Zain in the movie, parents shouldn't have children if their situation do not permit them to do so.

Living in a slum with no means to bring up children properly and still want to fuck and have babies. That's fucking irresponsible.

The men, especially.

Know your limit la. Sure, God will provide, but God also gives you all brain to think.


All this remind me of a couple I know who stopped having children after their second child was diagnosed with autism.

They know their limits.

What's more important is to bring up the children properly with whatever resources available instead of simply fucking like rabbits and say that God will provide.

So guys, it's now Covid19 time and if you have lost your job or got a pay cut, try not to impregnate your wife and add more hardship to your life.

Postpone it until things get better, okay.

Honestly, I was quite irritated with news about people going out of their way to get married during this pandemic.

Well, somehow I'm feeling a bit upset tonight. That's why I'm writing like this.

Come to think about it, I better concentrate on my job instead of caring too much about what's happening around me.

Why should I care too situation is not so great either, after all.

Eh, I better stop my rambling.

It's almost 1.30am


Saturday 28 November 2020

How to avoid being drunk and racist

 Well, as I thought, nothing actually happen with the budget voting.

Just lots of hot air as usual.

Wasting time only paying attention to it.

So, I'm not going to waste my effort on that one anymore.

For this posting, I just want to comment a bit about this piece of nonsense which my friend forwarded to me just now;

NST Blasted By Netizens For Racial Stereotyping


A few hours ago New Straits Times (NST) had headlined an article titled, ‘Help Minimise Threat To Society’  which referred to a study by the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2019 that stated alcohol drinkers in Malaysia made up 11.8% of the population and 45.8% drank excessively. This content had an image of an Indian middle-aged man as its feature image.

Hmmm...I saw the picture and I wonder why they put it there. The guy was not even drinking.

Must be a slip up of some sort.

NST being racist towards the Indians? I don't think so. There are lots of Indians working and holding senior posts in that newspaper.

Anyway, NST has already replaced that picture and apologised to those offended, saying it didn't intend to insult anyone.

Ok, I'm fine with that, but for its next story, I think NST should do a racial breakdown of the drinkers so it could dispel the perception that Indians have a drinking problem.

Break the racial stereotype, kind of.

Hopefully the frogs will not get offended. It's just Kermit being drunk, not a frog being drunk, okay. 

Well, the whole point of the story was that we need to tackle the drinking problem in our society.

Don't drink too much lah, okay.

I'm not one of those who demand for the ban on sale of alcoholic beverages, but I prefer people who drink them not to do so just to get piss drunk.

Just drink to have fun is okay but not until you lose your senses and do stupid things. And of course, those whose religion forbid them from consuming intoxicating drinks shouldn't drink at all.

There are so many cases of people getting drunk and went driving, causing fatal accidents.

Yeah, there was even the case of a man who got drunk and drove through a police roadblock during the MCO, killing one of the cops.

That's terrible and for that, I'm totally fine with the recent decision to impose heavier penalty on drunk drivers.

Eh, you drunk already, call Grab la. Save yourself and others lots of trouble.

Then there was also once the extreme case of a bunch of people getting drunk and went rioting and beating up a fireman to death.

Maybe we should increase the penalty on beating up a fireman to death too. Or at least take some sort of action against the drunk bastards. Last time they did that, no one got punished, okay.

See, that's why there's a need to educate people not to get drunk.

People should know their limit when drinking.

Don't try to be macho and drink more than you should.

If two cans of beer can make you get drunk, drink only one. Or better still, don't drink at all. 

It's really pathetic actually to see a man trying to be macho and getting drunk after just two cans of beer.

Oh, and they talk so much shit some more. And loudly at that.

Really irritating.

It's one of the reasons why I don't really like going to the clubs where that sort of drunks hang out.

If you want to get drunk, please make sure you don't disturb others like that, okay.

The best way to to do so is by drinking at home.

Do drink all you want at home until you pass out. I'm fine with that.

But of course don't go beating your wife and children after you got drunk.

Maybe the wife should chain you to something before you start your drinking binge to make sure you don't get violent once you lose your mind to the alcohol.

Well, that's my take on the issue.

Happy weekend guys. Cheers.

Saturday 21 November 2020

Budget 2021 voting wouldn't really matter as life will go on

I have to admit that I don't really care much about anything these days except to survive this Covid-19 pandemic.

Especially not politics.

I'm hardly excited anymore about anything when it comes to politics. 

That's why I'm not writing much these days.

I find it hard nowadays to differentiate between being ruled by BN, PH, PN or even probably MN.

Yesterday, I even told a colleague, who is a BN supporter in Segambut to vote for Hannah Yeoh if she honestly thinks the DAP MP has been doing good for her constituency.

No point in voting for a PN or even BN candidate against her if that person is not good.

Same to DAP supporters - don't vote for DAP if it fields a lousy candidate.

Main thing is; vote for the candidate, not his/her party.

Well, at least that's my opinion at the moment.

The voting for the Budget 2021 is coming up soon.

It looks more and more that there would be an attempt to reject it in parliament.

Honestly, I don't really care about it either.

Either way, my life will go on.

If the budget is defeated, then most likely Muhyiddin has to step down and Anwar will eventually become PM.

I will have to endure that and continue on survival mode.

But if it goes through, I don't mind it too. I believe it would still be the same and I have to continue with my need to weather the Covid-19 hardship.

Yeah, there will be more political mess, but it's already a mess as it is now. How much worse could it be, right.

For all I know, if Anwar indeed is to take over, the new government wouldn't lasts too long anyway.

We can do this musical chairs thing as much as we want till GE15. I wouldn't care.

Hopefully, comes GE15, things would be clearer for us to choose the less worse among them.

For now, I think we Rakyat simply have to endure, work the best that we can, and try not to suffer too much. Take care of ourselves rather than let ourselves be made fools by those politicians.

Myself, I'll work and try to have a bit of fun, if I could. No matter what, I don't want to let everything to be all doom and gloom.

This weekend, I'll be stuck in the room again, same as it has been since this CMCO started.

I'll do the usual - watch Korean dramas or movies. 

I miss the East Coast. Hopefully when the CMCO has been lifted, I can go there again.

Okay, that's all. Here's a beautiful song to cure my Saturday blues,


Monday 16 November 2020

Chinese for Chinese, something else for others

A friend got irritated yesterday after reading a Malaysiakini report about a DAP leader telling the Chinese community about the failure of MCA to complain about Budget 2021 which supposedly does not provide much for them.

The DAP leader could either be Lim Guan Eng or his father Kit Siang, as my friend only gave me an excerpt of the report which states that he is a "Lim". I don't subscribe to Malaysiakini, so I can't read the full report. 

Anyway, what really pissed  off my friend was that the statement as reported by Malaysiakini was supposedly issued by DAP only in Chinese.

"Why can't they issue the statement in Bahasa and English too?" he asked.

Then my friend in a way answered his own question when he forwarded this screenshot of a tweet by someone I believe to be from Malaysiukini,

Well, it's actually standard DAP practice lah.

To everyone else, they said its Malaysia for Malaysians but to their own respective ethnic groups, they make it as if they are the champion of that particular race.

And it's not being practiced by just the Chinese leaders of the party.

Here is an Indian DAP leader during the Rantau by-election last year,

That's why I always insist in this blog that those who are so fond of accusing others of being racists are the actual racists themselves.

They accused others of being racist because they want to score political points and that's just about it.

As for the supposedly race-based entities of this country, at least they are honest about what they are and they exist within the confines of the country's constitution.

Last week, there was this story,

The statement by Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall was also issued only in Chinese.

It's an extremely embarrassing announcement for them, I think.

Ya lah, their president, who is a prominent Chinese community leader being charged with polluting river and causing million of people in Klang Valley to suffer from water cuts.

Someone suggested to me that they only issued the statement in Chinese because they were trying to hide the news from the other communities.

After all, a Chinese community leader was supposed to be an upright and principled person and does not go around polluting rivers to cut corners for profit.

Maybe that's the case, but my past experience of working with Chinese guilds made me believe that they only issued the statement in Chinese because they simply don't have anyone with proper English or Bahasa Malaysia skills working for them to do the statement in those languages.

Really, I have seen it many times. They ended up just issuing a statement in Chinese hoping for the Chinese reporters to translate it for their other fellow journalists.

I know, they should have at least someone who knows the national language to do the statement, but that's just how it is. Those working for Chinese associations are mostly Chinese educated and they tend to be not confident enough to draft such an important statement in other languages.

But that's how I see it. Maybe I'm a bit bias on this because of my mother who is Chinese educated.

Anyway, does it really matter that the guy who allegedly polluted the river is a Chinese community leader?

I, honestly, don't like to see it that way. The same if the alleged polluter is a Malay community leader. The community that the person represents shouldn't be blame for what he/she allegedly did.

Monday 9 November 2020

2021 Budget is okay, forget about no-confidence vote

 I think the 2021 Budget tabled that day was okay.

Well, except for that huge allocation for the revived Jasa, I don't have much complaint about it.

Maybe that Jasa thing is because they need to rehire people and such. If so, good lah that more people get to have jobs. 

Just don't turn it into a stupid propaganda tool like it used to be. And please don't put useless people to run it. There's one such guy who has been making so much noise the past few days, probably lobbying for the job.

Other than that, everyone seemed to be getting something.

I think, overall,  Tengku Zafrul did okay.

Of course some people bitched about the budget, but that's normal. People bitch, that's just how they are.

Some even claimed that the budget only care for the Malays and bumiputra while ignoring the needs of other races.


I don't know how they came to such a conclusion, but I doubt that the government have that in mind when they drafted the budget.

Never mind. Racists always think that others are racists like themselves.

Yeah, I hope the parliament will pass this budget without much hassle.

We need to continue the Covid-19 war, after all.

Forget about the no-confidence vote against Muhyiddin using the budget.

It's pointless now.

Especially for Umno, which has clearly demonstrated that it has yet the ability to fix itself, let alone lead a new government.

Like this,

Latest suicide attempt by Umno

Maybe they can fix things after the party election next year.

Otherwise, forget about it for now and just bear with being bullied by Pribumi Bersatu for the time being.

Whether Umno people want to fix their party or not, that's up to them.

If they want to retain stupid people as their leaders, then they deserve what they are going to get under the present circumstances.

It's as simple as that.

Friday 6 November 2020

Supporting Celcom to fix its problems

I have been with Celcom since I got my first handphone many many years ago.

It was a birthday gift - a secondhand Ericsson - which I registered at a Celcom branch in PJ.

I'm still using the same number.

I have no problem with Celcom until several years ago when their services suddenly turned bad and I complained about it in this blog.

I wrote these,

Celcom, please fix the line

Celcom, you really suck

and even this,

Finally giving up on Celcom

Then Celcom actually got in touch with me,

Celcom and me

Well, things seemed to get better with Celcom after that.

Really, their services were actually quite good after that.

I even bought my last smartphone - a Samsung Note - from their Blue Cube outlet in TTDI. 

Everything seemed okay until its recent network problems.

There were lots of complaint which were picked up by the mainstream media.

Celcom did whatever it could to contain the damage but I think they need to do something about their technical team.

It was obviously a technical problem. From what I understand, it's because of the transition to 5G. 

They simply need to work faster to stabilise the system.

Yesterday, there was another system disruption which again was quickly picked up by some media outlets.

Sometimes, I wonder why those media were very enthusiastic about it. I mean, other telcos have their problems too but I don't see them as being so enthusiastically reported.

Maybe Celcom should buy more advertisement space from them.

Anyway, a friend in Celcom told me that yesterday's problem was just an isolated case in the morning.

Maybe, it's true as I didn't experience it.

Whatever it is Celcom really need to fix its technical team. 

They simply need to do better.

I feel that its other teams have been doing good but the technical problems are dragging them down.

Hopefully Celcom could pull itself out of this.

It would be a shame if the company is to suffer an image problem because of something that I believe could be fixed.

So many jobs at stake here, okay.

Ever since Covid-19, that's my priority when it comes to issues such as this.

I support any organisation which creates, provides or sustains jobs. The people need them in this time of crisis.

Yup, I'm still giving Celcom a chance on this and will stay with it....unless it really fails to fix its problems and closes shop.

Thursday 5 November 2020

Latest suicide attempt by Umno

 I've changed my mind.

Muhyiddin should be given the emergency power to avoid parliament or even GE15 as long as he wants.

That's because Umno is going to lose and die one way or another the way it is now.

Dr Mahathir is right, Umno is killing itself.

This is the latest stupidity by its party president,

Tajuddin appointed as UMNO Election Director for GE15


The President of UMNO, Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi delivered the decision through an official appointment letter issued by the UMNO office today.

“I wish to inform that Datuk Seri (Tajuddin) has been appointed as the Director of General Election (GE15) of UMNO effective from 4 November 2020,” he said, quoting the content of the letter.

That's one of the worst Umno leaders.

What's wrong with you Zahid? 

Isn't that the job of the deputy president?

Are you trying to kill off Mat Hassan?

Stupid or what?

Mat Hassan was the election director who did the real works at all those by-election victories.

And now you are putting that sort of shit in his place?

You really think Umno is back being strong again to put some assholes to lead the party?

Or is this for you to remain as Umno president because of the party election next year?

What's next? Appoint Puad Zarkashi as your war room director?

Die la.

Really, just looking at this one stupid move by Zahid, I'm convinced now that Umno is really fucked at the moment.

I'm really tired of this.

Hey Umno people, you all okay with these sort of shit?

If you all do, then you all can go fly kites with Zahid and his stupid gang.


Wednesday 4 November 2020

Say no to illegal farming, the Musang King issue

By Red Fox


I am in disbelief observing the sudden turn of events over the “disputed” land where our reputed Musang King durians are produced in Raub, Pahang.


I feel that the Kuantan High Court's decision on Oct 28 to allow a stay of an eviction order until Dec 9 is not doing anyone any good, be it for the farmers, the middlemen or the government. 


A simple concept, yet many turn a blind eye for selfish reasons. 

An act of compassion by the Pahang government to enable the farmers sustainable living (although they have encroached into forest reserve lands illegally) by turning them into legal farmers and to guide them using sustainable cultivation best practices and price stability has turned into a chaotic situation.

I believe that the state government, if given a choice, would not want to evict the farmers. 

The eviction notice was given due to the farmers’ own stubbornness for not wanting to be a legal party ensuring they have the legal lease rights to continue producing durians using sustainable cultivation best practices with MyGAP certification to ensure their durians are export ready. 

Moreover, the State is preparing them to be legal exporters as China (the biggest market of Musang King to date) requires durians imported must be produced by legal farms!

The terms and conditions were discussed with the farmers since July 2019, which is A YEAR BACK! 

I was told by one legal farmer that the Legalisation Scheme was a work in progress since July 2019. 

Until today, only 120 farmers have registered out of the approximately 1,000 undocumented farmers, believed to be farming in the 5,357 acres of land currently in contention, which was leased to RPDR-PKPP on a 10+10+10 years agreement. 

The balance 880 farmers have yet to register. 

 Sounds familiar? 

This bad culture and habit of delaying (JPJ fines, income tax, rent, assessment and any other government statutory payment), hoping the government of the day will give discounts, leeway and etc, just got to STOP! 

This is akin to outright BLACKMAILING! 

Let’s call a spade a spade. 

1. Rightful owner of the “disputed” land is the Pahang government and/or its related state agencies.

2. Farmers have encroached into forest reserve lands, a very serious offence. Yet, they go to court claiming they have legal right and our Land Department being made the defendant? Outright absurdity. 

3. RPDR-PKPP, the legalization scheme company is partly owned by Perbadanan Kemajuan Pertanian Negeri Pahang (PKPP), a government state agency! The farmers ARE DEALING with a government agency! Yet, SAMKA, the so-called champion of the farmers keep blinding this fact from the undocumented farmers. PLEASE WAKE UP! 

4. Farmers must learn to comply with internationally recognized MyGAP certification guidelines and keep proper records to pay taxes. If normal citizens have to pay taxes for our hard earned money, shouldn’t they too? They have been given off the hook for so many years as they say they ploughed the land for 30 years! Let me give you a quick calculation of how big the business is in monetary sense; 

- Land size: 5,357 acres.

- One acre, est 30 trees = 5,357 acres x 30 = 160,710 trees.

- 30 trees, est a yield 45 durians per tree = 160,710 x 45 = 7,231,950 durians.

- One durian, est 1.5kg = 7,231,950 x 1.5kg = 10,847,925 kg/10,848 tonnes.

- One kg @ RM30 =10,847,925 X 30 = RM325,437,750  (RDPR-PKPP buys from farmers)

- One kg @ RM45 = 10,847,925 x 45 = RM813,594,375 (Middle men buys from farmers currently) 

- One kg @ RM100 = 10,847,925 x 100 =RM1.8 billion!!! (Potential price export to China) 

5. Illegal farming in any form is raping the natural environment as in the case of Cameron Highlands and has to be curbed. 

6. Price stability. I read that the farmers are assured of a fixed nett price of RM30/kg regardless of whether the market price goes up or down. They don’t lose as well if the price goes down, as what happened to other commodities such as palm, rubber, and more recently fruits ie pineapples, mangoes. But no one seems to think and talk about that. 

7. Government allowed them to farm back in 1974 was due to the World Food Crisis then. Food prices escalated all over the world, including Malaysia. Rancangan Buku Hijau (Green Book Programme) was then launched to encourage citizens to plant and cultivate food and produce within the confines of areas surrounding their house, for their own consumption, DON'T use the Green Book Programme as an excuse to encroach into forest reserve land, commercialized their produce and don’t pay taxes! 

Malaysia will continue to rot if we allow illegal farming to continue with no one to monitor the quality of produce and sustainable cultivation best practices are implemented. 

Politicians and cyber-troopers please stop the intimidation, the slander, the insinuations, and blinding the public on the real facts of the matter. 

STOP being selfish and compromise our country’s repute, economy and sustainable living for the farmers! 

Sunday 1 November 2020

Dr Mahathir's twisted words

 Dr Mahathir came under heavy fire from all sides the other day for his post



11. Macron is not showing that he is civilised. He is very primitive in blaming the religion of Islam and Muslims for the killing of the insulting school teacher. It is not in keeping with the teachings of Islam. But irrespective of the religion professed, angry people kill. The French in the course of their history has killed millions of people. Many were Muslims.

12. Muslims have a right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the massacres of the past. But by and large the Muslims have not applied the “eye for an eye” law. Muslims don’t. The French shouldn’t. Instead the French should teach their people to respect other people’s feelings. 

Following all those criticisms, Dr Mahathir followed up that post with this one, 



8. But that is what freedom of speech is to them. On the one hand, they defended those who chose to display offending caricatures of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and expect all Muslims to swallow it in the name of freedom of speech and expression. On the other, they deleted deliberately that Muslims had never sought revenge for the injustice against them in the past.

9. Even my appeal that the French should explain the need to advise their people to be sensitive and respect the beliefs of other people is left out.


I have to admit that I'm on Dr Mahathir's side on this one.

His words were indeed twisted.

Really. Just read them properly, okay.

But of course, people have judged Dr Mahathir that way and there's nothing that could be done.

After all, people tend to think of the French aa nice, romantic and civilised.

They have Paris, the city of love and a beautiful language too.

How can Dr Mahathir said all those outrageous things about them, right?

Never mind.

Anyway, maybe if you  have the time, you can read the following article I picked up at

Algerians still remember France's colonial- era crimes, despite the passage of 65 years since the outbreak of their revolution against the French colonial rule. 

Every year, voices raise in Algeria demanding France to acknowledge and apologize for its colonial past in the North African country. 

Algerians accuse Paris of obliterating the Algerian identity, looting, torture, murder and carrying out nuclear tests during the colonial rule. 

France occupied Algeria for 132 years, from July 5, 1830, until July 5, 1962, when the country declared its independence from colonial rule. 

During the course of the struggle for independence, over 1.5 million Algerians were martyred, while hundreds of thousands more were injured, went missing or were forced from their homes. 

"France must acknowledge its genocide crimes against the Algerians since 1830," Algerian historian Mohammed al-Ameen Balghaith told Anadolu Agency. 

This year's independence anniversary comes amid popular protests that forced long-serving President Abdelaziz Bouteflika to step down in April. 

During the protests, demonstrators call for breaking with France at cultural and political levels and cancelling the use of the French language in state institutions, schools and universities. Protesters also blame Paris for the current political and economic situation in Algeria. 

Identity obliteration 

Algerians accuse France of erasing the Algerian identity and launching war against mosques and religious schools. 

In 1836, France opened the first Catholic missionary school in Algeria. 

Paris also enacted discriminatory laws against Algerians, in a move that allowed colonizers to usurp their lands. 

Skulls of fighters 

The French colonial rule has been faced with a fierce resistance from Algerians, which was met with a brutal crackdown by colonizers. 

In 1880 –1881, France took the skulls of 37 resistance fighters. The skulls are currently stored at the Museum of Mankind in Paris. 

Algeria has been demanding to return the skills since 2011, a demand rejected by Paris. 

May 8 massacre 

On May 8, 1945, thousands of Algerians took to the streets to celebrate the allied victory over Nazi Germany and end of World War II (1939–1945) and to demand independence from France. 

The celebrations, however, turned bloody when French forces opened fire on protesters, with estimates putting the death toll at around 45,000. 

1.5 million martyrs 

More than 1.5 million Algerians were martyred during the course of the Algerian struggle for independence from the French rule. 

Algerians accuse France of using civilians as human shield during their fight against the National Liberation Army (ALN). 

Other estimates put the Algerian death toll during the French colonial rule at over 10 million. 

In 2017, the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights, an NGO, estimated that the victims of the French colonial rule at over 10 million. 

The Seine Massacre 

On October 17, 1961, tens of thousands of Algerians demonstrated in Paris against the French occupation of their country. French police opened fire on protesters, killing around 345. 

Nuclear tests 

According to French officials, the colonial authorities carried out 17 nuclear experiments in the Algerian desert in the period between 1960 and 1966. Algerian historians, however, put the number at 57. 

On 13 February 1960, France conducted its first nuclear test, code-named “Gerboise Bleue” (Blue Desert Rat) in the Sahara Desert, southwest of Algeria. 

The French nuclear experiments have caused the death of around 42,000 Algerians and thousands injured due to nuclear radioactivity, in addition to the extensive damage against the environment. 


The colonialist French authorities have committed abuses and torture against Algerian civilians, according to Algerian historians and victims. 

Electric shocks and the use of water wells as prisons were among the methods used by the colonialist authorities against prisoners in Algeria. 

The Algerian archive is another thorny issue between the two countries, with Algerians demanding France return thousands of artifacts, books and maps, a demand rejected by Paris. 

Yup millions died in that country when it was under French colonial rule.

If you have even more time, do try to check on the whole track record of French colonial rule in other parts of the world such as Indochina and see whether they are truly nice, romantic and gave the people they colonised freedom of speech.

What? Those were long ago?

Not really actually. And they don't even really apologise.

Also, they only left the colonised land because they were kicked out of them.

Thursday 29 October 2020

The need to maintain separation of powers

Yesterday, the Istana Negara issued a statement saying that the Yang diPertuan Agong has issued another decree, advising all MPs to support the soon to be tabled 2021 Budget.

I was a bit amused as to why the king needed to repeat that again.

I actually believe it was because he was not confident about all that talks of stopping the fight.

And I also think that the king agrees with me that all that talks of "political ceasefire" was actually just an

For some reasons that I could not think of, the statement issued by Istana Negara made it as if the  king was going out of his way in trying to save Muhyiddin's administration on this one.

And I do wonder why he didn't speaks directly about it as the statement was issued quoting the Royal Comptroller saying the king said this and that.


Anyone who has been following this blog for a long time would notice that I quite like Sultan Abdullah, especially because of his hands on approach.

But he doesn't seems to be like that on this matter.

Well, maybe it's because of the protocol of Istana Negara.


Still, someone brought to my attention this morning that the king who is part of the executive shouldn't be interfering or in this case "advising" the parliament, which is the legislature on what it should or shouldn't do.

Doing so would infringe the separation of powers doctrine which is the pillar of our democracy. 

Under a democratic system, there must be a check and balance between the executive, legislature and judiciary. One of them shouldn't be let to dominate the how it is in North Korea or communist-ruled China. 

My opinion on this matter is about the same as the following statement by Pasir Gudang MP Hassan Abdul Karim yesterday, 

Pekara: Hormati Kebebasan Ahli Parlimen Menentukan Pendirian Dan Membuat Keputusan 

1.Belanjawan Negara Tahun 2021 yang akan dibentangkan oleh Kerajaan pada 6hb November di Dewan Rakyat adalah dalam bentuk Rang Undang-Undang Perbekalan di bawah Perkara 100 Perlembagaan Persekutuan. 

2.Parlimen adalah badan legislatif iaitu sebuah institusi perundangan yang tugasnya menggubal undang-undang. Manakala ahli-ahli parlimen adalah penggubal undang-undang atau (laws maker). 

3.Negara kita Malaysia sebuah negara demokrasi berparlimen yang mengguna pakai prinsip pengasingan kuasa (separation of powers).Semua pihak dan institusi perlu menghormati parlimen dengan menyediakan suatu keadaan yang kondusif bagi membolehkan ahli-ahli parlimen bebas menentukan pendirian dan membuat keputusan. 

 4.Dalam hal ehwal kewangan negara, peranan parlimen amat besar.Perkara 96 Perlembagaan Persekutuan menyebut bahawa tiada percukaian melainkan jika dibenarkan oleh undang-undang. Manakala Perkara 102 pula menyatakan bahawa Parlimen mempunyai kuasa berkenaan dengan mana-mana tahun kewangan.  

5.Hal-hal berkenaan rang undang-undang melibatkan kewangan negara adalah dalam bidang kuasa parlimen. Tidak ada sesiapa boleh mengarah, mendesak,memujuk atau memaksa ahli-ahli parlimen supaya menyokong dan meluluskan sesuatu rang undang-undang belanjawan negara termasuklah Belanjawan Tahun 2021 yang akan dibentangkan pada 6hb November nanti. 

6.Peranan Parlimen sebagai badan semak dan imbang perlu difahami dan dihormati. Rang undang-undang belanjawan tahun 2021 seperti belanjawan sebelum ini perlu melalui proses penggubalan undang -undang yang diperuntukkan di bawah Perlembagaan Persekutuan dan undang-undang berkaitan kewangan yang sedia ada.Rang undang-undang belanjawan 2021 perlu dibahaskan di peringkat dasar dan jawatankuasa.Proses pengundian juga perlu dilakukan di peringkat dasar dan juga peringkat jawatankuasa.Tidak ada proses fast track ataupun jalan pintas.Duit beratus bilion ringgit dalam belanjawan negara 2021 itu adalah duit pembayar cukai dan duit hasil negara milik rakyat dan milik negara. 

7.Ahli-ahli parlimen yang mengangkat sumpah telah berikrar untuk mempertahankan Perlembagaan Persekutuan yang membawa maksud menjaga kepentingan rakyat dan negara.Ahli-ahli parlimen sama ada ahli Dewan Rakyat dan Dewan Negara berada di Parlimen atas kelayakannya menjadi ahli Parlimen di bawah Perkara 47 Perlembagaan Persekutuan.Justeru itu kepercayaan wajar diberi kepada mereka untuk menimbang mana yang baik dan mana yang merosakkan negara. 

8.Sebagai seorang ahli parlimen yang dipilih oleh rakyat, saya amat gusar dan bimbang dengan suatu kenyataan Istana negara bertarikh 28 Oktober 2020 yang dikeluarkan oleh Dato’ Indera Ahmad Fadil Shamsudin, Datuk Pengelola Bijaya Diraja yang menyebut, antara lain, bahawa Yang di-Pertuan Agong menasihati Ahli-ahli Dewan Rakyat untuk memberi sokongan padu kepada Belanjawan 2021. 

 9. Saya beranggapan kenyataan Datuk Pengelola Bijaya Diraja itu sebagai satu pelanggaran terhadap prinsip raja berperlembagaan dalam sebuah negara yang mengamalkan demokrasi berparlimen.Saya ingin menegaskan ahli-ahli parlimen mestilah bebas untuk membuat keputusan di dalam sidang parlimen termasuk sidang berkenaan Belanjawan 2021 tanpa ada sebarang tekanan atau pengaruh sesiapa (undue influence).

Well, I think it's best for us to defend our constitution and democratic system.

I do know that many of you all are fed up with the politicians these days but if we start to go down that slope, we may find it too slippery to climb up again.

Once we lose our democracy, we may never get it back.

Tuesday 27 October 2020

Umno's brilliant bluff

So, this is Umno's current official stand, 


Majlis Kerja Tertinggi UMNO yang bermesyuarat pada hari ini, 26 Oktober 2020 (Isnin) telah memutuskan perkara-perkara berikut: 

1. Menjunjung kasih di atas keputusan Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang di-Pertuan Agong menolak permohonan yang dipersembahkan oleh Perdana Menteri bagi maksud pelaksanaan Darurat Perkara 150(1) dan Pemasyhuran Ordinan Darurat (Kuasa-Kuasa Perlu 2020) menurut Perkara 150(2B) Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Bagi UMNO, keputusan yang turut diperbincangkan dengan Majlis Raja-Raja tersebut adalah amat bijaksana dan cukup melegakan rakyat. 

2. Mendokong sepenuhnya titah dan saranan Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan Majlis Raja-Raja agar dikendurkan segala ketegangan politik dengan melakukan gencatan politik bagi memastikan kestabilan politik negara dapat terus dipertahankan. 

3. Menyarankan agar inisiatif Rekonsiliasi Nasional atau Agenda Perdamaian Nasional segera dilaksanakan dengan menggembleng penyertaan semua parti politik yang bernaung dalam Kerajaan Perikatan Nasional dan juga parti-parti pembangkang. 

 4. Mencadangkan supaya Kerajaan mengambil pendekatan yang lebih inklusif melangkaui perbezaan ideologi parti dalam menangani pandemik Covid-19 dan kesan negatif ekonomi yang dihadapi rakyat yang sedang susah dan gelisah. 

 5. Majlis Kerja Tertinggi UMNO mengekalkan keputusan terdahulu tanpa kerjasama PKR dan DAP. Ahli-ahli Parlimen UMNO akan terus mendokong Kerajaan Perikatan Nasional. UMNO menggesa ditambah baik prinsip kerjasama yang harus berpaksikan nilai penghormatan dan political consensus. 

 6. Memastikan ketetapan Perhimpunan Agung UMNO untuk memperkasakan Muafakat Nasional dapat terus direalisasikan. 



1.Thanked Agong and his Rulers gang for rejecting Muhyiddin's emergency move.

2. To continue its "political ceasefire".

3. To continue its "political ceasefire".

4. To continue its "political ceasefire".

5. To continue its support for Perikatan in return for "better treatment".

6. To stick with Pas.

Well, this is actually nothing new.

It's the same thing that Umno said  before the Muhyiddin's "emergency move".

Quite anti-climax, actually.

I was actually expecting Zahid to say Umno will work with DAP  to set up a new government as it promised to flush out Guan Eng and his irritating gang.


That would be much nicer.

Still, I honestly don't really believe in this Umno's official stand.

Obviously, Muhyiddin and his gang didn't believe it too that Umno will not try to pull a fast one on them.

They think the Umno's ceasefire was bullshit and that's why they make that unfortunate "emergency move". 

I strongly believe they still think the same this time.

They still think Zahid and the Umno gang were just bluffing and will side with Anwar when it comes to voting in parliament.

Actually, even more so now after their failed attempt to stab Umno in the back using the "emergency move".

And I think they are right.

I still think the fight is still on.

I think Umno is just putting up a nice front with the ceasefire and reconciliation stuff.

Now people will have to say that Umno wants peace, work with everyone to overcome Covid-19, forgive Muhyiddin's emergency move betrayal, etc.

In actual fact, it's a brilliant political move.

Umno can get what it wants now without being the bad guy.

If Muhyiddin doesn't give in to it, Umno can sides with Anwar without looking bad.

After all, it doesn't have to be the whole block of Umno to vote against Muhyiddin in parliament.

Just a few of them siding with Anwar would do the trick.

If that happens, Umno can always say, we stick with our official stand but we can't control those few who sided with Anwar.

Then it joins the new government.

But working with mortal enemy DAP?

Eh, we already said we want peace for the good of the people to fight this Covid-19 pandemic, okay.

And DAP is now led by that nice Anthony Loke guy. Guan Eng is going to jail for corruption, what. And they will get rid of the other irritating bastards such as Tony Puaka soon.

So, Umno becomes the good guy and wins.

Nice, right?

But seriously, I think I'm right on this one.

I was right in my last post, okay.

Hahaha....I really really wish Umno and DAP could be friends.

Then I can have nice chats about politics with my DAP supporting mother and beloved.

And Malaysia could be a better and more peaceful country.

Okay, I need to get up and go to work now


Saturday 24 October 2020

Between emergency and democracy

Everyone went gaga yesterday over what was said to be an emergency about to be declared by the Perikatan government.

I even got an inquiry about it from Japan.

Well, Muhyiddin went to Kuantan to meet the Agong after a special Cabinet meeting, causing everyone to believe that he was trying to get the king's consent to declare the emergency.

However, in the end, nothing happened....yet so far.

I did some checking and as far as my sources are concerned, the emergency move was real.

The pretext is Covid-19, but as everyone suspected, the real reason is to prevent a no confidence motion from being tabled against Muhyiddin in parliament.

That could also happen indirectly via the voting to pass next year's budget, scheduled before end of next month.

If the budget doesn't go through, that's as good as a no confidence vote against Muhyiddin.

According to my sources, the main characters behind this emergency idea are Muhyiddin himself,  Azmin, Hamzah Zainuddin, Ismail Sabri, and that flying car minister, whose name I can't remember.

As for the meeting with the Agong, it was said that the king wanted to discuss the matter first with the other Rulers before giving his consent for the requested emergency be declared.

If this is true, then I suspect the Agong is not 100 per cent supportive of the idea for Malaysia being put under an emergency rule.

Otherwise, he would have just agreed to it.

For that, I salute the Agong.

I'm also against this emergency move because it's against our democracy and may worsen the country's economy which is already battered by Covid-19.

The Perikatan government shouldn't run for emergency cover whether in handling Covid-19 or the challenge from the opposition.

Even the Agong had previously said that all quarters must abide by the Constitution.

True, there's currently a spike in Covid-19 cases but we have been handling it well so far and I can't see why the need for the state of emergency, if that's the real reason to have it.

If the real reason is Anwar to challenge Muhyiddin in parliament, then stand up to it and just count the seats.

Prove to the world that the government has the mandate to rule.

That should shut up Anwar and the gang.

There's the Umno ceasefire, what?

Surely Muhyiddin could get enough support.

Unless, if Zahid had actually just been bluffing about the ceasefire the other day.

Well, if that's the case, Muhyiddin should talk with Zahid and the Umno gang again.

And this time, talk nicely to them.

But if Muhyiddin still wants to go the emergency route, then he should bear in mind that his government will become even more unpopular.

He would be just buying time if he does that as come GE15, the people will punish him and his gang.

Unless, of course the state of emergency be prolonged beyond the GE15 deadline or till forever.

Then we can be like North Korea.

Hey, anything could happen, okay.

Thursday 22 October 2020

Umno vs Pribumi Bersatu, the story so far

When Zahid yesterday declared a "political ceasefire", the first thing that came to my mind was that it was directed at Pribumi Bersatu.

Definitely not at DAP, PKR and their allies.

The real struggle for power now is between Umno and Pribumi Bersatu.

Anwar, Dr Mahathir and the others are just supporting characters.

At the moment, Umno has the upper hand.

The only reason they didn't go for the kill yet was because of the Covid-19 crisis.

Or, Muhyiddin had offered them something.

But one thing is for sure, Pribumi Bersatu has now realised that it can't bully Umno in Perikatan Nasional anymore.

Even Pas realised this, thus the agreement to formalise Muafakat Nasional the other day.

My bet is that those two will go on their own along with the Umno's BN allies in GE15.

A united Malay Muslim front supported by parties representing the minorities and those in Sarawak.

Basically the old BN with the inclusion of Pas. 

It's better that way as I previously wrote.

Anyway, Muhyiddin apparently has managed to buy some time but he and his people need to find their own ways too from now.

They would probably be absorbed back into Umno or melt into the other parties even before GE15.

Doesn't matter.

If the whole thing goes that way, Anwar, Dr Mahathir and the other old men of Malaysian politics would also become irrelevant, which in a way is good.

No more the usual baggage.

Personally, I hope Umno will keep its cool till GE15.

It has sent its message that day, and that should be enough for now.

As for the opposition, I hope PKR, DAP and the others could survive the remainder of the Muhyiddin's administration.

We will still need a good opposition no matter what happen because this country is a democracy.

Tuesday 20 October 2020

Please help the Bajau Laut people

UPDATES at 12.31pm

Apparently, NST has picked up on this story just now. Alhamdulillah.

More holistic approach needed to address Covid-19 among Semporna islanders


My beloved forwarded me this yesterday and asked me to highlight it,

My beloved is really concerned about the plight of those Bajau Laut people but felt helpless for not being able to do much.

I wish I could do more to help them myself.

Since we can't do much, I hope those who are really in the position to do something could help them.

I know, there are many others who are in need of help too amidst this Covid-19 crisis but these unfortunate people seemed to be in more need of help than others.

For those who may later help the Bajau Laut people, may Allah bless and reward you. Thank you.

Saturday 17 October 2020

Counting chairs got nothing to do with Covid-19

Apparently, Umno is now divided over whether it should continue to support or abandon Perikatan.

Hishammuddin and KJ, who are Perikatan ministers, have came out with very strong statements that they will not support their party leaders if Umno decides to stop supporting the coalition.

Well, I guess, if Umno really do so, then that duo would be among those who will leave the party.

Maybe they will join Pribumi Bersatu, and continue to be ministers.

Not really a bad thing, actually. Many former Umno leaders had done so, particularly after Umno and its allies lost in GE14.

Of course, they will do well....provided Perikatan remains in power lah.

After all, I have a feeling that it would be the end of Pribumi Bersatu if the party could not keep its grip on Putrajaya.

It actually doesn't have much except Dr Mahathir, when the handsome old man was still with the party.

Really, it doesn't even have proper grassroots machinery.

GE14, in my opinion, was won by the then popularity of Dr Mahathir as well as resources and hardwork of DAP's machinery.

For GE15, I believe Pribumi Bersatu will want to rely mostly on Umno's machinery to win their seats.

And the irony is that, those seats that Pribumi Bersatu will want to contest are Umno's traditional seats.

Something like what happened in Sabah the other day.

They would not kacau Pas as they know that party would not give them face. And they definitely couldn't contest at mix constituency, let alone non-Malay majority areas as they would be massacred there.

On top of that, those MPs and assemblymen who won their seats as Umno candidates but then jumped to Pribumi Bersatu after GE14 would like very much for Umno people in their area to again work for them so that they can continue to be Yang Berhormat.

People like Tok Pa, Hamzah, Dr Latif, Mas Emerianti and many others.

Again, it's something like what happened in Sabah.

The idea would be that Umno will stupidly play along.

Demi perpaduan ummah dan Melayu, they would say.

Well, now Umno seemed to be getting a bit smarter and demanded for itself not to be treated like fools.

So, the chorus started about not wanting another political turmoil with Covid-19 being thrown in for good measure.

Eh, all they need to do is to just count which side have more chairs in the Dewan Rakyat la.

You don't get infected with Covid-19 just for counting chairs.

If you don't have enough seats, then let the one with enough seats to run the country.

That's democracy.

Unless, Muhyiddin feel that he really doesn't have enough seats and want to pull the same stunt like what Shafie Apdal did in Sabah the other day.

Dissolves the parliament and triggers a fresh general election.

Then we'll have Covid-19 problem.

So, if we don't want a fresh wave of Covid-19, don't pull that stunt just because we know we don't have enough seats in parliament.

Be gracious and let go.

Of course, the same goes to the other side, if after the chairs have been counted and it turns out you don't have enough, accept it and shut up.

Really, there should not be any problem over this.

In fact they can do it everyday when parliament is in sitting.

It doesn't really costs anything.

Okay lah, that's my thought on politics today.

I'm going back to watching a Korean drama now.

More fun.