Thursday 4 February 2016

Ahsovaganza and why read Annie's blog

I'm not feeling very well today.

Told a friend about it and he said I'm probably suffering from "Ahsovaganza".

I googled the word but can't find it.

It turned out that my friend was referring to the attacks I'm enduring as a blogger of late.

Then I got it.

It's a combination of the words "Ahso" and "vaganza".

"Ahso" means aunty or elderly lady in Chinese while "vaganza"....errr, you all google that one yourself lah to find the meaning, okay.

That friend of mine is a terrible fellow.

Anyway, since I'm not well, I don't feel like writing anything serious today.

Just that I noticed this blog had passed the three million page views mark yesterday.

I think it's not so bad for an insignificant anonymous Malaysian English sopo blog just short of three years old.

After all, I'm not even a very intelligent blogger.

I can't write long postings like all those prominent bloggers or even use beautiful English to impress readers.

In fact, my English is quite atrocious.

My blog also don't have fancy charts which must be convincing for so many people.

It makes me wonder why you all bother to read this blog.

After giving it some thoughts just now, I could only think of four possible reasons.

But I'm not really sure which of them is the real reason why you all are reading my blog.

So, I'm conducting a week-long poll to find out.

You all can cast your single vote at the column on the top right of this webpage.

Your participation is really appreciated.

Thank you.

Okay, I need to rest now.

Here is a very cute song (with great subtitles) for you all dear readers,


  1. google not goggle, the aftermath of being hit by ahso's missiles

    1. Oh oh...powerful missiles indeed...corrected already...thanks :)

    2. North korean...their child prodigies memang insanely talented. Lyrics funny.."wang hantar"..

      Leave the ah so alone lah. Cheer up. At least you have a life, travelling and hanging out with friends. Unlike sour twisted char siew pao face.

    3. Anonymous 4 February 2016 at 17:28,

      Those poor kids are put thru the grinder for our entertainment.

      I have seen documentaries of how they are trained and only a very small handful succeed.

      The ones who fail go back into oblivion - the WHOLE family!!!

      I used to think they were so cute until I found out the horrors they endure.

      Notice that they are NOT naturally happy.

      Notice that the audience looks wooden.

      Have you wondered why?


  2. i voted (she is cute and nice)


  3. Itu lu punya kawan manyak tatak patut kasi sama you lengan itu 'ahso's' Annie .
    Wa manyak pecaya Lu masih muda belia lagi maa aa ,lulu-lulu olang cekap masih begetah lagi lea aa .

    Apa-apa hat pon Wa manyak lespect itu Mukriz ,untuk kasi elak UMNO lagi teruk pechah ,lia sedia undur diri maa aa . Lain pemimpin satu Malaysia suruh turun pon tatak mau turun ,lebih kasi UMNO nama lagi manyak busuk maa aa.

    Wa manyak helan nea aa .

  4. Annie,

    To become a truly syok sendiri blogger, I suggest you put on 300 pounds, wear specs, start developing a BO problem, repeat yourself endlessly, "do charts" and suck on sour lemons for 10 hours a day to give you this beautiful facial expression:

    Cun giler ahso nih.....

  5. Annie,

    Congratulations on passing the 3,000,000 mark :)

    I cannot help but wonder how many of those hits come from "other bloggers" checking on your postings.

    I have noticed that some "bloggers" tend to ALWAYS post their articles AFTER you have done so :)

    I wonder why :)

    Anyway, congratulations again on passing yet another milestone.

    Who knows? If "other bloggers" continue to studiously and religiously check out your postings, you could click over 4,5000,000 before the end of this year :)


  6. Annie,

    Out of topic (sorry).. your so called blogging captain- Rocky's Bru.. for the last 2 article never published comment anymore?.. err.. why arrr.. cannot tahan already arrgh??

  7. hope he doesn't sell his soul to these countries (whose leaders might be blackmailing him too) investigating 1MDB.. why singapore pick the perfect time now to come out with comments...MAS froze the accounts long ago but investigations revealed nothing???

  8. I'm starting to smell like a wet dog...should I start blogging? hmmmm...

  9. why lah annie always you write not feeling...u old lady ka?

  10. Ahsovaganza? Really nausicaä?I was thinking of in excess la
    like 'extravaganza' being me I assumed what I think it is. be seeing it a lot on TV so I thought I've been spot on in its meaning..Then I figured if she asked us to look up at goggle..there must be some Link..a 'clue'for us the 'clueless' eager beaver.Wooo!! we are having the word 'plethora'smack right in front of the V***** before it make some sense to the word VAGANZA as a whole.There she goes again..saying something without saying it out loud..Wonder what our moral guardian think of all the 'vaganza' words popping up on astro..caught blindsided again la tu..Well if you believe it to be a "art-rock- pop multi instrumentalists duo group"..Good for you, bet next time your kids ask you what it means.. Be my better than you have to explain a whole lot more what the actual 'Vaganza' means..
    Now Nausicaä another part into my comment, the search engine had taken me for a ride figuratively speaking and lead me to this whole set of sentences. I thought it another 'Link'and it goes like this..
    "So sue me! okey,you may notice I haven't posted a new Word of the Day in quite a while.So sue me.."-
    What is this? Did our favourite
    little lady of the valley going to get her ar** sue off? So thinking you are giving some links, I scrolled down the whole paragraph until I came to this closing sentences.
    "-And if you "follow" Johnny Cash,you certainly know the story of a boy name Sue.."-

    And here me, staring at the touch screen display going ..W.T.F ???..
    Not sure if Goggle algorithm is messing up the search engine or my mind messing up with me..Suddenly the word from Miyazaki movie
    ring in my ears.."I love Ponyo whether she's a fish, a human, or something in between.." I'm reading too much between the lines naushika..
    Maybe there actually nothing between the lines..Just an empty space..Right?