Friday 30 November 2018

Let the Malays and Bumiputera people gather on Dec 8

The first part of this story yesterday is about the police saying that

Muhammad Adib was not hit by fire engine 


Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun today maintained that firefighter Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim was indeed assaulted and not hit by a fire engine in a riot incident near the Sri Maha Mariamman temple in USJ25, Putra Heights early Tuesday.

Basiclly, the IGP was saying that the claim by temple people on how Muhammad Adib had suffered his injuries was not true.

Ya lah, for one thing, how can they said the mob were chasing and merely "tapping" on the retreating fire engines to stop them from dragging Muhammad Adib when the video clearly shows that the whole gang were attacking the vehicles.

Just look at the condition of the fire engine which was "tapped" by the "devotees".

And I think even if you ask Khabib what he thinks of the temple people's claim, I'm quite sure this would be his answer,

Meanwhile, the second part of the story yesterday was about the planned anti-ICERD gathering on Dec 8.


In another development, Mohamad Fuzi said police had yet to approve the rally pertaining to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) that is due to take place in the federal capital on Dec 8.

“They (the organisers) have submitted the application ... we have called the organisers. Thus far, we have yet to give the permit as we need to carry out safety assessments, apart from the fact that they are also required to obtain approval from Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL),” he said.

Personally, I think the authorities should let the gathering be held.

After all, the organisers had decided to hold it at Padang Merbok and not Dataran Merdeka after the government decided not to ratify ICERD.

After all, what's wrong with the Malays and Bumiputera people gathering like that to state their stand on what they claimed to be their rights.

It happened before and there was no disturbance....unlike when other "peaceful rallies" were held such as this one

or "peaceful gathering" such as this one,

I know that some Pakatan leaders and their bloggers had called for the anti-ICERD gathering to be stopped but I can't see why they were so worried about it.

I'm used to be against rallies too but now even Dr Mahathir and other leaders are actually okay with rallies.

In fact I'm hoping for Dr Mahathir and the other leaders to attend the gathering which was said to be for the rights of the Pribumi of this country as enshrined in the constitution.

After all, the name of their party is Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.

So, what's wrong with a gathering of united Pribumi, right?

I don't think they should miss the opportunity as this gathering will probably be the first time the Malays and other Pribumi people will gather in true unity since 1946 when they opposed the Malayan Union which was to take away their rights, paving the way for this country's independence.

I'm quite sure it will be peaceful and no fireman will get beaten within inches of his life.

Furthermore, if this gathering is to be stopped, it could be interpreted as an attempt to muzzle the voice of the Bumiputera or even worse be deemed as a result of the temple riot.

"Oh, they are the ones who go crazy rioting, and we are the ones who are not allowed to gather to voice our rights," some Malays, or Orang Asli, or Dayak or Kadazan may say.

So, I think the authorities should let the gathering continue but of course they should provide security as during all those Bersih rallies of the past several years.

Like that baru lah Malaysia Baru yang demokratik and mengamalkan dasar freedom of speech and expression.

Thursday 29 November 2018

Standing in line behind Datuk Kadir (updated)

A commentator highlighted this one by prominent Pakatan blogger and personality Datuk A Kadir Jasin at my last post,

You can click on this link to read the post,

Polis Kena Berlaku Adil dan Profesional

excerpts 1;

Yang anehnya sehingga hari ini tidak seorang pun perusuh keturunan India ditahan dan penyerang Muhammad Adib dikenal pasti.

excerpts 2;

Mula-mula P. Waytha Moorthy, Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri yang bertanggungjawab atas perpaduan negara dan integrasi nasional.

Tindak-tanduk beliau dalam peristiwa keganasan di Kuil Sri Maha Mariamman rasanya tidak membantu mengukuhkan perpaduan negara dan integrasi nasional.

excerpts 3;

Takkan menteri yang cerdik macam Maszlee tak tahu bahawa banyak ibu bapa bukan Melayu tidak lagi menghantar anak mereka ke sekolah kebangsaan kerana sekolah kebangsaan sudah jadi macam sekolah agama.

Again, I repeat, these were written by prominent Pakatan blogger and personality Datuk A Kadir Jasin.

Not by me okay. So, don't accuse me of trying to instigate and fan racial sentiments.

I suspect that even Datuk Kadir is unhappy with what's happening, especially concerning the arrogant and stupid ministers.

By the way, I went to check on reports by The Star on the temple issue and find the whole thing quite convoluted.

First Muhyiddin said

Thugs hired to ‘take care of things’

but then

Developer denies hiring men to create ruckus


Lawyer Haniff refutes allegations that he 

and colleague involved in temple riots


Fire and Rescue Department lodges report against 

allegations that Adib hit by fire truck


High Court rejects bid to block Seafield temple relocation

All very pening one.

Maybe that's why, to make it easier for everyone,

 Dr M says government will take action 

against those who abuse freedom of speech

I was like, shit, just because of this temple thing we are going to have less freedom of speech.

"Abuse freedom of speech" could be anything, okay.

I really didn't write much in my last two posts but Pakatan supporters already accused me of being an instigator and fanning racial sentiments.

I think Datuk Kadir's post above was even more direct and braver compared to mine.

But then again he's a Pakatan blogger.

Well, I think I better step in line behind Datuk Kadir in case of anything.

If they want to tangkap me, then at least I can say, hey tangkap Datuk Kadir also lah.


UPDATES at 18:03

A lesson from India,

Wednesday 28 November 2018

Muhammad Adib was ran over by fire engine? (updated)

I was alerted of this latest development by the post of this commentator at my last post,

Latest, not sure how far is true.
"On the injured fireman, new video has emerged that the hindu devotees helped rescue him and send him to hospital. He was runover by a reversing bomba truck. So much for the professionalism of BOMBA. No headcount check b4 vehicle moves??? Also where was PDRM? Kudos to the hindu devotees adhoc rescue brigade."

And I found this video of the press conference by the temple people,

Well, this is the video of the incident,

And this is how the bomba chief and minister explained what happened,

You all judge for yourself.

I don't want to write more. Like this also PH supporters will accuse me of being an instigator lah, fanning racial sentiments lah.

So, that's all.

UPDATES at 23:09

And this is the Fire and Rescue Department's response to the claim by temple people,

Tuesday 27 November 2018

Prayers for Muhammad Adib (updated)

Prayers for fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.
He is now in critical condition and on life support system.

I don't want to write more because if I do I believe PH supporters will accuse me of being an instigator.

Anyway, I'm very angry now and can't write much.

Maybe later.


Saw on YouTube Live just now - the minister said they are going to get what they want.

Beat up people like that and they get what they want?

What fucking precedent they are setting here?

The sneaky way they are getting at Lynas

So, all those talks about doing things properly based on facts and scientific evidence are just plain bullshit.

It's going to be decided by PH politicians and not experts after all.

Parliament approves formation of bipartisan caucus to study Lynas report
KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 26): Parliament has approved the formation of a caucus to study the report that will be presented by the Lynas review committee tomorrow.
In a press conference at Parliament lobby today, Wong Tack (PH-Bentong) and Nor Azrina Surip (PH-Merbok) announced the formation of the caucus and their appointment as chairman and deputy chairman respectively of the nine-member caucus.
“Lynas review committee will present this report tomorrow (to the Government) and the caucus will be studying the report and thereafter engage the Cabinet and make recommendations to protect the people and environment,” Wong said.
“35 MPs from all parties, including Umno and Pas, have agreed to support the formation of the caucus to monitor Lynas,” he added.
The other members of the caucus include Khoo Poay Tiong (PH-Kota Melaka), Wong Shu Qi (PH-Kluang), Awang Hashim (Pas- Pendang), Datuk Hasbullah Osman (BN-Gerik), Hasanuddin Mohd Yunus (PH-Hulu Langat), Maria Chin Abdullah (PH-Petaling Jaya) and Chan Ming Kai (PH-Alor Setar).
Nine members, seven from PH, one from BN and one from Pas named in the report by The Edge. I guess the ratio is about that. The BN and Pas MPs are obviously for window dressing.
And that self proclaimed anti-Lynas environmentalist with huge palm oil plantation (though declared to be the poorest MP with RM20k a month income) Wong Tack is to be the chairman.

Yup, the one who even accused government agencies (without any evidence whatsoever) of being bribed by Lynas to come up with positive reviews about the company's operations.
I think I already know what the outcome of all this nonsense going to be. The facts and scientific evidence wouldn't really matter.
This is what they said back then,

Neutral experts for Lynas review committee

Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Yeo Bee Yin said the Cabinet on Oct 10 had decided that members of the committee would be comprised of those who had not openly stated their stand, either to support or protest against Lynas’s operations.
“This is to prevent any parties from questioning the credibility of the committee, due to the stand of some of its members (over the issue),” she said in a statement today.
It turns out that's just to calm things down when people made noise over the impartiality of the committee which was originally to be headed by Fuziah Salleh and Wong Tack.
 Now they have this supposedly bi-partisan caucus bullshit to decide on the committee's findings.
And they announced it just a day before the committee was supposed to come out with its report which is today so that no one can protest against it.
That's very sneaky.
And the environment minister is the sneakiest one of all. She let the announcement be made by Wong Tack and not by herself so that she can remain innocent and sweet.
Typical DAP.
Why they are pushing this Lynas thing so much?
Politics of course....and maybe money....lots of money.
It's nothing to do with the environment or the people.
Otherwise, they would want this Lynas thing be decided based on facts and scientific evidence.
Well, that's the kind of people in power now.
To all those people working for Lynas, just be patient and pray
like what you all did in 2012
InsyaAllah your prayers will be heard.

Sunday 25 November 2018

Dec 8 rally, things they shouldn't do

So, it looks like

Heat remains although government

 not ratifying ICERD

Well, they are still going to hold the rally on Dec 8.

What to Malaysia Baru, got freedom of speech and expression.

Last time also got, that's why got Bersih and other rallies in KL.

At that time police did nothing other than monitor the protestors.

That was during the time of evil Umno regime, okay.

This time, because it's a more democratic Malaysia Baru, maybe the police can even join the protesters.

After all, most of them are Malays and Bumiputera and maybe they also want to express their opinion about ICERD.

Whatever it is, I hope the rally will be those Bersih rallies???

Hopefully those who participate wouldn't do these sort of things :

Or pose like this ;

Don't want controversies, okay.

Friday 23 November 2018

The pressure apparently works for ICERD

Looks that the pressure was so great that

Government will not ratify ICERD

This after all the nonsense which were started when our Unity minister said

Govt to ratify six treaties

 including ICERD early next year 

Yup, this is the minister who once said the government of this country was committing gross human right violations against the minority Indians while favouring the majority Malay Muslims.

As far as I know, this minister has never retracted what he said on that matter.

Anyway, was the ICERD nonsense ever been discussed by the Cabinet before the minister made the announcement?

Now that things have heated up to this level, they decided to back off.

Ya, as I previously wrote, this was probably another case of making an announcement to look good without doing proper studies or consultations, which is almost a norm among Pakatan ministers.

Nonetheless, I think if the Malays have not been making so much noises about this ICERD thing, it would have gone through.

Now they are even planning a rally at Dataran Merdeka on Dec 8.

Guess it's going to be like all those Bersih rallies of the past.

With that, now there are even these from pro-Pakatan people,

Patriot fears anti-ICERD may lead to riots, 

wants limit to freedom of speech

Sounds like anti-Bersih arguments pulak.

They even evoke May 13

Do remember that,

Cabinet agrees to impose moratorium on Sedition Act

Anyway, again, who started this whole ICERD nonsense?

The pro-Pakatan people still think they can get away with anything such as right after GE14, are they?

Well, I think those days are over after this ICERD thing.

They better stop fooling around and do proper work.


It turns out that my ankle injury is worse than I expected.

Went for massage yesterday and my masseur told me it's actually quite bad.

She pressed a few spots and I thought she was trying to kill me. It was very painful.

The culprit was my working shoes. I did too much walking in it.

Should have just worn my running shoes even at work I guess.

I can still walk normally without hurting but have to refrain from my usual exercises.

Going to do just light ones until fully healed.

Anyway, I'm trying to take things easy now. It's almost end year.

Other than this blog, my only presence in social media is at Instagram.

But that one is just for my personal friends. Very few of them actually.

And the only famous people I'm following are MMA fighters Khabib Nurmagomedov of Russia and Rika Ishige of Thailand.

These two are my main inspirations to get fit again.

My masseur too. We go to the same gym.

Here is Khabib's latest Instagram post

Alhamdulillah. The guy is doing Umrah. He looks more humble than ever in front of Kaabah.

And this one from Rika's

Training session.....I miss mine.


Wait until I find something really interesting to comment.

At the moment, nothing new there.

By the way, this is a bit of WhatsApp conversation between me and my cousin last night,

Sya : Annie, I saje lh baca blog u n then baca lh the comments. i felt like my brain was losing cells as i proceed reading them :) I felt like these ppl dunno wat is an opinion.

Annie : Biasa lah tu. I lepaskan je comment2 tu. Freedom of expression.

Okay, I need to get ready for work now.

Cheers and ciao.

Wednesday 21 November 2018

An injured ankle and lesson for BN/Umno

Woke up early as usual these days but can't do the routine morning exercise.

I think I injured my left ankle a bit.

Felt slight pain when I moved it at a certain angle and I don't want to aggravate it.

Giving it a rest for today and hopefully it will be okay by tomorrow.

Just did some push-up, sit-up and stretching instead.

I have really been pushing myself the past three weeks.

Really need to cut weight and be healthy.

For now, any other things is secondary.

Have to admit that I have not been closely monitoring things as I used to be.

And I have not been commenting much either except for subjects that I'm really interested in.

I find it hard to be interested in all the stupidity.

There's the Pakatan people making all the stupid moves such as over the ICERD issue but only for the BN/Umno people making even more stupid moves of their own while trying to take advantage of it all.

Just look at the dick heads with no credibility who are trying to project themselves as Malay heroes by thrusting themselves to the forefront of the anti-ICERD movement.

These are the same fakes who fucked up BN's pre-GE14 campaign.

Hey stupid, people don't want to listen to you all la, You all will just turn off people. Please fade away.

I don't understand why the BN/Umno people never learn their lessons and continue to let those pricks become their front liners.

I heard they are giving some press conferences today.

It was like, what the fuck is this....are they going to quote the same shit heads in the stories again like before.

BN/Umno don't have better people with credibility to speak for them, is it?

The cause may be good but if it's headed and represented by shitty people....then it'll just become shit.

Plain and simple.

Is Tun Faisal still the comms head?

So stupid.

If this continues, BN/Umno will never be revived,

Anyway, why should I be bothered, right?

I better think about other exercising and be healthy.

I really need to get some dumbbells to exercise at home.
Don't like to do weight lifting at the gym because some guys would always like to come over and offer to show me the right technique of doing it.

Not that I don't appreciate it but it's kind of irritating after a while.

I'm sticking to doing just cardiovascular exercises at the gym.

Okay, it's past 7am.

I better do the necessary for the day.


Sunday 18 November 2018

Being home and a bit on minister of unity or something (updated)

(Updates at the end of this post)

Happy to be back in Malaysia.

Been doing a bit of travelling.

Apparently quite a few things happened when I was away.

They charged Rosmah, Ku Nan and several others the other day.

Well, that's expected.

I'll just wait for the outcome of the trials.

But of course the Pakatan people have already passed their verdict.

Well, never mind...

Other than that, last night a friend sent me the link to this old video about our current minister in charge of unity or something like that during his visit to the Netherlands several years ago,

Was told that the video had gone viral despite it being a few years old. Guess it's because of the ICERD thing.

Hindu Indians being forced to convert to Islam? Seriously?

Are the Indians in this country being treated that badly by the Malay Muslims?

I wish the minister could answer that now.

Ya, I remember back then when the Hindraf people even used the word "ethnic cleansing" to describe how the Malay Muslims treated the Indians.

I do wonder if there are any Malay Muslim who voted for that minister during GE14.

Well, as Dr Mahathir said, Melayu mudah lupa.

Never mind.

For more, click on this;

Khabib, what do you think

 of Waytha Moorthy's words?

Other than that, I'm keeping up with my regular exercises.

That's my main thing nowadays.

Walk more than 10,000 steps, burn more than 400 calories, sleep more than five hours daily.

And of course watching my diet.

There are other issues but they are not really important to me.

So, I'm letting them go.

I'm just praying now....for this country not to be too fucked up by the hypocrites.

That should be it for now.

Write too much in this blog also for what?

As if it's making any difference.

As if I have not tried, yes?

Okay, that's all. Cheers.

UPDATES at 21:49

So, it turned out to be another case of a stupid gung-ho minister making an announcement as he pleases and Dr Mahathir has to rescue the PH government from the bonfire.

Click on this link and read,

Mahathir says almost impossible to implement ICERD

UPDATES 2 at 23:57

And apparently the minister tonight issued a statement. Click on this link to read it,

Waytha Moorthy on defensive mode after 10-year-old video went viral

I think he was trying to hide behind the Cabinet and Dr Mahathir

excerpt 1 :
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and Hindraf chairman P. Waytha Moorthy said he is working with fellow Cabinet colleagues to ensure there is fair treatment for the Indian community and all minorities.

excerpt 2 :
Hindraf, he said, continued its struggle with Pakatan Harapan led by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
Meanwhile, my best friend in Kuantan just now forwarded this one, which I don't know by who;

From Thirunavukkarasu Karasu to Menteri Perpaduan merangkap Menteri Hindraf Malaysia.

Assalamua’laikum Datuk, (since you mention we were “forced" to become Muslim), Tahukah Anda?

1. I was so discriminated that I went to primary school fully sponsored by the Melayoo govt.

2. I was so discriminated that I got a free lunch in primary school for 3 years.

3. I was so discriminated that dentists come to fix my teeth for free that time.

4. I was so discriminated that my 5A result in Standard 5 got me a place in Maktab Tentera Diraja Malaysia.

5. I was so discriminated that the forms for Maktab Rendah Sains Mara was given to me in Primary 6.

6. I was so discriminated that my good result in Primary 6 got me streamed to Perdagangan in Form 1.

7. I was so discriminated that my annual school fees from Form 1-3 were slightly cheaper than a KFC dinner.

8. I was so discriminated that my exam fees for SRP and SPM were fully paid by the Melayoo govt.

9. I was so discriminated that my pre-university education was Free.

10. I was so discriminated that even my STPM exam fees was paid by the Selangor State govt.

11. I was so discriminated that I got my First Choice kursus in USM.

12. I was so discriminated that my annual tuition fee was cheaper than a return MAS ticket for Sabahans.

13. I was so discriminated that my Masters was fully funded by USM.

14. I was so discriminated that my other Masters degree was heavily subsidised by UPM.

15. I was so discriminated that my PhD was fully paid by Kementerian Sains, Teknologi & Alam Sekitar.

16. I was so discriminated that I got RM30,000 free in USM as “geran biaya diri”.

17. I was so discriminated that I rented a house with Astro for RM150 during my PhD.

18. I was so discriminated that I got a RM60,000 research grant from the Melayoos.

19. I was so discriminated that I got public holiday during Thaipusam.

20. I was so discriminated that I won Best Paper awards against Melayoo lecturers/researchers.

21. I was so discriminated that the total charges for all 3 kids born in hospital is less than RM200.

22. I was so discriminated that I paid RM1 for my dental treatment in 2015.

23. I was so discriminated that I got to work for an airline owned and operated by a Malayalee macha.

24. I was so discriminated that I even got that same macha to sponsor my flight training.

25. I was so discriminated that my EPF money was banked direct into my CIMB account when I bought a RM1 million house.

Want me to go on? Ok I go on.

26. I was so discriminated that I became a newspaper columnist for The Star and got to bantai Najib Razak.

27. I was so discriminated that my lesen to operate a civil engineering firm was approved in 2 days.

28. I was so discriminated that my employer paid more than I pay myself for my ‘Simpanan Hari Tua’.

29. I was so discriminated that I pay the same tax as the Melayoos.

30. I was so discriminated that I get to go to church whenever and wherever I want.

31. I was so discriminated that I saw a Melayoo PM give grants inside the temple complex in Batu Caves.

32. I was so discriminated that my relatives can happily build shrines inside their own house compound (and sometimes outside).

33. I was so discriminated that I saw an Indian uncle listed annually as the 2nd richest man in Malaysia.

34. I was so discriminated that many of my bosses in AirAsia were Indians, and promoted me Captain first.

35. I was so discriminated that the Melayoo government created an investment scheme special for Indians.

36. I was so discriminated that I got to riot happily without consequence – and see my ring leaders freed and now happily earning a Menteri salary.

37. I was so discriminated that I got to see Indians complain to the UK Queen about getting back their rights – and still escape consequence in an act considered treasonous.

38. I was so discriminated that I got to see Indian Ministers happily bringing their spiritual gurus and personal lembaga sakas to Parliament.

39. I was so discriminated that I saw road signboards in many places include the Tamil language.

40. I was so discriminated that I saw the Melayoo govt preserve traditional Hindu ruins and even apply for Unesco listings.

41. I was so discriminated that I see Tourism Malaysia ads all over the world feature Indian culture and religion.

42. I was so discriminated that I see Indian Menteris ignore the songkok and wear their Chennai-mari thalappas in front of the King.

43. I was so discriminated that I frequently see Melayoo leaders participate in public Tamil dramas, song and dances for official functions, from Anwar Ibrahim to Khalil Yaakob.

44. I was so discriminated that I obtained another lesen penerbitan to start printing periodicals even after the previous govt cancelled my newspaper column for bantai-ing them.

45. I was so discriminated that my wife can remain Bumiputera, wear the hijab and still parade the Christian cross openly at some events.

46. I was so discriminated that even though I took Tamadun Islam in university and my wife scored A in Sejarah Islam in STPM, no one “forced” us to become Muslim.

47. I was so discriminated that the majority of doctors and lawyers in Malaysia by population are still Indians.

48. I was so discriminated that I enjoy tax relief from charity grants to Melayoo or Muslim organisations.

49. I was so discriminated that I can still eat pork everywhere I want to, even in Melayoo majority towns – even though I don’t do it out of respect.

50. I was so discriminated that my own Menteri Hindraf can happily go to The Hague and try kacau our Perpaduan after 61 years.

How la Menteri? Still want me to go on? Too long oredy, kejap lagi kena Lukihhh… Lukihhh bro.

Sunday 11 November 2018

Lynas - it's all based on facts and evidence

I don't want to write too much on this one because some trolls may accuse me of spinning

So, you all can read for yourselves this latest one on the Lynas issue;

Lynas operations satisfy all

 criteria, say officials


1. Faizal Mohd Yusof, a senior official with the international trade and industry ministry (Miti), also justified the 12-year tax exemption given to Lynas, considering its benefits to the country.

He said Lynas had fulfilled 10 factors to receive its factory licence in early 2008, including those concerning the environment.
He said other factors included its technology, positive effect on the supply chain and amount of investment.
He said the company provided jobs to locals and gave them the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge.
2. During the Facebook Live feed, an Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB) official said radioactive materials are found naturally in the environment.
He further explained that prior to giving out licences, AELB had a comprehensive mechanism to determine whether or not a chemical plant was qualified for the licence.
“The standards we have in Malaysia are not just any standards — we abide by international standards.
“On top of that, in the Lynas case, we also set up a public committee before giving them the licence in September 2012.”
3. An official from the Pahang State Environmental Department said staff conducted checks on environmental quality, as underlined in the plant’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The department found that Lynas had maintained all the standards.
In relation to concerns about heavy metal residue found in surrounding agricultural land, the official said the study looked at the heavy metal residue found in agricultural products such as palm oil and “found positive results”.
In response to the independent committee’s inquiries into the water quality as a result of chemical waste, the official said the presence of industrial sites along Sungai Balok had actually improved the water quality, due to high-technology waste treatment technology being utitlised.
“Lynas itself has a sophisticated treatment system. The volume of chemical waste has not even been an issue because it meets all limits set.”
4. An official from the health ministry said it was too early to tell if any pollution from the Lynas plant would cause any type of cancer.
5. A Department of Occupational Safety and Hazard (DOSH) official also agreed that Lynas had met all its obligations.
“They have abided by all criteria for occupational safety.”
In terms of the treatment of hazardous chemicals, it found that despite the risks, adequate safety precautions were being taken.
In terms of pollution, dust and mineral oil mist produced as by-products by the plant’s activities, the official said it was found to be at a low level.
“The chemical hazards at the facility show possible negative effects on the respiratory system and skin. However, the same situation applies to any other factory.”
So how? Satisfied or not?
They look silly to me
What? Still not satisfied?
Here, this time I'm putting in full from Dr Mahathir's own writing back in 2012.


1. I was the first to write in my blog about rare earth, about how difficult it was to rid ourselves from activated rare earth when it was no longer needed.
2. Rare earth can be used for many things and in many ways. The rare earth represented by tin tailing, mostly ilmenite, when activated can be used in colour television. Today colour television uses plasma or LED.
3. This posed a problem of getting rid of the activated rare earth left in Malaysia. Finally it was agreed between Mitsubishi Electric and Malaysia that a site in Perak of almost a square kilometre be reserved for burying under concrete the activated “amang”.

4. Although visitors were banned and no human habitation was allowed at the site, I am told that now there is no more danger of radiation and human dwellings have been built there.
5. The Lynas project is not about activating the rare earth to make it radioactive. It is about extraction of the element to be used in making lithium ion batteries and magnets.
6. Lithium ion batteries are extensively used to power electronic products including mobile phones.
7. We carry in our pockets and use mobile phones all the time, putting them against our ears to hear and speak over the air waves. Obviously they are not harmful. This lithium ion battery does not emit harmful radiation.
8. As I understand it, the Lynas plant in Pahang does not involve activating any of the rare earth components to make them radioactive. The process cannot be harmful. As for the waste, it does not give off harmful radiation either. The waste is just ordinary earth which is normally mixed with the small amounts of rare earth. The necessity to export the waste does not arise.
9. Malaysia is endowed with significant quantities of rare earth. In its natural state it is harmless. Tin tailings or “amang” is probably more likely to give off radio waves than rare earth. The mining and extraction of rare earth can bring much wealth to Malaysia. In fact Malaysia should be producing lithium ion batteries for use in electric and hybrid cars. Today these batteries are being produced in Germany and Britain, using rare earth from China and elsewhere.
10. Lithium ion batteries will be much in demand in the future. They are usually rechargeable and can last for many years.
11. It would be a great loss to Malaysia if misguided people prevent us from extracting and using the high clean electrical capacities of rare earth. Just as the lithium ion batteries in the cellular phones is not harmful even when we carry them everywhere in our pockets and put them to our ears, the mining and extracting of rare earth from Malaysian earth will not harm us in any way.

Don't argue with Dr Mahathir, okay. He's almost always right. If Lynas still loses the case after all these facts and evidence had been presented, then I don't know what else to say.

Saturday 10 November 2018

Reminders from Daim and Dr Mahathir

I think a lot of people are getting fed up.

That's why the other day,

Daim asks Pakatan to stop blame game


“Six months is enough. Now the government needs to concentrate on delivering. People know what happened and that’s why they voted the previous government out. So it’s important for them not to repeat similar leadership (mistakes),”

But of course people like Guan Eng will continue with it such as in this instance yesterday when he said,

Rating agencies will not

 lower Malaysia's credit rating


“I believe that they are aware of the government’s efforts to overcome the fiscal problem left by the previous government."

Well, I did expect that and I still do.

After all, what else that Guan Eng could offer other than that.

The same with the Pakatan (expecially DAP) trolls who come to this blog.

Really, that's all they have.

I expected it right after GE14 where I wrote about

Remember the PH mantra

They will continue with it till at least the next general election.

Anyway, what do you think of this news?

Malay ministers reminded

 by Mahathir of history

Why do you think Dr Mahathir has to remind the likes of Mujahid and Syed Saddiq of who Malays are?

Thursday 8 November 2018

Lynas - it's turning into a McGregor-Khabib fight

The struggle over Lynas is really becoming like that McGregor-Khabib fight.

Click on this link if you don't know what I'm talking about,

UFC 229

For starters, one side was trash talking while the other tried to keep calm.

You know la all the accusations they threw at Lynas.

Same like McGregor insulting Khabib and calling him names before their fight.

All the while Khabib kept his cool and said things will be settled in the octagon.

The victor would be the one with the better punches, kicks, grappling techniques and wrestling prowess.

Just like Lynas, things should be by right decided based on facts and evidence.

Not by all the bullshit meant to rile sentiments as what happened over the issue.

Then there's the UFC with its boss Dana White who was clearly siding with McGreagor.

They did everything possible to ensure a McGreagor's victory, including letting the notorious Irishman went crazy to promote the fight.

The UFC didn't seem to care even if innocent people get hurt as what happened when McGreagor and his crew attacked the bus Khabib was on in Brooklyn.

Same like when they tried to impose that crazy Fuziah Salleh and dubious Wong Tack on the Lynas review committee.

At that time they didn't seem to care about being fair even to the Lynas employees, who are 97 per cent Malaysians.

They didn't seem to care if those people lose their job and face hardship to support their families.

Now, with the Lynas public hearing just days away, they seemed to be doing it again.

In my previous post about Lynas,

About Lynas public hearing and

 self-proclaimed environmentalist

 I wrote that,


Public hearing of Lynas review

 on November 11

The venue however have been shifted from Universiti Malaysia Pahang in Gambang to Gambang Resort City.

Hopefully many people will turn up to hear what's really going on by listening to both sides of the story.

Those who wish to do so, please fill up the form at this link;
This will close at midnight Nov 9 (Friday).

Well, I was told yesterday that the venue has been shifted yet again.

Now it's going to be at the Sri Manja Boutique Hotel in Indra Mahkota.

I do wonder why they are doing this.

Why are they making it difficult for the public to attend the hearing?

I wonder why don't they just have a very open public hearing.

Let's say at the Sultan Ahmad Shah Convention Centre in downtown Kuantan where thousands could attend.

No need to fill in forms and such to be there.

Hey, after all, they said Kuantan folks are scared stiff of Lynas what. Surely they would come in droves.

Ya, why they need to do all that to make sure less people attend the supposedly public hearing?

Are they afraid the anti-Lynas people would be exposed as bullshitting all these while.

Just like that McGregor guy la. Ends up that all his trash talk was just bullshit.

I don't know lah, maybe their strategy will work.

Less people at the hearing, the easier they can kick the Lynas people around.

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they were just being clumsy about arranging the hearing thus all the changes and bureaucracy. Maybe they will be fair.

For now Lynas, its workers and their dependants could only pray for the best.

Workers of Lynas Malaysia saying thanksgiving at the vicinity of the Kuantan High Court on Nov 17 2012, after the court rejected an injunction application to stop the company's operations.