Tuesday 16 February 2016

No more joking around soon

I think the fight is almost over.

The news portals as they are now are dying.

They are running out of money.

Their funders are backing out.

Talk to all those online reporters and you will know that it is true.

I talked to them.

New people are taking over, they said.

Also, it was reported that they will table amendments to the Communications and Multimedia Act in parliament next month.

After that, you all need to be extremely careful with what you write in cyberspace.

You can't go around and write things like,

"Our leaders are smelly monkeys"

which is more or less okay now as it's deemed as just an expression of your displeasure with our leaders.

The statement is quite general, anyway.

However, after the amendments, if you write such words, you may likely go to jail for defaming the country's leadership.

No joke, okay.

No more shooting off your mouth.

Well, I think I have to tighten censorship of your comments in this blog too.

May even have to remove some of your comments which have already been published.

Heck, if it's too difficult, I may just close down the whole bloody thing.

Just not worth the risks anymore, okay.

Anyway, most of the other bloggers that I know have already started to do all these.

Nothing wrong with that though as blogs belong to their owners and it's up to them to decide on what it's going to be.

Actually, I have already started doing the censorship myself.

But almost all the comments which I spiked off so far were due to their stupidity and not because of anything else.

Can you all stop wasting your time after this by not posting comments which I will only have to spike off later?

Please think before you post anything, okay.

Whatever it is, I guess freedom of speech and expression has its limit and Malaysian cyberspace has reached exactly that.

No more jokes about Ahmad Maslan, for you all.

In my case, no more jokes about Lim Guan Eng.

As CM of Penang, he is our leader too, isn't he?

Gonna be North Korean boringness after this, I think.


  1. No more voting for UMNO/BN PRU 14. See if they still can retained their POWER. PRU 13 had shown what the rakyat can do! Sayonara to PM, TPM and kabinet dapur!

    1. Then which party should we vote? DAP? Absolutely not in a million years. The party for the Malays is either UMNO or PAS. ABCD - Asal Bukan Cina DAP!

  2. Annie,

    Not so much "North Korean boringness" but it's an attempt to just repress the rakyat from speaking out.

    Anyone can see that levels of corruption and abuse of laws have reached a point where the country's future will suffer badly.

    There's also the point that the seven international probes into *ahem* will start producing tons of bad news for the govt quite soon.

    So that's the choice for 30 million Malaysians, I guess.

    Either be bullied into silence or continue to speak out against wrongdoing.

    Because if we remain silent, they will just get bolder. And even more corrupt.

    How many more 1mdb, yapeim, mara and more can be done in the years to come?

    1. The internet is not censored.you can write whatever you want to write but you have to be responsible of what you write.It is as simple as that.seperi pepatah Melayu (though it sounds cliche) berani kerana betul takut kerana salah.I am sure you can get the best lawyer to defend you if you have done nothing wrong

      Prof Kangkung

  3. Annie, tutup kedai...

    kita bercakap dalam kelambu, jom !

  4. "However, after the amendments, if you write such words, you may likely go to jail for slandering the country's leadership."

    The only Kings in Malaysia is DYMM YDPA & the Raja2. As they are an institution that cannot defend itself from public critique, then there should be legal protection.

    Politicians need no protection. They are paid from public funds (and often steal them!)

    And what is "slander"?

    If in July 2015 someone wrote "the PM received 2.6 billion in his personal account", is it slander? Will that person be jailed?

    He was still trying to deny it then (look up the video).

    But it wasn't slander - it was true.

    So what is "slander"? Falsehood? The govt creates more of that than we do!


    1. Sikalang semua blog mau talok itu busat punya tulit , 'I LOVE PM'and semua comments pon mau tulit ' I LOVE PM ' jugak maa aa .

      Wa atak sayang itu Uncle Lim ,and Wa manyak lespect itu Tun Mahathir ,tapi wa tulit juga itu " I LOVE PM " ,itu tatak hat punya maa aa .

      Olang cekap itu ' Chinese diplomacy ' manyak atak kesan maa aa.

  5. Annie,

    As the amendments to the Act have not been gazetted yet, please to let me say this.

    Welcome to Malaysia - nanny state for thin-skinned politicians with glass jaws.


  6. What happens if we call our leaders, they are as sweet as bunga Tahi Ayam?

    Atau, Ahmad Maslan itu wangi orangnya. Dengan kabo tiap pagi dia mandi air bunga. Sebab itu mulut dia berbau wangi kerana dia gemar minum air campuran bunga Tahi Ayam bunga daun Kentut.

  7. I wonder what life would be than......????
    With this new amendment, do u think UMNO/BN will get 100% voting,
    since no more fitnah and joking will be published...???
    People will read UTUSAN, BH, NEW STRAITS TIME and MYKMU only.
    No challange, no fun.
    Just imagine, we will soon end up like Mat Maslan!!!

  8. If an act was committed before a new Act is implemented, can the person still be fined? If XXXX hunts animals (endangered species) for a living. That time no law against it, and now Ah Beng aged 70, talks about his past deeds, ...... just wondering

    1. oops! I forgot to XXXX the name is second mention!!!

  9. all for the sake of u know who. Malaysia changes so much become of 1 individu (like this can?)

    and all for the worst.

  10. Hi Annie,

    What you said about news portals dying due to lack of funds is interesting.

    The Star mentioned something about that recently.
    "Edge downsizing, TMI for sale, Kinibiz to shutter"

    And I commented about The Star's article in my blog.


    However, I read an opinion somewhere else that Tong himself could buy TMI and operate it independently from The Edge, so if TMI gets suspended for whatever reason, The Edge won't be affected, since legally, it's under a separate entity.

    Anyway, online advertising revenue for media portals is far below the print advertising revenue which they currently receive but which is steadily declining as readership and advertising revenue moves online where competition for online ads is far more intense, with huge non-media with worldwide reach grabbing most of the online ad revenue.

    I blogged about that here with charts based upon figures from the Newspaper Association of America.


    Whilst this trend began earlier in the U.S., Malaysian media began feeling the effects of the downtrend later but it has been taking its toll and will continue to take its toll as broadband penetration gets higher and higher.

    Many of these political news portals would not survive without foreign NGO funding or funding by wealthy individuals to serve political objectives and if they pull out, the portal closes shop, like The Nut Graph did some years back.

    Also my earlier blogs on this matter.




    Already in Malaysia, established news media are offering more veteran staff VSS and hiring younger staff whom they can pay less and if these online portals close, there will be many journalists and staff without jobs.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Anon, this is your comment after censored :

      Pasal Guan Eng tu dan DAP nya tiada masalah la dia bukan geng Najib ,kau kutuk la apa pun beruk Kuncu najib tak marah ,Tapi kalau kau kutuk apa pun hal DAP tak guna juga macam...censored...bengap sebab DAP bukan nak bertanding kawasan majoroti melayu ,semua kerusi mereka kawasan majoriti cina dan DAP akan 100% dapat undi Cina ,jadi jangan buang masa dengan DAP macam...censored...bengap siang malam hasut melayu benci DAP tapi melayu majoroti tak akan jumpa logo DAP pun bila mengundi,itu pun sedikit kawasan yang 50-50 pengundi melayu cina tapi banayak diambil PKR , Dan PAS serta PKR pun bukan bodoh untuk buat melayu tak percaya pada mereka cantoh diselangor Azmin mana dengar cakap DAP dan amanh untuk singkir PAS dan PAS pun dah berjauhan dengan DAP jadi UMNO lu boleh lingkup untuk dapat undi melayu kalau najib masih jadi PM kerana dari hari ke sehari orang semakin menyampah.

  12. When the greedy scheming jokers start getting frightened of their long guilty shadows ... this is what happens: Hate the whole innocent world for their own freaking problems!