Thursday 29 May 2014

Pakatan's lack of sensitivity

Just got a call from a journalist friend who is in Teluk Intan.

Apparently, the passing of Sultan of Perak, Al-marhum Sultan Azlan Shah on Wednesday had not affected the Pakatan's campaign for the by-election there.

My friend who was staying at a hotel in the town centre could hear from his room their ceramah tonight which was held at an open space about 150 meters away.

"They are very loud. Complete with the blowing of vuvuzela," he said.

Actually, the ceramah was so loud that I could even identified the speaker who was on the stage as I was talking to my friend over the phone.

It was 11.40pm and the speaker was DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang.

Kit Siang was ranting away as usual, primarily against the Umno leadership.

My friend said he was quite disturbed by the lack of respect shown by the Pakatan leaders and their followers.

"It's the State's mourning period. They shouldn't be doing this," said my friend, his voice quivering with exasperation.

"I think they should give it a rest for at least just tonight. After all Almarhum (Sultan Azlan Shah) had just been laid to rest earlier in the day," he added.

I asked why he didn't go and cover the ceramah.

"No point. It's the same lambasting the government session as usual. Furthermore, I am quite disgusted that they don't even have the decency to show respect by observing the mourning for the passing of the late Ruler," he said.

I believe, these Pakatan people think their mission to gain political power in this country is bigger than anything else.

They don't seem to care about decency or decorum.

They probably even think that the passing of Sultan Azlan Shah is of no consequence as the late Ruler was the one who in 2008 invited the current BN state leadership, as according to the law, to form the State government after the Pakatan's one collapsed due to lack of support in the state assembly.

Whatever it is, I believe the Pakatan gang were really desperate to win this Teluk Intan by-election that they decided to ignore the mourning for the passing of the good Sultan.

Farewell to a good Sultan

I have to admit that I personally do not know much about the late Sultan Azlan Shah.

I have never met him in person.

But from what I know of him through news reports and other reading materials, the 34th Sultan of Perak seemed to be a wise ruler, extremely intelligent and a good man.

You can click on his photo at the top right of this page to get connected to a link which tells more about the late Sultan.

I choose to put the photo of a young Sultan Azlan Shah there to remind ourselves of the once lively and vigorous man that he was.

He was 21 years old and looked very handsome in that photo.

I believe the late Sultan Azlan Shah is the right example of how a monarch should be.

His list of achievements, even before he ascended the throne was astounding.

As a Sultan, he strictly abided by his role as a Ruler and as he was previously the top judge in the country, had always been fair to all of his subjects.

His adherent to the rule of law was manifested in the way he handled the Perak constitutional crisis in 2008 when the Pakatan's administration collapsed after it lost the needed support in the state assembly.

I have not heard of any serious allegation against him abusing his position as a Ruler.

I have also not heard of him asking for anything unreasonable such as businesses, contracts or hard cash from the State government or investors in Perak.

As a family man, he appeared to have raised his children well.

His eldest son and regent, Raja Nazrin Shah is perhaps the brightest star among the country's princes.

As was his father, Raja Nazrin is highly educated and a really classy gentleman.

He knows and plays his role as a prince well.

I never heard of him stepping out of line, and committed unthinkable acts such as beating up people or picking up girls in a night club for a one night stand.

That's a sign of a good upbringing, thanks to his late father.

Sultan Azlan Shah will be laid to rest at the Perak royal mausoleum in Kuala Kangsar later today.

I pray that he will be at peace.

May Allah bless his soul and place him among the good people in the afterlife.


Wednesday 28 May 2014

Old friends from Johor

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday.

An old Johorean friend called and asked me to join him for lunch.

Unfortunately I am not in KL at the moment.

But it's always nice to get a call from him.

We chit chatted a bit and promised to meet up when I got back to KL

I am always proud that I had "fought" alongside this friend of mine in the defense of Johor during GE13.

We fought very hard to prevent DAP and the gang from taking over the state.

It was the toughest of battles.

Considering the full force of the Chinese tsunami which hit Johor, I believe we did well that BN retained its two third majority in the state assembly.

Bear in mind that Chinese made up about 40 per cent of the Johor population.

The casualties were however high. Five parliamentary and 18 state constituencies. Mostly Chinese majority areas.

Anyway, my friend is a really good man. Sincere, honorable and incorruptible. One of the guys whom I most respected.

After GE13, he left Johor and settled down to a quiet life in KL.

The new leadership in Johor made it clear that he is no longer wanted there.

Stupid arrogant new leadership.

I got several friends who are like this from the good old days of Johor.

Most are no longer with a permanent job and struggling to survive after the new administration took over in Kota Iskandar.

These are good people who worked sincerely for Johor and expect nothing more than their gaji at the end of the month. These are not the corrupted people who abuse their position to get rich.

I know one of them who is still jobless till now after being chased out from her office to make way for the "new people".

These people had fought hard for BN but once that done, they were cast out.

MB DS Mohd Khaled Nordin once said that he is a menteri bear for all. Well, Khaled, the way things were, you can't even be the menteri besar of the people who fought for BN.

Khaled, was you aware that your boys sent security personnel to escort out from office that lady who set up the entire Johor's election mapping strategy?

Even PM DS Najib Razak acknowledged that Johor BN's strategy and execution was the best for GE13.

What a waste of talent.

Well, this time, I am not going to write about the excesses and abuses which are ongoing in my home state.

I think I had done that too much already.

For a change, I would love to see those brave Johorean bloggers who went on a crusade about Lim Kang Ho and KPRJ before GE13 to ensure the departure of former MB Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman, write about the current Johor exploits of Vincent Tan, Francis Yeoh, Peter Lim, the Khaled's boys, Irda bosses etc.

That would be indeed nice to read....but I wouldn't count too much on it.

Well, I am going to take a rest from all that for a while.

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Malays' level playing field

My mother send me a text message last night which pointed out this article to me,

Discrimination Against Hiring Of Malay Graduates - UKM

I'm not really sure why my mother pointed out the article to me.

It's dated last year.

But she cautioned me,

"May (my Chinese name), I know you are passionate about these sorts of things, but please don't overdo it."

Okay Ma, I'm not going to.

I am just going to highlight some of the findings by the two senior lecturers from the University of Malaya, Dr Lee Hwok Aun from the Department of Development Studies and Dr Muhammed Abdul Khalid.

Race more than résumé quality is the main consideration for getting an interview for jobs in Chinese controlled and International companies in this country.

Overall 22.1% of the Chinese applicants receive call backs from prospective employers with the Malay applicants receiving only 4.2% call backs.

Analysis of the results was extensive with the figures clearly showing that there is discrimination against Malay graduates even in Malay controlled companies where the number of call backs received by Chinese candidates was 6.8% against 4.8% for Malay applicants.

As for the Chinese controlled companies out of the total resumes sent 24% of the Chinese applicants received call backs for interviews but only 6.8% Malay applications received call backs.

For foreign controlled companies the numbers are 22.9% for Chinese applicants with none of the Malay applicants getting any call back.

I advise you to read the entire article at the link above. Don't be lazy.

Actually, I had discussed this article with a Chinese friend when it first came out last year.

My friend said the Chinese controlled companies have the right to do whatever they like.

"It's their money, what," he said, adding that in contrast the government-linked companies should not practice such discrimination as theirs are tax payers money.

Well, I think the GLC and the civil service are trying to open up their doors to all races. 

I can name a few which had done so, such as Sime Darby and Petronas.

But that argument about "It's our money, so we can do whatever we like" bothers me quite a bit.

Is it okay for the towkeys to discriminate because it's their own companies?

Is it okay to treat your workers like slaves because it's your own companies?

Is it okay to abuse your maid because you pay their salaries with your own money?

Sorry Ma, I have to ask those questions.

I hope I am not going overboard and make you upset.

Well, stupid Malays, you really think you are on a level playing field?

Go figure. 

p.s Ma, I think Pa more handsome than that Dr Lee, okay.

Monday 26 May 2014

Shallow Dyana and a bit on badminton

I was shocked when I read Big Dog's

DAP Dyana the Liar

Were Dyana, the DAP's candidate in Teluk Intan and her mother really involved with Perkasa?

Well there is the picture of them manning the membership counter of Perkasa,

So, what could had happened to Dyana, that she swung to the other side so drastically?

She may say that it was a long time ago, but actually it was not so. It was just in 2008.

Well, I don't really like Perkasa too as I don't like Ibrahim Ali.

Most of the time I see them as a nuisance.

But this girl and her mother were part of that organization labeled by DAP and almost all other non-Malay organizations as Malay extremists.

My personal opinion is that this Dyana girl is likely just craving for attention.

She will do anything for it.

Join Perkasa, join DAP, join Communist Party, join Akedemi Fantasia.....anything goes.

It's just a case of a shallow girl trying to be popular.

Well, as I had previously wrote, I was like that too once. 

But, to get attention, I just colored my hair blue and have piercings all over my body instead of selling my jati diri to Kit Siang and his irritatingly arrogant son.

This Dyana girl is a waste of time, actually. That's all that she really is.

Anyway, that's a tedious subject for a Monday morning.

What more with Malaysia losing the finals of the Thomas Cup last night.

But Lee Chong Wei and the gang had tried their best.

The pundits never expected them to go beyond the quarter finals.

Congratulations guys.

My heart goes especially to Deren Liew, our third singles who did everything humanly possible but still lost in the nerve wrecking deciding match.

No Japanese food for me over the next several months.

Still, that Ueda guy who beat Liew is quite cute.

Okay, I'm  just kidding a bit. 

Just to cheer up.

Have a good Monday everyone.

Sunday 25 May 2014

Sunday morning rambling

Woke up a bit too early on this Sunday morning.

Not really sure what to write now that I can't be too brash anymore.

I love my mother and don't want to upset her.

She knows that I like to joke around quite a lot, but always worried that I may go overboard and makes people angry with me.

Well, you can't please everyone.

In fact, if you want to write about politics, you must bear with people who will hate you, call you names and threaten you with all sorts of things.

I am not really sure why, but this blog actually attracts quite a sizable number of readers from the pro-Pakatan crowd.

In fact, in the beginning, most of the comments came from them. Of course, those comments were not of the very nice varieties.

The comments section only actually evens out quite recently, when some pro-BN commenters make the effort to counter the argument of those pro-Pakatan people.

Myself....I'm not even really bothered with the pro-Pakatan comments.

Most of them are quite dumb, anyway.

I normally just let them through because unlike Lim Guan Eng and the gang, I believe in freedom of expression.

I will not go "You dare publish that, you see la what I ll do to your paper!!!!"

That's childish.

All that talks about freedom this and freedom that were all bullshit.

Honestly, I lost some respect for the Chinese community for worshipping that irritating hypocrite nerd.

Well, never mind. Let them be.

Anyway, I miss my mother very much.

I may only see her next week.

She is very busy now. She works all the time.

The only time she called me this month was yesterday and that one was just because she need to scold me for being naughty.

Well, I don't mind. At least I got to hear her voice.

Ma, if you are reading this, I want you to know that I love you very much. I know you are Chinese and all that stuff you said about being hardworking. But, please try not to work today. Take a rest, okay.

Ma, this one for you,

Friday 23 May 2014

Listen to your mother...especially if she is garang

Got a call from my mother earlier today.

She was not happy with me.

She said her colleague had told her about a blogger who went around insulting everyone.

Immediately she knows it's me.

Her colleague, however didn't know it's her daughter.

My mother is a very busy lady, but she took the pain to check this blog this morning and she said to her horror found out that her intuition was correct.

She  said my last three postings were all about insulting others,

First I insulted the Chinese,

Chinese will vote for Guan Eng's underwear

then I insulted the Malays,

Stupid Malay men

and the last one I insulted the Kelingons

Celaka punya Kelingon pariah

My mother told me to cut it out.

I just kept quiet when my mother is angry with me.

My mother is very garang, okay.

Well, I feel that I was merely stating facts in those postings.

Freedom of expression, what.

Most Chinese do indeed will believe in anything that Guan Eng told them and will vote anything that DAP put as their candidate in an election.

The Malay men are indeed quite weak when facing a pretty girl. They get stupid when it comes to girls, especially those packaged nicely by Chinamen.

Okay, the Kelingon one was just a joke okay. But I think the Kelingons will not attack Earth and trigger an inter-galactic war just because I did that posting.

Kelingons after all have some sense of humor....unlike some Earthlings of certain 
race, who like to get angry very easily.

See, Kelingons can laugh and be merry.

Anyway, I think I have to abide by my mother's warning.

Don't want to upset her too much.

So, tonight I am going to just play this song, mentioned by that very rajin commenter LOL in one of his numerous comments,

Cheers everyone :-)

Thursday 22 May 2014

Celaka punya Kelingon pariah

There are ways for racists to pretend that they are not so.

RSN Rayer, the DAP assemblyman from Penang used the party's usual way of doing it.

He repeated the word "Celaka Umno!" several times in the Penang assembly the other day, just to vent his anger.

UMNO stands for United Malays Nationalist Organization.

It's an organization which main objective is to unite the Malays.

Unity is the strength which gave the Malays the leverage to demand this country's independence from the British colonial power.

If Malays had not united under Umno back in the early days of this country and fought British's attempt to impose the Malayan Union, they would have become servants in their own land.

This is what people like Rayer hate so much.

People like Rayer do not want the Malays to be united and work together for their betterment.

After all, for people like him, Malays are only good to be their servants.

Of course they would not say it that way.

That would be racist.

So they say "Umno celaka!", and go about "Hey, I did not say Melayu celaka, I said Umno celaka."

So Rayer, Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu is celaka, is it?

Melayu Bersatu is celaka, is it?

For people like Rayer, the Malays are too stupid to see that he was insulting them by putting up that act.

Well, some of them are indeed stupid.

But not all of them, okay.

Anyway, that was all very stressful.

Racial insults are common place these days.

So, I don't want to get all worked up over it.

Last night was restful. I watched an old Star Trek movie.

The bad guys are the Kelingons.

They are an alien race at war with the humans,

They are very bad.

The humans are very angry with them.

Their leader Captain Kirk shouted at the Kelingons, "Celaka punya Kelingon pariah!!!!"

Errr....ok, ok, I made up the last part of this posting about watching Star Trek. I just need it to have the headline.

Jangan marah sama itu Captain Kirk ya.

Captain Kirk bukan racist yang tak suka orang India.

Dia insult Kelingon.

Dia tak insult orang India.

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Stupid Malay men

I have been very busy these past few days.

No time to update this blog.

I just released the comments using my handphone.

Now I got about half an hour to do this posting.

After this I need to rush off to work.

I have not been reading the newspapers properly due to the hectic work schedule.

Mostly, I just read the headlines.

But I do notice that the hottest political thing at the moment is the Teluk Intan by-election with the star attraction being that Dyana DAP girl.

My take on it so far is as follows.

Easiest trick to get at the Malays, especially men- PRETTY GIRLS

Really, it works every time.

Even the Pas men in serban got excited, I was told when Dyana (wearing scarf of course) turned up at their ceramah.

Let's not even talk about the likes of Mat Sabu on this okay.

Gone were all that talk about hudud lah or jihad lah or whatever.

Honestly, I don't think that she is THAT pretty.

Okay, she is prettier then myself, I admit that but for all those Malay men drooling over her, I think that's a bit too much.

Come on la you all Malay men, don't be so pathetic.

Kit Siang and his son send you all a good looking girl, packaged her nice and proper, and you all become idiots.

                                 Actually she looks like this,

But with DAP's nice packaging, she turned out like this,

                         But for Pas men, they packaged her like this,

Chinamen really know how to do business.

They sell anything pun, orang Melayu beli.

Stupid Malays, especially the men.

Okay, I need to go to work. You all have a good day ya....and don't be Malay men.

Sunday 18 May 2014

Chinese will vote for Guan Eng's underwear

I was not feeling well again these past few days.

But tonight I am feeling slightly better.

So, here is a bit of my thought about the coming Teluk Intan by-election.

As everyone should know by now, DAP had named Lim Kit Siang's political secretary Dyana Sofya as its candidate.

BN will be represented by DS Mah Soo Keong, the Gerakan president. Mah was formerly an MP of Teluk Intan for two terms.

A girl, who doesn't know much about politics or serving the people versus an experienced party president who served the constituents of Teluk Intan well in the past.

Guess who will win?

Well, of course it's going to be the clueless girl, who is what she is now because she got the right idea that being "different" attracts people's attention.

Actually, her being pretty also helps.

And of course she represents DAP which commands the support of more than 90 per cent Chinese.

Teluk Intan constituents consist 43 per cent Chinese, 38 per cent Malays and the rest were Indians and others.

So, the girl, or to be more accurate DAP, already have 40 per cent of the votes in the pocket, coming from the 90 per cent Chinese votes.

They only needed just a bit more than 10 per cent to retain the seat.

So, putting an attractive Malay girl will secure that extra votes.

It will also serves as a gimmick for DAP's Malay friendly facade.

Well, DAP is now on cloud nine when it comes to Chinese votes.

They believe that the Chinese will vote for them no matter who they put as a candidate.

Even if they put Guan Eng's unwashed underwear as their candidate, they know they can still get solid support from the Chinese community.

Yes, that's how powerful DAP's control over the Chinese community now.

By putting as candidate a Malay girl in Teluk Intan and an Indian boy in Bukit Gelugor, DAP is hoping to enhance its multi-racial credentials.

The truth however was that, its main power is still due to the mainly solid Chinese community's support.

The Chinese voters who voted for the DAP candidates never see them as anything but servants of DAP which they believe will further the interest of their community.

That is why they will be voting for the naive Malay girl instead of Mah who had done good for them.

That's the real reason why DAP dare to field the Malay girl.

Really, it's because at the moment the Chinese will swallow anything that DAP throw at them.

However, I believe, the Chinese will one day choke on a bone thrown to them by Guan Eng and his father.

Thursday 15 May 2014

Tales of two Muslim girls

There is this Muslim girl who was savaged in the pro-Pakatan portals for saying this,

You can read about it at Helen Ang's

Mualaf dipandang lebih rendah daripada anjing oleh Dapster

To know more about this muslim girl, I recommend you to read about her here,

ISMA beli Alifah Ting?

After reading about Miss Ting, I feel a real sadness in my heart and appreciate  my mother more for what she had gone through life.

Meanwhile there is this other Muslim girl who was being hailed with the highest of accolades by the pro-Pakatan portals,

Dyana Sofya is the political secretary of DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang.

She is the probable candidate of DAP for the coming Teluk Intan by-election.

You can learn more about her in this interview by a pro-Pakatan portal,

Dyana Sofya: From UMNO supporter roots to DAP rising star

Well, I don't really want to blame her that much for being stupid.

I was a bit blur blur too not that many years ago.

Anyway, it's nice to get some attention by being "radically different".

I did that too when I was a bit younger.

Once, I dyed my hair blue and have piercings at odd places on my body.

Quite a number of guys were actually attracted to me because of my "uniqueness".

Now, I only have a lone nose diamond stud.

A very small one only.

Wednesday 14 May 2014

Datuk Najib, now Terengganu settled, next should be Johor

So, it turned out that former Terengganu MB D Ahmad Said was just throwing a bit of tantrum.

Ahmad and gang today retracted their resignation letter from Umno.

They made their point though, that the Terengganu BN government is currently very fragile.

It's without doubt that Ahmad could not continue as MB if BN is to survive in Terengganu beyond the next general election.

Terengganu Umno was too fractured under his leadership.

But the manner of asking him to let go off his post could have been better.

Nonetheless, at the end of it, PM DS Najib Razak did what he had to do while Ahmad, though he made himself such a nuisance, managed to salvage some dignity.

Well, never mind. At least it ended nicely.

The new Ahmad Razif guy at the helm now need to go all out to unite the Umno factions in Terengganu.

Of course he also need to be a good MB.

Okay, since Najib had shown his will to change things in Terengganu, he needs now to proceed to correct other wrongs so that BN could be strengthen elsewhere.

For that, I would very much recommend him to make a move in Johor.

Please Datuk Najib, please stop the nonsense currently going on down there.

You had proven yourself capable of being brave for Terengganu. I am sure you can do the same for Johor.

I am sure support for BN in my home state could be restored to what it used to be if Najib could clean up Kota Iskandar from the crooks and empowers MB DS Mohd Khaled Nordin so that he can stand up and not be too cowed by others.

Really, Khaled is currently spineless when dealing with certain people.

Only Datuk Najib can give him the support so that he can be a true MB instead of being a mere budak suruhan.

Really, I am not asking for Datuk Najib to remove Khaled. I just want Datuk Najib to back him up so that he is not being bullied anymore.

Of course, Khaled needs to stop the nonsense by his boys too la.

Okay, that's all my message for tonight.

Actually, I am not feeling well since yesterday.

Bad period.

Need to sleep early.

Good night.

Er, here is a bit of nice Johor music,

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Najib's brave Terengganu move gives new hope for Johor (updated)


Just minutes after I finished writing this posting, I received news that Ahmad Said who is the Kijal assemblyman and Ajil assemblyman Ghazali Taib had announced that they quit Umno.

It is now BN 15, Pas 14, PKR one and Independent two in the Terengganu assembly.

If Ahmad Said and Ghazali joined Pas or PKR, it will be 17 Pakatan and 15 BN.

Yes, I was wrong. Ahmad Said is really a traitor who only cares for his MB post.

Will update this.


I believe what happened last night could be the turning point for the leadership of PM DS Najib Razak.

Ahmad Razif Dilantik Menteri Besar Terengganu Yang Baharu

I do not know how he did it, but apparently Najib had managed to persuade now former Terengganu MB DS Ahmad Said to relinquish his post.

This is, I believe the best move Najib had made since the 13th general election last year.

He must had managed to persuade Ahmad Said that a change of leadership in the Barisan Nasional's administration in Terengganu was necessary if the coalition is to continue to rule the State after the next general election.

Currently BN has 17 to Pas' 14 and PKR's one State seats in Terengganu.

Ahmad Said must had been convinced that he would also be a loser if BN is to be defeated in Terengganu.

I believe Najib had also done a great job in persuading the Sultan of Terengganu that the change of MB will be good for the state.

After all, Ahmad Said was the Sultan's choice to replace his predecessor DS Idris Jusoh in 2008.

Previously, talks were that Ahmad Said and at least two other Umno assemblymen may switch to Pas if Najib made this move, causing the collapse of the BN Terengganu government. However, I don't think this is true.

I don't think Ahmad Said really wants to betray his party the way former Selangor MB and an Umno vice-president TS Mohd Muhammad Taib did when he joined Pas.

If he do that, he will forever be remembered as a selfish bastard who only care about his post as an MB.

Najib must had made him realized that ever since he took over from Idris as MB, Terengganu Umno had been torn apart by factionalism, causing it to only barely manage escaping from being booted out of office by the narrowest of margin in GE13

I viewed the move by Najib as a very brave one and it will possibly pave the way for more actions which will save Umno and BN from destruction in the next general election.

After the move in Terengganu, I hope Najib will do something similar in Johor to end the abuses and excesses which have been going on in my home state ever since a new administration took office after GE13.

Honestly, I am not really asking the PM to sack Johor MB DS Mohd Khaled Nordin.

I am instead merely asking him to  put an end to the abuses and excesses which may reflect badly on the establishment, Umno and BN.

I am hoping for him to tell Khaled to grow a backbone and learn to say NO when he needs to do so.

Khaled also need to be "advised" to throw out those hangers-on around him whose real interest was to make money for themselves instead of struggling for bangsa, agama and tanahair.

Yes, Khaled needs to be reminded that he was chosen to head Johor by Najib as his boss in the government and party.


Of course, Najib also need to crack the whip and uproot the crooked elements in Kota Iskandar, Irda and the GLCs down there in Johor

I am praying for Najib to keep the momentum going on this matter and do the necessary to affect changes elsewhere like what he did in Terengganu.

Sunday 11 May 2014

Don't want ISA, shoot them dead.

Today I saw in the newspaper that PM DS Najib Razak said the government will not bring back the repealed Internal Security Act.

I didn't read the whole story.

Just read the headline as I stood at the newsstand of a 7-Eleven shop. I am on the road and got no time to read newspapers properly. Not even on the internet.

Personally, I think Najib is doing the right thing.

I never like ISA as I have never been comfortable with the concept of detention without trial.

It's just not right.

I know, in the US they got the Patriot Act while other countries also have such preventive laws. But, why must we be like them?

We are better than them.

Singapore still have the ISA, but I don't think Singapore should be the right benchmark for us all.

In fact, we have always been more democratic then them.

I know, some of my friends want the ISA back, but I disagree.

We must move ahead and improve ourselves instead of wanting to rely on an instrument of power from the past to safeguard our security.

Enforcement of laws needed to be tighten and that should be the priority instead of reviving the ISA.

What? How to stop all those terrorists?

Errr....just shoot them all la. How about that?

I am sure we can set-up an execution squad to do the job.

Why bother to catch them and all that? Troublesome only leh. Pakatan people always complain about ISA anyway. It has become their "modal politik".

So, we just shoot them, okay or not?

Well, once they were dead, they are no longer threats to the country, isn't it?

What? How to stop those who instigate racial disharmony such as by lying that certain ethnic groups were being treated as second class citizens and such, just to win their votes?

Nope, you don't revive the ISA for that. That's an archaic draconian law. Isn't that what they said?

Hmmm...should we....or should we not just shoot them too.....hmmm.

Well, I'm leaving it at that.

You all think about it.

Saturday 10 May 2014

Tired and bitching about Johor again

Just reached home from office.

It's been another busy day.

I'm too tired to write anything heavy tonight.

In fact, I have been tired most of the days of late. Lots of work in the office.

Last month, I only did 19 postings, the lowest since I started this blog.

Normally, I try to discipline myself and do a posting per day.

The dull political scene nowadays was of not much help either.

All the issues are repeats of pre-GE13.

There's the Pakatan side flogging on their now stale anti-Umno mantra to keep the momentum going, hopefully until GE14.

How much the people can still swallow their bullshit was beyond my calculations.

Then on the Umno and BN side, it's the same old case of bastards running around doing their shit of damaging the party to further their personal vested interests.

Just look at the rampant abuses and excesses in Johor and you will know how Selangor became the Pakatan stronghold now.

After a while, the people will realize that the state is being plundered by the very people they supported and they too will get fed up and later on choose to go with the Pakatan side even though it's not much of an alternative.

Honestly, I am fed up too, every time I think of what are happening now in my home state Johor.

Khaled, can you please tell your boys to take out their hands out of the cookie jar. They are getting too blatant okay.

Anyway, why the hell do you need 18 special officers for? All paid with five figures salaries some more. Still not enough is it, that they need to raid the cookie jar?

They cannot even do a decent job, okay.

What? You said I am lying?

You want me to write here in detail what most of them are doing in Irda, KPRJ and the other GLCs?

How I wish Datuk Najib as your co-chairman of Irda could check what were happening in that organization. Send in an independent audit team or something.

Or you want me to write here how you have to rely on ex-members of Datuk Ghani's team to manage that persempadanan semula thing because all your people and special officers only know how to order people around but don't know how to do their work?

Lucky for you that Datuk Ahmad Zahari was willing to reassemble his team to help you.

Eh, this is very tiresome lah.

I think I better listen to a nice song instead,

In case you don't understand Italian, it's about his heart being burned to a cinder...just like my heart.

Friday 9 May 2014

A Malay guy's love

There is this Malay guy, who is my very close friend.

This guy is quite cute, relatively successful and very intelligent. He is also a very nice man, a real gentleman.

I know for a fact that he got scores of admirers among the ladies.

But his heart seems to be only for his girlfriend.

What baffles me was that his girlfriend always treated him quite roughly.

She hardly pays any attention to him. 

Sometimes I asked my friend, how he could stand such a poor treatment by his girlfriend.

"It's because I love her," he always answered.

And when I asked him why he is working so hard to be successful, his answer was very weird,

"I have to be  successful. Otherwise she would leave me," he said.

And when I told him that I think his girlfriend is a materialistic bitch, he was quick to defend her,

"It's not like that. She doesn't really wants my money. She just wants her boyfriend to be successful. She doesn't want to be with a loser," he said.

I then told him that's such a lousy bullshit excuse.

"If she loves you she must accept you the way you are, instead of forcing you to work half to death so that she can have a successful boyfriend," I said.

My friend just smiled and explained,

"You see Annie, she is like that because she is a Chinese. She is being practical. Most, if not all Chinese girls are like that.

"Love and all those romantic stuff are nice. My girlfriend enjoys all that too, but that's only while they last. At the end of the day, it's about surviving in this world and for that she chooses to practice her Chinese practicality."

When I think back to the time when my friend started going out with his Chinese girl, I remember that it was her who loved him to bits.

Now, it has turned the other way around.

Sometimes I even think that she is seeing someone else due to her coldness towards my friend, but when I suggested this to him he was adamant that his girlfriend would never betrays him.

"That is normal. Most Chinese girls turned cold when they get older. They become garang aunties," he joked.

In my heart I told myself that my friend is a hopeless case. I think he will continue to love his girlfriend even if he knew she had cheated on him.

It's like Umno still being in love with its MCA girlfriend despite knowing that she had sex with that DAP bastard during GE13 just because the asshole is Chinese.

Yup, MCA had sex with DAP despite DAP's irritating ugly face and childish manner

If you don't believe me, go ask MCA president DS Liow Tiong Lai how many per cent of MCA members voted for DAP and the other Pakatan gang during GE13.

Yet, still Umno continues to love MCA.

"Darling, can I have three ministers and five deputy ministers?" asked MCA.

"Sure my love, you can have them all," replied Umno.

"Darling, can I continue to have sex with DAP after this?" asked MCA again.

"Can.....errr, just don't do it in front of me. I may get jealous, okay," replied Umno.

Malays' love is indeed of the crazy type.

Tuesday 6 May 2014

A symptom of Johor's illness

The JDT football team is an embarrassment for me as a Johorean.

Last night, its fans caused trouble again at the Larkin Stadium.

It was the FA Cup semifinals against Pahang.

About 2,000 JDT fans blocked the visiting fans from leaving the stadium until 1am after the match.

They behaved like bullies and demanded the Pahang fans to apologize over something.

It doesn't matter to me what were their grouses, but such behavior is just not the JOHOR WAY.

We don't treat our guests that way.

That is not the way our parents thought us.

The behavior of JDT fans last night as it were on several previous occasions were what we Johorean Malays call "kurang ajar". I believe Malays from other parts of the country called it by the same words too.

Or maybe they have become "terlebih ajar" with bad samseng behavior that they became like that.

Don't ask me who thought them to behave that way.

They refused to disperse despite police orders.

It took a lot of coaxing by the police before the stand off was defused and the Pahang fans managed to leave the stadium.

The JDT fans did not seem to fear the police or the laws. They seem to think that they are invincible and above the laws.

"Luaskan kuasa mu!! Luaskan kuasa mu!! Luaskan kuasa mu!!" they cheered.

Don't ask me from where they got such an attitude.

It's definitely not the way Johoreans have always been.

I believe that it's a symptom of worse things to come for my beloved home state.

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Datuk Najib, please save Johor

Sunday 4 May 2014

Jihad cosplay and other Sunday thoughts

It's another Sunday. A rest day.

The weather where I am now is beautiful.

The sky is blue with clumps of huge cloud floating about.

I am sitting with this laptop on a bench at the edge of a neat little garden.

The birds which set up their nest at the ledges underneath the house ceiling were chirping away. Probably their eggs had hatched last night.

I am feeling restful.

Except for the slight pain in my chest, the rest of me is all right.

Okay, my knees can't bend properly and I am overweight, but still I am feeling good today.

There's so much to be grateful in this life.

As for excitement, I think I have enough of those.

I always wonder why so many people find it so hard to appreciate what they have and always asking for more.

I believe all those complaining people have what I have, those fine pleasure to pause and see the beauty of the world around us.

We ate the same food, more or less living the same standard of life, have the same amount of excitement....yet they want more and more.

Well, I guess everything is never enough for some people.

And when they don't get what they want, they have to blame it on someone else.

Never mind that their capabilities were limited, and the fact that what they want were not meant to be theirs.

Some have love, but want it to come from others who are more "capable".

Forsake the love they already have to chase after what they believe they deserved and end up with nothing.

In the end...blame others for their stupidity and miserable life of their own making.

These people would forever be seeking an outlet from their pitiful existence.

The Chinese among them will work themselves to the bones and with whatever money they have spend it on pleasurable activities such as gambling in Genting or  having an overseas holiday.

The Malays among them, however, always find the "work themselves to the bones" part not so appealing. So they went for a more relaxed way of seeking an outlet from their miserable life.

They dream of paradise.

Yes, it's true, the guys among them dream of virgin houris in paradise among other things. I am not sure what the women going to get out of it, but they were equally devoted in wanting to go to paradise.

Well, can't blame them. Heck, I also want to go to paradise. It's nice, okay. Rivers of milk, honey and wine among other things.

The problem however with these people was that they want everything easy including when it comes to finding their way to paradise in the afterlife.

For example, they don't want to be a good Muslim scientist to improve the knowledge of the Muslims or be a good Muslim businessman to improve the wealth of the community so that Islam could be more respected.

Those were all good deeds which Allah promises paradise in return , but they are not very interested. Those were too much hard work for them.

They want the easiest short cut way to paradise.

They joined Pas.

Yup, they believe that by joining Pas they can go to paradise in the afterlife.

The men among them believe that by supporting things such as the Pas' version of hudud, they can get virgin houris in paradise.

To add excitement to it they occasionally have Jihad cosplay sessions on the streets of KL: pretend to be Islamic fighters battling the evil Jews in the Middle East, while calling for the end of evil Barisan Nasional rule which policies had enabled their Malay community to raise above the poverty line all that many years ago.

Quite exciting, I guess. Never mind the hot and humid weather and that middle eastern clothing's.

Look, I think the occasional Chinese girls at these protests have better fun okay. And they don't sweat too much due to their more infidel outfit.

And I bet the guys, including those from Pas were tempted...a bit at least.

But, nonetheless, these days it's not so much fun anymore.

The police are not even bothered to do anything to stop them.

No more tear gas, water canons, charging FRU, etc.

It's just gather around, shouting slogans, takbir here and there and that's about it.

Really, people are tired of it all.

I suggest they really go to the Middle East and fight the Jews there for an exciting exit to paradise.

Anyway, it's so lame la fighting jihad so that the likes of Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng and Mat Sabu can rule Malaysia from Putrajaya.

Saturday 3 May 2014

Should the BN government resigns over MH370?

Just now, someone forwarded me a Bloomberg article comparing between the MH370 tragedy and the recent Korean ferry tragedy.

As usual, the Malaysian authorities were condemned for its handling of the missing airliner.

The author of the article praised the South Koreans for the way they handled the ferry disaster, citing the resignation of their prime minister as a mark of guilt, remorse etc.

The Malaysian authorities had on the other hand been labeled as arrogant, secretive, defensive and refused to accept responsibilities.

My response was,

"The most obvious difference between MH370 and the Korean ferry disaster was that the Koreans immediately know what went wrong with the ferry while in the MH370 tragedy, we are yet to find the plane, let alone know what happened which lead to the tragedy. Let's say a parent lose a child who went missing, is it not right for the parents to try find the child first and find out what happened instead of went berserk with guilt and killing themselves over a tragedy which they are not yet sure of its causes? Did anyone condemn France and demand for its president to resign when the country lost its plane over the Atlantic Ocean? Did anyone demand Barak Obama to resign every time a plane crashed in the US?"

Well, the Pakatan supporters had been comparing the two tragedies too, just like what Bloomberg did.

They demand resignations like what the South Korean PM did.

So, you want PM DS Najib Razak to resign over the MH370 tragedy or you want the entire government to resign?

Come on, don't be shy, just say it, you want the whole government to resign isn't it? So that your people can take over, right?

Eh, you got no shame ka? Using the tragedy to take over power.

Wait for the next general election la. This is a democratic country, okay. We decide who is in charge through elections, not through back doors like shaming the government of the day or conducting street protests.

Anyway, you think Anwar Ibrahim will resign ka if he is the PM today when the MH370 happened?

What? It would not happened if Anwar is in charge, you said? You think just because he is God-send as claimed by his wife and children, tragedies wouldn't happened if he is PM? Are you insane?

What? You think Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng will resign if a ferry sunk off Penang?

Fat chance la.

With a face like that, you think he will let go off power simply simply ka?

You crazy or what?

Friday 2 May 2014

Babies and idiots at Pakatan's anti-GST rally

I was at Dataran Merdeka yesterday.

It happened that I was to attend to some work nearby and since I was already there, I decided to have a look at the Pakatan's anti-GST rally.

The first thing that strikes me about the protesters was that they were almost all Malays  and that the majority were Pas supporters.

Quite a number of them brought their children, including babies.

Crazy women. What are they trying to achieve by bringing along their babies to a potentially violent rally?

Is that your kind of jihad or something?

I casually talked with some of them, and therefore can confirm that this report was true,

Most participants don't know what GST is

So, Info minister Sabery Chik, what the hell are you doing? Can you please do something so that the people can understand the GST better.

It's embarrassing to know that a lot of Malaysians are so dumb that they are protesting against something that they don't really understand.

The almost all Malay protesters were the first to arrive at Dataran Merdeka.

There were not many policemen there. No FRU or water canon there either.

The police retreated to the sidewalk immediately after the protesters arrived in numbers.

So much for the garang Home Minister DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Zahid, did those protesters break the law? Isn't it the police job to stop people from breaking the law?

I think, after yesterday, I rather have DS Hishammuddin Hussein back as the one in charge of security, especially after his good performance in handling the MH370 tragedy.

There was a group of Chinese carrying DAP flags who arrived quite late along with pro-Pakatan NGO members such as Himpunan Hijau and such. Most of the non-Malay protesters were in this group.

They probably only started moving to Dataran after it had been confirmed that police are not going to stop the protest.

I am quite sure that they would not have gone to Dataran if violence broke out between police and the mostly Malay protesters who had arrived earlier.

"Kalau yang nak kena belasah dengan FRU tu biarlah yang Melayu. Kita tengok je dulu," they must had thought.

Anyway, the speeches were the usual Umno bashing type and quite repetitive.

Anwar, for instance, mostly went around bitching about his sodomy conviction. How Umno conspire against him, fixed him up, get the judges to convict him etc.

At one point there was a fistfight and mineral water bottle throwing incident involving a group of protesters affiliated to PKR and Pas Unit Amal members.

You can watch the incident here,

Crazy pricks.

Well, the rest of the protest was rather boring.

When they started to disperse about 4.45pm, I walked a short distance with my colleague who was with me to the nearby Central Market for a drink.

I had air asam boi while my colleague had teh O ais.

After that we took the LRT at the Pasar Seni station and back to our office.

P.S, in case you want to read the Pakatan's version of the rally, you may read it  at the MCA-own DAP supporting newspaper The Star here, Huge turnout as anti-GST rally ends peacefully