Wednesday 26 February 2014

Bangsa Malaysia bullshit

Now there is this thing going on about removing the reference to individual's race in official documents.

It was kick-started by a statement mentioning the matter by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Joseph Kurup, while he was launching the first dialogue of the National Unity Consultative Council several days ago.

So, Kurup believes that removing the race column from official documents will bring us Malaysians together gather into one big happy family.


It's the vision of so-called Bangsa Malaysia dream again, I guess.

Then, came along all the support from the people and organizations who supposedly support the idea of  having this Bangsa Malaysia.

Even the Chinese newspapers supported the idea. 

Here is an article by Sin Chew Jit Poh, the best selling Chinese newspaper in the country,

We are all Malaysians

Very fine and dandy.

Probably once Kurup's idea is accepted by the government, Sin Chew will turn itself into a Bahasa Malaysia newspaper, catering for the people of Bangsa Malaysia.

After all, there will be no need for Chinese newspapers anymore in this country as there will be no more Chinese here. 

Just people of Bangsa Malaysia.

Sekolah Cina pun boleh tutup juga. All schools be turned into Bangsa Malaysia schools. 

Am I correct, Sin Chew?

In the article, Sin Chew quoted Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia Huazong president Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah as saying,

"We are all Malaysians and the government should treat all people impartially instead of distinguishing them by racial background as it is very unfair. I believe that the Chinese community will strongly support the suggestion."

Well Peng, are you saying the government are treating the people partially based on their race? Are you suffering because you were identified as a Chinese by the Melayu-led government, Peng?

Are you and other Chinese in this country are starving because your surat beranak identifies you all as Chinese? 

Peng, where the hell did you get that Tan Sri from?

Also, Pheng, can your federation be disbanded after the creation of Bangsa Malaysia? 

I believe, going by the logic of this whole thing, your federation of Chinese associations is not good for the creation of Bangsa Malaysia as it identifies people according whether they are Chinese or non-Chinese. Correct?

We shouldn't have associations promoting the advancement of only one race such as yours if we want national unity. Correct, Peng?

And while we are at it, let us also make a rule that everyone must have a Bangsa Malaysia name, at least for use in official documents.

Peng, you can ask Hannah Yeoh to find you a new Bangsa Malaysia name, okay.

She is very good with creating fancy Bangsa Malaysia names.

Ya, Yeoh was also quoted in the Sin Chew report.

She said she had wanted to put her first daughter's race as Bangsa Malaysia in the birth certificate but was unable to do so. She put it as Chinese then.

Unfortunately, for her second daughter, it was automatically registered as Indian, because her husband is an Indian. Now she is complaining that her two daughters are officially of different race.

Well, Hannah, in the first place, why did you put your first daughter's race as Chinese and not Indian? You don't wan't to honor your husband's ethnic root, is it?

Anyway, does all these nonsense really matter?

I'm officially a Malay, but honestly, I don't mind if people identify me as a Chinese.

Heck, I don't even mind if they put Eskimo as my race in my surat beranak.

I know who and what I am and a piece of paper telling me what is my race doesn't count for anything, as far as I am concerned.

For me, all these talks about creating Bangsa Malaysia and unity of the races are all just political bullshit arising after the Chinese tsunami of GE13.

Chinese own newspapers such as Sin Chew and The Star are the ones promoting all these nonsense after the attempt to topple the Malay-led government failed in that general election.

These newspapers are the ones stabbing the back of the BN government in the run up to the general election. And they are still doing it today.

The almost 90 per cent support of the Chinese electorate for the opposition in the general election almost did it, but still was proven as not enough.

Now, according to these newspapers, everyone should forget about their race and be happy together again.

As if in The Star, a Malay can now get appointed to a post of influence in their editorial team. Go and check for yourself on this about this Chinese own and controlled best selling English newspaper in the country.

The hypocrisy of it all was too hard to ignore.

With all due respect to PM DS Najib Razak, I don't think the government's so-called national reconciliation plan will work or even necessary.

There are nothing to reconcile in the first place.

Read this SatD's posting for a more scientific understanding of the matter,

Much Ado about National Reconciliation

After all, we are not dealing with honest and sincere people here.

Being fooled once was bad enough. Let's not be fooled a second time. 

As far as I am concerned, Malays should be Malays, Chinese should be Chinese, the same with those of other races.

Everyone should mind their own business.

If we don't want to have racial problems, then don't go around delivering  Christmas message which instigate Christians against Muslims like what Lim Guan Eng did in 2012.

And don't go around telling the most prosperous and well off community in the country that they are second, third, fourth, fifth class citizens just to get their votes.

Be honest and sincere when dealing with each other and everything will be fine.

Of course, never forget that you don't piss on people's head and expect them to continue being nice to you, okay.

If we really want to be truly united, then don't go for half measures with gimmicks such as removing the race column in birth certificates and such.

Go all the way and ban everything which identify racial root such as done in Indonesia, Thailand and other countries in the region.

No more Chinese schools, no more Chinese newspapers, no more Chinese associations etc etc.

Otherwise, it's all just political bullshit.

And to those who can't speak Bahasa Malaysia properly, please shut up from talking about wanting Bangsa Malaysia. Don't embarrass yourself, okay.

Tuesday 25 February 2014

Chinese need cool leaders

It has always been my opinion that Lim Guan Eng is a childish daddy's brat of Lim Kit Siang.

Now he provided me with a clear cut evidence.

This is his tweet which I can only describe as extremely childish,

"@mpkotabelud wah! scared oh, u wanna sue me? I am shaking all over...By the way, when are you filing suit? can't wait to prove the truth 'jgn buat omong2 kosong'

Bear in mind that it's a tweet by the Chief Minister of Penang and not one of those low class DAP macai cybertroopers hanging out at this blog.

It was in response to Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahalan, who had earlier threatened to sue Guan Eng for accusing him of being a bigot.

This is Guan Eng's earlier tweet,

"Tell him to apologise and not support the burning of Bibles first!"

Guan Eng had accused Rahman of supporting the burning of Bibles when Rahman wrote about national unity on his Facebook wall. 

Simply childish, don't you think?

Anyway, Rahman had described Guan Eng's behavior as "crass politics" and will proceed with the legal action. 

Good for him.

Personally, I have had enough of the likes of Guan Eng and the other Chinese nerds put up by their community as leaders.

The other nerds include those such as Tony Pua, and Tian Chua.

Then there are the gangster type like the Ngah and Ngeh cousins of Perak. 

Guan Eng being the nerd that he is, tried to be a gangster too and ended up looking like this,

Honestly, don't you feel like smacking the face?

I really don't understand why can't the Chinese get better leaders to follow? At least, someone with a better face than that.

Or someone who doesn't throw tantrum whenever he can't get what he wants or put in front of his name the CM (chief minister) title all the time and even makes his wife calls him that.

It's not cool at all la Guan Eng.

In fact, it makes you sound and look like a megalomaniac.

What? You got extra pleasure when someone calls you "CM darling" in the heat of the moment?

Aiyo, please don't la. I cannot imagine, okay.

Really, the Chinese community should seriously consider getting more cool and better behaved leaders.

Sunday 23 February 2014

PKR rattled that Anwar is facing a cute Chinese lady

Surprisingly, PKR appeared rattled that their boss DS Anwar Ibrahim is to face DP Chew Mei Fun in the Kajang by-election.

The prospect of Anwar having to face a Chinese lady in a constituency with a sizable Chinese community apparently makes them a bit edgy.

Maybe they fear such a face off may remind the Chinese of certain things they rather want them to forget,

So, they got their Wanita chief to come up with a statement like this :

Why did Liow Tiong Lai ‘run away’ from contesting in Kajang?

I think it's a rather stupid diversionary tactic.

Unlike Anwar, Liow is not hungry to be this and that. So, why does he need to be the MCA's candidate in Kajang?

Chew is after all a party vice-president. That's not big enough ka?

Come on la, PKR people should stop thinking that people are stupid all the time.

The only reason why Zuraida asked that silly question is just that they in PKR had discussed Chew's candidacy and they knew that the prospect of Anwar further exploiting Kajang had been diminished even if he wins because he is now facing a woman BN candidate.

They are sore that, instead of Anwar getting a "big man to big man" fight, he ends up having to fight a woman, and a Chinese one at that, which reminds people of certain thing about their main man of the opposition.

Anyway, whatever it is, when I look at Zuraida, I think I can understand why Anwar seems to be rather partial for pretty Chinese ladies in certain circumstances.

Not that it's an excuse for his behavior, though.

Well, MCA is having their extraordinary general meeting today. I am wishing them all the best. Hopefully they can get ALL their MEMBERS in Kajang to vote for their own candidate.

The Chinese must really avoid themselves from getting screwed by Anwar.

Saturday 22 February 2014

Anwar may get chewed in Kajang

So, despite the odds, MCA decided to fight in Kajang.

Personally, I think they were being foolish.

But at the same time, I have to salute them for their bravery.

Now that BN had decided to go along with the MCA's decision, I don't think I should bitch that they are not following my suggestion to just ignore the by-election.

After all, I'm just an ordinary blogger.

I think all who are pro-establishment should now backed the BN candidate even though they, just like myself, disagreed that the coalition should participate in the PKR's engineered  by-election.

After all, MCA may have a game plan of their own which may actually works.

Who knows, maybe the party can really produces a miracle and ends Anwar Ibrahim's nonsense in Kajang, once and for all.

Just imagine Chew Mei Fun pulling a spectacular upset. I don't think Anwar can survive that.

The probability of that happening may just be less than one to ten, but anything could happened.

Come to think about it, the 50-year-old Chew is not such a bad choice to go against Anwar.

Let us consider these things that may help Chew beat Anwar;

* She is cute. The Kajang folks may not have the heart to see her bullied by Anwar.

* Chew performed well as the MP of PJ Utara from 1999 to 2008. She will make a good Kajang assemblyman.

* She has a record of being true to her words. She refused to be the MCA Wanita chief when DS Dr Chua Soi Lek became the party's president. You can hardly say the same about Anwar. Remember about his lies of Sept 16, 40,000 Banglasia voters, etc.

* A lot of people in Kajang are fed-up with the PKR's move of engineering the by-election for Anwar's benefit.

* PKR is currently embroiled in all kind of internal problems. They may not be at their best to fight in Kajang.

* Pakatan are not on the same wave length on this Kajang by-election despite themselves projecting a united front. Pas, in particular is unhappy over the whole thing.Their supporters in Kajang may not be too eager to vote Anwar.

* Zaid Ibrahim makes a credible independent candidate and may help the Kajang folks realized who Anwar Ibrahim really is.

* MCA may really go all out to save their party at the by-election. Maybe they may actually be able to persuade all their members in Kajang to vote for Chew. Bear in mind that MCA has about 4,000 members in Kajang. The number of Chinese voters there ,who made up 41 per cent of the electorate is about 16,000.
Well, maybe the Chinese in Kajang may want to have a good Chinese lady as their wakil rakyat. Maybe they want to tell Anwar that Chinese don't want to be screwed around by a Melayu bastard like this one,

Friday 21 February 2014



Since the creation of the universe
God had already appointed his great faith-preaching man,
From the West he was born,
And received the holy scripture
And book made of 30 parts (Juz)
To guide all creations,
Master of all rulers,
Leader of the holy ones,
With support from the Heavens,
To protect his nation,
With five daily prayers,
Silently hoping for peace,
His heart directed towards Allah,
Giving power to the poor,
Saving them from calamity,
Seeing through the Unseen,
Pulling the souls and the spirits away from all wrongdoings,
Mercy to the world,
Transversing to the ancient,
Majestic path vanquished away all evil,
His religion Pure and True,
The Noble High One.

The Hundred-word Eulogy was written by Hongwu Emperor.

The Emperor, who was the founder of the Ming Dynasty had ended the Mongol's occupation of China with the significant help of Chinese Muslims.

By the way, the Emperor's appreciation of Islam and Muslims was genuine when he wrote those words. He was not pretending to be so like some non-Muslim politicians of our country these days. 

Note: Sorry, I'm too tired to write my own thoughts since yesterday. Been busy.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Maneuvering for big money on the political front

Frontrunners for the 2000 MW coal fired power plant Project 3B, 1MDB and YTL are now almost on the final lap of the race to secure the 11 billion ringgit project.

Both were desperate to win.

But YTL in particular, is throwing caution to the wind by resorting to all kind of tricks known in order to win.

One of the most glaring was that, it had roped in the help of the supposedly reputable The Edge to campaign for its bid and at the same time rubbishing that of its rivals.

This is a typical The Edge's reporting of the tussle for the project which clearly favors YTL,

YTL Power front runner for coal plant

The Edge's report even made it a point to remind readers, in particular those in the decision making position, to bear in mind of YTL's connections with the royalties as mentioned in this paragraph of the report:

"Recall that YTL Power had proposed for the project to be built in Tanjung Tohor, Johor together with SIPP Power Sdn Bhd, of which the Sultan of Johor is a major shareholder."

You will find other similar articles of the same vein on the project if you care to search for them at The Edge's website.

If you read through all those reports it will become clear that The Edge's sources on the tussle for the power plant project came mostly from YTL as the stories were written in such a manner that it favors that company over its rivals bidders.

This is an example of The Edge's report on 1MDB's bid for the power plant.

Highlight: 1MDB faces hiccups in power assets listing 

Note that in the second paragraph, the report quoted "various industry sources" to highlight the problems faced by 1MDB's proposal for the power plant.

As far as I am concerned that part where The Edge claimed that it got more than one source for the story is a load of bullshit. I am quite confident that there was only one real source for that report. No prize for guessing from where The Edge got all those supposedly dirts about the bids by YTL's rival.

It's my opinion that The Edge which of late had published several political articles not favorable of the establishment has clearly took side and that it will benefit immensely in one way or another once YTL secures the multi-billion ringgit deal.

And if you bother to check the background of those leading The Edge's editorial team, you wouldn't be too surprised as to why it had taken such a stance.

Anyway, the side taken by The Edge has become even more apparent when DAP's Tony Pua also throws his support behind YTL's bid for the project in his blog.

But why does the Pakatan side suddenly so supportive of YTL?

Read this posting by The Benchmark to get a better understanding of the issue,

People's Hero or Corporate Champion? 

The blogger is also asking the same question regarding Pua's motives.

My guess answer was that : some organizations such as YTL and The Edge which were involved in this power plant issue had already placed their bets on the outcome of the next general election.

That's why they are getting the cheers from the likes of Tony Pua.

I bet that many other organizations are also placing similar bets, and they include a major media organization, supposedly supportive of the establishment, but in actual fact is supporting the other side....just in case.

Well, I rather save that for later.

Tuesday 18 February 2014

Let it be a total BN boycott in Kajang

MCA president DS Liow Tiong Lai had launched the party's Kajang by-election operation room on Sunday.

He had also on Chap Goh Mei and Valentine's Day distributed roses to the ladies during his walkabout in the constituency.

However, I don't think all that are going to work at all.

I believe DS Anwar Ibrahim had made all the necessary calculations that he is going to win one way or another.

Kajang is after all now a Pakatan stronghold and the guy has been going on an all out campaigning mode from the word "go".

Liow, should know that this is true.

He knows that if MCA is going to fight, it will be at most, just a face saving mission and nothing else.

In the first place, Liow should ask his people in Kajang : how many of MCA members there, are going to vote for the party's candidate?

50 per cent?

Then he should ask : how many per cent of the Chinese voters in Kajang are going to vote for MCA?

20 per cent?

My bets are : for the first question, the more accurate answer should be about 25 per cent and for the second question, the answer should be about 5 per cent.

Well, I believe that's about what the MCA candidate for Kajang got in the last general election.

Out of the over 12,000 votes that the MCA guy received, the bulk are from the Malay voters.

By the way, the PKR guy had about 19,000 votes, with the Chinese who made up about 40 per cent of the voters there almost solid behind him.

Had things changed in Kajang since May last year?

I don't think so.

Previously, I did say that MCA should fight. That's because I was horrified that some numb nuts whom I believe were from Umno think that it was funny to field an ex-pimp of Anwar in Kajang.

I thought even if MCA loses, which it will, at least the Kajang folks are not going to be insulted by the farce.

Now things are a bit different.

Zaid Ibrahim, who was once touted by PKR as an alternative prime minister candidate to Anwar had offered himself as a candidate there.

He had yesterday gave the middle finger to PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution for suggesting that he was sponsored by Umno.

I may not like Zaid much but at least I know that he is not much of a hypocrite compared to Anwar.

When once confronted with his past drinking habit, Zaid bravely admitted it.

Not many Malaysian politicians dare to do such things.

The only other person who came to mind was former MCA president DS Dr Chua Soi Lek who admitted to his sex video scandal.

Anwar would simply deny such things even though the evidence was as clear as day light. As we all know, he had already done that.

"Nope, I never fucked the country or anything or anyone else. This is Umno's conspiracy," he would said.

Anyway, I think Zaid going to lose too.

But it doesn't matter. At least the Kajang people will have an alternative who was not a pimp of the fucker who imposed the by-election upon them.

If MCA is still itchy to campaign, they should go down to Kajang to ask the BN supporters there to boycott the by-election.

Umno and the other BN component parties should do the same.

It should be a total boycott by BN.

Let the Pakatan supporters be the only voters who turned up on polling day.

The rest of Kajang should not waste their time and energy. They should continue with their lives as there are more beneficial stuff to do than entertaining the likes of Anwar and his gang.

After all, there are more to life than politics.

Such a boycott will send a clear message that decent Malaysians have had enough of the political nonsense that have been dragging on since almost 10 years ago.

What Malaysians really need now is for the country to move forward with its nation building efforts instead of being bogged down by the political negativities of ambitious but useless people like Anwar.

Monday 17 February 2014

Reality checks

Had a very sad dream about a little boy whom I love so much.

It woke me up about 5.30am.

I immediately called the boy's mother to check on him.

He is okay.

It's just that sometimes dreams can be so real that I have to check, to be doubly sure that it's just a dream.

I think it's the same with other issues in our lives. Sometimes they appeared to be so real in our imagination, though we know they are actually not so.

We just need to do reality checks from time to time to get it right.

Examples :

1. Malaysians' standard of living is going to the dogs.
Reality check: Actually the people of this country are doing quite well, that others are flocking here by the millions to have a better life. Even girls from the biggest economy in the world are here earning a living giving foot massage and other type of massages.

2. Corruption is so rampant in the public sector, which is manned mostly by the Malays.
Reality check: If the Malays are so corrupt, the country should had gone down the drain a long time ago. There are of course those who can't resist the temptation, but to say that the whole civil service is corrupt is not true. Get real okay. And our anti-corruption law is good. At least they do not have to be such that corrupt people need to be shot dead because the practice was too rampant like in a certain great country.

3. People of certain community are being discriminated as second class citizens.
Reality check: Take a walk down the road and look around. Be honest, and ask ourselves which community is doing well and which community is not doing so well. Something must be so wrong then with the country's allegedly discriminatory policies that those who were being discriminated are doing better than the rest. Don't you think so?

4. Lim Guan Eng is so handsome.
Reality check:

I know, some of you who read this far must be thinking that I'm taking a dig at the Chinese again. Not really. Nontheless, to balance it out, here are some reality checks specifically for the Malays:

1. Malays lacked discipline.
Berapa lama you pegi minum teh tadi? Kerja sudah habis buat ke belum? Belum kan. You semua banyak main sama lepak tau. Nanti orang kata awak malas, awak marah. Tapi kerja cin cai ini macam mana boleh. Sudah, pegi buat kerja betul-betul, okay.

2. Malays like nonsense too much.
Apa lah ini, awak baca Harian Metro cerita "Janda Panas" la, ilmu pengasih la, ubat kuat sex terbaru la, artis kena tangkap khalwat la. Saya tau la Harian Metro akhbar nombor satu. Tapi in semua garbage la. Baca sikit-sikit tak apa, tapi ini dia sudah jadi bahan bacaan utama komuniti Melayu pulak. Ini serupa racun minda orang Melayu lah. Tengok Cina, akhbar nombor satu dia orang ialah Sin Chew. Itu akhbar serious tau. Macam Utusan atau NST. Itu sebab bangsa dia orang boleh bersatu padu dan maju.

3. Malays are too nice.
Awak semua ni tak da self confidence la. Keyakinan diri tu penting tau. Tak pa la jadi Melayu. Melayu pun okay juga macam bangsa lain. Tak payah nak konon-konon nak jadi orang putih ke atau orang arab. Orang Melayu boleh berjaya juga macam bangsa lain kalau ada keyakinan diri dan semangat berusaha. Satu lagi, orang Melayu kena bersatu dan jangan baik sangat nak bagi semua hak dia kat orang lain. Kalau dah betul-betul berjaya tak pa nak bagi, tapi kalau setakat masih merangkak macam sekarang ni, rasanya tak usah la eksyen sangat nak kononnya baik sangat nak bagi segala kat orang lain. Orang lain tu kalau dia punya, haram tak nak share dengan korang pun. Cukup la tu, sekarang pun korang dah baik sangat dah, okay.

4. Anwar Ibrahim is a pious Muslim leader and not a sex maniac.
Betul la. Saya tak tipu.

Okay lah, enough for now. Need to get ready for work.

You all have a good day, ya. Cheers.

Sunday 16 February 2014

Watched The Journey

The Chinese guy called in the morning and asked me to spend the day with him.

I said okay. We then decided to meet at Citta Mall, Subang which is currently my favorite hang out place.

I like the place despite more than half its units are without tenants because there are not too many people there. I don't really like crowded places.

The mall is also supposed to be environmentally friendly. Minimum air-conditioning.

By the time I arrived at 2pm, the guy was already there and had bought movie tickets.

The show was at 3.30pm.

To kill off time, we hang out at a restaurant at the ground floor.

We shared a plate of fried shrimp with garlic bread. I was drinking gingerbread milkshake while he was drinking his usual beer.

It was pleasant.

He mostly talked about his time with family and friends during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

I just talked a bit about my work. I'm more a listener than a talker.

Then we went for the movie.

It's The Journey

Reputedly, the best local movie ever made.

It's basically about this Chinese girl who came back to her hometown in Cameron Highlands with her ang moh boyfriend. They wanted to get married there and with the blessing of her father.

Well, you can read more details of the movie at the link I gave up there.

My opinion was that the movie was relatively good.

But, I think it's a bit over rated, if the critics decide to consider it as the best Malaysian movie ever made.

Honestly, I think the thing about the movie which really stands out was that it makes Cameron Highlands looks very beautiful.

The rest were about the same standard as the late Yasmin's movies.

But then again, I'm not really a professional movie reviewer. I'm sure many out there disagree with me, of which I'm fine with it.

After all, the cinema was packed. That means a lot of people really like this movie.

It's the first time I watched a movie in Citta Mall where the theatre was full. Normally, it's hardly half filled.

And the movie which was meant for CNY audience have been playing in cinemas for more than two weeks.

The audience were almost exclusively Chinese.

The thing about Malaysian Chinese cinema goers was that, they will make the effort to support any locally produced Chinese movies which were decently made....and for some, even the badly made ones.

And when there is one which is a bit better then the rest like The Journey, they will go all out to pack the cinemas where it's playing.

The Chinese guy is one of those. He will watch every local Chinese movies in the cinema, no matter the quality.

And for this movie, at one point I saw him wiping his tears.

He was holding my hand throughout the movie. So sentimental leh...

I was like....hey, this movie was not even sad, okay.

But when I check later with a Chinese friend, she said she cried many times throughout the movie.

"You were not touched by the movie because you are not Chinese la," she said.

Probably she was right.

But then again, I hardly cry watching a movie.

I do wonder if the movie would have been such a mega hit if the Chinese girl's ang moh boyfriend character be replaced by a Malay guy character....

Saturday 15 February 2014

Just let Anwar dance with the jokers

This is great news,

Zaid Ibrahim to contest in Kajang by-election

Now, I really believe that Barisan Nasional should not contest in the by-election.

MCA people should not fret as they have better things to do than entertaining Anwar Ibrahim's nonsense in Kajang.

They can concentrate on persuading their members to vote for BN first instead of wasting their energy contesting in an election where their own people are not going to vote for them.

Now that Zaid wants to go up against Anwar, the BN people should really just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Zaid's candidacy is an interesting addition to the growing number of funny people who want to fight Anwar.

I still remember that the Pakatan people once touted Zaid as a potential prime minister candidate in case Anwar can't make it to the top.

Of course that's before their fallout.

Anyway, there is no way Anwar could stand someone who was being considered by his own supporters as his potential replacement.

I believe that's the real reason Zaid left PKR.

Now, he wants to have a shot at Anwar, just for the heck of it.

I say, go for it man.

Meanwhile, here is another potential candidate to go against Anwar,

Herman Tino mahu bertanding di DUN Kajang


Now it's really getting very entertaining, literally.

Those two seem to be genuine independents and not likely sponsored by BN.

Then there were the other two who had expressed their intention to contest against Anwar - his former buddy Nallakarupan and a former legal aide whose name I'm not even bothered to remember.

Really, BN should totally wash their hands off Kajang.

Let Anwar dance with the jokers instead.

BN leaders should even make an announcement that all the independent candidates contesting in the by-election are not sponsored or supported in any way by them.

Ok, now I hope Herman Tino will win.

At least he can sing this very funny Javanese song,

Thursday 13 February 2014

True love

Woke up just now, feeling quite lousy.

Got sore throat and I think I am going down with a fever.

Contemplating whether to go to work or not.

Furthermore, some time last night I suffered from some sort of diarrhea.

I'm probably dehydrated.

No, I'm not going to write about politics again. Not up to it in this condition.

Let's talk about something more pleasant instead.

Yup, since tomorrow is Valentine's Day, let's talk about LOVE.

Well, actually I don't care much about Valentine's Day except for a few times when I was in college.

It was just for fun.

What is love, actually?

For what Wikipedia says, you can check it out here,


I like this part,

Love may be understood as a function to keep human beings together against menaces and to facilitate the continuation of the species.

Well, it's cute, okay. Robocop on his off days may describe it that way,

If ever that Chinese guy I'm in love with decides that he loves me, I hope he means it that he will protect me from "menaces".

I like the idea of having someone protecting me.

The problem is, the Chinese guy is not too tough. In all likelihood, I may be the one ended up protecting him.

Really, if it's going to be a one to one fight between him and me, I'm definitely going to win. I know a bit of karate, okay.

Never mind.

I just wish that he can really care for me and occasionally makes me happy just by saying that he loves me.

That would be enough.

Oh....and also maybe if he can quit eating pork and other funny stuff and stop drinking too much...

I also definitely hope that he can love me like PM DS Najib Razak loves his wife.

Despite what ever real or perceived faults of his wife, I think Najib loves her with all of his heart  and tried his best to protect her.

For me, that's a man's true love for a woman.

I need that kind of love, because I'm indeed have a lot of faults that my man has to tolerate.

Well, I definitely don't want the Chinese guy to love me the way this other guy loves his wife.

Depan baik, tapi belakang perangai macam setan.


Wednesday 12 February 2014

Double agents?

A commenter made this interesting observation in my last posting,

Sometimes I think the purpose of some people on this blog, though ostensibly BN/UMNO supporters, are actually Pakatan double agents - with the aim of spoiling the moderate approach of Najib.

No wonder now Putrajaya wants to have its own cyber force.

Maybe next it will do is to take these guys out.

Actually the same thought about this double agents thing did cross my mind.

I had actually deleted quite a number of comments which were too extreme such as those calling for the genocide of people of certain race.

I believe they were designed to depict those who support a certain party as extremists and racists.

There were some which I feel may be of the same, but I still let them be published as they were not too extreme.

I rarely spike off comments as I believe in freedom of speech and expression.

Normally, I only restrict comments which were too seditious, extremely vulgar or could cause personal harm to innocent people.

It's unfortunate if there are people who actually abuse this privilege.

I really don't know why they need to go to that length, if any, when it comes to my blog.

For me, mine is still just an insignificant anonymous blog. It's not as if this blog has already a million visitors or such like all those senior and prominent sopo blogs.

I don't see the merit of anyone doing all such things here.

Anyway, I will continue to appreciate and publish any sincere comment which comes here even if that comment is contrary to my views.

Even if someone sincerely think that I am just a bitch, I will publish the comment, as I have always done.

I nonetheless hope that readers could make good judgement of what were written and publish in this blog.

Thank you.

Monday 10 February 2014

Remembering the tragedy of Bosnia

I'm not in the mood to write about politics for now.

Therefore, let me present to you a movie instead.

It's almost two hours long.

Quite long, actually.

But this is the best movie I had watched about the Bosnian war. It's based on a real story.

I know, it's a bit too long to watch right now, so, the following is a summary of the movie. Maybe you can watch it when you are really free.

The horrors of war are examined from the view points of lifelong friends and expert sharpshooters Vlado Selimović and Slavko Stanic who end up on opposing sides of the Bosnian War in Sarajevo. Slavko, an ethnic Serb and unemployed bachelor, becomes a sniper and instructor training the Army of Republika Srpska snipers used to terrorize the city. Vlado, a Muslim married father and successful owner of a furniture factory, rejects his friend's offer to gain an escape from the city. Instead, he becomes a marksman in the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and attempts to counter the sniper threat. Vlado soon realizes his friend, an exceptionally skilled marksman, is the enemy sniper responsible for a number of seemingly impossible shots against residents of their own neighbourhood. The two friends eventually have to face-off and only one survives.

This is the link to the summary :

Shot Through the Heart 

Maybe we can learn something from what happened in Bosnia during that horrible civil war.

That country's ethnic make up at the start of the war is almost the same as ours.

The Bosniak Muslim is about 55 per cent, Serbs about 30 per cent, Croats about 15 per cent.

Bear in mind that their country's ethnic-relation was better than in Malaysia before the war.

Maybe we can revisit what happened to the Bosnians and reflect on ourselves.

Maybe after that we could be grateful for what we have now instead of bitching about everything under the sun.

Sunday 9 February 2014

Alone with Robocop

I actually did go to Citta Mall earlier this afternoon.

Arrived there about 3.30pm.

Parked my car at the basement and went to the cinema to buy a ticket for  Robocop. It costs RM18. The parking at Citta Mall is free.

Since the show only starts at 4pm, I went to the McD and bought myself a double cheese burger package with frozen Fanta for drinks. That costs RM11.45.

The movie was not too bad. However, it's definitely not as good as the original.

Joel Kinnerman did relatively well in the title role but for me, Peter Weller is still THE Robocop.

The new Robocop is more superhero action type and the movie is not as gritty as the original.

The new Robocop was also not as stiff like robot the way the original was. I think it should be named Cyborgcop instead of Robocop.

The movie even have a feel good happy ending.

And I think the wife, played by Abbie Cornish is too beautiful. She almost look like a supermodel.

But, still, I like the way her character was highlighted. She was loyal to her man and still love her Robocop husband despite him actually being reduced to just a face, brain, spinal cord, and vital organs.

Anyway, guess these days, people prefer their movie to be more action-packed and with nice ending like that. That way, there is no need for them to think too hard to enjoy and appreciate the movie.

Nonetheless, I do like the movie. It's really not too bad despite its lesser substance compared to the original.

I didn't even mind watching it alone.

For more info about the movie, you may read it here,

 RoboCop (2014 film)

After the movie I bought a green tea ice-cream at Stickhouse for RM9.80. It's my first time, and probably my last. Too expensive.

Then I went to the Presto supermarket at the basement and bought myself a tub of Farm Fresh natural yogurt for RM15.50 and 24 slices of CheeseDale cheese for RM19.50.

So, my solo outing today, excluding petrol and toll, costs RM74.25.

McD lunch, movie, ice-cream, yogurt and cheese. That's all and it costs that much. Hmmmm....


Nope, no politics in this posting. I'm a bit fed-up with politics.

Just taking a bit of a break

Be cool, okay. Cheers.

King Lear lessons and need for drama (updated)


These just came in via the NST SMS Alerts

NST 09/02: Taib Mahmud adamant time is right for him to step down despite appeals by leaders during state BN meeting for him to remain as CM.

NST 09/02: Taib Mahmud will not name his successor tomorrow. To submit resignation letter as CM when he meets Yang DiPertua Negeri.

Something must had happened over the past 24 hours that changed the guy's mind.

Yesterday, he said he would just name his successor tomorrow, but now he wants to just let go off everything and on top of that will not name his successor.

I think Taib is angry that he was not treated with enough respect by certain quarters within BN who are of the opinion that he is a liability to the coalition and should get out asap.

Honestly, I was uncomfortable with the way the pro-establishment media had played on the speculative stories about his impending retirement over the past week.

They made it look as if the establishment is forcing Taib out and I don't think the old man takes that as a very nice thing to do.

BN media handlers should had done better in managing the coverage of this issue.

Taib had after all delivered for BN in Sarawak over the years and in particular during the last general election. That's 25 parliament seats from Sarawak with 14 of them from his own PBB.

Now, if he is indeed to resign without naming his successor, there will be a power vacuum in Sarawak.

BN will indeed be in a mess if that happened.

I can already see Anwar, Kit Siang, and Hadi smiling in the backdrop of this latest development in Sarawak.


I'm going to take it easy today.

Just a bit on two things which happened yesterday.

First, TS Abdul Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister of Sarawak for 33 years said he will name his successor on Monday.

Well, I wouldn't count on Taib to simply fade away.

All indications pointed at him being made the Yang DiPertua Negeri, which means he will still wield quite a considerable power.

My friend, who is an expert in Sarawak politics said Taib's likely successor is DS Adenan Satem, an old timer who is known to be a Taib loyalist.

Maybe Taib, 78 is smarter than Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who relinquished all of his power in good faith and later on got his head stepped upon by the person whom he choose to replace him.

Maybe Taib had read King Lear while Dr Mahathir, accused by many of his countrymen to be a dictator, was busy trying to turn Malaysia into a respected country all those many years ago.

Well, good for Taib then, and too bad for DrM.

The second thing that happened yesterday was that the Hindraf central committee want their chairman Waytha Moorthy, who is a senator and deputy minister in the PM's department to resign, also on Monday.

The whole resigning drama was necessary according to Hindraf as they said the BN government had failed to fulfill its part of the bargain in the MoU signed between them before the 13th general election last year.

They accused the BN government of failing to uplift the lot of the Indian community since the more than eight months from the conclusion of the general election.

Yes, eight months and they expect the life of all Indians in this country to be as good as those living under the Queen's rule at the suburbs near Heathrow Airport.

Sorry Hindraf, that's not how it's going to be or had ever been.

Honestly, I think you all should better proceed with your plan to sue the Queen for her ancestors' fault of bringing your ancestors to this terrible place where the Malays are discriminating or even committing outright genocide against you all as you had accused....huh, so drama, isn't it?

Fyi, to uplift the social wellbeing of a community takes a lot longer than eight months, okay.

The effort to narrow the economic gap between the races is still ongoing despite more than half a century of the country's independence.

Well, you all should know, who are at the top half of the economic gap. They are mostly not Malays, okay. If you don't believe me, ask that rich guy, Ananda Krishna. Maybe while you are at it, ask Ananda to do more for his fellow Indians too.

Anyway, I don't think all that were Hindraf's real reason for wanting Waythia to quit after all.

I think they just want him to do that so that they can get back into the limelight. They know that they are fading away after GE13 and the only way they can be relevant again, particularly among the Indian community is by having all these drama.

The same like what Anwar Ibrahim is doing in Kajang now.

That's all really to it, okay.

Having said all that, I need to get out of my bed now.

Suddenly feel like watching a movie.

Heard the new Robocop movie is good.

Maybe later I will drive over to Citta Mall in Subang and watch it there.