Tuesday 31 January 2017

Falling in love with Canada

I was rather relieved at the way the Canadian authorities handled the mosque shooting case as in this report :

They were very quick to apprehend the suspect and charged him for the crime.

However, what was even more comforting was the way the Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau reacted to the act of terror.

Excerpts from the above report :

Trudeau, who has made a point of welcoming refugees and immigrants from Muslim-majority countries, told parliament in Ottawa: "Make no mistake, this was a terrorist attack."

"Last night this community experienced something that no community should ever have to know: Unspeakable cruelty and violence perpetrated on those who came together in friendship and in faith," Trudeau said later at a vigil attended by hundreds who braved frigid temperatures in Quebec City.

He added a personal message to Canada's 1 million Muslims:

"We stand with you. We love you and we support you and we will always defend and protect your right to gather together and pray today and every day," Trudeau added.
What a contrast this Trudeau guy is compared with his southern neighbour, the new US president Donald Trump, who as far as I'm concerned doesn't make it too difficult for me to assume that he doesn't like Muslims.

You can just google "Trump muslims" to know why I don't like him very much. 

Back to Trudeau, I think he's now my favourite western leader.

He seems to be such a nice guy and good leader.

He's good looking too.

Well, I'm going to read more about him.

Anyway, I always like Canada.

I have never been there but whatever I know about it suggest that it's a beautiful country.

Huge open spaces with relatively small population. 

The few Canadians whom I met also seemed to be good people.

I think Canada is something like America...but without too many obnoxious people.

I wish I can visit it someday.

Sunday 29 January 2017

GE14 in November and other predictions

Resting and doing nothing at the moment.

So, I think I want to do a bit of predicting.

Just to while away the time.

Okay, I'm quite sure now that the next general election will be in November.

My sources said so.

Well, I could be right, or I could be wrong.

Doesn't make any difference.

Just like me playing mahjong for fun at home with my mom and aunts.

If in case I got it right, I can brag about it later.

Okay, I'm also predicting that BN will win the general election again.

BN is in a mess, but the opposition are too much in disarray to seize the opportunity to defeat it.

Simple as that.

The results should be more or less the same as during the GE13.

Lets go state by state,
I think it would be like these:

Perlis - BN (The small state has always been BN's.)

Kedah - BN+Pas (It will likely be close but BN and Pas will in the end form a unity state government with Pas leading it.)

Penang - PH (Status quo. DAP too strong)

Perak - BN (Very close fight likely, BN may retain state government but lose some more parliament seats)

Selangor - PH (BN not ready to take over the state. Status quo)

FT - PH (BN not likely to make any gain in urban areas.)

NS - BN (Close fight. Something like in Perak)

Malacca - BN (Another state which BN is going to barely win)

Johor - BN (BN to retain the State but likely to lose lots more parliament seats.)

Pahang - BN (Arguably the only solid BN state in the Peninsular. Likely status quo)

Terengganu - BN+Pas (BN and Pas ikely to come up with an arrangement similar to the one in Kedah)

Kelantan - Pas (BN to help Pas retain Kelantan in return for its help elsewhere)

Sarawak - BN (BN all the way)

Sabah - BN (BN all the way)

Logical, isn't it?

The opposition people should then blame themselves after that.

Everyone seems to have too big an ego.

Yet to win, but already can't stand each other among themselves.

Many of these opposition people are also just too obnoxious, that people can't make themselves to vote for them.

They are even more obnoxious then the obnoxious ones in BN.

Really, I'm not kidding you.

That's the main reason why BN always managed to beat them.

Unless of course if later on in the coming months, the BN people get so cocky and behave even worse than them.

That's very possible,

The people may just get so disgusted that they just close their eyes and vote for the opposition....just out of spite.

It's becoming a case of choosing the lesser evil instead of getting the best to lead us.

Very unfortunate.

I know, it's going to be quite anti-climatic, but that's likely how it's going to be.

I think the next Umno election to be held after that will be even more exciting.

But let me save that one for another day.

Okay, that's about it.

I'm going back to resting.

Later, I may go out to buy some pineapples.

Feel like eating them,

It's a CNY thing for me, okay.

Never mind.

You all will never understand it even if I try to explain my weird CNY habits.

Here's a beautiful song instead,

Saturday 28 January 2017

Funny CNY news

Saw this story just now which made me laughed but also in a way dampened my CNY mood quite a bit,

Tengku, 3 others charged for rioting at condominium

excerpts :

T. Vigneswaran, 40, a nasi lemak seller; Tengku Hazrul Shah Tengku Hamid, 42, owner of a security company; enforcement staff Mohd. Neezam Jelani, 35; and Izakri Zakaria, 38, a driver, all pleaded not guilty when the charge was read before magistrate Mohamad Izwan Mohamed Nor.

I guess this is the nasi lemak seller,

I don't think I want to buy nasi lemak from the guy.

He looks too scary lah.

And the whole gang are out on bail now....and probably back selling nasi lemak again.

As for the charge of rioting, it's under Section 147 of the Penal Code which carries a maximum punishment of two years jail and fine.

That's maximum, okay. They probably will get less than that if any.

So, remember, that's the penalty of beating someone half to death.

I wonder why can't they at least be charged under Section 325 of Penal Code for causing grievous hurt which maximum penalty is seven years jail and fine.

The lorry driver looked quite grievously hurt to me.

Don't know lah.

You can watch the video of the beating and what I found out about the assailants at my previous post,

The real people who beat up the lorry driver 

Well, never mind.

That's how things are.


Friday 27 January 2017

Be happy and enjoy the celebrations. No way they will throw you all into the sea

The past few days had been hectic as my family prepares for the new year celebrations.

It's the usual cleaning and decorating of the house as well as cooking of these and those.

I have not been reading much because of all that, but did note the bit about MCA president DS Liow Tiong Lai  saying that BN will break up if Umno supports Pas in the Syaria Amendment Bill issue, also known as RUU355.

I can understand Liow's and MCA's sentiment on the matter.

They may as well close shop if they can't say no to RUU355.

The Chinese will simply laugh at them.

It just confirmed what DAP said all along about MCA being just an Umno's lackey with no backbone of their own.

The same goes with the other non-Malay, non-bumiputera, non-Muslim component parties of the ruling coalition.

Well, actually DAP was not totally wrong, because there are those in Umno who actually advocate the idea that it's Umno's way or no way in BN.

These Umno people feel that they are the kings on the top of the hill and therefore others in the coalition must agree with everything that they want.

Even if they, via Umno, want the actual hudud, they expect MCA, Gerakan and the others to go along with it.

If you disagree with that, like what Liow did on this RUU355 issue, you would kena whacked.

That's why RPK asked this question the other day,

Is Liow DAP’s Trojan Horse?


So, MCA threatens that if RUU355 is passed this may break up Barisan Nasional. Good! Then let Barisan Nasional be an Umno-Malay-led coalition while Pakatan Harapan can become a DAP-MCA-Chinese led coalition. Then at least the political divide would be much clearer and there will no longer be any confusion as to whether MCA is with the government or MCA is a DAP Trojan Horse.

Well, I actually think that if that's the real thinking in Umno, then BN will indeed cease to exist.

What the opposition parties (including Pas) have been working on for decades will finally be achieved - the destruction of BN which moderate multi-racial approach enabled it to rule the country since Merdeka.

And the most silly thing about it was that, there are those Umno people who think that it's then going to be a Malays versus Chinese fight in the next general election where the Malays will prevail because of their larger number.

It's silly because that will not happen.

What will happen is that the opposition will seize the opportunity to turn itself into a multi-racial coalition like BN used to be. They have Malay Muslims dominating PKR, Amanah and Pribumi Bersatu.

Umno, after getting rid of MCA and the other supposedly "trojan horses", will be with Pas (which since its inception aims to destroy Umno) and the bumiputera parties in Sabah and Sarawak.

Bear in mind that the Pas grassroots have always been opposed to the idea of teaming up with Umno. I even believe that they hate Umno more than they hate DAP.

And those Sabah and Sarawak bumiputera parties were never comfortable with using race and religion as political tools, as such tactics don't even work over there.

They may even pull out of BN too if Umno insists on going along with Pas on the RUU355 issue.

I was told that even Sabah Umno feels the same discomfort over the matter. 

Contrary to what those RUU355 supporters in Umno think, many Malay Muslims, including those in Umno itself are not with them.

The majority of Malay Muslims are not racial or religious bigots and want to continue living in a peaceful and moderate multi-racial Malaysia.  

Umno may ends up going into the next general election holding just its own balls if it proceeds with supporting the Pas' RUU355 agenda.

However, I do believe that PM and Umno president DS Najib Razak and his better lieutenants can see this danger.

They will not let BN to self-destruct over the matter.

I was told that Najib had several times shot down the idea to allow Umno leaders and members to officially attend a Pas-planned RUU355 gathering next month. Maybe it's true. Najib can't be that stupid to let BN be destroyed like that.

If you all bother to read this Najib's CNY message today, he doesn't seems to want to throw the Chinese into the sea like what some Umno supporters of RUU355 threatened,

excerpts :

We believe the Chinese want a better and prosperous Malaysia for all our children. We can achieve this if we are strong and united as a nation, focus our efforts and energy for the well-being of the nation while we continue to sort out our differences and challenges. Together, we can surely achieve greater heights for a Malaysia that is more successful, advanced and harmonious. 

Furthermore, I think you all should try read this previous posting of mine which more or less explains why Umno will not abandon its Chinese allies and set up a new exclusive Malay Muslims gang :

Well, in conjunction with the CNY celebrations, I would like to also recommend Umno leaders and members to read this article (please just click on the link, okay) :

Okay, that's about it.

I want to go hang out with my cousins now. They just arrived from Singapore.

To all Chinese and those who celebrate the occasion,

I like this CNY video by TNB.

It's fun and reminds me of my mom and her sisters. My mom is the one who can't cook....hehehehe

Cheers everyone :)

Wednesday 25 January 2017

CNY mood : Umno cybertroopers better than Ip Man

I'm back in Kluang at my mother's family home.

Spent the whole of yesterday doing spring cleaning with my mom and grandmother for the Chinese New Year celebrations this weekend.

My grandmother seemed to be recovering well from her recent ailment and despite us telling her not to tire herself, insisted on joining us in cleaning up the house.

My grandfather however is mostly still weak from his own illness, suffered last month. He spent most of his time resting. My mom constantly worried about him because my grandfather, who previously was a boisterous person,  doesn't talks much anymore.

My mom has taken a long leave from her job to look after my grandparents. It's probably the longest leave she ever took from her job.

Anyway, the rest of the family will start arriving home later today.

Big auntie and small auntie, along with my favourite cousins will arrive from Singapore tomorrow.

As always, it's going to be fun.

Yesterday evening, I went to town with my mom to buy the usual home decorative items for the occasion.

It's always my mom who choose the decorations as she's a bit of a Chinese scholar, being the only one in the family who had studied in a university in Taiwan.

Around this time of the year, I normally try to avoid writing about politics but today can't help but to notice this BigDog's posting,

Buck Up!

which highlights concerns of Deputy Prime Minister DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi over studies which indicate that :

- only 6.6 per cent of the country’s cybertroopers are supportive of BN, while the rest are anti-establishment.

- for every pro-BN cybertrooper, there are 15 others who are working against the government.

Well, I don't know what to say about it anymore lah.

I have been bitching about the poor coordination of BN/Umno cyberwar and media efforts for the longest of time.

If you all have the time, check the archive of this blog to find my posts where I whack Umno/ BN cyberwar and media bosses.

Sorry, I'm too lazy now to find them for you.

Well, of course all I got for all those posts was being branded as not being supportive enough of the establishment and such.

I was even labelled a trojan horse and paid DAP cybertrooper at one point.

Well, never mind lah

Anyway, I did come across instances of BN losing its supporters in cyberspace.

This is one case where a couple who used to support BN in cyberspace without being paid to do so may have stopped doing that after what happened to them,

Nasib penyokong marhaen Najib

Well, that's just too bad, isn't it?

Now that the general election is drawing nearer, it's going to be quite a struggle for BN to catch up with the opposition in cyberspace.

One BN cybertrooper against 15 opposition cybertroopers can be quite tough, okay.

Even Ip Man asked to fight against only 10.

Hahaha...actually that Ip Man video is for this blog's CNY fun.

Whatever it is, even if the opposition wins the cyberwar, it doesn't mean they can win the general election.

That has always been the case.

As I previously wrote, the real fight will be on the ground.

The one that's closer to the rakyat and doing more for them will win.

Winning the cyberwar is of course important too, but the bulk of what it's all about is just satisfying massive ego of the combatants and all the nonsense about claiming meaningless bragging rights.

I think the Wanita Umno members who go from door to door campaigning for their party are more valuable than all those pompous high maintenance cyberwar and media generals as well as their minions whose main priority is just showcasing their loyalty to Najib instead of winning the much needed support for the establishment.

Well, you all know lah why they are like that.

If you don't know, you can read this previous post of mine,

Eh, okay lah. Enough of that nonsense.

I need to go help my mom in the kitchen now.

If got time, I will write again tomorrow.


Saturday 21 January 2017

The real people who beat up the lorry driver (updated)


(Latest : Just saw this story - Five suspects detained, lorry driver claims beaten by gangsters)

Apparently the police are really doing something about the lorry driver beating case.

My friend who gave me the info about the case which I published yesterday told me that police are rounding up the gang members involved.

He said several of them were detained yesterday.

My friend sent me the picture of one of the gang members already in police custody just now,

That's the Indian guy wearing blue t-shirt in the third picture published in the original post yesterday.

He's one of those seen savagely kicking the lorry driver several times and intimidating bystanders in the video.

My friend said police intend to catch everyone of them.

I hope he was right. I hope no one will try to protect the thugs.

The police must arrest all of them, including the leader of the gang.

We can't go around living in fear of these gangsters.

All the best to the police.


I thought I want to rest today, but a friend called just now and was all angry.

Like many others, he was angry over this video of a lorry driver beaten up by a group of thugs,

'Ini cilaka punya orang. Pukul sampai itu macam. You mau tau ka siapa ni semua?" he asked me.

"Siapa Datuk? Saya tak tau la. Orang kata ini bodyguards sama  driver satu Datuk," I replied.

"Mana ada. Itu semua tak betul. Ini gangster punya kerja,' my friend said.

My friend has quite a lot of knowledge of the underworld, so he knows these sorts of stuff.

"Gangster mana pulak ni Datuk?" I asked him back.

"Ini Geng 24 la. Dia orang ada support sama itu Bhabi Kia," my friend replied.

Honestly, I'm not sure what he was talking about.

"Itu geng punya kepala orang panggil Along Taman. Kadang-kadang orang panggil dia Along Pandan," my friend added.

"Ini Cina punya geng ka Datuk?" I inquired further.

"Tak da  la. Ini Melayu punya geng. Ada royalty punya orang," he said.

I was like WTF, when he told me that.

My friend also sent me these pictures from the scene of the incident,

My friend also said the gang leader was involved in a murder case in 2003 as reported by The Star here,

Police nab four over killing of duo in Genting 

Two brothers charged over double murders 

Four acquitted of double murder 

I hope the police will take action against all these gangsters.

Dangerous people lah these ones.

What needed to be said had been said

It's raining heavily where I am now.

I kinda enjoy listening to the sound of rainfall outside.

Otherwise it's just very quiet here.

I wish I can rest in peace this weekend and that no one bothers me too much.

Yesterday a friend asked why I didn't write anything about the ongoing Forest City fight.

I told him I don't want to get involve as if I do so I would easily be accused of taking side.

I want to remain neutral as I have friends on both sides of the fight.

I hate fighting with my own friends over politics.

Anyway, I had written about all those reclaimed land along the Tebrau Straits long before the Dr Mahathir-Najib fight.

There was no political motive when I did that.

I remember that it was me bitching on my own about it at that time.

No one else seemed to really care too much about it.

I was a bit like a dog howling at the hill lah.

I did so because I was trying to make the administration of Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin realise that people are watching what's happening and that they better do something about it.

This post on Sept 3, 2014 is among the last and most read that I did on the issue,

It's at number eight among my most read posts.

After I had said what I have to say about it, I left Khaled and his boys to do what they needed to do.....if they want to do it.

I believe I had done my part on that issue.

So, if the rest of them want to only fight about it now, I rather let them be.

Don't want to tire myself with it anymore.

Got more troubling thoughts in my mind now.

Okay, that's about it for this rainy day.

Here's a song,

Friday 20 January 2017

A song for fighting friends

I had something in mind to write about earlier this morning.

But when I opened this laptop just now, I felt so tired and unmotivated to write them.

It's difficult when we are unhappy.

I'm in that mode right now.

Anyway, I never really believe that I'm making much difference writing this blog.

So, it's really no big deal.

I tend to agree to a certain point with this commentator from a previous post,

It's a sad state of affairs when bloggers and has-beens act delusional into thinking they matter.

Get off your high-donkeys and get a reality check. People read blogs to be mildly amused. That's all.

Well, I'm okay with that.

After all,  I'm mostly writing this blog just for fun.

It doesn't really matter to me whether you all agree with what I wrote.

It doesn't even matter to me if you all think I'm so full of shit.

That's why I let through almost all of the comments, even the bad ones about myself.

No need to take everything too seriously all the time.

Relax a bit, okay.

See lah. When I'm in a better mood, maybe I'll write properly again.

For today, instead of writing my usual nonsense, I offer this song to you all my friends who are fighting each other over the stupid politics of this country,


Tuesday 17 January 2017

Khaled in Kluang and the importance of grassroots work

My friend in Kota Iskandar told me earlier this morning that Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin is visiting my hometown Kluang today.

It's part of his state-wide tour for what I was told to be preparations for the coming general election as I highlighted here,

Rushing to GE14

Curious to know what Khaled will be doing there, I asked my friend to send me the itineraries.

So, she sent me this,

I'm quite sure Khaled will have talks and briefing on the coming general election with BN and Umno people in Kluang after completing the official visit.

My friend also sent me this picture from the first stop at Sekolah Agama Seri Kampung Tengah 2

It's nice and reminded me of my younger days when I attended the Sekolah Agama Johor where I learnt more about Islam as well as read and write Jawi.

I used to be quite proficient in Jawi and could even do shorthand writing in it. Now very rusty already la due to lack of practice.

However, back then, my sekolah agama didn't have air-conditioning  or what looks like an internet or Astro receiver disc like in the picture.

Maybe now the sekolah agama are more changgih :)

Anyway, the parliamentary constituency visit doesn't look as detailed as that done by Khaled's predecessor TS Abdul Ghani Othman who was being more micro by repeatedly visiting the numerous balloting areas in preparation for the last general election.

Still, I think what Khaled and his team are doing is good enough as it is.

I shouldn't be comparing Khaled with Ghani too much as they are of different standards altogether.

I think it's good for Johor BN and Umno that Khaled is now on the ground as that's where it all matters for them to win support for the coming polls.

I always believe that the fight is actually on the ground rather than the stupid exchanges of accusations and insults in the social media or other propaganda outlets.

The side which is more grounded and closer to the rakyat will win.

That has always been the case.

That's how BN and Umno won all the general elections since Merdeka despite their flaws and weaknesses.

The opposition could not possibly beat them by mere rethorics as proven in the past.

As long as BN and Umno leaders still care to go down to the ground and do the necessary for the people like what Khaled is trying to do in Kluang today, the opposition will have to continue to struggle to justify their accusations against the government.

Merely playing politics may win some extra votes but it would not on its own ensure victory.

Being able to be there for the rakyat and doing the right things directly for them are more important than anything else.

If the opposition hopes to ever beat BN and Umno, they need to do or seem to be doing more work on the ground and be close to the people instead of just talking about this and that.

As Ghani once told his people during the campaign for GE13, no matter how bad were the sentiments caused by national issues, if they can still take care of the people at the grassroots level, the battle could still be won.

Sunday 15 January 2017

More important things in life (updated)


In case you think there's nothing more important to worry about than politics, read this.

Twilight Years

Really. Some people have bigger or more immediate problems to address.


Pribumi Bersatu was launched at the Malawati Stadium in Shah Alam last night.

Reports indicated that there were about 3,000 people present.

Not very impressive.

Well, I don't know lah.

I'm not in the Klang Valley right now.

Can't be bothered to check properly.

Read the speech by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad at Datuk Kadir Jasin's blog via Rocky's blogroll,

PPBM Dilancarkan Dengan Ikrar Selamatkan Malaysia

It reminds me of his speeches at Umno general assemblies of yesteryears when he was still its president.

Personally, I think it's quite long and mostly repeats of what he said before.

But never mind lah.

Dr Mahathir is 92 years old.

Let him says whatever he wants.

I never believe in being harsh with our elders, no matter what.

It wouldn't be too long now before GE14.

Just let the rakyat decide when the time comes.

If they think life is better now, they should support PM DS Najib Razak, but if they feel their life is worse, then they can support Dr Mahathir.

I think we should leave it at that for now.

No need for us to make things worse.

Just be patient and wait.

There are lots of other things that need to be done for now.

There were also other issues to be handled too.

I rather spend my time handling my own personal problems now than being too bothered about politics.

What's the point in complaining about the country when we can't even take care of lesser things which directly affect us?

I got lots of issues at the moment and I have only enough energy and time to handle them.

Can't spare for anything else.

So, I think I would like to leave it to those who have no issues in life except berjuang demi agama, bangsa dan tanahair  to handle the big stuff such as saving the country.

For now, I need to handle a matter about myself being treated like garbage by someone.

Quite pathetic, but that's a reality of my life.

So, that's more important to me than 1MDB or Felda or Pribumi Bersatu etc.

Chinese New Year is also coming soon.

I hope I can settle my issues before then so that I can have a peace of mind during the festivities.

I really wish I can be happy again.

Dr Mahathir, Najib, etc....are now just mere distractions for me.

Friday 13 January 2017

Rushing to GE14

I saw this article yesterday

GE14 almost certain not in first half of 2017

and became curious.

I was particularly interested in this visiting schedule of Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin as displayed in the article,

I think that's a rather reasonable schedule as it would give Khaled and his boys reasonable time to prepare the Johor BN machineries.

Based on that schedule, I think the writer of the article got it right that the Khaled's team would have six solid months of touring the State and doing the necessary to prepare for the general election, which would probably be held later in the year.

So, I contacted my good friend in Kota Iskandar to double check the info.

This is part of our Wassap conversation,

I guess something must had happened that Khaled and his boys now decided to speed up the schedule.

My friend told me the visits to the parliamentary constituencies were indeed in view of the general election.

If they are going to finish the whole tour by April 27, then the general election could be called as early as May.

But still I believe Khaled and his team need more time to prepare for it.

Logically, after such a tour, they need to study their findings and do follow-ups for remedial measures to solve local issues detected during the tour.

That should take another month or two.

Unless of course as I said, something had happened that they really need to rush the whole thing.

That's actually strange.

I had actually earlier learnt from a high ranking intelligence guy that when Khaled started his tour early this month, the actual level of preparedness of Johor BN for the election at that time was only at 30 per cent.

That's what made me thought that  Khaled had did well by allocating about six months to do the tour, if indeed it was to be the final push before the election period.

But if they are rushing it now, then I guess it's no longer Khaled's decision.

The directive to wrap up everything early must had came from KL.

Maybe BN really wants to have an early general election.

Maybe it's because of things like this,

A Pas-PKR-Pribumi Bersatu coalition in the making

Well, I never really trust that Pas wants to be an Umno's friend.

Tuesday 10 January 2017

A poem

In the autumn of the year jen-hsu
A friend and I went out on a boat 
that passes the Red Cliff 
The breeze is fresh and the water is unruffled
As I drank with my friend 
I hummed a poem and a song
A phrase on its strange beauty
The moon rises from the eastern hills and wanders among the stars
White dew above the river draws a line beneath the sky
Letting the boat go where it pleases
We drifted over the endless flow
Sailing the void and riding the wind
We not know where to stop
Leaving the world and standing alone
We sprout wings to join the immortals

As I drink the wine 
I compose a song
Oars of orchid wood row 
through the moon's drifting light
Thoughts fly far away
for my loved one in a corner of the sky

A friend plays a flute
harmonising my song
The flute makes a whiling sound
resenting, longing, lamenting, protesting
trailing the night like endless silk

Woke up earlier and just felt like sharing that.

If you want to know what nonsense I wrote above, do watch the full movie at this address,

It's Anita Mui's last movie.
She had already gone when I first watched it.
It's heartbreaking.

Sunday 8 January 2017

Work more, talk less, learning from Japanese

Woke up quite early today.

Still in relaxed mode.

Checked the net to see if there's anything interesting.

Found none.

Okay, maybe some people think this one is interesting,

Shahrir to reshuffle Felda management and board

but to me it's just typical Shahrir.

Making big announcements about the work before actually doing the work.

Was it so necessary to do that?

For me that's just awkward.

Imagine what all those Felda people are thinking right now.

Shahrir already telling the world he's going to kick their ass even before he enters the office.

So much aggravation.

Why can't he just go in and do the necessary first before saying all that?

Well, whatever lah.

Just wait and see what's going to happen.

Cakap banyak pun bukannya ada guna.

Anyway, it reminds me of a conversation I had with a Japanese friend quite a while back.

We were having dinner at a yakitori restaurant in Seri Hartamas.

He asked me how to know whether a Malaysian politician is a good guy.

"A good one works more and talks less," I said.

The guy smiled and agreed.


Almost all who talk a lot are just bullshitters.

They criticise everyone and everything but when given the work, they can't do any better or can't do the work at all.

Pandai buat bising saja.

As if they are the ones who are so good and pure.

Check their track record and see whether they are really good or just appeared to be good, okay.

End of the day, it's the end results of the works that count, not the talks.

Talk is cheap.

It's also one of the reasons why I like Japanese.

They just do their work well and don't talk too much.

They only talk when necessary.

If you ever been to Tokyo station which is the biggest railway station in Japan, you would know what I mean.

During peak hours, the station would be packed with hundred thousands of people, yet you hardly hear much noise.

The Japanese go around doing their things without making much noise.

They just focused at doing their work well instead of talking too much about it.

That's why they are so good at what they are doing.

That's discipline.

And guys, please stop watching Japanese porn. Those are fakes, okay. They are not really crazy perverts and they don't make so much noise as in the videos (As people told me lah).

Better watch these kind of Japanese videos instead and learn something from them,

Nice, isn't it.

Sounds of Japan, not noises of Japan.

I miss those quiet autumn evenings at the ryokan of a small beautiful onsen town.

Saturday 7 January 2017

The best guy to replace Shahrir in JB

I'm still in hibernation mode.

Shut down almost everything and resting.

But earlier this morning I woke up and saw this, which was sent to me by a friend last night,

Well, that's unfortunate, I think.

I was hoping for someone better.

Shahrir is about as old as Isa, okay. Almost 70.

Does Shahrir knows how to fix Felda?

Well, I do wonder because his JB constituency doesn't even have a Felda settlement.

As for his track record, you all may have a look at it yourself at this link,

Shahrir Abdul Samad 

I'm not saying the guy is bad, but do you all honestly remember anything significant that he did when he was a minister three times in his career?

As for Isa, he would probably claim that his 22 years as Negeri Sembilan MB was memorable.

Actually, I think the only significant achievement of Shahrir is that he managed to build a reputation of himself as being someone with integrity, honest, clean, etc.

Okay, he also made a name for himself by whacking Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad throughout his career. At least the guy is consistent on that count.

But were that good enough for him to make things better as far as Felda is concerned?


Really, I'm not sure.

Well, whatever it is, good luck to Shahrir.

Oh, I'm also wondering what is going to happen to his JB parliamentary seat in the next general election.

Shahrir's appointment at Felda really looks like a retirement golden parachute.

And I think I read somewhere quite a while ago that he said he will not defend his JB seat.

Honestly, I think without Shahrir there, BN may find it very difficult to defend it.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't see anyone from the JB Umno division who can pull it off.

Do note that Shahrir's majority there was slashed from over 20k in 2008 to just over 10k in 2013.

Maybe the Umno leadership should think out of the box over the matter.

If it's up to me, I would like to field someone with a reputation as good as Shahrir's or even better.

After all, the JB people have all these while prided themselves as being special as they have mister integrity Shahrir as their MP.

So, because of that, I think the best person to take over Shahrir's JB seat is this JB guy,


Abdul Wahid Omar

is my choice as BN's parliamentary candidate for JB in the next general election.

I really think the guy is good.

Okay, I can already hear the protestation of the JB Umno division people, but seriously guys, don't you think you all need someone good like Wahid to replace Shahrir?

Do you all rather lose the seat by fielding someone lesser?

Well, never mind.

For all you know, Wahid may not even want to take the risk of contesting the seat. He's probably already comfortable being the PNB boss.

But still, if I'm PM DS Najib Razak, I would call the guy up and tell him that he needs to do it for the sake of agama, bangsa and tanahair.

I think Najib needs all the good Umno guys like Wahid to be around him now and especially for the coming general election.

Hmmm...maybe can consider putting Khazanah boss TS Azman Mokhtar to contest somewhere too.

Amokh, you vote or not?

Hahaha...just kidding :)

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Ghani @ Sime Darby

In his latest posting,

Will Isa ever "die" so Felda and FGV may live?

my blogging captain Rocky asked this question,

Tell me which retired, failed or/and overaged politician (with the exception, perhaps, of Johor Menteri Besar Ghani Othman, who is chairman of Sime Darby) has done really well as chairman of such an institutions?  

Honestly, I don't have an answer to that.

As for Ghani, I know that he was a good MB but not really sure how he is doing now as Sime Darby chairman.

However, earlier today, a friend forwarded me this message from his Facebook wall,

"Salute to Tan Sri Ghani Othman. U drove Sime Darby's revenue to around RM50 billion with a profit around RM4 billion. And U only took a salarie of below RM1 mil yearly."

I don't know how accurate that is, so I checked the Sime Darby's annual report for last year and found these,

I think that's not so bad at all.

You all can read the details here,

Annual Report 2016 - Sime Darby

Well, for one thing I know Ghani is as straight as an arrow when it comes to work.

No hanky panky.

He will not do anything to harm the organisation that he leads.

Let's say the PM wants him to take onboard someone who may likely harm Sime Darby. I'm certain he would say no to that.

He would rather be thrown out instead.

I believe that if the PM read this, which unfortunately I'm sure he is not :) , he would agree with me.

I know that Ghani actually said "no" to him over such a matter quite recently.

I think the PM knows that Ghani is just like that and respects him for it.

It's something like when he decided to leave Johor before the last general election in 2013.

He preferred to let go his MB post at that time rather than not being able to say "no" to things which are bad for Johor.

I think current Johor MB DS Mohamed Khaled Nordin would know what I meant by that.

For one thing, I don't think Ghani would allow those land along the Tebrau Straits to be converted to "free hold" and sold to the mainland Chinese.

He would say "no" to that no matter what.

It's the same in Sime Darby now, I guess.

Good for Sime Darby that they got Ghani as chairman.

Monday 2 January 2017

A crazy doctor biker and chess matches with uncle

Was yesterday riding north with my friend, the doctor I featured in this post

In defense of good doctors 

This is his bike, a Yamaha R25

It's his first bike.

The crazy guy just woke up one day and decided to be a biker and bought the bike.

He never really ever rode a motorcycle before.

I scolded him when he told me about it.

"Why you want to risk riding a bike? You never even rode a kapchai before. Are you crazy?" I ranted at him.

"I want to be cool la," he replied like an idiot.

Really didn't know what to say.

The guy is actually cool enough already, saving lives on daily basis as a surgeon.

But it's done already.

He is now a biker, risking life and limbs on the road.

Well, at least he has the common sense to get a small bike first.

Mine is small too but I got more riding experience than him.

Actually I wanted to visit my uncle and he wanted to tag along.

My uncle is the one with a disability I featured in this post,

He was very happy seeing the two of us.

It's been quite a while since I last saw him being so cheerful.

My uncle was actually very close with the doctor.

They were childhood buddies.

We had lunch together and chatted for quite a while.

The doctor brought a chess set for my uncle.

As I previously wrote, my uncle was a very good chess player before he was afflicted with his current ailment.

The two of them played a round.

From the few opening moves, I knew my uncle was going to win.

True enough, in the end he forced the doctor to make a fatal error and won the game.

Then it was my turn.

I'm quite a good chess player myself. Almost as good as my uncle.

I think I played quite well, giving my best against him.

At one point I managed to corner his king and almost caught it, but in a brilliant sacrificial move, he counter attacked and trapped my queen, forcing me to admit defeat.

If you all know the actual ailment of my uncle, you would not have believe that he managed to beat me and the doctor, who is a neurosurgeon at chess.

It was very pleasant though, knowing that my uncle can still play chess so well.

I always miss his old self.

Hopefully his condition stablise one day and he can live a normal life again.

I'm riding east alone later this morning.

The doctor is going south.

Will remind him to berhati-hati dijalanraya.

He really should just drive his sports car.

Much safer fun that one, okay.

Sunday 1 January 2017

New year ride

It's new year.

I'm going on a long ride north.

Going off in a short while.

Tomorrow heading to the east.

Taking things easy.

Will try to write along the way,

See lah how.

You all be cool okay.

Jangan stress tau.