Friday 28 July 2023

Best job of Madani era

 I'm going to get my PSV licence next week so I can drive for Grab.

It's not going to earn me much but should be enough to pay my bills and a bit of groceries.

I don't need much anyway at this stage of my life.

Peace of mind is the most important thing for me now and I think driving people around  to earn a living can give me that.

No bosses ordering me around to do stupid things.

Actually, I wish I could drive a truck and deliver goods instead of people but that would be too physically hard for me.

I'm not planning to go crazy and drive 10 hours per day to earn a lot of money. 

Instead, I'll just take it easy and do what I can to earn enough not to go hungry.

What ever it is, I don't have anymore bank loan to pay, so that's one worry out of my head already.

My plan is to park myself at the Kuantan bus terminal, which is near my house and wait for clients there.

If I'm tired or my back hurts, I'll just go home and sleep.

Why not do other things?

Well, I don't have any other skill other than the one that earned me my livelihood over the years.

That skill is now more or less unwanted.

That leaves driving as the only other skill that I have. 

I believe I'm quite a good driver. Very patient and polite too....I think.

Yeah, I believe I can make this works.

It has to be, as this is a hard time for me.

I don't want to complain too much though as I know a lot of people are suffering worse than me.

After all, this is the Madani era. It's normal for people to suffer now.

Kedah people said "Mahai dah le ni."

Yup, everything pricey these days.

Really shitty but we have to accept it as that's what Malaysians voted for in the last general election.

All talks and nothing else. Janji macam-macam, tipu saja.

That's what Madani is all about.

"Hari ini saya jadi PM, esok harga minyak turuuunnnn!!!!"

Yeah, right.

Saturday 22 July 2023

Sanusi the macho kampung funny guy

 I have not been bothered to properly listen to Pas leaders' speeches for quite a long time.

That was until Sanusi's arrest the other day.

I started to check on YouTube videos of his speeches to understand better what actually went wrong with the guy.

I was actually quite entertained by the videos.

Firstly, I found Sanusi to be actually quite a smart MB.

I particularly like his plan to bring more development to the Kedah hinterland.

Sanusi is truly the tough kampung guy type and that probably explains his passion to develop the much neglected rural area of Kedah.

And the guy is brash and very funny at the same time. 

A bit like Mat Sabu but not too irritating and clownish like the Amanah president.

I failed to find the video of his speech, which got him in trouble but based on the videos that I watched, I can guess what had happened.

I doubt that he actually intended to insult Sultan of Selangor as alleged. He was probably his usual recklessly funny self while whacking his political opponents when he uttered the allegedly offending words.

The guy is after all too smart to intentionally go around insulting the royalty. 

But never mind lah. I rather not talk too much about that as it may land me in jail.

As I previously wrote, in this Madani era, you can easily get in trouble for what you said about the 3R.

You may intend to say something but it could be interpreted or intentionally misinterpreted as saying something else.

As it is, just saying that the prime minister is a liar risks being accused of insulting the Agong who appointed the PM.

So, let's not get into that and go back to Sanusi.

Here's the guy explaining more or less his macho Kedah kampung style:

Tuesday 18 July 2023

Zaid is right, I better shut up

This Madani era is indeed a dangerous time for people to talk too much.

This is a NST headline today;

Zaid Ibrahim courts controversy by taking veiled swipe at Malay Rulers

What Zaid actually said now that NST suggested that he' may get in trouble?

excerpts 1;

"My advice to the common people : Do not say anything that may be construed as insulting Malay Rulers; even if unintentional.

"Do not say an MB (Menteri Besar) is a clown; as that will be insulting the Ruler for appointing a clown. Do not say Malay Rulers are wealthy ; as that could imply the wealth is improperly obtained.

"Do not say Malay Rulers are involved in timber or durian business ; or internet business. That would be demeaning .You can only praise them. Better still say nothing at all," he tweeted.

excerpts 2

"The most significant achievement of the Madani govt is using Sedition Act against its political opponent. When this opponent said sorry, the Madani Minister replied, 'That's not enough'.

"When this seditious leader said sorry to the Palace, the response was, 'matter not settled'.

"Now that Sanusi will be charged, everyone is happy. No more pressure on the AG (Attorney-General). The Bar Council, the great defender of the rule of law, must be satisfied too," he tweeted.

Wah, give advice like that also can get in trouble....sigh.

Hopefully I wouldn't get in trouble for reproducing those excerpts.

Well, I took those from the NST article, so if I kena, NST should kena also. 

Never mind, I'll just follow Zaid's advice. 

It's not worth it to risk being jailed.

Cannot talk about 3R, so no more talk about agama Islam, bangsa Melayu or raja-raja for me. 

Got it.  

So much for all those talks about freedom of speech and expression.

This is Najib's fault because he only abolished the ISA and not the others, which Pakatan people used to describe as "draconian laws".

Maybe Pakatan people don't think those laws are draconian anymore.

Yup, Pakatan people change their mind all the time one.

Friday 7 July 2023

Be more specific about the 3R

They keep repeating it ; Don't touch on the 3R (race, religion, royalty), which are considered as sensitive issues.

Today, I saw a story about the IGP once again warning everyone not to touch on the 3R while campaigning  for the coming six state elections.

But what exactly that can't be said about the 3R?

I think they need to be more specific about it as I have a lot of questions on the matter.

Can we say Malays and Muslims should be united so that they would not dilute their majority as what they had done in previous elections? Will we get arrested if we say that?

How about saying non-Bumiputera should vote for DAP so that they would not be second, third, fourth or even fifth class citizens? I remember Guan Eng said that during a rally in the run up to GE13.

How about defending Chinese schools? Is that also taboo now? I did that quite a lot. You can check this blog's archive to read what I wrote about those schools.

Chinese schools is a sensitive issue after all. Their opponents argued that Chinese schools are one of the reasons Malaysians are not united. Most of the schools' supporters think that's just being racist. 

Can I write about Adib again? There's a lot of racial and religious issues surrounding the deadly beating of the fireman. Or have you all forgot Adib?

How about all those efforts to reconvert kids? Can we talk about that or should we just stay quiet as people flaunt their "victories" over such things?

Can Umno and the other Malay-based parties talk about menyatupadukan orang Melayu? 

Can Pas people talk about memperkasakan Islam in Malaysia?

Will they get arrested if they do that?

Will the government eventually ban all those race and religion based parties?

Umno, what would be your new name if that happens? United Malaysian Nationalist Organisation? How about changing it now so that you will be better aligned with your new Pakatan Harapan friends? Maybe then they will accept you as being incorruptible.

Anyway, PKR, DAP and Amanah never talked about the 3R, aren't they...yeah, sure. 

Sorry. I tend to remember when people said that Malay is not even a race, Islam should be equal as other religions in this country and royalty is a waste of public money. 

Eh, enough lah. Don't want to be accused of trying to cause trouble by touching on the 3R. Nanti kena tangkap pulak.