Wednesday 28 December 2022

Commenting from the limbo

Zahid said 

Dr M indoctrinated us to hate DAP


Dr M heads Umno from 1981 to 2003, while DAP was founded in 1965.

How about the first 16 years? Umno didn't hate DAP in those years?

And how about from 2003 onwards? 

Dr M was to be blamed for all the hate over the past 19 years too?

And I thought the hate was mutual. DAP seemed to hate Umno too, okay.

Anthony Loke wants to blame Kit Siang for indoctrinating DAP to hate Umno all those years?

Ya, it's that silly.

Never mind.

Well, I guess, Umno people need to learn to love DAP now that they are in the same camp.

Good lah. Zahid can show the way.

Personally, I never really hated DAP. 

I just disliked the conducts of some of its leaders and members, especially the extremist groups.

Yeah, DAP has extremist groups, like the LTTE and BJP wannabes as well as those who hate the Malays and Muslims for no apparent good reason.

Other than those bunch, I'm okay with the other DAP people.

Really. I have quite a lot of friends among them.

I'm even okay with DAP people who support the Chinese schools. 

In fact I wrote quite a lot in the past about my support for Chinese schools.

Even been in love with one of those Cina Bukit, actually.

I actually wrote this back in Oct 2020

Umno being friends with DAP is nice

I know it was silly, but never mind that.

Now, I just can't be bothered anymore.

Umno, DAP or any of the other parties can do whatever they want and I'll just make sure as much as I could that it would not affect me.

After GE15, there are only two camps, the Pakatan side anchored by the DAP's non-Malay supporters and Perikatan side anchored by PAS' conservative Malay Muslim supporters.

And I don't think I belong to any of the two sides.

I always thought that I'm with BN because it's centrist.

Unfortunately BN got obliterated in GE15 and its leadership, or to be exact Umno leadership decided to join Pakatan.

So, I'm now without a side to support again.

Well, it's not really too bad as I can sit still and continue commenting from the limbo.

By the way, I think I'm done with BN and Umno as they are now.

Umno election is coming but I don't think it would heal the party.

Zahid and the other useless leaders will be returned unopposed as they control the divisions and the shit will continue.

 I can't see the point in supporting a party which eats its own shit, okay.

That's all there is to it.


Wednesday 21 December 2022

Between lying bastards and irresponsible idiots

Now, this is cute.

I never said no political appointees in GLCs, expect some: Anwar


“I never said that individuals involved in politics cannot be part of (GLC) management. However, they should be bound by certain conditions and have the required qualifications in the relevant fields."

Okay, whatever lah.

He may as well says;

“I never said that individuals involved in corruption cannot be part of government. However, they should be bound by certain conditions and have the required qualifications in the relevant fields."

Which is actually happening, by the way.

Nah, never mind.

I can't be bothered by all the bullshit anymore.

How about you all?

You all still care about what the politicians are saying?

Nowadays, I only want to care over what they actually do....if any.

Their words don't count for a dime these days, really.

I have concluded that from now on I need to take care of myself rather than hoping for those lying politicians to do things for me and this country.

If they actually do something good instead of bullshitting people, then that's good for them.

If they don't, then fuck it. I wouldn't want to care one bit.

The people? The people voted for those liars, so they deserve what they got.

As simple as that.

Anyway, it's raining quite heavily where I am now.

Been like this for days.

I'm now somewhere near Bukit Istana in Kuantan. This place never get flooded, so, I'm alright.

Elsewhere over 71,000 people were evacuated yesterday. Mostly in Kelantan and Terengganu.

Chose pemimpin Islam pun kena banjir ke? 

So much for being ruled by PAS then.

Heard the Terengganu MB was holidaying in New Zealand despite the state being the worst hit.


See, it's the same shit on the other side too.

Turn left, get lying bastards, turn right, get stupid irresponsible motherfuckers.

Not much of choices, right?

Well, as I said, I'm going to take care of me myself and stop expecting anything from those bums.

I suggest you all do the same.

Tuesday 20 December 2022

When being loud is right

 Back in college, one of my law lecturers said something like this;

"When you go to court as a lawyer, you should argue intelligently. If you can't argue intelligently, then you should argue convincingly. But if you can't even argue convincingly, then the best that you can do would be to argue loudly."

I remember the whole class laughed when he said that.

We thought he was just joking.

Turned out that he was not.

Nowadays, loud people have a better chance to be the winners.

People don't care about facts as much as they care about perceptions.

If you can outshout your rivals, you may still win, even when you are in the wrong.

Just look at our social media conversations, and you all would know that it's true.

Those who shouted the loudest and most frequent are the winners.

Now this being loudest thing has reached a new level.

Look at this,

Motion of confidence on PM Anwar passed via voice vote

Yup, there was no voting for the motion.

The Dewan speaker just made the decision to pass it based on who made the most noise on the floor.

So, the louder ones were the winner.


Honestly, I don't really care.

Democracy has after all became a joke in this country since the outcome of the GE15 that day.

I believe more such jokes are coming our way over the next five years.

No point in complaining, okay. 

We voted for this government, remember?

But still, you better be careful with what you shouted out after this.

I actually begin to suspect that this current government will be less tolerant than the previous administrations.

The signs are already there at this early stage that we will have less democratic freedom in the coming years.

You shouted the wrong things, and you may find yourself in the lock up or getting your ass sued off.

I also think that going to rallies such as the Bersih demonstrations of yesteryears is now not a very good idea.

Najib was the PM who stopped the police from beating up street demonstrators and even abolished the ISA.

But then again, the guy was seen by us as being too soft and tried too hard to be nice.

Some even called him Mat Kepit.

Now we have Anwar as PM, a jail-hardened guy.

You try la call him names like that and see what happen.

So, don't fool around. 

The days of baton wielding FRU and water cannon may be back, okay.

"Oh, those violent protesters are just Islamist extremists. They deserve to be beaten and locked up. We are just ensuring peace and stability in the country as according to the laws," they would say.

And in a way they would be right. 

This country needs the peace and stability to move forward, especially during the coming global recession.


Who cares? We already turned it into a joke the other day, what.

Sunday 18 December 2022

Forced votes of confidence

The politicians will have another show at Dewan Rakyat tomorrow.

First before all else, they will vote to confirm whether Anwar has the majority needed to be PM.

The parties which were supposed to vote for Anwar have already signed an MOU to compel their MPs to toe the line.

Among the points of agreement under the MOU was that the parties would sack any of their MPs who votes against Anwar and vacate his/her seat.

I believe that's illegal.

You can't take away an MP's seat just because he/she voted in Dewan Rakyat against the wishes of the party leadership.

So said legal experts who have commented on the matter.

The MOU was obviously done to scare the rebels in those parties, especially those in BN.

I suspect half (some said more than 20) of the 30 BN MPs were against Anwar and the tie up with Pakatan.

If they voted against Anwar, then the so-called unity government would be under pressure again.

The Sarawakians and Sabahans could switch sides again, if push comes to shove.

Then again those rebel BN MPs need balls of steel to defy the MOU threat.

After all, if the whole thing goes to court, I'm not sure they will win despite the rather obvious legal points against the legality of the MOU.

The courts, I think, have been rather funny since 2018, if you know what I mean.

If I'm one of those rebel BN MPs, I just don't turn up for the voting.

That would be a safer way to register the protest, I guess.

There would be other votings in the Dewan Rakyat to go all out against Anwar being the PM.

The party leaders, who are propping up Anwar could not possibly sign an MOU every time there is voting in parliament.

But all these mean the country will not be stable over the coming years.

The administration would be as shaky as the others since 2018.

I already highly doubt it could successfully handle the coming global recession.

Now, signs were already there that Anwar's rule will not be as democratic as many would like to believe it would be.

His early moves looked more and more similar to the way things were done back when he was the protege of Dr Mahathir in the 1990s.

Anwar, who was not really a champion of democracy at that time now looked as if he's preparing to rule Malaysia for a few terms well into his 80s or maybe 90s, maybe to match or outdo the legacy of his former mentor.

No signs of real reforms that he and his supporters had always shouted during the rallies, which sometimes got violent over the years.

I'm quite concerned about this.

Well, hopefully I'm wrong.

Monday 12 December 2022

It's real, and it's coming

As I previously wrote, we need this government to handle the coming global recession more than anything else.

Like it or not we better pray that it'll works.

It's all we have to handle the shit.

Having said that, I have to admit that I'm not very optimistic right now.

The Cabinet line-up looks not very convincing.

It was set up not to handle the coming recession but instead to satisfy political needs.

We are not getting the best people in the Cabinet to handle the troubles coming at us.

The set-up is for the survival of those politicians themselves instead of us and the country.

Anwar the PM appointed himself to be the finance minister and his deputies for that portfolio are Ahmad Maslan and Steven Sim.

Honestly, do you think that's the best people to handle our country's finances with the recession coming our way?

What? Give them a chance?

It's the country's fucking economy, okay.

How can I give a chance on that to those clowns.

Ya, ya, ya...people voted them.


We are fucked because we let ourselves get fucked.

Never mind.

Let's not even talk about Zahid as DPM and such.

People voted for the clowns, so accept it as it is.

All we can do now is to pray that hopefully the clowns won't fuck up too much.

What choice do we have, anyway.

The Perikatan guys would probably give us another bunch of clowns to run the country too.

Really never mind....I'm just bitching.

I know now that I have to deal with the coming recession on my own at personal level.

Can't hope for this government to help me.

Might as well. 

It's filled with a bunch of liars anyway.

Okay, I need to really be careful with my spendings from now on.

My savings could only be stretched so far and I think the recession may go on for at least the next two or three years. 

I'm planning to even cut down on my food intake.

Good also because I'm fat now.

No more new clothes.

No more outings.

Yeah, the more I go out of the house, the more I'll spend.

I'm going to treat the recession as another wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

Sorry, I can't offer any other advice.

You all have to deal with the recession in your own ways.

I have no answer for those who are yet to have any saving, especially the young people who have just joined the working world.

Can't advise the B40 much too as my problems are not the same as theirs.


The government is supposed to help those people, but as I said, after looking at its Cabinet line-up, I'm not very optimistic about it.

Just look at the credentials of Anwar, Ahmad Maslan and Steven Sim, okay.

Why la they put Ahmad Maslan and not Jo Ghani there? 


Is political survival more important than getting the best guy to do the job for the country?

Anwar, you don't want to be overshadowed by a deputy who knows how to handle the recession better than you, is it?

So stupid.

I've seen how Anwar handled a recession as a finance minister in the late 90s and was not impressed. The country was almost fucked, big time, okay.

Still, shouldn't complain too much.

We voted them, so we should accept what's coming our way.

Honestly, I feel like I'm in that movie "Don't Look Up" right now.

Quite helpless, actually.

Thursday 8 December 2022

Padang Serai and Tioman: Most Malays don't seem to like the PH-BN union

The outcome of polling for the Padang Serai parliamentary seat in Kedah and Tioman state seat in Pahang indicated that most Malays are not very enthusiasticly supportive of the so-called PH-BN unity government. 

Padang Serai, which was won by PKR over the last three general elections was yesterday taken over by Perikatan with a more than convincing majority while the BN candidate, who have hold the Tioman seat also for the past three terms saw his majority reduced by more than half from that he won in 2018.

In Padang Serai, PN's Azman Nasrudin received 51,637 or 56.49 per cent of the votes to beat PH's Mohamad Sofee Razak, who received 35,377 or 38.70 per cent of the votes.

The constituents in Padang Serai are 62.34 per cent Malays, 19.30 per cent Indians, 17.64 per cent Chinese, and less than one per cent of other ethnicities.

Let's say PH got all the non-Malay votes, that's 37.94 per cent from the total votes. After all, over 90 per cent of non-Malays voted for PH in the recently concluded GE15.

That nonetheless means the PH candidate got only about one per cent from the 62.34 per cent Malay votes.

Of course the voters turn out was 68.95 per cent, but still the racial percentage should be about the same as the total number of eligible voters. 

Most glaringly, PKR's winner candidates for the constituency in the past three general elections were Indians while for this one, the guy they put there is a Malay.

That suggests the Malays in Padang Serai are this time quite united to give the seat to PN. 

Also should be noted that almost 3,000 voters still voted for BN despite its Indian candidate's announcement that he had pulled out of the race in support of the PH candidate.

These voters I believe are BN hardcore supporters who couldn't make themselves give their votes to either PN or PH. They are probably Umno rebels who now hate the party's leadership.

The situation looks the same in Tioman where the constituents are almost 90 per cent Malays.

BN managed to cling on to the seat but only barely.

Its candidate Johari Hussain won by a majority of only 573 compared to 1,280 in 2018.

PN has definitely made its inroad on the island as well as other parts of Pahang.

MB Rosdy bravely said BN's win in Tioman means the people (particularly the Malays) have accepted the PH-BN union, but I think he was saying that just to make himself feels good more than anything else.

Deep in his heart, I believe, Rosdy must be saying "Shit, something needs to be done or otherwise we are going to lose the whole state in the next election".

I honestly don't know what Umno could do to stop the PN's advances, particularly among the Malays.

Talks among Umno people indicated that things will not change.

Zahid, after all has 130 division chiefs in his pocket.

Now that he's DPM, there's more reason to believe that he will stay as Umno president all the way to the next general election.

And so would those division chiefs in his pocket.

Therefore, I expect no change in Umno despite all the indications that Malays are switching to Pas and Bersatu.

I expect things would be worse for Umno if Anwar's government fails to handle the coming recession, causing the rakyat, particularly Malays to suffer more than ever.

Even now, the Malays appear to be rejecting the current government, what's more if they have to endure more hardship over the next five years.

Tuesday 6 December 2022

Shut up and work, ministers

I really think that the prime minister and his people in the Cabinet should just stop talking and instead be focused on their work preparing the country for the coming recession.

The more they talk, the bigger liars they seemed to be.

Yesterday, Rafizi denied that he had threatened the MACC chief for checking up his company Invoke before the election.

He even blamed the media for getting his words wrong.

Those journalists didn't go to school, aren't they?

Why are you only denying it now?

Stop it lah Rafizi.

Your words don't worth a dime after all the kelentong you did during the election campaign.

You should just shut up and do your work.

Anyway, what is this Economic Affairs Ministry is going to do?  We already have finance ministry, Miti, etc. 

Cooking up more stupid theories?

And what is that nonsense of Rafizi being proud of being sued many times for his simply hantam exposes. That's just plain stupidity.

Anwar should also cut down on the politicking and work properly.

Why the f@#k is he wasting time threatening Muhyiddin over the Covid funds thing?

Nothing better to do, is it?

If you have evidence, just let the enforcement agencies charge the guy in court lah.

Threatening for what.

His stupid information chief Fahmi should also stop flaunting police actions against Pakatan's political opponents.

Talked so much of not interfering with the work of enforcement agencies, yet keep saying that PM Anwar has ordered the police to do this and that even over the most silly things.

All this reminded me of how Anwar used to control the media during his stint as Dr Mahathir's deputy in the late 1990s.

So much for all those talks about freedom of opinion and expression.

Okay, your side won the election. Doesn't matter that you lied to win. Now is time for you to at least do the work that you promised the people.

Stop bullshitting and witch hunting.

Just work.

If you do a good job, people will likely forget that you lied to them.

Malaysians tend to be like that.

People don't want to hear your nonsense anymore and they also don't want more trouble if you try to put Muhyiddin and Hadi in jail like what you did to Najib.

You think those crazy Pas people will not do crazy things if you try to put Hadi in jail for allegedly calling Anwar a Zionist shill?

Think again, okay.

We can't afford the risk of such shit going into the recession.

What we need now is a functioning government and that's all that matter.

All the lies and bullshit should be dealt with in the next election and not now.

Saturday 3 December 2022

Is it Anwar's cabinet or wardrobe?

There have been a lot of moaning, bitching and gnashing of teeth after Anwar announced his Cabinet line-up last night.

Many were unhappy with Zahid's appointment as DPM and Anwar holding the finance portfolio for himself.

Some were unhappy that only one Indian becomes minister.

My auntie, who was a TKC girl was unhappy that Anwar put several of his MCKK juniors in the Cabinet. 

Ya, why did he put Zafrul there? The guy even lost in Kuala Selangor what.

Many more complaints lah.

Hey guys, stop it, okay.

We voted for this government. 

Even if you didn't vote for Pakatan, you were part of the democratic process to elect this Anwar's government.

Now you have to accept it.

Let it works for now.

After all, we need it to handle next year's global recession.

That's the priority.

Okay, if it screws up, then we can always whack it again.

I know, Pakatan supporters are the most disappointed of the lot because they didn't expect this kind of Cabinet line-up.

They expected it to be something like the one they had in 2018, but without Dr Mahathir and his boys.

This one looks a bit like Umno Cabinet 2.0 - an all powerful PM surrounded by mostly Malay loyalist ministers.

Well, let me share this message forwarded to me by a DAP friend in her effort to console herself;

I think this is a necessary line up for the time being. 

1. Firstly Zahid need to be TPM so he can control the rest of the backstabbers in UMNO. If he loses power he'll lose his UMNO presidency and this Unity gomen will bite the dust. The traitors and backstabbers like Hishamuddin and Ismail are waiting for Zahid to go. So putting him as DPM is a necessary evil. 

2. I think the deal with Zahid is Anwar won't interfere with his court case and if he's found guilty he'll have to resign or be replaced. His case plus appeals etc may take another 2-3 years and that buys enough time for Anwar to clean up a lot of shit and put the right people in place.

3. With all the racial nonsense brewing .... PAS & PN are kicking up, this lineup will shut them up. One Indian and 3 Chinese ministers can't take over the gomen nor destroy the Malays for sure. This again is necessary to quell the Malay/Muslim population from more dissention and no reason for them to listen to those towelheads spewing nonsense.

4. This buying time is crucial for Anwar to put things in place. Eventually some ministers will be replaced/removed and by those who can do the job.

5. The key positions that are of utmost importance are held by capable and trusted ppl ie. Finance & more monkey business😁

Right now it doesn't matter how many PKR or DAP ministers appointed. What's important is Anwar is in control😉

So, Pakatan people, you all feel better after reading that?

Be calm, okay.

Umno people, you all happy or not your president becomes DPM?

You even got Khaled Nordin back in his higher education portfolio during Najib's time.

Best kan.

Hope he'll not lose it like he lost Johor in 2018.


Meanwhile, a Perikatan friend seemed jovial this morning, probably because he now has a lot of ammunition to fire at his Pakatan and Barisan enemies.

The guy sent me this edited video of a Mat Sabu's cheramah;

Ha ha ha...very funny.

Friday 2 December 2022

How Anwar can prevent Sheraton Move 2.0

The media has been vigorously highlighting statements that suggest BN will not abandon Anwar's "unity government".

Today they have this one;

No more ‘Sheraton Moves’: BN MPs scoff at Perikatan man’s prediction that unity govt won’t last

Yeah, sure.

The story featured two Umno guys, one of whom was the party's vice-president Khaled Nordin.

Yup, that Khaled, who lost Johor and both that parliament and state seats he contested when he was an MB in 2018, before running off to the BN's safe seat in Kota Tinggi for GE15.

So much for being a vice-president.

The way I see it, Umno is really becoming like a little company dishing out vice-president titles to its Tom, Dick and Harry sales people to make them seem important to potential clients.

Pathetic, really.

Anyway, I believe that Umno leaders such as Khaled really need the party to stay in the unity government to survive the coming party election.

If they don't get to be ministers or deputy ministers, then they would have nothing to show to their supporters.

Well, I don't mind as I also want the government to survive.

As I repeatedly said, we need a government to face the coming global recession. Pakatan or Perikatan, doesn't matter.

We can't afford another ding dong political game for the coming crisis.

So, Anwar better give those Umno leaders their ministerial posts so that they could survive their party election and keep supporting his administration.

Zahid, Tok Mat, Ismail Sabri, Khaled and even that loser Mahdzir Khalid who could be made a senator or something.

Never mind the low quality.

Anything, as long as the government survives.

I know, it's hard to swallow, but that's the reality now.

If I have my way, I don't want Umno to even be part of the government as they don't deserve it after their worst defeat in history.

But that's simply not going to be, and I have accepted it.

If those Umno leaders were killed off at their party election, the rebels are almost certain to take the party out of Anwar's government along with their allies in Sabah and Sarawak.

Some argued that would be derhaka to the Agong.

On what basis?

The royalty are after all not suppose to be involved in politics.

The constitution is supreme when it comes to this matter, okay.

If the potential defection gives Perikatan the number in parliament, then Anwar's administration would probably have a shorter life than the short-lived Ismail Sabri's administration.

But that's not even the worst part.

While the wrangling goes on, the recession will set in and the rakyat are the ones to suffer.

I'm already digging my trenches. 

I have stopped buying stuff that I don't really need and even getting used to eating Maggi again.

I actually have not been out of the house since GE15 almost two weeks ago.

Less movement, less costs.

Need to stretch my savings at least until the worst of the recession is over.