Monday 29 August 2022

GE15 only after the poor people are angry

 According to Mat Hasan, 

PM promised GE15 won’t be in 2023

Well, I'm not sure whether to believe in politicians' promises.

For one thing, Pakatan people promised a lot of things for the election in 2018 but didn't fulfil almost all of them.

The few that they fulfilled were mostly for their political expediency.

Like jailing Najib.

Okay, they got rid of GST, but that one turned out to be bad for the country. Lost of revenue, okay.

What else did they do for the rakyat during that 22 months?

Things like selling off the country's assets don't count, okay.

Anyway, Ismail Sabri can actually not fulfil his promise too.

I saw some clever analysts said so in this story;

Ismail Sabri’s PM post still ‘solid’ if booted from Umno


1. Parliament observer Ong Ooi Heng said even if Umno gives him the boot, Ismail Sabri can still retain the support of the Perikatan Nasional (PN) and Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalitions, as well as those from Sabah and Sarawak.

2. Echoing Ong, Singapore Institute of International Affairs senior fellow Oh Ei Sun said an Umno dismissal would not necessarily remove Ismail Sabri as prime minister.“The honourable thing for a PM to do is to call for a confidence vote whenever he doesn’t feel like he still commands the majority,” Oh said.“In any case, PH’s and PN’s parliamentary support should carry him to a majority, even if Umno withdraws its support for him.”

Yup, these kind of analysts are also quoted these days to encourage Ismail Sabri not to call for a snap general election.

They even offered Ismail Sabri to be their PM.

Looks like they really don't want an early GE15. 

Even when Najib is already in jail.

Maybe they are hoping that the coming spike in inflation across the world due to the war in Ukraine will hit Malaysia hard.

The hardest hit will be the poor and we know which group is the poorest in this country. Not the Indians, okay.

Easier to spin their tales like before when poor people are angry.

Maybe they can't afford to let the rakyat have the mandate to elect a strong and stable government, which could properly handle the coming troubles.

Well, Ismail Sabri may consider their offer.

Go ahead Mail. Maybe DAP can offer you to be their chairman, like those token Melayu people they have in their party. 

Guan Eng can then become mentor chairman or something.

Sigh. Whatever lah.

Actually, I don't really mind GE15 to be held at the end of this term next year.

I survived 2018. 

I'm quite sure I will survive the next one too.

Yes Mail, stretch it till the final deadline in September next year.

Make my day, okay.

Saturday 27 August 2022

Anti-Umno people shouldn't be scared of early GE15

There were so many political parties' meetings today.

There's Umno with their jailed Najib gathering, Perikatan meeting, PKR convention, Warisan AGM, etc.

Everyone said they are ready for GE15.

Muhyiddin, Anwar, Rafizi, Shafie Apdal....all said they are ready and will win.

But only Umno is openly calling for it to be called as soon as possible

The others seemed to prefer Ismail Sabri to hang on until the end of the parliament's current term, which should be till the middle of next year.

All that despite Umno being the one which was supposed to be in trouble now because Najib is in jail.

Weird isn't it?

Isn't it good for Pakatan, PN, Warisan and others to have GE15 now?

After all, their supporters appeared to be so gung ho that day when Najib was sent to the jail.

Oh, and Rosmah is also going to jail.

Apparently the court judgement on her has already been leaked and she will be found guilty.

Shouldn't that be a further boost for the anti-Umno/BN factions?

I think Ismail Sabri should consider all these.

He was unfortunately not at the Umno gathering along with several of his ministers from the party.

Well, never mind.

Mail, they wanted you to call for GE15 now, okay.

Hey, who knows, maybe it would be a good thing for him.

Muhyiddin said today that BN is going to lose anyway, even if GE15 is to be held tomorrow.

Never mind that his Pribumi Bersatu got thrashed by BN in every by-election and state election since 2018.

Okay, maybe BN is not going to lose outright but it may need others to form a government.

That way Ismail Sabri can continue to be PM in a hybrid government like now.

Yup, maybe Umno overestimated its support among the rakyat and will not do well.

Maybe the rakyat really believe in the court judgement that Najib was guilty of stealing their money to buy Rosmah's Birkin handbags and pink they did in 2018.

To punish Najib is to punish Umno/BN, what.

So, maybe it's not a bad idea to have GE15 as soon as possible while the rakyat is still very angry with Najib and his thieving ways.

How about that?

Pakatan, Perikatan and the others shouldn't have any worry if GE15 is to be held in the coming weeks

Really,  they should have more faith in the courts' decisions which are reflective of the rakyat's belief about Najib's guilt.

Okay, Anwar's sodomy conviction last time doesn't count....that one was fixed by the evil BN lah. 

Najib's one is for real. 

Guan Eng's tunnel corruption case....errr....that one will depend on the outcome lor.

Thursday 25 August 2022

Now is the time for Pakatan to recapture Putrajaya....really

The jailing of Najib has apparently bolster Pakatan's enthusiasm to win GE15.

Their supporters were all gung ho in the social media, believing that Malaysians are with them again now that Najib had been adjudged guilty by the courts.

News portals aligned with them (almost all, actually) are now busy trumpeting Najib's jailing as a triumph for democracy and revival of Pakatan's chances in GE15.

Last night, Pakatan said they were once again united to use a common logo for GE15.

In the Johor election,  which Pakatan didn't do very well, PKR had used its own logo.

Looking at their enthusiasm now, I don't think Pakatan would complain much if GE15 is to be held tomorrow.

They can once again accuse Umno of being corrupt to the core and Malaysians will once again vote them to power like in 2018.

They have always believe that Najib was the main reason why their first stint as government had failed.

Definitely not because they fucked up the whole thing themselves.

Nope, it's Najib's fault, period.

Well, good for them for thinking that way.

Even Dr Mahathir has hinted of the possibility of joining forces with them again like in 2018.

Not such a bad idea, I thought.

I'm hoping Muhyiddin and his Pribumi Bersatu team to do the same.

Pas want to join them also, I don't mind.

Pakatan Harapan 3.0. Nice.

We all can enjoy the drama of Dr Mahathir shaking hands with Anwar, Azmin hugging Anwar, Hadi hugging Kit Siang etc.

Everyone against the evil and corrupt BN/Umno. Everyone saving Malaysia.

Yup, I really wish that could happen.

However, I noticed that Pas and Pribumi Bersatu have been relatively quiet when Najib was sent to jail.

They were not as enthusiastic about the "victory" compared to DAP and PKR.

Amanah was also relatively subdued.

I do wonder why.

Maybe leaders of those Malay-based parties know what the common Melayu people were actually thinking when they saw what transpired in the court and Najib being sent to jail.

Maybe they realised that many of the Melayu, people whose votes they depend on didn't seem very convinced of Najib's guilt.

Najib guilty "beyond reasonable doubt"?

Maybe those Melayu rather than being angry with Najib, actually sympathise with him.

Pas, Pribumi Bersatu and Amanah would be screwed if that's the case. 

Just like Umno being screwed in 1999 when the majority of Malays didn't believe it when Dr Mahathir said Anwar sodomised men and abused his power, even after the courts said that he did so. Lucky for Umno and its BN allies that the Chinese saved them that year.

As someone said to me this morning, "Orang Melayu ni senang sangat simpati. Tahun 2018 dulu simpati kat Dr Mahathir, tu yang dia orang bagi undi kat DAP".

Well, never mind all that.

Pakatan people should really just push for GE15 now. 

Yup, the time is ripe to grab Putrajaya once again.

After all, they have the Melayu Bangsar type to support them what. They don't really need the support of  Melayu kampung who got Brim and such from the corrupt Najib.

Wednesday 24 August 2022

Making sure Najib suffers in prison

Apparently, a lot of Pakatan people are anxious about the possibility of Najib getting a speacial treatment in prison that FMT has to come out with this story today,

No special treatment for Najib, says prisons department


In a Facebook post today, the department said: “Stop the spread of fake information.” Accompanying the post was a picture of a clean, spacious, nicely equipped room with IKEA-like shelves and a table.

Social media has been flooded with comments about Najib’s potential VIP treatment in jail since the Federal Court upheld his conviction and sentence in the SRC International case.

Seriously, I think the FMT story was not very helpful in easing the worries of the Pakatan people as it's actually quite vague.

Okay, what is this no special treatment really means?

I goggle around a bit and found this Bernama report which was published by Astro Awani in 2015;

Anwar treated like any other convicted prisoner


The ministry pointed out that the former opposition leader had been provided with additional facilities not ordinarily afforded to other prisoners, including a hospital bed, a chair and table, hot and cold shower, a wall fan and a sitdown toilet.
"Anwar also received special dietary and food supplements. Anwar has been given the privilege to occupy a specially renovated cell in the Prison's hospital complex in contrast to other prisoners who are placed in sharing cells.
"He was definitely not placed in solitary confinement. Anwar also continues to enjoy all his rights such as visitation rights and access to his lawyers," the ministry said.

Well, I guess Najib is now getting about the same treatment as Anwar back then.

Guess, that's not too bad except that Najib is now quite a bit older than Anwar when the latter went to prison.

He would nonetheless probably suffer a bit more than Anwar because of that.

Considering the length of his sentence and age, Najib, as I speculated in my last post may be ending his life in prison.

You all Pakatan people satisfied with that or not?

Or would you all want the Parliamentary Select Committee to check and report on how Najib is being treated in prison to ensure he really suffers there?

How about setting up a royal commission of inquiry to do that?

Can also. I think Ismail Sabri's administration would accommodate those.

Well, tomorrow you all will also get to see Najib attending his other 1MDB related trials.

By right the guy would be in prison clothings and handcuffed when they bring him to the court.

I'm sure you all will be happy to see that, right?

Yay. Power to you Pakatan people.

How about you all Umno and non-Pakatan-supporting people? You all okay or not about all these?

Eh, don't dwell too much on this, okay.

You all just focus on GE15. 

As the Pakatan people used to say "Rakyat Hakim Negara".

Tuesday 23 August 2022

Kit Siang's royal pardon and typical DAP

 I was at a Pakatan ceramah in Ayer Hitam, Johor during the GE14 campaign when Lim Kit Siang asked the crowd how long the corrupt Najib should be sent to jail.

I sensed that the crowd was not sure themselves of how to answer him.

That's when Kit Siang said Najib should be jailed for life to which the crowd cheered in approval.

No mercy there it seemed.

Well, Kit Siang almost get his wish now.

It looks like Najib is on all count of probabilities going to have to serve the 12 years jail handed to him by the former Maybank executive turned judge Nazlan.

Najib is now 69 and will be 81 if he survives that sentence. Then there's the other charges against him which may add to  the SRC jail term.

It's therefore quite possible that Najib may end his life in jail.

Pakatan people are also generally against the idea of Najib getting a royal pardon and Kit Siang, based on his words at the Pakatan ceramah would feel the same.

Never mind that Anwar got the royal pardon for his sodomy conviction after Pakatan won GE14.

Never mind also that Kit Siang himself once got a royal pardon.

Yup, Kit Siang got one too.

His son Guan Eng said so in this article that he wrote himself;

80th Birthday Tribute To My Father Lim Kit Siang


The highest recognition of his future and important role as an Opposition Leader came from the late Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak, who advised the King to grant a Royal Pardon for Kit Siang over an electoral offence that would have disqualified him from Parliamentary office.

See the irony? Kit Siang calling for the jailing for life of the son of a man, who once helped got him a royal pardon.

Typical DAP.

In their campaigns, they depicted Umno as corrupt to the core and that the party had ruined the country from the start of its creation.

Remember all those talks about how Malaysia has suffered for decades since Merdeka under Umno-led administrations?

All went into the basket and thrown into the longkang.

Let's not even talk about the DAP's race-based campaign against Umno which managed to make DAP the overwhelming favourite among Chinese voters in this country today. 

Umno, being typical Melayu could never match DAP when it comes to advocating the destruction of its opponents.

Do you think Umno would have still exist today if DAP had managed to gain total control of the government?

PAP of Singapore, which is the origin of DAP ,basically destroyed all of its opponents when it came to power.

Opposition leaders were thrown in jail under the Singaporean ISA law, some for up to decades without trial. Others had to flee the country.

They even closed down Chinese schools, which were the recruiting ground of PAP's leftist opponents among the Singaporean Chinese.

I seriously believe DAP would do the same if it has such power.

Too bad that it didn't have full control of Putrajaya after Pakatan won GE14. Right?

That what Umno people should remember as they push for GE15, with some of their leaders on the verge of going to jail soon.

Oh, I have a feeling that Zahid will also be found guilty and straight away go to jail. He may not even have a stay of execution pending his appeal process like Najib.

Maybe only then Ismail Sabri will call for GE15.


Never mind. Hopefully Mat Hasan could take over and do the right thing if that ever happened.

Saturday 20 August 2022

Umno needs to focus on GE15, not Najib

 It looks more and more likely that Najib is going to jail.

Even his legal team seemed to admit it that the guy's fate has been sealed after the judges blocked each and every attempt that they made to prove his innocence.

They have already said they would not make a submission for Najib's final appeal.

Obviously, they did that to express their protest.

The judges have more or less said that they don't care. 

They have a mission to accomplish, and that's that.

Well, that's the way it is then.

Naturally, Umno people are quite upset about the whole thing.

It's almost the same way when Pakatan people got upset when the judges back then ruled against Anwar and sent him to jail for sodomy and abuse of power.

Back then they said Umno/BN was behind the judges decision.

I'm sure they, especially the DAP people will get upset again if the judges rule against Guan Eng  in the Penang tunnel case.

Yup, they will once again say it's Umno/BN people who are behind it.

But for now they are cheering what seemed to be the imminent jailing of Najib and Umno people are not supposed to complain about it.

I agree, Umno people shouldn't complain about what's happening to Najib.

Ok lah...grumble a bit, but that should be just about it.

What they should do now is they should redouble their efforts for the coming GE15.

They need to get Ismail Sabri to abide by the party's resolution during its last general assembly to dissolve parliament by end of next month and call for the election.

Get him to stick with the original plan of Umno and its BN allies to contest on their own like they did during the Malacca and Johor elections.

If Ismail Sabri refuses that, get rid of him.

If Hishammuddin, Annuar Musa and others like them refuse, get rid of them too.

As the Pakatan people used to say, the rakyat are the supreme judges (actually it should be God).

So, give the mandate back to the people. 

And that means NOW.

That should be the focus of Umno/BN people.

Also, keep in mind that anyone in Umno who oppose that are traitors. 

Oh, by the way, since Anwar that day can get royal pardon, I'm sure Najib would be entitled to get one too....and so will Guan Eng, if he gets convicted la.

Wednesday 3 August 2022

Dreaming of Taiwan

I'm hoping that my next overseas trip will be to Taiwan.

Even Nancy Pelosi has now visited that country.

Ya. Taiwan is a COUNTRY as far as I'm concerned.

I want to see all the nice places there that my mom and beloved always talked about.

Maybe I'll do it once the Covid-19 is really over.

My last overseas trip was to the Philippines in 2018 and it was not a very nice trip.

I'm quite sure a trip to Taiwan would be much better.

I especially want to see the university of my mom and beloved in Taipei.

Would love to pray at the mosque near where my mom used to stay as a student.

Maybe spend a few days at a tea farm too.

That would be so nice.

My beloved yesterday told me that I should visit Taiwan before the communists in Beijing invaded the country.

Ya, I really hope I could do that.

Hopefully there will not be any invasion at all.

Well, if the communists really decide to invade, I'll be praying for the Taiwanese to be able to defend themselves and their democracy.

The communists should really pick an opponent of their own size instead of bullying Taiwan.

They should go and fight with the Hindu extremists ruling over India now.

That would be a more balanced fight, and actually, I don't even mind them winning such a fight.

I think I dislike religious extremists more than communists.

Oppressing others in the name of god is probably worse than oppressing others because of disbelieve in god.

At least the communists in Beijing are openly admitting that theirs is an authoritarian rule while the Hindu extremists in New Delhi are pretending that theirs is a democratic one while in actual fact they gain power by conning people with religion and targeting minorities.

Well, let the bullies beat up each other. Why should we care, right?

Okay, that's all my thought for today....which was inspired by Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. 

Thanks Pelosi.