Tuesday 6 September 2016

Next, Dr Mahathir may teach Pas how to make peace like himself

Finished unpacking and have a bit of time before going to sleep.

It's past midnight but I better write this now because tomorrow is going to be a busy day.

The big story at the moment is that meeting between Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and DS Anwar Ibrahim in court.

Dr Mahathir said he was not making peace with Anwar but instead just there to support him for filing that injunction against the implementation of the National Security Council Act.

However, I don't buy it.

I still think that he is indeed making peace with Anwar, one way or another.

At least, as far as I am concerned, that's how this picture seems to indicate,

Otherwise, I don't think Anwar would hold Dr Mahathir's hand like that.

Anwar may be very good at putting up an act, but I don't think he was faking it this time.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who see it that way.

The NSC is just an excuse.

All that 18 years of intense animosity between the two guys seems to be over now.

All those allegations of Anwar being a sodomite and Dr Mahathir a cruel mahafiraun don't matter too, I guess.

They are allies once more and the common enemy is PM DS Najib Razak.

The fact that Dr Mahathir was willing to see Anwar in person again after almost two decades and in my eyes make peace with him, it is a clear sign that the fight against Najib will go on to its bitter end.

I also believe that the meeting with Anwar must had surely sealed Dr Mahathir's bond with the Pakatan Harapan coalition of PKR, DAP and Amanah.

If I'm an Umno or BN leader, I would be worried.

The biggest weapon Umno and BN have at the moment is the disunity of the opposition.

Dr Mahathir is clearly trying to repair the rifts between and within the opposition rank to prepare for the assault in the next general election.

Dr Mahathir had most likely told Anwar that he is not interested to take over the opposition and later on lead the country again.

He's only interested to get at Najib.

Anwar can have the power.

Maybe that's why Anwar was willing to make peace with the man whom he accused of jailing him for almost seven years using trumped up charges.

If Anwar is willing to accept Dr Mahathir, the rest will follow along.

They know it's the only way they would stand a chance to put up a united front against Umno and BN.

Next, I believe, Dr Mahathir will approach Pas.

Pas  is the key now.

If Dr Mahathir manages to persuade Pas to rejoin the opposition coalition, then BN will really be in danger in the next general election.

How Dr Mahathir is actually going to do it is beyond me.

I can only think of two possible ways,

1. Offer Pas to have straight fights with BN (particularly Umno) in states it can realistically wins. That's Kelantan, Terengganu and Kedah. Dr Mahathir may even offer tiny Perlis to Pas for good measure. In return, Pas will have to let Pakatan Harapan and his new Pribumi party to have straight fights with BN and Umno in the other states.They may win in Penang, Perak, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan while hitting hard in Malacca, Johor and Pahang. BN and Umno may only count on Sabah and Sarawak to counter those.

2. There are quite a few stories about how Dr Mahathir actually own a huge war chest to be utilised in his fight against Najib. I always doubt this allegation about Dr Mahathir, but if it is indeed true,  then he should just use the money now. Let's imagine that Dr Mahathir tells the Pas leadership that he will give them RM1 billion in exchange for their cooperation in the fight against the Najib-led Umno and BN. I suspect that the Pas guys will be very tempted to take up such an offer. They are humans like us after all.

Again, let me remind you that if Dr Mahathir manages to persuade Pas to make peace with DAP, Amanah and PKR, the same way he made peace with Anwar, then BN and Umno may expect a life and death fight in the next general election.


  1. People seemed to forget that Najib jailed Anwar for sodomy in 2015. This is now. He got 5 years for it.

    How come people still harping about the earlier jail term?

    1. No.Najib didn't jail Anwar.Mahathir also didn't jail Anwar.The court did jail Anwar.The judge made the decisions based on the facts presented during the trial.

      Prof Kangkung

    2. "The judge made the decisions based on the facts presented during the trial."

      Yea bro, just like Pandi Ali made decisions based on the 4 fake donation letters after denying MACC access to overseas evidence.

      Wake up la bro

    3. Bro Zamri,

      Have anyone read AG's basis of not finding Najib answerable to any criminal charges?

      Well you can read the judges' basis of finding Anwar's guilty as charged after months, no years of an open court trial.

  2. "Again, let me remind you that if Dr Mahathir manages to persuade Pas to make peace with DAP, Amanah and PKR, the same way he made peace with Anwar, then BN and Umno may expect a life and death fight in the next general election."


    Very good analysis overall.

    Yes, one hurdle is overcome - the two camps in PKR are now not at loggerheads over Dr M.

    This is really a Malay battle that the non-Malays (except East MAl) have very little to do with and cannot influence much.

    It's basically about restoring our values, removing the corrupted bunch of thieves called Umngok led by the serial lying (look up the videoa) Bugis lanun. And then putting a proper govt in place. Tunku, Tun Razak and even Tun Hussein Onn would faint if they saw the state of the nation today. What a mess this hen-pecked, pink-lipped, incompetent thief has made for all of us.

    Funny how all the dedak bloggers (the fat one (male, LOL), the Genting crony one, the old, old ponytail one, etc etc) are all trying to run this effort down, just to protect their own dedak.

    They are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  3. Speaking of stupid, fat people:

    "The exchange of pleasantries between an incarcerated Anwar Ibrahim and former Premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad will only give more political ammunition to BN, says Umno Supreme Council member Nur Jazlan Mohamed.

    “I think it’s going to help Umno and BN because many PKR members left Umno for what Mahathir did to Anwar,” he told FMT when contacted.

    The deputy home minister pointed out that there are many PKR members who disagreed with the incarceration of Anwar during Mahathir’s tenure as prime minister.

    “These PKR members would not be able to accept this.

    “The handshake will backfire on them. It might cause PKR to splinter even more.”

    Actually, this is a very faulty analysis, given that Wan Azizah is a mere puppet. If Anwar says it (in the presence of Azmin, who was there) then it's as "official" as PKR can get.

    Nur Chubb-lan should stop being a failed political hack and just do his job, (which we taxpayers are paying him for) like sorting out the passport shortage, for example.

    Tak guna punya manusia. Really.

    1. Well there's a hell lot more people who couldn't accept your betrayal when you left PAC when it was in the middle of massive investigation which involved the country's interest. Leaving the other committee member high and dry. What a responsible boss are you. Clap2..

    2. Nur Jazlan is a big time loser lah. Wake up la Pulai, this man only looks after himself

  4. Mahathir wrote 2 blog post on NSC Act before this grand showdown. He went there to support Anwar's court move. They both see the grave danger of this act. They both are on the same page where a prime minister is not supposed to be granted of unlimited and sweeping power unprecedented in the country's history. Conference of Rulers's advice was ignored and the act recently came into force. Mahathir knew there would be what Azwan bro called a 'Mexican stand off' at the KL's high court hallway but nobody reached for the guns instead they were shaking hand!..
    The fact that it was Mahathir who made the first move rather than Anwar to bury the hatchet shows Mahathir's sincerity in his quest to save the country from the clutches of would be despot.
    He knew the move would humiliate him, tarnished his reputation beyond repair and would made him looked like Anwar's apologist but he can't help it. It doesn't really matter anymore as he now puts the country above anything else.
    Anwar is the ONLY prominent individual to date who goes out on his way though incarcerated in jail to file a court injunction opposing the act. A very conscientious and admirable move. What he did is very noble and heroic if nothing short of legendary and Mahathir saw this. Pretty much like what Priv. Doss in Mel Gibson's new movie 'Hacksaw Ridge' where an ordinary footsoldier singlehandedly saved up to 100 wounded soldiers in one night without firing a single shot during the battle of Okinawa in WW2. A remarkable act driven by conviction.
    Mahathir saw his good and well meaning intention unparalalled in any kind and lend his support whole heartedly. He personally showed up in court and met Anwar for the first time in 18 years. Nobody saw it coming. Not even Mahathir himself. He is willing to look past Anwar's passed deeds for the sake of the country.

    1. Anon 6:55,
      Spot on and I absolutely agree with your comment. Tun is a man of action. Just one of a kind. He always ..always do it his way. A truly negarawan he is.

  5. I don't care what Anwar does in his private life. That is between him and God. It's nobody business. At least he didn't strip off the country's assets one after another while in power and milk them billions upon billions just to quench the family members's insatiable greed for wealth.

    1. You forgot "and sabotaged all investigations"

    2. Zamri, you forgot: "and lied repeatedly to the Malaysian public about where the money actually came from".

  6. This is why I admire Tun M. He puts the nation's interests above all else; his pride, ego etc. He knows what's more important, even if he had to swallow his pride and crawl to Anwar.

    He's 91, he doesn't need to do all this. How he manages to sustain himself at an age when his contemporaries are either dead or gaga. What sustains him is outrage at what Najib and his cohorts have done to our country through sheer greed and incompetence.

    I don't believe he has billions in a war chest. Don't you think Badawi and Najib would have scrutinised, trawled and hunted high and low for such evidence? They had and have access to all agencies to whip up dirt on Tun and if they can't come up with anything so far, I believe there's none.

    As for Anwar, I'm not fond of him but I'll pick him any day over Najib and the current useless UMNO bunglers.

    These two men, despite their flaws, one can see they sincerely care about the nation.

    When does Anwar get out? Before 2018? He won't be eligible to run but at least lead the campaign.

    I think Jibby will hold polls soon to prevent the Mahathir-Anwar reconciliation movement from picking up steam.


    1. OK, you don't believe he has $ billions in his war chest(?) Sdr ANON 09:58
      and with DS Khairuddin, cronies executive jets at their disposal

      ( why ah so defensive one?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. U yourself said, Tun M got a lot of cronies when he was in power, so why so surprise when he can travel in jets now.......????
      Cronies Tun M bukan calang-calang orang.
      Mereka mampu beli 2-3 jets.
      Bukan ke mereka yang jual IPP lupus tarikh kepada Najib bernilai 12 BILLION........?????
      I am sure all the cronies want to get rid of the Bugis piret too, since the Bugis piret sibuk mengisi tembolok plus his CRONIES and also his steps.

    3. Both Anwar and Mahathir are drowning.One drowning man clinging to another drowning man.The end result?As expected,there will be two drowned man

      Prof Kangkung

    4. WOIIIIIIIIII, Mangkuk Zina al-Kentut al-Badut al-Hisap ntah ape, ko nak merepek pasai CRONYISM, pi tanya lanun Bugis tu dulu, bangang! K'mak.....


    5. 1) Ya setuju berkenaan IPP, Sdr Cik Minah

      2) Kalau benci pun perlu ke nauzubi 'Llah guna gelaran(?) yg jauh drp adab Sunnah Sdr ANON 10:12

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    6. More Zin-shit. Ask why our money was spent on WOWS and jewels and Chanel and jets la, you don't call that wrong? Weirdo


    7. Sure, more from both your sewage dripping mouths
      which is not adding what value(?) to this site

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    8. lol........."yg jauh drp adab Sunnah" woiiii p*ki Zin, tapi you panggil org kentut, badut, tu semua OK ke?........ko nih konpom MUNAFIK NO. 1 DI DUNIA...........toksah pura2 baik hati ler oi Mangkuk Zina.......pi mampuih la engko......

    9. We asked the dear leader najib the PM to step down
      And he didnt
      And whats worse is umno cronies and lackeys wont allow/coerced him to step down
      Therefore umno and neutral like zin can be allowed to be cursed at
      People like zin are too stupid to realize that malaysians dont want him
      His abnormal levels of defensiveness toward najib umno is too high that it wont be a suprise that he received a gift of a million or two from umno the debauchery
      Still be cloaked himself under the guise of islamic prayers and pretentionism


    10. Cukuplah, tolonglah pamerkan keperibadian terbaik boleh(?) Sdr ANON 13:57
      ikut Adab Sunnah

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    11. Still be cloaked himself under the guise of islamic prayers and pretentionism - like M Zin?

  7. The trickster thinks he's got us all confounded for the taking ... sweet nothings and deceptive lullabies have reaped a lot of worldly gains. The mappadulung and juburi: these politikus are from the same school of the-ends-justify-the-means idiotology.

    1. been a long time since they rocked and rolled ...


    2. Mahathir will to anything to save his son from going to jail (insider trading) and to save his RM100 billion-RM200 billion stash. If Anwar were to guarantee these things were going to happen provided Mahathir bends down for his penetration, Mahathir would do so. Desperados these 2 sore losers

    3. Fully agree with you bro.dua dua pihak x boleh pakai.Sama sama menipu.

      Prof Kangkung

    4. ha ha RPK punya macai ler nih.......'bends down for his penetration' plak......RPK dulu yg main belakang kuat dgn Bang Non, ko nak caye sangat kpd RPK ke? kan dia Pelacur Politik No 1? kah kah kah........

    5. RM100 billion-RM200 billion stash? Pure fantasy. Some morons are so gullible

  8. So be it.

    I would rather have a sodomite as head of government rather than a kleptocrat... or being ruled by thieves.

    At least the whole world knows my PM is bisexual. Therefore foreign countries can use incriminating evidences to blackmail him, to their whims and fancies.

    With Najib as PM, he will be afraid of the whole world. Of-course... not with Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam or Papua New Guinea.
    Therefore, Najib will be very obedient to countries such as US, Singapore, Switzerland, Belgium and even China. He would not dare to go against China that had helped him greatly in 1MDB's rationalization program.
    Furthermore, China could probably turned a blind eye on Malaysian's 'occupation' of Terumbu Layang-Layang, one of the island in the Spratlys, South China Sea.

    1. RD - 12.09....your posting reminds me of SUKARNO.

      "At least the whole world knows my PM is bisexual. Therefore foreign countries canNOT use incriminating evidences to blackmail him, to their whims and fancies."

      Same goes with Sukarmo in the 50ies.
      The Soviet try to blackmail him with pictures of Sukarno & a beautiful KGB spy - Kitty Haris.
      Sukarno said, show this picture to my people,
      they will be proud of my prowess"...HEHEHE

    2. Thank you Cik Minah... for correcting that 'can' to canNOT.

      About Sukarno...yes, its true... but not with 'a beautiful KGB spy'. A whole lot of them... orgy of sort... about 8... if i'm not mistaken.

    3. China owns Najib. Simple. A new barua for China. Yes sir no sir

    4. Najib can go to hell
      So much for his keamanan and dumbass rakyat is the priority

  9. I hope when najib died they won't bury him at the warrior masoleum, as i will ask my children to piss on his grave for what he did to this country.

    1. I have already started drinking more water...

    2. WAJIB nak kencing & ludah atas kubur lanun pariah Bugis tu..........PTUIIII.......

    3. Who says he will die in Malaysia? My guess is exile...in disgrace

    4. In exile
      So he can get away with it ya?
      im not sastified with that
      In my mind the justice against najib needs to be brutal, extreme
      But if that the majority wants then

    5. 'So he can get away with it'

      He thinks he will.

    6. "He thinks he will"? Not reputation-wise

  10. Annie,what are in their hearts only Allah knows. Keiklasan is something subjective and it is not for you and me to question. For your statement about TDM have fund in his coffer to bring najib down is a fairy tales told by RPK. Everyone seems to believe RPK especially the pro najib team. If TDM really hv the 5 billions as what RPK mentioned,do you think he need to form the new party? Don't you think RM 20 millions to each and every ketua bahagian is enough to bring najib down?

    1. u mean bagi rasuah? then if najib counter offer at higher amount how?
      or someone blew whistle and report him to sprm how?
      thats why he had to form the new party lahhh

    2. 15:11
      Maybe you have regard to UMNO ketua bahagian, with 20 million in their pocketm they will keep their mouth shut.
      anyway, what im implying is that, TDM do not have that amount of money. it is just a propaganda from RPK.

    3. RPK mmg x pandai spin lagi ler........still coba nak sell cerita dongeng Saudi donor tu......

    4. Nazri Azis also playing that same old tune "Saudi Donor" - he is mad if thinks anyone believes it.


  11. Sure some PAS guys tempted to take up $ offer(?) Lil Sis Ms Annie
    which will make them no different from the flashy clown Tn Hj Mohamad in the PAN

    ( that PAS Deputy and one Naib?)

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

    1. Here the hypocrite strikes again, calling a haji and a Mohamad fleshy clown.

      Clap clap.. tuan haji!


    2. Tell us what profound Tn Haji Mohamad has taught you(?) Sdr ANON 23:14
      apart from insulting Malayuss

      ( nauzubi 'Llah 3Bs?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    3. Weiiii lancau Mangkuk Zina, 6 September 2016 at 23:14 tu komen tepat skali......ko nih asyik hina org lain........duk diam ler bahalol


    4. Apa kena makian celupar awak nauzubi 'Llah dengan tajuk benenang ini berkenaan politik PAS/ PAN(?) Sdr ANON 10:21

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    5. You the only clown la Zinshit, get a life bro


    6. You both get out of your cessholes

      ( must readers tolerate trolls bent on personal insults on LoA?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

      M Zib

    7. Itulah mentaliti pembangkang.we argue based on facts,bukannya based on emotion.

      Prof Kangkung

    8. 'must readers tolerate trolls bent on personal insults on LoA'......must peoples tolerate you is calling people bad names, bangsat?

    9. Zin bin zina the adulterer and lusterer of the womenly flesh
      Begone you!


    10. Susah nak kata mereka berdua ni contoh lazim pembangkang(?) Sdr Prof
      yang banyak juga alhamduli 'Llah lebih beradab, berfokus dan tidak menyerang secara personal

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    11. "lebih beradab, berfokus dan tidak menyerang secara personal" - what like calling Mat Sabu a clown (see above)? You are a major hypocrite la Zinshit

    12. if we debate with you calmly then youll win. malaysian politice is a kind of game that the opposition will be engineered to lose. we have a demographic that having a tendency to allow money corruption to flourish for millions of obvious reasons and lies.
      macai umno and neutral will argue that only Board of Directors will be charged, excluding najib. he will be free with his, to my boiling anger, songlap money. Plus arguing calmly will be a losing battle because the kangaroo court will be selective, beating around the bush, unfair, dedak, busuk, corrupt and favour the current umno government.
      money is king? so much for rakyat didahulukanmacai umno and neautral will argue that only Board of Directors will be charged, excluding najib. plus arguing calmly will be a losing battle because the kangarro court will be selective, beating around the bush, unfair, dedak, busuk and corrupt.


    13. Did he call us Melayus worst, 3Bs first Sdr Zamri
      and who'd be dayus not to retaliate
      and I'm not gushing sewage like your mouth?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  12. Im very excited to see a photo of both of them shook each other hands. This is what the rakyat been waiting for. The umno dogs can say whatever they like tapi rakyat cukup teruja melihat perkembangan terbaru ini. This is what we want!

    1. The umno dogs "M Zin" barking loud already!


    2. I voted PAS GE13, Sdr ANON 10:21
      and I am please not the subject of this thread

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  13. these two are plain hypocrites....no such thing as working for the sake of the country and rakyat. suddenly they jilat ludah balik and kow towing with one another. u think rakyat gonna believe that?

    1. Takpe hipokrit ke apa ke. Rakyat dah sesak nafas tgk penjilat jibby dok kelentong dalam tv. Manusia seperti salleh keruak, ahmad maslan, jamal ikan bakar, ali tinju, azwandin dan lain lain yg buat kami rakyat cukup sesak nafas dgn pembohongan mereka. These people are not making things better for PM. Biar lah tun m nak jilat anwar ke or anwar nak jilat mahathir ke janji they must get rid the jokers dalam kerajaan termasuk lah jibby. Kadang kadang bila tgk tv jibby bg ceramah nak muntah dgn tonasi yg ntah apa apa. Whatever it is Mahathir and Anwar akan bg harapan baru kepada rakyat. Kepada penjilat tegar jibby, whatever turns u on lah!

    2. Spot on, Anon 15:17. We still can remember the soiled mattress carted away from Tivoli Villa as per Mahathir's instruction. Now Mahathir shakes the very hands of the person he accused 18 years ago. If that's not desperado, what else?

    3. Terbaik, 6 September 2016 16:05! penjilat tegar jibby mmg pekak buta bodoh........

  14. umno and pas relationship is the best at this moment because of their current leadership. why would pas want to be buddy2 with anwar and tun m ....the same people who had stab their back...lol

    1. YEH...so WHEN is PAS going to sue Sarawak Report for
      saying that the handshake between Haji Hadi & Najib
      cost RM90 Millions..........????
      The month of AUGUST is over, so is it the end of
      SEPTEMBER now............???????????

    2. ni macm janji Najeeb nak saman WSJ......dah 15 bulan xde apa pon......

    3. Did PAS get money? They are part of the donation payout? Could be. Silence = consent bro

  15. This is called the politics of circumstances. Tun Mahatdir met Anwar at the court room.

    Both of these leaders were successful in their own ways. They were once friends and they had many things in common together back then.

    But to be very successful leaders they need enemies. They were both friends to each other and they were also enemies to each other but can be together.

    In the end, the Malay handshake is not just a shake. To the Malays, its 'salam' is then followed by placing the right hand over the heart. It means, 'I greet you from my heart' signifying receipt of thanks and acceptance.

    It is an handshake to forgive, to forget, to be forgiven and above all to consolidate. It takes a strong person to do that.

    Mahatma Gandhi once said “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."

    As they do, and above all we have the responsibilities and duties to uphold the integrity of our priceless love to our Nation.

    Let's think of the consequence for a moment...........Najib is going to be in a bloody shit house.

    1. Wow..so powerful comment...
      masuk habuk pulak mata ni

  16. Very amusing to see how these panicking Umno bootlickers slamming Tun M as desperate, irrelevant, has-been etc but Salleh Keruak still forced to issue an official statement whacking Tun today.

    Not so irrelevant, eh, then?

    Whole dedak bunch running around like headless chicken.

    1. Salleh Keruak the worst, plus Nazri Aziz. Bodek dah 'over' dah. Give it a rest guys

  17. all the Protun syok sendiri supporter making hallucination driven aNalysis the big payday incoming because of the old nemesis handshake. anyway boboi mukriz already start shopping for baju melayu you need to look good in front of new Agong :)

    1. boboi riza already done shopping = Wolf of Wall Street, penthouses and more all with OUR MONEY, bro...you dumb or what bro

  18. Annie,
    Dgn kuasa ALLAH juga segala tembelang TDM terbukti
    Bagi y buta hati,senang membuat kenyataan sesama Islam perlu berbaik baik antara satu sama lain
    Kita tidak tahu tindak tanduk masingx,kerana kota dilahirkan sebagai maanusia,mempunyai nafsu yang tidak terbatas dan bukan maksum
    Saya akan jangkakan adanya perpecahan dlm PKR
    WAWA dan keluarganya tak kan senangx untuk melupaka sejarah hitam menimpa keluarga mereka akibat TDM dulu
    Bagi Otaix PKR di masa Reformasi mereka tak rela dipermainkan setelah siang malam berdemo dan dihambat FRU dan hingga sekarang masih setia,mereka akan bertindak
    Saya percaya juga PH skrg tidak akan rela melantik TDM sebagai Ketua Pembangkang,kerana mereka tahu tujuan utama TDM sekongkol dgn mereka.
    Jika BN concentrate on Rural vcoters and East Malaysia states as what they are doing now...there is nothing to worry comes GE 14
    BN also have their strategies to counter and sometimes we see only witnesses of the opponents but our own neglected.This is always the fault with Oppo.Have the formulated srategies of plan how to defend the seats that they won with small majority
    Have they plan replacement for the Reps who are facing court cases which I bet some will be convicted and disqualified to stand for election...
    So do not come to conclusion BN will be wiped out with the recent event created by TDM and DSAI.
    Mind you they had experience nearly 60 yrs on uor poltical scene and do not berated them
    Yes we need change but not with this type of Oppo we have
    Day by day their weakeness emerged...thought DAP with CAT introduced is a clean party but sad to say corruption appeared to be their bread and butter
    Same goes to PKR.....Lately lots of unpleasant things surfaced
    PAN... .make your own comment
    PAS... Show sign of BN friendly....unpredictable thing can happen with this party.

    1. Anon 19:48.
      Apa yang kau merapu ni labu...

      "PAS... Show sign of BN friendly..."

      Kamu ingat party bukan-Islam dalam BN... suka sangat pada PAS ke?
      Ketika PAS 'berpeluk' dengan DAP dulu...ya le... kerana... hanya melalui cara itu saja DAP boleh tewaskan UMNO. Sebab itu dahulu... agree to disagree, ke apa... DAP langsung tidak membantah hasrat PAS mahu laksana Hudud di Kelantan. DAP sedar... selagi RUU 355 tidak dipinda, Hudud tidak boleh terlaksana di Kelantan. Sebab itu juga... dari dahulu & sehingga hari ini pun, tugas membantah Hudud diambil-alih oleh MCA.
      Oleh yang demikian; jangan berfikir hanya PAS & UMNO saja yang 'friendly'.... MCA & DAP juga sudah lebih lama 'friendly'. Hanya penyokong UMNO-Najib saja yang buta, tak nampak.

      Dalam masa yang sama, Perinsip 'Cash is King' akan menyebabkan PAS berpecah lebih teruk selepas ini. Sudah tentu di kalangan Kepimpinan & Pengikut PAS, ada yang jujur dan berperinsip... tidak mahu maruah Party & Agama Islam tercemar dan tepalit najis rasuah, klepet & pembaziran WANG Rakyat.... akibat 'berpeluk' dengan UMNO-Najib.
      Sebab itu Haji Hadi tidak berani istihar secara terbuka, sokongan PAS kepada UMNO-Najib. Disamping Haji Hadi takut akan bantahan dari ahli PAS sendiri, Najib juga takut terhadap bantahan dari party-party komponen BN, terutamanya Party Bukan-Islam di Sabah & Sarawak. Setakat bantahan dari MCA, MIC & Gerakan... boleh la Najib bakul-sampahkan saja. Kerusi yang mereka tandingi pun atas ikhsan UMNO-Najib.

      Apa-apa pun... kita tunggu & lihat akhir bulan ini, apabila cadangan pembentangan Rang Undang-Undang (RUU) Persendirian Haji Hadi, Pindaan Akta 355... Akta Mahkamah Syariah (Bidang Kuasa Jenayah)... dibahas nanti.
      MCA sudah menolak dari awal lagi dan mengesyaki agenda tersirat berhubung pindaan tersebut adalah bagi membolehkan undang-undang hudud dilaksanakan di Kelantan.

    2. Memang tepat sekali, Anon 19:48

    3. PAS neither here nor there

  19. The central issue here is, Tun's presence at the court room was to support Anwar’s bid to declare the National Security Council (NSC) Act 2016 as unconstitutional.

    As to why Tun Mahatdir and Dato Sri Anwar were together in the same court room is secondary. Also, the scene was totally about one particular man named Najib, and his band of thieves who have turned us into squatters in our land.

    They have hijacked our peace, harmony, economic prosperity, political stability, humanity and integrity. Above all, they have tacit official sanction of Democracy under our own very noses by having NSC passed.

    Like Tun M, we are all very concerned about the situation but there are nothing much we can say about it. We are paralyzed to do anything.

    Our country is going to the dogs democratically by the current rotten leadership, and we are ashamed.

    Lately, the National Security Council Act enforced has deliberately executed Democracy to meet its own death and subtly and gradually will be followed by the death of people's democratic freedom too.

    This new law meant a person has the privilege to overrule the rule of law.

    What it means "Power to security" is vested to One man, the Prime Minister. It is beyond our imagination if the PM sees "Security" in relation to "Democracy" a way of self difference for a decision.

    Jangan kita pandang enteng Pak!

    We can ramble all day long but our rambling should be focused on our choice to choose, the last 'rights' standing.

    We were given the impression that Najib's wrongdoings are good for the country, not meant to do wrong and the wrongs need to be proven. Let's your reason talks.

    1. "Our country is going to the dogs democratically by the current rotten leadership, and we are ashamed." YES

  20. Najib, the best man for country. Who cares about the non-Malays. They can migrate or work overseas. Then, Malays will have all the work and money.

    1. "Then, Malays will have all the work and money." NO, BODOH, then Rosmah will spends all the Malays money.......macai nih xde otak langsung.......

    2. Najib killed the Malays bro. Tun Razak would be soooo ashamed if living today

    3. Anon 22:09...mungkin RBA... bertujuan untuk menyemai kebencian antara kaum.


  21. Annie,

    //If Anwar is willing to accept Dr Mahathir, the rest will follow along.//

    Sounds about right.

    Note that Azmin Ali was always around Mahatir.

    I suspect that Azmin was standing in for Anwar.

    //Pas is the key now.//

    If your hypothesis that PAS contests only in Kelantan, Terengganu, Kedah and Perlis, then it is going to be uphill for BN.

    We know Anwar's silver tongue kept PAS + DAP in Pakatan.

    Now that Mahatir is in the mix, it would be interesting if Mahatir has the same persuasive skills as Anwar to convince PAS to side with Pakatan.

    //Dr Mahathir actually own a huge war chest to be utilised in his fight against Najib.//

    No, I do not believe Mahatir has a huge war chest.

    BUT I do believe that Mahatir has access to a lot of money.

    His sons and his "friends" could easily finance Pribumi for a long time.

    It would be most interesting to see what does happen from here on in.


    1. Not about money bro. How long can we support that corrupt Bugis moron. Wake up people

  22. RD....apa yang kau melalut ni
    Apa ingat UMNO takut ke dgn component lain macam MCA dan Gerakan
    Selama ini melalak kata UMNO control dia orang....no denial
    Infact at one time UMNO Supreme Council had told these 2 Parties to be ready to fight on head to head with Oppo in Chinese poipulated areas and no standing as candidates in Malay majority areas.
    i bet my bottom dollar Najib will tell all BN Reps to decide on the RUU on their own conscience,yes or no.
    The other you misread the PAS akar umbi support and trust to their leaders
    Open your eyes...this PAN case...how many PAS members joined
    Demontrations....When their Boss says do not participate...did they join....result Ciput Demontration
    If PAS becomes BN friendly you UMNO cares if MCA,GERAKAN and MIC Protest...they can fly kite.UMNO will gain more with PAS
    Sabah/Sarawak base BN Component parties,they will tow the line and support as they can choose to say yes or no.
    We will wait and see when the time comes.

    1. Kan saya dah kata : 'Setakat bantahan dari MCA, MIC & Gerakan... boleh la Najib bakul-sampahkan saja. Kerusi yang mereka tandingi pun atas ikhsan UMNO-Najib.'

      Betul ke..."Sabah/Sarawak base BN Component parties,they will tow the line...."

      Sabah for Sabahan...Sarawak for Sarawakian... tu apa. Mereka sokong UMNO-Najib ke?

      Mereka picit telor Najib... demand bukan-bukan...ada la.
      Kalau masa belum ada scandal 1MDB dan Jho Low's Najib...dulu ok la. Dr.M pun masih sokong UMNO-Najib...ketika itu. Itu pun BN kalah undi popular... lebih teruk dari Pak Lah.

    2. Sabah/Sarawak base BN Component parties,they will toe the line?...yea? Wait lah bro

  23. Poor PH supporters. They dont know that their votes are irrelevant at all.
    Once umno and pas join together, they can forget their dreams.


    1. Aa miin wa in-sya-Allah

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. On the authority of an-Nawas bin Sam'an (may Allah be pleased with him), the Prophet (peace be upon him) said:
      "Righteousness is in good character, and wrongdoing is that (feeling) which wavers in your soul, and which you dislike other people finding out about."

      [riwayah Muslim]

  24. Reads properly la...
    Toe the line according to their own choosing
    Apa guna undi popular kalau tak dapat Perintah negara
    Say good bye la nak menang,selagi persempadanan kwsn pilihanraya tak ubah...Satu kwsn Parlimen di Urban area sama dengan 3 kwsn Parlimen di Rural area....so every one area won by Oppo,BN get 3...apa nak bising undi popular
    Apa hal dgn Elections di Swk ,Sg Besar dan KK....Kan berbuih mulut PAkatoons campaign hak 1 MDB dan GST yg masih panas macam goreng pisang......result apa macam
    Sabah/Sabah ....they have prove that they still votes bank of BN.Their demands were due to the facts the previous PM had pay less attention to their needs.....

    1. PRK tak membawa apa-apa kelebihan politik kepada sesiapa... lebih-lebih lagi kepada Rakyat yang tinggal di pekan-pekan... KK & Sg.Besar. UMNO Najib pun sudah berjanji nak tabur banyak pembangunan jika BN menang... PRU lagi 2 tahun... rugi la kalau tak mahu 'gula-gula' yang dijanjikan Najib.

      Di Sarawak Adenan Satem guna rhetoric 'Autonomy' dan bersikap tegas dengan Kerajaan Pusat yang dipimpin PM paling lemah, dalam sejarah. Inilah masanya, Sarawak nak picit-telor Najib demi kepentingan Sarawak. Borneo Toll-free Highway dah dapat... tapi belum siap... kalau tergendala akibat kegawatan ekonomi... nahas Najib.

      Pembentangan Budget pun sudah dekat... Mungkin ini kali kedua Ahli-ahli Yang Berhormat berpeluang menyusulkan 'undi tidak percaya' terhadap Najib dengan tidak meluluskan belanjawan 2017.

      Oh ya... hujung tahun ini... Najib akan pergi bercuti Krismas di Amerika atau Eropah seperti tahun-tahun sebelumnya?

  25. 'PKR Rafizi Ramli concern Taman Tugu project a front to raise funds for BN ahead of the 14th general election.

    RM500 million out of the RM650 million cost will come from Khazanah Nasional

    Rafizi said he was surprised by the high price tag.

    "I am worried this project is nothing more than a project to generate funds for interested parties which will in the end be channelled back to Umno-BN's campaign for the 14th general election," said the PKR vice-president.

    modus operandi in which funds can be siphoned from state-owned companies

    inflating the prices of construction and upgrading projects handled by government-linked companies.

    "These projects, which do not cost much, see their price tag increased multiple times and is then awarded to certain contractors.

    "The high profit is then 'donated' back to certain leaders and organisations when the 14th general election nears," said the Pandan MP.

    Rafizi said the Taman Tugu project was likely to be exposed to such a risk.'

  26. Tariq, when asked as to why he joined Bersatu that aims to take down the party his grandfather had devoted his entire life to, said Umno today was in need of a change that could only be done externally.

    “Umno, as it is today, is better off as a government-linked company as everyone in there is in it for the money.

    “As long as they remain in power, they’ll never change. They have become so arrogant."

    He said Bersatu, a splinter of Umno, is going back to the latter’s original struggles which are to uphold the Federal Constitution, the Royal Institution, and the rights of Malays as well as the Bumiputeras, among others.

    1. I absolutely agree.

      As I said before... I still support Najib (of-course not Pak lah, then) when Razak Baginda was solicited as middleman to purchase submarines on behalf of the Rakyat, wasting hundreds of million ringgit to pay commission.

      When Deepak Carpet came into the picture... I said to myself... that's it... I'm not going to support UMNO-Najib anymore. But still I refrain from badmouthing UMNO-Najib.
      The last straw that broke the camel's back was Najib's 1MDB, Jho Low... and when... instead of answering question... they started demonizing Dr.M.

    2. I supported Mahathir for 22 years when he was in office and backed him when he sacked Pak Lah. I supported him when he began his onslaughts against Najib but when he touched on Najib's daughter's wedding, I began to realize that this Mahathir is not saving Malaysia but saving his ass, his sons' and his cronies. Then he collaborated with Mahfudz Omar aka Mr Beans in his attempt to connect Altantuya's murder to Najib. Who could forget his surprise attendance at Bersih 4.0 rally (twice), his friendship with Kit Siang, and now his latest antics with Anwar Ibrahim. He has stooped so low that he is not fit to be called a human being. Even animals have some form of dignity but Mahathir has none. I am so glad that I have made the right choice of supporting Najib.#Respect My PM!

    3. I think you have highlighted acceptable points. As much as I have loved Umno, I am relieve and at peace after quitting Umno.

      It is all because of Najib's leadership.
      Within a short time under his administration, not only Umno but the Nation has turned from good to bad, favorable to disheartening, acceptable to disturbing, agreeable to dislikable, righteous to immoral, respectable to dishonorable, bad to rotten and last but not least from integrity to dishonesty and to breach of trust as far as many are concerned.

  27. Tidak semestinya orang orang Melaayu seperti kerbau dicucuk hidung! Asal Melayu, sokong aje! Kalau mereka dianggotai Melayu haprak, lebih ramai lagi Melayu yang tidak haprak! Asalkan camp sebelah sana jujur dan adil kepada semua, langit masih cerah untuk semua!


  28. OK, Allah SWT menetukan ajal kita Sdr ANON 13:57
    jadi teruskanlah sumpah mampuih(?) awak kepada saya

    Abu al-Darda reported the Messenger of Allah SAW as saying :
    ( Kitab 43 al-Adab, Hadith Hasan No 133)

    " When a man cures anything the curse goes up to heaven and the gates of heaven are locked against it. Then it comes down to the earth and its gates are locked against it
    Then it goes right and left and if it finds no place of entrance it returns to the thing which was cursed, and if it deserves what was said it enters it
    otherwise it returns to the one who uttered the curse"

    Lebih selamat ikut Adab Sunnah, boleh?

    Ruj. Pautan ke Hadith Hasan:

    M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

  29. For sure tun would flirt with pas after this. Since they too are humans, Umno needs to revisit its plan. Hire skillful people. Avoid paying leaders whom could not influence own followers. The people need development,economic reconfiguration. Only experienced, vocal, tough and seasoned could deliver. Hiring the weak, soft spoken,yes men only deteriorate the matter, and they too could be bought over later on.

  30. Hey annie, lu punya 'blogging captain' dah tidoq dah.......

    1. It's very sad when an animal cannot muster enough energy to even eat the dedak scattered in its kandang. So very sad,

  31. Hahahaha the Media is a fraud & a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. usd681 million masuk dalam akaun najib
    walaupun nama dia tak ada dalam lawsuit tapi dia boleh dikenali sebagai malaysian official 1
    so.. ini bagus ke tak bagus untuk kita orang malaysia ini

  33. 20.26
    From reliable sources
    From some one familiar with the subject
    Tak bagus la kalau percaya berita drpd yg telah diupah
    Guna otak sikit why DOJ did not mention by name....
    Why ASWJ cfm the donation was indeed from The Arab....
    Why none of 1MDB Saffs being called up or contacted by DOJ....
    The answers....find yourself as you are damn lazy to read and digest all explainations reasons given by the person who really involved.Even the man who brought out this case for his own benefit admitted that there were no solid evidences to prosecute PM
    Another thing if no name in the lawsuit,who do you think they want to prosecute?..Mana punya court ni.....NUTS

    1. Yang paling malu adalah Rakyat Malaysia.
      Tergamak DoJ kata Rakyat Malaysia diperintah oleh pencuri-pencuri. Akta yang Doj guna dalam kes civil itu ialah: Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative.
      Ia itu... Inisiatif pengambilan semula aset-aset dari pemerintahan pencuri. Rule by thieves...itulah maksudnya, kleptocracy.

      Mereka yang dinamakan dalam writ itu, mesti tunjukkan bukti dari mana datang WANG sebegitu banyak untuk buat filem, beli penthouse/jet bombardier/lukisan, bayar hutang kalah-judi, buat party mega-mabuk dengan Paris Hilton, seorang simbol sex Amerika untuk mempromosikan filem-lucah. 'Wolf of Wall-street'. Jalan cerita filem ini pun banyak kisah tipu, klepet & mengelapkan WANG.

      Nota: Dari Party Mega-Mabuk Jho Low inilah, terbongkarnya kemelut 1MDB. Paparazzi yang mengekori Paris Hilton... ambil gambar Jho Low sedang bergomol dengan Paris Hilton... kemudian jual ke New York Post. Kemudian di petik oleh WSJ & Sarawak Report.
      Bila dah terbongkar, baru Khairuddin & Mathias Chang buat report Polis di Amerika.
      Oleh yang demikian pengkhianat yang pertama yang 'pecah-tembalang' 1MDB, adalah Jho Low, orang-tengah Najib sendiri.

      Kalau bukti sumber keWANGan itu tidak meyakinkan... baru dirampas dan kes jenayah menyusul. Dengan jelas DoJ sebut, Reza Aziz adalah anak-tiri MO1. Itu pun penyokong Najib masih mahu berdolak-dalih. Kalau bukan WANG 1MDB, mengapa Najib & Kerajaan tak saman malu?
      Tak malu ka... sebuah Negara Kapir tuduh kerajaan yang dipimpin Najib sebagai, pencuri-pencuri. Bermakna.. kabinet Najib adalah geng pencuri yang sedang memerintah Malaysia.
      Buat malu Agama, Bangsa & Negara.

  34. RD
    Sikitx saman
    Adabke DOJ sebut nama Najib
    Kalau saman ,lagi malu kalau DOJ tak mention nama Najib
    The reason why DOJ did not mention name and any 1MDB staffs cos 1MDB just say that no money hilang,cfm by Audit Firm....nanti malu
    Ask yoursrlf why AWSJ...cfm donation fm Arab
    22 Aug....tak afa 3 ekor to dipanggil
    Which rakyat Msia you are referring to.I am one of them,I do not feel ashamed infact proud,even with all bullshits Malaysia still at peace,demo...ciput and PM tak pun mengelabah puyuh,relax aja buat kerja,yang lintang pukang geng nak jatuhkan PM....

    1. "cfm by Audit Firm..."

      Kedua-dua Penyata Kewangan 1MDB untuk 2013 & 2014...sudah tidak laku lagi. (Dah la lewat dikeluarkan. Penyata untuk 2015 pun belum keluar lagi, tertangguh..sampai tak tahu bila.)

      Berikut adalah kenyataan dari Lembaga Pengarah 1MDB sendiri:-

      "Walaupun lembaga tetap yakin bahawa tiada kesalahan dilakukan 1MDB, dan penyata kewangan yang telah diaudit sebelum ini terus menunjukkan gambaran sebenar dan saksama mengenai hal ehwal syarikat pada masa berkenaan, lembaga memutuskan, sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga, penyata kewangan 2013 dan 2014 yang diaudit tidak lagi boleh digunakan oleh mana-mana pihak sehingga keputusan muktamad mahkamah dibuat berhubung dakwaan tertentu seperti dinyatakan aduan (DOC) berkenaan,"

      Dibawah pula, kenyataan dari Deloitte:-

      "On July 20 2016, the Office of the Attorney General of the United States of America announced that the Department of Justice filed a civil forfeiture complaint against certain entities and individuals and contemporaneously filed related actions seeking the civil forfeiture of numerous assets held in the names of these parties (complaint). According to the complaint filed, this is a civil action to forfeit assets involved in and traceable to an international conspiracy to launder money misappropriated from 1MDB.
      The complaint contains information, which, if known at the time of the 2013 and 2014 audits of 1MDB, would have impacted the financial statements and affected the audit reports and, accordingly, those audit reports issued by Deloitte Malaysia dated March 28, 2014 and Nov 5, 2014 respectively in connection with the 2013 and 2014 financial statements of 1MDB should no longer be relied upon."

      Sejak 2 Feb. 2016 lagi...Deloitte Malaysia sudah tarik diri sebagai juruaudit 1MDB. Sampai sekarang 1MDB belum menamakan penganti.

      Jika Penyata Kewangan 1MDB untuk 2013 & 2014 tidak lagi diperakui atau tidak lagi boleh diguna sebagai rujukan...bermakna laporan PAC dan Ketua Audit Negara (yang diOSAkan)...juga tidak sah, tidak sahih dan meragukan.

      Sudah tentu...'Cari-makan' dan Ambrin Buang mengguna-pakai Penyata Kewangan 1MDB (2013 & 2014) sebagai rujukan ketika menghasikan atau compile... laporan mereka.

      Dan... jika Deloitte dan Lembaga Pengarah 1MDB tidak lagi memperagui kedua-dua Penyataan Kewangan itu... bermakna segala urusan dan perjanjian yang dimeterai pada tahun-tahun selepas itu juga akan menjadi tidak sah, terbatal atau... haru-biru.

      Oh ya...bila Arul Kanda nak keluarkan Penyata Kewangan 2015? Sekarang dah bulan Sept. 2016. Penganti Deloitte, dah jumpa ke belum?
      Masih ada lagi kah, Firma Juru-Audit Antarabangsa yang bangang... sanggup 'mencemarkan' reputasi mereka, demi 'cari-makan' dengan 1MDB?

      Pandai Najib... lantik Jho Low sebagai orang-tengah... tubuh 1MDB dengan WANG-hutang atas nama-Rakyat, tanpa dibawa berbincang dalam kabinet. Bila... dah kelam-kabut... baru lantik Arul Kanda sebagai CEO baru dan longgok segala beban keatas kabinet-bodoh beliau.

    2. Oh... lupa pulak.

      Kalau pun Najib tak mahu saman...sepatutnya dia marah pada Obama di Laos, baru-baru ini.

      Setidak-tidaknya merungut kepada Obama; 'Mengapa you benarkan DoJ you guna akta Klepetocracy-Asset Recovery-Initiative. Ini bermakna, Malaysia di perintah oleh pencuri-pencuri. Awak sudah tuduh saya sebagai pencuri. AG saya sudah melepaskan saya dari sebarang tuduhan criminal. You mesti suruh DOJ you minta maaf pada saya dan Rakyat Malaysia'

      Ini tidak... yang Najib ucap semasa bertemu Obama: "Nice seeing you Mr President".

      Langsung tidak ada 'telor' untuk bertegas dengan Amerika. Tengak Duterte, President Filipina... walaupun berdepan dengan ancaman China dan memerlukan US...tapi dia masih bertegas dengan tindakannya menentang pengedar dadah di Negaranya sendiri. Dia tidak mahu Amerika masuk campur dalam urusan Negara beliau. Bukan Macam Najib.... ada telor, kepit.

  35. RD
    Pse use your brain
    Do not reflect your stupidity here comment budak darjah 6
    Ada telor ke Najib...mesti ada
    Tak payah nak tunjuk belang pada kuasa luar,nanti dia tarik investment,mulut ternganga
    Buat apa nak ikut cara negara luar,dan saya pasti tindakan Presiden Filipina itu akan menerima tindak balas dan yg jadi mangsa rakyatnya
    Kalau nak tunjuk berani biar di dalam negeri...apa hal 2 M dan 1 S telah dicantas...bukan calangx orang pulak tu.....skrg telor sapa yg panas
    Kes 1MDB ni....dah dekat 2 thn dah,....tak ada efect pun.Berbuih kata 7 negara buat siasatan....apa hal.Kita
    Kita lihat la....sedikit masa lagi lagi banyak perkara akan dikeluarkan yang akan menggejutkan ProTuns....dedak tak dapat lagi...Salah satu dari 3 Tan Sri yang ada kaitan dgn ASWJ dan SR dah jadi bisu.
    Nice interacting with you esp both of us have different perspectives on the subject and admit I do gain some info from you.....

    1. Kalau saya bodoh macam budak darjah 6...Kau lagi bangang dari saya.

      Kan ProJib kata Amerika masuk-campur... nak jatuhkan Melayu. Kaki-bodek dari Melaka... siap cakap: "Campur-Asing... nak bunuh Melayu"... ke apa?
      Kalau nak tipu Rakyat pun, berpada-pada le.

      Kalau dah betul Amerika cuba nak menjatuhkan Melayu... mengapa Najib berbaik pula dengan Obama & Amerika... di Laos?

      Bukan kah... dakwaan mengatakan ... ada campur-tangan Asing untuk 'menjatuh Melayu' hanyalah tipu-daya semata-mata oleh penjilat UMNO-Najib demi kelangsungan kuasa, sumber WANG dan menjaga kedudukan dalam parti?
      Secara tidak langsung... memperbodohkan penyokong-penyokong untuk terus menyokong UMNO-Najib yang korup?

      - Mengapa selepas lebih sebulan... baru Rahman Dahlan mengaku bahawa MO1 itu... Najib?
      Mengapa Najib sendiri tidak mengaku, sebaik saja DoJ mengumumkan dakwaan 'Kleptocracy' keatas asset Jho Low dan anak tiri beliau?

      - Siapa Jho Low ni... sehingga Kerajaan & Pemimpin UMNO... seolah-olah sangat takut menyebut nama beliau?
      Kerana Jho Low sangat 'rapat' dengan anak-tiri Najib?
      Macam Najib & isteri sangat 'rapat' dengan Deepak carpet?

      - Kalau tak ada duit 1MDB hilang... mengapa Lembaga Pengarah risau & takut, kemudian istihar:-
      "....sebagai langkah berjaga-jaga, penyata kewangan 2013 dan 2014 yang diaudit tidak lagi boleh digunakan oleh mana-mana pihak sehingga keputusan muktamad mahkamah dibuat berhubung dakwaan tertentu seperti dinyatakan aduan (DOC) berkenaan,..."

      Mengapa takut jika tiada WANG 1MDB atau Rakyat...hilang?

      - Mengapa Penyata Kewangan 2015... lambat sangat dikeluarkan? Sekarang dah Sept.2016.

      - Mengapa Laporan Auditor General di ISA kan, tanpa di rujuk kepada YDP Agong?
      Apa yang UMNO-Najib dan 1MDB mahu sembunyikan dari Rakyat... kalau tiada WANG hilang?
      Sudah la dulu... Najib suruh Rakyat bersabar... tunggu laporan 'forensic'... kepala butoh apa tah... kemudian... bila dah siap di OSA kan pula.

      - Masaalahnya... Najib kaki penipu. Dalam Dewan pun dia menipu. Suka membazir WANG Rakyat pula. Dalam 5 tahun... dia bazir WANG Rakyat... bayar 7.2 Billion... upah Penasihat & Consultant.
      Mengapa tak guna ramai Professor2 di IPTA & IPTS untuk beri nasihat?.
      Hanya perlu bayar alllowance & mileage claim saja... untuk datang ke pejabat Najib, bila nasihat diperlukan.

      - Masa jadi Menteri Pertahanan dulu... mengapa membazir beratus-juta, bayar komisen kepada orang-tengah... Razak Baginda... untuk berurusan bagi pihak Kerajaan & Rakyat... beli kapalselam?
      Mengapa tak guna Pegawai TLDM yang boleh dipantau pergerakan mereka di Perancis?
      Mustahil... Altantuya boleh cilok masuk untuk buat affair... kemudian peras-ugut untuk dapatkan sebahagian 'durian-runtuh' itu.

      - Oh...ya. Tolong cerita dari mana datang WANG... RM2 Juta yang masuk akaun-peribadi Rosmah? Fitnah dari WSJ @ SR juga ke? Kalau fitnah, mengapa tak saman?
      Mengapa PDRM, MACC dan AG Apandi... senyap saja? LHDN pun tak berani kutip cukai dari isteri Najib ke?

  36. Macai najib, macai umno selalu kata
    Selalu selalu selalu gunakan frasa seperti
    Tak ada bukti
    Tiada siapa bersalah
    Guna otak
    Darjah 6
    This is all the sentence build by dedak defence mechanism in the name of malay lover
    In reality they only want a piece of corruption food and saving their busuk ass

  37. It's too late for Dr.Mahathir to teach PAS as PAS had been bought over by the crook who paid RM90m using money stolen from tax payers. Also, it would not be worthwhile for anyone to teach a party made up of Satans like PAS.

    Btw, when SR first exposed this RM90m "donation" Hadi Bawang issued a rigorous statement that they will be suing SR and will be engaging Queen's Counsel in UK. It has been more than a month but nothing happened. Maybe they mistaken Queens Counsel as Queen Elizabeth or they are looking for lady Queen's counsel (since PAS is very fond of women). Or maybe they are waiting for Wednesday to sue since Najib's Tuesday has not come even after 1 year.

  38. The way I interpret Anwar's face is - "Hey Karma ... it's time to pay the debt!"