Saturday 19 November 2016

The so unnecessary nonsense (updated)


Back home near Cyberjaya now.

Still tired, but I think I better write a bit about the rally today to update this post.

As far as I'm concerned, Bersih 5 turned out to be quite an anti-climax.

Firstly, the anticipated bloody clash between Red Shirts and Bersih supporters didn't happen.

That took out a lot of spice from the whole thing.

In fact, I think Bersih 5 is a very tame affair compared to the previous rallies.

It's definitely smaller than Bersih 4 last year and almost incident free compared to the chaos of Bersih 3.

The bulk of protesters never even got close to Dataran Merdeka.

Police did a good job at stopping them.

The Bersih crowd also never really tried to defy the police or break through the barricades.

They appeared very docile today compared to the way they behaved in past rallies.

It's probably political lethargy.

Everyone actually tired of the whole thing and was no longer trying too hard.

The Red Shirts were also a disappointment.

Their turn out was very much smaller than expected and they were docile too.

As if their hearts were not in it.

The only novelty this time was probably the presence of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his people from Parti Pribumi Bersatu.

Last year, he was just an observer but this time he's a real participant, complete in yellow tee shirt.

But it's okay lah. There was no violence and Dr Mahathir was never in danger.

Let the handsome old man enjoys himself today.

No need to whack him.

Not nice to whack an old man, okay.

Another thing I noticed, the Bersih crowd was still very much dominated by members of the Chinese community.

There were more Malays compared to during Bersih 4 last year, but they were still outnumbered by the Chinese participants.

Whatever it is, I'm glad the whole thing didn't turn out too badly.

Hopefully, everyone will from now on campaign peacefully till the next general election.

Then we can decide properly who should manage this country.


So, they arrested Maria, Jamal and others last night.

A little too late if you ask me.

The rally will go on.

I got friends near Dataran Merdeka as I'm writing  this.

They said the crowd are starting to gather.

Mostly from the Bersih side.

I'm now having breakfast in Cheras and writing this using my phone.

Planning to take LRT to down town KL later to observe the situation.

Will try to update this post later.

All these were so unnecessary.

If it's during Dr Mahathir's time, the rally leaders would had been arrested much earlier and the whole nonsense could probably be prevented.

But now Dr Mahathir is on the other side.

That's just too bad.

Well, let's just pray for things not to turn too ugly.


  1. "If it's during Dr Mahathir's time, the rally leaders would had been arrested much earlier and the whole nonsense could probably be prevented."


    But much as I support Tun, a lot of what has happened to the country is due to the destruction of checks and balances during his time. The Umno function as a machine for making money for the top elites in the party is also a legacy of his era. Umno was certainly not badly corrupted during the time of TAR, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn.

    The problem is that the current First Klepet (our own Ferdy and Imelda) have just sunk to new depths. The sabotage of every single institution in the country means the rakyat are pawerless. The entire world knows what he has done, yet because the law enforcement, AG, MACC, BNM and the top Umno leadership want his financial dedak (Shahrir Samad proudly admitting he got a 1 million cheque from the Jho Low set-up AmBank account), they have sold us out completely.

    In the meantime the Chief Crook sells us meaningless failed acronyms like GTP, ETP and now "TN50" while continuing to happily steal our money ("you get BR1M, I get Billions. Fair?") The difference between rich and poor gets worse every year. He's done nothing of value in 7 years except incur debt and set up "vehicles" like 1MDB and SRC, in addition to selling our assets to cover his holes. How many jobs or economic value created by 1MDB and SRC? Gali lubang, tutup lubang.

    So I'm glad Tun is actually doing this now. Better late than never. He may not succeed, but he can say he tried. It's a lot more than even poor little Shahrir Samad can say, much less the Donation King who stole US$7 billion of our money and then abused the OSA to cover that fact in the A-G Report.

    1. Everyone deserves a second chance bro. Sure not all of what Dr M did at the time was right. But there is a time to forgive and to move on. And Jibby has done way worse in 7 years vs 22 for Tun.

    2. 'How many jobs or economic value created by 1MDB and SRC?'....well it was good for Jo Low!

    3. It was good for Jho and two Arabs.

      Plus one step-son.


    4. Apa pasat itu melah punya baju manyak sembunyi lea aa.

  2. Annie,

    If you see any overweight, double-chinned farm animals there wearing a red shirt and getting abused for being a fat Chinese pig by her fellow Geng Baju Merah, at least give her some water, OK?

    It's the least you can do.

    Poor animal.

    1. better still give her a few handfuls of dedak, LOL...carbohydrates!

    2. Wow, Fat Soh squeezed into a red T. She better be careful.

      Chinese wedding dinner party might mistake her for a runaway suckling pig!

    3. I doubt Fat Soh went, because there's no t-shirt that would be "yuuuuuge" enough. But Padang Merbok would have been far dirtier after she'd guzzled there.

  3. Not to worry.

    It's not about Tun Mahathir. It is about breaking down the wall of ignorance.

  4. Obviously you never attended the Reformasi protests dulu.

    They were held practically every Saturday for weeks. Gather at Sogo, chant, protest, walk to Masjid Negara, disperse.

    Or gather at Sogo, chant, protest, get sprayed by water cannon, cabut or continue marching to Masjid Negara.

    Jibby loves to brag how different and better he is from Mahathir. But on this, he happily ikut.

    At least, Reformasi protests were over politics and Anwar's plight.

    Now it's against Jibby's robbing the nation blind.

    "Yuge" difference, big league.

  5. 'KUALA LUMPUR: A large group of what seemed to be Red Shirts supporters had gathered at the Masjid Jamek LRT station by 8am Saturday, harassing all and sundry.

    Several reporters and Bersih supporters who were trying to buy breakfast at the stalls nearby were harassed if they got too close to the group. Many decided to buy their food elsewhere.

    Women were singled out. Even those dressed for work were whistled at and given catcalls.'

    when Jamban Y'Anus is your idol, this happens...

    1. 'Women were singled out. Even those dressed for work were whistled at and given catcalls.'

      Well so much for being defenders of agama & bangsa.

      This is as far away from adab and adat as one can imagine.

    2. 10:21

      nie mmg sindrom 'Saya Kenal Eina Azman' ya...

    3. Anon 11:52 ha ha I know what you mean


  6. The police will be monitoring the situation closely. That’s because it is most unlikely that Najib will allow violence to break out after he has secured lots of spoils from China that could benefit fellow Umnoputras. The East Coast Rail Link alone is going to cost RM55 billion. Imagine how much benefit the cronies are going to get from it. You can bet the red-shirts are with Najib. They will not rock his boat.

    China, too, would expect a peaceful and trouble-free Malaysia if it is to invest substantially here. So would the 4 million Chinese citizens who Najib says should be coming next year. Surely, the government would not allow violence to break out and frighten them away.

    To put it metaphorically, this Saturday, China will be holding a string tied to Najib’s testicles, and Najib will be holding one tied to Jamal’s testicles and another to the IGP’s. None of them would want to risk the strings getting pulled.

    1. Yikes, what a mental image LOL

    2. Kalau pihak polis dari dulu buat benda yg betul dengan menjalankan penyiasatan secara adil tanpa bias, penjenayah didakwa,ditangkap dan diheretkan ke mahkamah..situasi macam ni takkan terjadi...rakyat pun tak buang masa dengan benda2 macam ni...PUNCA nya satu je.......paham2 sendiri..tq

    3. 'Kalau pihak polis dari dulu buat benda yg betul dengan menjalankan penyiasatan secara adil tanpa bias, penjenayah didakwa,ditangkap dan diheretkan ke mahkamah, situasi macam ni takkan terjadi.'

      Betul lah tu. Sesiapa yg menyokong pencuri, kamu dapat 'share' juga harta curi disisi Allah.

      Bodohnya kamu semua menanggong dosa kering.

      Duit tak dapat, dosa dapat plak.

  7. Livestream update

    1. 11.45am: Medan Tuanku - A Bersih 5 supporter, who identifies himself only as Pak Su Mat, claims he was harassed by the red-shirts, who forced him to change his yellow T-shirt for a red one.

      He claims he was almost punched by the group who moved on after he changed the T-shirt.

      "They are only brave when they are in a big group," he says.

      LOL...same as 12 red shits vs one lone biker.

      So brave!

    2. Make up story by soroskini.

    3. Wow, soroskini has better special effects than James Cameron, then, seeing as it's a video.

  8. In Masjid Negara, Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) Secretary-General Muhammad Faisal Abdul Aziz said his group brought along a mock tombstone as a sign that democracy in Malaysia remains only a memory.

    “Democracy has been killed in the name of unfair elections which have been manipulated.”

    “Secondly, we are here to stress that rejecting and opposing corruption is a requirement in Islam. We want to counter the narrative that this demonstration is illegal.”

    1. "“Secondly, we are here to stress that rejecting and opposing corruption is a requirement in Islam.""

      OK its true.

      Yes....BUT....ONE questions.

      ......Is UMNO & Najib AGREES with you?......

    2. Ask this to Ex Abim Boss and his Cronies.

    3. Or current "Religious Minister" in PMO who loves golfing and luxury shopping?

    4. You have every right to pursue your golfing game, but you have NO right to pursue your luxury at our expense - we the poor rakyat.


  9. Kumpulan reformasi pilihan raya, Bersih menarik respons menggalakkan daripada lebih 2/3 orang ramai dalam tinjauan pendapat, tetapi kira-kira 71% daripada mereka juga berkata mereka tidak akan menghadiri perhimpunan hari ini.

    Tinjauan pendapat yang dijalankan syarikat kaji selidik dalam talian Vase, diadakan antara 1,069 responden di seluruh negara.

    Kira-kira 71% responden berkata mereka tidak akan menghadiri Bersih 5 hari ini, yang diadakan di pusat bandar Kuala Lumpur bagi menggesa penyingkiran Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak daripada jawatan selain menuntut pembaharuan institusi di negara ini.

    Seramai 38.82% daripada mereka yang ditinjau berkata perhimpunan Bersih “agak berkesan”, manakala 36.75% merasakan Bersih mencapai matlamatnya.

    Bagaimanapun, kira-kira 12.22% merasakan Bersih 2.0 tidak berkesan.
    Kira-kira 67% responden bersetuju ahli-ahli politik perlu dijemput untuk mengambil bahagian dalam perhimpunan tersebut, manakala 32% yang berpendapat sebaliknya.

    Lebih 70% responden berpendapat Bersih tidak seharusnya hanya memberi tumpuan kepada gesaan pilihan raya yang bebas dan adil, manakala 27.41% merasa gabungan itu perlu berbuat demikian.

    Tiga suku daripada mereka yang ditinjau bersetuju perhimpunan Bersih adalah satu platform untuk menggalakkan perpaduan kaum.

    1. 'Kumpulan reformasi pilihan raya, Bersih menarik respons menggalakkan daripada lebih 2/3 orang ramai dalam tinjauan pendapat, tetapi kira-kira 71% daripada mereka juga berkata mereka tidak akan menghadiri perhimpunan hari ini.'

      Takpe lah, sokongan moral pon OK jugak.

      Mari bersama kita bina semula Malaysia baru. Negara bersih dan aman tempat anak cucu kita tinggal. Disini kita lahir dan disini lah kita mesti pertahankan.

      Selamat Berjuang Sahabat Semua.

      "NEVER GIVES UP!!!"

  10. Jangan bimbang annie, kepala BERSIH sudah ditangkap, isu negara selesai, selepas ini rakyat hidup aman damai.

    1. Tapi kepala PENYAMUN Najis Tong Rosak blom ditangkap, isu negara x selesai, selepas ini rakyat x hidup aman damai.

    2. Tangkap dua2 pihak. Akhirnya bila masuk politik semua jadi penyamun. Belajar dari orang tua.

  11. Punca sebab rakyat marah ialah kerana berbilion duit rakyat dirompak tapi kita tak boleh soalkan mana pergi duit tu.

    Dahlah duit kena samun pastu langsung tak boleh tanya siapa dalang yg menyamun duit tu.

    Kemudian buat siasatan tapi didiamkan terus sunyi sepi.....alih-alih tetiba diOSAkan pulak langsung tak bunyi2.....bukak mulot tanya pon tak boleh.

    Rakyat nak tahu apa hasil siasatan 1MDB dgn detail.

    Pastu guna undang2 dan akta jadi benteng utk lindungkan diri dari didedahkan penyelewengan yg dibuat.

    Langsung tak boleh nak tanya....bukak je mulot kena bawak balai disoal kenapa langgar akta rahsia.

    Korang tak heran ke apekebenda yg nak dirahsiakan sangat tu?? Kalo benda yg lurus bersih lagi suci buat apa ye ye nak dirahsiakan bebenor?? Apa salahnya bentang tunjukkan terang2 pada rakyat?

    Duit yg dirembat tu duit rakyat....apa hal sekarang nak cakap rakyat tak de hak nak tau hasil siasatan laporan audit 1MDB tu..?

    1. Well said bro!

    2. 1mdb still under investigation lah.....
      anyway baca lah laporan PAC.

    3. Anon 14:42,
      Agak2nya bila siasatan 1MDB selesai? Selepas PRU 14?

    4. Beb 14:42

      Aku tak suka nak kata penyiasat kita lembab. Berapa lama dia orang nak siasat sampai sekarang tak siap siap lagi ?

      Negara Singapura dah hukum orang yang terlibat. Malaysia siasat tak siap siap. Engkau nak percaya ke ?

      Tukar ketua tweeter ni mesti cepat siap.

    5. Dah selesai dah, hilary pun dah terjun, itu pun penyamun jugak.

    6. 14:42, you mean the PAC report where Hasan deleted the proof that Jho Low owns PSI?

    7. '1mdb still under investigation' - well in Singapore it's gone to criminal case. First of many.



    11:40am: Red-shirts provoke Bersih supporters at Pertama Complex

    1. Yes youre right.

      KUALA LUMPUR: A man, believed to be a Red Shirt supporter, was arrested after he provoked and kicked a Bersih supporter at Padang Merbok here.

      The incident occurred at about 11am on Saturday when a group of Bersih supporters were walking in front of Padang Merbuk at Jalan Parliament towards Dataran Merdeka.

      Another group, ‎believed to be Red Shirt supporters, were walking pass them towards the parliament building.

      The man was seen trying to provoke the Bersih supporter and kicking one of them before several plain-clothed policemen apprehended the man before taking him away.

      Not too good for umno image.

  13. 'Meanwhile a red-shirt demonstrator from Slim River, Perak, who only wants to be known as Asyraf, claims he was paid RM50 to attend.

    The 17-year-old Kuala Kubu Baru secondary school student declines to have his photo taken because his father may get angry if he sees it.

    Asked why he is here to protest against Bersih, Asyraf says he wanted to come because of the (alleged) payment and free meals.'


    We Cannot Blame This Young Man. Because he is EXPLOIT by Others.

    .....The Young Is MOST Vulnerable......

    1. Not so much the money but the youth should not treat Najib's corruption as normal or admirable.

      That will be the decay of our next-gen.

  14. Some of us have simple goal.

    4.40pm: Red-shirts Youth leader Zainuri Zainal declares victory for the movement's counter-rally.

    According to Nanyang Siang Pau, Zainuri says the red-shirts succeeded in its objective to prevent Bersih from entering Dataran Merdeka.

    "We achieved our goal when the Bersih leaders moved to KLCC," he says.

    1. Nice try.

      PDRM had barricaded it by 7.00 a.m.

      So credit to blue shirts, not red shits.

    2. "Zainuri says the red-shirts succeeded in its objective to prevent Bersih from entering Dataran Merdeka."

      This is the worst attempt to "tumpang glamer" I've seen recently.

    3. Exactly - it was PDRM!

  15. A climax for you is a bloody clash between bersih and the red shirts?!

    tsk tsk tsk..

  16. Alhamdulillah. Syukur. The day ends peacefully.

    1. Yes. Except for Red Shirts chasing Alex Yoong.

      Alex Yoong hensum, okay.

      Don't hurt hensum men, okay.

    2. Lucky he had F1 car!

  17. The 'unnecessary' is in fact necessary especially to the traders and service providers. With thousands of cars flooding the highways and biways, business must be very brisk for Plus and RR operators. The same with restaurants and food stalls in KL and the surrounding areas. On average each demonstrator spends RM 10 on foods and drinks which is equivalent to RM100 K expendicture for 5000 reds and 5000 yellows on foods alone. The same with patrol stations which are making lots of profits today. Not to forget the clinics and private hospitals. The business there must be high due to the sudden increase in parients with heat related complication. Bersih is necessasy since it affects the economy very positively.

  18. A picture worth a thousand words.
    After looking at the photos of Bersih5 I have made several observations and some conclusions.
    1.Most Bersih5 participants are Chinese.It means that PKR,Amanah and Bersatu fail to attract the Malays to Pakatan Harapan.(We all know who are behind Bersih)
    2.Azmin Ali was not around( did i miss him?). It probably means that Azmin ia trying to persuade Pas to their side or Azmin is playing safe so as not to antagonize Pas.
    3.Bersatu as a new party fails to take UMNO supporters away from UMNO.
    4.Bersih5 plan fails as there is no violence involve as this will not attract international media attention (please read my previous comment on Annie's posting in this blog)
    Prof Kangkung

    1. Ingatkan SIAPA tadi, rupanya anlisis
      from the KANGKONG in the longkang!!!!
      Don't worry Prof....tomorrow, Utusan will
      be splashed with headlines that will make
      your heart swell with pride.

    2. Ha ha, good one Cik Minah!


    3. 5. the odd cruel old dictator babtisef BERSIH-clean(?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. Mangy Zin......babtisef bersih ? What you talking ?Kata dulu pengurus....pernah buat itu buat ini.....but apa itu babtisef...dah puas cari dok kamus Oxford, Collins,Fajar...tak jumpa .....
      Odd cruel dictator ? But you ate and fed your family during his glorious 22 years completed your studies,jobs were waiting for you, you got married, you bought Proton, you bought a house with easy bank loans, you settled most of your family commitments because you had bonus,increments,promotions,job opportunities all because of 22 years of stable economic and political situation put in place by a dictator.

      Coming back to meant baptise ????

      You are a real monster la....Mangy Zin

    5. The current Bugis crook has been far more of a cruel dictator than Tun ever was. Abuse of every law you can imagine. Some created by pinklips himself. Also stealing from pensioners savings and then spending it on jewels and decorations for the hippo? Don't think Siti Hasmah ever did that.

    6. Cik Minah is a typical pro opposition supporter who cannot argue his case (I am sure Cik Minah is hs rather than her).
      Put forward your arguments to counter my arguments.
      Prof Kangkung

    7. "Babtisef"????? I told you Zinshit, no typing while drunk. What the hell you trying to say? "Babi Stiff?" Ya describes u perfectly lah Zinshit. Incoherent buffoon. ROFL


    8. More sewerage drivel from your mouth, Sdr ANON 10:07 and 13:34
      which is not behaviour from Sunnahs

      Typical your playbook to belittle me, when you
      don't know how to defend the great YAB Tun
      ( typical oppo Sdr Prof?)

      Oh D$ Din late paying you?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    9. Pro or con don't matter one are just Profusely Kangkang. It just proves the point: A little knowledge is a dangerous thing in addressing big issues.

  19. 19:43

    But then again. Focus should be on the local awareness. The internationals will not be voting.

  20. 19:38

    Right. And KTM too. Especially KTM.

  21. LOL, annie, you so funny.

    You seem sooooo disappointed that there was no violence. Maybe you are becoming like your arch enemy : ) Looks that way.

    Maybe you prefer this...

    To this?

    Bear in mind that bersih 4 (which u always skip) was completely peaceful. I think pdrm learned that heavy tactics of Hisham H2O earlier only inflames people. Treat them with respect and they will return favour.

    Don't hope for clashes, okay.

    Don't be that way, okay.

    Violence is bad, okay.

    Peace is good, okay.



  22. Here, Annie, some "spice" for you:


    Try not to get too wet or hard ya.... : )

    1. Thees red fellas are hooligans.


  23. "KUALA LUMPUR, — The Bersih 5 rally this time around witnessed participation by tens of thousands of Malaysians — with a visibly higher increase of demonstators from the Malay community.

    Most appeared to be members of PAS splinter; Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) and supporters of former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

    However, there was also an increase in the number of Malay youths who turned up in droves to take to the streets to voice their dissatisfaction with the Barisan Nasional-led government.

    Despite the rally still being dominated by the ethnic-Chinese, the increased turnout from the Malay community was evident today.

    This can be attributed to the previously Umno-dominated Malay political scenario, now divided into Parti Bersatu Pribumi Malaysia (Bersatu), which champions a more progressive agenda in contrast to Umno’s constant battle cry to defend Malay supremacy."

    Having just got back from KLCC:

    a) The report above is correct, the % of Malays is a lot higher than B4, but the crowd is overall smaller than B4 too. A LOT of Malay university-age youngsters

    b) The Oppo will still need PAS to tip the scale in GE14, no doubt about that.

    c) The main speakers are all the PPBM guys. The best speech was by TSMY near the end (about 5.15 onwards), very passionate and got good response from crowd. No DAP spoke much. That's a good idea.

    d) The crowd was very smiley and polite to each other. More like a picnic than a rally. Maybe Malaysians are just too nice for this sort of stuff. Oh well. But it was a nice feeling of racial unity. It won't change anything and Najib won't step down, but still glad I went. Maybe it's a baby step forward. And PPBM got good exposure.

    1. 'Maybe Malaysians are just too nice for this sort of stuff.'.....yes, plus we enjoy getting cheated by the govt! Lembik la org m'

    2. 21:13

      Yes, you are correct.

      It seems PKR is no longer the fulcrum.

      But maybe not a bad thing.


    3. Great commentary of BERSIH 5, Sdr 21:13
      quite unbiased, sincere and hopeful

      PPBM is sadly heavy on wannabe generals with few braves so UMNO and Sabah- Sarswak Bumi parties will in-sya-Allah prevail come 2016

      Yg Bhg TS Muhyiddin gave a kenduri makan last month at our kampung last and we still have the membership forms. But this just one of '00 thousands kampungd

      Compared with Pemuda and Wanjta UMNO here long have community WApp service chatrooms
      ( PAS also)

      M Zin, Kg Melekek
      Alor Gajah DPH


    4. Erratum to 10:11:
      (above, not 2016)
      2018 with GE14

      M Zin/ A Gajah

    5. Still drunk, huh Zinshit? Must cost you a lot of money.

    6. Zin, a wannabe general is almost as bad as a kayu soldier or the money crazy emperor wearing no clothes....terlalu exposed si mappadulung dan si mobhair sepasang tu tamak haloba sombong khianat diorang!!!

  24. 19:43

    For more internationals just google:


    Here're some samples:

    1. KOMPLOT YAHUDI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    2. 21:33

      That was just to illuminate 19:43.
      Who was so sure. That no violence means no international news. Just happy that non-violence is still news.

    3. Yes, the Jews. Or the Illuminati. They are always to blame for everything.

    4. The Illuminati always sounds like a musical to me ; )


  25. KUALA LUMPUR: Rally-goers at Bersih 5 have shown they are cleaner than the Red Shirts by cleaning up after themselves.

    Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, where many Bersih 5 participants had assembled for almost the whole day, was as clean as if no event had taken place.

    Most of the rally participants adhered to the instructions from Bersih 5 volunteers to pick up rubbish on the street and dispose of them in bins provided.


    KUALA LUMPUR: Red Shirt supporters have begun dispersing from Padang Merbok, led by Umno Youth executive committee member Armand Azhar Abu Hanifah.

    They left the field left in a mess, with the park littered with rubbish.

    The Red Shirts had been at the field since 12.30pm when they marched over from Putra World Trade Centre. The decision to disperse was made at around 2.50pm, after they found they were unable to get past a police blockade to get to Bersih 5 rally-goers who had gathered near Dataran Merdeka.

    The police blockade was to keep the two rival groups apart.

    The Red Shirts however left the field in a mess, having littered the ground with rubbish. Many of the Red Shirts also left the field disappointed and without direction, citing a lack of a leader.


    1. //Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, where many Bersih 5 participants had assembled for almost the whole day, was as clean as if no event had taken place.//

      This reminds me of that Buddhist temple in Jenjarom(?) where there is an annual weeklong(?) festival around Chinese new Year.

      Throughout the week,there would probably be about 500,000 people going thru the temple and its compound BUT the whole place was uncharacteristically clean - no rubbish on the ground, not one piece of paper, not one water bottle, not one cigarette butt, not one nuffing and people happily wandering around looking at the exhibits.

      Every single person just seem to actually use the rubbish bins provided!!

      Has to be seen to be believed.

      Blew me away the first time I saw the phenomena.


  26. Annie, prediction u semalam kurang tepat oooo......

    "The Red Shirts will turn up for real this time.

    Then the yellow and red will clash.

    It's inevitable.

    Police will have to move in and do the necessary to stop the stupid fighting.

    Many will be injured and things will be damaged.

    The story will go global.

    Malaysia in turmoil, so said the headline.

    The economy will further suffer.

    Things will become even harder after that.

    Ya, that's how I think things will turn up to be."


    "The economy will further suffer."

    Ahhhh, yg tu dah pasti lah. Ringgit kan dah mampos.

    Tapi xde kaitan langsung dgn bersih....

  27. Annie,

    I am glad my prediction of violence was wrong because it all ended quite peacefully.

    The only misdeameanours were of some low-level violence by the Red Shirts against Bersih supporters around Padang Merbok.

    I think that attending PDRM personnel deserve a big pat on their collective backs.


    1. Yes, they do.

      Maybe the error in Bersih 3 was being too confrontational, although actually some rally-goers at Bersih 3.0 did yell bad things at the cops, as I remember. But not at version 4.0, where they sang 'Terima Kasih Abang Polis'...

      That was a nice moment.

      I guess both sides have matured a lot (except the red shirt-brigade.)

  28. Funny, huh?

    Except for.....

    a) Lina LGBT Tomboy

    b) Salah Crack

    c) Lemang Dalang

    d) Annuar MARA (but lukewarm)

    .....who in Umno is still actively defending the Bugis pirate?

    That insane mamak barking dog in Cheras, Fatty Jazlan, Mael Sabri, Janggut Songlap Wang ITM, Kakak LembuCondo, KJ the Opportunist, H2O, Misai Suci Pencuri Wang Yapeim, Mr Kotegatal from Perlis....

    ...not much noise.


    1. Keep quiet and count their money, rite?

  29. Annie,

    I think the Malays in Malaysia ought to be proud this time by proving one fact, a fact which the Malaysian Chinese had known but still kept a hope that it may not be totally true, that the Chinese in Malaysia are not trusted by the malays, are treated like enemies, despised by the malays, and would be taught a lesson by the malays whenever they want to voice out their concerns about Malaysian politics.

    This bersih 5, i think, opens their eyes and they must accept this fact.

    It may seem ironic that the malays actually get united whenever the Chinese voice out anything in unity. This had not been in their planning.

    This time, Utusan Malaysia can have headlines like SEKARANG LU TAHU APA MELAYU MAHU!

    I believe that there wont be a bersih 6.

    Its ok, Melayu, Cina know what you want now. Cina cannot fight you. And, like the orang alim amongst you says, melayu Islam are the blessed lot dunia dapat akhirat pun dapat. Cina cannot have the same destination as you Melayu in the hereafter.

    This is the splitting point and parting way for the malays and the cina.

    Melayu are the true winners.


    1. No, here shluld be a BERSIH every year Sdr 00:46
      as chauvinist Chinese still feel they are more deserving to rule this nation

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. No, leave ruling the nation to the Bugis. His pirate nature has only removed US$7 billion from public funds so far (refer to OSA-ed AG Report for full details. There's a reason they want to hide it.) I want him to steal at least 70 billion.

    3. Ehhhhhh Zinshit, you again!!! And drunk as ever...or is it ketum now??? You really 'shluld' give up these habits bro like I told you before. Not that you ever make sense anyway!

    4. 10:41,

      Be careful what you wish for. He could quite easily steal 70 billion if he remains in power for 5 to 10 years more. All checks and balances are now dead.

  30. "Let the handsome old man enjoys himself today."

    Yea! to dearest Papa leader of our band:

  31. 00:46

    There are angelic trusworthy Malays. There are terrible lying Malays. There are angelic trustworthy Chinese. There are terrible lying Chinese.

    Experience colours our perception.

    But knowledge and wisdom guide our action.

    1. Anon 07:26

      This is not about colours. It's about distrust and refusal to stand together.

      Knowledge and wisdom will guide you to understand why the malays are kept poor and uneducated. Like some rumah anak yatim and old folks home, the dilapidated state of the centres and sorry conditions are kept as the front and selling point for sympathy.

      What M Zin said was true, the malays are thinking that the Chinese are more deserving to run the country. This scare the shit out of some people and hence the threats and provocations.

      In the past when you tied a dog's tail with a rubberband, after a few days it will drop by itself. Naturally it will be so.

      With people like M Zin and Prof Kangkung, one doesn't need to be a prophet to know the fate of these people.

      There may be some knowledgeable people amongst them, but theres nothing they can do to change anything.

    2. 'With people like M Zin and Prof Kangkung, one doesn't need to be a prophet to know the fate of these people.'

      Well, more so our future generations, who will be boiling grass while the children of Umnoputras will be driving Ferraris (as happens now.)

      Never mind, at least the great example of Islam shown by Umno is something. Oh, wait, no, lying and stealing are not Islamic.

      So they are complete losers, then? Well, the PRC Chinese will be laughing at them from the luxury penthouses of Bandar Malaysia, the Malay reserve land sold for a song to China to cover the financial theft of their pink-lipped hero. So ironic.


    3. Not Malays, but Chinese yourselves believe you more deserve to lead this country
      hence BERSIH to push for political parity, kan?

      Ahem, flattered to be quoted also Sdr Prof
      ( alaa but misquoted)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. 11:51

      You seem to have a complete misunderstanding, or are gullible enough to swallow government spin. Either way, it is the unthinking, uncritical acceptance of people like you which remains Umno's greatest financial asset; they can take it to the bank, in fact. But they get 98% of the money. Hm.

    5. M Zin mmg contoh Melayu yg dicuci mindanya sampai langsung xde minda lagi. Barangkali wakil rakyat umno, syaitan sudah tampal muka dia dg kulit babi, mereka sudah tak tahu malu pada bangsa sendiri. Apalah guna mengaku Islam. Konon pembela bangsa, tapi mencuri harta negara. Cuma Melayu yg x sedar diri yg sokong perosak negara nih. Apa kah negara ku sudah ditimpa bala yg Allah turunkan?


    6. Melayu di PKR lebih teruk tipu tanah dan beli air $ mahal utk tujuan politik, Sdr Sdr ANON 14:25
      ( $ SPLASH)
      DAP P Pinang jual tanah sepatutnya untuk rumah mampu milik.

      " Paku dulang paku serpih"

      DS Najib tidak pernah menafikan terima dana politik

      Fasal bahasa babi(?) awak yang tak ikut Sunnah,
      cadang cerminkah muka sendiri

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  32. Imej Umgnok semakin merosot. Aku tengok perangai anak2 buah Jamal Kontol bukan setakad samseng tahi kucing malah sebijik dan setaraf anjing. Menyalak tak tentu pasal. Padang merbok penuh sampah nasi bungkus dan botol air. Gambar dah viral. Tak civic minded langsung baju merah ni. Malunya melayu mcm ni.


  33. TADI selepas subuh seorang ibu berkata:
    “Hatiku gusar
    Badanku menggeletar
    Anak-anak kesayanganku ditangkap, digari
    Dibawa pergi.”

    Aku pun berkata:
    “Usah ibu duka lara
    Anak-anakmu yang ditangkap itu
    Bukan perompak dan pencuri
    Bukan juga pengkhianat dan penipu
    Mereka adalah pejuang-pejuang muda
    Pengarak panji-panji negara
    Yang panas darahnya
    Dan kental jiwanya.

    “Mereka tidak mahu menyendiri
    Berpeluk tubuh bersenang hati
    Sedangkan negara mereka dinodai
    Amanah rakyat dikhianati
    Rezeki mereka dibawa lari
    Masa depan mereka diperjudi.

    “Anak-anakmu itu
    Adalah para pejuang muda
    Yang jiwanya suci
    Mereka tidak mahu melihat
    Negara dinodai
    Langsung mereka bangun
    Dengan panji-panji ibunda.

    “Usah ibu gundah gulana
    Dulu pun begitu juga
    Anak-anak muda
    Bangun menentang angkara durjana
    Menyelamatkan negara dari penjajahan
    Mereka berjuang menuntut kemerdekaan.

    “Kini mereka sudah tua
    Walaupun semangat tetap ada
    Tetapi tenaga sudah dimakan usia
    Semakin hari semakin tidak berdaya.

    “Maka wajarlah
    Anak-anak dan cucu kita
    Mengambil alih panji-panji dan bendera
    Memijak lumat pengkhianat bangsa
    Membina kembali negara tercinta.”

    Aku berkata lagi kepada ibu itu:
    “Tadahlah tanganmu ke langit
    Dongakkan mukamu ke awan
    Lafazkan Bismillahirrohmanirrohim
    Dan mintalah kepada Yang Maha Kuasa
    Berikan keselamatan dan semangat waja
    Kepada anak-anak dan cucu kita
    Walaupun tangan mereka digari
    Mulut mereka dikunci
    Namun semangat mereka sekeras besi
    Kerana di atas bahu mereka
    Terletak harapan bangsa.”

    Selamat berjuang
    Anak-anak dan cucuku
    Hari ini harimu
    Mengambil alih panji-panjiku
    Aku sudah tua
    Tidak lagi berdaya
    Aku hanya mampu
    Berdoa untukmu
    Dan menunjuk jalan lalu
    Tuhan bersamamu.

    1. Apa nasib Jamal Jamban and the Merah Geng selepas ini? Langsung tak ada impak dalam Bersih 5.Kehadiran Baju Merah serupa tak ada. Rugi je pihak -pihak supporter membiayai dan menanggung projek -projek Baju Merah ni. Imej rosak menjunam dan habuk pun tarak.Sembang je lebih..Jamal failed miserably....Strategi hancus....Dah tiba masanya pihak-pihak yg memayung Baju Merah ni nilaikan semula perlukah adanya Baju Merah ni? Tak ada effect langsung....

    2. I am not sure the red shirts have had anything but a negative effect overall on Umno. It is a poor strategy, because thuggishness, especially to women, is not a part of Malay culture at all. It is beyond me why they thought that paying Jamal anything would get dividends.

    3. 'I am not sure the red shirts have had anything but a negative effect overall on Umno.' Well ya, sure had a negative effect on jamal's nose....LOL

  34. 00:46 & 07;26

    I would agree with both your thoughts.

    Color is good. This is what we are and it will continue to be. The idea is to have a new color not just a tint of the various colors. This sewms difficult to achieve and it does look impossible. But again we can live with this.

    Let's sum it this way ;
    The Grand Old Man left the country torn apart by giving birth to the reformasi movement which was specifically to give keadilan to the axed former DPM who has been convicted. The opportunists saw a chance and co-drive the wagon speedily.

    On the winner's side, really the Grand Old Man has actually left a vacuum and successors have no real capability to bring us to greater heights or at least to keep what we already have. And the situation goes the opposite direction in many aspects of life. There were more bickering within the ruling coalition and we can see they were and are breaking.

    The people have gone restless over this never ending this allegation and that allegation for donkey years. Now come the doknkey shit that we have been swindled in billions and we CAN'T know what really had happened despite mounting evidence that it is an inside job.

    We all feel CHEATED. And we need to show it. We need to be heard. We need ANSWERS. We need to quickly correct what have gone wrong while we still can. THAT IS ALL and nothing more. Yes this time many Mantans are in. Last only one morally questionable Mantan.

    We have a great country and we do not want to be sold by the very people we voted our TRUST on. But this is happening in front of our eyes while we are breathing. We have the fingers to put a stop to this. I suppose this can be a subtle campaign to the coming PRU not too distant in future.

    Now we can drive the point through fairly easy with the urban & sururban folks. Meanwhile the traditional folks in the rurals we need more effort to convince. Their simplistic view of is hard to break. Many still believe in umno traditions despite umno now being corrupt beyond ordinary Malay comprehesion. This is one tough one to crack. But it can be cracked. Persistence should do it sooner or later.

    Now the sharing of power which has always been to mean the sharing of wealth must go. We need a new sharing program and we do not want those who believe in the raped traditions to be on board.

    The show must go on.

    1. 11:52:

      It's all true what you say.

      '...we have been swindled in billions and we CAN'T know what really had happened despite mounting evidence that it is an inside job.'

      Well, I would say conclusive evidence. If 3 of the most financially advanced countries using forensic evidence (US, S'pore, Swiss) and our own A-G have one consistent story, I would not doubt it. Yes, we have been swindled badly.

      Problem with Bersih is (largely) preaching to converted but not all. I walked behind a Malay family who spoke the thickest "Kelate" accent and I think came from outstation.

      Tun is still held in some regard. He did much to improve the lives of Malays, but some ungrateful ones have very short memories. Najib has done nothing except self-enrichment.

    2. "He did much to improve the lives of Malays, but some ungrateful ones have very short memories. Najib has done nothing except self-enrichment."

      Very very true.

      Worst PM ever.

    3. 10:28,

      And the huge sum spent on "con-sultans" at 7 billion a year.

      For what?

  35. 09:30

    Again. It's not about colour. It is about Experience. That colours our Perception. We would not invalidate anyone's perception that has been coloured by some experience. Both Good or Bad.

    Experiences are any of these below:

    Etc. Etc. Both Covert and Overt.

    And experience may sometimes lead to hopelessness.

    But Freire said:

    "Hopelessness is hope that has lost its bearing"

    Thus if we can get our bearing back. We could hope to be on the right track. Maybe not in our lifetime. But certainly not the reason for hopelessness.

    Thank you Annie. For the space.

  36. M Zin @ 20 November 2016 at 06:19,

    //as chauvinist Chinese still feel they are more deserving to rule this nation//

    For a person who proudly portrays himself as a good pious Muslim, with all your constant usage of Arabic phrases, you seem to enjoy making untrue and plainly racist statements.

    That statement you have made above is generalised and has accused ALL Malaysian Chinese to be chauvinistic and wanting to rule Malaysia.

    Is this also normal behaviour when good pious Muslims gather around and talk to each other in private about Malaysian politics?

    Do you feel that making such statements will help others be comfortable about Islam or Muslims or having PAS in charge of Putrajaya?

    Do you understand why Islam and Muslims are viewed so negatively by many people all over the world?



    1. OK you are not chauvinist then(?) Sdr Gladiator

      I am really comfortable with PAS ruling Putrajaya,
      are you?

      Re. Negative perception on Islam? There are many reasons and one persons statement on this not the most visited LoA site, will not influence it greatly
      ( what huhu. mine?)

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    2. 13:05,

      Also consider that he does not reflect the real intelligence of the Malays, merely being a simple-minded, brainwashed specimen of the less discerning kind. The brave younger generation are seeing through the old 'divide and rule' tactics. And Utusan, but for Umno's life support, is dead. That is perhaps a clear sign. Though not enough, as yet.


    3. OK just tell us one opinion on chauvinist Chinese(?) Sdr ANON 17:44

      NB. Intelligence? Your claimed discerning superiority not subject of this thread

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    4. Gladiator @13:05

      'is this also normal behaviour when good pious Muslims gather around and talk to each other in private about Malaysian politics?'

      Yes. They do. Most ustazes when giving ceramah in a mosque would label Chinese as cina kapir, cina chokia, etc and referring the Chinese as unscrupulous wealth seekers who are rich because Allah only let them enjoy in this world.

      I said 'most of the ustazes' but honestly, I haven't met one ustaz who wouldn't do that.

      When the ustazes can generalise the cina as such, their audiences wouldn't be too far away.

      The good thing about Islam has nothing to do with these people.

    5. Ha ha Zinshit, Zinshit, kantoi lagi. So predictable.

      'For a person who proudly portrays himself as a good pious Muslim, with all your constant usage of Arabic phrases, you seem to enjoy making untrue and plainly racist statements.'


      Remember when you insulted someone who had actually supported your own point? You really are an imbecile. Normal hypocrisy for you lah. Dirty old filthy creature pretending to be something you are not. And then every time your hypocrisy is exposed, you bleat "not the subject of this thread". Bloody loser.

    6. Also, Zinshit, learn to read.

      The commenter Anon 7:44 never claimed to be discerning or intelligent, he just said that you were not. Which is not the same thing.

      You are retarded or what, Zinshit? Just embarrassing yourself.

    7. Islam datang ketika dunia sedang mengamalkan racism di kemuncaknya. Di Semenanjung Tanah Arab, perperangan antara kabilah adalah sesuatu yang tidak dapat dielakkan. Orang berkulit hitam dijadikan hamba dan dihina oleh orang Arab. Pertempuran antara kerajaan Byzantine dan kerajaan Babylon di bahagian utara juga antara lain disebabkan racism.

      Kedatangan nabi Muhammad membawa mesej Islam yang antara lain menghapuskan racism ini. Dalam sepotong hadith yang diriwayatkan oleh Muslim, al-Nasa’ie dan Ahmad, nabi Muhammad SAW dilaporkan bersabda:

      ‎من قاتل تحت راية عمية يغضب لعصبة أو يدعو إلى عصبة أو ينصر عصبة , فقتل , فقتلتة جاهلية

      Barangsiapa yang berperang di bawah bendera kebutaan, dan menyeru kepada racism (asabiyyah) atau marah kerana racism (asabiyyah), atau menyeru kepada racism atau membantu atas dasar racism, dan terbunuh, maka matinya adalah mati jahiliyyah.

      Hadith di atas secara jelas menolak semangat kebencian atas dasar perkauman dan juga sebab membuta tuli. Yang dimaksudkan dengan rayah ‘immiyyah di dalam hadith di atas ialah menyokong tanpa asal tujuan, atau tanpa mengenali yang hak dan batil.

      Yakni, jangan merendahkan orang atau kaum tertentu. Meremehkan dan memandang hina orang lain termasuk kesombongan.

      Rasulullah SAW bersabda, “Tidak akan masuk surga orang yang didalam hatinya terdapat sebutir debu dari kesombongan.” (HR. Muslim)

      Sy rasa "M Zin" kurang faham ayat2 ini.

    8. that's funny. The chinese aren't racist, surely? Hey c'mon. Look at the beautiful profit-sharing arrangement of Jho Low, Riza, Hippo, Pinklips, and the 2 Arabs. All engineered by about 8 Chinese macai in Singapore and HK. Now if that isn't "1Malaysia", what is? I think M. Zin is just feeling left out because he only gets br1m while riza gets luxury penthouses & movie funding : ) LOLOL...sour grapes kot?

    9. 07:53

      Not to mention all the MCA towkays who made a killing from ECRL and will share the "loot" with Umno cronies. Win-win for the rich, but lose-lose for rakyat who will pay double the actual cost.


    10. To: Anonymous21 November 2016 at 07:00, thanks for sharing, at least we know islam is not a racism religion......knowledge is beauty.....always learn more......


    11. Your attempts from all sides to belittle me proves your desperation

      TBA playbook? Cant't argue, quickly insult
      ( not Gladiator, and not saying the rest RBA)

      Chauvinist Chinese:
      I just asked one question. that chauvinist Chinese think they deserve to run the country betul?

      Alaa answer lah. I voted PAS GE13
      and also feel we deserve better

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

    12. "Hey c'mon. Look at the beautiful profit-sharing arrangement of Jho Low, Riza, Hippo, Pinklips, and the 2 Arabs. All engineered by about 8 Chinese macai in Singapore and HK. Now if that isn't "1Malaysia", what is?"

      Can we add to the list the few Mat Salleh cronies of Riza who also got rich on the side, from his not very Islamic filem lucah.

  37. 11:52:

    Exactly. Persistence. To breakdown ignorance. From experience that gave rise to simplistic perception. Thank you.

    1. Yes. There are no easy paths.

    2. Beautiful word, ain't it.. Persistence.

      The signs of crack are visibly clear like full moon. Be patient a little. Little by little they will be cracked. When campaign days come they will begin to know the people's might for real. When Dr.Mahathir (hansem old man Annie keeps calling him) shoots he won't stop until the target is knocked out. I wish him health to take us to the end.

      Mat Zin is for PAS. Let him be. Don't bug him. He should not be in Alor Gajah but should instead be in Kuala Krai or somewhere close. I don't foresee PAS would ever win Melaka. The vast majority Melayu will not let it happen. This Melayu voted DAP, saudara Mat Zin. I didn't believe in the old DAP but new DAP can live up to its name.

      Tak kesah la
      Apa apa pun boleh la
      Sama aje mana mana pun
      Tak percaya la
      Tak kan le perdana menteri buat
      Tak kan le ini..tak kan le itu

      Many fence sitter have now converted. The tak kesah group is the one to focus. This is the only way. Not easy but it can be done.

  38. PETALING JAYA: The Bersih electoral reform group has drawn favourable responses from more than two-thirds of people in an opinion poll, but about 71 per cent of them also said they would not be attending today’s rally.

    The opinion poll, conducted by the online survey company, was held among 1,069 respondents across the country.

    About 71 per cent of the respondents said they would not attend the Bersih 5 rally today, which is being held in the Kuala Lumpur city centre to seek the removal of Prime Minister Najib Razak from office apart from demanding institutional reforms in the country.

    About 38.82 percent of those polled said the Bersih rallies were “somewhat effective” , while 36.75 per cent felt that Bersih was achieving its aim.

    However, about 12.22 percent felt that Bersih 2.0 was ineffective.

    About 67 per cent of respondents agreed that politicians should be invited to take part in the rally,while 32 per cent felt otherwise.

    More than 70 per cent of the respondents felt that Bersih should not just focus on demanding for free and fair elections, while 27.41 per cent feel the coalition should do just that.

  39. PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man has condemned Putrajaya for applying the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma) to detain Bersih leader Maria Chin Abdullah. Tuan Ibrahim said the use of the security law to detain Maria without trial was "wrong" and "excessive".

    1. Agreed even for a top BERSIH plotter this Mom can't be a what terrorist(?) Sdr ANON 14:08

      SOSMA 2012:
      The DS Dr Minister was himself a detainee under ISA 1950 and may have something, so we just have to wait and see what the courts decide, kan?

      M Zin
      Alor Gajah DPH

  40. Thank you Suhakam Tan Sri Razali.


    Suhakam continues to believe that all citizens are allowed to assemble peacefully and any attempt to prevent peaceful assemblies would be unconstitutional and challengeable in court," said Suhakam chairman Tan Sri Razali Ismail.

    "In this regard, Suhakam emphasises that the gatherings are not illegal and observed that the participants conducted themselves in an acceptable way, not threatening public order and the security of the country," said Razali.

    He added that Suhakam could not find justification in the arrests of several key assembly organisers and that the authorities have a Constitutional duty to explain the basis of the arrests of these individuals and to clarify the offences that they have been accused of.

    According to Razali, Suhakam carried out an independent and impartial on the ground evaluation of Saturday's Red Shirt and Bersih public assemblies in Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching.

    "Suhakam observed that there was a commendable effort by Malaysians to convene and to peacefully participate by the thousands to collectively express their grievances on several important issues. Suhakam recognises the enthusiasm of the participants to uphold their right to freedom of expression and to demonstrate peacefully despite the putting up of police barricades along several routes in Kuala Lumpur," he said in a statement on Sunday.

    Suhakam commended the authorities, especially the police for facilitating and managing the public assemblies, and for their successful efforts to meet the needs of the protestors while respecting the rights of the counter-demonstrators.

    1. Zahid claims it's not his problem.

      If this is the next guy in line, may Allah help us all.

    2. Or any of them, actually, right?

      All as bad.

  41. The Bersih 5.0 Yellow Shirts and UMNO Red Shirts were supposed to clash yesterday. Najib administration was supposed to declare an emergency and “freeze Parliament” until further notice. That would kill many birds with a stone.

    It appears the police force was divided and disagreed over the plan to unleash Red Shirt gangster terrorizing the Yellow Shirt peaceful demonstrators. Some police divisions were of the opinion that Najib’s dangerous idea must be stopped.

    That explains why Red Shirts leader Jamal Md Yunos was punched by plainclothes policemen, forcing him to cry like a baby over his bloodied nose, after he led his paid followers in pursuing and harassing Ampang MP Zuraida Kamaruddin as she and PKR political members were promoting the Nov 19 Bersih rally at the Ampang Point shopping centre.

    If it was true that the Royal Malaysia Police has started feeling uneasy over Najib administration and had successfully defeated the evil plan on a Red Shirts-Yellow Shirts clash, it would mean that “a mutiny” was probably brewing within the police force, the same way FBI agents revolted Director James Comey for over-protecting the corrupt Hillary Clinton.

    1. I hope so. Also hope that our armed forces remember that DYMM YDPA is the Commander in Chief, not Mr Desperate Bugis Pirate. I trust the Rulers far more than I trust the PM.

  42. One could easily argue that the speech, which he made from the back of a truck in the shadow of the Petronas Twin Towers, was the most important political speech of Muhyiddin’s life.

    Having worked his way up to the post of DPM, then vilified for his ‘I am Malay first’ speech, then unceremoniously chucked out of Najib’s cabinet for opposing him, Muhyiddin has made a spectacular political comeback.

    He said, “I must appeal to all of you (to) set aside all our differences, so that we may face (BN) on a one-to-one basis.

    “We want an honest and clean government.”

    His speech was spontaneous and off the cuff. There were no teleprompters. He spoke in English and Malay, sending the crowd wild with jubilation.

    Who would have thought that the former Umno Baru strongman would demand clean elections, and a democratic government?

    1. latest humour from Mr Clown Face Thief:

      "“We, Malaysians, must uphold the principle of the rule of law. Otherwise, there will be chaos in the country and the people will suffer”

      Yes, just like you did when you stole our money by the billions.

      "Rule of law" pulak!


    1. Not just that.

      If you see samples of the global coverage (NYT):

      "Mr. Najib, who has denied taking money from the government investment fund for personal use, has kept a grip on power despite the scandal by blocking investigations, firing critics and arresting opponents.

      The fund, 1 Malaysia Development Berhad, or 1MDB, was established and overseen by Mr. Najib. The United States Justice Department, which is seeking to recover assets stolen from the fund, has said $731 million from it was deposited in the prime minister’s personal bank account. About $3 billion is missing from the fund."

      There it is, the reason we have to get rid of this cancer. Yet Umgnok is still in dedak-nial.

    2. 'dedak-nial'.....ROFL

    3. Rememberibg Blogger Shaifudin Mahmud Din Turtle.

      Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un. Allahumaghfirlahu warhamhu wa'afihi wa'fu 'anhu.

      The Last Post:

    4. Farewell, dear comrade Din.

      A brave man who never backed down from the truth.

  44. When we had a First LADY and not First HIPPO:

    When we had a First LADY and not First HIPPO:

    PETALING JAYA: A Facebook post revealing Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali’s concern for her husband and former prime minister, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, has captured the hearts of netizens.

    The post, uploaded by Adam Mukhriz Mohd Muhayeddin, tells of his exchange with Siti Hasmah during Saturday’s Bersih 5 rally, while the 91-year-old statesman was addressing the crowd at the KLCC.

    Adam said that Siti Hasmah was sitting far from Mahathir when he was giving his speech and that a few times during the speech Mahathir had coughed.

    “She heard him cough, got up and told me that she wants to sit near him as she was concerned, but we couldn’t move anywhere because of the crowd.”

    Then, when it looked like it was going to rain, Adam said he gave a disposable rain coat to Siti Hasmah, who instead said: “You should give this to him (Mahathir), not me.”

    Adam said he told Siti Hasmah not to worry as others had given Mahathir a rain coat.

    In the FB post, Adam also wrote that when it rained, Siti Hasmah said: “Adam, I worry about my husband, he cannot get drenched in the rain.”

    “I can see she is everything to Mahathir. It is difficult to find a wife like that.

    “May Allah bless Mahathir and Siti Hasmah. They have sacrificed so much for us. They put the country above themselves,” he said in the post which has garnered 4,200 likes and over 530 shares.

    1. Our best first lady, Tun Dr Siti.

      Pure class.