Friday 11 December 2015

Wan Dal Cha on what Umno needs tomorrow and after PAU

Since I'm not going to write much on the ongoing Umno general assembly due to my rather lack of motivation to do so, I asked my friend Wan Dal Cha, who knows the party way better than me to give his thoughts.

He sent me this write-up just now for me to share with readers of this blog:

By Wan Dal Cha

It is obvious that DS Najib has the backing of a big majority of Umno leaders and the wider party membership. He will and rightly so, lead the party into the next general election.

To the surprise of loyalists however the empowered and transformed Umno members want a caveat thrown in. That Umno keeps TS Muhyiddin and DS Shafie.

These are the takeaways from the Perhimpunan. This note shall spell out "Perhimpunan" every time to amplify the distaste for the degrading "PAU".

Some Malaysians describe securing money by deceitful means as PAU, the very indictment used loosely and at times unfairly by Umno critics against the 69-year-old party.

Umno will have to make a major attempt at a clean-up in the next 18 months or so to have any chance of winning the next general election. It is not uncommon for democracies to go into a cleansing exercise. Italy had its "clean hands" programme some 20 years ago.

Umno should focus on wealth creation for the people instead of flaunting wealth. There is no shame in not building palatial homes. In fact robbers will probably leave you alone as one of the masses living in a link home. You sleep well and materialise refreshed in the morning to serve the country.

Many top Umno leaders have been weakened intellectually and morally by the extent of Jentera they keep and inevitably help finance. The Jentera's primary motivation is to keep the Boss in office by displaying enthusiastic support and to check on rivals. Their requests can be mind-numbing. The Boss cannot simply browbeat the Jentera. The more profit-oriented components of the Jentera will endeavour to pau the Boss every now and then.

At times the Boss, drained and constantly looking for imaginative means to oil the Jentera, will begin to think and speak like the Jentera instead of providing leadership.

At some point the more crafty elements  of the Jentera will prod their Boss to go for the jugular and maim the rivals wrongly billed as the enemy. Logic tells you that those supposed enemy should be out there campaigning for the party.

Events of the past year have taught us all many lessons. A chief finding is that Umno members are thoughtful and strategic. They are mostly democratic and will not betray a mandate.

DS Najib has the people's mandate and therefore should remain in office. At the same time the Umno masses -  a different breed from the Jentera and unquestioning loyalists - will not let anyone unfailingly get his way at times.

The traditional wisdom suggests a party leader should pack the Majlis Tertinggi with his loyalists. This is a wrong prognosis as evidenced by the decision by the Majlis Tertinggi to bar Muhyiddin and Shafie from speaking at the Perhimpunan.

This is undemocratic and more importantly could potentially diminish the stature of a leader. And the dragnet scoops up its share of collateral damage. DS Zahid cannot now address the Perhimpunan. He is a future leader. He is up there high up the queue in the sucession planning. He has just been made the Deputy Prime Minister. DS Hishammuddin Hussein too will not be addressing the Perhimpunan. Of course both are bound to denounce this sort of commentary insisting that they are happy to heed the decision of the Majlis Tertinggi.

A robust Majlis Tertinggi with varied views would have strengthened the leader by offering sound and sensible advice.

Since the mood on the ground is for Umno to end the Perhimpunan on a rousing note, it is never too late to rescind the Majlis Tertinggi decision and let Muhyiddin, Zahid, Shafie and Hishammuddin speak tomorrow. Muhyiddin has heard the sentiments of the ground. Repeating his concerns and worries over the IMDB and donation situation is not going to endear himself with the Umno crowd. Neither will it resolve the twin-issue.

Muhyiddin has however transformed his image by losing his Cabinet seat. He is now a vote winner. That is hardly a surprise. The popularity of Tun Musa Hitam soared when he left the Cabinet. DS Anwar Ibrahim became a potent political force the moment he was sacked.

Muhyiddin should be given a key role in the coming general election. DAP must not be allowed  a free ride in Penang.BN should mount a serious challenge. It should start by making sure residents register as voters and turn out in big numbers on polling day.

Also, someone like DS Wahid Omar should be installed as the BN Menteri Besar candidate for Selangor.

Selangor, going by the birthplaces of its population is virtually a Federal Territory. By right someone born elsewhere but has been residing in Selangor should be eligible to be Menteri Besar. Wahid Omar will make a brilliant Menteri Besar in the mould of TS Khalid Ibrahim. DS Noh Omar as the party strongman in parts of Selangor should support such an idea.

Finally,  DS Tengku Adnan has not been an outstanding secretary general of Umno, not by describing critics as "pengkhianat". If Umno is taking the path of reconciliation, someone like TS Ghani Othman assisted by a youngish deputy should be made the secretary-general. Another exciting candidate is DS Idris Jusoh or even DS Mustapa Mohamed. Tok Pa is not going to offend anyone. He is a natural peacemaker. TS Rafidah Aziz looks and sounds vibrant still. How about having her lead the Biro Ekonomi?


  1. UMNO is now United Malay Najib Organisation

    1. Nope.. UMNO is now officially United Mohd Najib Organisation.. don't think that any right thinking Malays with their brains still intact would believe in the explainations dished out.

    2. Hahaha, old pink lips got his not-sovereign wealth fund to mutate UMNO into his own Pte. Company Unlimited (we rakyat have been turned into his mules)

  2. Wahid Omar as MB Selangor?

    Sorry Wan, we'll keep Datuk Seri Azmin Ali for GE14 and beyond.


    Rakyat Selangor

    1. I beg your pardon.
      He's entitled only as En. Azmin Ali. As a flattery gesture though, people tends to use Dato' Menteri Besar Azmin Ali. As a compliment, that title was not bought like some did. Even 'Dr.' could be bought nowadays, to look good.

    2. he just got his datuk seri title yesterday

    3. Sorry Annie.
      I misplaced the latest comment.

  3. This is also come to the question of where is the FEW GOOD MEN in UMNO? All this Najib Najib Najib Najib only? UMNO should not, and can not define by only its President (which is tainted with scandals 2.6 into his account), where is other rational, moderate, professional, well like and brainy leaders? All I see are the hated macai type of characters like Salleh Keruak, Maslan, Zahid that is not popular with the rakyat at all. Where is the role for Muhyiddin? He is a vote getter, where is the role of Hishamuddin? Gani and so on....
    The UMNO financial statement also not showing anywhere is this 2.6 BILLION at where is it?

  4. Annie, I like Wan Dal Cha's write up. If this is what the mood on the ground, let's the REAL transformation begin.

    Member of Umno I am not, but Umno better stay alive and lively than to have to defend itself from its enemy now seeing it in its weakest. No more rubbish should be tolerated from presiden, his licking men and from anyone.

    Rebuild the army and get on offensive mode. To score a touchdown, Umno must be playing offensive game. To play offense, the defensive team must stop the opponent's offensive play. There has to be many many 1st down to have the ability to score.
    Now now is playing 3rd down and unsure if a 1st is in sight. No 1st down, no touchdown. Interception leading to touchdown is extremely rare and it is foolish to dream for it to be real.

    Forget prepaid, postpaid bloggers input. Umno has been winning seats by going around meeting its voters. Do it again and again and again. This is the Melayu way.

  5. For as long as the 'Eye Sore' front the troops with his 'Stoney Face', UMNO is dead in the water...sinking to the bottom of the abyss! UMNO kept belittling the kampong lad ehh?

    And, Hadi had thrown a rotten egg smacked into his face! So much for salam 'ukhwah' stupid you look and the bootlickers 2.6 billion X stupid than the No. 1 stupid jumping the gun that UMNO-PAS alliance had it made!

  6. Zahid and Hisham can't give their "ucapan penggulungan" . Najib ask Zahid to brief the media, now Zahid stuck between penderma and perderma penderma . So Zahid dah jadi clown tapi ok sbb PAU can be considered as circus coming to town


  7. The MT , Ketua Bahgian , Ketua Cawangan are with Najib and that make Najib looks strong at a moment . Don't forget ,those who are not holding any position has a vote too ,and not everybody is stupid ,I guess .

    Would that 2.6 billion would be enough . The heat's are not enough because there is no Pemilihan this time .

  8. if we go by majority grassroot, najib would have never become presiden.

    rightly so as to remain presiden of umno ? i dont think so. he is just there by technicality.

    if he has guts, he would have never delay the PAU.

    rightly so?

    just wait for malay tsunami

    1. Ada orang kata dia "dilantik oleh Allah" untuk jadi PM.

    2. I missed that news. Thank You.
      But the Dato Seri title would not be 'berSeri-seri' when I'm having ice-cream on a hot sunny day with my wife.

  9. Do what you will politically, but chivalry has died with the rise of the dark bangsatwan. The empire of light will reclaim the land insyaallah.

  10. Dengan pemilihan parti telah ditangguhkan, apa bentuk pemulihan yang bolwh dilakukan. Corak Umno hari ini terlalu mengutamakan bahagian seolah2 cawangan tidak diperlukan. Mungkin dengan penangguhan pemilihan parti, sebahagian cawangan akan dibubarkan dalam persidangan cawangan tahun hadapan. Jika cuma bahagian yang diutamakan, mungkin elok dibiarkan Umno bergerak berasaskan bahagian. Biarlah bahagian yang berhadapan dengan akar umbi dan pengundi kerana mereka dibekalkan dengan segala sumber oleh pihak atasan. Ketua2 cawangan hanya seperti melukut di tepi gantang layaknya dalam struktur yang ada sekarang. Itu mungkin salah satu langkah pemulihan parti yang boleh dibuat khususnya di kawasan bandar.
    Siapa yang akan mengetuai tindakan pemulihan kerana ketua yang ada pun terpalit dengan pelbagai skandal. Sebagai pengerusi penasihat 1mdb dan dengan duit rm2.6 bilion dalam akaun peribadi, najib bukanlah orang yang sesuai untuk memimpin gerakan pemulihan. Najib adalah sumber pencemaran yang melanda Umno sekarang dengan pelbagai tindakan membabi butanya yang tidak perlu disebut berulang kali.

    Dalam PAU memang najib dilihat mendapat sokongan padu. Yang lebih utama ialah sokongan pengundi kepada Umno/BN dalam pilihanraya. Mungkin ramai yang tidak sanggup memberikan undi kepada selain Umno/BN tetapi dengan Umno yang telah tercemar, kemungkinan cukup ramai yang menyimpan undi. Bacaan umum terhadap PAU kali ini ialah seperti program realiti atau majlis MLM. Perwakilan /pembahas dan ketua sayap boleh bercakap tapi timbalan dan naib presiden dikunci mulut. Lawak perdana.

  11. A ship cannot just depends on legacy alone as the sole survival factor.

    There are other factors which is similarly important.

    Apart from grooming, training, education and indoctrination, a good structural and operational system will go a long long way.

    Well proven legacy will not last long if the system that is passed down the lines couldn't guarantee or will affect survivality of the ship itself.

  12. If Najib were to lead PRU14 and win, he MUST reshuffle his cabinet to cleanse itself off "arrogant hypocrites" and those tainted with issues that could be used against UMNO during election campaign.

    1. Yes, he must start by getting rid of the most tainted goon, himself. Resign lah.

    2. If Najib would only rid UMNO of himself ... That would be a breath of new life to what is now deadwood.

    3. On second thought, 1MDB itself is the most potent weapon, the opposition could use against BN during election campaign. Even the mention of Jho Low, could make BN and UMNO's politician stutter.
      Not to mention the mysterious lost of F-5E jet engine, Razak Baginda, Altantuya..... when Najib was Defense Minister.

      Therefore, again I have made-up my mind that Najib must go, if BN and UMNO were to have any chance of winning GE14.

  13. the middle income group has this to say "never ever mention UMNO again" in our life. tahap meluat dah tak terkawal lagi

  14. The best thing to happen to the country is for UMNO to be banished to the opposition bench. To throw Najib and his merrymen to jail will be added spice.

    1. Swansong of the UMNO boys and gals (who are not yet of the living dead) to Jibby:
      "I can't go for that!"

  15. So why go courting PAS? Anyway UMNO has become too arrogant for my liking. My family has always voted UMNO. For my 75 years old father to say he is not going to vote next GE...that is unthinkable in our family. His peeves with UMNO now? Najib is a liar. Menteri bodoh tahap bebal. Insulting Tun M. The younger ones are mad with the living coSt hike while UMNO people are flaunting their wealth. UMNO has serious issues.

    1. What the PAU had shown to the public was that UMNO is in a mess, desperate and had to rely on begging for help from PAS, a long time sworn enemies. Now that PAS had managed to get rid of the UMNO-in-PAS-cloak Anwaristas, the response from them was cold, as expected. UMNO will have to stoop very low in order to please PAS. How the mighty had fallen.

      I do not see any way out for this Najib led UMNO. Their acts are getting are getting more desperate, their statement are getting ridiculous by the day and the voting publics are drifting away in droves.

      Congrats to PKR led Selangor for winning the Malaysia Cup. Its a good sign, politically.

  16. Dude...the UMNO goons will never believe we dare to change. The president already forewarned the severe consequences should the government changed hand. They are expecting all the malays to suck it up whatever they fed. Well...we'll more talk now...waiting to kick them out the office once and for all. We need to flush them deep into the toilet bowl...let the PR wins this time and then flush them next. Let the brand new UMNO rises with young blood free from the bangsawan and those elite fools.